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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1812
Page 3
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1 fctcfti,, iart the Packet sloop ffrVif, . . - vf!!r re! - I rtinwinv ot Gomeuiaiis " r i Mf - Ic Cape. Xu1' tit Wl saved, wl W U , E let!, it i.PmWd. cannot be got off. , V ' Piulauelfhia; Jan. 22. 1'lruer from Uncasicr, kud on Monday, the .4 inst. f avs tl.t the mat section of the bill to iVteiUSiocfch. l.loMf.e b.c Bank ol ' Viiiled State was that day mgatwed - 69 to : - ' - ' CONGRESS. "house or KEi'itEsE - rnrtvES. . ... . Monday, Jan. 20. Mr Mitchell presented the petition of - - VA'hv merchant of New - York praying permission to iuipo" ccriain goods purchased m England before the - President's Proclamation of February 'lift' ..Inferred . . . . ' jr M abi nresentcd the petition or Charles Viiitio, ' liie tfy of New - York, prajjrg for iwrmissloii t occup" a tract of ground lying west of the Capitnl m the City of Washington, (origin - ally wtciided for a Botanic Garden) for the purpose of improving it ss an agricultural and botanical garden. It.'1'erred to the committee on the district of Columbia. ' Mr - M. likewise laid before the House the pe - tittcxt of Den). Jacobs, of New - York, pra) ing for remuneration Ibr a lost certificate of public debt. 'Referred.. " , ' Mr. Morgan presented the petition of William Locke and other, of New - Jersey manufacturers of trtiainkwis of paint, praying for an additional itttv on foreign puint. Referred. jfc - . Jenninirs presented the petition of certain inhabitants of the Indiana territory, prayinjf for a tevisiou of that law which place a veto In the gov enwroftbat territory on the passage of all laws by tlie Legislature, complaining particularly of the exercise of that power in nl.i'euet tor the removal of the eat of government. Referred to a select committee, to whom former petitions relative to thisterriton had been referred. Mr. Bacon observed, that tIA committee of TYy and Means liad received a 'letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, in answer to an enq'.ii - : ry addressed to him by the committee, which tiny deemed of public importance t and therefor?, contrary to their usual practice, ths committee had directed him to communicate it to the House, in . vrdef that it might be printed for Ue use of the member, as it mighi be some time before the coin - tnittee would be able to make their report, and sM - having the letter of the Secretary of Treasury before them, and their attention drawn to the abject, the House would be better able to meet the COlumeraiion oi m wn u mmu oc uruugni uriun them by the committee. Mr. B.' then laid the lrtier of the. Chub - man of (lis committee to the Secretary of the Treasury wiih Lis answer (contain - jnir hi bud' - et of propositi taxi s for meeting the Ctpenccs of war) before the House, which being Wail, Mr. Mjcley proposed that 5000 copies of the comtniiiiic i.ipn should be printed. This motion rat Seconded by Mr.. Mduor, who, on account oj Its importance, (.ontenueil tor the necesst'y of ma - kieff It aspuhlic as possible. It Wts opposed by Mr Bacon, as improper and as incurring an unue - exssury rxptnse. In(.iopvr, because it 'oiild be giving ai uiMlue sanciion to a lrl'.cr to one of Uie otitmitt eof the House, which hud not been act - cil upon (mid w hich it va urPmial to pubUsh at all) iHcurrmg an unnec - snJ - y etpensc, because the letter ot tlie Secretary would iindoubiedly be Kimel in every ncwpa)er v. tile U. biates, and "wy thii means he made more generally public, than a would he in any other way. - Motion negatived ii to Vr. Maxwell then moved that 1000 copiet bv printed. This mot ion, afier some observations frtm Messrs. Wright, Fisk, and Findjey, in which they urged the impropriety of giving uny countenance ta a letter, containing propesionc which Would not probably be agreed to by Congrens, and iilcti wmiMsene crily unnecessarily to alarm tlie pcoptc, was netrauvect cb to 5j. Mr. TJavenpoit movrd to have 500 Copies print ed, wiiicii mohou im mUo negatived, aivltlie usu al numbrr ordered to he printed. - , Tl:e House then rcwlved itsclfinto a committee of tiie whole, Mp. N. - lmn in the Chair, on the - bill concerting tilt: Naval Kublishmetit,tthen Mcssm nancttana i.'iiclull, cicli spoke at con.Hiderhlt Lngth in favor of the bill. After which the com - iitte rose, and had leave to sit agaia. Adjourn al; , EYE.VLmG POST JUM.YE LIST. AltttlVEU THIS FOltliNOOXi Slip Ann - Maria, Springsted, Cadiz 70 CLEARED. Brig Forrester, Vti milye. Island of Catidier A. OL - dun. Osnray, Tripp, . Madeira Thomas IC 'Merccia Ship Ann - Maria, in ballast, to E.Stevens. Twc datsnfieroomingout spuke brig Pomona, CoDii h um Cadiz, for Utut'o: . In the Gulph Sircani, in long - 72, spoks brig Ann, Jones, 17 days from forio Rico, lor Baltimore! Lat 32, long. 67 bng Baltimore, from Baltimore, for Mrtiniqt. Ths ship New - Jersey, from Jlo Janeiro, is a' snore on Homar. ... The schooneJ" Commerce, Bird, from Pliilel - llu for New - York, is ashore on Cape May, bilg.d and half full of water.' - ' ; BF.LOW. Sup Oeean ong p:issage f; - om Liverpool. A gentleman from Smith itempsted, (l I.) this morning, inform tliut there is a ship ashore al a Place called New - Inlet, about 33 miles from the J"a rows t that she has been there four days past without the penpb - from the shore (owing to tli, tiverity of$c wca'.hcr) being able to render her crew any assistance or to communicate with them i - Unsil KAlSlXS AT ACCTIOX. rr0 MCRKOW by YVETMOKE & JACKSON, u o'clock in front of tiie Tontine - Collet 100 Doses fiesh Muscatel, luO Do Do Bioom Kaisins, ' Atd on account of the concerned 15 Hoses Castile Soap. Jm.?3 - . UAko,x. i.Nh.40 iH.v uhite and 35 do. K - ;? - i.",n Sugars, lan;'ing this day from - "rthar!e3t0n. Fatket, at Monav's - whaif, uul Bueby JOHN HEITERNAN. oi Fiont - street. . , JV STOliE 3o Huds. Teticriill Wine. l - VRtXup t isteicnii,gtsjpositetheNev Man - Z, T KMi a 1I jl'4C Kh. The ot. U. Wif at Jonas's Livery '2i "w . PEXMJtA'SniP. MR.. TOWXC respectfully gives notice tkat be' will bo ready to begin with a - neW class in the instruction of the art of writing at his Writing Academy, City - Library, - No. 16 Nnssau - st. on Monda; next, June 27. - Those who may propose to attend, will have t) goodness to apply Ml or before that day, as it is inconvenient to admit any afur the exercises have commenced. Uy the use of 20 exercwes, two hours at each, persons of a proper age and common capacity, may acquire a fair rcgtiLr hand writing, or by suiuble practice may acuuire a habit of writing with case and dispatch N. B. Mr. Towne's new Analytical Copy Slips, written upon the principle of hi j new St stem ol Writing, sre for sale at the principal Book - Stores in this citv. ' . J.iutiarv 23 4t IV the Press of C. S. VAN WINKLE and will be puhlishc - d in a few ilavs A Kcport of the I'rociftlings of the Brigade Court Martial and Court of Kcview, in tlie case of Surgeon Jaqucs, of the 1st. Begt. 1st Brigade of Infantry, on a charge of graating certificates of exempiioa contrary to law ; and of the General Court Martial in the case ot Lt. Col. Do La Mon - tagnie, upon chargt s of illegal conduct towards Surgeon .TacieA together with vbe several incidental orders of the Commander - in - Chief, Major General and Brigadier issued in the course of said proceedings. By Jno AwrHOM, Esq. Judge Advocate in. tlie tust casr, i nu Counsel tor tne prisoiipr in 'he .la" n.T T - O A few cases of Sheathing - Coi g Copper, 16, IB and 2d ox. - Guppys Patent Sheathing Nails, Do. Common do. 100 bolts patent West of England Sail Cloth, No. I to 8. 3 tons English Blistered Steel. ' The above w ill be sold on accommodating terms to close a consignment. Apply to . BEXJ'tf W. KOGERS & t0. . Jan. 22 ' lm SWOKDS, I'ISTDLS, BELTS, &c 500 brass mounted Cavalry Swords, 400 do. do. Artillery or Ship Swords 425 pair iron and brass barrel Halsterand' hip Pistols 100 low priced Pocket Pistols, with a good assortment of fine Pistols for officers .... An elegint assortment of gilt and plated Scabbard S..bres . Cilt and Plated mounted Sabres, Hangers, Cut and Thrusts and Small Sword . Cilt and Plated Mounted Daks and Dirk . Hooks and Bells Gold and Silver Embroidered ami Black Pat ent Leather Belts with rich Cilt and Plated Mountings Cold, Silver, t.ilt and Plated EpauWtts, Cords, Hut Tassels, Sword Kmmiis, Loops and Ornaments lor military coats, Gold, Silver and Cilt Vellum, Laces, and Prussian Binding ., - . Officers Crimson Silii Sashes Military Plumes of all colors. For sale bv , Jan. 22 UICHAIMIS, UPSON & CO JOHN B. SCOTT, has removed his to No. 26 Wall - street. , , . . . John L. Lawrence, intending to . be absent friim the city f ,r a short period, requests tho who may Have busuiess wttli him to apply to John U Scott, K q who will have the charge of Mr. Law4 rencc's concerns until Ins return. - Jan. 2 . . , . . lw ; A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, wants BoardT Lodging in a genteel pi iv ate family, in a central part of the city. . A line addressed .to 1). ' F. and left at ike Post - OiHcv, will receive alien: ion Jan. 22 . ' . '! ., TE.S'JJULLAh'S UUH - IKI). IOST last evening on the road from OWming - i dale to this city, a Memorandum Book, containing seventeen dwllars in hills, ami a no'e of hand in favor of Othniel Smith, for thirty dollars, dated the 20di inst. payable on tlcmand, the (in - der will be entitleU to the above reward, byretur - ninjr the money and note to No. 57 Ann - it. andtio questions asked. Jan. 22 3t l u i nt. jt'L itLiv. MR. JOHN UOBINSON, ' who formerly kept a Liven' Stable id Bctkmanand Cliff streets, and of whom 1 first leased the property, under an txpret wtiml itifnhuion, he would not establish another Livery Stable at any place east of Broadway, and of whom I have since ptircha - icd the said orojicrty, has lately opened a Livery Sta ble in Clilt - strcet, nearly uujorung mir.c. I.l ad - tion to which, the coloured man by tlio name of Joe, who has been for nearly twenty years in my employ, has, without my knowledge or consent, and under what mlucemenlt Twill nut pretend to say, gone into the employ of the said Robinson. This, therefore, Is to inform the public, to whom I feel under manv obligations for past fa vours, of the above circumstances t and more particularly, that my customers may not Le misled by the said Joe, (who is so generally known) to suppose, thatibey areemplovintrmy earriHPeand man ; when, in fact, they are employing the carriage nnd man of a person by whom I have been thus, to say the least, must ungrm - niuidv treated: C.'W. VAN KANST, Jan 5? Iw No. ?4 Bwkman - vn - ft. TTHIU day is published by WHITING & WAT - JL son. No. 192 Urnadwnv No. Vol Car January 1812, of the AMERICAN MEDICAL & t'JULUsoriuuAl., or, Annals ot Medieine, Natural His:or', Agriculture, and the Ans. oonoucieu oy a society oi (..cnuemcn. 4KU. if 2UHI.1C HJLL. DAVID D. HLLEI'T, respectfully infirms his f.lends and the Hiblic. that his PUBLIC BALL will lake place at the Ascnibly Room, City llnftfl ltmuiltwAi' nu WritrnAV r.L'E,ivi: tlie 23lll of January, at 7 o'clock. ' I : I t 1 t... - i icKeik ior uanuiisioii tua uc iia - .i vj &n. nig at No. 12 Ccai - street, or the Bar of the Hotel. Jan. 21 9t BHEWEUY 158 DCANE - STR riT. JOSEPH COii'lXCER & CO. are now dcliv. cringwhal tliey some time since promised heir trieiicU ana the p ibhck, that s a variety or inaP liquor, ot supsrair quality, transparency, and flavour, that will rt commend itseit, anu .viiere tried ha already given much satisfaction ; larticiilatlv their tirst Q'laht v 't tabic beer, brew ed from entire gi - iits of malt, at g4 per barrel, and in proporuon Tor lesser aiired conks, liiose iiersons w ho arenicc in the quality of this w hole - some beverage will not he dtKappointed by apply. utr as above. Alter table beer, such as is com monly called, may be also had at the usual prices. Jan. 23 Vvv - fpU LET a:xi po:ek:ioit fciven on tin hi si o tO - X ruarv, a commod'.cus and well situated liou wbich h:u breii for several tears past and is r.ow occupied as For'er House, the occ.upnttliere'f having a wua to uiclme t!ie business, wishes to rent the above Imttse on accommodating terms. 4ppl at this, oruce. Jan. J IOR PRIVATE SALE? it the sooth it of . tlie City of Jersey, formerly known by the name of Paults - Uook, that elegant nd w elliimsli - ed firo proof brick house ami len lots of ground, now in the tcnour and occupation of Major David Hunt. The house contains nine large ami spurious rooms, finished in the best manner, with a large and spacious entry through the middle also, two large cellar kitcboiis, and a good dry cellar, in which the vaults of the Jersey Uaiik. w ere' formerly had, in the yard of said house is a brick fire proof smoke house, a cistern and a well of good water. Also, a large garden in a high statu of cultivation, cuataining a number of tlie best fruit trees, there is also in the rear of the garden, and fronting Moi -, a large stable and carriage house Under one roof. The situation of the above' property for health and prospect cannot well be exceeded, the whole of New - York Bay, the Narrows, and the Islands adjacent are in full view. And it may he said that the prospect in the spring summer and autumn is truly superb, and in the winter the house is in a great measure sheltered from the bleak northerly winds and storms. 2d. Also for sale, a well finislieJT two Ktory frame house, fronting on Morris - street, with four rooms, cellar and cellar kitchen, with a convenient yard and g 'ilen in the rear. ' ' i 3d. Also for sale, sundry lots oflandontain - ing in the whole one hundred and ixtvucres or more, all in good fence, situate at New Ilarbadoes Neck, one - mile from tlie town of New - Ark on the Turnpike Road leading to New - York ; being part of that excellent and well known farm for. inerly the property ef Robert Kennedy, Esq. There are on said premises a dwelling house, barn, waggon house, two corn cribs, cow - house, milk house, fowl and dove house, barrick, &c. all new also, an exce llent well of water by the dnr there are also on the premises a number of apple, peach and cherry trues on said fiu - in has Ken cut this last season between 30 and 40 tons English hay, as alsa a large qtmmity of salt hay.' ' No fur - ther particulars are necessary, as it is presumable that persons wishing lo purchase will first view the premises. The whole w ill be sold together, oi in lots its' will best suit the purchaser or puixha sers. For further particulars inquire of the subscriber at the City ol'Jeiltev. - Nov. 30 tf HEN'RV VAN ! LSP.M. AHUM. Or USEFUL IEUGE. VOL 2, No. 3, for January, 1812, by James Mease, M. D is this day published and ready for subscribers by WHITING & WATSON, price 2 dolls, rcr annum. : CONTENTS. , ' Eiilopinm on the l'e William West. 1 The Iron Works of Swatwell. . On die processes and utensil employed in tlie preparation of i'lax, and in the manufacture ol Linen, in Ireland. . , . .. . - ! Project of a simple, easy, and convenient mode for water - rotting Max, adapted to tjie climate and local circumstances of Pennsylvania, Bee. Observations on Sheep and Wo - d. , Encouragement to Wool growers in the United States. ' Extract of a letter from Mr. A. Elaifcie of Rax - burc h county, Scotland, to John' Lang, Philadelphia. On'jlemp. Observations on the summary steps, which led to the late improvements in Soots Agriculture. On Florin Crass ; uiiha plate. On American Opinio. Weights of prize Cattle at the Smithficld show. : Weights of Sheep. Sixib Cattle bhow. ... ' First meeting of the Merino Society of the Middle States. Oliver Evans, on bis stove for burning Lehigh COal. - . - ..... On Steam Boats. On Horses and Sheep. . , To Merchants trading to the Spaniuli Main. . Cautinn to Dairy Men - Assay of Foreign Coins. To preserve fruit without sugar. Apple Jell,' - . Tomatnr, or Love - Apple Catsup. Mutton Hams. Ginger Wine.' , .. Cniraiit Wine. Blackberry Wine. ' Yeast. To make Curry Powder..; To ilress a Currv.' ' . " - Jan. 18 . . BOARD At LOJOING.. TWO or three Centlemen, or a small Familv, cn ba accommodated with ' ComfuriabK Hoard and Lodging, on reascn,.bte terms, in a small family where, there is no'Childven, in a genteel house, pleasant and central for any business, nnd not five minutes walk from any of the Banks. Appry at th;s Office. Jan. 18 iltiMtiiutitn if J'urtnennp. FI1HE partnersli'p heretofore exiting between M. - Jiobtrt Jiach tf George Pvjfer, under the firm of Robert Bach k Co. in New - York, and George Poller' 8t Co. in London, was dissolved by mutual consent on the l.u. inst. The affairs of the concern will t adjusted by Robert Bach, in New - York, and Ceo. Pufilr, in Len.deu ROB. BACH, Jan n - r . CEO. PUFFER. LOTTERf KOT'iCK PROM BALTIMORE. VIM SUING TON MONUMENT TICKETS T f will advance to gl3 on Monday ninming next; .19 days drawing ate over, and the following capital prizes are in the wheel. . - 1 prie of 5 ,000 dollars, 1 1 prize of 30,090 dois. 1 prise of 20.0CO dollars, 2 prizes of 10,000 doi. 2 rizes of 5,000 Dollars, &c. G. U. R. Waite will regularly send the draw - ings Irom their Office in Baltimore to their Oliice in New - York, where all adventurers are invited to call and examine their ticket gratis. Jan. 17 LW(V.V CUl.J.UL. LUJT4.Jt, No. III. IVT1IICH will commence Di - awing in this citj t f ton the fourth Tuesday in April next, 600 Tickcs to be drawn each dv until completed CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 Prize of g30,000 1 do. 23,000 1 do. . 20,000 : 1 do. 10,000 1 do. 5,000 3 do. . 2,000 . ' 7 ' do. l.COO With a great proportion of smaller prizrs, and only about 1 1 - 4 Blanks to a Fruc. TICKETS & SHARKS, " In a gret Variety of Numbers. rou SALE AT SAMUEL .1. BUItTUS't BOOK - S TOBB AX D l.OTTF.BY - OFFICE, No. 19 Peok - slip, conicr of Water - treet. Eastern and Southern Bank Notes, and Prizes . the Baltimore Susquehanna Canal and Washing 111 Monument Lotteries taken in payment for tirkton Jan 11 ets. AGUES ! OK CLUl Ht.S, w as leli by some person on board the Steam Boat Car of Neptune, in the course of last summer. The owner is requested to call for it at No. 223 Duane - strrft. Jan. 18 lvr Ii Kt' A UHHE. V HEALTHY Young 'Woman, with a fresh breast of milk, wo - ild he glad of a situation as wet nurse. The satisfactory references can be given as to character. Foi particulars, enquire of the Printer. Jaiv 18 lw ROOMS Three or f. mr mre convenient room with fire places and kitdirn or the house to lat to a family until li May er longer, or single gentleman can be eccomnWa'fd or moderate terms witli rooms with or vi;hit board in Ceurt U.ii - s'J'ott, if applisd fur jotwat this .A Pfd vessel bound to Lisbon, may have about 300 barrels on freight A pplv to Jaw. 21 JOHN M U Kit AY & SONS. - sa.M The brie HRPSA. lavinir east side of nut - sup, will positively sail the 2iik nst," il the weather permi's) equal .to 100 tii. - rcos can be ta, ken on I i - eiglu, if it oifers, Monday or Tuesday next i for which, or'pi,sage apply to the optaiii on board, or to ' ALEX. CRANSTON Ji CO. , Jan. 18 it '50 Pine.sircct. CJIAftLESTOj The tegular packet ship F.LIZA, I - s lie, master, will sail uu the 2 - Uli inst. For freight or passage, elegant accommoda - tions, apply on board at Burling - slip, or to JONES & MEGRATH, - Jan. 18 ,. ... . . S3 S.mtlmteert: . , rr SAFAMYAU. , Sfcit Tlie reL'ular packet ship SUPERIOR, Capt. Champlin, will sail on the 26th iust . For freight or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply on beiti - d, east side Burling - slip, or to HULL & GIUSWOLD, - Jan. 18 ! ' . 85 South - street - t or Me, freight r ekartev. The new substantial and fast sailing ship EDWaRD BARDIN, Porter, master, bur - then 298 toas, is in complete order for A voyage lies at Dovertrtetw half. ... " ALSO. y The new, substantial and fast sailing ship UEBBY& ELIZA, Slut son master, burthen 264 tons, she has ballast on board and is in complete ordershe lies at Dover - street wharf. For terms apply to - . . IldWLAND St GIUNNELIv Jan. 17 'No )) pHietret. ' . , ' Liveipuul, . ,.u The fast sailing ship HONESTUS, Freeman, master, will positively sail on or before the 9. U inst. For passage having good accommodations, apply on board at pier No. 13, or lo . HOWLAND tc GRINNELL, Jan. 2 1 m 90 Pine - street. iU The subslantitd brig OS PRAY, Benja - niii Tripp, master, now loading at Jones' wharf, old having the principal part of her cargo on oard, will be dispatched in four days For freight if 300 barrels, or passage having good accommodations, apply on board, or o THOMAS R. MERCEIN, , Jan. Ifi lw 53 South - street. mGAR, LUG WOOD, U UOUNS. boxes O white Havana Sugar 50 do Brown do 10 ton Campeachy Logwood ' 3000 Ox Horns, laeding fi - om pn board Brig Packet, at Murravs - waarf, and Ibr sale by THOMAS R. MERCEIN. ' . ALSO, Ii ' Ssid Brig Charleston Packet, burthen Hi ions, '1 years old, built Hi IN oft 1 1 Carolina ol .lie best materials. For further puticulars apply as above; , ' Jan 16 lw ' ' For JiUHItEJiUX, , The schooner M ARMION. a fast sad Htg pilot' boat built vessel, now loading w est Side of Uuriing - slip, and will . be dispatched iininedi' ately,. For li eight, apply to '..,'.. ' HULL & CRTS WOLD, - Jaw ft. . 8,1 Bouih - Hii - eet. Fur SJtyjXA'Jjl, ' T!ie liin sbl.ON. Williams master. For freight or passage, apply oh board at Pilie - st wharf, or to ; - POST & MINTURN, J.ut. 4 69 South, cmer of Pinetreet. . For LIVERPOOL. The fust sailinsr new briir BLISS. Wm. Reynolds, master, now loading east side Beek: .. .n .ir.. mill uit with all tioaiibld disnatch. for I';.Iik fu'liu - h will be taken at alow rate.) or Pas sage Having elegant accommodations enquire on board, or ot i. u. u w.ia w ulu, jan. 2 ' ' 86smiih - htrtet. HAV ANA SUGAR 418 boxes superior quality white Sugar, entitled to debenture For Aaby McYICKAU St STEWART, Jan 7 tf No. 2 Burling - slip. LEGHORN HATS, OPIUM, he cor sale by JOHH MURRAY SONS, foot of Liber - tv - sireet 10 cases fine Leghorn Hats ., ( , 2 ban eU Chips . j. '. 2 cases Opium 250 kegs Whi'e Lead, gronr.d in Oil 75 barrels Porto Rioo Tobacco , ... 28 bales Russia Calf - Skins 2 bales do. yearlings, b.df dressed 10 bales Mazenian Root 30 sacks Juniper Berries . . 1 . 3 kegs of Prussian Blue 400 bags of Green Coffee ' 23 bags Caracoas Coctm 20 ditto of Russian Glue 56 hales Merino Wool of an excellent quality . - 10 bundles Sheet Iron 4 bales of Horse hair, 2 chests of Oiled Paper for covering houses 2 cleg - int lialian Chimney Pieces And several handsome Marble Slabs A set of rigging and sails calculated for a ship of about 500 tons Jan. 13 PUBLIC! SALES. BY IRVING li SMITH,' ' JIIo'uluu, Tlie two well built four story brick stores, No. 32 and 34 Moore - street, near South - street, now occupied by Nathaniel Will and James It Stew art. A Urge proportion, viz. g8000 of the pur chase money may remain on mortgage for a num - berol years. Terms, 5 per cent on the closing the bids, 5 per eept on deliver' of the deeds, 10 per cent in 3 months, payable by a note with an approved endorsed, ami the residue in one year to be secured by bond and mortgage. s Also, at the same time and place, that siibstan - ial well built twe story brick dwelling house' and itnre, the siuth west corner of Hudson and North Mnore - slrert, g2500of the purchase money may remain on mortgage a number of years. Terms 5 iter cent on closing the bids, 10 percent more on delivery of the deeds, 10 per cent more in 3 months, by approved note, 10 per cent more in 6 months, by approved note, the residue after deluding the sum of 2500 in one year secured by nortgagc. Also, at the same time and place, a vsluablo lot extending from Water street to Front - street, ad. toiuing the store ef Mr. John Remscn, being 21 !eet on Front - street, and 24 feet on Wuter - street, ndiii length from street to street 140 feet, on he lot there is a woode.i store, now rentecL Terms glOOO on delivery of the deeds, $1000 uhI the interest thereof in three months, 1000 4iid the interest thereof in six months, giOOO and the intertst in 9 months, the residue in 3 and 3 srs, with interest annually, dl th pavmci.U to be secured by mortgage on ibi premises'. - ' . . Fuller description ami particulars majt be . ' Ui'sd.yi appbeatton to Theodore V. Talbot, No. ' 3;) Pi?? street. - . v - , - ;, ' BY JAMES SETON. i. ; i. .On Thursday the 30i h iamiar) - , atone o'clooi at tie Tonline Coff'ee.Htfiiie; will be sold that vl. liable Rot and Housi, No. Vt - arl - st. corcer of Sloat - lane, now in the occupation of t'encral Mo. reau, this house was bu'dt by 'he late Jsuac Gon,. verntur, Esq. f tlie best mutciisls, and eJttrtme lywell finished with every' convenience, fur tho residence of Fashion h Formei the rooms are large and open into each other, at die end of the. . lot iiv Sloai - lane is a large trick fire proof store, tlie lower part is ap propriate for a stabk and coach, Imuse, and is arched to preven acciilcnjs li trrt fire; The whole premises presenting a deairabld object to the mail of iortune or business.. ' Terml made agreeable to the ' purchaser and possession given the 1st My uextr A map of the ground t t tlie Auction Room. - ' - .," - 1 . v V. ' . - ' ! , ..... BY POWER; k PAiTON,', , . .. 2'hurttlay Evening' . "' - 'I " At fl o'clock at the Auction Room, ; No. 144 Frint - etteet, a collection of Books and Stationary, . Person's wishing boots sold will please sertd them in before Wednesday. . - - '. On U'tduihv. i;4'22.V Jakintt, At 3 o'clock in tlie afternoon, on the premises - 'A. large three storey h - ame building, situate on the south' side of Spring - street, directly opposite the market, and command ing frotii the - iipcr sjtd - ries a gjand view of the Ifndson JJJVer', tlie Jersey shore and the Narrows. . There is oii.the first froor anjexccllent shop and a square back room, and tfn eaclt of the other floor 2 square rvonirftnda brd - rooin.i There is also a cellar running through the winded which could eusiiy be converted into icr.llai . kitchens. It need scarcely be observed, that thg lower - end of Spring - street has alreiuly beCDfhe'a. considerable dace for trade, and - that tlie vahiefor ' property in that part of the. city, is eiid'cas'hg'.w illt amazing rapidity. ... ';. ,..... 'J. iv - This Ikmse, which dies not v. ant much ofbeing fjniidieil, is composed of .the, very best materMs - . and no )ain have beei'n spared ro - render, evory. part of tlie work not only ticut.but solid and suhv . staniial. ' . ' , . .'., V - A.s, Iinwever no person will become., purrba ser withutit having first viewed tlw premises, a lut'. ther description is deemed unnecessary. ; t The lot is twenty feet uilencfh by. fifty sis and an half feet in deptli t and an unexceptional - line, free of all incumbrance will be given to ii,r buyers ' ' For terms ol payment, whirU will be in:iies'.v, spplv la THOMAS COOKE, Cabinet - '.. !eer,. No. 4G Nassau - street, or to JAMES UAltllf, No. 58 MitiTay street. . Tuentuy, 28:A inst. '.' At 1 o'clock, at the Tciitine Coflee - flonserthr , following valuable property, liclonginit to the - tate of Michael Brooks and John B. Brooks, tie - ' - ceased, vu t , - - '. , ' That spacious three story brick house andlot, No. - 66 Liberty - street, with a Coach gang - way, a .d eXteusivebuiHings in the rear j the lot is 35 front .md rear by 93 1 - 2 .deep. This property bt ing welt known, and in a central and healthy situ, .' ation, it is presumed , unnectssary to describe it further. ' Also, aliouse'andlnt m Provost - street, No. 17 . on thosauthcasterlv siilp, near Creenwicli - street i the lot is 20 feet front and rear by 70 feet deep the house is 2 story, brick front,' with 2 rooms oil' a floor, with cellar and cellar kitchen, ull in good repair, and but a few years built. ' .f Also,' a lot, in llammnnd - st in' tlie 7th ward, " distinguished by ft, certain map or chart theiof of it.' - i.,.,t t.j :.w;m r r - m I.., l No. 60, boimdeil northerly in front by Hamin.Midi .. st. eaaterly by lot No. 61, soutlierly by lots No. . 58 S; 59, and part of 57, containing in front and rear 25 feet by 05 feet sleep i . this lot is under good fence, and lays only a few roods from Green - , wich - street. Terms of sale of all the above property s 15 pev . cent on the day of sale, and the residue on delivery of the deeds, and possession, given the 1st of May i the last described lot may be had Msses - sion of on the delivery of the deed. For further information inquire of THOMAS M'C READY," South - street, or. JAMES BROOKS, Executors. ' ' - .', ', ' " ',,: , ' On iralnetiltiy, 29A (.' ' Between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock, at OIL Vor - strett.wharf, the sloop Nancy, burthen about' 65 ions, a staunch vessel, about 5 years oU, well , found in rigging, sails, cables, anchors, he. ' ' Also,' another sloop Nancy, burthen about 50'. tons, with suits, rigging, Lc. belonging to the es, late of the late Benjamin Knap, deceased, . sold Ly onlcrofthe executrix ,' inventory' to be seen at ihc auction, room No. 144 Front - sUcct. ; , ' . ' . .' V . r BY DAVID DUNHAM. : : Friday. ' At eleven o'clock; in front of the Tontine CofTeo House, 200 bullalo skins, well nnisiicil ana it) con - venient bales for exportation will be sold in lots aillt mti, - lifta.ta . atu.t 1 efl,e llilllf tlinf. lit irnn,1 order, 3 do. and 1 box, a little damaged. Terns at the sale. ' Saturday, tie 25A intt.J Atone o'clock at ihe T. C. H. The three story" brick House, No. 38 Cold - street, opiosite tho.. Baptist meeting house, and at present occupied by Mr. John Raihbone. ! The house has two convenient rooms on. the first floor, 2 on the second and 3 on the tjiird fioo; two of die latter have fire places, one on the second floor is a handsome draw ing room. 'l ive house is in good repair" r,nd replete with conveniences. ' "" A lso, a back b: kit building in the yard cop. tabling a good kitchen, lodging rooms, ho. kc . Terms liberal and made known at the sale. For further particulars, enquire aJie ajicjjon room, op of Mr 8. B. Munn, No. 226 V'earf - strcet. - ... JUndup, '.; : 1 At half past 9 o'clock at his audtjon room, ceru eral assortment of DRY GOODS. . ' TUESDAY, 2&Mi inst. 1 ' At 1 o'clock, T. G. II. f, . The house and lot of ground, No. 53,, East, sida of Sugar Loaf - street, and at present in possession,' ofHezekiah Lon). The house is 43 feet deep, two stories high, withDorman windows, and the, garret finished with bed rooms, modern built throughout, and replete with every donveViience j has a back Piazsa in the rear and the yard hand, somely paved, a stone stoop and iron railings, &c. Terms 10 per cent, cash, 15 on delivery of die deed, which will be on the first day of May, when, possession will be given. Also, the residue of a terra, of years, 33 of w hicH ' are unexpired, of a lease, and a small building, thereon, No. 99 Greenwich - street, nearly oppo - . site Carlisle - street. This is a lease granted fmnt the corporation of the Trinity Church, lot 24 feet . 4 inches front, and about 100 feet deep, subject, to the right ot 3 feet 0 inebes - gangway to lha house adjoining, and for which a privilege is grant ed to the use of a brick gable end three stories' high and 50 feet deep, ground rent till 1815, gl 25 per annum, alter that period till the expiration of the lease gl3 75 payable yearly. Terms 1 - 4 casli, ths residue in 1, 2 or 3 years, secured - wit!) interest. . . . Tbe above property eelongs to a gentleman 10 ' . moyinj out of the State. Tide utdifuutabb.

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