The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio on February 22, 1951 · Page 23
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The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio · Page 23

Massillon, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1951
Page 23
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THURSDAY, FEB. 22, 1951 DICK TRACV THE EVENING INDEPENDENT. MASSILLON, OHIO —By CHESTER GOULD AS A MATTER A' FACT, CtOOO. BENNV WITW RENTED WELL, EMPTY HERE'S WHERE WE UNLOAD 1EO.OOO DIAPERS CHUCK, PUN OVER TO THE BANK AND GET ME 5 THOUSAND DOLLAR'S. I'M CLOSING A CASH DEAL TODAV. JOE PALOOKA TWENTY-THREE —By HAM FISHER GASOLINE ALLEY —By FRANK KING .Yes, Mrs.TVembo, I have a competent Sitter for you. ; . " ~v I can have one for ^ it's so convenient you at 430 tomorrow- J to drop in on you right after school, y( here, Judy. Mrs. Rum pus. V ——~ ^ MUGGS McGINNIS —Ey VVALLY BISHOP OH,T KNOW WHO IT IS! ...BUT /,\V AUNT PAKTUENIA MAS! HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY AUNT BBC*Drt)OT.. EXCEPT FOB THE LITTLE —By MEL GRAFF RIGHT. REMEMBER I'M A GAME a-/ AHEAD WHERE VA VER. GOIM; BUD? I'M LOOXtu' PER A IM3IVIJAL KAME JES.RV IE EM'/.JOE PALCOKA'S MANAGER .7 ARREODV. r-,~ OKAY, CHAMP. NOW GIT YER. SHOWER.. I'LL VASCW6 CHECKERS WHAT...SCAAM, YA JERK.... GlT OONT QiT OVAH-HEATE3, SCN RILLAX... WHERE'S M.Q....THAT' MEAVS *cAf QUARTERS... I jr OWE ALL TH- WAV MOON MULLINS —By FRANK WILLARD WELL IT TOOK ( WHEN PJD MOON TO ) Urn-ikl xe-r- FINALLY ( rf?, ON SET FINANCE V^AMY UNCLE WILLIE'S TELEVISION SHOW. j.j> UMCLE WILLIE'S REMOVABLE FOP , OH.THAT! WELL, IT WAS REALLY LORD PLUSHBOTTOMfe IPEA, DEARIE- SO,MOON THOU6HT ITOMLY 1 FAIR THAT THE THREE OF US SHO'JLP SPLIT THE EQUALLY. TOOTS AND CASPER I 60T TWO DOLLARS, PLUSHBOTTOM GOT 1 ] TWO DOLLAR'S AMD MOON 6OT. UHJ SAY, <5IMME A PENCIL, IV/ANT TO PO SOME ".'i r —By JDnilE MURPHY THAT DREAM SEEMED SO REAL— IF MV KUSBAND SHOULD BECOME RICH, 1 SUPPOSE LOTS OF £rRASP|N£r 61RLS \VOULD SET THEIR PRETTY CAPS FOR HIM ! I'D 6rlVE 'EM A RUN By NIAKlNk MVSELF BE AUT1 FUL/TOO • -THE BEAUTV SPECIALISTS OF TODAY CAM JUST ABOUT TRANSFORM A MUD TURTLE INTO A PIKI-UP CRUMLEY *tti* THAT WtDA CORRK5AU I* EYSM MORE "TERRIFIC IN PERSON TrMN {WE WA& ON IV - 17 U. COST *-v! B* THOUSANP^X OF DOLLAR* TO ) SlHLP rlBR UP; y &UT /MY TH& INTEREST DEAL IS THE 6IRL I'VE FALLE H IN L A P^CE ANP A FIGURE A TELEVISION J VJHAT WILL 9£ Hgg REACTION ' ., X'Ll SOON KNOW —, LITTLE ANNIE RODNEY VOUR FANCY YARN ABOLNT ANNIE ROONEY FINDING A cyESTOP PIRATES SOLO WAS A FAKE-SALLY 1UE SAILOR WILL TELL OK NO, SME WOM'f ? I GOT f ME GOODS OKI HER-SALLV CLAIMED THE KID WAS ONE OF HER WM- FOLKS - WOW I KrJOW T^E «!D^ LEAVE ME OUT ff OKAY- BUT OF IT- PADDLE: I nicer —By BR&DOX WALSH fMp^SSS-V.}g;;.. GUT £-- ^^ _-__., irs A CRIME IB YOU THING- BEFORE r ETTA KETT As TOOTS SAVS.X YOU CAN WIN A \ MAN WITH YOUR I PERSONALITY-BUT / IT TAKES Ix COSMETICS 3 TO HOLD HIM ! HONEY, YOU DiDNj'T ANSWER MY QUESTION— i ASKED \VHEK) VOUR MILLIONAIRE BROTHER IS COMlN^r BACK .' I WAS THINKIN6 MAVBE WE'D 3E BETTER OFF WITHOUT WEALTH— IT CAUSES \o MUCH TROUBLE ^CT JIT G' MIGHT VIC .*7H~. PLAY -ins Af2E HS COMfeS DOVMNl THIS BRICK BRADFORD F <^ jS' YOU'D BETTEE TRADE THAT CUE ~V O&- A IN FOK A CEUTGH, T VJJUEEL suwiv '^ OUAIR..' E\/Er4 WITH ^ TO HARBOR WRAP TdiS 8ROOM AROUHO YOUR SWMMV NECK LIKE A WOODEN HKKTIE." s ^ "if TOAT LI TITLE A. BUMAWAY CHILD- TLL — THREE RACKS IN A RUNAWAY ORPHAN -ITS A - WE'LL BE LAUGMEDOUT TOWM CRIME TQ HARBOR A RUNAWAY ORPHAH- V/E'LL PUT WE LAW OMTWEM- THE OLD HOME TOWN —By STANLEY —By R. J. SCOTT LAFF-A-DAY HELP? . MURDER; POLICE - COMMON -f.-lt E\S-ftaN S-PIMOS ifs E.H-TIRE LIFE Preservers TELEVISION TONIGHT WNRK—Channel 7::;o Radio Toniht Kate Smith Cotriirs Pclc & Jenny ITmvciy Doody C.icnis .Tim Bryon \Vnrlc N'cvvs Conte :-! 5 Nrws :00 Bet Your Life Peter Hayes !>:00 Jack Haley 10:00 Private Eye 10:30 Sportsrccl A round Housell:00 Onrn House Puppet Show I~:W ,\'ews-P:-cvic»vf National WTAM* (1100) Stop tbc MusielO:.TO Roller Derb Holiday Hotel 11:15 To Be Ann. . Town 11:30 News Truth or Con 11:15 Movie Channel 9 WEWS—Channel 5 \VEWS—Channel 5 —By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE DAY • SUDDENLY THE GAME \S OVER. SCORE SO-O. BRlGk: PIGkS UPTHE"IHDUGEMENT" AMD MJALKS ,. .,ttOU) ABOUT, TMELOAUl THt FORTY] PLUS FIVE „, RIGHT Radio Friday National WTAM* (1100) KDKA (1020) American Mutual Columbia WHBC* (1480) WHK* (1420) WKBN* (5^0) IVAKR (1590) WADC (1350) Listings are for stations shc\vn with an asterisk C 'AH programs are listed in Eastern Standard Timei Keu-s-Miltncr Xews-Sports Xe\«-\Veather Xews-Oti Psrad* Jay Jiiltncr Alarm Clock Club Bill Gordon Jack Elton Alarm Clock Club Bill Gordon dcrson Alarm Clock Club Sill Gnvcion A!;.ir Service rarm News-Sports News i Tom H-iTey Tom Haley Hcligcn Kelipion-Xeu 5 News-Sports Top of Mnrning Top of Morning Top of Morning Woman's Club Woman's Club CIcvctar.daires Broaciway Beat Ncus-Bi':'. Gordon Xev.-? Bill Gordon Breakfast with Bi!I Bill Gordon Breakfast with Bill Bill Gordon Breakfast with Bill Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club News-Bill Gordon Breakfast with Bill Bill Gordon Chapel of Bells Bill Gordon L:ttle Show-N" Bill Gordon Bill D;;rr. Welcome Traveler Telephone Quiz Kudy V;-,nee Welcome Traveler Corner Grocer Rudy V.i':re Double or Xothi'gBelty Crocker Modern Home Double or Xothi'sVictor Lir.rtiahr Modern H.IJI> C Art'-tir Gcdtrey Arthur Godfrey Ar:iii;r Godfrey .\rfht;r Godfrey Break the Bank Modern Romances Break (he Bank Feminine Fancy Jack Bcrch Quick as a Flash Dave Garroxvay Quick as a flash Charming Chilc:r'i:A-.-;r.i!r Godfrey Charming Crr.ldr'nArthur Godfrey Queer, for A Day Gr.ird Slam Queen :Vr a I>.i> rvo^crr.ary Edward Wallace Jc'nnny Olscn LOL-.T! Ncvvs Wendy Warren Share the WealthS'.vecr.ey & March !<;n£ Sir.35 Aunt" Jenny Guc.-t Band .Vewj-Q'imtaiiorss St.irs Sine Xcvu Bantl-l.ivfstock Table Talk D^tiio (;~v Jus: t\-r You Ea?y Aires Do You RemembcrCoiiriC I'-.-t'tr PicUens' Party Carol Adams E^k" To\\ ncl! Xancy Dixon Pinno P;rkens E--'<-,i To\vp.eV: l-ovc & Learn Art Baker E-Xn T,^v r.p:i B-4 Sister Ma Perkins You can p-.irohasc chinp. cases that Double cr N"o;lu'i:ii^"\ \vooti OiiuVilr or Xo!hi'^'1.^-1';% vxoi^d Like a Mi:;ior,oUoJo:-.:i R Keiv.ed> l-Tke a MillionaireK,i.-\' IJ)^c> 1" Burtoa •.v:':i Mu-:i- Nora Drake with Mu^.c Brighter Day Hrautif'jl Life Head of Life Pepper Youne Right to Happi 53ci:nv Ktib'.r. Bcnr.>" Kub:n Ccbb i'f>Talk Back Ncw ; -B-.:i Grrdon Hilltop House Bill Gordon !:;lon Trent B;'<; Gordon House Party ni'.l Ur-rrion H^u-e Party-X American Mutual \VHRC* (1480) \V1IK=' (U'JO) Colunihia WKRN* (570) Stci'a Dall.-.s Mel-c'.y Mat:::cc Lorcn/o Jor.cs L : ..-lct'.inc Kccipe Widder Br.'wn Ted MalW.e Ncw5-Bi:i Gordon N\-w>-MeIodics •5i;; G,-rri.-:-. S'V:ss of Our Tir^s Bill Gordor, Fddy Arnold Bil! Gordon K'nvthm Keview 4:0(1 Steve Allen Hi-Time Uncle Jake Bob Dale News i;:-iS Name It. 7:ro Stork Club 7:ir> Party Time 7:.1fl News 7:4.1 Fayc Emerson •- •/"" "'^ ^i«uii\jjis ui (>urchasinjt a new umbrella, consider one covered with transparent plastic. Even thou K !i you rm:;f lower il over your fp.ce In keep olT flnnnsr rain, you ran still see through U "And not be blinded. HGUS< AMMOSi* n -3 i^^r^cJEo.c^ iTr To clean crystal, use a weak of lioi.'ivlioM ainniortiV- aluiu; r s(>non of ammonia lo the Quart o' ""-""" ~c.and polish. oiiition vc ira- Vanily Fair l.iu'ky Pup Chuck Wa^on Small Fry S,-.orls Xcws r.irr video EloUc 7:4.i The World 8:00 Theater R::lC R Q. Lewis !>:00 Ellen Queen <l:;iO Blind Date 10:00 Life at 80 10::«1 Theater 11:00 Wrestling Finn AY \VXRK— Channel 4 2:,10 3:00 6:30 Hullriin Hoar< News Ka^y Aires Film Trio Idea Shop Remember Bert Parks Kate Smith Comics Gabby H:tye> Ilowdy Doody Cactus Jim Jack Elton 7:00 7 :.'.<! 7:43 R:0fl a:30 s):00 !l::>0 Kt.-Ofl 10:^.-. 11:00 12:00 News Around }lon.^e Puppet Show R. Quinlan News Quiz Kids We the People Henry Morgan The Clock Boxing Great Fisht.s Open House N-Previews 1:15 1:30 2.•.?!> ^^ovie Melodies 6: ~..,- Palmer fi; Bob's Inn 7 Mixing Uoul 7 Kitchen Klir.ic 7 Take Five 7 Mixing Howl S Jr.nath n Story Jl Garry Moore n ICO Years Id Take All 10 Ethel Jackson IT Sieve Allen II Hi-Time 12 Jake's House 12 . Perr\- Conv.i Dcmilassc News Sports Mama Man vs Crime Ford Theater M. Downe> To Be A rin. Showboat Wrestling Nous Feature Film When Girl Marries John & Sparky Portia Face? Life John & Snarky Just Plain Bill Rumpus Tiooni' Front Parreli Gu% l.oTphardo Straight Arrow Straight Arrow Sky Kir.p News-Matinee Melody Matinee ' ,VOO ! 3:13 i ,-,:30 ^:45 When Girl Marrie>John ot Sparky Mirk Trail Portia Faecs Life Jo!-.n & SyMrky'r; T-ni! Ju>t P'ain Bill Ku:up\:s K^or.i Ci>dc Re.v.'y Front r ge F.irrel'.Be.x !ru'e Kay Cl\ clc•Roatty News-Mstirec Melody M.itir.e« Mr:odv M.i:iree Cur- M,-?s?y 6-1S 6:30 B:45 Nevs's-Star Time News-Sports Tex Bcnckc 3-S;ar Extra N c w s Sporis Sunset Tvio Tlarmo 11 y Sh o p Acv.,-:-.-. : .s Open Kange Dinner Winner Musical Treasure? S sorts ! . 7:00 7:15 7:3!1 7:45 Variety Plavbill The Pla> bo,\ s News Ore Man'? Family Fulton Lewis. Jr 1'ulton T.e\\'is. \r News-Showcase Dinner Date Jack Armstrong Gabriel Hcatter Jack Armstrong New?; roe! Lo\vell Thomas Beulah .Tack S'niih Club 13 Fdwas',1 K M:;rrow Ncu ^--S'.ar Time N\u- Ohio S:nr> Dinner W i i: r. o r Musical Treasure Ohi.i -Storv -I.,nvc!i Thr 7:00 7:13 7:;w 7:4.1 Melody Ma s Melody Mac N e \v s One M:nrs l,e\\is. Jr Fiilir.ti Lewis, jr Dir.nrr D.v.c l^.i'nriel Eic.;;;er .Vc us roe i J i>-k Smith r;t;j 15 Fciwarrt R Murrow 12:43 1:00 2:00 2:30 3:00 ;;::iii 4:00 4:30 3:00 5:19 Tclencws Villase Fair Alice \Veston Darts Contest Impromptu lika Chase Hnmcmakcrs Vanity Fair Lucky Pup Chuck Wagon 7hnnnpl !> fi:0() .Sniai: fry fi:r>:i Space Cadet 6:4ri \c\vs 7:00 Capt. Video 7:,10 Art Linklelter S-M 20 Questions S::«> Penth'se Party !l;f>0 Plnyhon.-- 10:00 Jackie Glcason 11:01 \e\vs a 1:05 Sports 11:13 Theater S: I 5 S:."0 S:45 Aldrich Family Aldrich Famil.v Father Knows Be; Father Knows Be; Screen Guitd Screen Guild tScrecn Guild tScrccti Guild California Carava California Carava Int'I Airport Int'l Airport nS'Bl i'l Peace ~aFBl in Peace Mr. Keen Mr Keen \Var W a r Xcro \Voife Rurh.-i'i! Dia-r-ond MurJcr by Expor'-S.'"is for Sale Xero \V^;fc Kic'r^ai: iv,.\n'.or.d Murder t\v Exper;-.s.^:-.s.> for s,i:e Sam S^arie Vrur FBI Music for Atv.e::.MS.-:: ;s f. r S.i:; Sam S'o.idr Yrur FBI Mu^ic for Ar~ c ru ;-S -TV;' f,>r Sa^e 3:00 0:15 9:30 9:45 Drasnet Dragnet Counterspy Counterspy Amateur Hour Antateur Ho.ur Amateur Hour R Montsomery CandlcHsht-Silv'r Camiieliqht-Silv'r Roundup Roisndup Suspense Playh.-.iise Playhousp Mont ."> Duff> 's T.:\ eni Oz.-ie & Harriet M.ii^ie Or.7.;? ^ H.irrsel Maisie U-iirrMii-Lji^vin CriMie Uo.-.-n'( P.» I.el-.!--.-,:l-I.K-.c,i'i!-, Crm-e D.-e.-n't P.v H-MV it N.iw L-ar i: N'ow 10:00 10:15 10:"0 10:45 Playhouse Playhouse Playhouse Playhouse Hollywood Music 10 O'clock Tunes Line-1'p Hollywood Music 10 O'clock Tunes l.ine-Up Slars in the NightFrank Edwards Brotherhood Illusion Guv l.ombavdo •'' :-:'iT-rh^od Week Week 10:15 10:30 10:45 Life of Kiley Life of Riley Sports Xewsreel Pro & Con 11:00 News-Sports News News News lt:15 Joe Mulvihill Spurts \Vliir! Lonesome Sports-Music 11:30 Joe Mulvihill Street of Dreams Tom Spauldmg The Elms 11:43 Joe Mulvihill Street ot Dreams Tool Spaulding The Elm* I 11:00 !11:15 11:3n U.4.5 News-Sports Joe MuJvitiNl Mulvihill Joe Mulvihill Boxini; Bouts 10 O'clock Tur.o- Boxinfi Bouts 10 O'clock Tune.' Ch.ules E U'i'.son Frank Edwards Ch ajj es E W i I sor. Guy Lomhardo News Neu^-Sport^ S:roet of Di'e;ini> Toni Spaviidinc Street ot Dreams font Spaulding Take Your Word Take Your Word'e? r. Wilson C'larl^s F. Wilson Sports D;in Reed Or-h Don. Reed Orcb.

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