The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 16, 1920 · 27
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 27

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1920
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I -uUXW MOISNIING. Investment Bargain Counter Cal-Tex Oil we can deliver up to 5 shares or trim security t considerably mn i no men point j centiy reached, and, t the price " n are suthorUeil to ull, this looks like a real bargain. L A. Brick Co. This local Issue Is well regarded, mil, at the price, is. we think, a good investment. We offer 160 shares at SM each, Tex-La-Homa OU Those posted on this issue will rind our price extractive and considerably below normal. We offer b shares Preferred and 10 shares Common. Turner-Brooks Royalty This Is a strong monthly divl- flend payer, and, at the price offered, Is. we think, an unusually good buy. This has paid vault dividends in past two months. We offer any part of 10 units, $100 each. Triangle Royalty This popular issue has paid cash monthly dividends during the past l!l months of 145 1-2. and, at the price offered. Is, in our Judgment, one of the very best 011 investments ever obtainable in California. We offer all or any part of GOO units at 13 per unit. Hunsaker & Woodmancv Investment Brokers Mason Lou Angeles BldK,- Telephone M313 H. N. Willard & Co. Ground Floor, 623 8. Spring St. 14515 WILL SELL l to C Turner-Brooks Koyalty...S7fl.l """ 10 noon True Oil JV4e .Deny Bonds at Mkt. Ne commission iww HrrTer Oil Jo MOS Mrf'raoUrn Sllrcr-Lead ZOe 100 Richfield Consolidated Cheap 1000 Raacer Refining Bid iihj Diamond C f 1.00 100 Diamond D. $1.50 WE HAVE THE CHEAPEST Richfield Yorba Richfield United and Richfield Union in town. GIVE US YOUR ORDERS FOR Prudential Petroleum at .. $1.25 Hall Helicopter ........... $1.00 FRANK OIL la a dandy stock and you will certainly be interested In our price. WE WILL BUY Sunshine Corporation at . . 99c Montebello No- 1 Oil at .. 12.10 Montebello Crude Oil at .... 80c Allied Petroleum at 70c Invader Oil of Okla. , WE BUY LIBERTY BONDS TV pay ht price for all tMoe and f. 8, Stamps. NEW OIL FIELD Imperial Valley Acre Tract ONLY $25.00 Close to Brawley Commercial Gas Well When gusher comes In you will be Independent. Make Checks payable to Security Commercial and Sav- mgs Bank Grant deed free and clear. Wm. W. Anderson Box 241, EI Centra, CaL I TWO MAPS FREE REDONDO OIL $1.25 NOW Headed hy leading bueinea men of Reonnrio. guaranteeiag konest and efR-eient management. Well No. I soar drilling, ander dree, tlon of Charlla Keller-is years ex-oerienra without a faunae. F.onipment foe Wells No. 1 and e. bains purchased. Procrnm. a set forth la Bias Sky Permit No. SOU, rail tor live wrlla. Rsprrta say they should strifes It la 4 out of . Brokers predict fl.M to $3.M far tb Mark. A limited am omit of this stork ean he bsatht either for rah sr partial garments for Sl.SS a share. PRIOR TO THE IN'EVITARI K AO ANTE. Far full particulars send coupon today, MACKENZIE & CO. SM Citterns National ,Rsak Bids, la Anaeleo. Cat. rhaaa l'iaJS. Read ase aritheot oWlrmHoa rharHa Keller's earena etaleiaenl. colored Gee-loalral Map. Colored Airplane Map af all Ronthera California Iteldo and ftir. I he partlralara regae-diag aUXI.MIO Oil. fcTOt aw Neeae .m.mMm. Address ..... I. A T. NOT STOCKS NOT LEASES tot HitHfh awawrthlB at alt leads I il)t caa m them. Ask ttiacK, ixowiana oc v-ompany Taad ateerhaata Sat t Merrhaats Kstieeai Beak RlCf. Las Aagetes Texas Oil & Gas Leaies . Drilling Contracts Real Eslat Ilamell & Glover f3 Zlorj z:u, : Am FIN STRIKES OIL AT 166 FEET Charles Keller, Rnperlnfeadent of Drill-In Operations for the Kedondo Oil Corporation, etatra that this aernrred In Well No. 1, and only carries out hi. predictions thst they wonld set Indl-ratlons af ett all the way down the welL DON'T (neest a dollar la ell antll yon set ear colored geological sup and full particulars. STOCK NOW SELLING AT Sl.fl. BURKE & CO. LICENSED BROKERS S3S Citizens Xallnn.l, MJ, ie Angeles. BEDONDOl ISO N. Pacific. Ats. Telephone 4t. VKMCBl Zephyr and Trolleyway Telephone SHIS. Tel. S3 7 77. JONO BEACHt 401 Markell Bids. OCEAX PARR: 8 Ocean Park Jtank ' Bids. Telephone SSMS. DIVERSIFIED INVESTMENT Five railroad Issues at prices to return an income of 7.50 on an Investment in equal amounts of each. We shall be pleased to supply Information upon request for LT-029. BeNatioitalGty Company Correspondent Offices In aver IS Cities. lee Angeles 801 8. Spring; St. Pasadena Citizens gaslnge Baak Bids. gsn Diego tOS Union Bldg. CANADIAN BONDS Payable in Gold in New York WE OFFER SUBJtCT TO PRIOR SALE: $50,000 Grand Trunk Pacific Railway unconditionally guaranteed by Prov. Incs of Saskatchewan, due 1939, to yield 61'j'A. t $15,000 City of Calgsry, dua 1933, to yield 1f. $35,000 City of Edmonton, duo 1929, to yield Vi. .. R. C WILLIAMS, JR. Canadian Securities 541 Citizens National Bank Bldg. Telephone 62225 FORSALE 100 shares Herrlngton. Dumas ..Bid 500 shsres Richfield Consolidated Cheap 400 shares Diamond Louisiana Bargain t Turner-Brooks ...Snap BOO shares Beatty Bid 200 shares Richfield. Vorbs ..Cheap 300 shares Richfield Unlted..Bargain 1000 shsres Utah California Oil Prods. Co Bid i WILL BUY Richfield United. Bestty OH. Pomona Oil. LIBERTY BONOS. SEE US FOR Turner-Brooks Royalty Triangla Royalty Texaa Star Royalty American Securities Co. 828 Story Bldg. Pico 3304 STOCKS Carried on Open Account Loans Made Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention I rfcrnborf Los Anodes Slork Exchangers!, San rrmtnwo mock Lxcnana 770 & SPRING SX rvSAJWELtr, HALL PATENTS Hall Helicopter Aero plane at $1.00 We buy and sell Jerome Superior Copper. L. C. Throop Co. Suite 719 Story BIdy. Mam 5184. MARKET PRICK PAID FOB LIBERTY BONDS An drfMmilnntrnn. anr amovafa, larf r C E. MILLER,' anates ftork r.rrhaan 404 alerrhsats atl. Haak Blds Trthowi IAS I. all h jjwal eondlltona will be recotVod st the Office r,f tb IXrertor of Purciiaee Gnrl Bupvlls Br.nrh Dun MunlUona Boiulinr. U..ninM r. until IS am, April fl 1.... t', V, t-Mkets snd hirnins r... i-. ,! .... wv. t -. .i merauia llne.&, mnal ra.keta or composition ea.k.ts ar msnuraeturrrr own dn,(ns and aeet-nrstliKia w'll bo considered. All nukm mst ha air and watr fht r.,. be a dMermlnir.t fartnr In m.k. sws"i)s and are deir at the rate t nn mont.-iir aetti romnli!..i. tvesmnvcr jo! nan'M a rotr.pfeely (lnise4. fui-e,M4 i!r'e end a cmvT 9mn w'rV r;-. I"'''d ta a -ent at opi!j So5 oo3CO00CXXXXXCXXXXXO0CX I DAILY EASTERN CITRUS MARKETS 0O0000O00Ch0O000OOC)OOOOOOO0OOOOO0O0OOO ciTnfs runt shipmknth , SOUYHEBM CALIyOBMA. sbHI 14 Tout esri to um date lut, mm CKNTIUI, CAUroBNU. Aortl 13 Tnt.l ears to dtt. Uil mm '. '. '. ' Total urn to uw dsts U teuon Onus. .14. WW .11.577 Ianwsa 8 910 EXOXSln DISPATCHES. 1 4 e m.T 2.3UO !5i tUrkat 1 hlfbar. NAVEM Are.. Vlipu, MCI t Snutll Win., MCx. ftnrt. SAX 8(1 P, SDl T.f T.umo, sbi ... ai Big ft, SBl 8 16 KAV15IJ Arre I NAVHA Bert of OoM. SB 7 7.1I Maieitv. OKt Vankeo lwdle. iB A4UI Paul Stnrrm Hrthir. Uli 5..V) imrt. Lan Otilil rtuclOe. RHx. S 101 Pirrot, RAi . Manacle. Oki... T.Ou, fwfktu Aee I South Mta. MCs. i.401 As. , a 10 1ft; 7.10 BLOODS Am. Tallvho. SBt ... a.H.1 Heart nt OoVt. B H.l) TSMyhn 8 TANdrTRIVES Ane. (Haltei) Plnnsfle. OKI ... 4 00 Paul Nejrroa. Lsrx S Sa .l,..J!!?ST,,', Al11 TtiWaen ssrs of eruiaai and one nt of lemons sold. Market is tin- NAVtUa CarSire. Ptrt . , Klne Mountain Contest, strt ., Pnnfrea. Ox . B. Kulinf-nood, BD 6.70 Anipi,.pn tt'Qt Alhlrte, SAi 4. sol SWIFTS Gnklan Rula. Kin ft.2..1 Mtn. Uoa ATI.. I TiAVtl--. f an Laurel. Or . . 5. 2r! Fruiceaa. Qx . 4.1iLilv. Or .... 5 LEMONS NAVEWi Ayt. MitoD Inn $n.:ir. C-M Mfial, coo. 8 IS Blue C(fwe. AMI.. 15. 1T Meilnl. GOO 5.7K t amrllla. Rf0 .. 5 5.' fMP ... fl soi Muatans, AKO ... 5.3J "HIWDELPHU NAVELS Arra. Bins H40 oto ft. J. l Blue (Jlobe, BiT1 ma Berl fllnhe. Bl?i.. B.7.1 Shammrk. NOi ... (tin Bis It, HRi ..... 4. ft,-)1 PITTSBUHOH, Awil IS Two can of oran fee sold, IVAVKT.K I WlVTTc ..Ml, Wonrlerland. Fn'r.JHSol HMdenriale. KCTJl. 8.2llait To'i. inn. Anrll 1S Eisht ears of SWEET Ar Barl Clrrle. JO... IS 00 HOMOSAfBAS Atzt Panar 4 70 ruiiman s no ST. MICHAELS Ai. Bine Circle. (tialTnl lis Are.. , fl 4ft! . S.10! . SSHI Atie . ! S Arr. . 5 50 JEEnUtfns " Carnation. VH9 . Bd Bottb Mtu. lion, Heap Good, ML. BLOODS Camellia, BMO) oraaires sold. Market Is atnmr and rusher. SWKETS Cameneita. VOi C'oliniho, NOx . , KtKliLINf Atio. , 477S 4.7.1 , 4 2S , 3 . SO ATr.. . 4.M ATie. 8 .'.III A'lrr SEEDLINGS At. Boi . SBi SAMIAK AT. rlnral. SBt 2 10 hi. MiiiAKia ATire flhamrork. Ox .. 7.11S llonis SOI .. r. Talllhs. 6Bx .... A 5 Market la steadr. Awr. I reEDtJNGS Atso. a0 Iniddendal.. ECUS. 4.HO B.tir lilobr Si. 8 or, ralf.onia. NOi ... 4 O.V Tigrr, SBt a.Wl FloraO. RBi .... 4.101 LIVE-STOCK MARKET AT VARIOUS CE3VTERS. 1ST A. V. NIGHT W1BB1 LOS ANGELES. April l.Vnn ih.4 i. ira. no IO iv toa.. 10.30i 17J to 225 lbi.. 17.09. raltl. (nm tnr. m . ... . I2 W12.(0: alee, owl um, tl.50si200 C'owa. mmwI liion i,. ui. 1- w. A10.00. m.v.w. BMSUUIB. S.00 Bulla asd atus, 7 00 ia to 100 Ibt.. 12.001 lis to 22S 8.60t.00: lambs. Il.5fjuil5.00. April 15. Oattle. roreiaita. Bono- tainia lbs.. 11.50 amaeu Ewes. CHICAGO, heavy oattle. 15 65: ahe-atork falrtr i'"-. 2?- ,.k. e.OO 11.00: esinSa dull o.wiss.ojii on stroni bologna, biomi, T 7.50; )Tee 25 to SO cents hisliar- 40O0: bulk around 14.50; no wad. hWuiYfoa. ?s.t5!22 Hmm and hTr wnht jteadj- to 1.1 cents lower; few aalca other than Mckmr and rxtremelj hearr butcher rradM below 15 00- h.ik r . Kid 14.90(16.75. . Sheen, recatnta. 11 Oral- .M4v. m.,.. shorn lamb.. 18.23: bnlk. 17.50' up; orims. 84 ! i 'r lean mi aeibera, 18.50; too PORTLAND. Anrll 1M cm. .1.... eeipta Orain and nulp-fed ateera. 1125(eison 10.7.1: mmUim to ennrl. 0llfO7-.. S.aaaw.OO; eomroon to fajr. 7.0t)H.25; choice 0.!?-3 h','n'- .S31025: ood to choice. 8254r.i: medium to sood, 7.0flwN25: fair to urtiMiui. v.v.'i i.iw cmnupr... ntaa-?un. hnl . 0OAA5O: nrlm. tieht mlt.. i.mmi.itiwi. '"'T: "o tnorlnta. Prime mlTrd. 18 75 ('i7.1f5: medium. 1825wi6.75; roius ban 12.25islOI; piga. 18.00,815.50. Photo steaitr; no receipta. Forlruj Iambi. 17 00 fl 00: ceatern. 17.0(o 18 (10: llsht Taller 15. 75(l 17.01! ; hTj-. 14.2.'a 15.75; cemmnn to medium. 11.oihw14.5a: Tearlinss. 15 oi15 50-wethrra, 14.o0wl5.25; ewea, 10.00I4.00, ..rj?tTH T1"' PA"U T" lr' -Hirj. recelpta. 3.VMI; atctdj. lunge. 14.15814.60; bulk, 14 4U 14.50. Cattle, reeeipta, 1500; klllwi atrois to 25 cetua higliTT. Fat ateere. .5K13.75: cow and heifera. 8.50912.00; calTr U centa higher at 4 .'j'i.13.00; stockers and feeders atrong, 5.25(4 12.25. i Pheep. reeeipta 200: ateady. Lamtw. SOOrS 19.00; wethrra. 12.0O(14 50; ewes. 4.O0 14.00. KANUA8 CITT, April 15 Horn, receinta. 750-all WFiahta 50 eenU higher atork 15 to 85 cent, higher. Tor.. 15 00c 15.85; bulk llghta and mediuma, 15.00(9:15.85; hulk heaTjr, 14.85(15.00 Cattle, taceipts. 17.000; artrre: strung to 25 rente higher. Too ateera. 14.50: bulk stcera I 12.50vM3.75; top yearlinra, 15.75: hulk esr. lima. I!l25(i13 50; jrnod tealeni. 12 60(813 50. Mieep reeeipta 85110. Lambs 75 centa to I 1 DO higher. Beat offered at 20 25: bulk. 1 25a 20 25: about ateadir with laat market befnr. lime. OMAHA. Aoril 15. Hrera. rerfllnts 14O0O market actlra genenUlr ateadr to 25 cents high er. Mjrnjr. a noiro: on tneaium to strong weigiit kinta. cium stow on nesTieK. top, 14.75: bulk ia.Tnii4.ia Cattle, receipts. 0000; market for all arradea or killing catue acme ana ateaar to atrons. Beat steers STerarms ISO pounda. 14.00: bulk. or steer aaiea, izmxwiH z."i; peel Tearlings, 13.75-hufher fat heifera. 12.25: real market dull: few Itorkera arxl Teeacrs uncrtanaerl; market atead. Sbeep, reeeipta. 6000: market actire1 fullr 25 to 50 centa higher. Heat wool 2IJ.25 to enppea l. : ewea no co io.w. ST. JOSEPH April 15. Horni receipts. 4000 Strong. Ton. 15.10: hulk. 18.50( 15.1(1. Cattle, reeeipta. zaw: Bo to 50 cents higher ateera, 1050($145O: cows sad heifers 6.00a 14.25; oaJTea. 8.00(411.50 KIimh recfHots. A.00: market KA to 1ft Mni. ainer. lamoa. jv.oviau-io: ewes, i4.ouwib.25w NEW YORK METAIi MARKETT. IIIV A. P. NIGHT WIBB.1 KEW TORK. April 15. Connor and tma vn- cnangea. Tin. w: apru-june. n& Antimonv, 10 87. Lead easier: snot, 0: May, 8 75 saktd 7'e.e eaaT; Eaat Pt. Tniia. apot. 8 25 bid. auaneaes-TwaT-MaMrjicu., sassa. bb. ak aas. UUnlVtasI 10312 SF RING iuw SEVENTH STOCKS AND BONDS IN SAN FRANCISCO. IBT A. P. KI0HT ".IRB.J ban rrtAVclsco. April 15. Folkwins are to. oaj s etoalng quoUUona snd sales oa the Ian "aacisco Stock EicbAngs: Cloaa Bonda- Bd. Asked. wl,Bnj ixian B'.g in1 .... Aatociated Oil Co. 1st 5s. 1922 . il'i ' .... lal (iaa Elentrio Unit. aV Bef. Mttf. 5a. lHTlT QS . . . dtv klee. C. 1 Ul. R. TOUT v.u. BO Firat Federal Trust Co. lat JtW. 6a, 11)43 .". 0 Gee Pol Corp. lat Ml 6s. 192 80 .en. pi Line 1st Mlg. 6s. 162.':. Wi 100 Ureat Wcatern P iwer Ca lat Jltg. v' Jfw fovi V A. Klfptrie Cr. S. 1Q9B Oil I. A. Gaa Else. Corp, lat Kef. . . ll 80 L. A. IUilwa lrt Mt4t. 5a, ltWS DO L. A. !tiilaj Corp. lat aV Bef. 8.. 1W0 55 01'A, Natomaa Co. of Cal. Gen, A Bef. Northern cai,' Power Coi Con. Mti! ' '" ltg .... IT I'arific Gaa a Electric Otst. Baf. Ba. 1IM3 tbu esai .w i,. r4nr.izK3 nr. og, KHZ nu 11 I'aciflc Tel A Tel. Co. lat Mt. Col. Tr.iat 5a, 111.17 B41 84k ..4um ll w i-. oa. itfin. . . Ma ei f; P- - .R. lat Kef. 4a nfd. 1855 70S 714 . ....... .u . ,&i ijien 7i si llrr fa Pnwer Co. lat 5a. 1(130 S:H4 Wubtera Pacifle By, Co. Re. 1848. bltf 82 SALEa Mr.mliig seasloa Bonds: 2000 t'nited btates JVjt at 84 5i ; 8000 do. 1st 4s at S3 : 4000 do, 2nd 4V4s st 7k; looo do. 3d 414s at 914: K7.O0O do. at 0H,: 18.000 do. 4Ul 414s at hi; HHi do at fMS: 11l in Mh IV. .1. uac -1IO0 tlal. Gas Electric 5s at 00; 1000 Klet BaT 5'a at Re": 2ikk Nitomaa lit at 7H'i: OfalO Pacin.; Tel. A Tel. ia at 84 j. stockii: Uj I'acUlo tiectnc let iri. at H4: no Paciac Uaa a Llectrio common at 50 4: 185 Hawaiian Commer cial a sugar at 72'i; 100 Himikaa Bugar at 12: 10 Hutcliinwin fuipir at 82 "i: 85 Olaa, Kugar at 15: 50 Pioneer Mill at 414,: 70 1 ninn rugar at ns4: 125 Aaincuimd oil at 115; 10 union oil i at. "4: 2l Ho. at .13 5 General Ps- irr.r.ini couimon at lar.'-j: m do. at 145: 15 do, ' lU.50 No"n Amariraa Oil at 2..: 2H0.) do, at 8.2TU.; 100 do at 2J5: 25 CMl. Packer, com- moo, at wl't ; 2" do. at SO'A; A5 P. E. Booth at .J, xv oparrr rionr ar. YH. CHICAGO EXCHANGE: PRICE RANGE. SALES. FXCLCS1VE DISPATCH 1 CHICAGO. Ann! IS K , r. nj .t.. bhpui Mll.US. MAWjr. ....... ... Prerloni N5. .- tiurn. iw. cioaa cUml -u wum i-ics .... lin 41i 41ta 41 i" am. aamator .. S4 s S2 84 '5 Do. pfd 825 828 325 324 Ci5 "Ann'r Leather. Ifl4 18S Id 17 24 -Ho. pfd .... 85 044 85 95 oa.i nrmmir pia ,..i(aii 1110 ira joo 45 BeaTerboard ... 58 57 67 57 15 Brlie 87 88(4 8014 88 25 Buiue Bros ... 17 17 17 jj M C C. C. Bl. 7V4 T4 714 7 J15 'CO.,.. fMiaon ..108 105 105 107 1WO Cnnfl Motors .. 11 114 11 si lift i.i iiianiona Auicb.l.l 121 SM0 Elder Corp. ... 88 S5!i 10 Great Lakes D. . ka u oir nan, 8 M... 811 S50 UralchsUl 57 l.WO 'Hupp Mobss.. 21 1.280 Cane 11. ..... 23 70 Do. 2nd nfd.. 77(4 . 70 Illinola Brick .. SS 8,550 Lil liy 51 10 Midwest I t pfd 38 1.445 Mont Ward ... ,Hii4 1,U"1 Nat'l IaUisr .. 14 50 Oi-pheaim 31 82 Public serrie. 7r, 15 Quaker flats ...20 MINING STOCKS IN SAN FRANCISCO. SA V-RANClsrO. April 15. Polljvruvt Irs o- r-; - TO'iimm ana sues on IUj Pas 'ranrivo m.-k Kichana. luninbed by A. v j")lr- fiuth rpnng lrort. menii or Usl AUS vmu aiarnangoa: bi ...r-d'-T . i.irine inaanca S 'o Alto IliTide 12.ia neither Inrido I'Maa) lielritr Batanatoa ... ' local ben Uur 4.HJ 'tl J Broaigher Diiida .... 7 omi ninds City I. t o-ai Ihiide foul 4..v( in 'id. Riuriaon .... .( tioll Zone Dinda ... Vno Gnmea Dinds 1 (' Hamuli 4.(aa H.inanos Jt. iao h...too, 12.IW1 M,r. 3 "ia tulver DiriJe Mines . . 8 mo Knmggier II. iaal Th.m.riaon 1.0(10 T.igiiery l.i .aiO Diride 8() Ton,.,ii n.ndend .. S (i Ton pati Haabronok . 8.5l Victory nitids 8.(a W ont nirlde 2.W0 Vteatern . . . Goldfleld Distriot '0.500 Crackeriack J Oi Sil.or Pirk 2,000 8arhead OoM . Tnoopah Diatriet Taah Boy Coaa. ...... 8.400 Weat Kid t S05 PjirckarHolly .700 Grusa S.44 APRIL 16, 1920. PART II. 1 Bid. .(15 .IM .05 .1.1 .01 .114 .'6i .01 .05 . .(! .(:t ,M 1.87 Mi .10 .( .11 .05 .01 .1 .10 .05 .08 1.80 Aked .( ,t .11 .04 ,()d . 14 .(! .04 .58 . .05 .25 OS tiJ .(iff .0.1 -.04 .04 1.80 .11 .10 .12 .01 ,08 .13 .11 .uO .08 1.85 1.15T, 3.50 BOSTON COPPER MARKET rTirniahed liy A. H. Crarr sV Ca, 119 West1 BOS70.N, April 15. Cluunc quotations: Cloae Btd. Ask AdTeefme . 75 Ifai Baptwolia .125 128 Harnea K... -0 Alloues .... S3 Am. Pneu. pfd 8'4 Roeton Sly. 0 n. nawg ., an Booth .... loti B. A Mline. 81 Butte A U. IS B. a Mont. 84 B. d N. Y.. 50 Cal. t A.. l'4 Cal. J. .. M lal. n..855 ' Met. Ufteli 13 Cloae Bid. Ark. Miami 51 Vi I Denbigh 24 Omteimial . 13 Cherokee ... AO Coiia. Aria. . ti C. C. Minaa 4U Cipper n... 44 i troB B... 40 Dalr W.' 4 "HTi. Daly. 1114 K. Hutte .. 14 Urat Nat.. 14 franklin . .H4 Cranhr .... 45 Cnrne Can. 85 itanciKk ... 44 Houghton . 45 III Creek.. Iff Do, nfd.. 7 Indiana ... 70 ron l ap . . 1114, his Borate. 82 Kerr Lake.. 44 Monarch ... 45 Libby 30 stl ss It Si 15 88 M 05 80 14 111 4V 444 oo J H4 1W 44 ST ra 48 4 KIU 100 1UV4 S.' ' 4 SO 14 65 C5t4 14i 10 10 15 18 15 50 1." 41 20 47 14 SI ; ! f(i 07 15 in'4 i a 18 18 17 hi SO so 4(1 4H M.K. Dar. Mohssk . NaT Cfiaa, N'.ptaalng . Niaen ..... Niina .... N. Butte . Ver. Dtaja. N Uks ... Ohio Oneco Onondaga . fiacenla Pond creek. 20 tniinor .... j.t Bar Jiiic... i5 I RMIt Seneca 0eren M..'. 15 RhaUnek .. II St. Mary... 48 s. 'toh ... 17 s. p. o...m'i ;2n TrinitT .... laj, 2 i-uoiunme . is Utah A rajs. 2 'A ttati Cup.. T4V4 I'tah Metala 2i v. s. m. a 8. com... 80 084 Da pfd.. 48 48Vk t'n. mi(t..S18 V. V. Ex.. 85i ftHi .tuiui. ... in if J 3 4!4 UV4 21 87 hi 5!f 15 17 IS 47 () e5 75 a-4 VuUiri. CAUFORXIA DRIKD FRUIT. IBT A. P. MIGHT WIRB 1 KEW TORK, April 15, Ertumrtted tpsln dull. rnitw mat. ADrienti attwdy. fViirhaai aiii ClealtlilB affsr7. DEJTVER MET AD MARKET. (EXCLUaVB DISPATCH. DENVfrn, April 15- Bar illTer. 1 18 Cooper er pound. IH(20: lead. 0.25: an.Hr sal tunnten ooncetitrates. UO per cent, w t SW 4i0 tin. nt.l 10 ooara-Roebnrk 4,(W Nhaw (10 Stewart Mfg. 4.9,14 Steiiirt-w. .. l'5 K.ift 020 Kwift Infl .. 120 Standard Uaa. 5 Temtor 41 ThomrMTrtl 1.4.15 1'niiei larhide. o I n Panerboard, Tiai walilorl S9 56 Vi W'4 78Vi 8S 30 88 87(4 81 in 2SO 84 '.4 84 .2.15 155 . M Ml . 48 47 . 5l4 48 .11i4 118 . 454 4214 . 18 . 48 121 8 84 88 5 20'i 25 78 Mi 85 80 38 88 13V 8lJ 75 280 121 bit 58 2111 8- R0 SSU 15(2 I 2K0 4.580 hl o. ion W est KnHting. :(5 wtiaon pfd .... S3 Wrigley 58 27 22w 54 ,,o 85 78 .8 88 87 H 5ft' 2tJ 85 7TH hv, d.qii 88 88 47 48M1 llf Jn 42'J 42t is Jl 40 48 88 88 88 IU ft' 21VA 85 77 '4 31 ti SO HO 78 rJrdlHdrnd' 3596 is a conservative estimate for the year's earnings of a rapidly growing Los Angeles manufacturing concern with, actual booked orders which will net in excess of $500,000.00 this year. Additional capital to the extent of $50,000.00 is sought for the purpose of immediate expansion. This is an exceptional opportunity for a man or group of men who will furnish this capital. Subscriptions in excess of $2500.00 solicited. This is a real investment privilege and will stand the fullest investigation. If yon are in a positon to take advantage of this offer and will allow us a chance to show you the stability and sound features of this proposition, kindly address . X, box 336, TIMES BRANCH OFFICE. SPYING ON SPEEDERS. VlgUantos Adopt Marine Glass to Get License Numbers at Night. Vigilantes here, bent upon curbing the recklessness of auto pilots, have adopted the marine glass and sea going telescope as a means to this end. According to members of the vlai- lance committee, it la almost imooS' slble to "got" the license numbers or speeding or oltendlnr cars at twl. light or In the evening unless a night type oi marine glass is used. That this method has proved suc cessful is indicated by the large number of traffic law violators who have neen reported to the police durinir the first two weeks of the safetv drive. Up to lart evening there were toe motorists in the cltv whose names have been filed at police head quarters for future reference. Kach of these is on record as a reckless and careless driver, and a menace to the safety of the commu nity." They are receiving warnfnc tetters rrom the Chief of Police to day. A second offense on their cart win call for more strenuous action. USE JITNEY BUS AS A STALKING HORSE. The Western-avenue car line of the Los Angeles Railway must be extended at once from Its present terminus at Melrose and Western avenue to Santa Monica boulevard and Western, under a ruling yes terday by the Board of Publio Utilities. If the railway does not ex- tend Its car line the board will grant th annllcatlon tnr a 1ltne ous line to nil the breach between the yellow and red car lines, so as to give the residents of that section adequate transportation serv ice, it was stated. H. T. Wrlcht. secretary of the Hollywood Board of Trade, and others petitioned the board for the extension of the car line. 444444444444444444 I FREE URSI 0NS (Limited to twenty peroni) SUNDAYS MONDAYS WEDNESDAYS RICHFIELD UNION PETROLEUM CO. The only Company selling stock in the Richfield-Racentia District, with property On the Ridge With the "Big Fellows" .FRIDAYS NOTICE The Kraemer Reservation adjoins our Lease and last week was reported leased for $300,000, cash bonus, and a big oil royalty. $150,000 additional was offered the purchasers by big company two hours later, and refused. Excursion Leaves Our Offices at 10 a. m. All Seats Reserved. Make Reservations the Day Before. Luncheon Served on the Property. Absolutely the Most Interesting, Entertaining and Educational Trip in California. RICHFIELD UNION PETROLEUM CO. 1010 Trust and Saving. Bldg. Northwest corner 6th and Spring. , Phones: Pico 110; Home 66000. Dccn unice Ocean Park Office ..53 E. Ocean Ave. Corner Ocean Front and Marine St. Pasadena Office 303 Slavin Bldg. I I 1 A. 4k ft Abmis tba "csa' (mss-aaark) ia China b Asia Bankbit Carporataaai Financing Shipments To and From the Far East "COR the purpose of financing shipments, we establish credits here or in the Far East for importers and exporters ia either continent. Our knowledge of the banking methods jnd markets of the Orient has proved of great value to traders; and the fact that our service is direct lessens the possibility of error, and assures the prompt negotiation of transactions. The Corporation has branches in these important trade centers: . SHANGHAI HANKOW HONGKONG PEKING CANTON TIENTSIN CHANGS HA MANILA. P. L We invite inquiries concerning every phase of trading and banking with the Far East. Asia Banking Corporation 35 Broadway New York Capital $4,000,000 Surplus $1,100,000 Represented by Anglo & London Pari National Bank of San Francisco GERMAN CITY BONDS Offer a most attractive speculative Investment. The bonds are In coupon form and usually provide that the Interest coupons can be presented for payment at any tlire within four years from the dste due. This gives the owner an opportunity to hold his coupons and wait for the finances of Europe to resdjust themselves and become normal, , as they surely must within a reasonable time. The Marks will undoubtedly advance In value with other Foreign Exchange, asacn advance In the Ex-change value of the Mark adds to the Interest yield of the Investment and Increases the Cash Value of the Bonds. qucstieas (I..II, anawrrrd. WE OFFER Berlin 4 $25.50 Hamburg 4 25.00 Bremen 4a 26.00 Cobleni 4 33.50 Frankfort 4 33.50 Dresden 42 27.50 Abore nrirra ar tnr inne Mark Bonds a aar-Ks value aaoat S438) MISK (TRRF.Vrv 1'JIA . to r.Xl II4X.K 1)KAT patahls to ur ariirr at daily fcacfaaas ratra. E. H. SCHIEK & CO. BROKERS Msmhvra I. A. Ntna-k Kxrhancs IS-SRI I. V. llrlimu MM. tea Ausrira, Cat jsgi. THE TOYAH PECOS OIL FIELD Another Burkburnett WT. th " riI1 " part of the monry aectssarr ta aMIl a wall. s a suaraatea quick; action. M Jo1" actlTlr mni psrsainslly. ai l! aat coeslSsr lasa than $4 half rash whlrh trcurea a substantial Imanat. Do yoa rralla what afle-ciajhih or avsa a sna-siahueth ln:erst would mass ta you in a producing- oil wall? Answaar this a4 and wa wui call on tuh and siiKrntt r rr rmnrl also. Toa losa if yea don't Address W, Bos 41. TIMKS BRANCH OFTli R BONDS STOCKS ANDREWS & CO. 713 Gross Bldg.. Sixth and Spring Sta. Telephone 60715 ' Rrasrh OoVrs ta rrlarlsal Cllasa. Nath an Roge Rtark said Rad Fraiara, OrsVfS Kiaralai n ' w m m v air aa ia aa a f-lK) I. w. iieiiman tJdj. Iitia- lsia rut. 4 I "Qui'.. 8'lrtory l-rrfc-s.- TELLS OF OUR POST-WAR WORK. Replacement Bureau Report, Vae of a Xumbrr, Given Commerce Chamber. Los Angeles pert In postwar reconstruction is told In two volumes of 725 typewritten pares that were presanted to the Chamber of Commerce, yesterday, by E. H. Bagby, director of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Replacement Bureau, the medium through which the city gave assistance to 15,000 returned service men. In addition to the copy given the Chamber of Commerce, copies will be sent to the War Department for its achtve. to the Stat War Historical Committee, Mayor Snyder, American Lg!on, and two cop If will go to the Museum of History. Science Snd Art. Exposition Park. The report is complied from the records of the bureau from its inception, in the early days of the war. ae a Chamber of Commerce special commute, to January 1. when the work was turned ver to. the American Legion. The bureau was financed Isrgely Hy funds rauwd by th chamber at an aerial circus staged at the Arcadia Balloon School, more than 119. 000 b!rg raifl. . STEVENS, PAGE & STERLING STOCKS AND BONDS Jamee R. Pase r.c. gt arena eia:t rimt 3e?e SIS Vaa Vnra flirts. Y.. C. SterUag S.J'IJtiJalajaiWjaiwlll Jlllni iiiuun,L QUIRK BROTHERS 8TREET IMPROVEMENT BONOS INCOME TAX EXr.MPT Th Slrrt Imprarrmrat tv.nrl Nana ai Nlbernlaa Bl.lg., lis Hall. hi. la , Ansrlra. f'sl. isea lll'sa. fal : Stephens&Company INVESTMENT SECURITIES S21 SOUTH SPRING STREET E. L. McCORMACK & CO., BROKERS Government, Municipal &, Corporation Bonds Stark Orders rasealeal la all aaarkste, tit Vaa Kara Bids. Mmm rVa SM . URCEST MAP DESTRIBnOBS alia WEST UO.OOt sasst BaiM (ilM ckaraits istsraaud iaaasleri ssnsg Ul roUR TREE MAPS tTa will mall roe. faseted) ari'V. nit ehsrsa our colored oil de selopmrat and reoloaicsl mar of Texaa and Lonlelans slao Utea snap of the Bear Kedondo Mali-fnrala) oil field and Mrdeea. tear snap of the Callfaraia fields. These snaps are of an. oM Tslias to atwkSoidera and in Testers. (Ws rar posts) ail mi itn Aon too na Qontstions oa ataarrlata of aire field farnithod oa radiate. . DUNBAR A CO. re3aers O. fioO, Tn 1 Wm-S c- Diamond Louisiana Oil Cii.i.Sfe " 431 b. hpriii( M. Tea dlrloVad aauee. Doa't salaa this a I l.ft aer f '' u .a i. .M i nt.i., ina J Vm. 1.-.4SS. .hare. Onr allotaaeat le liaalled. flu " - - . ...--,S Hi2h Grade Sales Manager Wants Position With Substantial Local Firm Salary secondary but opportunity must be big. Willing also to purchase part Interest or Invest $10,000 er more. Absolutely first-class banking and commercial references given and required. Plesse write In detail to G. SANTI, 347S San Marino, City. f ' 1T. J a Ha SOS Merrhaats atleaal Rak Rlds ' Laa Ansel re. Cat, Pboaa snt. OIBrea la all erlartsal eltlea. HI CK. HtT f a ro., MS MeerhsRi. Satlesal Haste Rids.. I Aaaeara. Cel. The oiiporteaily fee anltoMa Ist. aaetit ha lAlr-K-Tr.X. UIEDFD OIL I M a lattereets sne, ed aata fell tafer-m.lto mm rer oSee. It te asiteaeaia i Sat thla te NOT a aterh-saUlas aaar leaav 'S BMrofMioMlea. - We Buy and Sell An Artie t elMrd Oil aaat Mleies Mark J. C Burch & Company t Boai fscHi Braaatar rat' .Vfdresa Windsor Square Wlltnire'a Highest Clas Urwast Prtca Residence Property. R, A. ROWAN & CO. tSO TiUs Insurance SkJj, Wanted Six live stock and oil land salesmen. We pay highest commission to those who caa qtialify. Inquire 432 South Spring Street Ask for Mr. Bnrnham. LA OIL IERCED COMPANY rtiasata aa Oil UTtaataseat that Deaaaafe Caantlileratlaaa. Mora breessattlaasT ITatrfe Oar Adnertwraaaiita er (ail as eiSfJory riij. Let Arje.

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