The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 1, 1925 · 4
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 4

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1925
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4 So angelcDSunOag climes. SUNDAY HORNING. MARCH 1, 1925; PART I. SPIRITUALISTS GET JAIL TERMS j' -nn ill ill -I i.i .iiiiiii - i Ultf 'H i I Hosiery Why not buy it where you buy your shoes! Cult Lvwlvr and Wife (rtt Fines in Addition Attorneys for Jarh.son iile 629 S. Broadway 451 S. Broadway 410 S. Broadway 412 W. 7th St. 311 W. 5th St. 6664 Hollywood Blvd. IS'otice of Appeal Prison Sentence of His Wife is Suspended I Basement SUPER VALUE Column! EXTRA special for thone who hop early! Quantities are limited: pieces have hem grouped with the espren idea of waking the valueu nothing !e.cs than remarkable. U. lust 6 Used Iror; Feds, d i f f e r p n t aryles, reduced i a uper-vaiue to 35c Just 8 L'oed Rugs, 9xi:. all kinds for all rooms, reduced for a super-value... $4.95 Just 7 Used Dressers, various kinds, exceptional one? at $9.95 Juit 4 Used Dresa-ing Tables, vinous kinds, wonderful i value; at.. $6.95 Just 4 Used Sanitary Couches, great-I7 reduced to $1.95 Just ? Used Side-Oven Gas Rangea, your choice of these higher valua ones For at.. $6.75 Just ? UsetJ Floor Lamps of good de-:gn, ery special $4.75 Barftiin Biutnrnt USED ABOUT 100 library TV bles cStt a fremendou tkoiw. beginning.,....... $3.95 A GROUP of fftchtn Chain, remark- ble at 69c A GROUP of Roclttri is feature at $1.00 ROCKERS and Chairs fTwiped t the lev price... $2.00 Ba'jwn Baitntr.t CompUte Furnishers ' of Successful Homes I i . jam r Di Advertisements OF THE MEMBERS Or THE Los Angeles Auctioneers' Association CAN BE. FOUND 1 rODAVS 1IMFS O'.' CM, I - 6 and 7, Editorial Section F I I -ir i vlay ,&. 'Vf A o'if .'i iwit.tfiPBifcjajadi m 0 -J I W.W 1." 17 1 To Clear $5000 Used F ran 13 2 'HIS department of the Bargain Basement is literally swamped with groups and odd pieces of all all styles. To relieve the congestion immediately, every price has been halved in this group ! Example Look at 6 Dining Tables, $2.45 J Dining Tables, $3.95 10 Dining Tables, $4.9? 5 Dining Tables, $6.95 15 Dining Tables, $7.50 10 Dining Tables, $9.95 15 Dining Tables, $12.50 to $26.85 5 Dining Suites, $12.50 6 4 1 5 10 9 1 5 50 150 "barker Bros. Bargain USED DAVENPORTS Qrouped Reduced DAVEN'PORTS take up tremendous floor 'race ! And (here are 8 of then now that mvt he cleared without delay Hence rediictien?! Various condition and designs hut all very special 6 Used Davenports reduced to $3.9 5 1. Vd Davenports reduced to $7.50 4 Used Dacnporti reduced to $9.95 6 Used Davenports reduced to $12.50 8 Used Davenports reduced to $1 5.00 7 Used Davenports reduced to $19.85 5 Used Davenports reduced to $25.00 35 Used Davenports rediiccd $29.75 to $100.00 Patter Bret Rjrg.wn Rasemenr Wal Bedroom k".5.jtH'f' wm-c X PIONEER si. 1 1 X I l ) ,V 1 f 12 J WW I HaT - urmture rice kinds at all prices and in These Economies I Dining Suites, $15.00 Dining Suites, $17. 0 Dining Suites, $19.85 Dining Suites, $22.50 to $00 Sideboard-, beginning at $4.95 Buffets start at $12.50 China Cabinets start at $7.50 ; Dining Chairs start at $ 2 . 0 New Dining Chairs, $3.75 Basement USED ROCKERS and Ghaut in various groups ... ... $3.00-$9.95 T.RASS BEDS in gronfs pn'fd Iron $1.95-$7.50 HFATt'RS in a spe.,ii grcilp at. $1.25 r IT CHEN TABLES, gro'.'pe' and priced 69c to $2.95 (APPFT RF.MNAVTS, r..',t I 00 of them, -a--H 95c Bargain Ba-itnttnt Broadway between Seventh and Eighth Paper Panels Our Specialty Living, dining room and bedroom papers. $1.50 grade, 75c per roll. 50c grade, 25c per roll Cath and Carry Save Monty WALL PAPER CO. 1033-35 S. Broadway Wil!:arn A. .Jakifn. rrf"il'lpnt oi tli? Natlcnal I ndctx-ndeut hpiiltuul-lt Association, Inc., was ariteucpcj to a term jf nlnctS' da-. a in the City J;n! anl the pa.vmeut of $500 fin- mii'1 his wife. Loli A , Vfer(t-ry of the organization, wim Henteni-ed to h term of thirty da yd and payment of $200 tint) by I'olico Judge Popo yesterday, following tholr ronylction on charpen it criminal eon.pira'y in rnnnertion wlih the issuance of iiiinisUria! orduiu,tlon certitlcates by the association. In the case of Mrs. Jackson a lay of exrutlon for weeks was ! granted; the jail n'liirm-o was sua- pended on condition that the line lie paid. In th" i-fts-e of Jackson oral notiet- of uppei was given ny attorneys for the dffctibe and the defendarit roin roittcd to jail pending the liliiio of a JSOO appeal bond. "It has .en the eoru'ln.slon reached by thiH court in Ilia sev-eral year." of experience in the courts that the measure of a iudmiient in a. crmilnal case Is to tnke from the defendants only to! much aw Is nece-jry to achieve the result conti -mplntcd ty law," Judgs Fope paid in pacing sen-tenc''. "The re-nj't contemplated by law In to Mop criminal practice on the part of the defendant and turn his :tep.s hack to the proper path and to demonstrate to other that offenses rannot he committed with Impunity or In ether words to deter others. FINE XOT ENOUGH "The evidence Indicates In thin can.? lhat a line alone Is not guf. flclent to deter Mr. Jackson and in nffense continued over a loriK period of time It In the be- j iief of the court that to impon1, n Ann alnne is simply to .ay to I the defendant that he may follow a particular criminal practice tf; he no clioof-s and if he is caucht; he will he sirnHv reou:red to fur- i ! render n portion of the profits' Of tllpl ofli'M.'.efl "Tills also I'lacen the court In; the position of enforcing the law: with th" principal eye toward reve-; nue. To conduct a court simply to collect revenue from offenders i I to my mind. In effect, to make' the court a partner in the offense.! "For this reason (he court lias' reached the conclusion that in addition 1" tin I n a; the. defendant W. A. Jackson the amount allowed by law ilo- i-oijrt should also impose a .hidt'inent of imprisonment. "The duration of sui'h term of imprisonment han given the court much food for thought and it is the conclusion or the court that uch Imprisonment as win bring home to the defendant that his conduct cannot be tolerated and t the same time make others who might follow him tinwiilinsr to do s.s lie has don i,s sufficient. "Having in mind the principle of taking f-om the .jejViianr onlv fO miii'li as in the mind of the ' onrt !.-. sufli.-lrnt to s'op the d-l f-ndant in bis (oijrie and to de- ; ter Ct hrt. tlie court pronuncee, ludifoient on K . A. .la-'kson as foiiow: ! Till; M MIi.M 1. i "i'nat he j.e fined in tin- nmii 1 of f.".0'l wt,d be iVMltined in tbn fit y Jail for a term 01 ninety days "As to M - J,:.-k.-'ii tile court; Is of tiie opitiion tl'jt t-he 'corked1 uiil; he- i,..,S,,mi :u:d wnh Mrs. il'iil (Mrs i;ei-trude Hull, a di . re"'iir. t toard the criioorjl ob io'-(.- but If her ,;., tb.. court doe?. i,or rit(- that Slie WHS a ' leader lor oiore ,.f ; follower " It ; io-i-' furr the tudgnieni that Mrs. Loi.. . .U. lon' be" tine,! io tlie Mm; of $2 "mi and cc-nrine-d in the tHy ,ia:l for a term of ihir'.v; days, the lerni of coiitirieui-'nt to be s'lspeiojo.) upon pavment of the flue." I'r-vio.;.. ,, the .-enteiii-e a p.-a for Jeni n. . was made n behalf of the defendant?. bv AttorneVH Paul i '. Hill end Hirn. I. N..-.'-,, coins'l for the ,iae. oi's. It n-.i." st l d in tlvs pp. a that at a f i r' ll ' i i . 1 1 "eon to: t lot)" i. tb' .spiritual).' i c "ialloii. to be held SOII.eH here lo I ., -s Vtinebf ,,, h" 71 h at,d Mh dim. the Ja.-I.notis In -j tended to resign their position: It i wan a Itio btated tiiut neither Mr. or j Mr. Jackson were paid einploveesj of the association, and that io-nier, of them Is an ordained mini.'''r of I the spiritualist u'opt. A rnotbui made later t,, ,,i,u ,ij.h. j pnno'i of lb' line of M-' Ja. ksuii was denied by the n- ; CasS of .-OX "tb defeiijjr.t; 1 who were arresd . i: mg the y0. i vetuber fHld" on charges of . latins eitv oi-dinM'ce were con-ttmjed bv the . ."in to ';j!-o,1; days of iiei! week. ( The oli.i rjr"- iB'ilnc-t J.ieM'ti ' followed ii'i itn o-t .t-i t ion of )-; t.ii'les of fraudulent spiritualists' opera'in in l.o Aiifrli whieb i bran on October 1 and culmi- ' nated Novetn be.- T in a seller- of' taids and arrests in no,j, 1 soton or no ' rv in r.ini-tho board of ,;!i.'ct-i of Hie as-1 foclatlon -iuthorid 'lie ifsiiancj! of an ordination ceititb.ite to (,o ('hnmberlvn now . otherwise I'harles Sloan, a I Huff reporter,! f-r !.. Titlr formed the bai? ( f the enlence lat"r co!lctt-.J by th profe.-iiioti. I Hepretientiiig in- city in the, c.ij jektefday loo'-iioip were ("t -J vonecutor l riedlacder. ai d Ivp. . uty 1'rosecutoi - l.erov Keames, and I'aul I rie-'ioan. under ,u!,o,,.. lurisdlct ion the iu (. si 'g a t ,on u ,ls If E'lii and "-ar-ied to ti- conclu-moii yesterday H'l to whom the credit of brea.!! up "bit ja averred to be om- of the 'Vnat-.' est imniti'ik to the publv troo ot the city of l"t Aigers'" is to be j.-rn. KXLSirAGKAHIANS ON MKX1CAN LAM) OlSTKl) .FV (4H1E M llttfll t!t-J' ; MKXICO.CITY. I't-b. Th- I Department of the lnter.or hs or. i ; dwied a number of "false agra-n: it" ejected from ranches they 'sel.d in Aguas talientcs luxes-: ligilion di-ctsid that these per-', son had no claims to ihe property, and tin? military commander in Agua Callentee ha reveixed in-; btruction to recover the ranclie. All Silk Chiffon Hose Extraordinary Special Purchase The Most Phenomenal Values Ever Offered! Specially Priced Presentiinig: all the newest colors 5m all sizes. Extremely Beaytifmifi Sheer and Clear I -os A nicies Hollywood "Shoe Stores of Wondtrful 629 So. Broadway 451 So. Broadway 410 So. Broadway Presenting - - - Introducing - - - The New 66iRosemary" a. -' o s. j, r - B v ,,, ow'MmjfcK In the New and Daring Combinations that make this slipper so distinctively Baker's and Yours! A Wonderful Value at $1250 Patent. Apricot Trim Tan Rujsia Calf. Champagne Trim Field Mouse Kid. 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