Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1960 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1960
Page 20
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THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA In far-Oii Countries, a Helping Hand— Fun *f All Kindt Pujcxlti—Stories*— Things to Do—P«n.Fol$ U.N. Aids Millions of Children World Celebrates 15th Year A glass of milk is serious business to, these youngsters (upper left) m Burma. This United Nation* milk bar supplies a cup during lunch time at their school in Mandalay. During the Korean war, children were among the worst to suffer. Orphans, like those in upper right photo, were cared jor in U.N. orphanages. Whistle Relay AFTER THE FiRSraAYERON EACHSIDEEATSACRACKER HE MUST WHISTLE THEflRST STANZA OF THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER BEFORE THESECONDPIAYtRMATEAT ACRACKER...7K5/7/C5T TEAM OH WHICH ALL EAT POP THE BAG PLACE STACKS OF PAPER BAGS ABOUT 15 FEETFROM THETEAMSftWf STACKfOR EACH JEAH-1 BAGFOREACH PLAYER... ...A PLAYER RUNS FROMTHE GOAL..BLOWSUPAEA6..TOf5 HAND RETURNSTOTHEumL .;J}f£SECONDPLAY£/l-ON THETSAMDOEST/fE SAME... FIRST T£AM F1MSHE.D...WINS r . Hall,oween Is Fun • Barry is a.scary ghost-r Patsy .is'"a: buimy— Paul is in a pirate suit; Don't we all look funny? Halloween is so much fun— Going Trick or Treating; Knocking, at the neighbor's door To get a friendly greeting. —Kay Cammer' Florabelle Left Her 'Home' For a Career on the Stage Florabelle was a little, black, sand flea. She lived with her father, mother, and seven brothers and sisters On a large shaggy dog. She had-a nice, warm home, and plenty to eat. She had her brothers and sisters to play with, but Florabelle wanted more than that. She wanted to be a dancer, a very famous dancer, on a stage with an audience. ; So all day she practiced flying leaps and spins until her. mother would sax," crossly, '-•Florabelle, be still! The landlord will make us move.- Be quiet. I hear his foot moving closer." One day when she had been dancing very hard, her mother said, : 'Tor. goodness sake, Florabelle, go and-play on the sand before th'eJandlbrd throws you out." . So Florabelle went outside and hopped in.,the sand. Close by was a bright red cloth lying, on the sand so she hopped on it. It was so soft and cozy that she fell sound asleep. The next thing she remembered was. being'wrapped up in the cloth and she couldn't get out. She wondered what was going to happen to her. After a - long 'time the cloth was shaken.hard and Florabelle fell out and onto a large white circle. . . .-"Look!" a man said. "A lovely'.-flea,; Just "the one for our ballet dance in the flea circus." That night a. big light was turned on the large-white circle and many people came to see Florabelle dance: They clapped their hands.and Florabelle was so happy 'she could ' hardly breathe. Florabelle was sure she .was dreaming until the man picked her. up. carefully by the wire and'put something on her head. As soon as he put her down again she hopped.over, to the little., silver coach and looked in the -shining side. Sure enough!.There was a tiny golden crown on her head. A. week later the important people really did come to see her. Florabelle was sure one was a Queen for she was so beautiful. _ Florabelle's practicing had -made her perfect for she danced as she had never danced before. E v'e r y o n e clapped their hands and cried, "What a marvelous dancer!" So Florabelle's dream came true.. She had become very famous indeed. —Ramoncita Sayer O'Connor Brain Teaser "OU" PUZZLER The.purpose of this game is to ' tell, ' What each "ou" word should spell. • — — OU — is milled from 'wheat, — OU'— is the'opposite of sweet. To — O.U — means go from place to place, The — OU is part of the face. — OU— — is-the shape of. a- ball, , A — OU — ; — is a rodent small. Two — OU — — add up to the sum .of eight, OU — — is a' beautiful southern state. United Nations symbol. This month has a special meaning ipr gj o wn - ups and children all over the world. Oct. 24 is United Nations Day. This year is the loth anniversary.of the U.N:- . ".'. '. The meaning of the ( United Nations Organization can be learned from the symbol which appears on its- flag.. All the continents of the., world are shown from the North Pole. The world, is.; surrounded by olive branches—the symbol of peace. •,....' The U.N. works for peace in many ways: by sending soldiers to prevent.. war, by bringing food 1 and medicine to people around,.the world, and by settling arguments over tables instead of battlefields. .. It works for peace mostly by showing p e o;p 1 e everywhere that they can"help each'other. Glass of Milk Can Be Tastiest Thing on Earth If you could have anything you wanted in the whols world, what would you- ask for? Whatever it is, it probably wouldn't be a glass of .milk. .-.. •'• But do you know that a glass o£ milk could be 1 a dream come true for millions of youngsters today? And thanks to the United Nations their wish is being granted. Through a plan TT.N. International -Happy with their new-"beauty marks," two little sirls from India show off their tuberculosis-test spots. They are among 170 million children to be tested and vaccinated in that country by.the TJJV. Children's Fund. ••''.'• .-'..• •BnEistno'j 'asnojt 'punoa ,.Mno's Meat-Eating Flowers Can Be Deadly Most plants; get their .food through their roots, but some catch insects and "eat" them! The Butterwort grows in damp places, near brooks or in marshes. •• It has -soft, broad leaves which are covered with a sticky substance that attracts insects. When an Insect touches a leaf, the edges of the leaf curl up tiRht and crush the insect. The plant then dissolves the insect. The Pitcher Plant receives its name from the fact' that its leaves, resemble pitchers. Rain water and juice from the:plant collect in the.pitchers. On the inside of each leaf are Ion;, bristly hairs that point downward. : When an insect falls into the pitcher, the barrier of hairs prevent him from climbing out and he drowns. His body is absorbed by the plant. Some of these pitcher plants are large enough to catch mice. TODAY'S HAPPENINGS IN SCIENCE Mighty Rig Dips Far Below the Water to Search for Oil Visiting the "Blue Grass State": . KENTUCKY REBUS F.our items connected with Kentucky are .hidden here. Find them by using the words and 'pictures to full advantage. we 4AW A MAMMOTH, ATTH« W »owuw<sS TEAM PICKED . SHIRTS' ^ j HOW MANY? How many three and four- letter words can you form, from' the letters in KENTUCKY without .using proper names? Puzzle Pete says he gets .10 three-letter .words and 5. four- letter words. Can you beat him? CROSSWORD Puzzle Pete's • crossword puzzle was given a snappy appearance by Cartoonist Cal, who placed it on a silhouette map of Kentucky/ . 'THIS LeTOttRNEAURiesfMrtJFJES PEEP? ' SEA ORtLLiNio FOR .OIL, '^ -i V "" XPR11.UM6T£MPU\TE tEFTIHPUVSeWHEN BAiJSE MOVES TO Nev/SfOT, UKEAHU6EBARSE, IT IS TOWED TOTHE DRILUNS .LOCATION WITH. ITS .THREE- LEGS RAISED AND DERRICK INTHECENTER, ITHASALLSHOFSANDpRia- •'AS WELL AS LIVINS QUARTERS POR THE CREW- AT DESIRED tOCATlDN,THE leeseeeiNTD DESCEND TOWARDTHE OCCAN FLOOR. ASLE6S APPROACH 7HEBOTTpM,THEY SLANT TO FORM A WIDE BASE AND INCREASE STABILITY. "BARSE" TAKES ON ALIDAD OFWATER TO FORCE LESS INTO BOTTOM. THEN \VATER IS RELEASED AND THE ENTIRE PLATFORM RISES UNTIL IT ISATTHeCORRECTHEieHTABOVE .THE OCEAN FDR PRIU.IN6. WLLDRILL IN WATER UPTO 300 FT. DEEP. DERRICK MOVES TO DRILUNS POSITION ELLIVSHJOL . NOTGNEXEL TSOFKNAEF . AEREB' NOTGNTVOG HAEUBAP , DIAMOIfD Floyd GoUins • CRY'S T A L Cave is in Kentucky and gives a center ior Puzzle Pete's word diamond. The second word is ,an . abbreviation lor "pairs"; third "one who pays"; fifth" "a surgical thread" - a.n d sixth "operated". Complete the "diamond: ' • " ,- C .'-''•-. H. ','.•.-. ' ' . . Y •' -...' . ''-. '..' "' CRYSTAL ^ . . . T '"; - ' ' ', A LA Bad Shot ' A little boy with slingshot grand Went shooting all about the land. No : other boj' can shoot, like'me He; thought, and shot a'bird in the 'tree. Five wee mouths, were, open wide, Hungry babies starved .and died. 0 little boy" with slingshot grand Think how you'd hate a song- less land! called the Children's .Emergency !~u n d , (tJNICEF) young people in dozens of coun- trie* are testing something that appears on our kitchen tables every, day. 'HeLping kids, around the world is old stufi-for TJNICEF. In addition to dishing out tons of milk each day, doctors and nurses see that children stay .free from disease. In India alone, they are testing 170 million -children for tuberculosis. If they are found to have the disease they are treated. : In Africa, i terrible disease called yaws brings blindness to millions. Thanks to the U.N. the sickness is : caught-early in children and treated.' In. Mexico, UNICEF sends carpentry tools to young boys so.that they can learn to make a living and build up their country. •' . United Nations Week this year is Oct. 23 to 29—a time to remember the millions of children to whom a glass of milk means so much. Calico Family By Louise Darcy We have a calico cat Who has'two calico kittens Apd even in summertime. They all wear yellow, fur mit: tens. .••...-•••. When it is snowy and cold, Chill winds make swaying trees : tilt,: • '• •' .- ':They sleep in a .cozy cat bed Under a calico.quilt. Try Carving Statuettes In Paraffin Does your mother make jel» . ly? . H so, perhaps she's. got. some leftover, cakes of paraffin that she'll- let you have to try paraffin sculpturing. To start this project, deciilt on a simple subject to be carved. A Urre animal, or flower, with smooth flat outlines and not too many detail! works out best. . Mark the outline-of the/uncut cake of paraffin on a sheet of paper and sketch, or traca your subject in this outline. Cut .out the sketched- figure. Mid- place It in position on the;caka of paraffin. With a pin "or needle, scratch its outline. Using a paring knife, '*havt off very small portions of th« paraffin, gradually working in to the scratched outline of your subject. • , • I. When the figure has been carved out, smooth any rough edges with your fingers and cut in the necessary details on th« figure itself. For extra smoothness, slightly heat a knife xnd draw its flat side over all edffe* of the statuette. To make the carving durable, give it one or two coats, of white shellac and glue it to a small wooden base. ••••• . Try paraffin sculpturing.. Itfi lots of fun whether you're a fumble-fingered dud or an artistic genius. —Erma Reynolds TO SCULPTURE: 1H PAEAFPIH P1E4T PRAW TH£ PIQUKE OKI A PIECE- OF- K4P&K- CUT OUT AUP TEACE- THE OUTL1ME OW "WEr WAX- WAV WITH A PAEIWQ AMP MOLIWT-OM A WX>D6»4 ACROSS 1 F^.^Jort is -' , f Kentucky's , 7 Fruit drink 8 Malt drink 9 Residence (ab,) 10 Land parcel 11 Dinner courses "j DOWN 1 Solicitude 2 Arabian gulf ' ^ .3 Muisance 4 Story 5 Century plant 6 Permits BACKWARD CITIES If :you .have trouble : figuring out these communities in Kentucky, try reading them -backward: ' ' ttpttxnictmn a vlali n in port-«ntlMt«(ixcwt.ty wrmui/on ot News'paptr [ntorprlsi AssKhtbn—PiMnt In'US.*. A KING CfC\B CAUGHT NEARV4ODIAK ISLAND, A LAS WA, HAD A L E G OF 7FEET, A RE CORD,, THE.'PUMA,Ofl AMERICAN ' LION WILL ATTACK- JAGUARS AND GWZZLY BEAR BUT NOT MAN.. AUVFLIES LIVE SEVERAL • YEARS UNDER WATER. ONLY TO EMERGE AND DIE AFTER,.' AFEWCMY5IM . THE Am..,, THERE ARE 1OO SPECIES OF MAYFLY...

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