The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 23, 1926 · 9
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 9

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1926
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iniet Upsets Lincoln Five, LA r owe? "TWS SORT "H'S is TXtf cwSS-owwiRy Ruv tv'AS SPo5oftQ By KTR'trwtK' ItiTUoSilgrS ID save- IHat must CARFARE- OIL GONVWntW Colp tdurmamsat VfeS7ERtAy REPORTED TO HAvt BEf AJ A VtRy JUtc&SrU. APFrtft. 0VtR. SEVJEJW-F'VE EAfmATS IAI THE: CR6S-oxJAJTay rum Ttxyvy. SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 23, 1926. Qu 28-19 1 ID CsJ fel Tr if irc- DIL PLUTOCRATS . W. VAN DYKE, EASTERN VETERAN, TOURNEY STAR Mamaker and Veeder Lead Invaders I to Capture Low Net and ; Low Gross BY MUX. WISH R. Hamaker, who engineered his way to petroleum fame vith Humble Oil Company of Texas, shot a 94, with a handi-ap of 29, to win the principal low net trophy in the golf tour-ley of the American Petroleum Institute at the Los Angeles Cnnntni CliiK vecterrlav. T M. "W. Veeder cf Boston, won ourney low.grosa with 70. in the vent that drew 166 sHrters, rep- ; resenting mil lions of dollars and undisputed control otthe manifold oil and petroleum Industries in this country. J. Edgar Pew, retiring president of the Amerlcau Petroleum Institute, was on hand yesterday to encourage by far t h e m o s t select polling licld in the history of he locil spot t va iykl: M:ns Olohrlty honors for h tla.T una.iliiHUjslv liestowed iiMii .1. t Vm.i lkf. veteran New ovU in.l J'lill.Klclpliln pioneer oil .mn u hh-hiIht of th' oriv:iintl .MHiuhtnl Otl croti lor niiUi years n ht-Monnl friciul of .lolm I. It'ioUcfcllrf v l one of tin' n'oM liohpilalile an. I coiirtpnus or the n'oiv than ilOOrt vMtinc rtlcnllrlo!! who roin-liiflcil 4lif, tlxtli iiiiniirtl ronvoniimi of tin- rutins nntioitnl oil body, I lniif);iy. The eastern oil, who hus 1or. closely flsfoviatPd with the induptrv for move than fifty-Vears, is now pies'dent of the Atlantic Ketinln-t fniiipany, suid a regular winter Kolring ronipanhm of- the oil patriiireh. John l Rockefeller, Mr. Van Pyke, pritly lm:rs.ed with the loetji murse, toured the youth lavont in 118. a very eredit-w'ole score considering that yesterday was the first day he had played for several, months. By far the most iik-ture.-que (Continued on Page It, Column ) J "O?allt"0uer Shops 618 S.BroadiPig ' 359S.SrjTiagSt Trophies ' . MISS RYAN DEDICATES NEW COURT Popular Star Plays Today in Opening of Parkridgc Club's New Playground Miss Elizabeth fTyan; the only woman tennis player to beat Helen Wills d.urim? 19'Jo, will feature the opening days play at the official dedication of the tennis courts - of the Parkrldge Country Club this afternoon". Miss Hyan will appear in both singles and doubles and a number of the best tennis players of the ftatr: will also par ticipate. , Among" tlr others who will play are Mrs; W. K. Henry, Southern California" ;.cimtnpifn; Miss Marjorie Thorn. No. a in California: Miss Jessie Grieve, Idyllwild champion; Ilarvy Snodgrass, national clay courts doubles champion, and his partner, Walter Wes-brook; Wyn Mace, former Intercollegiate champion: Ppn Oorcha-koff, city junior champion, and several other high-ranking players. Following the tennis there will be a dinner dance. NAME MARATHOX IATE The Boston A. A. marathon race will be held Patriots" Day, April !. 'ft . c,.'- ,, .. Special Group Walk-Overs for Men Values to $10.00 A BPPy froup of rl WaBo OTer in Un or black". Low stylet reiooable and smart. If voo'rt looVinf for an INVEST-MENT here's WONDER! Lots of styles in eery sise, but not very siie id every style. Other Sale Prices $4.95 to $9.85 PETROLEUM BARONS FIND GOLF "OIL" RIGHT J. W. Van Dyke (second from left,) veteran oil pioneer, a member, of the original Standard Oil group, has tempercd'his more than fifty years in service by a personal golf-and-business friendship with the old patriarch, John D. Rockefeller. Van Dyke has been president of the Atlantic Refining Company for a number of years and celebrated his California visit by piayinc with three of his "boys," R. D. Leonard (left.) Howard Nichols and Matthew Roberts, all executives, in the American petroleum golf tournament at the Los Angeles Country Club yesterday. ' ' V' ', - " rc?J i f f . -j4,y .... -. . ... .....;, : ' 1 J H RANGE ACT BILLED FOR lj SAN FRANCISCO TODAY Chicago Bears Face Northern Squad on Ewirig Field; Pyle Said to be Looking at China as Market lEXCLTJSrVE DISPATCH SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 22. Red Grange and the Chicago Bears had a snappy workout this morning and then rested from their labors while Buck Bailey and his squad went through their paces in the afternoon. Tonight Red and his gang took a trip through Chinatown. C. C. Pyle, who is Grange's man ager went along and made inquiries about introducing football in the Orient. Next year Pyle may take Grange over to China and give the natives a treat He will if anyone can show the coin, for Pyle is a show man, and a good one. Today's game MILLIGAN DEFEATED BY ZIVIC Verdict Against English Boxer , Booed; GraJuwi Wins Over Joe Lynch TBT A . P. MGHT WIBE1 XEW TORK. Jan. 12. Jack Ziv-Ic of Pittsburgh wo na judges verdict over Tommy Milligan, English welterweight. In tha main ten-round bout of a Madison Fquare Garden boxing show to-right. The decision was greeted with a chorus of booes. Milligan weighed 145 Zivie 143 1-4. Busliey Graham. I'tica (X. V.) hontamweitht, wo red an Impressive victory over J no Lynch of California. In a tcn-round fccinllnnl match, v tn- (Continued on Pace 10, Column 1) HUDKINS BEATS SHAEFFER Wildcat IV ins in Final Rounds; Sailor Lislon is Winner Over Ad Alligrini in Scmiwindup Ace Hudkins, the Nebraska Wildcat, celebrated his return to Los Angeles last night by taking a close decision over Frankle Shaffer in the main event at the Hollywood Legion arena. It was a great fight from Mart to finish and Referee Duke Kenworthy was calling a close !!i,-ht when he raided" Ace's hand. A margin In the ninth and tenth rounds, when Hudkins threw rights and lefts at Phaeffer with telling effect gave him the fighu Tkln with hard rlcht- to tlie The Chicago lightweight was given a great hand for hia showing when be left the ring, while Hudkins admirers were Interspersed wUh a few who didn't think so much of Ace's showing. Shseffer's styl troaMpd HudVltt's dnrinc th fight and gate- him a great deal of trou-b) Til" fisht Marted frlowljr. vtlh roth boxers milling round th rlnif. They Mopped ihrir wreMline tarttr hoflt th fonnh round. h-n Miacfcr began c lipping Hud- GOLF is to be at Ewing Field. The Bears are feeling- great now, for they have had a flno rest and recreation and they are enjoy ing their stay here. They will practice again tomorrow morning. Monday night the Bears leave for Portland. They are to play there Saturday, the 30th Inst., and the following day will meet a team In Seattle. Pyle says the Pears do not mind playing games on successive days If they have had a week's rest before playing the first one. The Bears will not have much opposition in Portland and Seattle, but the games will give a chance to show Grange and should add some coin to the bank roll. After the game In Seattle th Be will start for Chicago. They will have played twenty-"ght games during the season, which is a fairly heavy schedule- for any football team. head. A well -aimed blow -ao?lit Hudkins on the n. The sixth and se a rounds were even. In the sixth Hudkins pepped Sbaeffc r on the noe in return and r-otb borers Meed considerably. fchaefTer took a narcin in the eighth round.. H-3 landed several hard rights and lejia to the head with good effect. Ac came bark iri the final rounds with a barraee of lefts and rich's to the hetjd tm caught r"haeffcr fre-CJcnt'v. They niiAeJ at c!cw (Continued on Pa;n II. tulurou I) AT LO I CARD FIVE, TROJANS IN CAGE GAME Turner's S. C. Quintet Tahes on Stanford at Palo Alto Tonight The Trojan basketball team, a weak one as basketball teams go, left last night for Palo Alto, where tonight the quad meets the Stanford Cardinals In a conference game. Coach Les Turner took ten men on the trip, determined to grasp every opportunity of taking the contest. ; Tlio locals dropped two dis-jiMrou- tilts to California loot wrrk, lohlttg canh game by a 2-polnt margin. Mnoo th) return. Turner lias been drilling -the men in the art of shooting baskets. Tbo illustrious Kenny Boyer, ! captain of the squad,, needs no Instruction In that ! particular field, but his team-mates, to data, have proved sadly lacking. i The Cardinals received a severe set-back st the start of the season when Ernie Nevers went Into professional football. The well-known and Justly famous Blonde Giant was fully as efficient on the court as on the gridiron, or diamond. Then David, nifty forward, went to the hospital with a moro or less serious degree of illness, and has not reurned to the court. The most recent reports available stated that lie would not play against the Trojans. If this is the case the two teams would be evenly matched and a fast contest result. The locals are due to entertain the Cards In the other two gatus of the three-game series In the Olymplo Auditorium nest month. BEARS TRIUMPH OVER ST. MARY'S QUINTET (rt a. p. Ktnirr wimj BERKELEY, Jan. 22. The University of California defeated St. Mary's Coileg bn-kctball team here tonteht. 27 to i:. HELEN WILLS HAS HARD TASK TO BEAT FORMER CONQUEROR IBT CAELE AND CANNES (France) Jan. 22. Helen Wills. American lawn tennis champion, advanced another sep In the Metropole tournament today by defeating Hra. C. F. A5cl.U-mann. the former Lee-He BancrotU of Borton. Miss Wills did rot reach the (eniirinals without .a fcht. Mrs. Aeschllmann, who conihtently defeated the preent champion for several years before she reached hr preeent heisht, tout hi for every point and brought six out of th sixteen gms to deuce. Her ."ft s'roking proved her downfall, Mim Wilis corlng poinrs at needed Junctures with a terrific drive. Mrs. Aeschlirr.arn only Irj the frst eet led two games tn one, fit Kfjikene'l and allowed Miss Wills to atfack :th deep drives to the (,..!'n Mm 'i".t won only inc!e love gm:". Tb fjriii thg U.ii''.ded. LA BARBA WILL LOSE TONSILS Plans for Return Sencio Bout Canceled by Blake Long Rest Planned for Champ After Operation Jn feci ion Necessitates Use of Surgeons Knife by r rL LOW RY Eetnatching of Fidel La Barba and Clever Sencio came to naught yesterday when George Blake, manager of the world's flyweight champion, announced that bis little scrapper w 1 11 j undergo sn op eration before he fights again. IjH Barha is to have his ton-s i I s removed, and until he re-rovers , fully from the effects of the knlf Blake refuses to sign for any match or matches. He made his decision after an examination of the flyweight yesterday morning by Dr. J. J. O'Firlen. who announced that La Barba has a pair of badly Infected tonsils which should be; removed Immediately.' Blnko communicated tho doctor's verdict, to Iho Olympic otlicla s, who hud a nicotlli wlicilulcd with the parties to llio rematch at 11 o'clock, and all ncgot bit Ions were Immediately called off. The program did not meet with the approval of La Barba. He wants to postpone the operation orM meet Sencio again, but both r.take and Dp. .O'Brien. rc.fiWd to v.ced his nlea. f .a 'Barba has a raJo of' badly Infected tonsils which Is responsible for his lack of pep at times." said Dr. O'Brien. "I advised Blake before Wednesday's fight with Sencio that an operation was necessary and my examination this morning only confirmed an earlier one. However, the need Is more pressing than ever. now. The infection has progressed." According to the present program La Barba will rest up for a week before lie take hi Wt to tlio hocpltal. After that Blake reftiw to say when ho will tight again. "t won't set any dute now," he M 'M wouldn't even sign for a July bout. , It will be a month after the operation before Fidel will bo readv to lace a glove on his hands, and I don't want him to have light on his mind before tho engagement with the doctor." Ingram Hands in Resignation as Grid Coach fir i. p. MfiHT wmrl . j TYDIAN ArOLIS. I VtUam A. (Navy BID) In--cram tenia y rolgtte1 as foot., ball couch at Indiana .University, according to an announcement made tonight by nra G. Clevcner. athletic director. - MIKE McNALLY GOES TO BUFFALO OUTFIT tBT - P. MOHT- Wllir NEW -YORK. Jan. ZZ. The New York Yankees announced toofiy ihe release of Mike McNally. ln-fiflder, to the Cuffalo club of the International League. McNally has had the unut-ual experience of remaining in the American Leatr-ie for ten reasons a a utility p-i former. 11 whs a member of U poMnaiit-wlnning terms. ASSOCIATED rr.E.-.c ,nu ever as the best of her pi-.v on the Rive r. h .nrs- .vr im-mann appeared to be pUvIti in hr form of 1 &23 when she detested the present champion. MiB Vi!lr continued to have trouble with her sei vs. e. making fDtir double faults, all in the firt set She won through superior i drivirg and attacking throughout the match after the fourth game of the first set. In her accreswive play she took many chances, but displayed the brand of tennis which made her famous la the United State?. Miss Helen "vTi'.'s announced today that she would play in both the sincles end mixed doubles Of th ;a'.l;a tournaments of-enln? Monday to obtain much-needed practice. Hr prot-abie partner tn the mixed doubles is Jack H.'iiard. , an Er.siirh player. I Suzanne Lenglen. the French rrmpiot7, is not en'.red lu the tournament. i 't ANGELES CHICAGO GETS -a SERVICE GAME IBT A P. MQUT WIREl ANNAPOLIS (Md.) Jan. 22. Chicago today won the service football classic of 1926 Tho Army-Navy game on November 27. The contest will dedicate Chicago's World War memorial stadium. Soldiers' Field. Chicago has agreed to transport and furnish sustenance and hotel av- commodations for the- midshipmen regiment ami the West Point cadet corps from the timo they losvo their respective academies until they return. Tho Arniy and--Navy I'.thletlc tiKsoelations receive an allotment of 30.000 tickets apiece for their own ue and . In effect, the revenue from 10,000 more, tho gros allotment to both being S0,-000, of which number 20,0oo aro to bo repurchased by Chicago. RICKARD IS WARNED BY "COMM1SH" Boxing Board of New York-Would Tale. Up License if Tex Dieher s With Champ (EXCMflVE ntM'ATl'Ul . NEW YOUR. Jan. 22. The Eostng Commission today put In foot down vigorously on the pro posed j a. c k Dent ry - Genu Tunney heavyweight championship t t I t. and told Tex Rlckird In many , words that he was In danger of Ion. Inff . hlH Garden license if he dickered - with D e m p a e y. D m p s e y Is under t h o ban of the solons in t h 1 s Stale. He mint' f.ght Harry Wills first before he can hop to b" reinstated. Chairman Farley wild yesterday, sneaking for himself, that the board would stand solidly behind Wills and that Dempsey could never hope to fljrht hereabouts au-ain un til he fullilled his obligations, wlih tho Brown Panther. ! The comml-vloii wu,s ultc cvrclfCd over Kkkurd' re- (Continued on Pago 10, Column ) ERNIE NEVERS GIANTS' PRO fBY A. P. JACKSON-VTIXI3 (Fl.) Jan. 22. Ernie Nevers will captain tho New York Giants professional football team If games are arranged for thai eleven - in California. W. F. Munson, advance agent for the Giants, announced yesterday be. fore leaving for the AVest. The former Lelatul-Manfurd all- WmTMrT"r I yn .-in- r i I Want to 3 h TzxRlCh'AXD At my Opening Sale N E S 1 R I N Q V A T T 15 U N S Your cnoice of any $bU or Job Suiting in my New Store for CY PERKINS $42 50 100 American Tailor 530 SO. SPRING ST. CLUB 'PIONEERS BACK ! IN TITLE RACE i ' " i Romans Have Chance to Tie for League Laurels Mechanic Quintet in 17-12 Win Over Jefferson LJA. lligK Poly Lightweights Both Annex Tussles r.lTY LtAOUt STNPINQS W. L. I ,1W! .WO the Mmmt rt J HatlM , Lm ctl -.- . limit J PiM.hnMi ' ItlTwtta FtMklM Playing inspired ba-'ketball. Los Angeles High School quintet turned tho tables to take an tin-expected 2S-19 win over the Lincoln five in a City League game ittaged on the Roman court yesterday afternoon. No one was more surprised at the final det-i-fion than the ftvo young men who made up this Lincoln team. Entering the, tilt with all tho confidence of sure winners, the Bail-splitiers cannot be said to have K"no down to glorious defeat. They Inst their own game In Hie fourth period, when several intentional fouls spoiled any chance ihey might have, bad of winning. By winning from Lincoln, the Romans are put hi a position thcre they have an op-luirttiiiily of tying for the t it v league clianiplonli!p. Should Manual Arts defeat Hollywood heu tltey clnh next 'Tuesday afternoon, u I toman win over the Toiler?, oil the follow iiv-Friday would leave Manual Art. Hollywood and Lo Angeles 1id for the title, lit actual fact the Ronciti would win the title as they play one , nmre saiitw-.lhan any other 4 it y league whool. lloHftct. In that case they would only be allowed a tie. If the Foot-blllcrs lo to Manual Art", the Roman-Toiler gam, will , le tlio feature of the sefott. IVYLSClBLt: BALL " In defeating the Rallsplitters, the Roman quintet played invincible basketball and it is doubtful whether any team In the City League could have beaten it yesterday- To pick out an outstanding player on the pioneer team would be next to Impossible Frist teamwork both on the offensive and defensive featured the Romans' play. Wiiltiot played a great game at guard, taking the ball away .from the Lincoln forwards time after time. Kussman at . enter wa in the game every minute until forced out in the lust period. K.tbrl"ky was the l.t of the Rallsplitters. lie played a (Continue! on Iage 10, Column 7) MAY CAPTAIN GRIDIRON TEAM NIGHT WIREl Amerlcan fullback was under contract for five games with the local promoters of the Jacksonville All-Stars, now disbanded. He played In two games. It vas announced yesterday the local contract would be effective with ttv Giants. Nevers received $25,000 as guarantee for the Jacksonville contract. Meet You n E A E n A N D T A I E O R I N c; 1. (Open Sat. T.Ii 9 t'.M )

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