The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 3, 1921 · 27
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 27

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1921
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TUESDAY MORNING MAY 3, 1921. PACT II. COGSWELL RAPS JAIL CONDITIONS A DM ITS UK SOLD Telephone Pico 2070 SHORT Ml-SUHE. rilling Stntlnn M.iti Wit Jculinc with Sealer in "(.'ns" Sn!. Telephone .ytTA . N SDVENTH-ATOUVB SEVENTH AT OUVE S City and County Institutions Called Disgrace. Permanent Structure is Urged Before City Club. 'Architects 'Association Will be Asked to Assist. r."ConfliUoiii t the City and I County Jails today ar.'a l"gracs." sclarsd gups-visor CorwelJ at yssteraay-s noon luncheon discussion at ths City Club la setting forth th. plans for a new Hall of Justice, to cost 11.250.-000. "There la not a city or a county one-third of the sle or wealth of Lou Angeles city and county, which Is ma poorly equipped aa we are. - "The time has come. I belleva, whn Los Angeles ahoudconitrurt publlo building" which will be a credit to the city. We ehould cease the practice of putUng up temporary atructurea to honee the branchea ot our government." ..' The county owns a elte s reet lnnj by 198 feet wide on the north Kle of Temple etreft between Beuna Vista and High streets, now partly occupied by the Hall of Juntlce and 1nil. On this site the new building would' be placed. It would be at least ten stories and possibly twelve stories In height; Of the total space, one-fifth Is to be used for a combined city and county Jail, the rest to house the criminal courts. Plstrlct Attorney, Chief of Folice, Sheriff and City Prosecutor, and all other criminal administrative offices. The city would pay to the county as rent an amount equal to five per cent per annum on the cost of constructing the parts of the building It occupied. Supervisor Bean, who alao spoke nt yesterday's meeting, stated that the local chapter of the American Association of Architects will be called upon to assist with the plans, so as to iiegure the citizens that the proposed building will be suitable. Supervisor Cogswell, in replying to the arguments offered for an industrial farm instead of a building to include Jail quarters, declared that he was In favor of the State establishing a farm to which could bo sent prisoners from- all over the State. Most of the prisoners at the local ,1a lis, the supervisor said, are men awaiting trials, and he said that It would be impracticable to send them to a prison farm. It is proposed, Mr. Cogswell said, to pay for the new Hall of Justice by a ti-cent increase on the county tax levy for a period of two years, and even with this Increase the supervisor said, the rate next year Is expected to be lower than the present one. on account of the increased property valuation. Favors Law to Protect Buyers of Used Autos. In giving Judgment yesterday gainst H. F. Beler, who as an Innocent purchaser, obtained for cash an automobile from Sam Spence, a Long Beach garage man, the car being under contract to Smith Brother Motor Company, Judge J. P. Wood held that some law should be framed by the Legislature, to protect purchasers of second-hand cars sold under conditional sales contract. Mr. Spence sold the car to Mr. Beler, who had no knowledge that the Smith Brothers Motor Company had an Interest In it. When Mr. Spence failed to make all of the pay. merits on the car to Smith Brothers Motor Company, the latter terminated the contract. Finding the car In the possession of Mr. Beler, the company brought suit to recover it. FOIl REVIVAL MEETINGS. Revival meetings, which began day before yesterday, will be conducted all this week by Evangelist S. B. Shaw at the Holiness Church, 400 West Avenue 1. Pleading entity to having i isauwt Bimt in j:nvmg chained Sealpr 1,'Uher of the ij J deuariinent of .measures and weights, for seven gallons of J gasoline when ha.gave him only s llttls vnorn than five gallons. W, O. Liecomb, op- $ erator of a gssollne elation at Boylston street and Beaudry j avenue, was fined $359 by Po lice Judge rtay Chetebro yes- J terday. Llscomb paid the fine. - Jail or Money Back is Demand on Clairvoyant K. F. Fullmer, known as Katherlne Frances Fullmer and Frances A Fullmer, according to the complaint of Minnie E. Peats, filed yesterday, obtained $1759 at various times to Invent In stocks and other securities. on her purported representation that her clairvoyant powers would bring rich returns. The defendant as serted the plaintiff would be ab's to live a life of ease and luxury on the Investments, It Is asserted. Tho plaintiff gave the defendant sums of money to Invest between June, 1919, and July, 1(20, believing In the honesty and integrity of the defendant, the complaint states The plaintiff's suspicions became aroused last July, she asserts, and she demanded the return of her money. The; demand was refused, she say. The complaint asks for a refund of the money advanced or, on fail ure of the defendant to repay the amount, that she be imprisoned In the County Jail until the amount Is paid. Hold Two Men on Pickpocket Suspect Charge. Charged with suspicion of having attempted to pick the pockets of F, It. Butcher -of 346 South Spring street, while riding In & downtown street car, John Rud', 27 years of age, and E. J. Glover, aged 35, were arrested yesterday by Police Officer V. T. Toomcy. Witnesses say one of the prisoners had his hand In Butchers pocket when arrested. Both men dejiy the charges. They are held while the police investigate tnetr recoras. Shortly before the arrests. Mrs. ftrace H. Grotenfeldt of 1424 West Temple street reported to the police that a diamond brooch valued at $1500 had been cut from her waist while she was shopping downtown. She was unable to give any descrip tion or tne tnier. VETERANS BANQUET. Field Signal Battalion Holds It First Annual Reunion. . Holding their first anual reunion, members of the Three Hundred and Twenty-second Field Signal Bat tallon, who took part in five major operations during the World War, gathered at a banquet In the Blue Bird Cafe at the Hayward Sunday night. A permanent organisation was formed, with the following offi cers: resident, Kusseii Wagner vice-president. Temple Ashbrook secretary, A. D. Hayes: correspond' ins secretary, Reed Rowan; treasur er, John S. Baker: all of Los Angeles. Miss Suzanne Barrett . furnished the flowers for the decorations. Headquarters are at the Hayward and 11 members of the battalion, which was a California organization, are requested to com municate with Mr. Rowan there. ? eppieii of PERMANENCE "When w build lee u dunk that wt build foreveri Let it not be for the preient delight nor for proeM lit alone; let It be such vm.U u ur descendants will think u for." mkin. 122E.96I SpecialLsb in HihGnade. Pluunbin Supplies . v . Tuesday, 'a' Day of Specials Women's Woo! Sweaters $5.95 Woo tie-back and tuxedo model Sweaters, long sleeved and belted styles in solid colors, smartly trimmed with brushed wool in combination colors. Black sweaters trimmed in black and white; rust sweaters, in gray and rust; navy sweaters in gray and navy; canary sweaters in gray and canary, and Harding blue sweaters in canary. THIRD FLOOR Madeira Center Pieces $3.95 each Sample Madeira Centerpieces, round. 24-inch size, made of fine round thread white art linen, hand scalloped and eyelet embroidered. " SECOND FLOOR Bag Tops $1.45-. A new assortment of Bag Tops for the Monte Carlo bags. Round and oblong shapes with mirror. Gold and silver. A special value. STREET FLOOR Corsets , $2.95 Corsets of fancy brocade, medium high bust, long skirt, reinforced over abdomen, 6 good hose supporters. Sizes 20 to 30. FOURTH FLOOR EarR5ngs $3.95 Black Enameled Earrings, Paris' latest novelty, are of round or oval shape. 18-K gold mountings. A Tuesday's special. STREET FLOOR 10c card Ocean Pearl Buttons, 30 to 60 ligne; two and four on a card. Very much in demand for summer sewing. STREET FLOOR - L'Orlgan Perfume $2.45 oz. Coty'a t'Origan Perfume of delightful fragrance. The fastidious woman will readily appreciate this very special Tuesday pricing. STREET FLOOR Kayser Gloves K a y s e r Chamoisette Gloves of the 2-clasp style in white and natural. A very special Tuesday offering. STREET FLOOR Hosiery $1.4 Women's pure silk hosiery, fine and sheer, semi-fashioned and firmly reinforced at all points of wear. Black, cordovan, polo gray, chiffon gray and silver. Sizes 8A to 10. STREET FLOOR 25c Crepe ds chine Handkerchiefs with plain and fancy borders are another decidedly special offering for Tuesday. STREET FLOOR Jersey Silk Vests Exceptionally fine quality Jersey Silk Vests, well reinforced where the wear comes. Regulation, bodice and elastic top styles. Flesh color only. a STREET FLOOR Damask Pattern Cloths .. . $2.95 each Imported damask pattern cloths, size 68x72 inches, made of fine quality heavy weight satin-finished cotton damask of Irish manufacture. ' SECOND FLOOR Stamped ' Nightgowns Nainsook Nightgowns, stamped to embroider in neat floral and scroll designs. Sizes 15, 16 and 1 7. FOURTH FLOOR Entire Stock of .i "; Red. Cross Shoes HALF PRICE A. Special Sale for Tuesday Discontinuing Red Cross Shoes. Original prices have been reduced to new price levels a'ed new prices cut In Siaflff to make Complete Clearance Several Hundred Pairs from which to choose. FIFTH FLOOR. lay Sale of White Yardage White Skirting, 36 and 44 inches wide, fancy and plain. A yard 95c White Lace Voiles, 40 inches wide. Fancy patterns. A yard 95c Fine Checked White Djmity, 27 inches wide. A yard ........ 42V4c White Mercerized Batiste, 45 inches wide. A yard 39c White Mercerized Poplin, 36 inches .wide. A yard 39c White Dress Voiles, fancy patterns, 36 inches wide. Ayard . . . 29c White Imported French Crepe Voiles. 50 inches wide. A yard 25c Toweling Wc yd, Union linen crash toweling, I 7 inches wide, a half linen crash of good heavy weight. Nainsook and Long By the Bolt 36-inch English Long Cloth. 10-yd. bolts 36-inch English Nainsook, 10-yd. bolts SECOND FLOOR .$1.95 .$2.35 . Siammer Millinery $5.00 and $775 Group I at $5.00, includes smart banded Sports Hats, Sailors and hats for every occasion, adorned with flowers, berries, embroidery, wreaths, colored grasses, and bow effects. Colors range from deep tones to dainty tints. Trim models for street wear are shown in brown, black and navy. Group 2 at $7.75. includes large country hats with clusters of field flowers; leghorns and plaques with trimmings of odd fancy, quills and cire ribbon effects in smart bows so popular for street wear. The more dressy hats are lace trimmed. Women's 'Gingham Bresses Women's Gingham Dresses made of fine quality tissue gingham, featuring the tucked overskirt effect and wide girdle with tabs that hang youthfully at the back. There is a suggestion of crisp coolness in the dainty white organdie collars, cuffs and vestees. trimmed with double rows or Val lac. The ginghams have plaid grounds with whita satin stripes and are of sudh popular combinations as blue . and white, pink and white, orchid and white and black and white. All aizes. THIRD FLOOR Qrjsiiie Bsxssss $ 11 5.00 Very cool and summery are these dainty Dresses of im- forted organdie in whits and ovely pastel shades of pink, blue, orchid and maize. The skirt effect is of long petals, joined and bordered with tiny bias ruffles. Bias ruffles are also used on the shawl collar that crosses in front and forms the girdle. Tiny puffs that finish the sleeves give an added touch of Muffin ess. THIRD FLOOR m Mm & mm . MM) Egyptian Crepe 5.95 One of the season's newest silk fabrics for sports wear is Egyptian Crepe. A fabric woven with a hair line plaid on a plain background in such color combinations as gray tad rose, tan and rose, gray and green, black and white, jade and white and rose and white. SECOND FLOOR Novelty Party Bags $5.95 ' French Novelty Party Bags, made of silk, brocade lined and fitted with mirrors. Draw string fastening and tops ornamented with flowers. In lovely summer shades of blue, tan, gray, green and maize. ( STREET FLOOR Bracelets 59c Sterling silver Bangle bracelets, either plain or engraved. Delightful for wear with summer frocks. Very special. STREET FLOOR Brassieres 85c. Bandeau Brassieres, made of heavy brocaded mate rial in either front or back fastening styles. A very special offering. FOURTH FLOOR $1.00 Fine Nainsook Envelopes, especially well made garments, neatly trimmed with lace. A special Tuesday offering. . FOURTH FLOOR Faicy Aprons . nOfff Little white Aprons, daintily trimmed with lace and embroidery. A splendid assortment of styles from which to choose. FOURTH FLOOR Brazil Nut' 0c 9 Another temptine Tuesday special for the candy lover. Brazil Nut Glaze, a delicious sumror confection. Petticoats $4.75. Fine white satin Petticoats, scalloped bottom or 3-inch hemstitched hem. Double panels back and front. White and flesh. THIRD FLOOR Nainsook 25c yd. 36-inch Nainsook of good quality. Suitable for women's and children's underwear. Special for Tuesday. SECOND FLOOR Bath Towels' 23c eacli Bleached Turkish Bath Towels, made of good heavy weight, double thread Turkish toweling. SECOND FLOOR Novelty Neckwear 95c A choice assortment of Vestees, Collars and Collar and Cuff Sets, specially priced for Tuesday. Vestees are of organdie with Buster Brown or tuxedo collars and come in white, pink, rose and lavender. Another model is fashioned of net, daintily trimmed with rows of Val lace. Tuxedo collars to match. ITREET FLOOR Pure Linen Napkins $6.50 doz. Pure Irish Linen Napkins, size 22x22 inches, a ood heavy weight napkin shown in neat designs. SECOND FLOOR Women's Voile Blouses $4.75 Voile Blouses in the tuck-in, Buster Brown and Ford styles with short sleeves, round or square necks, lace trimmed. THIRD FLOOR "

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