The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 11, 1919 · 12
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 12

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1919
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12 ally ffimeC WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 11, 1910.-CPART I.I Eos Sngelc: WHAT'S DOING TODAY. Irman Klertrie tfint fcoM Innrhfw t &Tk H-UI t ftiKin ; takfr. Prof. KW rfci Inm. (ft-tfiffitauaii CU'U 1 etitm amml tntlar l fwnT ju.. Aithilmld Mayo at 81U beacon tirrt. Jm will h4t i'racte at 2 i..w. a .Tute-A pitnt fmanmi in &Laiu: comtrfr, Blaa hold lnnrhfnn at 12. HO v.m at rhiN tiniiar, ,1l K.Hitb. Olne tUn-ft, in airanao fur J c-Det!t ';in in the liiieirtt of all dipcimrgwl tli-Mid T?ce uifti iliftwia 0riatliie t'oncntifin mt it the Oaxout Uul Hou.ho. AMI feLMT NTV Worofc'o "The T!rrtrmli tliair." On 'hen tn VtuflartMf. fa n I a ire V iid p i 1 1 JUaWir "Ma Tune." iraumao ' RiinUing a HriV" Piwrta "Thf I n l aintnl Wuman." Hxrl'-ank M mural (t-med). H n nif I rm e V ti d et i I le. fluufh rdway-"l H Ofl Hm Yet G'linn'b Kislto'TUe Kltn.iifT.1 f tti B-w." Virton "Tlie Ud if RmI Wutte," Ci-rrvk - 'Ojfn ()ur Kf." llHfi;rm "Tfm M"tie? fornil. Alhnnihia "Kiehtirif ffr (jvli " fimenia "The Tuird IVirrt-" IV IvJixe "Ft rat nuance." Tall w 'ItrdhMd " ralai-e "Thnt Men and tiirl." "mi-hum "I or Itettr. yt ttVrv " Bay'a Garden "The lvre Tint Uartfc" : Maann "The Better 'Oie.'" ' WthinfUin Park BaseL!!. THE CITY AND ENVIRON. To Serve Dinner. Bartlett Logan Thimble Club No. 7 will serve dinner at Patriotic Hall. 1816 South Figueroa street, tomorrow noon. To Give Musloale. A musical entertainment for the benefit or the Japanese Benevolent Association of Southern California will be given in Wane-hard Hall Saturday evening by Mme. Raku Ko Nakamura and hfr pupils. Only Japanese Instruments will be played. Talk on "Japanese Sit nation." The women of the First Congregational Church will hold their last all-day meeting before the summer vacation Thursday at the parish house on Hope street. Mrs. Emery Ellis of Llntsing. China, will speak at the morning session, and at 1:30 p.m. President James A. Blalsdell of Pomona College will speak on "The Japanese Situation in America." The public is invited. To Give Pork Concerts. Mrs. Leafle Sloan-Orcutt, president of the Park Commission, announced yesterday that the Naval Recruiting Band, under Capt. A. K. Kennedy, will play at Pershing Square Saturday from 4: JO to 6 p.m. There will also be concerts dally from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m. in Pershing Square. They are to be given, primarily, to interest local young men In the navy for the purpose of stimulating enlistments. On Japan's Policies. Prof. Klo Sue Inui will speak at the Jovian Electric League luncheon at the Clark Hotel at noon today on "Japan's Policies in the East and How They Affect American Industries." H. W. Doubrava will he chairman and entertainment will be provided by Miss Verna Best and Miss Maud Risser, two Orpheum stars. This meeting will wind up the Jovian year and a nominating committee .will be appointed to select officers for the coming year. County Farm Helps. The woman's department of the Burbank center of the Los Angeles County Farm Bureau will meet Monday at 2:30 p.m. at the place of Mrs. W. U Russell. Lake street, between Vine and laurel, Burbank. Mrs. Jessica C. Hazzard. county home demonstration agent, will show the making of salads and dressings. The Ir.glcwood center if the County Farm Bureau will meet Friday at 10:30 a.m. at the place of Mr. Hatberall. Arbor Vltae and Hawthorne avenues, Inglewood. N. C. Luce. Federal back yard poultry expert, will speak. To Give Flaff to Church. Following a brief meeting of the ramp on Friday evening at Moose Mall, 111 Went Third street, Flag Day will be appropriately observed tv Roosevelt Camp No. 9 and Aux:. iliary No. 5. I'nlted Spanish War Veterans. Among the patriotic events will be the presentation of a beautiful United States flag by the camp to the Second Felted Brethren Churrh, whose representatives will be there to receive it. One event "Kill be an exhibition drill by the la-Jies of the auxiliary. Songs will be rendered by the choir and Dr. J. P. Davis will speak on after-the-war topics. Commander Tom C. Oal-bralth will preside. All veterans and ladles welcome. PAPERS PROTEST NO DISORDER IN CHILE. !BT CAJH.E AND AS IATKO IHF.. 1 SANTIAGO (Chile) June 10. The Santiago newspapers are protesting vigorously against the publication of erroneous reports In a-rlous countries of the breaking out of disorders in Chile. The fact is that complete tranquillity prevails here. The government has tent a circular-letter to its legations denying the rumors that have been circulated. SENATE PASSES BILL TO GTVE BACK WIRES. rnr a. p. dat wmei WASHINGTON, June 10 The Senate late today without a record vote passed the Kellogg bill for repeal of the law authorizing government control und operation of telegraph, telephone and cahle wire The measure, which now go--. to the House, would continue existing 'eiepnone rales ninety days. THE GUMPS ANDY HASN'T A LOOK-IN. ! 77 &OT T I f'wEU wrREATY ITwilNT fl SHOULD SAY WOT- H& VJOULOHTA j ' ODSON NOW PART OF CITY. Every Vote ' Is In Favor " Annexation, Council Canvawi Shows; of Dodson, a tract of between 800 and 900 acres of land adjoining the harbor at Seventh and Meyler streets is to become a part of Los Angeles. The City Council yesterday canvassed the annexation vote In that district and adopted a resolution declaring the result to be that all votes cast were In favor of coming into the city. Later the Council will adopt, a resolution or ordinance declaring this section a part of the municipality. But five votes were cast at this election, all of them by members of the Dodson family. Four of the voters comprised the election board. The usual fee to the board would be 116, but the Council yesterday determined that the payment should be 2 for each board member. STANDARD SIGNS BIG OIL LEASE. nniEMATE DEVELOPMENT PKOMISED IX VYIIITTIEH FIELD. IS I LOCAL COBRESPONPENCE.l WH1TTIER, June 10. The largest oil lease, so far as acreage is concerned, that has been made here In many years was closed this week. The Standard OH Company has taken over approximately 400 acres of ranch land southeast of the city, and has agreed to start work drilling at once. The odd feature of the lease Is that no rents, bonuses nor retaining fees were given, the oil company putting Its reputation for thorough exploration and Its ability to go deep quickly against the rancher's lands. It Is understood that all land owners signing pool their interests in prospective royalties on an absolute acreage basis. It is announced that, the royalties for land owners will be one-sixth for oil, while gas produc-i tion is also taken care of In a satis-1 factory manner. The latter feature Is an Important one, as the great Emery and Murphy fields east of the new lease have been enormous producers of gas. One well in these fields has an Initial production ofj 56,000,000 cubic foet of gas daily BUSINESS BREVITIES. Advertising. Women! Just think of paving only f 3.85 and $5.85 for stylish shoe, formerly selling the $3.85! shoes up to $7.50 and the $5.85 shoes up to $14! Hundreds of; women are taking advantage of our! closing-nut sale of feminine footwear. Why not you ? Harris & ' Frank, 437 8. Spring. I To Let Furnished cottage on I Lake Tahoe, in Tahoe Park tract, ' one mile south of Tahoe Tavern. Address W. J. G. Lambert, Vlsalla. I Cal. I The Times Branch Office, 619 ' Bouth Spring street. Advertisements and subscriptions taken. Telephune rico 700; 10391. Ooats' milk delivered to your j door. Hurbank R.F.D., A.. Box 99A. ' PH 95!! '111H S 60i 'sajojs z 'simp j Hilo-jKiJidiuoido "itmajnqj-pjnrtu For entertainers, music. Tel. 62816. Lemon Juice For Freckles Girls! Msks beauty lotion at horns for a few cants. Try It I Squeeze the juice of two lemons Into a bottle containing three ounces of orchard white, shake well, and you have a quarter pint of the best freckle and tan lotion, and complexion beautlfler, at very, very small cost. Your grocer bas the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of orchard white for a few cents. Massage this sweetly fragrant loilon into the face, nck, arms and bands each day and per. how freckles and blemishes disappear and how clear, soft and rosy-white the skin becomes. Yes! It is harmless and never irritates. I. laal IB I iiii inia.1 ii ' m m m rm iiirii-.iifiin.j'iiiMm Stop the Psia relieve ths a""r. U this simple, eftrctiv. remedy. All drussiits. LFOUGEMICO.hie. JO Bsekmis St, N. T. ID "The Eiiloatva Pperlnlly 443445447 1C .Stored, remodeled and Made-to-Order. Have vour IP MlTSe o11 furs mB1e ,n, new ones by our Expert Furriers Special Summer Prices. (2nd floor) ' " - " .' " A"The Ku luntve SperlaHy New address 533 S. Bdwy. REDFERN SPECIAL We offer two interesting specially priced Redfern Corsets. One is a delicate pink Broche; the other is same material in white. Both are medium low bust and the desirable long skirt Exceptional values at our price $4.95. HOSIERY Phoenix Hosiery for women in the desirable browns, grays, black and white. Priced from $1.10. Dorset stio 533 S. Broadway. AUCTION SALE OF CHOICE OCEAN BEACH LOTS MANHATTAN BEACH Next Saturday, June 14th Busses leave W. Dwight Hammond's, Auctioneer, 1035 S. Main Street, ten-thirty A.M., Saturday. Seats for all. Free Excursion Free Lunch $40,000.00 worth of lots to be sold by the owner regardless of price, the last desirable ocean beach frontage still In first hands. AH Modern Improvements Paved Street, Sidewalks and Curbs, Ornamental Lights. Every lot has a superb view of the ocean. Parties wishing to go in their own machines take Redondo Boulevard via Inglewood to Marine Avenue, Manhattan Beach, west to ocean. Liberty Bonds Taken at Par For maps and further particulars Inquire of H. E. Culler, Sales Manager, Broadway 3925, or W. DWIGHT HAMMOND, Auctioneer Member L. A. Auctioneers' Association AUCTION TODAY Rare Opportunity to Secure a Mansion for wh.t a flnnirnlnw usually nelW for. That elegant and aubrntantlal IJI-room house, lot iHHl7Jt iiaraxe for four machines. 7C0 W. 28th Street (AT POSIT1VK AlTTION MKHNKSOAY. JINK 11, S P. M. Location an umti hi there in in tlie city. Lot an (In1 as 1Un nut 'loom. House built as KiibstHntlally oh brains could conreivn and ntuney could maks It (without ftolns; to extremen NelKhhnrhnod ponttively as good an there In In the city. Men of means sod iTillllonairer not Just nest dnnr n'lKhlnrs, but for squares In each direction. K&fOly HccKKlhle to srhoola, churrhes ami cars. One-half square from Ktgueroa St., the (Input boulevard In l.ns AnpHca, If you are looking for a bsrRBin In vent men t or a home, don't fall to attend this miction, for 't is a Imna tide sale. Property must sell regardless of price. Satisfactory terms will be Riven. HTROI SK t lit I I.. Auctioneers. :rS Story nids;. BfSM. Members L. A. Auctioneers Assn. Auction Today, 10 a. m. 1602 West Pico 10 rooms of furniture consisting of beautiful, massive brats beds, bed duofold davenport, dresaart, chiffoniers, dining-room seta, fumed oak library tablet, leather and oak rockers, chairs, sanitary and wardrobe couches, three 18x40 French plate mirrors. A. B. aide-oven white enamel gas ranges and others, refrigerators, several very fine ruga In large and small sizes, one tailor machine, two sets of dishes, and many other articles. Be sure to attend. CHAS. J. HELLNER, Auctioneer West 2268 Member L. A. Auctioneers' Ass'n. At t TION -Tomorrow. Wrilnr.ilnjr. June llth, to .m.. ISOt Went Tire W. 10 room of turnlture, t-onststlns of nia-.siv beds. htl duofold davenport, dressers. rhiffonUTK dining-room item, furmd oik lttratv tablee, leather and oak rorkere. t'hairn. sanitary .-nuchf-fl, three Itixl4 mirrors, side oven h't enamel gaa rane-a, refrlKerslnrs. several wry line nut In lailte and small sliee. and many other articles too tiuiiK tou to mention. ne eure to ftitend. Chas. J. llellner. Auctioneer. West -;t,l. Mt'inlttr L. A. Auctioneers' Association. limine far Feminine a rtrsrrr'VAAAAAAAA S. Broadway "Floria Special" Corsets Dainty lustrous pink broche Is responsible for this particularly popular little corset. Elastic topped, medium hip. Sizes 22 to 28 inclusive. pedal at $1 (3rd floor) MiuNiir, i-iiupiar rare m Hiiuw for Frmlnlne Apparel' VWVWW AUCTION The Reliable Auction Honne, Trade Mark. Kegl.tereU. S. W. KOHN, Auctioneer. W buy for pot oath any nwchandlaa. furniture or fixture.. Halea conducted everywhere. Notice: Before you sell. cal on me. 107 8. Main St. Phone Main 3i;S6. Residence 23938. Member I.. A. Auctioneer Art' a. THOS. B. CLARK Cienernl Aiirttoneer und Importer of Antique Furniture, MOVED TO 911-913 South Hill St 61007. Main 8891. C. H. O'CONNOR General Auctioneer and Appraiser. Seles Conducted Anywhere, City or Country, for heat reftliltn. Phone Went 6365; 1153a, AUCTION. Thursday, 10 A.M., June 12 Stock and Fixture of Fahy'a Grocery 246 E. Sixth St. Fixtures tn be sold 11 a.m. W. J BROOME, Auctioneer. Member L. A. Auctioneers' Aaa'n. H. B. NASH, Auctioneer We hoy stork of furniture) hotels or ( rnnmlnK-hnuses, for spot cash. Mortgages , or debts suumrd and paid or sell on com- I mission. Phone South 21(10. Dry, dry the gang'll all die. If you are waiting for prices to drop You may wait long and profit little. Whereas, the big values BRAUER is offering in good. dependable woolens are worth every cent of their price and more. It will pay you to buy NOW and HERE. Worthy Worsteds $40, $45, $50, $55 And up to $70 Arrauerecw "Tailor to "Men Who Know ONE STORE ON1VY 345-347 S.SPRIMG ST., Special Auction THURSDAY, 10 A. M. 2303 So. Grand Ave. Extraordinary Sale of Furniture, Ruga and Piano! Nelaon uprlrht mahoRanjr case piano. VI c-. tor phonograph and records, mahogany 11-1 brary table and rockers, massive genuine i leather rockers, i nolden oak dining sets, tvrifv .n.m.l hArimnm i.I.a i ' iiiKiiuKsnr dressers, rockers, stands, brass Jardinieres, i brass beds, Simmons springs, ventilated tutted mattresses, bed davenport, box vuuum, in-asBitui walnut nressers and i p ... -"'"J ui mnci. O. II 11 A-X- minster rugs. Ranges, cooking ware, etc. The contents ot 8 homes; everything like new. H. B. NASH, Auctioneer. ! AUCTION. Extra large, high rrade and staple stork of GROCERIES 9. W. KOH.V. The Reliable Auctioneer Halls Today, June 11th, 10 A.M., No. Ht3 Santa Monica Blvd. Near Vine St., Hollywood. FIXTIKES Will lie Sold at 15:30 P.M. Auctioneer's I'hones: Main 2655; Ken. 28938. -Memoir Li, a. Auctioneers Ass n. HART and BAIX Los Angeles' Progressive AITTIONERKS Real Kstat. Livestock, Merchandise. Furniture and Household (ioods. We buy for SPOT CASH, or sell on COMMISSION. 1046 SO. 1 t KOA ST. Phone 61534. flV aHP O-C? fl-W r.O gl Auction Groceries Thursday, June 12, 10 a.m. At 560 N. Western Ave. Corner Clinton. NAT 8HAPTRO, Auction. A. Helllknon, i 'flohier and Book-ketprr. l'hone t S33. W. DWIGHT HAMMOND (teneral Aurtionrr. 10A3-5S 80. Main H., Near 11th. OldHt and largNt auction houpi to thft 8outhwcitt. jKipect In every branch of auction work. , Watch my ads and attend the big- Balm. (ah advunced on rnnpiiKnmenU. For all Information call up 63045. .Member L. A. Auctioneer1 American Auctioneers 947-49-51 So. Broadway Pay Highest Prices Revoitrces Phone eoO.trOO. 63153. NHANE-SANDFRS CO. Member I A. Auctioneers' Ass'n. AUCTION. SELIG & CO., AUCTIONEERS. Exact appraisals given at any time on home furnishings, hotels and office furniture. We pay cash -or sell on commission. 871 S. Figueroa. Pico 3783. AUCTION RHOADES & RHOADES Expert Live Stock Auctioneers Rrn A. RhfMifirs and Harold B. Rhoadra. Sales rnnriurird In all parta ot Cattforni and adjoining 3tafs. Offices: 1501-S-S s. Main Nt., Im Antretn. rhnnn: Pirn iH 25619. How American Women May Keep Faces Young 4The American smart wotruin aees early, far earlier than the English woman." eays Christian Miller, F. C. I., the famous Knellsh health expert. She adds that our climate "so exhilarates thnt you over-exert yourself and grow old before you know It That same exhilarating air dries the Bkin. The skin that lackB moisture grows pale and withered looking and soon forms wrinkles. "The American complexion" la best treated by applying pure meroo'lzed wax. which causes the faded, ltfelear cuticle to flake off in mitiute particles, a little each day. until the fresh, youm; skin beneath is wholly. In evidence. Kverv dsuirtfist has this wax: one ounce usually Is sufficient. Spread on at nieht iike cold cream, washing it off next morning. n Natural l July in In a "Class A" loft, suitable for manufacturing. Center of shopping district. 12321 secowo rbooR HOMER TEETH $5.00 Best Set My Extremely Low Price: n... ... ai Tseth TMtk Trsstas ...... ...Ms Nvvs Seisov tfilslMS).. Eitrsctt IPslslMl) ".,2 N. hl tor PslalM. Eitnutlns as4 Clssa. laa, Ma sthv ork It eotrict.f tar. fc X-SAV DIAGNOSIS 14 SsIS Is valulMs. I Say talk ar Bflssi vaai lull vstus tor 11 on SfRtal work. ' LIBERTY BONDS ACdEPTEO NOT A DENTAL PARLOR. A sHvsts, lis, alsas, st-to-aitt, SANITARY at.tsj gl mtn Mvlilu IsttrumssU ss rittsialll .sorstors nosi you sat ks askasMS te rttosstnl to your frtsdt. EXAMINATION FREE. Hears $31 ta S. DR. FAIRFIELD Son to 305 Piatans Tkutesf SKa, OS Ssatk Brestm Pkass (5aat 1 YOU SAVE1 72 HALF FOR 72 BEST FUNERALS WHERE ROOM IS B LIMITED 1 If you live in apartments, hotel M or board in Imuse and death conies to your fa mil v The tiodeau ( Impel and Private Rooms are at your disposal free of all COBt. tiorleau-Martlnonl Funeral Service Is best, most up-to-date and naves you half. No extra charge for funerals In anv part of Los Anqetes county. God e u Funeral Service has brant lies In han Francisco, Oakland, Stockton. Godeau-Martinoni 827 South Figueroa Street TELEPHONE Bdy. 2731; Home 53427 8hluments to aJI narts of th Unrlil "J ""m iiiniiyeiiittiitiiitirwmttittn t?........... ' V ' a.s-fjJ IS n..i..i.......a Complete lneral as low as 175. S3 S Lady Attendant. 23 IS 1U3 So. Flower St reet. it l'hone 18110. ZZ FURNITURE that you wish to trade for NEW? bee our Exchange Department, FOLEY'S 4 So. Main St. Thona 13615. D. BONOFF . FURRIER LATEST FUR FASHIONS. New Loeattoa M 110 S. BROAUHAV rboaw UUM The jewelry store visitor to California always enjoy Brock and Company, "The House of Perfect Diamonds." 437-439-441 Broadway. A Health Builder For Weakened Lungs Where a continued cough or cold ihreaten the lungB, Kckman's Alterative will help to atop the cough, strengthen the lungs and restore health, sue and SI. 50 bottles at druggists, or from TX'KMAN LABORATORY. Philadelphia. 'im .H'.IH '"HI I'll I I I I 111 I tmmmmmmitHfmi) no tuafc -ami;-. ' t WiMMf"B l.WSJyS'irISWT Bow muen yau my. i. i ww cludlni yur iholt tf L M material. Ooublt ittct'M, T M ttural fumti haniahM 11 m itate. ist, fiUARAM- T t.ol Crwsj (J2 fsrstj -.LJISOS BrISH 122 k"U-.-. u M Ce" 4.M Cola FliHsn He.r -......I.w sa G.I4 Islam (BMt) ....... .il.o as Systltttl. Psrctlsia Hlllan ii.M ,J Osiest FIIHsK (Uirl) .ea UZ THE WEATHER. (OAelaJ ReposLl' local ou'li-K. u. a i:atubt WEAO. Lo Aiwefm. June 1U. ! BvpiMtdd or K-nl A. tariwi-ter, At o'clock s-m. Uis burois-ttr nw.ueil 1S3; it S p.m. TlnaiM-oier Uir Uie coriwixrtuUtu ! slwl and US dru. Helaiira liuuiidiu, "i SO x i5t.; S y.m.. 7U ixr cait. Wind. & am., norm-rs-4. valociu a nilou: 5 urn.. utliit. 'atwit It inilea. Hulm teotsniture, IS ! ; m,o. deg. Buinff ll for a Wt Incuai; la seawo. 13 4 in.-hf HuTuni.trr mlUi-sJ to xn Imsl IVKAItUVH ONWTIOjX Tlie lnMlltr U hk thlii niommi intt li.e ttuud Mat. xi it L-tjh uid Aiunu. waif s area is central la tlia lley tlie (.oloisito. RuiB Ik tmwial'.y nt-lrted fiwn Ne.v Meai. ud M.tana. imw-'fari- ths Atlsntm aedaxid. Tlie armim sjliuunt, 1 M ln.-hl. wfirTHi a. Okldi,m. lUJtt is "Owrc im.l in Wsniuimuu Oretui nai In Ui auivhern Prt ot this t-UU It ui iwolar la u B.nUirro pint i t'itlif'm, uid nuinor in Salt L anu Wioniix. tn..AlierB UmoiTHure clsumos " uiiiii'i.ruuit. T!is skiei nt tMitliern paJilonua m cvori'iuil .ey;n lllin nioninif. tlie fc beilsr 3 in tliicJtnces. Aaiit fmci wich to. Uis weaUiej i!l In fair la Loe ii6l nvt twinity Wixlal.y. ORTHARIJ RPPOIlTl. Mininma nd maiumuu tetiniwatiweii ien tt.e r.nls. reixanid jemeruas tr. the jh Awm omse ottiiaU.ll WeaUug Ku- rm were l lulJMrs: SUtiona . Mt- PuvuWia , W P.anona 1,1 Redisjvls HF Hivtrvuie Xsntx Barlnrs iin Boriuuxiuio T. o3 Santa Ana 1 Mm. 6ii te M 63 B0 El LOCAL FORECAST. Tvr Ism Angales and riciolw: Pair Wndnwr'AT. evemrt olnmlv .jt fvky near cuast la ths moronic; frtsa weMexir vumls btath vomxmr. AN rBAVrt. June 10 wodhar foreist: in Inrnw anil viciiuO': mix wuiucaaa;; moderate to fresh wostarly iotla tiiura Worms-. (sir Wadnendw. aaoapt einorty or tt&y aJcrg tha ooaab in tba moruug: frrwh westertr wind !u7anianu, hwiu rlam and fan Jnaqntas len: fair and wumar vvedntlaj; moaanae norto-fily wiuda, AB1ZONIA POmnCAST. iWVOnNrrrOei. lime 10, rorarast for Artsona: flminrsliy fmr Wolneadsv and TbnrsdiT: We cia-nTe in lainnersuira: fresh to stmia soutborlr winds Wednealav. COLORADO RIVER, v (Mta) Jtinn 10. (BldiaS'Te Wlspstrh from the l. a Recivmution dsrrica. I CUnga haieli Col-iriuio Hirer, 2I.B foot. TEMPERATURES, lln. Uaa. Hln. 0 North Bead .. 48 40 Oklahoma .... 74 04 BO Phoenix 104 6ti 82 Pittsburgh .... 80 B 1 Portland, Or... 00 48 411 Rapid rltj ... 6'J 62 611 Red Blull .... 70 64 IWRosehurg 68 44 60 Rossell 82 60 88 St. Loui 84 8 6l 8t Paul 78 62 74 Sacramento ... 7(1 62 60 Salt Lako ClU. 88 04 44 San Diejo .... 70 M 68 Kan Prtnrtm).. M 60 Ml 8. Luis Obispo. 88 44 4l Seattle 60 48 H8 Spokane 02 48 2 Tampa 8tt 72 58 Tononati 78 6tl 70 Tucson fj 6h All Washington ... 82 Att 51 W'innwnucca ,. 70 4fl 72 Winniiieg 48 7il Yum 100 OS 50 Abilene KO Boise M Boston 62 Buffalo 80 rliicaao 70 Denver 2 Des Moines ...SO DodKa Lit ... 7 Klireks 64 Flimstsir 74 "rejlo 80 Uaheflton 78 Harra 76 Helena 72 Huron 71 Independence . Kamloo .... fid Kanma C'itj . . 84 Knoxtilla .... 8H Los Anaelea .. 7.1 Memphis 88 Modena 80 Mt. Wilwo ... Needlm 102 New Orleans .. 8i New York 74 VITAL RECORD. MARRIAGE LICENSES. The following mdrriage Hcanaes were Uaued yov tmlay. .Niuiie and aw Kivex ALLKX Bl.XIJCR. EdKar.W. Allen. 20: Lottie M. Iliilre ALLriV YOl !MX)OD. Edward Allen, 84; Blanche pa YmaKftlinid. 24. BARKIir.Y UVER. Thomas Barklcy, 4S; Mar. Lrarpt Iinf' 40. PAPTON MviSEll John W. Barton. 24; Ireflo McUre 1H BIXJ. MART1V. aimuel O. a Bell, 43: level Mitn. .TO. BirRlKiT-: BB.vsoN. Sidney i. Bunige. 28; Laow; K. Iten.n 21. CASIPRM Ar-OR BIWnVOOO. Scott II CamphoU, Si: tlwrtciert (I (SritfiwiKid, 27. CLtBK WITMAM. tdnari rlark, 39: Thercia witiorann. "4. ERivis-rirNKY. rrank H. train, 28: Cam B. l'itner, 20. FlTJAttK LAVI.VN. Leaves D. fMllroer, 22; trtha B. LiTinn. 10 HAWKHSoivkns. Ihuilel P. Hawkes, 45; Brer A. (kvens, S8. KITii-n,UV.v. Leicester r. Kltto. 20. Opal 1 Million. 10. Estates i Protected A (und of $250,000.00 U deposited with the State by this Bank at a guarantee of the faithful per formance oi duty as an Administrator. TRUST DEPARTMENT Mtuanins Flow Guaranty Rank ESTABLWHID 1890 aVIMOa), TIMftT, eotMlwCIM. SPRING & SEVENTH STS. iir n)'iit'n(ii!t"i!" ,ni!iT"i i;ip'iii';Ti!r"T3 $5 FULL 8ET OF TEETH 5 Best Set (none better) M.Oe bold Fillnga and Inlay (Beat) . . . .1.04) hllver Ulllng s (Best) e Gold Crasrns. tlk (Best) .0 Bridge Work (Beat) .M blttactloa (Painless) iMM All Work t.osraoteed for li Years. ONIC rKlCS FOR ALL. The only private dentist la Lw An-(sles doing such high-class dentistry at such wonderfully reduced prices. Hot a now concsrn. A private, modern efflco, with experienced operators that have been In this office for the past 10 years. Every modern Instrument and equipment to Insure year work to be the best. References Oltlsens Nat. Bank ParmeVee-Dohrtnann Co.. and ttton-aande of patients In Southern Cat. Free Examination. IMl'OKTANT. yij years of euccese In my pres. eat location bava caused many advertising dental offices ta laaltau) my advertisement. Oont Be Deceived. Re en re yon are In the right efnea. UR. J ARTIIIR FOSTKR Formerly Vale Denttsta. ( J KIDNEY fr Vr For B'l.hi s niseaae. ketck IK dust viepua t. h. 4 . esttt'ig. S- yk s'Siei, J',.jr. .ieil,a aa iu.. ini ij.-rd aei.'.s n tr siamps ti W y Utfuint. avtl er..oi.i Ave, Ai'Mts 'al . lur s l.ii' tr.a iii.i t. -.. J lita, a (Utif l.a. iia bJii. It I J4j" rjsa easssssaaannannniaai MARRIAGE LICENSES. Ths follosing marriage Hreuaes wars usiuad yes-teiilav. Name and ass given. ' KOlfLK'.ae K1LU Lawreaie H. K'lhss. aB- - Aiuiie L Neill 'Jb- , MARl INf K UiRliKTU JoaetA P. Marcinrk. 2u; Or. K. Barter. 2. . , MARCO- M hBikN. Josh W. Marco, SB: Myrtle M. M,.e.n 31. MBS.HNIIKIMMH HASHBS. Itubort B. Moassa- I tfiaicr 2' Lorraine tunaon. ill. .. MOOiU) rlUAtim cUavkl 1 AtJora. SU: Buta at'.11,.S. .. . w MOOHI. 19. GtiH WlLLsTY. ria'c? W. OAds. SO: Margaret owyjvt SutlC. (lav Owos SO: BolaB M. nuck B. PAlUXfM- Utnvuiii Jaiuea W. i araar, Pearl llonell, V&. RIC lAitDI- miNJia riotro RtodarU, 2d: Bar. or mtwo. 20 MNKioJCT iirauiBN. OeonwV. Mnehsiri, ZI llnnerievs It. Hi-nen, 27. . ROBIN TEUPLI1 James W. Ssblnsoa, sa; Livel B. Temple, 25. SANruis hrkraMo. setariano T. aanctca, 2b Msrf Sarrano. 16. t , ,M hensmz wiL'KiatON. Hooart L Sttmlu, a; "3.-uu M Wiaaoren, 2T. JfBJM-HAWHB. iiallas U Bpoars, 23: Lam a ItaJior. 2S. . TAI.UM A IOIUXJN. Ludus P. TaUmna, 73; Nst- lie Oisdoo. 4V TDRRY Waltor A. Terry. 25: Part lwns 2a .. T00MH.-1 MAftfKAIJ. (av A. Toombs. 40. UO. dreri Marshall. 21. TKLWWrr 'romBa Jamsi A. Trsweta, 2ft; Osaav tteie E Tortibe. VANUAdluvyiiWKUj. Bate VandaanuT, 84: Parma Powell. SO. VHiUautH 4K4LirB. Jsesph Tillnais. 20 Jistnlta. Itoaesllce. li . . . WADiniLL Ruaxxrr. Joaavtk F. fVaddsU. Mi alajone Beddout. 32. BIKTIIS. Nsawa, an. plane and dateoftaifa. BATCHFILOH. SJr. and Mr. Hirry. Daogiitar. Anv irelus HiaWtal. June Mi . BB..CU. Mr. and Ura Oeoiiga. KaoShKr. ST. 7?a. rail's Bcapitat. June 8. . lUXKrTn. Mr. and Mis. lloinbjld. Datarhtar. wwta Menicsial Boopital. June 5. BOOTH. Mr. sod Mrs. Waited. Panshtnr. California HfiipitA.1, June - CBAtCdiOK Mr. and M Rncett DataAter laata- odut HVJilal. June 7. rni.v Mr. ami Un. lYaiida. Oauabxar. Los Asv celes Harbor. J'tna 4 TmSEXUX. Ur. snd Mrs. Ben)aina IsuaBitar, nalifonua Bositi. Jirae 5. OJIWlN. Mr snd Mis. Tbomaa. Osnatitar. , Meta- odlst. Boanitai. June 7. OOOinvnv. Mr. and Mrs, CBoatar. Boy. MS MoWdar atrast. June S. BALL. Mr. and Mrs. wllliaia. Dtiathier. kod SV mantan Hoital. June T. , LHTKIt. Mr. and Mm Ham. laual&tar. Aaaelua H'vaUl. June 7. MASWN Mr. sud Mia. L. W. Boy. 1201 Olrard atreet. Jime ft SOMtini Mr. and Mm Howard. Boy. Los Aa iwlns Harbor. June 8. , ftonll.L Mr. and Mia Hardy. Daoahtar. 1TW Tliird sfomus. June . . PAQM7TTM Mr snd Mm Ralph. lauaditar. Math. kB Hiatal. Juua .V 8TAIJ- MT. and Mrs. Jvrthrjr. Psnstaar. Matts odJst Uoapltal. Jnne 8. . . WUJJAJHA Mr. ana Mrs. FYnneta. Oanshtar. M. Vincent's ttonulta) June 7. TOCM1 Mr. and Mrs. OeuiOT, IMosbtaT. iwtUt. TtnerntaA June 7. TOCTNTl Mr. and Mrs. LuKoln. tiuapitAi. June 8. DIVORCE SUITS FILED. OANTKJI IO Lima C. aaalnst: Prsnk. coviNtrroiM. William T. awln joAisnns. PAHTiUJUl R.-T Mil net vVaia. Jirsr? .tesnetts U anuist WVUaoaH. MANVlNa Mary asainst rrank. MAYO. Ira C. acuuiat tlolbv T. NTJflOM Charles B ssainst tsabetl u NORIiAlH. MeliHSl C. acalnst Oist K. SMITH. Hllto T. axainat Liale C. THOMPSON. Harriot B scainst W. W. TITINKH Kirv 8. avainst Lila M. Vlt'I. Antonio Benodetta P. WALTON, rarolvu B. aoin Hirau a. W'TI.IN. Alberta- aasin-Ht (Myr.'e. W1N.ML Theieo aaainst llenre. WOOOWOIR.T1I. Edna H. aeunot Bay B. - DIVORCE DECREES GRANTED. r'OI,fTI)N Hi. lie from tliarlw. HOLIiOAVAY. Kiwel from Thomas Ok. JOMA Charlns from Alma. I.ITTLR Jiniiee from rfiarles. MeTABR Honry frisn Marv M-PAY.NEL Huiter from Oenua. OFFICIAL DEATH LIST. Name and iila-e of death Aire. Data. BITtnttH Thomaa Li Atwelea 4 June f liRfYTHR firt,rEe. l.a Aui''. I Jlioe T 1 ltRLT Kliwlieth. Ie Anjden. . til Jiuis V,Hl'7rH J ni Lou AnaeUM 4Vi June MHlilMA. rtnnt, loa AiateMa. . . . . . 4T June MII LBll. Matilda. Loe Anertrn M Juno .,n,iIL. ( t..n 1... InMli. P.'Jl JllIlM NOI.AS Pearl. Lm AtwJ- 31 June a. - f 70 Jll,l SMITH. w!e'tim. I'm Aiuioles 77 Jime 1 STKOMllKWi:. TheooVe. 1m AnReles. June SW'VIN. Maititha. tit AtiKoim '4) June SWA.NSON. to Ilia. Los Aiwolas Ml June TAYUIK. L.JU1KJL Lr A-'-r'm It June DEATHS. With runeBl Announcements. ALLYNT1 Ji-ne P. Frneet O. Allvne, aemd 4ft rear roneral soivio will le held at Httk Buto, era' chaiiel. 8V ri'na, Thuiiday at 2 P.m. ASKEW At Biitaonu Bwh. B. C . June 5- IJ Nrttie L. Aekuw wlored vnfi of Pnink Akee, motlKT of little IVohm. and Willard Askew, dan.-rht.-e of Mrs. F. Louise Weavel. Funeral aerri -m totlar at 1 30 p.m.. tiirm St. Atlionawna t.hnn. 8411 fi'ho Parle avenue, W. A. Bnncn. fiinoial dlrort'T. CAKB, At. Milt aunna.ale drire Buhard f. riinr. Seniiie at the treies funeral chajiol oua at 10 a.nv BVAN" At. 218 Bmni-h street. Mn Citbanns Ernes, need t!7 ers. Remains at tlie Crease fnnerar chap-". OAROn. in Oleo-lale. July lo. IMP Harry W. Gardner fomiedr of Aiupiat-a. MmiL Fiineml notieo later. Hamiins at PuUiam I ndfTtjUine Co.'s narks'. MoFAPPFTV. At Altadena. Jime 9 James MiJ'ad-v lUn sired Srt years. rlorei! hnt4ind of Mnt, Jennie roF.KldTn. and fathnr of Mueea Eliis- botl. and Jennie MrFuditen. FnnTHl Hkrvii'm dl 1st held from ni lata n-ude-e, romT Hollieton and Foothill uonle- T;tl. Altadena. on Thiirsiry June 12 at 10 s m. Intemitmt. Tairllaren Cemeirv. Sinta Ana via automoHle. lW'i)cto A Ebei-le. Paaa- dena, funentl director McGKATH. At Intrlesoad, CsL, Mrs. Marv J. Mo Gmth. . Ivmlina at the parlors of Tt. A. Brown, F neral notlre later. NORTH At 100S We Twentieth street. Anna North, weed 73 yearn Funeral from psrliws of The White im- pany, 1137 Hiwth (knnd arenuo. todar at 0:45 a m. Bwjiiictn ma at, A. Vincent's Church st 10 o'clock. 01ELU At 180T1 Middleton nlace. Levi J. OdelL Hemainii at the nsrUrs of W. A Brn- 1" neral notice later. PBlrn At Pasmlrna. June 10 Mm. Martha a Prli-e. ard 78 vears. nstire of New York fw nierly of Marahalltoin. Iova. Rid.T will he Mkm to Maralltown Iowa, fnf interment ereompanied hv her -taiitrhtaT, Kathrjn Pry-a Turner a Stereua. direiira. BINTI.FBH. tn tms eitr. June . W19. Henri Bui'ere sffd 81 years. Funeral wcrirew wul he he'd from ths rhsrielj of Booth Pxvlson 0.. 1147 Smth naal' street. WerlnmilaT. June tl. at 2 STTCRVRPROI R. June 0 1010 at his home '4 Van lViren nlaoe, Lewis stemhnrfoHr belored frthiv "I Fjnnio, aina&uel. Ailert and PUUip Buniherrer. Fimeral tenices win he held In the ehanel of J. Ft. Fari A Co.. eiwwr Tenth snd Klow-f , stirets. Wednesday rnormnB. Jural 11 at O:80 rVdooH Intenoont, Honie of Peace Cemetery. 8TBOMBBMV At COlfV Wmt Fortt sennnd Plaee, June V Theodore husband of Clara C Stroni-benr. sued 60 veam Funeral services will he held st the Emsnv nd Baptist Church, rorty-eutbth and First amine. Wednesday all 2 P-oa. Breaee Broth-era, direetom g(7fTON At S008 Irruutton nlaos, Ifaifsiet la. flntton. Renvxns at the Cms funeral ehapel. TATTTR The fioieml for IxsUm FJthel Tsjlor will he lield from the Chanel of Pierre Broa. a Co., 810 South Flower. H ednnslay, June 11, 2 paa, CARD OF THANKS. ere wlnh to thank one twstlne and friends tnr their kindness and snina.tAT am) heaivtihil floral tnN'tm ertftded to ns In the recent loss of aa beloved wife and moth-. Suaedl a A AXtXSON AMD DACT7HTBR. LODGE NOTICE. Shntham Oallfnmia Urlcs No. 2TS. T. A A M . will confer the First Dsgras on A ninwei"1. inns la 4 :ov p. bl ssaaLeK O onVr of the W.M W. W. gRAMAN. ssrretsry. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. mmm I E. F OTprfioltwr-Soiu CV., R f-LAJK OTWKBOIn-IluV-W. OVTatBOLTXTB, Main 6003 Floo at Grand 6&6S&. Iry H. Orerholtzer, BID at Tenth. (1104 Mala 1044, CRESSE. Air ares it Bine Pbono 6206T. Central Avenue Undertaking Co. E. CI Koop. Phone 7,435. Garrett & Company. CUrr A Rnppe Tf. B. 6utch. Darlinc'a Shop. floral rtnutyv. AtMade Wflra. ftesiMaia erlam uttal SL, 01 Alwv awe S.rn r ee Bdf Train Hlla Ilorara; Two Men KUIed. (T a. r. dat vn.BB.1 WATEItl.OO (losra) June I). Two .nan were killed ani five in)ura4 when a i:olt Island trai.t from Mln-neaioli for I'lii xgo s.nv; t. Lotiia l.n.k lhre nurses a; W-uhliura, tol. i Tlie dead urn H.yft TlhUAI.ri. enainear, l adsp ' I. . A. IMiilt,, atiaV manjlia. t

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