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The Argus from Fremont, California • Page 11

The Argus from Fremont, California • Page 11

The Argusi
Fremont, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

THE ARGUS Saturday, August 28,1176 Fremont-Newark, Calif. Page 11 Jack Anderson Mississippi solons aid big business, ignore poor WASHINGTON Congressmen who vole against programs for the poor, invariably, seem to be the same ones who support benefits for business. They are usually the first, for example, to demand that the taxpayers bail out faltering corporations. No small companies, mind you. Congress seldom rushes to the rescue of small mismanaged companies.

These are allowed to sink into bankruptcy as casualties of the free enterprise system. The corporations must be giants, their mismanagement massive, before Congress will intervene. Food stamps may be cut back for the poor, but millions are available for Penn Central Railroad and Loockheed Aircraft. Dr. Steincrohn Mississippi's 30-man congressional delegation, for example, has been outspoken against government spending to help the poor.

But the Mississippi congressmen have been maneuvering behind the scenes to save the state's huge Bankers Trust Savings and loan empire from financial collapse. The Mississippi delegation has brought pressure on the Treasury Department and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board to aid the failing financial empire. This could cost the taxpayers as much as $100 million, which would buy a lot of food stamps for the hungry. The congressmen from Mississippi have been huddling privately with Treasury officials to seek federal funds to bail out Bankers Trust. At these closed-door meetings, two of the most persuasive pleaders have been.

Rep. G. V. "Sonny" Montgomery, and Rep. Trent Lett, who happen to have a personal stake in the outcome.

Montgomery owns 2,710 snares in Bankers Trust and has (7,927 on deposit. Lott owns 500 shares and has $4,000 in savings. A third member of the delegation, Rep. Thad Cochran, owns 300 shares and has about $6,500 in savings. Other prominent politicians are reported to have far greater holdings in the faltering company.

Bankers Trust is Mississippi's largest state- chartered, privately insured saving and loan association. It began to flounder earlier this year. There were charges of gross mismanagement. Not only politicos and fat cats have money Dr. George Crane Laetrile and the cancer patient Dtar Dr.

Steincrohn: Nobody likes the knife and my mother is no exception. She is terrified about being put to sleep and being cut up. But I tell her sometimes there is no choice. rays recently showed that she has cancer of the large intestine. She has heard about this new "natural" medicine which is supposed to cure cancer without the need for operation or X-ray treatment.

It's called Laetrile. But I understand it's not legal in the United States. A friend told Mother it can be imported. She'd like to try it. If it doesn't help then she promises to consent to operation.

Does this make A. COMMENT: Not good sense. Try to make your mother realize that time wasted on these "miracle drugs" is a threat to her ultimate recovery. A fancy way of saying she'll be committing slow suicide. Wait long enough and cancer takes advantage of procrastination.

Metastases spread to other organs and endanger life. I suggest you have her doctor ask for consultation with an omcologist a cancer specialist. He may be able to convince your mother to accept surgery and not to experiment with medicine that has not been proved to be effective. MEDICALETTES For Mri. There are many causes of dizziness.

In your case the reason may be trouble in the inner ear. You say you've had a very severe attack of the flu. Sometimes a complication is trouble in the semicircular canals or labyrinths of the inner ear. When they become inflamed the condition is called labyrinthitis. This interferes with normal banalce.

Sometimes with hearing, too. Better see an ear specialist, Mrs. for proper diagnosis and treatment. In many patients such dizziness usually clears up within a few days or weeks. For The excessive dryness of your eyes and mouth may be due to trouble in your salivary glands and in tear, ducts.

This is called Sjogren's syndome. I know of no specific cure, as the exact cause is not known. There are many theories. For example, one is that the disturbance may be due to a circulatory problem. It may be associated with a drug reaction following treatment with belladonna-like medication.

It is sometimes seen in menopausal women and in patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. An endocrinologist may be helpful in your case. You can kill yourself by self-treatment, says Dr. Steincrohn in his booklet, "How To Stop Killing Yourself." For a copy write him at this paper enclosing 50 cents in coin and a STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE. Alfred Shcinwold Bridge points You never see it in real life, but at the bridge table you do meet people who would rather complain than succeed.

After all, only a very exceptional person can be the unluckiest bridge player in the world. North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH A 9 3 4 0 1098 A 9 5 WEST EAST 8 7 4 1 0 5 2 1 0 9 8 3 A 7 5 6 4 0 5 2 6 4 1 0 8 2 SOUTH K6 9 6 2 A 7 3 73 North East South West 1 Pass 1 0 Pass 1 Pass 2 NT Pass 3 NT All Pass Opening lead- 10 East took the ace of hearts and returned the seven. South finessed with the jack, losing to the queen of hearts. Back came a heart to the king. South lost a club finesse to the queen; and when a diamond was returned, he lost a finesse to the king.

West took his hearts, and South was down two. you know?" South demanded. "A finesse in each suit, and all four of them lose!" If you have tears to shed, this is not the time for them. South's contract was un- Worry Clinic By GEORGE W. CRANE Shelley's questions should make every engaged couple Hiink twice.

For the zooming divorce raft is now approaching the 40 per cent mark. Children of such broken homes add to our delinquency rate. CASE H-483: Shelley Ross is a talented feature writer for the National Enquirer. "Dr. Crane." she telephoned me from Florida, "I am working on an article concerning the high divorce rate in America.

"You have been counseling men and women for many years by way of your syndicated daily newspaper column. "And 1 understand you have a thousands of happy marriages through the Scientific Marriage Foundation. "So could you please give me some of the salient rea- sons why marriages collapse? "And what are the major factors you employ on your IBM computer for matching congenial couples?" One great cause for the zooming divorce rate is quickie teenage marriages! About 50 per cent of them end in divorce before the fifth wedding anniversary! For many young people, especially girls, feel unloved and unwanted at home, due to chronic scoldings and bickering between their parents. So they react with excessive fervor and eagerness when their first boy friend kisses them. a i i romances, they also imagine they are ardently in love and thus become intoxicated with their new erotic sensations.

Some girls actually entice the boy into getting them pregnant so they can experience a compulsory (shot- Carroll Riglitei gun) wedding and thus get away from their parents. So here are some of the ways to reduce the tragic divorce rate: Girls should not get mar-. ried till they are at least 20, have finished high school plus one year of Business College or comparable technical training, and have worked a full year so they understand the rigors of modern economic life, including budgeting their pay checks. The couple should have enough money in the bank to pay for at least three months' rent. They should avoid crossing radically different racial, religious, social and economic lines! Some exceptions to this rule do avoid divorce but you should play the batting averages when you pick a mate.

Alas, most young people are such egotists they always think they will be the lucky ones who can win on the long shots. in Bankers Trust. Some (0,000 ordinary Mississippians, including many elderly, stand to toe millions. Because the savings and loan combine isn't federally insured, the depositors must depend on the private insurance company which insured Bankers Trust. But unfortunately, the insurance company is largely owned by Bankers Trust and, therefore, is mired in the same financial bog.

The insurance company also insured other savings and loan associations. This precipitated panic withdrawals, which forced a rare moratorium on withdrawals. At this point, the political pressure began. Appeals have been made to Commerce Secretary Elliot Richardson, Treasury Secretary William Simon and the White House. The entire Mississippi congressional delegation, led by venerable Democratic Sen.

John Stennis, called on Simon. Montgomery and lott made the strongest pitch for federal aid. Meanwhile, Garth Marston, chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, flew to Mississippi. After his return, he confided that he hoped to "expedite the timely processing of applications for insurance" from Mississippi's savings and loan association. This means that the taxpayers, in effect, will co-sign the insurance that the failing Bankers Trust will soon attempt to collect.

Meanwhile, neither the federal nor state governments are trying to find out what Horoscope me beatable, and his complaint rates only a snicker. It's foolish to take the heart finesse at the second trick. Take the king of hearts, lead a club to the king and return the ten of diamonds for a finesse. If this finesse 'wins, you have tricks to burn.If it loses, you are sure of four diamonds, two spades, two clubs and one heart. You still have a heart stopper, since you haven't wasted the jack of hearts.

The defenders cannot run the hearts and must allow you to regain the lead and take your tricks. A I I Partner opens with one club, and the next player passes. You hold: Spades 8, 7, Hearts 10, 9, 8, Diamonds 6, Clubs 6, 4. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid one heart. You have only five points in high cards, but the strength of your five-card major suit makes it worth a response.

Actor Warner Anderson dies SANTA MONICA (UPI) Veteran actor Warner Anderson died Thursday night in Santa Monica Hospital after a lengthy illness. Anderson, 65, appeared in top supporting roles in dozens of motion pictures including "The Caine Mutiny," "The Blackboard Jungle," "Command Decision," "Destination Tokyo" and "Detective Story." Bom in Brooklyn, he began his career on the Broadway stage and came to California under contract to Warner Brothers. FOR SATURDAY ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Know what it is that associates desire of you and try to cooperate more.

Show others that you have wisdom. TAURUS'(Apr. 20 to May 20) Take steps that will make your surroundings more operational. Study your appearance and do whatever will make you more attractive. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Engage in those amusements that you have found most satisfying in the past.

A special talent you have needs expression. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Try to understand better what kin desires of you and be more willing to please. Show true hospitality to others. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Ideal day to visit friends and relatives you haven't seen in a long time.

data that has been hard to get during busy week. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Good time to go over your monetary affairs. Cut down on unnecessary expenses and build more security.

Enjoy the social side of life. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Make plans for the recreational activities you want to engage in later in the day, dress elegantly if you attend a social affair. SCORPIO (Oct.

23 to Nov. 21) Study your secret aims and formulate a plan that will make your life happier. Come to a better understanding with your closest tie. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec.

21) Try to meet the expectations of good friends even if it means a little sacrifice on your part. Repay a social obligation. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Figure out how best Downed pilot found alive LA VERNE (UPI) The 'pilot of a Cessna 150 missing since Thursday morning'was found alive but injured yesterday by the wreckage of his plane near Ml.

Baden-Powell in the Angeles National Forest. U. S. Forest Rangers said the pilot, Frank Nordquist, 32, La Verne, suffered several compound fractures when his plane crashed, to handle an important obliga- i i procrastination. Sidestep an argument with a friend.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Put your finest talents to work which can prove to be profitable now. Show more affection for loved one. Use care in motion.

PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Your hunches are good now so be sure to follow them and improve your position in life. Come to a better understanding with mate. caused the financial fiasco.

The state legislature enacted a conservatorship for Bankers Trust but specifically voted down a detailed inquiry. Footnote: Federal officials have confirmed that they have been besieged by Mississippi politicians about the financial debacle but have denied the proposed federal aid is a political bailout. It should be noted that Mississippi's Bankers Trust is unrelated to the better-known Bankers Trust in New York City. WATCH ON WASTE: The federal government's curiosity is insatiable. Forms are constantly going out from Washington demanding answers to endless questions.

The Health, Education and Welfare Department, for example, requires every college and university to fill out several annual reports. One of the questionnaires, a 50-page document entitled "Degrees and other Formal Awards Conferred," was dispatched this year to every one of the nation's 3,055 institutions of higher P.M. ALSO PLAMNG But unfortunately, 37 of the 50 pages didn't apply to the 1,141 community colleges, which got the full, fat forms anyhow. These colleges, of course, returned the 37 pages absolutely blank. Since the forms came in triplicate, this amounted to about 120,000 pages of blank paper.

Footnote: An HEW spokesman insisted it was cheaper to send a single report to every institution than to prepare separate reports. I (G) ALL AGES ADMITTED (R) RESTRICTED (PG) ALL AGES ADMITTED aST" (X) Persons under 18 Not Admitted (Gill Theatre for Storting CHABOT DAVID CARRADINE tS CANNONBALL OBSESSfON A bizarre story of love. PG THE EXORCIST WOODY ALLEN'S Everything you always wanted to know i Charles Bronson is Ray Stives Stives LAMEDA CINEMA 3 2317 CENTRAL 522-4433 RALLY" Michael Sarreiin (PG) "FHEEB1E THE BEAN" (R) Alan Arkin-James Caen THE PRESIDENT'S MEN" Dustin Hoffman-Robert Redford "PRISONER OF SECOND AVE." Jack Lemmon-Anne Bancroft 3-LIMITED ENGAGEMENT "THE EXORCIST" Ellen Burnstyn Max Von Sydow (R) CINE 7 McARTHUR-3BTH AVE. 530-3382 "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST" Jack Nicholson (RJ "UNDERCOVERS Top Companion Film CENTURY 21-22 Off Nimitz Fw; 562. II 1.9996 HOWCASEMl 5214200 SOUTH SHORE SHOPPING CENTER ONE TERROR WORM "SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS" Timothy Bottoms-Susan George David Carradine (PG) "WHITE LINE FEVER" (PG) Jan Michael Vincent-Kay Lenz VALLEY- 2B53 CASTRO VALLEY BLVD 582-255 "FUTUREWORLD" (PG) Yul Brynner-Peter Fonda "HENNESSV" (PG) Rod Steiger-Lee Remick HOWCASE TM 970 GRANT ST.

687-6600 ADULTS ONLY OPEN NOON "DEVIL'S ECSTACY" Plus Film "SHERLICK HOLMES'' UN VALLEY CINEMA Sun Valley Shopping Ccnter-667-7660 LIMITED ENGAGEMENT "OBSESSION" Color Cliff Robertson-John Llthgow Genevleve Bujold (PG) ublin Cinemas l-ll-lll 7450 Dublin Blvd. -B28-4400 1-MEL BROOKS "SILENT MOVIE" (PG) Feldman-Dom Deluise "THE PARTY" Peter Sellars 2-L1MITED ENGAGEMENT "THE OMEN" Gregory Peck Lee Remick (R) Max VonSydon(R) CENTER 3 "ENTER THE DRAGON" Bruce Lee (R) "KARADO, THE HONG KONG CAT" i ICENTER 793-4200 2 WALT DISNEY FILMS "TREASURE OF MATECUMB Robert Foxworth-Peter Ustinov "APPLE DUMPLING GANG" (G) OF A MAN CALLED HORSE" Richard Harris (PG) "HARRY AND WALTER GO TO NEW YORK" James Caan-Elllott Gould VISION" (R) Chevy Chase-Phil Proctor "BOY AND HIS DOG" (R) Top Companion Film fiuril A M-B CENTER CINEMA I 6530777 (FORMERLY THEATRE 701 "MIDWAY" Color (PG1 IN SENSURSOUND Charlton Heston-Henry Fonda "AIRPORT "75" Color (PG) Charllon Heston-Karen BlacK CINEMA 935-3770 N. MAIN CIVIC DRIVE "IN SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARK" Brad Crandall-Color (G) "OUTER SPACE CONNECTION" Top Companion Film Festival Cintmo Center 5 1639 BON AN AZ A-934-8649 EXORCIST" (R) Ellen Burslyn-Max Von Svdow tPG) Cliff Robertson-Genevleve MOVIE" Mel THE PRESIDENTS MEN" Robert Hoffman PIUS "CONVERSATION" 5- Harry 8. Wal'ter Go To New York" James Caan, Elliott Gould Also "CANNONBALL" DRIVHN MOVIES ROXIE "DRUM" Ken Norfon-(R) "SUPERFLY T.N.T." O'Neal-Roscoe L. Brown SHOWCASE Ml Rockridge-Broodwoy of 51 it St.

Engagement "MURDER BY Truman Capote-James COco Peter Falh-Alec Guinness BY DEATH" IPG) Elsa Landieiler-David Nincn Peler Sellers-Maggie Smith Nancy Walher-Eileen Brennan PIE AS ANT HILL C1NTURY 21-22-23-24-25 FWY, AT MONUMENT BLVD. CENTURY 21 (687-1100) CENTURY 22-23 (687-1101) CENTURY 24-25 (687-1102) OF A MAN CALLED HORSE" Richard Harris 1PG) BY UtAIH" (PG) Trorpan Capote-James Coco VISION" IR) "BOY AND HIS DOG" (R) FLEW OVER CUCKOOS YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX" Charlton Hesten-Henry Fonda REGENCY CINEMAS 5 550 CONTRA COSTA BLVD. 676-4070 OMEN" (R) Gregory Peck-Lee Remick 3--THE OUTLAW JOSlE WALES" Clmi Eailtrvnod, Sondra "Locke "JACKSON COUNTY JAIL" (R) EXORCIST" (R) fcllyn Burstyn-Max Von Sydow IVES" (PG) Charles Bronson-Harry Guardino IIMITT I II AUTOMOVIE IIRUlZ Illl 656-9200 NIMITZ OVERPASS FLESH" (R) Laurence Harvey-John Ireland "JACKSON COUNTY JAIL" (R) Yvette Mimleux-Tommy Lee Jones Don Scardlno-Patricfo Pearcy "THEY CAME FROM WITHIN" Paul Hampton-Joe Silver HOWCASEMl 793 WAINUT CIVIC CENTER DRIVE 1-SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT "IN SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARK" Brad Crandall (G) Great Discovery of Our Time Don Scardino-PatriciB Peargy "THEY CAME FROM WITHIN" Paul Hampton-Joe Silver CINEMA III i ot W. Winton 783-2601 SOUTHLAND SHOPPING CENTER I-LIMITED ENGAGEMENT "OBSESSION" Cliff Robertson-John Lithgow Genevleve Bujold (PG) IVES" (PG) Charles Bronson Harry Guardino-HarHs Yulln Maximilian Schell Color Festival Cinema Center ST. 78i-8ooo RALLY" Michjjel Sarraiin (PG) Also "CANNONBALL" EXORCIST" (R) Ellyn Burstyn-Max Von Sydow BY A Truman Capote, Jamei Coco OMEN" IR) Greqory PecV, Lee RemicK Color (PG) Burt Reynolds-Jack Weiton "SHADOW OF THE HAWK" MOVIE" Mel Brooki.

Marly Feiflfnafi "LOGAN'S RUN '-Color (PGl M.chael York-jenny Agul'er Richard JorOon-Peter Uiimow -2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY" CENTURY 22A-22B-22C Winchester Houte-Ph. 246-3573; 243-1359 (PC) Chorlton Heslon Henry 1 "EXECUTIVE ACTION" CENTURY 23A-B" Pl Winchester Houit 246-3574 WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA" "CARNAL KNOWLEDGE" MOVIE" Mel BrooM-Ma'ty FelOman Mitchell Brothers Ritz 23331 Minion 582-0420 ADULTS ONLY-OPEN 10:45 A.M. "BEYOND FULFILLMENT" Plus Film "CHINA GIRL" t-LIMITED ENGAGEMENT "THl OMEN" Gregory Peck-Lee Remick (R) "THE OTHER" Ula Hagen 2-MEL BROOKS' "SILENT MOVIE" (PG) Marty Fcldman Dom Dclulse 1694 SARATOGA AVE. "OBSESSION" (PG) Cllft Robertson-Genevieve Bujold OF A MAN CALLED HORSE" Richard Harris (PG) CENTURY 25A-B OTM 1694 SARATOGA AVE. EXORCIST" (R) "REINCARNATION PETER PROUD' SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARK' "BROTHER OF THE WIND" SAN LORENZO "ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN" Duslin Hodman-Robert Redlord "THE WAY WE WERE" Barbra Strclsand-Rober! Redlord SANLiANMO BAL EAST U1H AT I4ITH AVE 3S7-4400 Spanish Speaking Filmi "EL INVESTIGAOOR CAPULINA" Capullna.Supersan "EL SABOR DE LA VENOANZA" lielo Vega-Jorge Luke MILPITAS SERRA Ml StttftA SHOPPING NEWS BEARS" (PG) "PAPER MOON" Talum O'Ncll "DEATH RACE MOO" (Frl.

Sal. S'jn. onlv matlriM "WHERE LILIES PLAZA CINEMA I til 1371 EAST UIH ST. 351-3900 OF A MAN CALLED HORSE" Richard Hnrrli (PG) "ROOSTER COGBURN" John Waync-Kathryn Hepburn SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA" Kriilolterton "CAMWWLE 8 DGE" Jack NlchoUon-Cojor AUft AUTOMOVIE SLAND 522-7205 THRUWAY-5 BLOCKS FROM TUBE "RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE" Richard Harris (PG) "THE GOOD, BAD UGLY" Clint Easfwood-Lee Van Cleef MOVIE 7800 DUBLIN David Carraillne (PG) "EAT MY DUST" Ron Howard (PG) One Terror Worm 2nd Shocking Hit "THEY CAME PROM WITHIN" AUTO MOVIE 793-390) FREMONT BLVD. AT NIMITZ FREEWAY "RETURN OF MAN CALLED HORSE" Richard Harris (PG) "SCARECROW" Gene Hackman-AI Paclno HAYWAHD.

IVES(PG) Charles Bronson-Harry Guardino "DIRTY HARRY" Color Clint Eastwood-Harry Guardino VISION" (R) Chevy Chase-Phil Proctor I A A WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX" (R) 9Blh AVE. NEAR OAK. AIRPORT Ken Norton (R) "HAMMER" (R) Fred Williamson FLESH" IR) Laurence Harvey-John Ireland "JACKSON COUNTY JAIL" (R) Yvette Mirnieux-Tommy Lee Jones NIMITZ FREEWAY AT HIGH ST. David Carradine (PG) "EAT MY DUST" Ron Howard (PG) EXORCIST" (R) Ellen Von Sydow "THE OTHER" UTA HAGEN-Color IVES" (PG) Charles Bronson-Harry Guarding "DIRTY HARRY" Color Clint Eastwood-Harry Guardino STADIUM EAST nth AT iscnh AVE. THREE FILM HITS "SURVIVE" (R) "ROYAL FLASH" "DON'T LOOK NOW" SAN JOSE- A incc AUTOMOVI6 SAN JUSt 295-SOOS NIMITZ OfF LA.

ST. EXIT ADULTS ONLY "RIDE TO EXTICY" "MOONSHINE GIRLS" "SWEETBIRD OF AQUARIUS" cm Union City Nimitz Freeway at Alvorada Off Ramp David CarmdlnelPG) "EAT MY DUST" Ron Howard (PG) EXORCIST" (R) Ellen Bunlyn-Max Von Sydow "THE OTHER" UTA HAGEN-Color (PG) Cliff Robertson-Genevieve Bulold "TAXI DRIVER" (R) Robert Denlro-Cyblll Shepherd CURRAN GEARY 673-4400 Stpl. 14 Thru Ocl. 30 "THE WIZ" vmion "THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ" winner 7 Tony Awardi.

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