Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 10, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE I»—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, NOV. 10, 1919 Efe Batty flttw ?nbUiihed Every ttvenlng «Czoept Sunday) by tHB NATJGATUCK KEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephone* 2228 and ftt» An Department* B^tered aa second clans matter at th* pot office In Naugatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month .. .>1JO 1 Tear 118.80 Member: American New»paper Pub. AM*H ft. B. Daily Newspaper Put. AWn Conn. Newipaper Pabll»her» Aai'p THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1S49 Now Or Never The tocsin has been sounded and Naugatuck will either respond or lose, perhaps for all time, the opportunity of having a National Guard armory — to be used for recreational as -well as military purposes. Federal approval has been given for the construction of a $50,000 National Guard garage in the borough. A furore over preserving a beauty mark in an otherwise ugly area has been quieted by refusal of the Army to accept a proposed Riverside Drive site. Flood hazards are too great in the area is the decree of the engineers. Perhaps they're right. In any case, the National Guard has told Naugatuck, in effect: "Give us the land and we'll give you a garage. The garage will be the opening wedge for eventual construction of an armory. Both are needed in Naugatuck." _ National Guard officials have also stressed the urgency of moving ahead with the authorized construction. If Naugatuck is in doubt about wanting the structure another community will jump at the offer. We think Rep. Adam Mengacci has done a remarkably fine job for Naugatuck in his sincere and aggressive approach to a situation that could develop into a real community asset. His main purpose, from the start, has been the acquisition of an armory that would double in brass as a community auditorium. Need we mention again the need of an auditorium? The issue is now one that must be resolved by the Board of Warden and Burgesses, perhaps with .the assistance of agencies intended to promote community development and progress. Of this we're certain: If the zeal and sincerity manifested by Rep. Mengacci are nearly duplicated by those now charged with the responsibility of making the final decision—garage or no garage, armory or no armory—steps will be taken post-haste to make available the land required by the National Guard. In the encouragement of a pro-gram of swift compliance with the request at hand, we're quite confident that refusal of local cooperation now will slam the door on any future prospects of armory construction. Company F, "Naugatuck's Own" would be a loser. But the Borough of Naugatuck would incur the heavier and more painful loss. The News has long been on record in favor of a community auditorium. A National Guard auditorium might make a fair substitute pending a day of greater fortune. If. by making land available for a garage now the borough enhances its possibilities of eventually gaining an armory, we want to be firmly on record as recommending that course of action. An IQ Bombshell In the minds of many laymen there has lurked an uneasiness about the absolute value of IQ tests. That uneasiness has been based upon fear lest something in addition to mental ability was being evaluated, with the consequence that relative intelligence often was far from being precisely determined. Now comes Dr. Ernest A. Haggard, professor of psychology at the University of Chicago, with the statement before 350 educators at a conference sponsored by the Educational Testing Service that IQ tests are "biased." Yep, that's what the man said. Dr. Haggard's thesis, as might have been guessed, is that these tests have not been formulated in a fashion to test intelligence, as such, of children "in the lower socio-economic groups." It is reassuring to have this "expert" emphasize the fact that studies have shown "no demonstrable difference in the inheritance of mental abilities in different socio-economic groups." But if that is a fact, why do IQ tests need revising? It's because of what pupils eat, it seems. The professor says that nutritional differences of poor children affect the nervous system "and other bodily tissues," and often there is "emotional deadening" and "loss of willingness to respond." Inversely children of "privileged or middle-class homes receive a range of experiences and acquire range of motivations which prepare -them much more adequately for favorable performance on our present type of intelligence tests than is the case with lower-class children.'" Well, there it is. Right out of the professor's mouth. An Event Of Interest Vice president Alben Barklcy and Mrs. Carleton Hadley of St. Louis are to be married on November IS. culmination of a romance which has been in the news for days and days, because of the prominence of the contracting parties. The guests will undoubtedly be made up of some of the top men in the administration. The affairs of state will have to wait until the couple arc safely married and on their honeymoon. There will be no end of pictures, and columns of descriptions of what the bride wore, always of great interest to the women. Then the new Mrs. Barkley will take her place in official Washington society and be all but forgotten so far as newspaper readers are concerned. In spite of all this publicity and hurrah it will be just another marriage between two worthy people, both entitled to whatever happiness the union may bring. They -will have the best wishes of the American people, for marriage IH an universal innUtiiUon designed to bring joy to those of all classes. Turkeys arc cheaper. Can't the Washington planners do something about that? Moon may not be made out of green cheese, but some chisolers think the U. S. Treasury is an inexhaustible source of green Gs. A Colorado woman has baked biscuits every morning for 61 years. Men should direct the attention of their wives to this item. Do You Remember? One Year Ago John Gierszenski, Jr., was promoted to the rank of sergeant in thc Naugatuck Junior Police Corps. Gail Noble was elected prnsi dent of Girl Scout Troop No. 90. Eight local girls have formed a bowling team which they call the "Jay Bees" (just beginners). ...They are: Anna Sokoloski, Rita Zembruski, Marian Marnon, Nora Haas, Eleanor Spirojiky, Virginia Plstarclli, Madelin,! Blanchard, and Jean Pistarelli... In their most recent outing Miss Zembruski and Miss Sokoloski tied for high single with 105. Just noticed that Frank "Spec" Sliea and Gonoviovo Martlno'H wnddlng day, Nov. 11), Is U!HO "Sadio Hawkins' Day".... We might add that "Spec" is one bachelor who doetm't mind being "caught." a The borough was buzzing Tuesday night nbout the DomncralH* catastrophic (how about that) defeat in Waterbury'H election... Tallied In a couple (if local poll- tlcos who predict, the Bruno thing will happen in the borough unless the split in the ranks of Naugatuck Democrats is sealed... The clamor you hear in Democratic big wigs denying a split. Jimmy Wrlnn, a clerk at the Nauffiituck Post Office, IH taking purl of his annual vucutlon (his week... In euso any early shoppers are Interested, them are only 38 shopping days remaining until Christmas. Patrolman Ted Klimaszewski suggests that Veterans 'Field be suggested as an alternate site for the construction of a National Guard Armory in Naugatuck... Ted maintains that there is ample room for a garage ,armory and drill field and points out that the site mi^ht. still be available for athletic contests, with the Guard footing the bill for maintenance expenses. 20 Years Agt> Torrington High handed Nau— gatuck's gridders their first defeat of the season in a game marred by a near riot. George Smith scored the Naugatuck touchdown. Donald Selle, of Brooklyn, N. Y., was visiting with his" parents at their Union City home. Household Scrapbook Smoke StaliiH Remove the smoke atainH from the bricks in front of the fire, place with a mixture of two ounces of soda, one ounce of pumice stone, one ounce of salt, with water nuffi- clent to make a cream. Rub the bricks well with this solution and let remain for a few minutes; then brush off with a stiff brush. Pic If the cherries or berries are rolled in flour before putting them into trie pie crust it will thicken the juice and prevent its running out. Concrete Floors Scrub concrete floors with a gallon of water to which a pound of lime and a handful of salt have been added. Engineer Jim Nies, who gave so much time to the Little League stadium construction, Is bock in lmrm-ns a»;ain. .. Now he'n work- Ins on lincH for the ICxeliango Cluh bathing beach project at tho new dam...Take a bow, Jim... Yesterday munt have been the day for grandfathers to take on the chore of baby silting... Jirn Cuddy was seen strolling down Church street pushing a carriage, nnd not too long afterwards another granddaddy was seen on the opposite side of thc street. Buss (The Gremlin) Jensen and bridis have almost all their furniture! moved In and will bo at homo to frleiidn at 125 Walnut Ntr<*!t In tho not too dlMtunt future. Frank Shea, Sr., usually goes to Yankee Stadium in New York only during the Hummer to nee son, "Spec," ana tcammatCH in action, but Saturday he'll be there again to see thc Notre Dame- North Carolina football game.. .accompanying him will be Kay Rad- cliffc, Jane Bontempo and Thorn Corby. Members of the committee In charge of the recent testimonial for Frank "Spec" Shea tell us Jack Hanley was one of the hard workers "behind the scenes"... Jack wasn't on the committee but volunteered his services to help make the affair a success. Mrs. Thelma Andersen, Rudy Anderson and thc Rev. Wlnfred Langhdrst were deep in conversation the other afternoon on Church street... Air-hammers pounding on the lower side of thc National Bank raised a cloud of fine dust in the building... sounded like someone was trying to get in the hard way. Jim Nardello has only one car to depend . on for transportation now that ho wold his 1034 sedan. ...<>[ course ,hn now ha» one less vehicle; to worry about running. Spanking, new trash cans, bearing thc words "Help Keep Your City Claan" are now In use in the borough... one Hiiro' to see ])lenty of une haw been placed at Main and Maple streets. Let's hope they are used for the pur- P'OHC intended. Mrs. Mary Ashmore, 24 Tolles H<iuaro, asks us to expresH her appreciation to all her frlendH who sont her curds and flowers during her recent Illness. Rotary club jottings... When President Herb Billings told members at yesterday's meeting that ".something new has been added" nnd a.sked Henry Moeckel, Jr., to rise to his feet, the heretofore nonchalant Henry turned a brilliant rose color, stood up, Ymt refused to completely face the group... cause of all this is due to the addition of a real snappy mustuchlo on Henry's upper lip. More Rotary Tho club ar~. cepted with reifret the resignation from tho group of Harry Anderson effective Nov. l...Jlm Bloomfield of Say'orook was a guest... That joint meeting planned by Rotary and the local KxchaiiKc club will he held on tho evening of Dec. 15. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Byrne of Mifldlet.own are current V!H- itor.H at the home of their son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bengtson on Scott street.. .Mr. Byrne is doing a bit of repair work around the premises and has an excellent assistant in the person of four-year-old Peter Thomas, who Insists on bringing his own tools... His Dad probably will be searching for many moons to come. Herb Churchill, Niiugatuck Savings Hanlci custodian, chotte u beautiful day yesterday to put «torm windows on the Church street Ktructuni. .. Mich a K«T- gcous tlay It's hard to believe such windows will bo needed In the near future. Today Is thc 17-lth "birthday" of the U. S. Marine Corps, America's oldest fighting force... The "Leathernecks" were founded in 1775 and since then have become famous as the best and tho most highly respected fighting force in the world.. .Happy Birthday. GETTING A STRANGLE HOLD WALTER WINCHELL In New York MAN FLAYING THE TYPEWRITER Flash! Flash! Stop the Presses! The Damon Runyon Cancer Fund is now a "partner" in the world's biggest hit, "Sooth' Paciflc"... Rodgors and Hammei'stcin will turn ovnr to tho Runyon Fund the center section of one orchestra row for every performance for the run of the hit in N. Y. at the Majestic Theater. No seats will be taken from the "public or the ticket brokers to accomplish this. The producers, Rodgers, Hamrmerstein. Logan and Hayward are contributing their own house seats... Do not write or phone the theater or this paper. For dates and details read the dally newspapers... The first seats available via the Runyon Fund will be for tho evening performance starting Dec. 5. Movlotown'd waste of talent nnmotlmoH border,? on the criminal. Jano Cowl, one of tho Btagc (Treats, is playing a minor rola in tho lower half of a dullblo feature opim . PaKeant'.s photoH of fiirn- InifUea tire something' out of a bachelor's daydreams. . .Television's marching cigaret com>rr./er- shills arc often more entertaining; than most comedians.. .Eugene O'Neill won a Nobel prize and three Pulitzer medals, but one newspaper described him as "the writer of several hits"...Bert Lahr's guester teevee' didoes are always hilarious. What are sponsors waiting for?. ...Those five- minute radio shows that devote three minutes to nommershllls are the best yawn induccrs this side of a pillow. . .Broadway and Miami gamblers report that the New York elections "attracted hardly any .hots around, the nation." This Is whjy the Alf Taints (Lynn Fontanne) have stayed on tc|p' of tho heap for 25 yean*. They had their new smash hit, "I Know My Love," on tour last season and a summer layoff to think about it. But they were still rehearsing a scene on tho Shubcrt stage right up to curtain time opening night ...The only team in snow biz that clicked 25 years without an. argument over top billing. "BatHeirround" is great because it sticks to the facts of war and skips sugary heroics. It includes scenes of U. S. fighting men being tough and glorious with their backs to the wall ...Power of the critics? Half the current toip 10 moncy-inuakJ^ films were /snub- hod by them. So don't cut your throat. .NBC rates a pat on the bankroll for continuing to relay the ToBcanlni concerts although- they can't entice a sponsor. That's public service, by g-olly. . .Bine's version, of "Mule Train" is fine (he twits it delightfully), but so'a the other side, "Dear Hearts and Gentle People." A soothing melody and slick lyrics.. Following the one orchid here (she reports) Mara Kim. the China Doll Dancer was signed for L. 3lllmnn's next ahpw, "Happy As Larry," starring Buzz Meredith. The star came bacn six nights in a row. Why Prwm Amenta Die Yoiinir' The publicists for a mldtown restaurant dreamed up a stunt photo showing a good-looking gal wearing rival campaign cfectlon literature...Thoy flg-urcd it would land in the non-oonservatlvc gazettes ... They engaged Nevada Smith an< * had a costume hurriedly readied...The pictures were taken at Chandler's restaurant The only big break the progs agents ffot was on page 40 of last week's Life...But the name of tho restaurant (which paid the freight for everything) was omitted To the press agents: Relax, have some syndication. r, *!y <1 . K ™ 8llu > Embassy IN g ot tln B publicity conscious. Plans arc now being made to release a dally bulletin (direct from Moscow)o to U S newspapers and radio stations' J. hey hope to have 5,000 subscribers here It will, of course, be carried on under the hokum, "The Information Bulletin"... The press, public and radio of wise old Chicago successfully counter-attacked Paul Robeson's invasion the other night The Mayor's Committee on Human Relations requested newspapers radio commentators and veterans' groups to "quarantine" Robeson'f, one-night stand plans. The result- Less than 250 spectators showed up There were more cops there than "rioters".. .Other U. S. cities, plea!" , W1 ? St d ° es Uncle Sam's llon deficit mean to you? In H, 0 , ^ your Gov>t bac * ''"to the black—taxes must bo boosted 25 P ei ".u? •" The 8haDe thc world is in this Armistice Day is the best proof of how quickly the politicos have forgotten their promises to the war dead...There are more radio sets in N. Y. than telesets in the U. S. So you want your child to bo a movie star? Look at the unhappiness in the personal lives of Judy, Deanna and Shirley.... Jerry Wayne's platter of "I'll Bo Home for Christmas" Is the nicest thing put under the needle since Rita Hayworth got vaccinated.. .Can you Imagine the avalancrie of criticism colyumista would have been buried under — had they scooped the newspapers, which published the premature birth of the soon-due Aly Khans' image?*.. From thc Times: "Is the control of atomic inergy possible? The answer is yes and no." Well, that clears that up... No wonder the wordage in the "EvcrbodyDoesIt" film crackles. It camo from Nunnally John- aon'o typewriter.... Some troubadours who gargle "Don't Cry, Joe" (Loddorgo, lecldurgo) stretch out e-v-c-r-y w-o-r-d. Despite the noli truyn on her dusk, It was officially rovoalod that Princess Elizabeth doeo not wmoko. .. .The announcement hit tho U. S. advertising industry like an atomic cloud. Because this generation han been led to believe that any girl, Who never took tho Blindfold Test, who Neglected her T-Zone, who wouldn't Walk a Mile, Who was Unkind to her Throat, who Chooc a Sweet Instead, Who didn't know How To Be Nonchalant, Who Spurned a Treat Instead of a Treatment, Whose taste buds never learned to appreciate tho Full Rich Flavor of Choice Tobaccos, who never enjoyed the Longer, Finer Cigarette i n the Distinguished Red Package—Good to Look At, Good to Feel, Good to Taste and Good to Smoke Wherever Particular People Congregate: Who never made Doubly Sure her cigarette was So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed, So Free and Easy on the Draw; Who never Inhaled to her Heart's Content, Who never Switched to King Size, Longer, Milder, Cooler, Plus an Extra Margin of Protection; whose schooling never taught her what ABC stands for, Who didn't ever start the 30-day-mild- ncss Test, whose throat had been deprived of the Real, Deep-Down Smoking Enjoyment that comes from smoking The Smoke Tobacco Experts Smoke, would never grow up to become Tho Beautiful Prln cess. The MUSIC SHOP . . . records for children make wonderful year-round gifts . . . 88 Church St. Phone (5287 BUST A CUTAWAY *OB THAT Too Bit Pit IMBIMBO'S 9'ftCM All «• Union g*., mt>T SHOP or 8m»II Pfeou 1-8«8I The Election shows that the Liberal Party holds thc Y>alanco of power in New York State. And thc Democrats ought to wake up and realize this fundamental fact immediately... Rapping thc Liberal Party mlgftt prove very costly at some future election : — when the Democrats might not have another Lehman to run, who would be automatically endorsed by the Liberal Party. PICKED BY CIO TO OPPOSE TAFT VIRTUALLY DRAFTED by delegates of the CIO convention in Cleveland to oppose Sen. Robert Taft tn next year's Ohio election, Murray D. Lincoln (left) shakes hands with CIO president Philip Murray. Pinning a button on Lincoln's lapel is Joseph B. Carey, CIO secretary-treasurer. The candidate Js a national farm cooperative leader. (International) MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. If the friends of a teen-age daughter are permitted to stay out late, should her parents insist upon her being home early? A. This depends upon circumstances. It would be unfair to make your daughter the exception for very special occasions, such as her school dance. But at other times, it Is up to the parents to set the deadline they think wisest. Q. When is the spoon for the after-dinner coffee placed on the •table? A..This spoon is brought in with thc cofEec when it is served. Look And Learn 1. Which are the four lamest na- UonH, in size, in the world? 2. What highly inflammable gas formt! thc greater part of water? 3. Whose portrait appears on the U. K. five-dollar bill? -1. What Scottish queen was beheaded by Queen Elizabeth? 5. What famous composer wrote 20 operas. 41 HymphonieM, ;ind numerous other works before he died at the age of X5? Answers 1. The Soviet Union. China, Canada, and Brazil. 2. Hydrogen. 3. Abraham Lincoln. 4. Mary Stuart, Queen of ScotB. 5. Mozart (1756-91). Q. What does a hostess do if one of her guests is late for dinner in her home? A. She wails no more than 20 minutes, and then serves her dinner. NEW-ENGLAND S LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMINAL SEK THE NEW UNIVERSAL WASHER at Gerald's Appliance — New Low Prices — X07 SPUING ST. UNION CITY TELEPHONE SCSI TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 57 HOTCHKI88 ST. TEL. 615» — Collision Specialists — fender* — Bodies — Auto Painting Towing Service BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil per Ration F. O. IJ. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-3M1 ^**6 fa BUCKLEY ..« BETTER SERVICMOWER FUEL COSTS 3ANTO8 GENERAL REPAIRS Kadiaton, Batteries Waahlnic Machines, Baby Carriage* Bicycles, Soldering LAWN MOWERS 6HARFSN1CD 480 Rribber ATC. Phone 8877' OAESAR KRZYKOWSK1 Painter — Decorator 19 BBENNAN ST. TEL. S7M Free Estimate* Full Insurance Coverage WATERBURY AT PL&TTS MILLS TEL. WATER BURY 4-9632. PJ ea T? / y a U. S. NO. 1 MAINE POTATOES P..k 50 lb. LARGE CALIFORNIA ORANGES 2 do, 49c FIRM RIPE TOMATOES & pkga. ^Jt)£ SMALL GENUINE SPRING LEGS of LAMB 65c lb SMALL LEAN RIB END ROAST PORK 43c lb MaelNTOSH — BALmVIN — HELIClOtS APPLES Basket SNOW WHITE CAULIFLOWER head LARGE PASCAL CELERY bunch LKAN SHOUT SHANK FUKSH PICNIC SHOULDERS 39c .„ FRESH KILLKD YOUNG Hen Turkeys 59c lb HUABTlMCr or CHICKENS Orders Taken Now For Thanksgiving Turkeys For Choice Selection — Order Now GEORGE INN Assorted SANDWICH COOKIES DOYALETTES 1 lb. pkg. Large Pkg. VS/DE'S T H m rr y

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