The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 26, 1936 · 71
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 71

Los Angeles, California
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Sunday, July 26, 1936
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SUNDAY MORNING. JULY 26, 1936. FART V. Million New Homes Seen Needed During Course of Next Ten Years ' 1 . it Mmy 0 . RESIDENTIAL TREND TOLD Housing Outlook Discussed Realty Authority 'Analyzes Developments That Urge Building of Houses , Present need of new homes that probably may be estimated at a million housing units is empha sized by Hugh D. Potter, prominent Houston (Tex.) developer and former president of the National Association of Real Estate Boards, as one of the factors In the development In the ensuing decade, according to report from the association. "But such a Hugh D. Potter number probably cannot be produced In less than four years," the report quotes him. "We shall have been very aggres-eive If we obtain a home-building speed of 400,000 new units a year by the year 1940," Mr. Potter declared, according to the report. The whole outlook for new home building from the viewpoint of the practical builder, the question of who wants homes, who Is going to produce them, what kind of structures thev are going to be, was re viewed by Mr. Potter In an address before the Great Lakes re gional convention of the association held recently at Indianapolis. TS NEXT DECADE In addition to the view mentioned, Mr. Potter, who Is a member of the housing advisory council of the Federal Housing Administration, also emphasizes factors as follows, In discussing the coming ten-year period, the report continues: "The greatest Improvement of recent years In shelter production Is the study we now give to use-sequence, and to the convenience of the prospective occupants In planning houses for homes. Next most Important advance is the greater use we are making of durable materials In our home building, un-ler modem engineering technique. "There is increased willingness on the part of skilled architects to devote thought to the small borne . . ." Mr. Potter's statement as to bulld-feig need and outlook follows: nOMES NEEDED . "How many new homes does the eountry need? Unfortunately, in this field the statistics available re somewhat Inconsistent. The wtlmates and the theories which appear most reliable present a picture something like this: "We used to produce during reasonably favorable times slightly less than half-million homes per annum. Commencing in 1930 and lasting until quite recently there has been a prolonged recess In the production of new housing units. In the year 1934 there were only about 30,000 new homes built, in 1935 perhaps 83,000, and this year we will probably produce 175,000. "This failure to build for a period of five or six years, coupled with other factors such as, the wearing out of existing structures, the tmdoubling of related families that have lived together during the depression, the release of the urge to marry which has been dammed up by the insufficient incomes of our younger people, the gradually tacreasing population of this country, due both to births and immigration (the Influence of both of these factors when compared with figures of the preceding decade is drastically reduced) all of these influences having been in operation for a six-year period, there is now believed to be a genuine need in this country for a million new bousing units . . . CONSTRUCTION ESSENTIAL It Is estimated that in excess of five million' men in this country are normally engaged directly and Indirectly in the building industry, next In number to the busl- Famous Diva Has Charming Residence Here ; ' C:' . . n -rsrr 4 I f 'if n . ' M V; v';Lf I ft K ' f ! ? f . ' V, AM ! ,u . ' y I pi ; ""t- - - . - , Jl"- ' ' ' ' A . v ! , - Above Is pictured the charming patio of the Westwood Hills home of Mme, Galli-Curcl, famous operatic soprano, and her husband, Homer Samuels. Eucalyptus logs were chosen by Architect Wallace Neff to form a dining terrace while comfortable chairs for lounging may be glimpsed on the sheltered porch. The singer calls this Lombardy type home "H Giolello" (Little Jewel.) The residence contains wrought iron treasures brought from Italy and Is declared to be one of the most unusual homes that residential section developed by the Janss Investment Corporation. REALTY ACTIVE EACH DAY IN WESTWOOD LOCALITY Westwood Hills vacant property sales so far in July average a sale a day, according to the Janss In vestment Corporation records, while new cons-ruction averages one and a half new projects started each day in the residential area, according to the building permits. Residential building continues at a brisk pace. Walter Wanger plans to build a ness of farming. With a great many of these men out of work because of the reduction in the volume of business, the idle ones being variously estimated at as high as 90 per cent of the whole group in 1932 with a present estimate that half of them are still without jobs, it is everywhere felt that real recovery from depres sion cannot be accomplished with out a revival of building for both residential and Industrial purposes . . . "Many mechanics have gone into different types of work during the depression . . . Few, if any, apprentices have been in training during the depression. The result is that in some localities we get reports of an actual shortage of high-class skilled mechanics." Mr. Potter calls attention to the indication of "the existence of an enormous and almost unprecedented desire in the heart of the average American citizen to own his own home. As to the creation of this desire of the average family to own their own home in this ap proaching period, we do not have to step one inch beyond the confines of the very fine and actual re wards that come from home ownership." Theater Realty Lease Reported The Studio Theater property at 6523 Hollywood Boulevard, has been leased to the Jewel Theater Corporation by the Yanow Mindlin Company for a period of ten years, for a consideration of $72,000. ac cording to announcement which also states the lease calls for the enlarging of the building to double the seating capacity and for the Installation of latest facilities. The lease negotiations were con ducted by Billy Schary of J. H. Olsen Company. sixteen-room home on Delfern Drive in Holmby Hills. It will represent an investment estimated In' excess of $50,000. Architects John Byers and Edla Muir have designed a two-story, air-conditioned house. Bathrooms will have structural glass walls and rubber tile floors. Development of the grounds will include a swimming pool. Construction will begin Immediately. Robert E. Bringham plans to build a two-story, ten-room residence at 10408 Sunset Boulevard, Westwood Hills. The investment is estimated at approximately $30, 000. Architect Wallace Neff de signed the structure. Plans have been completed for i ten-room residence for Charles Rothstein. It is to be construct ed at 811 Holmby avenue. Land and building represent an invest ment estimated at $20,000. H. Roy Kelley is the architect. Two large residences are planned for Beverly Glen Boulevard between Sunset and Wilshlre boulevards. F. Harris plans to build a fifteen-room home at 539 Beverly Glen. Plans for it are being drawn by Archi tect Heth Wharton. Investment In land and building will total $35,- 000, it is estimated. Elsie H. Dudchnes Is planning construction of a two-story, nine room home at 711 Beverly Glen, ac cording to the announcement. The land and structural investment will aggregate approximately $25,000, the report discloses. Church Edifice Work Started Construction of a $2500 edifice to house the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at 226 East Spruce street "has begun in Inglewood. Architech's plans call for the construction of a two-unit combination school-chapel structure, according to the pastor, Rev. E, G. Krueger. Completion of the edifice is expected by September in time to open the Christian parochial school which is conducted in connection with the church. FACT AND COMMENT MULTIPLES SCHEDULED Income Property Trend Shown Construction of Six New Structures to Total About $113,000 HALF-SECTION BOUGHT IN PORTERVILLE AREA A half section of bottom land near Porterville has been purchased by Alex Efseafr for $25,000. Pota toes will be planted there next spring, according to the announce ment. About thirty-five acres of growing cotton were included in the purchase. PERMIT SOUGHT FOR NEW STORE STRUCTURE Application has been made to the building department for permis slon to construct a one-story, $12,-500 store building at 10925-27 Wey- burn avenue, West Los Angeles, for George Gregson. Allen G. Siple is tne architect. The building will have ground dimensions 40x85 feet. Stores Architectural Design Modem .."' '-----Cjv tr : pi 4 .'- WB''-' '"'.';' :,...:-. ' . I This architectural view shows how the new structure of the Globe Department Store, at fifty-first street and South Broadway, will appear when completed. The first unit of the improvement Is under way and the second unit, to complete the building, will be started January 1, according to announcement from,, the store's officials. The plans were prepared by Architect Paul Kingsbury and the structural engineering is by S. B. Barnes. J. O Oltmans has the general contract. This new construction marks the latest step in a steady expansion program for the store. Started a decade ago in a twenty-foot-front building, the store- has been expanded ten times until now it covers a city block. (Continued From First Page) and figures of the vast amount of investment made here by visitors, many of whom subsequently become Los Angeles residents. If the householder, mentioned at the start of this column, has taken all the facts here listed into consideration, he doubtless by this time has become convinced of the Importance of Market Week. Furthering Prosperity Now, assuming that he has, there still remains one mighty important consideration. To preserve the effectiveness of Market Week, it is necessary the citizenry in general do everything possible to protect the welfare of the enterprises that make the occasion what it is. Any agitation, any trouble-making propaganda, any dictatorial bullying that interferes with the welfare and progress of this region's industrial stability and production, is a direct blow at every investor in this city. So taken by and large, Market Week and all it accomplishes and all it implies is of tremendous importance to that house owner so peacefully working in his garden is of vital concern to every Los Angeles resident who has the best welfare of this community at heart. And at the same time, it should emphasize to all such residents the duty devolving on citizenry to stand as a staunch and valiant bulwark for the protection of industrial endeavor and growth here. Harbor Inspection That Idea of including an Inspection tour of the Los Angeles-Long Beach harbors as part of the entertainment program of the California Real Estate Association convention here in the fall is a happy one. A trip to the harbors always Is Interesting it's really a thrill. Opportunity for so many of the visiting realtors to see the ports under such genial auspices surely will be enjoyed by them. And it will give them a good Idea of how extensive and important the harbors are for those ports always are progressing. . At the same time, the home folk will be doing themselves a good turn if they view the harbors whenever they get the opportunity. Surprising how many persons here are unaware of the magnitude of these ports and what they mean in advanoing this region's prosperity. C.C.C. Duplex to Rise on East Area To be constructed at an estimated cost of $8500, work Just has started on a duplex structure on Northside Drive', Montcbello Park, for Dr. and Mrs. Ellis E. Jones. Bale of the property was nego tiated for the Hamilton Sales Cor poration by C. R. Inman, it is an nounced by President C. M. Hamil ton. Mr. Hamilton also announces that approximately 500 persons are ex pected to attend the corporation's Further evidence of Increasing construction of income properties in the western area of Los Angeles is seen in the report of six additional apartment-house construction projects which will entail a total expen diture of approximately $113,500, not Including the cost of .property and furnishing. A s30 600 anartment building Is to he constructed at 513-11 South Harvard Boulevard, for Mary H. Brill. The structure will be two stories In height and is to contain eight apartments. Work is to be started shortly on a $20,000 apartment building at 112- 16 North Flores street, lor w. o. Holler. The building will rise two stories in height and will have ground dimensions 45 by 110 feet. OS WEST NINTH STREET Plans have been completed and construction is scheduled to start at once on a $20,000 apartment struc ture at 3118-24 West Ninth street, for the Surety Building & Finance Company. It will be two stories n height, and contain twenty-tour rooms divided into six apartments. Permission has been granted by the building department for con struction of a $11,300 apartment. unit at 3612-18l5i Country CluD Drive, for Mrs. F. T. Lombard. The buildins will rise two stories in height and have ground dimensions fortv-six by ninety-five icct. it will contain twenty-six rooms divid ed into six apartments. OTHER TROJECTS Work has been started on a $10,- 000 apartment building at 3620-24 Country Club Drive, for Mrs. Edna T. Lux. It will be two stories in height and will contain fourteen rooms divided into three units. Construction is under way on a two-story. $15,600 apartment building at 237-41 '.i South Hoover street for J. S. Abel. It will contain twen ty-four rooms divided into six apart ments. Start of New Home Building Program Ready An extensive home-building pro-eram in Hollywood Riviera is be ing launched today with the start of construction of a $16,000 Mediterranean-type residence by American Recovery Corporation. This is the first of fifteen homes to be built by the company in Hollywood Riviera during the next nine months in a project involving $200,-000, the company's statement says. Construction will be under the supervision of S. J. Blake, whose firm, Blake Properties, Inc., was recently merged with American Recovery Corporation. The floor plan of the Initial structure has been designed particularly to take advantage of the ocean view. Room arrangement will permit full advantages of ocean breeze cross ventilation. THIS AREA IN BUILDING LEAD (Continued From First Page) Based on 1.500,000 building mechanics gainfully employed in 1929, this denotes at least 450,000 em ployed skilled building trades wage-earners. Pay rolls approximate 22 per cent of the 1929 level. Several cities are confronted with labor shortages of skilled building help. Contractors opine these short ages cannot be entirely due to lack of replacements from the apprenticeship field. Another retarding influence declared is the number of building artisians remaining on re lief and who are unwilling to return to self-supporting construction proj ects in view of no definite assur ance of steady work. Private em ployment, they aver, Is temporary, and when laid off much difficulty would result when seeking relief reinstatement, says the report. BARGAINS ENDING Mr. Craig points out that today's bargains on vacant property sites essential for building operations cannot continue indefinitely in this lower strata as vacant properties will enhance in value as building activities expand. The thirty-itwo American cities with the largest building permits valuation totals and largest aggregate of permits, in this year's first six months, are listed as follows: Permits Cot New York S.719 I107.B28.OTS I,os Angelas 13.732 Detroit 7,677 WashlnRton 3.427 Philadelphia 2.fi78 Baltimore 4.335 Cincinnati 9.271 Clevelirnd 3.1H2 Chlcano 70 Sun Francisco 3.H57 Milwaukee 11,503 Miami Beach 574 Fort Worth BIO' Boston 2.9)9 St. Lrjlls 2.449 St. Paul 1.P79 Seattle 2.058 San Diego 2. 443 Portland. Or 2,040 Indiananolls 2.222 Minneapolis 2.023 Atlanta 1.4R Model Dwelling Charmingly Furnished The model "Home of the Month" sponsored by the National Asso. elation of Real Estate Boards and a national magazine has been opened for public inspection. It Is situated at 3711 West Sixty-third street. The residence has been completely furnished by the Broadway Depart ment Store. The quaint English-type home of six rooms is papered throughout, finished in white and employs the new shutter doors in an artistic manner in various rooms. The house, constructed by the William Richardson Company, is a striking example of practicality combined with artistic lines, and there are many unusual treatments bound to appeal to the homemaker. The house is furnished in eight eenth century style, and an in genlous combination of colors, ma hogany furniture of classic-like sim plicity and smart drapes make for unusual appeal and charm. The house will be open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5 pjn., and on Sun days from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. "The public interest shown in our new 'Home of the Month' opening is very gratifying," Mr. Richardson said. Model Houses Being Shown in Picture Exhibit A special display of photographs of model houses now open to the public has been arranged for The Building Material Exhibit, Archi tects Building, Fifth and Figueroa streets. Creation of this exhibition is due to the many inquiries received by the Architectural Department as to the location of model houses open for inspection, it is explained. The display consists of exteriors and interiors of houses in Monterey Village, View Park, San Marino, Outpost Estates and the Laurel Canyon section, and It will be augmented by new photographs from time to time as additional houses are opened in the various sections, according to Jean Fridley, director of the department. The Building Material Exhibit's Architectural Department is open to the public daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., closing Saturday at 1 p.m. New Structure to Be Unit in Large Program Start of construction of a modern Georgian colonial type one-story business building on the south side of Wilshire Boulevard, just west of McCarthy Vista, in the Carthy Circle district, is announced by the Higgins Estate. It will have a boulevard frontage of 105 feet and a southerly depth of approximately ninety feet and its stated cost will be about $30,000. The structure is a unit in a development program planned for the south side of the boulevard from Fairfax avenue west to San Vicente Boulevard and that will represent a structural investment In excess of $300,000, according to the announcement. The unit now under way will be divided Into five shops for which lease negotiations have been conducted by the Howard B. Lawson Company, realtors, developers of this improvement. The building was designed by Architect A. C. Martin. Contract for its construction was awarded to C. W. Driver, Inc. NEW PARK OPEN SOON TULARE COTTON AREA LARGEST IN VALLEY With 82,400 acres planted to cotton, Tulare county leads the San Joaquin Valley acreage Hhls year, according to the California Co-operative Crop Reporting Service. This Is an Increase of 47.6 per cent over the 55,800 acres in Tulare county last year. PRICE OF BUTTERFAT CONSIDERABLY HIGHER With conditions of the butter market the best in years, Tulare-Tipton dairymen received $267,075 for their June butterfat. The key quotation was 37 cehts, more than double the 16-cent price to which butter fell during the depression. This was the largest dairy pay roll since 1930. Hammond Richmond .... Kansas Citr .. Omaha Bcranton ..... Berkeley ..... Des Moines .. Akron Stockton, CaL Norfolk; 7S5 789 S84 205 703 AG 4 644 423 640 28,748.232 19.033.212 15,788.511 1 1,590.900 9.627,792 9.484.795 8.897.552 8.518.560 7,995.096 7,483.175 5,335.881 4.987,127 4 833,012! 4.009,489 I 3,554.648 ! 3.514.1C101 3.419,6901 3.189.090 ' 2.796,384 i 2.729.58B ' 2.652,376! 2.339.631 1,944. era; 1.593.000 1,462,817 i 1.347.083! 1.220,191 1,138.381 I 1,331.8091 1.029.863 616,259 RESIDENCE BEING BUILT Construction is under way on a two-story, twelve-room, $13,500 rcsi- i dence at 4853 Glcncairn Road, for annual field day and basket picnic Frank W. Mueller. Milton J. Black! tomorrow at Banning Park. Wil- is the architect and J. O. Oltmans, mingtoa, lis the general contractor, 1 t WHERE 'YOU SHOULD PLAN TO LIVE Because this foothill orchard district has the most ideal all-the-year-around climate. Because you can grow the kind of crops from which the g-eater profits are made Avocados, Lemons, Oranges, Limes, Grapefruit, Bulbs, Flowers, Berries, and in-and-out-of-season vegetables. Because, although a comparatively new district which is being rapidly developed, you can still purchase undeveloped lands or young to bearing orchards in small, medium or .large tracts at prices which are considerably lower ' than in any other comparable district of the State, and on easy terms, If desired. Experienced ' economical orchard development and care .service also provided. ( New, Beautifully illustrated descriptive folder itnt en request, USE THE COUPON . Lot Angeles, Calif. Plaaie send ma Free New Illustrated Vista Folder. Nomt , Address 7-26-38 Marking another important milestone in the progress of the Southwest area, plans are being made for the dedication soon of Ladera Park, located at Slauson avenue and Or- ange Drive, View Helefcts. Extending "over a fourteen-acre area, the site for the park was do-1 nated to flie county by the Los Angeles Investment Company. RECREATIONAL FACILITIES "With the opening of this new; park, residents of View Heights,! Viewpark and the Greater Los Angeles Tract will have available the , facilities of a double tennis court,! horseshoe and Softball courts, wading pool and picnic stoves and tables," R. F. Ingold, head of the de-development organization, disclosed. "Tennis courts are open for play at the present time." In the construction of an open-air theater at the park, stones used are those taken from the county i Courthouse which was recently! razea. ACTIVITY SPURT Mr. Ingold also reported that Los Angeles Investment Company developments in the district near the park are experiencing unusual building activity at the present time. Approximately thirty-eight homes now are under construction, repre senting structural expenditures of approximately $200,000 during the past two and one-half months. MARKET WEEK AWAITS START , i (Continued From First Tage) to Los Angeles to replenish stocks. The market week opening tomorrow will continue to and includim? next Saturday. Following business hours, the lo cal committee will entertain its thousands of guests at various func tions. AT FURNITURE MART With twentv exhibitors' names added to the enrollment directory, with new and different lines mak ing their debuts, and with many established exhibitors now in larger quarters, the Los Angeles Furniture Mart and its 300 exhibitors approach with considerable ODtimLsm and enthusiasm the second summer furniture marltpr. week to be Inaugurated here to morrow. A great deal of time and effort have been exoended in eet.tinc the display spaces redecorated and oth erwise prepared lor tne brand-new furnishincs to be shown t this market, the success of which is strongly Indicated, according to A. V. MacDonald, managing director of ine marc. "Electric ranees, flrenlace accesso ries, and the first porcelain-topped tables and cabinets made lncnllv will have their Initial showings at tins maricet," Mr. MacDonald said. TEN-ROOM HOME PLANNED Application has been madi to the building department for permission to construct a two-story, ten-room $13,500 residence at 4853 Glencaim Road for Frank Mueller. MAJOR OIL CO. LEASE Near Ambassador Hotel 135' FRONTAGE They occupy 80', leaving 55' available for tenant that we can furnish. Will Pay i a? Net 4 fl VL70 Boulevard Developing Very Rapidly. VERY SPECULATIVE Call for appointment to discuss this Un usual Offering CllJpED 5100 WILSHIRE BLVD. OR. 1141 Income Property Specialists Lei eh or t F A IE K Model Monies on Display Seven brand new two-bedroom homes now open to inspection-some still being built 4101-1133 Tenth Ave. Every hous different every floor plan new and ideal. Trices rang from $5845 to $6395, on easy rcntlike terms. Walter II. Leimcrt Co. 4322 CRENSHAW BLVD. YErmont 3141 it's Neiv ! Hi y . -r r fl-i? . lit " V'i".' i:' -fcff-;.. yXtn - !T htlillJ-' iji 4j . ' -, ; , ; c ' -,11 w H ' ; -4'. v. Vv -f 'rf ' iiiiimiwii-n1JWIttLjlj J " ".i. m Come . . . Sec this Home New in design, new in finish and new in charm.' It basks iu a sea of sunlight and airiness in the midst' of two large lots with double frontage on two streets. Its attractive exterior conceals a living room 15x21 in size; 3 ample bedrooms and 2 full Baths . . . Dining room and unique Kitchen. Closets are abundant and many novel features. It is most interesting CPS fedH value at the price. Terms. . .QPyfJ Mr Drive out to 15005 Sunset Doulevard, just be yond the Uplifters Polo Field. Falisames 'cmta v I on tea id cm SANTA MONICA LAND & WATER CO. 14800 SUNSET BOULEVARD Phont Santa Monica 21454 or 261 39 IPA'CI On FTC Y We Have Been Able to Hold for ONE MORE WEEK "HOUSE BEAUTIFUL SMALL HOMES COMPETITION" Exhibition of Prize Winners Photographs and detailed plans of the 48 best entries submitted in the 8th Annual National Small House Competition. HOME ADVISORY BUREAU ELEVENTH FLOOR . BOOK OF 51 HOUSE PLANS Only ot Barker Bros, can, you get this exciting book of 51 small, jiew homes. Photographs and plans.. 25c BARKER BROS. Seventh Street, flower and Figneroa

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