The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 9, 1924 · 2
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 2

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 9, 1924
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305 SngetegggBunOau. mes. L SUXDAY MOR.VKG. NOVEMBER' 9, 1924. PART L Investigators W ork Tirelessly on Tons of Files in Psychic Expose TARTLING FACTS FOUND IN JACKSON'S PAPERS Michael Crespo, Shown to Have Played Major Part in Spiritualist Body Delving into the thousands cf files concerning psychics ordained by the National Independent Spiritualists Association was the gigantic task which confronted City, Prosecutor fried lander and his aides yesterday. " That they were able to obtain o:n sort of order "from tha two-ton chaos cf documents which were seized in the palatial headquarters of the church orga nidation in the Lankershtm Building; was an achievement In Itself. IXVESTIGATOllS TIREXHSS In this work Prosecutor Frledlander, Assistant Prosecutor Con-cannon and Deputy Prosecutor Folsom worked far into the night with but little Bleep for the thlrty-elx hours before. Some of the material they unearQied ' was startling. First to be aggregated was information concerning clairvoyants, etc., now practicing in Los Angeles and who have already heen named in warraftM charging violation of city ordinances. Perhaps the most Important of these was Michael A. Crespo, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., whose arrest several weeks ago created a considerable flurry in spiritualist and psyehlo circles. Crespo, according to the cap tured files, was prominent In the Inner circle of the N.I.S.A-; almost confidant, in fact' Due to a previous experience in spiritualistic circles In Porto Rico, and a knowledge of the Spanish language, he was called upon apparently not only to transact the Spanish correspondence of the association, hut to act as a procurer of victims for ordination certificates as well. The letter files show his recommendations for more than a dozen persons to be ordained ss ministers. Crespo, in letters to the association, lays (treat stress on the fact that he holds a degree of Doctor of Philosophy tn tha University of Oskaloosa. Oskaloosa, lows, despito the fact that Dr. Walter Franklyn Prince, president of the American Society for Psychical Research, recently exposed that "college" as a fake institution which sells any collegiate degree to anyone for from $S to $ 1 r. 0 each, , Crcspo'a personal affairs a.!o carry considerable spa-ce In the files. Another advertising psychic who appears In the list' is "Gordon V. Park. Park hud a charter for a church "The Spiritual Temple of Truth. No. 8271 7," under the N. I.S.A. but unfortunately hud. never had the inclination or,-the money; to become ordained as a minister. However, on October 4 lust. he filled out an application , blank and deposited S 1 0 in cash to bind the bargain. - He gave his address as 81t South Grand avenue, and aald he had spent the last five years In , El Paso, Tex., and St. Louis, Mo. He gave as references O. D. Tremaln, 21 Faston avenue. St. Louis; Mrs. William Carr, 4111 Maryland avenue, St. Louts, and R. V. Parr, 711 Lathrop ttulld-Ing, Kansas City. Mo. Despite the the fact that but one reply to everal letters asking Information was received. Park was duly ordained. Ills r.ertltlcate of ordination was engroesert, signed and ready for delivery " i'rMay . " evening. But Park didn't get it; the C'ty Prosecutor did. NEWMAN'S NAME FOTM Next on the list was found the "Rev. Charles Newman," pastor of the "Newman Spiritualist Temple" whose escapades landed him behind the b'ira some time ago. Newman, in his application for ordination as a spiritualist minister, gave as his references "all mediums of the United States." la tine of his quarterly reports to the N.I.S.A., Newman meaks of saving a gentleman whose name Is herewith suppressed, from suicide by the bl-chloride-of-mercury route and of later procuring him a position. One of the nnmes listed on the " membership list of Newman's church la V. Czerny, who since that time has become a professor and an ordained spiritualist minister, and who advertised himself so suc Halht Sr Davis Schiller Schubert end other Piano I ,N all America there Barnes' to buy your I""1"1""1" ?-. -.':" .f whether it be a phonograph, radio or reproducing grand piano you'll find superlative quality here at fair prices and purchasable on easy terms. Select yours at this old Broadway Music House, where Courtesy, Service and Marked Appreciation are an important part of every transaction. BRUNSWICK DEALERS " Open Evenings 13 f I I IA- 231233 SouthBroadway i4 AilWiWij. Recently in Toils, cessfully that a warrant baa been Issued for him. Next comes Mme. Mills Mr. Irene E. Mills of 1318 South Olive street, another for whom warrants were issued. Mrs. Mills, as far as the record shows, is only a member in the NT.I.S.A. The references whom she gave In h-jr application. Dr. (irece leason, 980 'i Went Forty-third Place: Mrs. Jola Cha-pln, ia&3 Worthmore Hotel: Mrs. Jake Grey, 8S8 South Hope street, and Mrs. m. O. Covington, 880 H West Forty-third Plac.o, all wrote glowing letters of recommendation for her. rnop, MOKOin.vs card Prof. 8. Mokumba, another shin. Ing light in- psychiclund, an ordained minister, the owner of a church charter and several other documents, apparently was a pupil of Prof. Krvlna, another advertising clairvoyant, not many months ago. The tiles show his application for a charter for the Church of Spiritual Truth on August 36, Inst, and his application for ordination on August 7 of th same vr He gave his address as 1018 Washington street, and his references included the name of Prof. Ervina. But Prof. Ervina, himself an ordained minister in the association, wrote two letters in reply, but not of recommendation. The text of the first: r, ""JfM16 th9 PPueatlon of B. S. Mokumba, I wlnh to say that f., ur .tn ntti ilation or tw months with the said party, it was necessary that 1 dispense with his serv- i lies for tliH good of myself and the! ....u.u ( r otlr temple. Knowing such Qualities, I could In no way i..,d myself tt8 a means for 7o 'f Y ordination papers. S. Mokumba. in the two months, would not study to lit himself for the time whe he might become ordained and be able to explain in an intelligent way what a spiritualist minister would be called upon to explain in order to impress a skeptic. "Thereforo kindly st aside any application that may be entered ir. nls mime whereby my name might be. used, for reasons best." UEXTAL POSSIBILITIES The second letter gives one an inkling that those fortunate to own ordination certificates wnr an. abled sometimes to make mnw by ranting them outright to tiiojd not so fortunate: , m "''In a recent letter to me asking for some reference as to the character and ability of U. F. McComb-er (S. Mokumba) who had used my nanto and applied for ordination papers, you af-ked me if there was anything that 1 knew detrimental to the association if ho were granted, such paper. In Answering 1 made my reply Just S3 brief as possible as I don't like to give a personal blackball If tioa. aible. "Since writing to you I have had many complaints and also have had Dr. Marshall call upon me regarding the rental of his papers to McOomber, who, he tate, obtained the same by saying he could rent my papers for $80 monthly. Dr. Marshall at that time statins that he was going to take his papers back as he had not received his money. "Of course you hardly know a person until you have had dealings with them and I certainly have, had my lesson with him and can't see why any pupil who Is developing should hti granted papers after being in a development class for two months. "I absolutely oppose any use of my name without my sanction and pray that ordination papers bo dc tiled S. Mokumba." ;ets papers Whereupon, several days later, Mokuba was not only granted ordination papers but also a charter for a church. Mokumba, reading The Time. very early yesterday Angelus Reproducing 4 lanos is no better place than musical instruments TRiniltj Ton of Evidence Gathered in Psychic Investigation ' .' , 1 i . . '." 'r : ! . .'.'-..., ." l ' ... . .., 1 I ' . - '! - . 1 - . v .- 'r---: . y..r-" -..-. ...... ;,,'.:..,-.:.-. . , , ' ft, s,, rz'-" ; x ..-" ::. - ' . - V . : . " 1 r - -y , - . ' . - - l' . y ' i "-Tairfiiiii'frin.w-Burj:)l'---'i nr' t1- ij1--- ."- ;;-inili.iWinin,M i, 4, , k " . a PtoMWSSSSSSMSiMMBSii.MSSMSWWIIISIIIISMII I " . w, : . jWWI II' . - : :: : : miomn, I(H r.;:vPro MAuiyt, pi - -SVt ? - f-ur7: i f , ' '.-:i J r -'A "" r 1 I - - ' - - ri" r; i s .--- ;1 ,- ! ! ' ' j j f bi ! -,t.w: r-1? :'r..'- I ' ''tviv,f. ; -f ; i; i I jjt'lt , , ........ W V ;. .. . J., Above A. T. Folsom. deputy city prosecutor, viewing certificates, characters, and other paraphernalia seized in raid on the headquarters of the National Independent Spiritualists' Association. Lower left Magic made easy! In the ton of literature seized was a copy of "Mysto Magic." an Instructive treatise on the common tricks of magicians. Lower right Carda of a peculiar variety were also found, It will be noted that the upper and lower designations often disagree. morning, was waiting for City Prosecutor Fliodlander when the latter appeared at his ofllce and promptly offered to plead guilty, renouncing at the same time any affiliation with the N.I.S.A; Prof. Elkan Meyer Lipka, also named In the warrants issued, is a member of the American Society of Magicians. For a number of years, according to a letter from Kev. Charles Wheat ley, D. D., he was a successful pawnbroker also. Most of his letters of recommendation carry a belief that Lipka is In the psyrhlo craft as a commercial proposition; his success In Los Angcles has been considerable. Francis Czerny, former pupil of the notorious Newman and now Prof, V, Czerny, advertising psychic, holds both a ministerial certificate and a charter for a church. In the church charter Emma L. Montoya is named as president, her address being given as 1408 South Figueroa street; O. T. Lemon, S200 South Hoover street, being given as secretary, and Louise Krisek, 749 H Custer street, as treasurer. Czerny was named In the warrants issued yesterday. JVfrlS. HAYDEX'S CASK Ida May Hayden, another of the advertisers, opened the California Institute of Occult Science In San Dlego some time ago, but it failed when Mrs. Hayden went to Jail. Some time thereafter she was paroled; since that time she has been enabled to come to Los Angeles and open operations again. Mrs. Hayden, who Is sought, for violations of city ordinances, has been operating at 1123 South Figueroa street. Mine. Edla Laurence, who advertises herself as "tho world renowned delineator of character, palmistry, phrenology and horoscopes" Is shown in tho files of the N.I.S.A. as the frequent recipient of letters to pay bak duos and other acounta owing to the society. In each case Mrs. Laurence replied with a small donation and a report that "business' wn.i not so good." Charles C. McKay, another N.I. S.A. reverend, had deserted his former headquarters on South Spring street and Is now In Riverside, according to the last letter received from him by the association. McKay, unlll tho 1st Inst,, carried a sin tiding want advertisement in most of the Los Angeles papurs extolling his qualities as a spiritualist minister. These are ihe majority of the N.I.S.A. graduates named in warrants. Othoia so named are members of other associations or the proprietors of church charters themselves, PIQYEE.U PIUEST Dl ES fcXCIXSlVS PIM"jWCII 'MINNEAPOLIS. Nov. 8, The Jrtev. Jeremiah Harrington, pioneer Minneapolis priest, dld at St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Paul, following au Illness of seven months. H was fifty-nine years of age. Father Harrlnijton, widely known throughout the Northwest. had nerved as pastor in Twin City j jjarlshcs for thirty years. Important Documents Seized in Spiritualist Expose VIOLATIONS OF MEDIUM LAW MANY City's Efforts to Cope With Influx of "Psychics" Arc Revealed The influx of "mediums" of every description during the last ten years caused the City Council to pass Ordinance No. 89093, in June, 1817, regulating the granting of licenses, fees and all other mat-era pertaining to astrology, palmistry life reading, fortune telling, etc. There are eleven tactions in the present ordinance under which scores of local practitioners have been arrested and, according to City Prosecutor Frledlander, all of the eleven sections have been violated by various members of the mind-reading cult which embraces almost a score of sidelines all based upon presumably supernatural powers to'reveat information and advice sought by eager but many times Ignorant persons. Nearly two years ago, after police found it Impossible to enforce the ordinance the board of Police Commissioners asked the City Council to repeal or modify the existing ordinance stating that the religious organizaUon phase made It Impossible to curb the operations of hundreds of mediums and crystal gazers who were operating tinder the privilege granted only to bona fide religious organizations. Defining the profitable occupations of astrology, palmistry, phrenology, life reading, fortune telling, cartomancy, hypnotism, crystal gur.lng, clairvoyance, clatraudlence, medlumshlp, prophecy, augury, divination, magic, necromancy and more than a score of other similar vocations as "Arts" the City Council in the first section of the existing ordinance statod that oil applicants must first make application to the board of police commissioners and after a thorough investigation of that body, If the applicant were found to be worthy, the application recommending favorable action was to be passed on to the City Council for final action. Despite the fact that religious organization and cults were exempted from many of the restrictions placed jpon outside practitioners, out f hundred practicing in Loi Angeles now, but four received their license as nonreliglous operators. Similar applications were to be received from religious factions but with the understand Jng that ther were to be no fees attached to any of the mystic rites performed for either members or friends of the eult. Books were to be kept showing that all donations were credited to the church or corporation and not to Individuals. The most flagrant violations of the ordinance according to the City Prosecutor's odlcn occurs through the udvitlNlng by the dif ' , $ . ; y - ferent cults and practitioners. Advertising of any nature tending to Inform the public of the powers of the "medium" in question was prohibited by the, ordinance providing such advertising concerned any one other than a bona fide religious cult. Hundreds of those claiming spiritualistic powers so advertised In newspapers, hand bills, cards and other means all in direct violation of the governing ordinance, it is said. Despite the fact that violation of any one of the sections of the ordinance called for a fine of not to exceed J BOO, or a term of sis months In the City Jail, or both, few violations were actually punished, according to City Prosecutor Frledlander. Chief Heath Is said to have been conducting an investigation into the matter for the past eeveral months.. Pending a recommendation from Chief Heath In the form of a revised ordinance, it has been impossible to discriminate between representatives or Dona nae re llglous organizations and the addl tional hundreds who have en - croached upon the powers granted the responsible and reliable organizations, it is said. ,, - CHURCH EXPOSE IS NATION-WIDE (Continued from First Page) fenses from violation of State statutes to, InfracUon of city ordinances were tiled against forty-six persons in the court of Polioe Judge Pope yesterday. On all the warrants but two, bail of $1000 was set In each Instance. The sum of $2000 for each of ten defendants was asked on the remaining warrants. Yesterday saw also the first plea of guilty to be received so far In the case. In the matter of the People vs. S. Mokurna, sometimes styled "professor," In which complaint of violation of a city ordinance regulating the operations of fortune tellors, etc., had been filed tinder tho signature of Charles Sloan, Times reporter, Mokuma appeared before City Prosecutor Frledlauder with a ready admission of guilt In the case. Although holding a church charter and a ministerial ordination certttlcate from the N.I.S.A., he pledged his willingness to renounce the organisation In case the prosecutor thought it was Illegal. Among the features of the raid early vesterday morning on the offices of the N.I.S.A. was the finding of several bottles containing whisky, several whisky glasses and a poker deck of "trick" cards (barred by city ordinance or State law In many commonwealths and In some Instances the possession whereof Is subject to heavy penalty) In the desl? of Jackson, president of the church organisation. The bottles containing the liquid were carefully sealed and identified by the raiding officers, for possible u'ho In further prosecution at a later date. Another feature was (he (re mendous number of varied actlvi- ties In which Jackson seemed to have been engaged. One of hk organisations, the California League, Inc., apparently was a mushroom political organization that was resurrected at the approach of each election and which sent out "Indorsements" to thousands Of people whose names had been carefully collected for a mailing list. , Still another was the Los Angeles Joint Fraternal Association which, from Jackson's office, apparently operated a free employment bureau. Still another was the California Fraternal Association. Still another was the Liberty Bell Society, Inc. PARTNER EXPLOITS And In religious circles, he had been In partnership with one Edward K. Earle, whose exploits in medlumshlp have resulted many times In notoriety, In the exploitation of another Spiritualist Church organization. And for a third religious activity was found a copy or the incorporation paperswith (Jackson prominently named of the "Universal Church of tho Mas ter." Jackson, in addition, was a real estate and Investment broker. Photographs found in his effects purport him to hsve been formerly connected with a "Den of Snakes," which traveled with a circus and carnival sideshow. That he was widely read on a variety of occult subjects was evidenced by the discovery of a library containing volumes on everything from reading fortune-felling cards to "Care and Upbuilding of the Cosmic Existence." Huge collections of files of metaphysical, esoteric spiritualist I and other magazines of like cali ber were found In the onlces. Several thousand blank ordination certificates for ministers of the Goapel and Philosophy of Spiritualism were found and more than 100 more whose blank spaces had been rtlled In with names, were signed, sealed and apparently ready for delivery. MX'Cn DATA FILED In filing caaea ranged along the walla were subdivisions In which were kept correspondence and exchange of information' from virtually every well-known psychic In the United States and many from foreign countries. In other cases were the correspondence, and information concerning every ordained minister, healer, medium or missionary who hold credentials from the N.I.8.A. Colloctlons of data regarding other Splrltualtstlo churches and organizations also had their place; they were ranged alongside masses of typewritten sheets carefully collected during a dozen years of participation In city, county and State elections. Two card Indexes contained respectively a mailing list and a list of aU members there are thousands of them of the N.I.S.A. Itooks, ledgers. Journals and other financial data concerning the operation of Jackson's various enterprises were there In profusion. It (fVnllinied on Page !'-. Cut man .) ix turn i,a Tl BatKlng, girt mad Bwriwif. 80c per month "S,8T r Man, te rM bM 1 Wt, tBeIttia Catlfantf Artni Nmaa, Ftrnk. Trrlv, ' "l Hwikli. l.Gi. Ia Zoa ft. tix-'odi"! ColarmA Idsha. H.iuu, Nw MntM. ". ViMhtagtM, Tortr. 1I Monthly. II AX la Zona , 1 aaa s, amta Til MatM. Caaaaa aad lUxlca, l'aarij. llUNt ktoaUOy, $LM, POSTAGE TtULfAIO, t-mtmni a , date nuttar Das. 4. aaaer tba Ac SUNDAY MOKXtXQ, NOVEMBER FORTY-SIX PERSONS NAMED Fortif-nx ptnont, including aU the tfictn end beard if director of the National Independent Spiritualist A$sociaSon, hoot to far loot named in complaints fled with Police Judges Sheldon end Pope charging cariout violations of State end city penal codes. For all of these xDar-ranis of arrest -have been issued and for aU but seven search VSammis authorizing the confiscation of their signed. The list follows: . W. A. Jackson, president National Independent Spiritualist Association, 223 South Flower street. . " W. T. Harbottle, vice-president, address unknown. F. E. Plummer, second vice-president, present addres3 unknown. Lois A. Jackson, secretary; 223 South Flower street. Katharine MacCorkell, treasurer, 1060 South Bronson avenue. D. V. Grass, director, present address unknown. G. .Hull, director, present address unknown. B. Macias, director, present address unknown. H. Fraser, director, present address unknown. W. W. Maxwell, director, present address unknown. The following, constituting a census of all advertising psychics in Los Angeles, are charged with violations of City Ordinance 39093, carrying with it a jail sentence of six months or $500 fine or both as a penalty upon conviction: Prof. Bernard, 31654 South Broadway. Howard L. Morton, 5394 South Broadway. Prof. Armstrong, 912 South Figueroa street. Rev. Marie Barry, 934 South Figueroa 6treet Ida May Hayden, 1123 South Figueroa street Prof. E. H. Lipka, 535 South Flower Btreet. Prof. F. Czerny, 1210 South Flower street Frank Norton, 1611 South Flower street. Charles E. McKay, 423J4 South Spring street. Michael A. Crespo, 145 South Spring street. Mme. Aimee, 1115 West Second street. Mabel Tyler, 318 West Fifth street Robert Schmus, 1074 West Sixth street. Jerome H. Kendall, 1923 West Sixth street Princess Zoraida, 1012 West Seventh street. Mme. Gazette, 1547 West Seventh street Alia Xomar, 1001 West Eighth street. Mme. Dell, 619 West Ninth street Mrs. Col. R. T. Gentry, 945 South Figueroa street. Mme. La Lusa, 2196 West Sixteenth street Prof. Mokumba, 1042 West Washington street. Mme. Holte, 117 West Thirty-sixth street Dr. Oliver P. Cooper, 1769 West Jefferson street. iviauae tsarnum, it wesi riuy-nrsi sirccu Mrs. Marie Grenzebach, 533 South Grand avenue. Gordon Park, 811 South Grand avenue. Rev. Katharine MacCorkell, 1060 South Bronson avenue. Prof. Palmer, 516 South Hill street Mrs. Martin, 1323 South Hill street. Prof. Ervina, 670 South Alvarado street. Mrs. R. Richardson, 1201 Sunset Boulevard Mme. Ivoyaticz, 1192 Valencia street. , Mme. Bertha, 248 Vernon avenue. Mme. Mae, 3114 Kansas avenue. Mme. Mills, 1318 South. Olive street Mme. Etla Lawrence, 1546 North Western avenue. G. St John, present address unknown. Scarf Pins Will Be Popular Gifts This Is tho word that has come to us from all parts of the country. Possibly the Increased popularity of these jewels Is because they are so greatly favored by the Prince of Wales. At any rata scarf pins will be Indispensable where long cravats are worn. In preparation tor this unusual demand the Geo. D. Davidson Co. has assembled a gTeat variety of models at a wide range of prices. Some made in our own shops some made for us by the foremost Eastern manufacturers. Unusual care has been exercised in this selection and you will find every one beautiful in design, worthy in quality and priced most rea-sonably. We earneatty sucgeKt an early choice la drtinr of the crowded Deeeinher days. If you oelr It. uelftcMnni iriftds now will be bald In our vaults till Clirletmas Kva. The pin t the right is hsnfl mads from flno hard platinum. Four diamonds brilliant and blu-whtte, and four Oriental sapphires nnlBh a very smart Jewel. J 100. ft. fc V:'Jt life If " I : Geo.D. Davidson Co. "A Confidence-Inspiring Jewelry Store" 445 South Spring St. 1 Thmm MEavavthaa TM einri CoitM. ouUj. Cmm SaaciT. 14 Cnta. 1M1. a tba Factattaa at Laa A-f'-r CaU mt atareh . If.i. , 1824. VOLi. TTm, NO. 41. paraphernalia likewise have been Th beautiful jnwol at the In ft combine twelve fin blue-white diamonde sod four fen-ulna emeralda. The hard platinum mount-in te entirely band mad. K0A. II' 11

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