The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVIH—NO. 35 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AKKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier, B'.jUieville Dally Blvthevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader, HLYT1IKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, Al'UIL 28, 10;!1 V .XI HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO 1 FINDS DR. KELLEY Miners With Machine Guns ES TH JOBLESS III HILLS More Thau 2,000 Shots Fired in Engagement at Black Mou'ntaiii loday. , HAP.LAN. Kv.. Am-il 23. (UP)— A machine gun rattled oi:t a spray of lead in a gun battle tetwcrn deputies nnd unemployed miners at Black Hawk Mountain today. Sheriff J. H. Blair faid miners gDlii'» lo wort: Inrl bcin fired on and the deputies "sent trcre to protect them" ted returned the fir?, j The officers had the machine suns. None o! the officers was wounded but men on the other side are b=- Ihvert to have b-een womide:!. Move lhan 2.000 s'r.cts were iired. Tile battle between deputies and unemployed miners lasted mor? than an hour. Telephone wires fro:n Black ^Mountain mines had te-ii cut to prevent communication during the fight. The deunties were ?.rmert v.-ith ha:::i crjnades. machine Fairest Co-Ed in Missouri nun^. higb prvv.-ered rifles and a qufmti'.v of amm'mition. Sherilf J. II. Blair had rushe:! three rais c! his men to Black Mountain 13 miles from here after r^n n r? ?cine ti work were r?- portc:! to have been fired on by nifvi hidden oa the mountain side. Disorders in the coil flclis rc- ceiiMv have included toreakln-r int" and l:otin? of stores thr?e times by mob^, t':e hil'ln? of a Lleautv a r i:l v.'mii'Hii" of nnot'!?r min in a fi»ht neir tcriiv's hittl" wounding of n .iiV'T 1 '-.i-".?.'. several davr, a r :&i and the bontbin? of a mini -haft. STfllE IP1ST Happy Birthday! II.. J Franklin W. Fovl of New, Jersey Scheduled for Address This Afternoon, j LITTLE ROCK. Aunt 28. (UP)— ! ,The slide's financial loaders 531)1-', ercd here today for the fn-Lv-flvst! annual convention of the Arkair-as | Bankers' Association. i ; Interest was centered chiefly on j (lie address of Congressman Prink- ' lin W. Fort, of Nesv Jersey, schei- - nlert for thh afternoon fallowing the annual agricultural luncheon. i B. A. Lynch, Blylheville banker ' and vice president. nresiOed over . the momir.s; session. He summarrz- ' eel (.he association's work during the past year. i The Blythevllle banker was fol- [ : lowed by H. N. Stronck. Chicago. 1 who spoke on "Sound Policies, the! Foundation of good banltlnj man• lagcment." Prior (o Stronck, A. U. Now the "Show Me" slate comes . Kahn, president of the' Union Trust' forward with another beauty. Slip's , company of Little Rock submitted Miss Helen Duncan, above, or Nor- I a report of Hie committee on bank borne. Mo., and she was chosen by .management. Plo Ziegfcld as the most j Following Congressman Port's ad- Sirl at the University of Missouri. \ dress, which was preceded by a Good taste? Sure, that's what Zie;- , group meeting of Arkansas mem- feld lias. SEEK PfllR Assviult Ctargfi Afrainst Cooler Man !s Dismissed bers of ihe American Bankers' Asi sedation presided over by Stuart i Wilson, of Tctarknna. the af;cr- jncon was devoted hi golf and base- ',ba!l with a smoker slated for lo• night. The Wednesday session will b?' Los Angeles' most fanclnatlng scnorltas, bright-eyed descendants largely occupied by commute re- of lhc earlv Spajl | sU p!o ncers of 150 years n e o,''sre preparing for ports an-.l election of officers for the ensuing P. W. year. (prominent parts in the city's birthdny. fiesta in September. Here Is rnOTFR. Mo.— A chare' of ns- finii. with intent to kill azainsl L K. former ni3h(, marshal o f Cooter. WT; dismissed by Jnitic" Max T,. Kelly following n nrelimt- imy tearing at Steele this •morn- ine. The charge was t^ie o"i»row!h r' a di^turhin'cc on the Cooter hi^h Frhrnl prniincs on th n ni»ht r e Mnrch nth. Mirs'i 'f-teS thn I Fr^-. ; er I^TS attack!]!" him witll ^ knife wlien he wns forrel to hit Fnzinr o.-rr th^ I'.wl wlHi a p'^- tcl. lie drcbrrd lie was attempting to arrest Prazicr on a char?' of cl«turbir.5t the peace at the time. The uro.^fvjtlon attsmnte.1 ir she'.'.- Hint M'irsh was not n nm- mis'loRcd ofTircr when the inci- drpt orcnrrert bu*. th^ rterensi? nur- pcrtpd to show that Mirsh WT: deii- ulired and Kmilro Kelly rul?d that "'-is disr^arginr; his duty by re- j •-. ». Brady. Kansas City, h Confident Wen Allpaprl rn, sch - duM " !""«•« ti« bink-rsi * tomorrow iJiorniriG. Tip will ^ fol- • Wave Obtained $14.000 Io '' red by w - A - McDonnell." vice'. nresidcnt of the Bankers Trusl Company of Littla Rock, who will; Senorlta Marina Maylorrna,''SirLllsh beauty.- who : will take part In .the picturesque revival of tile days of her forefathers. From Former Merchant ST. LOUTS. April 2R (UP)—A •f>rrh was bein^ conducted today discuss methods employed by Lit- ! tie Ro:k ban';s to Imnrcvs earn-; Incs anj preventable causes for re- for two men who swindled Louts iceiit bank failures. B'lmont. f-n-elrv and clotlnn'' mer-l storing peace. Bark's Own GuavJ Him on Prison Trio of West Bedfcvd. Mass.. of in hnnrts here yesterday, ac- rrrfin? to police. Tinlrnont whn has been in Hot Rnrlne.s for his health came here -rvral davs a"o with two men who rcr-rescnted themselves as race '•nrse men. The pair had assured Belmont thev would win monev "*i infomiaticn whicli they had. When Relmnnt consentel they bet on various horses on credit. Yesterday Belmont was told the frio hfd won jnintlv $200.000 but pine*: thfv had rtfvrn no with »V hot to thn brltini commissioner lie wanted them to out np the n-.onev as evidence of »ood faith that thev could have nald if thev hid lost. Pflmont th^n turned ovr the S14.COO in bonds to Ihe two G "ns F,ocal Women Escape FLASHES Will Carrv $5,000 judg-. irmnl in Favor of City to Supreme Court. Word has been received here that the Cherokee rubllc Service company lias DDrtcclert on aopeal from ihe <!eclslon ot the Pulaskl county chancery cotirt ordering the cor poratton's $5000 Riinronlv bnnd posted with the city of nlvlhi>vin> In Insure .natural gas here, for r felted. it Is understood thai the last da> on which the apoenl could !K> a".r- fecled expired April 17th and it was generally anticipated thnt the Ci!er- okcc company would not nnpcal the decision. The auiml will further extent! the period of lUlnatlon over the bond forfeiture until the Arkansas suurcmo court has passed on the appeal. The litigation bcgnn on July in, 1030. when lhc C'.inroi<ec rrrrmanv filed a irelltion to restrain IJlytlic- vll!e, We^t Memphis, Po^ Wynne. Au'^usla, Corning and Ma- rlamm fro'rn cancolllim fr.nnchhe. 1 ; to furnish natural gag. The Arkansas towns wire marl? riofoM- ilonts in nn action by the utility comnnnv to recover clamaijes from the Mlsslsslopl 'River Fuel corporation for failure to furnish the utility firm with natural g,as. Blythevllle and the other Arkansas towns filed n cross complaint asalnst the Cherokee company recking forfeiture of bonds posted because of non-performance of cin- tracl. The chancellor ordered the surety hnnds forfeited but United States Fidelity and Guaranty comnany. which made the aurolv Ixinds, Is restrained from surrendering the bonos until the supreme court hands down Its d-:d- slonf which will probably be In July, It Is understood. ) Ransom Paid for Re- Irnse of Physician Held Prisoner for a Week. Dr. Isnnc Kelley, one Louis' most wealthy and promin cut physicians, who returned to h! hoii'c today after being held prls oner n week by kidnapers- ROOSEVELT DROPS CHARGES AGAINST WALKEU ALBANY. N..Y., April 28. (UP) —Governor Roostvelt today dis- . i TT Committee Decides Upon mSsteA charges of misfeasance in Auto Upset i T •• n \ D 1 i * "B.iinst Mayor Walhcr of New P 1 lnqimy UcS^ltC'"relate S York upon i.lilch the city affairs While cnroute home Sunday; Challenge of Authority, roia the stale business and pro-! woman's convention at : E! Dorprio. Miss Cora Lee Co!c- Edwards narrowly escaped serious injury. Their automobile turned over cc-mmltlee. based a petition for his removal.. The governor In a. memorandum WASHINGTON. April 28 (UP)-- | hcM the c h a r t rs did not show reason for the removal against whom 10 man. Miss Minnie Matthews Mrs ' rho N> ' c scnnt= campaign exoendi- ] H. L. Reynolds and Miss Althea • turcs ^ommittre today decided to { „, )he i Into a decn ditch rten Miss Col-- Jr - dcspit(! thc clmllc "E« ' begin lit once with hearings on t counts were cited, the 1928 presidential campaign ac-1 tlvities of Bishon James Cannon, I men anrl went pet a drink of ST. JOSKPH. Mich.. Aovll 2S. Guarded rnd nrotwtod bv eirht no- licemen armed wit^i machine eun« whioh he one? himself Ind o'.vne^. Fred Burke was f ?kcn t^-riav frr,-^ tl:e PI. Joseph iail O'l a lr>n£T an*"- irAlb trio to Mar.iii"tte nris™ 'vlir.-o In hi' h'"n s;n' < 'nceS to life imn'i^ontrent for murder. . T'irce earn were In the crjravin whic 1 - Ir-ft here tn take to nrison Mis r.'-n who was acntserl nf rn^re thiM 20 ciavtr.T3 including the nns- f.T^re nf C^V?M fTi-"it':rs in chi- C3jo St. Val?n!!n»v; Dav. 1DX1. wal^r. Tb° tvo men ran out of the room and locked him in while they •r<"*f their escape. The two were believed to have net Be'mont in Hot Springs. Belmont refused to comment upon the swindle. Mav 25 Set for Trial of AlexanrW Pantages SAN DIEGO. April 2S (UP) — Thn trial of Alexander Pantages. r.ultl-milh'onalre shc\\|ian, onj v rhara-s of contributing to thc dc- ' of a miner, and of con- the committfe's authority by when a tire bleu- out. i tlle P relilte was haellv dvnaned with Chairman Nye announced man lost control of the machine In ; i irow Tlie car wlt- SYNDICAHSM LAW INVALID AKRON, O., April 28. (UP) — The Ohio syndicalism law under which Paul F. Kassty is charged with plotting to «Teck Hie U. S. nava! dirigible "Akron" was declared unconstitutlniwl today by ^ ........ Common Pleas Judge V.'altcr to make public the I imcs of, wit- j Wanamaker. ! nesses now but said they will pro- i ] d-ice evidence which has been de- j STEEL DIVIDEND DECLARED every plnss In the fedan broken ! nesses bavins testimony to be giv- tnto small bits and the two back : «n in thc Cannon case would be tvhocl' broken hevnnd renair. EN- I hennl by thc full committee Wcd- cept for severe bruises and strains ; nesdny. Nye said he did not wish the occuupants escaped injury. ST. LOU 1*, April 28. (UP)—Dr. saac D. kclley, wealthy car nnd lose specialist, returned to his ionic at noon today, more than » week after he wns kidnaped and' on luMirs after Ills reported .re-' case frvm th; abducting fang. ICellcy jumped from a car that drove,up to his stone mansion, ran .lirough a ciowd o! reporters to o •cur doer, entered and slammed It ' behind him. He found his wife, two children'- and relatives Inside, none ' of whom earlier In the (lav would admit a rumor that i\ $100,000 ransom, lincf Iwen paid. His return came several hours after n copyrighted story told how Kclley had teen released to a' St. Loiils Poit-nispatch reporter. • ST. I.OUIS. April 28 (UP)—The St.-LonLs Post Dispatch In.a copy- • righted j-tory today snld Dr. Isaac •'•"•• D. K^llr'--. 'veallhy phvslclan.who '""' b "' ' for more than a , A. '• B! Banks ^and Little Rock Associates'".Named by Pulaski County Jury LITTLE ROCK, April 28 (DPI — Fire former officers of the closed American Exchange Trust company, once one of the largest banking Institutions in the south, were under indictment of a county grand Jury, It was learned here today. The Indictments charged the former officials with accepting deposits with the knowledge that the bnnV. was Insolvent. Those Indicted.' reports said, were A. B. Banks, former president of the institution, J, H. Stanley, executive vice president, John M. Davis, chairman of the board, J. C. Conway. vice president and secretary, and I. II. Thompson, vice president. It was learned the men were Indicted under 42 counts. Warrants for their arrest were Issued thc sheriff and bond of each set at $5,000. . 1 "!" llr > ' !><i b!cn fountl by . John. T. •••:•. ^?-"~*. recorler for that -paper.. . .... ..• The story said Kelley admitted v he had b'en. kidnapped and qtiottd ." •':. him ns saying no raiiscim'had'been '.;.-; : : paid "co far as I knovv',' 1 '' . .' .•;.-:; Kelley wps describe.', as unhann"- •'•.•/ eO. The middle-aged ear nnd' nose- s- sMdallst had been mysterloiuly : ' mlssln; since he was called .from. : :,- hls home at 10 P. M., April 20, oh :.,.what lie supposed was an emer- " ' .'- pcucy case. . . :''-.; ~'' •'Physician Unharmed- . ' story, said Kelley' Co"rf of Honor Presents ! v . elo p cd b * tne committee's invcs- Merit Badges to Scouts ] tigators. Troop 31 of Ihe local Boy Scouts i'i>Irt a coi'rt of honor last evening at the court house wh'-n two mpm- her 1 * were oromo'ed and 13 merit badges nresentcd. The scout cnmmlltec of Iw W. Crawford. F. J. HcMon. Flovd A. i White and Sam H. Branch, asslst- d in the c^urt nrocedure. Holai . , .Dirin, to commit thc same offense. , " re '<»n Won Fined F«r Misuse of Aiito License Walter Lucy of Wilson. Ark., was fin?:! S.IO bv Jij=tlcs O?car Alcvan- d?- tVs morivn-r n:i a ch-irqe of nixratins a cnr with dealers' 11- cen=o fcr pleasure. I..'.:cy w?s arrested bv .Jim Burns, slit" hichway mtrolman. Cases .""•hrd'il'-d ti fc" heard b-fore Justice R I". McKnisht for allow! auto code violations were continued until Saturday. today for May 25. Pantarcs nppeare-t in sunerlor court with Jesse Shreve. San Diego Investment broker. William Jobelmann. and Olive Clark Day. all co-defendants. All entered pleas of not guilty. p ind Auto and Arms Near Scene of Diamond Shooting end class rank and the following nirrlt badges awnrd?d: art. Calls Special Venire in Carolina Bank Cases ASHEVtLLE, N. C., April 28 (UP) —A special venire of 100 jurors trcm Yancy county was ordered summoned today by Judge M. V. Barnhill tn Buncombe county superior court for the. trial of 27 defendants n the bank cases to begin Thursday mornine. Judge Barnhill then declared a NEW YORK, April (UPI Dlrcrttrs cf the II. S. Slerl cor- pora'lm doclarcd ihe regular Quarterly dividend of S1.15 per share on both common and preferred stock tot'.iy. COLD GRIPS EAST NEW YORK, April 28 (UP) —Cities alon.; thc Atlantic sea- beard were in the grip of a severe cold wave today after a high northwest wind sent temperatures tumbling, brought snow in par's of New York state, and frost in New England and Nevr KILLING JIER ChnrlestoTi. Mo.,. Turnlcev by Jail Breakers Sunday Night. CHARLESTON, Mo., April 28.— Officers In this and adjacent counties are searching for Beverly Hale and Lundrum Meyers, jull- breakors. who escaped from the Charleston jail Sunday night after Inflicting fatal Injuries lo W. H. Lands, 71-year-old Jailer as he was delivering their evening meal. The men, both of whom were serving 12 month sentences for corn stealing, attacked Lands as he entered the jail corridor with the evening meal They struck htm over the head with an iron bar,, and after beating him Inlo inssnsl- billty, escaped locking him In a cell with keys which they took] (up>_cyrus 3. Eaton' and three associates who opposed the Youngs- - -. - recess until Thursday when the I Jersey which seriously menaced T T a--n an-' N. B. Menar-1. Jr.. bird state will proceed with the prose- 1 blossoming fruit trees. Buffalo and Detroit reported temperatures cf 34 and 30 degrees respective- sludv. P-ll McKenzi-. b'ook bind in". cution of bankers and former? Mprshsll Rbrkard. cookin?. Dill : public officials In connection with McKcn?le. nrcinanshhi. Rolan-1 its-i Hie S50.0CO,000 bank crashes here hon. J ^Tell Brooks. Jr.. and Nfar- ! last fall. shall BlacVard. farm records and ' booVkcrnins. Hal Mooro. ly. llijh winds lakes. Ihe The American Exchange Trust company closed In November last year precipitating a series of bank failures which resulted In upwards of EO slate banks being closed. Thirty-five other officers nnd em- ployes of the bank were not Indics- ed, reports said. Youngslown Sheet Keeps Merger on Board . J 'wt»" (timed oyct. a A. M. on f. St. ClairVoiinty i-o'ad- side on the outskirts of East St. . Louis". It continued, "Rogers was conducted to thc spot by a mafi.- whom ho met near hi s' home alter : receiving an anonymous telephone ; cnll that -a friend wanted to see. • him. '•The physician was unharmed," • thc story said, and 'declared 'as lar f:s he knew no ransom hid been' raid for his release.' He hcd'been In the hands of thc kidnapers a few hours more than 1 days when • Rojjers found him. "Except for the lack of n bath nnd a change of clothing he appeared tn almost .as. fl physical condition as when he • .• left home." the story salri. All Clues Had Failed At Kellcy's residence where the mlllianairc wife of the physician and relatives had kept a vigil for more than a week, E. R. Christman, attorney for the family, de- . cllned to comment on the copyright story. "I know nothing further and nothing about the story," Christman said. . . 'The disappearance of Kelley, coming after a series of kidnap- ing s throughout the middle west, brought a concentrated police search here and In southern Illinois that failed to bring the slightest clue as to his whereabouts, despite raids on gang hideouts, questioning of scores of gangsters and following up of every slight clue. YOUNGSTOWN. O., April 28 from his pockets. No trace of the pair has been had, although officers of all counties of Southeast Missouri nnd Northeast Arkansas have been notified to te on the lookout. Charges of first degree murder will be filed against Hale and Meyers, according to Mississippi county officers here. The temperature of thc moon varies from 216 'degrees Fahrenheit, when tne sun is shlnins on it. to 243 degrees uelow zero when • away from the sun. rrnft. E. B. Rogers, re aHlni. Jim- i mie Tinto'i and N. B. M'nard. Jr.,' replile studv. Jlmmle Tiplon. I Canada's Newest. Railroad Goliath CATSKILL. N. Y.. A->ril 28. (UP> j —The n-s', real ciuj is the jack! •""'lent F.n»erlainm»nl to' "Lers" Diamond shovln? cpi'ori.-!' p- ' w,is believed uncovered today when |' m Porrivjue.'*! Police Fire Trio to Conwav' state trooaers discovered an abai- j — j doned automobile bearing a Newj There will be a nlav at Ihe high York license in which there were i school auditorium this evening, I.'SD- fo'.ir loaded revolvers, two shotguns i o'clock, the nrotrcds uf wlik-h will: TI Ci -i • c. J . ! and a cap. (he usc-i to defray the. exoenses to Upon OinKing OtlllRmS The machine was ditched a!on3-]tti" state me't at Conway. • side the highway on Prospect eve-1 The students who won horors In : TI?T?ON Porlii»al. April 28 (UP) line, CntskUl rc^ential s2cUm.:thc recrnt district meet, when Blv-; —Pol'rc (rod Into a croup of Thc front left- tire was punctured, tlieville captured first honors ini stritir-'? st!H"nls today diirlnz a Residents said they had noticc-d thc U'erary ovrnls and second in trarfc, | d-mrii't-n'ion a-^lnst i\v Car- automobile since yesterday. ! will present thc plav. It Is the di-t.-'trrchhi. Fifteen wvre • — '-— hope to raise cnoirh funds that town Sheet and Tube-Bethlehem Slecl merger today were rc-clectcd to Ihe board of directors of the $220,000,000 Youngstown concern. The meeting, thc annual session of stockholders and directors, wns brief, re-electing Eaton, S. Livingston Mather, Hugh D. Wick and George Bralnard who had been consigned by rumor for icmoval. 1800 Chinese'CommuTiists' Beheaded Following Battle SHANGHAI. China. April 28. lUD—The nationalist government 'announced tcday that 1.800 "communists" had been captured and decapitated after 3 battle in the Hupeh province. The announcement £3id the "menace of the so-called communist armies In ww'.crn Hup;li his been endei by successful campaljrj; of the government troops." The Rev. J. M. Hughsy and da" Burns Fatal to Sikeston Be!*-':/ Shop Proprietor SIKESTON, Mo.. April 28.—Funeral services were held this .afternoon rbv Ml=; M. E. Martin, 50- year-old b:-auty shop prcpristor who died in a Cairo hospital Sunday night from burns received Saturday evening when a kcro^ne stove exploded In her home here. She wn - cooking the evening hieal on t> e stove a; the tlau the c-x- plssion o-.-currcd which- threw oil and burning grease on her body, igniting her clothing nnd Inflicting fatal burrs. She resided with her adopted so::. Fred Stoics, and family whim she had cared for dues his early boyhood. Fuiv-ral services were in charge oi thc Rev. A. C. Rudolph, pastor of the rirst uaptlst church. Interment wa-- In Falrvlcu- cemetery. She is survived only by distant rla't-^ •,-!..•> reside In Coming and ,1— ,-.- - - f Hold Weekly Clinics at.Health Unit Office Weekly clinics are now belli? held at the local office of the Mississippi County Health unit f~r thos- '"RATHER ARKANSAS - Increasingly cloudy with sho'.rers in the extreme west poiilon tonight. Wednesday cloudy with showers. According to the official woather - , who wish to be Immunized from ty- observer, Charles Phillips Jr., the injured and three of thc students ; ALBANY. N. Y., April 23. (UP'— the- trip may be made by all con- Mighty Juggernaut of the rails, this powerful locomotive—one of thc largest In tlxj world—soon will phoid fever and diphtheria, preva- I minimum temperature here yes- -rn I'l a critical condition. .Jack "Legs" Diamond Is slightly test ants winning first places as this be used in freight and passenger service in thc Canadian Rockies. On a level track, it can haul a ISO-car lint at thli season. terday was 45 decrees and the

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