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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 28
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 28

Los Angeles, California
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JUNE 5, 1923. PART H.l lU i UKSDAY MUKN1NG. I OPIUM BRINGS PRISON FAMOUS SONG WRITER DEPARTS CITY LETS LANDS FOR INDUSTRIES Old Homo Town Lures Noted Ralladist RUTH ELDER'S FIRST FILM ROLE Abandoned to Play Opposite Richard Dix; Sax to Mat(e Second Judge Lindsey Picture; Tiffany-Stahl Director eds Dancer take advantage of an Invitation from M. Angclo, a prominent ar-cheologtat in Rome, to visit him and Introduce him to his bride. Angclo did some important research work on "Ben Hur" while the company was in Rome, and a friendship Japanese Ship Steward to Srrve Fifteen Months The mistake ot I. Itch, steward on a Jsuanese liner which recently landed at 8an Pedro, in carrying ashore a large package which later disclosed forty tins of opium, resulted in his being sentenced to Leavenworth prison for months and to pay a fine ot $10 by United States Judge James. The defendant said he had been given the package to carry ind did until he was arrested, IIEINZE CHOSEN TO HEAD ELECTRICIANS Carl A. Helnze, distribution engineer for the Bureau of Power and Light, yesterday was elected president of the Los Angeles Electric Club at the annual meeting at the Bilt-more. Other officers elected were F. J. Alrey. first vice-president; Frank Weiss, second vice-president; II. L. Doolittle. third vlce-prendent; D. M. Trott, secretary. The newly elected officers will be installed at a meeting to be held next Monday at the Biltmore. CUSPIDOR CACHE FOR HIS LIOUOR Officers Make Discovery and Owner Must Pay or Go to Jail Nathan Lanier had a unique hiding place for his liquor, although he didn't hide It as well as he hoped. Police Officers Steward and Silverman unearthed it In the false bottom of a cuspidor. Nathan received a sentence of $200 or twenty days In jail from Municipal Judge Ballard yesterday. I CAMERA! CALLED With the completion of negotiations for the screen rights to "The Single Man," and the selection of Harry Beaumont as director, production of the new Lew Cody-Allcen Prtngle feature will begin this week, it was announced yesterday by Metro-Goldwyn-Maycr. hi. fi, "th Ocatcrgamugcmcntg entertainments mf 1 JUM 'J Ui I if rr. v' 6, 1 1 1 Sf i sJ 1 3 aim hi, tUzn.Oi- Owens Valley Progress Will lie Facilitated by Los Angeles Aid To encourage business and industries in the Owens River Valley water department yesterday hart City Council approve a ten-year lease of 1040 acres of city-owned land in the valley to the Owens Valley Packing Company. The department told the Council the company will build a slaughter house, packing-house and cold storage plant on the property which will be of great benefit to the cat-tb raisers of the valley. The lease was made at a minimum rate of an acre the first year to encourage the industry. The land has little value to the city, which retains Ita control over the water rights. CECILIAN SINGERS TO GIVE BENEFIT FETE An opportunity to hear the Ce-cllian Singers, the chorus of teachers in the Los Angeles public schools, will be afforded patrons at i concert to be given next Saturday night at the Polytechnic High School. The proceeds will go toward the the support of the Teachers' Home, established at Inglewood for needy teachers. Saturday night's concert will feature as the soloist Morris Stoloff, violinist. WITIIOL'T FORTY WINKS Norman Taurog has been working day and nighi in the cutting room of the Tilfany-Stahl studios editing Ghetto." the George Jessel starring vehicle, which he directed in the record time of twelve days. rmmmm The Thrill of the Week The Amazing "Don Ammo" Tuesday Evenings 8:30 to 9:00 Station KF1 TaMfW Munc-Rmnaiuic Advtnaml WILSHIRE SKATING wj SL. Mi PUB'' tlr tan pRl," I coscv, Ik-' Carrie Jacobs Bond Goes on Vacation Fred Jacobs Smith, her son. and her grandchild, Betty Smith, were at the station to bid Mrs. Bond boa voyage on her way to her birthplace in Janesville, Wis. I isnnnsaminSiS: BY CKACE KING8LEY "Qlorlfylnj the American Girl" will not be made by Paramount. Ruth Elder, the brave young flyer who displayed her rights to the title of one of the chief glorlflers of American femininity by her flight across the Atlantic, and who was to have played the lead, will be assigned to another picture. These two important announcements came from the Paramount studios yestcr- was to have filmed "Glorifying the American Girl" In co-operation with Florenz Zlegfeld and a number of efforts have been made to sccnarlze the production properly. But it seems that, though experts worked on the Job, no writer could be found who adequately could express how very glorious the American girl 13, or something. At any rate, the enterprise has been given up. Ruth Elder, therefore, was out of a Job until officials decided yesterday to cast her, for her initial screen appearance, oppostte Richard Dix in "Moran of the Marines." which is to glorify the American Leatherneck. Some glorifying of aviation will also be done in the story, inasmuch as several of the sequences contain flying scenes, in which Miss Elder will, ot course, take part. At present Miss Elder is finishing a vaudeville engagement in the East and Dix Is about to start work on "Redskin." "Moran of the Marines" will be commenced as soon as the star finishes the Indian picture, which will be in the course of five or six weeks. Second Lindsey Picture "Companionate Marriage" Is not to be Judge Ben B. Lindsey 's fare-well as well as welcome to the movies. Yester day the noted sociolo gist-drama tist agreed to terms and conditions that make available to Asher. Small and Rogers and Sam Sax, producers of the above-named story, the Judge's most popular published work to date, "The Revolt of Modprn Youth." Efforts are being made by the aforementioned producers to prepare for the making of "The Revolt of "Modern Youth" immediately following the world premiere of "Companionate Marriage," scheduled for Detroit in August. A director will be engaged as soon as Edward Small returns from New York. Practically the same cast will be retained for "The Revolt of Youth" that is serving in "Companionate Marriage." Betty Bronson, Richard Walling, June Nash, Alec B. Francis, Sarah Padden, Edward Martindel, Arthur Rankin, Redda Hopper and William Welsh. Judge Lindsey is to attend the Detroit premiere of his first pic ture, which will oe exmmtea as a road show in various key cities be fore general release. Frances Lec Moves Up Two vears ago Billy Dooley's lit tle vaudeville dancing partner, Fran ces Lee, was given a job as lee.aing lady lor EooDy Vernon in Christie Comedies because Dooley was taken from vaudeville and Christie didn't, want to see his little partner left flat. So Frances became a lead for Vernon Comedies, and has so continued during the past two years. Now Miss Lee has been moved up to stardom on the Christie lot. She will head the casts of a new series which is to be called "The Confessions of a Chorus Girl." Fran ces will, of course, do the confessing. Billy Engle and Sid Smith and a whole battery of beautiful Hollywood girls are to appear in the series, according to Al Christie, who is out to make this one of the outstanding novelties of his new season for Paramount. Miss Lee recently played a lead, during the period of the Christie closing, in a Fox production, in which she is said to have done so well that she was offered a contract. Al Raboch a Benedict Al Raboch, Tiffany-Stahl director, took unto himself a wife recently, the time and place being Sunday and Riverside. The brida was Miss Curtyne Englar, formerly a dancer. The director is scheduled to make "The Albany Night Boat" before he can leave on a honeymoon, and on completion of the picture he will fife1 jA CHARUEJ FRANCES KarHmount )S VV FOR BSTEIN ADVOCATE HELD FOR CONTEMPT Chief Justice to Penalize Unlicensed Pleader Effort to Practice Without Credentials Rebuked Supreme Court Hears Pleas in San Diepo Cases When he appeared before the State Supreme Court yesterday to represent Abbie Fltzpatrick In a suit lor personal damage, A. O. Matteson, Sr was adjudged in contempt of court by Chief Justice Wast for practicing law without a license. Matteson. who asserts he was a teacher for ten years In the Los Angeles Polytechnic High School, was ordered to appear this morning lor sentence. In making this order Justice Waste said members of the court wanted time to consider whether Mattesons -gross Ignorance" regarding the practice of law and -apparent sincerity" mrnt consideration in imposing a penalty. SENSATION CREATED A sensation was created in the court when the case was called and Justice Waste asked Matteson if he was a licensed attorney. Matteson replied in the negative and also stated he was representing another party under a general power of attorney. This, he said, gave nirn the rlsht to appear In court, adding alter further discussion, words to the efTect that he is Just as well qualified as many licensed attor- nHowcver. Justice Waste took ls- Renew Your Health by Purification Any physician will tell you that "Perfect Purification of the System In Nature's Foundation of Perfect Health." Whv not rid yourself of -hronic ailments that are undermining your vitality? 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Tryco Ointment is a cooling easv-to-tihe cream. It is also wonderful for tired, sore and burning feet. Try a tube of THY CO today. Fries tl-00 at the Owl Co. and other good dealers. Advertisement. CHiCHESTERS PILLS Ask (of H.l now- fPSONOUSJ LA4tm iir" for CttKctkler UInol A br-xes. mtlcd Blue Cafes Where tO Dime Coffee Shops Restaurants rp. Cafeterias TeaRooms DULOCe Hotels I sprang up between the director, then engaged in working on "Ben Hur." as technical adviser ana as- slstant director, and the Italian. Mrs. Raboch will be housed like a princess in a palace that once belonged to the Orslni, the most powerful house in Italy. While in Rome, she will continue her studies of singing and dancing, which she practiced formerly as a member of the Metropolitan Opera Company, and of which arts she recently has been a teacher in Hollywood. Universal Encage Players The Last Morning" is due to have a most noteworthy and admirable cast, according to word received yesterday from Carl Lacmmle, who will supervise the Universal special. Bert Roach, Mack Swain and Burr Mcintosh have been added to the cast, which includes as star Laura La Plante. A real theater even to flies, dressing rooms, and all stage naranhernalia. is Laura la PLANTE. being built at University City, to serve as the background of the story. Higher Damages Sought by Loeb in Renewed Suit Arthur M. Loeb yesterday filed a new suit in Superior Court for $402,783 damages from H. J. Kim-merle and De Kalb Spurlln as the result of a oeatlng suffered by Loeb during an altercation over the affairs of the Julian Petroleum Corporation. Loeb's original suit for $401,507 damages against Kimmerle and Spurlin went on trial last week before Judge Wood, but was terminated yesterday morning when Loeb's attorney suddenly moved for a dismissal. Counsel gave no reason for dismissing the case, but renewed action half a hour later by filing the new suit, which makes the same charges as in the original suit. The three men involved In fhe case are said to have been members of a stockholders' committee formed for the purpose of straightening out the affairs of the Julian company. SKATING PAVILION OPENS NEXT WEEK A roller-skating pavilion will open on the 14th inst. at the Shrine Civic Auditorium, according to announcement made yesterday. The management says it Is the world's largest floor devoted to skating, and that It is the first $1,000,000 roller skating rink. Five thousand skaters can be accommodated at one time, and Molitor and Painter, who will manage the pleasure palace, assure the public the finest arrangements in the world. Fifty instructors have been engaged, twenty-five of whom will devote their entire time to beginners, who will use a special section of the floor. The new pavilion will be permanent and three sessions ahe programmed for each day after the opening. CONCERT SUNDAY TO HONOR REALTY MEN A special program in honor of the California Realty Board has been prepared for next Sunday's concert to be given by the Bay Cities Symphony Orchestra at La Monica Pier in Santa Monica at 3 p.m. This organization, which is to be the guest of Heinrich Hammer, conductor of the orchestra, will bring its glee club, which will sing several numbers as an added attraction to the afternoon orchestral program. NEW CHEST HEAD NAMED SAN FRANCISCO, June 4. (Exclusive) Paul H. Davis, for the past three years executive secretary of fhe Community Chest of Saii Francisco, resigned today and Rav W. Smith, fonner manager of the" secretarial school of Stanford and the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, was appointed to succeed him. girls safely to their and then Shepp volunteered to drive Wood to his residence. All went well until the pair reached an obscure alley in Saw-tclle, when Shepp, stricken with an inspiration, Wood charges, thrust the cold muzzle of an auto crank in his ribs and told -him to "stick 'em up." Wood's response was a wild call for help. Mrs. R. A. Rober and Eleanor Rober, who live at 646 Salt Air avenue. Sawtelle. heard the call and Immediately relayed it to the Sawtelle division of the police department. Meanwhile Shepp proceeded to search his victim, Wood charges, but failed to find his money. When Officers Brlnnegar and Fore arrived Wood informed them that his money was still safely concealed in his stocking, where the asserted bandit forgot to loolc A few hours later Shepp was taken into custody and yesterday Dep. Joos issued a corrplaint charging him with attempted robbery with an auto crpnk. inB 7i ROSS NEW HOTEL la- HART BROTHERS. Propridory-Fiflh and Main Slrscti days more ot 'AV with FAY Oltv'n Beit I Grand tg nd nooK U9JSLBJL! no other thrill Matl. i'r Kte. iii Ivl'it 15r tiermany'a sea-wolf buttles rescue! LYN 50c Dinner 50 -V SEHVF.O FROM 5 TO 7 Ml Tuesday, June 5th. 1928 SOUP Philadelphia Pepper Pot ENTREES Broiled Klh. Parsley Butter Browned Short Tllhs cf liff Individual Baked Chliken Pic Braised Minced rMrloln Tips. Sweet Potatoes Ham H''-cki with Cabbage Special Club Steak, Mushrooms Vegetarian DlnntT la Roi3bn Bilked Perk and Beans ROASTS, STEAKS AND CHOPS Ln of Piirn ami Appie enure Prime Ribs of Beef tu Jus Rib 8teab Sirloin Steak Ltbmy Steak Mutton Chops T-Bon Steak Eitta Lamb Chops 2' Kxtra Steak 3 F.Ttra COLD MEATS (Including Petato Salad) Assorted Cold Meats Cold Cornel IV el Boneless Herring Beef Ol Toncue Pickled Lamb's Tongue Norwegian Sardines VEGETABLES Slewed Cora Baked Potatoes 8ALADS Cobbaue Salad Letture Salad T.rttnre and Tomato Salad DESSERTS Apple Pie Apricot Sauce Custard Pit lea Cream or Ice Cream Sundae and Cake Sherbet or Sherbet Sundae and Cake DRINKS Coffee Tea Ice Tea Milk Buttermilk 3 different shows nitely, featuring Creole Carolynne Snowden and largest Creole cast in the West. WASHINGTON culver cm Motor Call 3:30 a.m. EMpire 6111 from 1 P.M. 'till Ph. Scientifically nutritious menus-unequalled In variety of delicious-ness. Fruits and vegetables prepared to retain greatest food value CtQ. SotlTII ilTTVC vrWa tir wrcr fh st i nno west 7j St VVRAY from News Weekly 5Qc Luncheon SERVKP FROM 11:30 Tuwday. Junt sth, 1928 SOUP Gispnre of Town. Vfrmlcelll ENTREES Rrniled Fish. Parsley Butler Kmnne'l Short Hlhi ol Bfff Saute t'hlrkpn (ilbleti on Toast Fried Afple Rlnc. Marile Svtup 01l Fanhlon Beet Stew, Kr.anlsh Cftrnfil Beef Hash. loailipl Kttg Vecpfarlan I.tmeliewi, Rosslya Baked l'nrk and Itcana ROASTS Leif nr Pork arid A.le Sauce Prime Rtbtt ot Bef au Jus COLD MEATS Attnrled Cold Meats. Potato Salad Cold Corned Beef. Potato Salad Boneleaa Hetrlns or Xnmesian taardlnes. Potato Salad Pickled Lamb's Tongue Beef Oi Totijue VEGETABLES Green Peas Mashed Potatoes SALAD8 Cabbaite Naiad Lettuce Salad Letture ud Tomato Salad DESSERTS Gooseberry Pie I'hwolate Cream Puddlne Peach Pie Ice Cream or Ice Cream Sundae and Cake Sherbet or Sherbe ivmilae and Cake DRINKS Coffee Tea Ice Tea Milk Buttermilk months. But this summer she will be hack among the old folks at home, in Janesville, where she was born and attended the grade school. Her son. Fred Jacobs Smith, and her grandchild, Betty Smith, were among those who said good-by at ihc station but Betty couldn't understand why grandma would prefer Janesville to Hollywood. "California is a beautiful said Mrs. Bond as she left. SUSPECT IN AUTO CRASH ENDS LIFE Man, Declared to Have Hit Tico Persons and Fled, Found Dead in Room Fear of the police when he learned he had been identified as the hit-and-run driver who struck and seriously Injured two persons late Saturday night is believed to have prompted Andrew Lubln, 35 years of age, to end his life yesterday. His body was found by his employer, M. H. Lankite, proprietor of a trunk-manufacturing concern, at 1311 South Figueroa street, where Lubln is said to have occupied sleeping quarters. His throat and both wrists were slashed and the gas was flowing from an open jet. He is believed to have been dead several hours before his body was discovered. Police who investigated the accident obtained the license number from witnesses and traced ownership of the truck. The victims are Miss Llna Rose of 1427 Mansfield avenue and Frank Melskvich of 538 East Sixteenth street. The accident occurred at Sixteenth and San Pedro streets, and both were taken to the Genera1. Hospital, where they were found to suffering from possible concussion of the brain, contusions and abrasions. Their condition yesterday was reported as serious. Lankit'e was informed of the ac cident by police and he, in turn, told Lubin the police were looking for him. The suicide followed. His body was taken to the County Morgue. Mrs. Cooke Wins Ebell Presidency in Record Voting In the history of the Ios Angeles Ebell Club never has there been manifest so great interest nor so many votes as yesterday when Mrs. A. Bennett Cooke of 509 South Gramercy Place was elected president of this club, the largest in the general federation. Contending with her for the honor was Mrs. Hot Johnson, now first vice-president. Others rhosen to represent the organization as officers and members of the board are: Mrs. S. Crail first vice-president: Mrs. Edgar S. Stanley, second vice-president; Mrs. Everett Edward Sherrard, third vice-president; Mrs. Edward Tufts, recording secretary: Mrs. A. H. Per due, corresponding secretary: Mrs. J. Alfred Harshman, general cura tor: directors, Mrs. William Read retiring president, and Mrs. Charles D. Burt. Mrs. Cooke has been an active member of the club since 1914 serving on many imnortant committees. Formerly she was president, of the Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs. Wife Demands Right to Talk "Shut your mouth," Ernest Bish remarked to his wife. Rhoda M. she told Judge Schauer. "I wouldn't," she continued, "and he grabbed me and stuck his hand in mv mouth and held my tongue." Judge Schauer held that this was cruelty and granted Mrs. Bish a "crce. ARRIE JACOBS BOND, whose songs have endeared her to the heart3 of thousands, bade good-by to California yesterday as she. stepped aboard the Union Pacific Gold Coast Limited for the East. It was an unusual trip thus started. For a number of years she has made It a practice to visit European countries during the summer sue and found him guilty of contempt. BRIBERY CASE IT Opening arguments were heard by the court in the case of Chester C. Kempley, former San Diego County Distr'ct Attorney, and his former dpputy, Guy C. Selleck. who were convicted by a trial court on bribery charges. The Appellate Court reversed this conviction and the matter is now before the Supreme Court on the netition of Webb. Defense attorneys yesterday argued that the evidence on which the prosecutors were convicted was "preposterous" and did not show that any crime had ever been committed. Further arguments will be heard this morning. UNIVERSITY RECOGNIZES TRAGEDIAN "Fray Junijiero Serra" to be Awarded Doctorate of Literature at ll.S.C. At the Coliseum Saturday after noon the University of Southern California will confer on R. D. Mc Lean, Shakespearean actor and the Fray Junipero Serra of the Mission Play, the degree of doctor of literature. Mr. McLean, wno private life is R. D. Shepherd, has hud a long career, devoting many years of his life to the Shakespearean drama. For several seasons he was associated with Mme. Modjeska. ann has toured the United States with his own companies, playing seasons in New York. His best-known characterizations have been Shylock end Richard III. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and a member of the Delta Psi Fraternity. He formerly resided on his estate at Shep-herdstown. W. and later moved to 1764 North Sycamore avenue. Hollvwood. His wife is one of the social leaders of Southern California, and for several seasons has been chairman of the women's committee of the Los Angeles Grand Opera Association. Love 'Kidnaping Trial Date Set The jury trial of Harry Light, fnrmer nrmv colonel. Who is ac cused of plotting to kidnap his es tranged wife ana "rescue ner in nn effort to win back her love, was set hv Mtinicinnl Jiidne Sheldon yes terday for the 26th Inst, at 10 a.m. Light still was in Jail yesterday morning, having been unable to furnish the $3000 bail required for his release. Light, according to Detective Lieu- rtempted to enlist in his asserted kidnaping plot, onered Burns una Bud Coy $100 each to kidnap his wife and take ner to a loneiy caDin near wewnau runnei, irom which Light was to "rescue" her. Macloon Absent, Trial Deferred Louis O. Macloon. theatrical producer, failed to appear for arraignment yesterday in United States District Court on a charge of withholding admission taxes to a Hollywood theater from the government. The court continued the case for one week in order that Madoon might appear, inasmuch as he was out on bail of $3000. It Is charged by the government that Macloon withheld $8168.53 admission taxes In April, May and June of 1P27. Ilka it in tha world! movktom MEWS mEHLY In actual am romance. ykl me' fsy BRKNDSTATTERS Tomorrow Nite Grand Cinema Celebration Our gucsl of honor SHIRLEY DORMAN THE GRANADA CAFE 672 So. Lafayette Park Place id. 7th and Wilshire Blvd. Phont Z)tnkirk 1681 Ranking with the world's best In service and cuisine. An Old World atmosphere in a Spanish-Italian Village. Luncheons, 60c Dinners, $1.50 Also a la Carle Service In open air patio or beautifully appointed dining-room indoors. sou will find the moat Popular 1'lnrea uUvertlked in this aertloit of Tha Time. W-Ttni i fi SPECIAL COLD PLATE LUNCHEON, 40c HEY! HEY! Mwwe gfik Carnival and Dancina Contest Wednesday Nite YOU SIMPLY NEVER CAN TELL it World's All Topsy-Turvy When Auto Crank Subs for Cun and Victim Carries Coin in OneTirnc "Bank" Dedicated to Feminine Savings at our Own St. Cafeteria. Open from 8 to 4 A.M. Dancing New Show 3 Shows Nightly Every Wee No Cover i with Dinner. S3. SO WASHINGTON rri.VKR C1TT I'h. Culver City 5030 or 2624 VERNON Under Direction of Bill Payne LET'S 60 TO- TAIX FRENCH RESTAURANT Seatlnc rapai'lty NOTED FOR THE WITCHERY WILLARD'S FORMFRIT OF "TTT' tmUfaW 9:30 n.m. wcvenirs In the old days, when stockings were not rolled, girls carried their money tucked snugly in their hose safe from detection until some irate husband, who was no gentleman, exposed the ruse to the world. In the same old days bold bandits plied their trdae supported by the menacing muzzles of smoking guns. But in modern times, according to Dep. Joos, bandits and their intended victims alike have resorted to deceitful tactics that have made it impossible for any self-respecting bandit or his victim to tell what the next move will be. Paul Shcpp, Joos charges, is such a bandit. And James Wood, of 1107 California street, Santa Monica, is just that kind of a victim. It all happened Sunday night when Wood went to a Venice dance hall. There he met Shepp and three girls. At the end of the itv-p je saw the NAVAJO CAFE 1765 N. Cahtiensra Hollywood $1 DINNERS $1 ROAST TI RKEY 4 FRIED CHICKKS T-BONE STKAK OR I.AMH CHOPS FROM COCKTAIL TO DESSERTS OPEN SI NDAV CABARET and DANCING 49th and Santa Fe Ave. "It's never tale at Vernon" Ws Sell Ysv Nit MUSIC A full ratten hitler), 40s, Bwttis. C0. A family affair. Oinnsr 90t; Baetlta, $1 00. 321 COMMERCIAL I BLOCKS EAST OF POST OFFICE. Mutual 07C4. OF ITS FINK HOME COOKINsi Far Famed Chicken Dinners 9625 Pico Cor. Beverly Dr. (Noon) 1 OX. 31

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