The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 26, 1934 · 25
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 25

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, September 26, 1934
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The Weather FORECAST FOR LOS ANGELES AND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Fair touar and tomorrow. Moderate temperature and humidity. Maximum and minimum temperatures yesterday, "3-54. Complete weather report pace 16, Fart I. In Two Parts 32 Paves PART II LOCAL NEWS S PAGES VOL. LIII WEDNESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 26, 1934. CITY NEWS-EDITORIAL-SOCIETY, TheLancer BY HARRY CARS FROM now on at Hollywood parties It will be well to have a smile ready. But how can one smile and yawn at the same time? Incidentally, it looks as though John Monk Saunders might have done better than Mrs. Astor's boy friend, Signor Fiermonte, in that Hollywood fight ring. TTHEY CAN'T ARREST ME Jack Kearns, the "discoverer" of Signor Fiermonte, who drowned his sorrows in drink, found that the Los Angeles policemen were not afraid to arrest him. There are several other things that Mr. Kearns could learn with value to himself. One is that five or six trains are leaving for the East every day and he ought to be on one or more of them. We can get along from now on very nicely without him. , And unless the State Boxing Commission investigates that Fiermonte fight, we can also get along with a new Boxing Commission. -THE CUP RACE There is not much glow to the victory of the Rainbow in the .cup races. For the next ten years, the British will be wailing about our bad sportsmanship. The rules committee was literally within its rights in declining to receive Sopwith's belated protest; but it was small and petty stuff. Americans take an extremely technical view of sports; the English do not. Sopwith and Sir Thomas Lipton before him, were game spenders and sportsmen; they should have had the best of it. Meantime, I can't find out what happened. The Endeavour had new racing lines; but what were they? William A. Bartholomae, owner of the Mystery, tells me that Annie Oakley spinnakers are not new: and that the principle of a perforated sail has been tested by wind machines; but there is nothing In the ring-side accounts tc explain the phenomenon. The Cup races will go down as a shabby -nor ting event;, and about the orst reporting on record. JTAITTM ANN'S END ' The ex-bootlegger boys will ave to find another racket. The "snatch game" has fizzled out. Hauptmann makes the findings unanimous. So far as I can find in the records, not one important kidnaper has succeeded in getting away with it. Except for miraculous breaks of luck, kidnaping Is an impossible crime. Too many people are concerned In It; the crook can't snatch and flee; in the nature of the crime, he has to com" back to the victim for the payoff The penalty ought to be death. In this State it is only life imprisonment without hope of parole. Why, for instance, should the people of this State be compelled to support John Baldwin, who kidnaped the Strattons of Glendale, for the rest of his worthless life? HE PROMISED LAND So many tourists In Mexico City that the cash customers stand In line for half a block In front of the best restaurants; people Just dream about hotel rooms. But Mexico City isn't all of Mexico. On the west coast, Ouaymas, Mazatlen, Teplc and Guadalajara all beckon. Mlchoacan. of the wheat fields and the tall timber. It a part of Mexico that few tourists see; but It has allure and charm and fascinating old hotels one was an archbishop's palace. "CHISELING" DATALISTED Income Adequate for 8306 Nearly Fourth of Welfare Cases Ineligible for Jobless Relief Pronounced Guilty One Family Buys House for Cash While on County Charity Rolls Of the 77,663 public charity cases on the County Welfare Department's list from June 1 to August 15, last, the State Emergency Relief Administration's survey disclosed 59,-405, or 76.5 per vcent were eligible for unemployment relief and 18,-258, or 23.5 p?r cent, were ineligible. This is revealed in a report made public yesterday. Of the 18,258 cases found ineligible for unemployment relief, 6002 cases were found to be entitled to welfare relief by the county and seventy-four were found to be transients entitled to aid from the Federal Transient Service. In addition 3610 families could not be located. 266 cases withdrew their applications or refused to give information and 8306 cases were found to have income equal to or greater than the monthly amount given to them by the county. The names of about 5000 of the 8306 cases having adequate incomes have been sent to th? county department. The others are to go later. "Among the extreme instances of those ineligible for unemployment relief because of incomes greater than would have been budgeted to them." says the report, "was one family that purchased a five-room house for cash while on the relief rolls. Another paid an average weekly premium of $10 on an insurance policy. Another had a wage incom? of $50 a week. "But a random sample of 1073 of the 8306 cases with income showed ' that three-fourths had approxi- ma'.cly $80 or less per month, 56 per , rent had approximately $60 or less a month and 39 per cent had less j than $40 a month." ; I "The survey." said Director Frank ! i Y. McLaughlin of the S.E.R.A. in this county, "was necessary in ordT 1 to determine the exact number of ! (Continued en Pace 2, Column 3) j TAX-LIMIT 1 PLAN UP TO ' Joy Parker, convicted with her husband, as Jcske kidnaper. DRAIN FUNDS WINFAVOR S.E.R.A. Board Approves Plea City Asking for $100,000 to Clean Catch Basins as Relief Project Hopkins Sanction Urged; Mcrriam Requested to "Let's See Now. Yes That Picture is Good" Fill I acancies , I t'i' Jt 1 V Lynden Parker, also convicted of abducting honeymooncrs. JESKE CASE PAIR GUILTY IN KIDNAPING Parker Couple Likewise Convicted of Robbery of ' MOTtt."1 wire Goy- Merrlam re-' j questing the appointment of new Honeymooncrs Last July Approval of City Engineer Al-drich's application for $100,000 of Federal funds to clean the storm drains of Los Angeles was voted yesterday by members of the State Emergency Relief Commission. The session was conducted at the head quarters of the Federation of Jew ish Welfare Organizations. The vote was taken following addresses by Couucilmen Davis and Tate and City Engineer Aidrich who declared that the filling up of the catch-basins with rubbish would be a danger to public health, especially in case of an early rain. DENIED FIRST PLEA The original application had been for $607,000 to be used for general street cleaning, but the F.E.R.A. makes no nrovision for such work. which is a function of municipal1 government. However, as a pro- j vision for prevention of disease, the, application for the smaller sum probably will be granted, according to Vernon D. Northrop, acting administrator for the F.E.R.A. for California A request was sent Federal Relief Administrator Hopkins for authority to appropriate the funds. COMMITTEE NAMED A Citizen's Committee of clever iiomincnt men of Los Angc'.r.s whi will be In charge of the distribution of State and Federal relic: funds for Los Angeles county was selected yesterday at a joint meeting of the members of the State Emergency Relief Commission and Supervisors Quinn, Jessup and Mc-Donough. The names of the members of the Citizens' Committee will be made public as soon as the Supervisors have obtained the promises of the members to serve on the committee, it was announced. The commissioners authorized the f; i X ), (L V J jtl - 'Viv t V ; I ? i kr I? .Iff fm.ll it'. 3 ,. LAW PASSED 1 But Council Act Baumgartners Objection to Move Delays Action Until Tuesday Proposed Ordinance Would Eliminate Use of Signs on Saloons Patrons requesting motion-picture guidance from the new Public Library service bureau will be answered by a librarian who has access to a card index listing every current attraction. Rosalie Higgs is shown here, reporting on the suitability of a film to an inquiring parent. INFORMATION ON FILMS WW QUEST TO BE GIVEN BY LIBRARY! IZ!PMSIM Out of a maze of legislation re;at irg to the control of eating places selling intoxicants, the City Council yesterday chose the fourth of a series of ordinances on Minuts Clerk Browning's desk and took a vote on it. While the ordinance received a majority vote, the opposition of Councilmen Baumgartner and Tate in refusing unanimous consent for immediate adoption placed it over until next Tuesday for final action. SIGNS PROHIBITED The measure was presented by Councilman Ingram. It differs from other drafts in that it eliminates the provision of a Police Commission permit fee. It prohibits th serving of minors with beverages, prohibits liquor signs on banners or awnings and requires that windows and doors may not be covered four feet above the ground. Councilman Hyde presented an amendment, which was adooted, providing that the Police Commis-slon revoke the dance permit for beer halls which break the law, no permit covering the premises to be issued for a year. MUST OBSERVE RULE Sale of liquor in. public eating places in the voting area will be illegal tomorrow, Michael Connolly, chief of the State liquor control office in this district, said yesterday, pointing out that steps will be taken to revoke the licenses of restauran.s, cafes, beer gardens or other publio places found to be selling liquor while the polls are open. "Off sale" I establishments are not affected. Lynden Parker and his wife, Jov Parker, yesterday were found guilty hv a inn, in tl,n Art..... o . : rilLtti CCLv JllciRe White 011 two counts of kid- .... (nit iui me juipuc vi roDocry I in connection with the kidnaping Sets ' last July 15 of John and Elaine tober J(t to Hear Pleas diet carried with it a recommenda- nn Ch.,n.,r Pr,.,,v u0" 01 mc imprisonment with the Supreme Tribunal Whether Los Angeles county voters shall have the opportunity to vote on a proposed charter amendment limiting the tax rate to 80 "pi LANCASHIRE FOLK TO MEET Lancashire members of the British warship Danae will be guests of the Los Angeles Lancashire Society Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Foresters' Hall. 1329 South Hope street. possibility of parole. Both defendants also were found guilty on another charge of first-degree robbery. The Jury was out about four hours. Defense Attorney Keith Jensen cents per $100 of assessed valuation I Jllduc Whle Mt nm c.8.5 1 'J r"1.1' ,0 ,hC S,a,c 9:30 a.m. for a hearing on the mo- uilic vuill t .in iun . Through a petition of Ralph P. Gage, taxpayer, the high court yes-terdny issued an alternative writ of mandate for Registrar of Voters Kerr to show cause why the proposed amendment should not be omitted from the ballot on November 6. The writ Is returnable October 2. ORDERED ON BALLOT The proposed amendment was ordered placed on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors Monday, following the filing of an initiative petition for that purpose. The tax rate for the current fiscal year already has been set at $1.20. Gages petition, drawn by Attorney A. J. Hill, argues that only the Legislature has power to limit taxes. COUNSEL CALLED ON Registrar Kerr notified County Counsel Mattoon. whose depnrtmrnt will be called upon to defend Kerr, of his Intention to place the proposed amendment on the bnllot. Mnson Car. head of the property owner's division of the Realty Board, advised Mattoon that he will lend every possible legal assistance in the fight. Registrar Kerr said the proposed Hmendmenf. will be held In abeyance pending final ruling. MARSHALL FIGHT VERSION DISPLEASING TO SAUNDERS Writer Denies Actors Report He Was Struck While Sitting Down and Looking A Way As the aftermsth of the week-end fistic battle between John Monk Saunders, novelist and screen writer, and Herbert Marshall. English film fsvorlte, one thing was clear yesterday. This was that Snundrrs is con- tion. or the fixing of sentence in the event the appeal request Is denied. The defendants were charged by Dep. Dist.-Atty. McCartney with being accomplices of Floyd Britton. George Dorsey, R. C. Russell and Ida Mae Alameda In the crime. The quartet pleaded guilty and are now under heavy prison sentences. Frost Invades High Reaches of Southland members of the commission, made necessary by resignations of four members announced yesterday. FOUR RESIGNED Archbishop Hanna and O. K. , Cusning of San Francisco recent- i ly resigned because of their duties j connected with President Roosevelt's ; Mediation Board. Superior Judge! I. M. Golden of San Francisco ten-! dered his resignation because of his election to the bench. George R. Martin of Los Angeles resigned in order to make a necessary trip to the East. A feature of the morning session was a report of the F.E.R.A. pay roll for the week ending September 20, which totaled $493,558.45 for various projects and social work. SOLUTION SEEN In spite of the present conditions and the apparently Increasing influx of transients into the State, the unemployment relief problem probably can be adequately handled next year, with Federal funds and the $24,000,000 which citizens of California are expected to vote in November, according to Mr. Northrop. Criticism of the management of Federal relief funds was voiced by Gen. F. s. Strong, commissioner from San Diego, who said that there are too many bureaus and much unnecessary duplication of effort. A more economical manner of han- i dling the Federal appropriations would be to allow the Slates to ap- j point their own distributing agents, Frost spread a white mantle along j Gen. Strong said. Bureau Established to Provide Dale for Public on Quality of Productions Do father and mothers shop intelligently for family film entertainment, or do they allow the children, like Little Jack Horner, to poke in a thumb and expect to pull out a plum? In order to make shopping for pictures easy, the Los Angeles Public Library is to be made a central information bureau for reports on films suitable for family pictures, for junior matinees or for adult interest only. Afier today, a parent need only water courses In the mountains early yesterday, while a brisk northeast breeze brought autumn weather to Los Angeles. A bright sun during the day sent the temperature to a peak of 73 degrees at noon from n low of 54 degrees near dawn. '! he temperature in the mountains back of Simta Barbara was reported around 35 dcg. by lookout stations of the United Siates Forest headquarters. Fair and continued cool Is the weather forecast with the wind expected to swing to the southwest before daylight. RELIEF LUNCHEON'" TOPIC Max Lowenthnl, executive of the S.E.R.A., will discuss "What Price Relief." at the luncluon today at thr Mldloun Association which Is, being held at the Arcadv Hotel. idcraoiy upset over Marshall's its'.f mrnt that Saunders struck him while he u sitting down and looking In another direction. Saunders is anxious that the en-tiro affair be forgotten, and declined to amplify his statemrnt retarding it. But from his tr'.ciul.i It was learned that he felt badly the Impression was left that he would hit any man under the circumstances a.vcrtedly described by Marshall, It was potnlrd out by Saunders's friends that when Marshall assert-edlv made "the fighting rrmarlt" which led to the trouble, Snundrrs ompietcly upset the table at wh'cli they wen sitting in tht drawing- room of Director Ernst Lubltwh'e palatial Oel-Alr home; that Mar-shall got up and that tne blow struck him flush on the chin, Marshall went over backward to the floor and was "knocked cold'' for a few minutes, witnesses said. "There Is no sense in making a feud out of this and I don't want to talk about It any more," Saunders declared. Reached yeMerday at his suite in a Beverly Hills hotel, Marshall rc fuMui further comment, "I have nothlna to add to what I have altrady said." he commented. (Continued on Pate t, Column ) Register or You Can't Vote on November 6! The iMKt day to reliter for the November ( election I tomorrow, September 27. There will never be a more Important election In California. Its outcome will vitally affect the perwinal welfare of every man, woman and child In the State. If you don't vole, you will have no right 'to complain about what happens to you afterwardto you and oum, to your property and your future. You ran'l vote uiiIcm you are reitlslered. MILK TRADE INJUNCTION UNDER FIRE U. S. Ally. Hall Mores to Dissolve Writ Restraining License En forcemcnt f END COMES TO PIONEER PACKING MAN Reginald L. Bliss, Founder of Dressed Beef Concern, Ailing for Two Years Reginald L. Bliss, pioneer meat packer in Southern Calllornla, died yesterday as the result of a heart attack. He had been ailing for two years and had been quite 111 for the past six months. Mr. Bliss was the founder and owner of the Calliornia Dressed Beef Company which flourished at Vc.non for many years and employed several hundred men. He died at his home. 710 Garland avenue. He leaves his widow, his sons, Wayne L., Howard E Stanley S. and Roland L.. and two daughters, Joan M. Bliss and Mrs. W. A. Klstlcr. Interment will be at Inglcwood tomorrow mornin. In charge of the I. V. Overholtier undertakers. Plans for the services are not yet completed. Actress Held Secretly Wed Rumors that Maureen O'Sulltvan. Irish screen actress, and John Farrow, film director, had been secretly married filtered back to Hollywood yesterday when news of their arrival for a vacation at Wlnslow, Ariz, was mad public. Motions to dissolve an injunction restraining the government from enforcing licensing provisions of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration within the milk industry here were filed yesterday in the United States Court by U. S. Atty. Hall and his assistant, Clyde Thomas. Motion to dismiss the proceedings through which a group of dairymen obtained the injunction before United States District Judge Cosgrave was also filed by the government's attorneys. Hearing was set for October 1. The injunction preventing the government from carrying out the A.A.A. regulations was issued by Judge Cosgrave last Thursday and was directed against H. W. Bcniie, Administrator of the Los Angeles Milk Industry Board; Milk Producers, Inc., twenty members of the board: H. S. Dinger, Milk Code administrator; Anders Larson, chief Investigator for the board, and Hall. The restraining order was granted to Western Holstetn Farms. Inc.. C. J. Kurtz. Valley Dairy, Inc.. and the Lucerne Cream and Butter Company. Council Denies Fund on Street Sarch for Assailant The political kettle In Maywood once more has reached the boiling point, it was disclosed at the District Attorney's office yesterday, when a request was made to find the person who last June placed oil of mustard in the Mayor's chair. The victim of the mustardly plot was V. F. Guinzy, former Mayor and now a member of the City Council. It was disclosed that on the night of last June 25 some one Mayor's chair at the head of the Council table. Indicting burns which required medical treatment, not to call "MUtual 5241" and ask: "Will you please give me a report on such-and-such a picture?" and the answer will come back: "The joint committee recommends this picture for family entertainment. It is a comedy (or tragedy, fantasy, war or historical picture) well cast and good entertainment." Or the answer may be: "Not good for nervous children" or. "Too sophisticated for children." or "Good for juniors but not interesting to adults." The producing company, the cast and the director will be named if the inquirer desires and if the story is based on a book, that too will be mentioned. If there are objection able features from the point of view of morality or obscenity, this will be disclosed. Where does the library get its ln- i formation? The library is acting merely as an Information center-unbiased and taking no part In the The task of he'lping parent, and ! ; ' films on children and young people to select the best pictures Is undertaken at the hvulgation of the Juvenile Research Committee. Los Angeles County Co-ordination Councils. This group Is composed of leaders Interested In the welfare of children and young people. Reports have been gathered on pictures previewed since January. 1934. and 600 cards are on file in the library. SALOONS CALLED r A Cr D 17 r. TIN "0F lowest type- VxXk-'1-' OLiUWll, "Saloons of the lowest type" was - I the charge made against California Maywonl Victim of Last P8!"1"" Lulu Love'and ' ; Sbennard. lecuirer. who will nrMro. June Requests Revival oia special mothers' mass meeting at ..miijf rannuuiM r-piscopai unurcn at J p.m. Sunoay afternoon. The State Board of Equalization has been invited to attend in order that certain statements to be made at this mass meeting may be guided Into official channels. Juvenile patronage of 3 a.m. liquor parlors will be the chief point at issue at the gathering. REPORT TO BE GIVEN ON BEER PARLORS Reports of an investigation into conditions prevailing- in beer narinr placed the violent Irritant in thel01 " Angeles will be given at mass meeting at the First Baptist Church of Hollywood next Friday at 7:30 p.m. The investigation was mention a hasty adjournment of an ! made by student of Chapman CoU important meeting. i lege, neaaea by Fred Fertig. L T. Definite clews to the Identity of j Katon. president of the Burbank the criminal ha:e been obtained, Church Brotherhood, will speak, according to Capt. Clyde Plummer, ! Another meeting of dry forces next chief of the District Attorney's bu-! Friday evening will be conducted by reau of lnvestioation. and B n I the Hollywood Chanter nf th Ami. Haworth, assigned to the case. Hotel Men Here En Route South Many hotel men from Northern California and near-by States were Los Angeles visitors yesterdav on their way to the twenty-third annual convention of the California lean Temperance Federation, with n cuiri nuoipr as speaker. Astronomer at Alhambra Takes Life as 'Failure' Druggist Fined on Dope Charge S.unuel A. Kn.z. operator of a drug store at 700 FjiM Flflh .street, j.estenlay was permitted o Ji?trr a plea of nolo contendere to a charge f violation of the Harrlwn N.tremie Despondent over the failure of hii life work. Frank F , W.MIOVJ, M , year-old astronomer and founder day, tomorrow and Fridav. V,n. WW-of the Pyramid-Cuba The convention will be presided ! University at 326 South Atlantla over by Frank Simpson. Jr.. of, Los P"lcv"rd- Alhambra. shot himself Anceles. Registration of delegates : 10" estrday. according to re- will claim the earlv aft-rnoon and i i" m , e t0 Coror" Nance, morning. wi:h a meeting of the ' , cveraI not" "scribing the act to board of control scheduled for 2 pm ! c'e found ner the body. A business meeting will be held .Tmv .ZTZm. tonight. STATION PERMIT VOTED ' i Thp C"V Council yesterday in- I.I-ClURi: ON ESPERANTO atructrd City Attorney Chesrbro to "E eran;o. the Universal Prepare an ordinance which will Biiaee" will be f'l.;,u , ed bv Mrs. permit E. R. Gambold to cs'ablMi M. L. Kilbride nt . pm. tomorrow an automobile filling station at tha nt the Philip !c Neve Public LI- southwest errncr of Oower street brarv at Lafnyct e Park. and Franklin avenue. Rl; INF A RDT ACCLAIMS CITY AS PRESENT DAY ATHENS Appropriation of $2204 toward the I Act. and was fined $500 bv Un,i;ed, 7 , 7 j fr-M' n , t . special assessment district for the I Etatrs Judnc CosErave. impresario, L.COling Oaay, IV til lulum Later; Improvement of Twenty-fourth! Katz was one of sevrral- druggist Ifrdttiu'nnA TrrwfMrA Y)'..'iL..ri V J street between Grand avenue and Gaffcy street was refused yesterday by the City Council on recommendation of the Finance Committee. Indicted about a year aeoa on ,laigrji 01 selling a cougn-syrup preparation wih a drug base to narcoie diets. SINCLAIR ON MORALITY "The new morality is thus morality of fveodonw It teaches that man it the matter, or thall become tor that there it no law, tave the law of hit own berny, 'no check upon hit will tave that which he himtelf irrtpwrti.' The new morality it a morality of joy. It teacheY that' true pleasure it the end of being, and the test of all righteoutnett. The new morality it a morality of reaton. It teachet that there it no authority, becaute if tuch were to appear, reaton would have to judge it, and accept or reject it." From "The Profitt of Rei ligion," by Upton Sinclair, 1931 edition, Page 309. Hollywood Temperamental Outbursts Excused BY JEAN- BOsqt ET' ' Mux Relnhaidt. ho traveled half- U'&.v. annuls! th n-swM a u.m a .ev.f.1. m the Hollywood Bowl, was suprryv-yif .the packing of a wsrdrcbt !friirk and a Gladstone bag when he wm sW for his Impressions of tltt? Southland. Relnhardt and nearly loV members' of the cast will lcavt tor Snn Francisco at 8 a m. today cm' flfe'DaytiKfit' Limited. . He turned from his parking and t i besan: ! f -You apeak of Athens? Why. thi.v of " R,lnhrclt, Lis Athrnn! Here In thin inrrertihlr '. ". VW . u can rTsncisco won. Southern Calllornla are the pos Mbillties for a reconstruction of that Oreclan center of culture; here I a resioaslveness on the part, of the messes as well as the aristocracy which transcends belief Such a peo-' pie!" Relnhardt was pncklng In preparation for his departure for the .north. , Hs mnanincent "A Midsummer Night's Dream." which 8hake.i,)fare wrole without dreaming of a setting such as Hollywood dny. ' rhr "loVefy play hud for eight nights held the center of the world's liveliest stage Hollywood. The reception accorded Relnhardt matlc in the Bowl had proved more than one point: It had shown Southern California s anpreclatlon for things beautiful, hud juMlfied Jhf.rmrrtv if aivu and cultural leaders of the Southland In Import (Continued a Tagc I, Column 1)

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