The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 29, 1932 · 3
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 3

Los Angeles, California
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Monday, February 29, 1932
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MONDAY MORNING. ' LOST AVIATRIX TF.LLSTRIALS Mrs. Christofferson Details Experiences- in North, ' Ten Days in Icy Mountains Full of Perils and Fear Pair Chilled and Hungry; Mercury 55 Deg. Below In the lollowlnr. story Mri..Edna E. Christofferson. Portland vlatrix, describes her experiences In the mountains of British Columbia -after belnf lost for ten days when tales forced ber plant down while flying to Atlin. B. C, in an effort to chart an air route to Point Barrow. Alaska. BY EDNA E. CHRISTOFFERSON (Copyright. 1932, by the North American Newspaper Alliance. Inc.) ATLIN B.-C.) Feb. 28. (Exclusive) -Those ten days of waiting in our makeshift shelter on . Gladys River in the isolated British Columbia mountains, where we were forced down when our gasoline supply ran out on the flight from Hazelton, B. C, w :.e the most lonely, the most .miserable, and the coldest I have ever endured and "Bill" Graham, my companion on this flight, agrees with me. Death menaced us from manyn-gles. With the temperature at 65 deg. below zero, there was the ever present danger of freezing. Although we were careful with our provisions and remained hungry most of the time, the food supply decreased alarmingly, which brought about the possibility of starvation. And there was constant exposure to the elements what if we became ill? LOG OF WHAT HAPPENED W are glad it's over how. and that our friends sent out that rescue plane to find us. Otherwise, we would have perished and no one would have found us for months, probably. What happened follows!. ' . Impatient to leave Hazelton, where we were stormbound for several days, we finally loaded everything into the plane and took off for Atlin on the 15th lnst., after receiving a report that the weather was clear over the most rugged mountains of the North American continent, directly across our flight. We had gasoline enough only for thirty minutes' flying beyond the estimated time to reach Atlin, so that made the task doubly difficult for Mr. Graham. Up here there are no railroads, no towns, no landmarks to check your country. It's just a waste of terrifying mountains. So strong was the wind that at 8000 feet we seemed to be hovering etill in the air. Our gas was getting low after five hours of flying. Ahead we could see nothing but blizzards and storms and the gale increased to sixty miles an hour. E'jfore we realized it the storms closed In on us. From all sides they came , until we were in the midst of blinding snow. Below us was a 'Wilderness of crags and ravines. MAKES PERFECT LANDING 'We circled over , Gladys Elver and four small lakes not shown on the maps, which we could glimpse through the "holes" in the storms. We had enough gasoline for only twenty minutes of flying, bo 'Mr. Graham glided down for a landing on a lake at the south end of Gladys River. There was no way of telling how far away from civilization we were, for the lake was not shown on the maps. By taking the seats out of the cabin of the ship, we could place our sleeping bags on the floor and be fairly comfortable. It was 50 deg. .below zero on the 17th., with the ground storm still raging. We were stiff with cold and our noses were frostbitten. Our MONEY NOW GROWS ON TREES Washington Town Using Veneer Scrip l444MiMM4S4 V ' - " W4M&W4f '!: ;V-:el I mK4tM4S$l 5, l )suA la W8l9KSk M&SSJB IBiailllliip. tWide World photo Kathryn Moses With Some of the Wooden Money TENINO Wash.) Feb. 28. (Exclusive) The expression, "Don't take any wooden money," doesn't go in this village. For in Tenino wood en money is perfectly good and is being used by residents of the community. - The Tenino State Bank closed recently. Need of money of some kind led the local Chamber of Commerce to issue scrip which could be used in carrying on business affairs.. It was issued on thin pieces of spruce veneer to the amount of 25 per cent of each investor's deposits at the bank. As affairs are liquidated the scrip will be taken In and a new scrip for another 25 per cent issued. spirits were low. There was nothing but tea and mush to eat. TWO COLDEST DAYS On the 18th the snow still blew over the lake with a . gale. The temperature was 20 deg. below. There was v not a living thing for miles around. We sat close to the fire and talked about warm suns and many other things to cheer ourselves. It was a feeble attempt. Our radio batteries froze on the 19th, so we were left entirely alone in the great stillness, disturbed only by the howling of the blizzard. We did not light the heater in the cabin of the ship because we wished to conserve the fuel for emergency use. The inside of the ship's cabin was covered with froet an inch thick. That was our coldest day with the mercury down to B5 deg. below zero. Not a sound came to break the silence. The sun looked like a piece of Ice. It was too cold for anyone to travel, so we waited and shivered. Mush and tea , became monotonous. ' The 20th broke with a blizzard, with more snow driven across our rude landing field by the gale. On the 21st. we experienced our second most miserable day. It snowed hard with a wind registering forty miles an hour on our air speed indicator. Our rice would boil on the bottom over the fire and freeze on top. Mr. Graham took the skin off his lips trying to eat with a spoon. SEE AID FLY AWAY On the 25th lnst. at 10:40 an airplane passed to the northwest, appearing not to notice us. We were helpless. Help seemed to be flying away. I cried. Mr. Graham suggested a cup of tea and some mush, vWhy don't you see a scalp specialist?"! 1 l . K " '.. X - ;-H ' IIC U I II : II I. iriMin iiwiiWriiMiMMiwmil'fcri tmnmit You have dandruff Your scalp Is Itchy 'Your hotr If falling You are becoming bald Thomas Can Help You IF you are genuinely interested in saving the hair you now have and ingrowing new hair on the thin or bald spots consult a man who knows all about scalp trou-. bles ... a Thomas scalp specialist. Hell tell you precisely what's wrong, with your scalp : and what must be done to return it to a normal healthy .. condition. He'll adapt the reliable proved Thomas treatment to meet the exact needs of your scalp. With him therell be no guess work. Your dandruff will go; abnormal hair fall will stop; and new hair will start to grow. Thomas treatment is scientifically precise, dignified and is reasonable in cost. More than a quarter-million persons have retained or regained hair by The Thomas method. It can help you, too, to have a good head of hair. Call today for a free scalp examination. I World's Leading Hair ond Scalp Specialists Forfy-Flva Offices I 219 West 7th St., Suite 504 I Iaas BldjJ. not as u a. m. u p. m.i sati kdat ( p. m. 1 so we ate to cheer ourselves up. It was a feeble attempt, for with the thought of that plane flying away, nothing could raise our spirits. At 12:15 the plane came back, and swooped down for a landing! Deep snow had drifted around our ship and it took three hours to dig it out. At 3:30 p.m. we took off for At-, lin, and landed there twenty minutes later. All the city was out to greet us. Yes, we will go on. After a day or two of rest, we will continue to Point Barrow. That was our most difficult hop far more difficult than we ever thought it would be-so the rest of the way should be easy. CUBAN ELECTION RIOTS KILL ONE Several Wounded in Voting for Assemblymen Soldiers Stand Guard Over Polling-Places Primaries First Move Political Reforms in HAVANA, Feb. 28. WV-One person was killed and several were wounded in political animosities today while soldiers stood guard over polling-places as Cuban voters elected municipal Assemblymen. Eduardo Estrada was shot to death in Quemado de Guines, Santa Clara Province. He was with Representative Campo, Liberal, at the time. In Ciego de Avila, Camaguey Province, supporters of Enrique Vlllena and Enrique Reico, candidates for the Liberal nomination for Governor, fought with pistols, hammers and other weapons. An undetermined number of persons were injured. . THREE BOMBS EXPLODE Santiago dispatches said three bombs exploded there, one in the home of Senator Clavel, another in that of Dr. Eduardo Hacha, brother of the Mayor, and the third in front of the Provincial Palace. Alarm at the Provincial Palace explosion proved fatal to Senora Flora Aguero, who had Just given birth to a child. Today's primaries were the first step in the reorganization of Cuba's three major political parties Liberals, Conservatives and Populars preliminary to November's elections. Municipal Assemblies name provincial Assemblymen who in turn select delegates to the national conventions. . . In November, mayors, municipal Councilmen, provincial governors and Councilmen, half the House of Representatives and two Senators, the latter to fill vacancies caused by deaths, will be elected. EYES ON 1934 The Liberals, members of President Machado's own party, looked beyond today's primaries and beyond November's partial elections to the vote in 1934 for President. Aspirants to succeed President Ma-chaio are Gov Barcelo of Oriente Province, who formally has announced his candidacy; Clemente Vasquez Bello, president of the Senate, and Senator Guttierrez. Largest selection of offerings the Los Angeles Times prints more classified ads than any other newspaper in the world. ROAD MEASURE SC0REDBY HYDE Secretary Hits $132,000,000 Bill Passed by House Emergency Legislation Called Pork Barrel Says But 35,000 of 6,000,000 Idle Would Be Helped WASHINGTON. Feb. 28. (Exclusive) The $132,000,000 emergency road construction bill passed yesterday by the House was denounced today by Secretary of Agriculture Hyde, who will administer it if it is finally enacted, as 'pork-barrel" legislation which would fail to lessen unemployment to any appreciable extent, while adding to the Treasury deficit and to the necessity for increasing taxes. Hyde's stand against the measure is believed to presage a veto by President Hoover if the Senate follows the lead of the other branch and puts the Ull through, as now seems probable. Advanced by the Democratic majority in the House as ah aid to agriculture and unemployment, the bill, Secretary Hyde declared, would provide employment for only about 35,000 persons a mere scratch on the surface, considering the 6,000,-000 estimated to be out of work. Moreover, the further strain imposed on the country through raising the money to finance the proposed road program, the Secretary said, would "deprive more people of employment indirectly than we can employ directly." Hyde pointed out also that the proposed fund is to be allocated not NEW EXPERIMENT MADE TO OVERCOME INSANITY FEEIiUAEY 29, 1832. PART I.) 3; ISLAND WOMAN CHICAGO. Feb. 28. (Exclusive) An experiment to determine whether feminine companionship will be effective in curing ten male patients of the State Hospital at Anna, 111., of - dementia praecox is being conducted by Or. O. J. Hagebush, managing officer of the institution. . An announcement sent out today stated that ten young women, employees of the hospital, and the ten men patients had formed a club under the auspices of the hospital authorities Each patient has a partner among the women and is encouraged to tell his troubles to her. The men also are urged to make speeches at the club meetings. It is hoped that a sense of participation ' in group activities and the friendly individual contacts will break down the wall of indifference which such patients build about themselves. , upon a per capita basis, but under the system used in apportioning Federal aid road funds whereby the States with the least population receive the largest proportionate share so that the States having the largest populations and the greatest unemployment problem would receive relatively the least benefit. He asserted the bill was "railroaded" through the House without adequate consideration. ATTACK VICTB ,1 Hawaiian Outrage Suspecu Identified , HONOLULU, Feb. 28. ' () Mrs J. H. Hone, wife nf mnrhfnictM mate in the United States Navy t was attacked last night in bet, home near Waiklki Beach. It wa$ the latest of a series of similar at- ! tacks upon Honolulu women during 1 recent months. Today she tentatively identified her assailant as Edward Wong. 23, years of age, a Chinese, who was arrested and held by police. . Mrs. Hope was alone at the time, her husband being with a contingent of the fleet sailing for the mainland to participate in naval; maneuvers oft Southern California. .1 I JiiilllBlilfiiElIS TmATiTkT !mmit AM.H K SOMBORN ENTEBPRI Restaurants 3427 WUshlre Los Angeles 3927 WUshlre Los Angeles WUshlre at Rodeo Beverly Hills 1624 Vine Street -Hollywood SOMETIMES we are asked by other funeral directors if it is ( wise of us to speak so freely on matters of costs, credit arrangements and the various details which make up a modern funeral service. Isn't it possible, they say, that people will expect more value for a small sum than we can afford to give? And won't they be offended at any mention of price where their sentiments are so deeply involved? . . As a matter of fact, people nowadays expect too little instead of too much from the funeral director. It is high time they realized that a service can be beautiful and appropriate without excessive cost It is only fair that a mortuary capable of providing complete facilities for a small amount should let this truth be known. Moreover, isn't it better to discuss funeral costs when the mind is calm and able to judge values rather than have the question forced upon those in bereavement? We believe that residents of Los Angeles, realizing that hundreds of their neighbors have been aided by our candid discussion of fu ncral costs, truly appreciate and approve Pierce Brothers educational work. Mail in your name and address on the margin of this paper for a copy of Pierce Brothers Gift Book and the informative handbook, "Before Sorrow Cornea' rVNtlULADVtSOJIS 4 DIRECTORS 730 W. WASHINGTON ST. PIIONE, PROSPECT 41M Complete arvl, of which the rket le bat ene Item, range np from 070 MYER SIEGEL AND COMPANY 733 South Flower ... Los Angeles Month-End Sale TODAY (Monday) IN OUR FLOWER STREET SHOP ONLY SPRING DRESSES Plain and Print Crepe, jacket models. Spring colors Many styles. Sizes 14 to 20. 1475 REPRICED DRESSES Crepe, satin including evening gowns. Wanted models for immediate wear. FORMERLY to 69.75. 12 00 QUALITY COATS Untrimmed tweeds. Few fur -trimmed models. Black, beige, green, tile. Limited quantity, sizes 14 to 18 only. ' 18 00 up DRESSES TO CLEAR Reduced further! Attractive crepe and satin street, afternoon and evening gowns. FORMERLY oRICED TO 89.75. DRESSES TO CLEAR 22 00 Higher priced costume made dresses with the dressmaker's touch. Some RE-DUCED FROM 98.75. 32 00 SPRING COATS Fortsman's Diagonal. Detachable blue fox collar. Beige, green, corsair blue, black. SPECIAL 5975 JR. MISS DRESSES Crepes In one and two-piece models in current colorings. 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