The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 21, 1927 · 14
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 14

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1927
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14 MONDAY MORNING. IClEERTOLaiAFF ! I PQSty J I TIMES READERS n KITE FOB THE "MOVIES- AND WIS CASU PRIZES The Lo Angeled Tlmr prodoc a pnpnlur fno rrml ralM Thwrful Chafr." eailirinc i.f the tHv bt Jokm auhmlttrd tvreklr by rrailrr. Twelve $1 prtr re awardrd eerh week, the nme and addreawa ol winner tofejber wltb prlte- inning Joke appearing en (he arreen. Everyone is Invited to end Joke. Jin formsl letter la neeeary. Jnt Jot Unvm your Jke, aa many aa yon trlxh, Irn jonr name and adlre and mail to Cheerful Chuff Editor." l-o Aogelea Time. Joke (or the acreeo moat not exceed thirty words. Merltnrioua joke too long or otherwise not adapted for aereen ne, are aerorded place o( honor on The Time comic page, receiving a souvenir ol acknowledgment. THEATERS 6HOWU.O "CHEEBITl CHAFF THE GUMPS Old Home Week By Sidney Smith' APOLI O. BoUneotd CALIFORNIA, Hunwtiun Ftth ALVARADO, 79 Soulk dUormJo HOLLY AY, .' S unit l Keultvri. OLYMPIS. Jru; Cut lull Sir I LI.NCOLN, CUidalt 5TRA.D. S Ftire, Cot WILSIIIRE. 121 foutk CABRILLO, Sin Ft 4,0, C(. STRAND, Tuefana DFX. B.k,T,,li W ESTERN. WW, South Wimtn RAMPART, !o2S Ttmptt nrtet Mr. Smith: I think I Mtall ahk my husband to get me carpet sweeper. Neighbor: Oh, please do; I need ' one so bad. Louise Oratt'o, 635 North Virgil avenue. V Saw Teacher: Ilun anyone read "Two Thousand League I nder the Sea?" Tommy: I have. Teacher: Melt, what did you think Of It? Tommy: It was too deep for me. Ilavld Bailey, 111.1 North Elghlh street, Colt on. f'al. Hugh: Al. are the headlight on? Al (getting out to examine lights:) fust one's burnin,' 'n It's red! (Then with astonishment:) 'N we got two white tall lights. Alice Merrltt, 767 lliiwthorne Mace, Pomona, Cal. "Wot, Willie, did I hear you say "ain't"? And your mother tor eight, years scrubhln' the floors of th' En-glUh department." Helen A. ItroiiMe, 12 Los Robles Court, Pasadena, Cal. Baby Mae, tasting her first piece of niMit seasoned with garlic, said: Phew! Iss meat's dot a bird href. Mrs. Hons Workman. 5734 South Wilton Place. How long have you been working for the Swivel company?" "Ever since old (Swivel threatened to fire me." Mabel Richmond, 4919 Highland View. He had recently gone to new Job, and a friend found htm very enthusiastic about It. "I'm pretty well my own master," he said. "I can get there any time I like before 8:30 and leave when I like after 6:30." D. O. Davidson. 1559' American, Long Beach, Col. A negro cook answered the tele, phone one morning and a cheerful voice Inquired: "What number Is this?" "You-ail ought to know; you done called it." C. W. Bagley. 2320 Mldvale avenue. HE MEAD QUACKS - OF TH? flu NAD CHARITIES, INC. ARE AS BUSY k A BJJF HlvF IN A BURNING POREU PAINTERS, CARPENTPS, PLUM8ERS. ML WORKING AT TOP SPFED- ro COMPUTE THEIR JOB Ihi RECORb TlMf-NUlLE ANDREW GUMP TWrT BlLHONlAIRE PHILANTHROPIST PAw AMONi THEM WiTM A FRIEMbLYSMIir ANb A WORD OF CUfcER FOR ALL - V ' ikSSn) TOO nSi,jlJljTEll, THE iN7ERtOUf3KSl BE CAREFUL) mflOT LOOK AT MM ? .QWoraTOR CASY ) , BOYS- L X M&A HE LOOKS imE Son ,)t BILU' 7 ( 'S RFAL P (CT 7P WKUSI GUrAPM PINEAPPLE TOME- J Dr"peI IN MY ROOM fW IMSMi V J VoganvV. ff hTS moke monebut WfiW0O $- Xt VMANGrM Dj (Ma m LPrr 7TV4 mrZ VIMFkkh ATkaiSh of flG swm ru6$- mjnmn GASOLINE ALLEY Good News But Not for Coda By King Tfta ,,aiT WIELA. ThA-T'S NOtT WHlLEtN mWf PrWLUS! CODA .'IS TO BE. SEMT BACK SI XSSxS s CODA IS REALLV TO BE CONAE' rAERG j THlS VJEEK- AKJO TrAEV'RE- g &LTCODA COMTESTEO " 3dS a N DEPOSED. HE'S LOST OUT Jk COMD! J GOlWO TO LET OUT TWE DEPARTMEMT OP LABOR 4. Tme WAV OP , "XXV V ' " NAEROPlANic TrAAT HE BE DfeRORTED, ME VMS. I V S--7 1 BUTT ms ARCUNAEMTS ? fit W ',n:&'-W yd ftfP) 4 ' s WERE OVERRULED AKJO jST ' J 'j Ism' '? $r Mi 1J Vhjmn WE IS TO BE SEMT HOME, fL - A ' 6 m -IvL . tJffitXSSI HOWEVER, A SPECIAL V) ,V,4M 1 -M-rtLV lfer J FftftoCTr RUUMO IS TO BE MAOE yV MM p . PJpJ IJLKiC lPS PEfMlTTEDTdFLY BACK k-. J ASl' Jfc- L PJjP if I fJ'if h mW across me ATLANTIC 1".L" fes ,e"'' "i--"'" yf i" hmsjmJ' ' ' ' Final Instructions By Gluyas Williams JUNIOR REAPV TO CD OVER TD EPPIE SEL-ZR'S TCP UjNCHEON RFtlNpS HIM TO UE A OMmcN5 HIM ABOVE ML CALLS AfTER HIM IS J- PU5HER ANP NOT ID TAKE WT TO USE CF HMD SURE HE HR5 A CLEAN A HflRKIC Cf TO WlPC H5 liOLW WlfH. HPiMPKERc'HlEF ? V-tlL, DESERT UNL5? IrlERL'S KEHCHBER WUnT NAP- RLHCN6HR T& USE IT PLENIV KJN5 ARff TDR. V 1 5HCLT5 TROM PORCH ID R)ttWS AFIER KENWp- fROM END OF W CALiS JUNIOR PECtPES BEIN6 BE SURE TO WbSH fUWL IN6 HIM TO CHEW Wnn TO BE, SURE Tt) TELL MRS. POint IS HCH TOO UNO ANP X BRUSH MOUTH SWT Afti NCfTD ELZER HE'S HAP A CDMPUCfiTEP ASP THE HIS HWR 6HP HIS MILK MCE" TlMf REST HE CAN PO IS TO BE f MCRMAL fiCY (Copyright IWi r The BeTl Syndicate. Inc.). REG'LAR FELLERS Prepared for Any Emergency By Gene Byrnes H 1 nz Sits jus' my s. f LUCK'. EVERV TIME f iv il r TAKE ANS UMBRELLA H . Sffl TO SCHOOL IT nfJCW . DOrTT RrmV jV. lXVv T 1 1 - cd ' f DOI'T COME ImSpS35' THAT'S " T THE FLOOR! ITS 1 , 1 Alt VIET J VUM8REllA?y Inn ranB- 1-, 1 , i X v K mm?L( 1 aaBwaWaaBaaaaitaaBaaMrittaaaa ELLA CINDERS Here's Our John By Bill Conselman and Charlie Plumb lia's radio engagement is nmsnecz-nov) she has a radium engagement finding the other half1 of Phnamint Pzrkins'Q precious map T" IVE MADE UP iFirnp fey TeWTr" r? hWa)"., f7 THAT'S RIGHT ?M0mFMhf f my mino we're LiMU WT OGEEGOSH - - 4f7 Panamint 'told mp mMMmyM' 'GOING TO PIND ODOC f WHAT A LARGE BVMILY V f vnimif f 'HEY--1 aoHN SMTTH WAS ?AN 7WWMm JOHN SMITH AND JmODI ?LD Mtt.SMITH HAD I AND sl; -fVvAIT A , MlNUTe h ENGINEER AND A JWbM I THINK TRYING JOHN3 THERE ARE MOR6 (StiC 'TT ( THIS LOOKS LIKE 1 GEOUOG1ST BOTH W'VMW- TO LOCATE HIM HERE THAN THERE ARE AT J ?HCME; OUR MAN OR ,i IT MUST BE rt- IN THE CITY J 7 &7 STAGE DOORS OP SHSi J THE PELLOW WHO 't HIM! DIRECTORY ' II ALL THE THEATRES Tj 4! t' Nt DOUBLES FOR fMfMrrJ Lp ?! I f c7?:i looks easy almost- too easjP, after all sas acsne. thmtnrh I WINNIE WINKLE, THE BREADWINNER Winnie Creates a Scene By Branner Vyitac. xistZtLsxii fax. C&oa-aut Qea. "Aui ' enntct tot.. ( GERTIE GOT HZ INTO THIS STUDIO l I HP W P0$l, 6lRLl PONT 7 j (j I BUT EVEN HERE NOBODY HAS A J blQ? CRyWS!! THfT'5 GREAT !'. fJ 1 tl jL JOB fOfi ME !.' OH-H-DEARj! y' 2fS3 JUST WHAT I'VE DEEH LOOKING JJ i'W GETTING PESPERATEy V Au RIGHT-CAMERA C-cE3 r : j - WHAT ARE YOU CRyiN' T JUST T0LO you I'LL GINE TOU 5 WALL PARTS WITH ; THI COMPANY 1'. ( I'-T'rA ( C-CRYING ( r-FORJo: 9ta u.i. aT. off- TT -CMtCnan IgWKt MOON MULLINS Emmy Don't Know What She Does in Her Grief By Willard J' C tm-ekaOmuom that 'STAR viOAUOTJ. HACT COME TO AV )N,TrEU MO AT THE VAK4M OF V3 VeOrAAPERS TT MM REAUX QUITE, A WOCM tUt D13COVt.tO DN TV, 3JWVKa HOOKA I ( MOONtHitnt ) a kaoch a I Iff' YOU VasCUPJ p OH-THEPOOR.PEAAvri ARE OO f Sftu, 7 SWEET BOY " WHY W VMHAT4 V REALLY AUVE? TH' BEDS ULU AWE kt LP D0 I EEB. SPEAVt J EATIKk' OM V j vAW "TO PARK ON UVtB THAT. 'hIwaTTI" (voUCKArAY?i fJ TH' TABLE fT fTT WSM VOU COULD OKiLY iVStW V X U Ch&. COME BACK X VJOOLO SrP X vSY(?!P T! .f HAROLD TEEN Extend the Season vWELL.POP' WOVAJ THAT TH' POOTBALL 6EA5CVJ iS OUEC TH' QuEU AjsJD jr-ici .3 TIME'S AfeAlAj.'j"'";; IjUiMMILj ' 1 - E i. rvipuif-, tw' EAOM TH rrwu HAD TM' CUt?FVv OAJ U"5 AVJOWC COULDAJ'7 GO0K AAJV HtAW Dates - we also DIET iOlC I "s-w I OOWAJ AU AT50LIAJO- jg' 5" frit I i 'J fvQ By Carl Ed TH' FOOTBALL SEASOAJ TH' OAJLW TIME OF TH' SEATS NOLI ACT AS TMOil6M NOU HAD AMV -SEAlSe ABOUT TH'oaJLt TIME VOL! THIAJK OF SOMEP'AJ Besices VAJIMMtAJ mm-" i VWHAT a PITW THEN OtXlT PL AS FOOTS ALL TK' seats Naxjwo' Ms If. 1-

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