The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 20, 1924 · 4
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 4

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1924
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1 o$ angete)aity Games. SATURDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 20, 1924. PART I. The Times-Free .taformmatloini AND Resort fr h. arramaimiailaa m4 tea W eHn lTeretU; foal, o,' TTi aetrrahi hotel aa4 ree, mnviM raraparattaa at the aea.hore or '""J ".amain. Panarular ara ImitM y aiienduBt dJ by roiTDno t b (eneral pnhllr refardia- rate aad uinrttoiu of railroad '. i tin. hotel aae) ptewara aa4 nealta rer. tfcearrlBtl. urcuWra und tran-Bortailea llteratar are kept oa fcava.1 la te.etloa and aU.lrlhmlnn. Tl t. ahaolntelr fpa. Umlnra anar alaa Se attained at tii Time Branch omr. 12 1 ISAtith fcnelna Thu M " ntrwTt ). Eotb hprlra nml. Fkmw MrramTltaa "7va. MAKE YOUK Kh-SOKT AND HUlfcL- RESERVATIONS FKEB Or The Times Information and Resort Bureau Times Bids:., First Street and Broadway or The Times Branch Office 621 So. Spring Street. Resorts mm fate AnOuheOCcllvrvia, Vi . -a Ar:4r,R'on Loda I m perfee operation. American Plan rmr if'1 tr holiday Far reservation plum MAIn 1 SoutVj .I'rfcig Si., or e "Tihipi" Information Ilurvaui. RAVEN HOTEL LAKE ARROWHEAD OAK GLEN LODGE MT. WILSON HOTEL AND COTTAGES ELEVATION SOO0 FCtT RCS0NBIE RATES ALWAYS OPEN WORLD'S LARGEST TELESCOPE IMihwui a dally, 1:10 P. M. Dally at frrn La Anaaln, A. M . Sin ana Ln Anaaiaa St.: Pauriowt, 19 A. M., !iS s. lr Oak. Acta raad ta frlvata macula. fOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PH. PASADENA FAIR OAKS 24-F-2. W. E. CORY, Mfr. NEW HOTEL OPENS Saturday. December 20th Hotel B Pi road way at Thlrrl Street SANTA MONICA'S Newest and Latest Up-To-Date Hotel Ftneat of fitrnlahlns with Try modern convenience I ondnrted oa hLah-rl&M European plan at renaooalilc ralr Speelal rate by week nr month Rpend jnor weekend here Comfort Oe I,ui f". C, WILLIAMS, Proprietor Stratford Inn, Del Mar ON THE SANTA FE RAILWAY AND COAST HIGHWAY 25 MILES NORTH OF SAN DIEGO ope air tepid aalt water pbiuga. I ter flal)tn. loif, teuuia, boraebark rlillu aad other diversion. IteanttfiU (round. All bunt comfort. Ajneriran I'lan. Tabnt uMxcalled. older -llmea" Informatlua ttureau, or writ tot folder aad rata. CeVTALINA ISLAfJDlRSP Rud trl traniaartallaa fStl Battaw Baal rid. 7o. ALl in. ' Laavai t :, J Trl IJ. CATALINA "'I U... PhM , i-i , , i , rmw i m m. w a."...' '.,r'7- irS f--T-1. HEELER'S HOT SPRINGS Open all rear. Sadtfl trips, hiking, natural wartn plunge and tub Lathing, wholtaome food, irmtd hf)a, cmnfortablA hflated muni. Hntf) and hou.-tn keeping. Vf:BH W. WIJLCGX, Frop., V. O. Whpfler Sprlngfl, Ventura County, or Tlm-B." HULBURD GROVE HOTEL LA PALM A, Palm Springs rrn iNfti rniNi tkit to i-ai m rAMux. Auto and borne. Ideal winter rlimnte. l ulled ! at door. OTT AlH.KK. I'rolirielor. iS WHERE TO , 50 Cents 4 Course Lunch or Dinner THE BEST IN LOS ANGELES FOR THE MONEY IIMH SKRVrl 11:30 A.M. TO t:0 P.M. n.NXER f r.KVKO 8:00 I'.M. TO 1:S0 P.M. IN THE BEAUTIFUL DINING ROOM Ml ZAMNE Kl.OOR MAIN BIII.DINO A NEW HOTEL ROSSLYN A .V, lOKNf'K riFTII AND MAIN HTHKHTS T DINING ROOM OPEN TO THE PUBLIC T I6c ta ' Ilreakfatt Rerred :4S A.M. to 10:00 A.M. . I - I - ll I Irf'filR I Z Kilt Vdi VUlV VUOHV .fOKMKRIY roftlt'li APTI.I) APARTMENTS I J-J geW'"P'- 'Vffif r. mmmmamm S ;:fiM.S;vtv.',i.r V Bureau CHAROB AT Roads from San Bernardino Ooen and in excellent condition. open and Special piitrtftirim'n !' or I'erk-Juriah. American Plan New Dining Room RatM llnllrtnjr. S.S tint lncle. Sin dhla. Ni.n-HollilMvu. VS.OO iluv (.Mini. S dlde. fall or phone KAher 4f1K4. Van ni lllds.. l.n Antele. Excellent Coasting and Skiing Road Open Ue Chain Special Vacation Rate. Addreta Yucalpa, Calif. Telephone Rediands Sub. urban 9038. i roaamoor tram l a Lumimnhi at Hatil M. Ca 4 Main Stt t .., aiiy. TICKET OFFICE, 1UI iwi-iiiv iria siu IS TIIK VENTI KA MOl STAINS rm m aiul3 Spend the Chrlstmii tlolldav t Iliiltnird (trove In th Sn INeiro Mniimatii. Bin open flreplaeua, romfort-slile rooiiia iirt lie( of Hume Cooking. Kate $4.00 to 4 60 iy. Ileaervatlon. Time llurean or llulburd drove, tieai'aneo, Cal. Maahmiton Houlrrard Culver I liy Hed Maahmiton llouli vnrd t nli r-r I I "" lliind ml I rrole riil.ruilniT '-n.Hiii n,l enlt.a. Mm, hem o,l Omilli-rn alyle. Mill., r, (!eil dMinert Vear'a Hvarrvatllim early, I hiine tulier I Hr flt rooma houses, etc. listed dally In TIMES WANT ADS Sanf;Francisco cCc'fnSor Vramit' aaaaaCaaaaaaaaBaaaaBBaaaaakMaaaaaaaaaJ34 COMFORTABLE HOMES of all kinds ar available today nd every day In TIMES WANT ADS i GREEN ELECTED NEW UNION HEAD! 'First l ice-President Duncan, Disappointed, Resign Incoming Labor Federation Chief Quits Miners' Post ISoonan Samed for Vacancy Caused by Promotion FrtY A. P Mi;HT W lhl I NKW YORK, Ic. William Green wan rlectprj prldent of the Federation of Kftbor by the txn-utivf council here today. Jainfrt D. Noonan, president of il.e Intf rii8tif,ri(il liiotherhorxj of Klfc-frir-al Worhors, was named eighth vic-r-"idcnt to fill ih vac.-incy on fh council caUHed by Green m promotion. Upon Green's election. Jampf Duncan, the firnt vice-president, at once re.sinid A close asBOciai" ' of the hue Samuel Gompers for tony years, Duncan told his col-, Itasuts he feit entitled to the of-j tice hitiif because of Fvniority j Mil long service, ilis resiKnation will not ba acted upon until th. j executive committee meets asrain i :t Miami, Fl.i., obout February 3. ; Duncan, former head of the Gran-; ite Cutters, says hla decision is "ir-! revocable." ; Green, who has been necrefary-j treasurer of the United Mine j Workers of America, since 1912. ;Hiul voten in Coshocton. O.. w.i nomiiuitod bv Thoma A. liicke-t of the Kurinem workers amV seconded by M.-itthew Wo!l of the photoeiiraver. Jloth Woll and lickert hud abandoned tentative candidacies of their own and retired in favor of Green. In the actual voting Green was opposed by no other candidate. Both Green and Noonan taka up their new dutlos at once. Green withdrawn ftom the mine workers' organization and John I. Lewis, the miners' president. Is expected to appoint his successor after a meeting of the executive board in fndlana polls in January. UNDERWOOD GIVEN FULL VINDICATION Senate Adopts Report in Which Hearst Editorial is Called "Unfair" (BY A P. XTCHT KIRK) WASHINGTON-, Dec. 19. An editorial attacking .Senator Underwood, Democrat. Alabama, and his Muscle Shoals leasing bill, published in the Hearst morning newspapers on the 13th Inst., was neither fair nor honest, says a report of an investigating committee adopted unanimously today by the .Senate. "No evidence was submitted." the report said, "nor was it claimed th.u any evidence existed that in any way reflected upon the integrity, honor or character of Senator Underwood. The personal vindication of Senator Underwood was full and complete." Inrliidinc Berth and Meals Largest Steamers San Francisco Wedneadiiy, Thtiraday, "unday II A.M. Portland Wednrdny, IIA.M. Seattle, Tacoma Victoria, Vancouver Tlmraday 11 A.M. Sunday 11 A.M. San Diego 3 Sailings Weekly NEW YORK S.S. FINLAND DECEMBER 29TH Lai Anflr, 501 South String 81, Phena TRInlty 3091. Ltfif Baaih. 124 W. Oie) Bld. Ban PMlr. 121 W 7tn Ft. HollvwMCt, X4OT Mallvwood Bld. 8atrll. 111.) Santa Manira Bld Sanl Ana. Ill W. 3U SI. mania, 294 I. Calarail St. YOUR Cljrfetma Erip III II More Pnjoyable If Von Travel on the I anion (aetwl liner YALE or IHlAliVMlD of course' TO SAN FRANCISCO SAILINdf TODAY 4 P.M., S.S. HARVARD Keliulnr Nailing Tueadny. Tliura-dn), Friday mid haturdity. I.uw lure Include meal and berth, TO SAN DIEGO SAILING TOMORROW 3 P.M. S.S. YALE Kilular aulllnt Wednrdu,v, I liuraditv and homluja. Low fnr Imlade meal each way. Uuat I ruin leave I' l :. Depot one bmir befnr earh Hilling-. I DS AMiKl.Kn-llONOt.lLC Alan la Kahiilnl and lltlo 8.8. t ALA VI All nails tooav. nr.r. toni 1 ios Angeles Sicamship 0 SIT . nrw. St. 0. IT . Snrlwa Si, Telephone VAndlU ttrt i i ff' Low rVi'nter Rates aJj.1 iifcaVl il ill ill aaaaaajmaaaMaaaaBaaaaaaa. WAVE OF BUYING ' MARKS TRADING Total Sales Again in Excess of 2,000.000 Mark Fifty-eight Issues Mount to Mew High Levels Activity Remarkable in Face of Storm Handicap (RT A. P. VIC. TfT WITtFl XEW YOr.K, lec. 19. Despite one of the most serious Interruption to wire service in recent years r,y sleet storms which practically isolated several laxKe Middle Western and western cities, speculation continued to run riot In today's stock market, llfty-eight individual Issues smashing their previous high records with total sales again in excess of 2.1100.000 shares. nisln;,' commodity prices, the publicity given to Secretary Mellon 'a icported Indorsement of the rise in quoted values and reports of further expansion by several lines of industry furnished the background for the advance, which started with such a rush in some Issues as to sweep bear traders Off their feet. Amazed by the apparently insatiable public demand for stocks and the strong buying: support afforded for many issues at the slightest sipn of weakness, bear traders distributed stop-loss buying' orders Just above the market. Many of the orders were caught in the first upward bulge and their execution resulted in some violent advances. FOLK IIORSKM 13" I.FAU United States Steel common, Baldwin. Studebaker and American Can, popularly referred to as. "the lour horsemen, " led the advance. United States Steel common touched 119 3-8, the highest price since 1917. Baldwin opened a point higher at 126 1-2 and then shot up to 132 3-4. a new 1924 peak, falling back later to 130 3-8. where it was up 4 7-8 on the day. American Can, which scored a sensational Jump of S points In the last few minutes of trading, yesterday opened 1-2 point lower at 158 1-2, advanced to Dili 1-2 and then fell back to around to the opening price. Studebaker touched a new hlh at 48. Meanwhile, spectacular advances were taking place in other parts of the list. United States Cast Iron Pipe wan run up quickly from 155 to 161 and then fell back to 156 1-2 or 6 3-4 points above last night's close. The stock sold as low as $84 a share last February. American locomotive, Texas Gulf Sulphur. Worthington I'uinp, American Car and Foundry, Mathieson Alkali, Nash Motors and West I'enn Tower all sold 4 to points above last night's final quotations, although several of them reacted 1 to 2 points below the day's highs in the late wave of week-end profit taking, which checked the general advance. PAX-AMF.IIICAX I P Among the many stock In the inr dustrial list to be elevated to new lush levels were the Pan-American Petroleum issues, American 'I !c-phone find Telegraph, American Waler Works, American Smelting, International Harvester, Crucible and Sloss-Sheflield Steel, Mack Truck. Nash Motors, the Universal Pipe issues and West Penn Power. Considerable professional profit-taking took place in the industrial list under the cover of the strength of the industrials, Baltimore and Ohio, Lehigh Valley, Jersey Central, Gulf. Mobile and Northern, Missouri Kansas and Texas preferred "A," Pittsburg and West Virginia, Reading second preferred and a few others closing at net losses of 1 to 3 points. However, new highs in that grpup were recorded by New York Central, Delaware Iackawanna find Western, Southern Railway, Delaware and Hudson, Louisville and Nashville, Missouri Pacific preferred, Baltimore preferred, Baltimore and Ohio preferred and Chicago and Northwestern preferred. Wheat prices advanced 1 1-2 to 3 cents a bushel to new high levels In reflection of heavy domestic buying, nnd the strength of the commodity in foreign markets. December contract closing $1.71 and May at i.7 1-2. Stormy weather In the West was held responsible for a further moderate advance In corn prices. December closing 12 5 1-2 a bushel. Other commodity markets were dull. Herrin Widows Given $2500 at Klan Rally mv a. p. Mcrrr wnu.i MARION (Til.) Dec. IP,. Five women, direct and indirect victims of anti-Klan warfare, were each presented Willi $25fu payable in monthly Installments at a meeting of the Klan here tyst night. They were Mrs. S. Glenn Young, wife of the Williamson county liquor raider, blinded by anti-Klan bullets in attempts on her husband's life. Others were women made widows by nntl-Klun bullets during the Herrin riots. Glenn Young spoke at the-meetings saying "I am going to raid as : long ap I m In Williamson ronn-i ty." EXONERATES OFFICERS IN LINER'S GROUNDING IUY CAUl AND" As"orIATI.II CRESS) HONOLULU. Dec. la. -The steamship City of Los Angeles struck a shoal whtlc entering Ilon-olulu Harbor yesterday due to the Jamming of her steering gear, the United States board of steam boat Inspectors announced today following an Official investiuiitinn The board exonerated the offi cers ol l lie ship irom blamo for the no.oldent. Divers engaged to ascertain the exteit of damage caused by the grounding reported that the reef scraped off a llttlo t aint thn,t was nil. The ship yeslvrday pulled herself off t lie ' reef and docked without assistance, ninny at those aboard remaining unaware that anything out of the I ordinary had happened. HOMK KTI'llY IVITLAlt i CHICAGO, Doe. 19. There aro ti012 students at work In the. home study department of the University of Chloago, according to the report by Secretary Mallory. I'.very State and territory In I he 1 t.'ted Stales in reprosjnu-u and there are l.'iO students t'rum fttilgn count rlei. 3 3 '"oTnToTToTrronr MitiksMmmm, eultimahor vTKwg En obsequlo a nnestros Dtimerosoa, amlgon a nsDia espaAolav, t Pra tienencic ile lew lec:orrs umerlcaim u Ihe Times" quo estuillen tea lengua. publicamos dlarlamente esta cnlnnina en rasteliano, cod oa xtracto de las mas iniportuutcs notli las de rjlitma hora. Buena parte del futuro progreso de Los Anaelea. que es la lBPtr6poli de Jos I stados I'nldo que m4s cert-ana se halln n terrltorio latino-amerlcano, ha bra, dc deiaender de I"a relaclones que logrctnoa entablccer eon nuestras hernianas. las roDUbllcas del enr. Para que Hejtnen a ser enteramenie cordlales, no hay nada lan Imporiante emtio que nnestros rlndadanos se famlllarlcen con la lengna caslellana. Tan se dan cuenta de esle hecho nnestros bahltantcs. qne hay al presents nas de 23.000 personas que estudlan espaffot en Los Anrelea. A ellae lea convlcne leer todos los dlas cstn. coluuuia, en la que eocontraria espaiiol oorrecto j entcramente morternc. NOTAS TELEGRAFICAS T'n Crimen Monstmoso Causa Scn-sarlon en Paris PARIS, Di'iembre )!. Otro asesinato que reviste opariencias de monstruoso, ha causado inmensa sensaclrtn en esta Metr6poli. En el transctirso de las Oltimas pels semanas. Parts se ha estreme-cldo de horror ante los crlmenes de que ban sldo vlctimas como velnte presonas, cuyos cadAveres mutilados han sido hallados por la policla, que ha hecho esfuerzos inauditos por descubrir a los auto-res de estos atroccs delitos. Hoy en la tarde, fueron hallados varies fragmentos del cuerpo de un hombre, disemlnados en diversas partes de la cludad. Las plernas y los brazos del cadaver, fueron hallados en distlnto lugar, envueltos en trozos del period ico "Echo of the West", publicado en trances en San Francisco, California, fe-chado el 8 cle abrll aittino. Este detalle induce t suponer que la vfctiina pudlera ser un amrlcnno o procuder de los Estados Unidos. Los miombros del hombre ase-sinado. rcvelan que qulen los se-par6 del tronco, tieno omplios conoclmlentod y perfecta habllidad en elrugia: so ve que la segregation fue hecha con apego a reglas a no torn leas, eomo el se ti atara de evltar la efusl6n de sangre. La cabeza do la vtctima no se ha encontrado todavla: el resto del cadaver present a senales de que se trata de un hombre quo podrla tener tinos 23 6 30 afios de edad y de quo pertenecla a una clase opulenta. puesto que su flslco es-taba perfectamente culdado. Kl hallazgo del primer frag-tnento del cadrtver. fue hecho por m mandlgo. de los que habltual- mente pululan en el barrio de Montmurtre, piuienao umosua los amerlcanos. que nuncu faltan en aquella secclon do la cludad. especialmente turistas. El men-digo que hablu pnsado la nm-he en ess borrlo. se dirlgla a una pe. quefla barracu, que In servla de habltacion y que ri"ii en un solar vacant. Cerca de la nunvtn. encontro un ttaquete, en- vuolto con hojas de magalnes ilustrados v al annrio encoiuro ei torso del cadaver. Dos horas despuea. la policla anenntraba otro paquete. cerca de un k Iosco, contenlendo el muslo derecho: estli'-'n envurno rn un ie,ni.liir de "I.c Petit Pniislen" y bien enjugado do sangre. Al medio dia, un muchacho, perslgulendo una rata, troper.o con otro paquete, ccntenlendo los brazos y las plernas. T.n una picrna se nob! la Barker Bros-congratulate the cecil hotel and acknoivledge with appreciation the opportunity (through providing the furnishings) of sharing in the creative activities which have contributed to the successful opening of this splendid addition to the downtown hoftelries of Los Angeles. COMPLETELY UP-TO-DATE COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE THE furnishing scheme of the Cecil was planned with a view to giving unstinted comfort and content to the guests who are to sojourn beneath its roof. The lobby furniture is Spanish in design, covered with specially selected red Spanish leather. The furniture itself is walnut every piece in the house being specially made, by the way. All the carpets were specially designed and made. JCamps of specially wrought iron and with hand decorated parchment shades are an effective touch of hominess. The bed rooms have special Windsor type furniture, mattresses made with extra quality felted cotton, double deck coil springs and pillows filled with finest goose and duck feathers. The Mezzanine Floor is fitted out with reed furniture specially designed, decorated and upholstered to match the scheme of this particular floor. . BARKER BROS. COMPLETE FURNISHERS OF SUCCESSFUL HOMES, HOTELS, ALL PUBLIC BUILDINGS BROADWAY BETWEEN SEVENTH O EIGHTH huella de haber sido psnchada con aguja de jeringa hipo16rmica. Las invcstlgaciones hechas por la policfa, revelan que muy pocos ejemplares del perlrtdlco francos de San Francisco llegan a esta capital, segun informal! en la Ofi-cina de Correos; pero que en vn-rios hoteles hay alojartos algunoa viujercis que vlenen- de California, siendo algunos de origen f ranees. Kl D!n en Washington . La Camara de Representantes aproh6 el presupuesto naval. El presidente Coolidge nombro una Junta de Conservaci6n de Pe-trdleo. Ha sido discutido otra e en la Camara baja, el asunto de las relaclones con el Jap6n. El Senado aprob6 un gasto de $100,000 que se emplearan en corn-batir la epidemia en las aves de corral. Una fuerza naval completa, para contrarrestar las actlvidades de la flotilla antiprohiblelonlsta, fue ofre-cida por el Contralmirante Billard, para vigilnr la cost a. Un comltfi da la Camara sostuvo el derecho del representante La (ttiardla, Republlcano, de Nueva York, a conservor sti curtil. Ha qiiedado nplnv.ado, hasta des-ptis de la Navidad, el vpto sobre el nsunto de Muscle 8hoals. El presupuesto de g.-tstos de la Tesorerla v de Correos, lmportando $763,180,522, fue pasado a la Camara par su dlscusl6n. El Senado condend el editorial tie los perlftdlcos de Hearst, ata-cando al senador Underwood, en relaclon con la Inlclativa sobre M uncle Shoals. NOTAS LOCALES i:i Nnevo llcglnnu'iito de TYiilloo en Aprobado, a I'csar del Veto del Alcalde El alcalde do la cludad, optiso su veto ill nuevo reglamento de trafico, quo proyectft el consultor del Cuerpo edillcio, Miller McClin-tock. A I devolver el proyeoto, el Sr. Cryer manifests que lo apro-baba en lo general; pero quo habia niuchos detalles que deberlan ser moillMcados. Puesto a, votaqidn el referldo ptoyecto. la Corporncb'in Municipal lo nnrohd lor uniiiilml-. dad, expresando quo. sleudii acep-tado como bueno, en lo general, los detalles podrlan correglrse por medio de refonnas que dirt ara la prActlca. Kn tat vlrtud, el nuevo reglamento se pondra en vigor el 21 dc eni'i'o del proximo a no. Entre las modliicnclones qiie contleiA- se encurntru la prohibl-elnn le que clrcnlen en la nuevw Kona lljada como "le Ciimesl Ion de traflco" los vehlculos tlrados por nnlinalca y l.-j do que los pcntoni-s Schools end Colleges fnfcrm'ation About Schools MACKAY BUSINESS COLLEGE Linn. BT b. earnau. Sand for fr "'VrJaiaa3 ntlMttt "" tuition by aialatln with lleht ufllc work. MAIn 4an ; Tl tfcar aiaa. Military O rx a -DIvHIee, A" Dan Die so Array ..11 J . ,w, ana al al Iwa military ichaala is Swtbarn Calilaraia wMt Aearlamv " "rrtd lull acered.lini at Wat Paint Addrait Cal. THOS. rtCaUCIiiy a. DAVIS. Pias.. PaeiAi Baack. Cal. Navy Pasadena Military Academy n .. . . . . . . . j r . PAGE MILITARY ACADEMY atraviesen las calles de la mlsma zona por otra parte que las boca-calles. DEP0RTES IVitbol Kl carnpeouato interescolar de Sudcalifornia, se Jugara en el Par-que Washington, esta tarde. entro los equhios de las escuelas prepara-torias de Glendale y de Compton. Este Juego, se calcula que atraera una concurrencia como de 12,000 persona s. Sobre la puerta do las Oficinas do Stanford, en Pasadena, donde so han vendido billetes para el Juego del prlmero del Afio, entre Urn equipos de la citada Universl-dad v de Norlo Panie. apareeio aver tin cartel que dice: "Agotadas j his localldades". lo quo quiere de- cir que se han vendido los 52,000 billetes para esta funeion, trece dlas antes de que se et'ectfie. Esto da idea del lnmenso entusiusmo entre los allclonados. Fight Promised on Proposal to Rename Rainier Til A. P. NKUIT WIHK1 WASHINGTON, Dec. 19. Whether Mt. Rainier c li a 1 1 be known ns Mt. Tacoma elves promise of becoming one of the most controversial mutters to be fought out bv '.he Hon e thts session should" the bill proposing this change come up for consideration. Chairman Stnnott of the public lands committee announced today that healings will be held January 9 o the Herat bill authorising this change. representative .Totr.son. Republican, of Washington, will be in charge of presenting arguments favoring the measure, which already has received favorable action in the (Senate. Opposition to the measure has been expressed by ,'Vfnil Mouse members. Muauu innnnjga fcnniarnup anil inarat-rar mimns. - --i.lnff,,. AiMraa. nourrn n,nvrinenre. ami day nupli. recentd anytime hJn1F00I1L cltloju. Addraia Buiratliitnidaiil. Bl. 3, Box 81 T. Pasadena, or iilioo OArflld ' a-ra'o'BTTBTyoTB b o a wo' vtrssm The Times' School and College Bureau will hem yoo secure complete Information about any kind of School or Education Training. Carefully complied data ara en file, from which source suggestions may be mad which will be helpful to you. THE SERVICE IS FREE. Address, write or call the TIMES' Information Bureau, First street and Broadway telephone MEt-poltn 0700 or leave your name and address with the TIMES' Branch Office Information Bureau, 621 South Spring street and th desired school data will be mailed to you. Mhl undar th Unlwralty t Calltaml rtl iasiflMti war Dniat. . ia sautlitm Callfrm aa eitHnjulma. It I MILITARY ACADEMY DAY AND ROAKDIKO A SCHOOL OF DISTINCTION Member California Pritnut School Associalimm Wilcox at Melrose St. HEmpstead 7602. Srhool and Colle rwiaratorf. airrrdltetl. Alfto tirade 9 I Inrhinlve, . separata! bouaed an .(.jiami nil, nary noma- n.irui. r. - 7 A Til Hehoi.l for Little Boy. The laramt ehool of II elHN In Amerlrn. Hend for catalog. B.F.1. 7, Box 950. Phone 706-958. . . ROBERT A. tilBUS, Headmaster. Not bet becaiwe lnret, but larreat became beet. Gargle Throat With Aspirin Clip This if Subject to Sore ti -i t i:j.: Prepare a harmless and effectiva gargle by dissolving two Uayer Tablets of Aspirin in four table-Bpoonfuls of water. Gargle throat thoroughly. Repeat in two hours if necessary. He sure to use only the genuine Bayer Tablets of Aspirin, marked with the Bayer Cross, which can he had in tin boxes of twelve tablets for few cents. Advertisement. LIES ALL NIGHT BENEATH CORPSE trarM'sIVK lllSPATCHl WEATHKKFOUD (Tex.) Dec. 19, pinned underneath a wrecked automobile for twelve hours with a dead negro was the experience of F. Z. Martin, Van Horn ranch tr, near here recently. An liutomobllo in which .Martin and the negro were driving from the ranch to Dallas overturm. .1 three miles from this town at 7 o'clock at night. The negro was killed instantly. His body lay across Martin's until 1 o'clock o'clock the next morning, when the howls of Martin's dog attracted the notice of pnssersby who rescued him. Though suffering from xposure he Is expected to recover.

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