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Sos SngeleunOay Ernies. SUNDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 22, 1018. PART lit 3 about ten years ago. What do 'u NEW IMFVTrO Trt APT think dntna- then? He WS 1U Atil (Tbratpra AmuspmrtilB Entfrtatnmrntii WAS AMATEUR PLAYWRIGHT playing In The Three and ON WOMAN SUFFRAGE.

1PPO DROME THEATER his Jt was that of a chorus man." THANKED BY PERSHING. opportunities such a department would be able to offer to returned soldiers, especially by co-operating with the Secretary of the Interior in settling the public domain. The development of State lands would be, of course, another result of the establishment of such a department, it is pointed out. The Legislature la two-thirds Republican, and the Governoi Is also Republican. The lower bouse was chosen at the November elections, the Senate being held over.

BILL AIMED TRUE BETTER THAN HE KNEW. Bill Hart has always enjoyed the enviable reputation of being a dead shot with a six-shooter, but his usual accuracy played him an od.1 trick In a. scene of "Breed of Men," bis latest Artcraft production. The studio scene represented the interior of a small shack where Seena Owen, the girl, and her litUS brother, were desperately resisting eviction by Sheriff Bill, who is some reluctant to perform his di.ty, since the pretty squatter is the object of his affections. In the exterior Bcenes I SITkEW SHOW TODAYFOR 3 DAYsl has been climbing up tha UdJer steadily.

Being a western girl, Grace Dunbar Nile naturally believes in tha western girl. "The proof of tha pudding Is in the eating, they say," said Miss Nile. "The proof Is In the fact that tha eastern producing managers pr i the western girl. The western Is more natural. She has b- all around and less of her em sister's affectations.

She Is r-1 tolerant In the larger sense and i been found more dependable her eastern type. Also she is ir ambitious and harder working. i western girl gets what she goes more often than does the girl of the East" DAINTY Los Arteries Composer Gets Second Letter of Appreciation from American Commander. Jean de Los Angeles composer, has received bis second letter of thanks from Ge.n. Pershing.

Mr. Chauvenet has written a poem in French, which crowns Gen. Pershing as an immortal of America. The last verse translated reads: "Gen. Pershing, victory to you.

Success, victory to you, great commander. Always advancing in your battles, the conqueror. But pushing back tha hordes of the cruel enemy, Transfigured, you are spiritual Glorified by all, take your wreath of immortality." Mr. Chauvenet, In a letter to Gen. Pershing in August last, predicted victory In November, and It was a leading up to this dramatic moment Sheriff Bill has been forced to rush the shack, only to receive a bullet In his shoulder.

He returns the fire, not realizing who is doing the shooting. And one of his shots through the door strikes the girl in the hand and breaks the stock of her gun. WEHLEN LEGISLATURE TO GET PROPOSAL FOU FIVE MILLION ROAD BUILDING FLAN. 1BT a. r.

oorrwondk-b. ALBUQUERQUE, Deo. IS. Efforts to submit a women suffrage amendment to the State constitution, to obtain immediate adoption of the national prohibition amendment and to revise the election law, especially along the lines of a modified form of tne direct primary, probably will be made at the coming session of the State Legislature, which will begin January 7, 1919, and will continue sixty days. Other legislation with fair chance of passage by the next Legislature follows: Stringent provisions for the enforcement of the State-wide prohlbl-tion amendment, which became effective October 1.

1918. The establishment of a State department of'health. The establishment of a State department of agriculture and statistics, which may Include State immigration and development. A "blue sky" law. The State Highway Commission will submit a $5,000,000 road-building Great interest Is being shown In the proposed establishment of a State department of agriculture and Grace Dunbar" Nile, the featured member of "Petticoats," is ona of those folk in whom tha love of the theater inborn.

Since early childhood. Miss Nile has manifested her desire for tha stage, and later when she attended the minor schools she even wrote her own plays and played In them herself. "There were so many I don't remember the number," said Miss Nile. "But I did write a tremendous amount of stuff. My knowledge of the technical requirements of the theater was necessarily vague, and the plays and playlets I wrote bore the unmistakable mark of the amateur.

But nevertheless they were actable and I made tha most of my opportunities to act." Practice, however, as the sages say, makes perfect, and In time Miss Nile, still a little girl, began to write really creditable things. She was only a slip of a girl when she began to take charge of all the local charity entertainments. Her amateur efforts Inclined her to look to the stage for a career and later she attended a dramatic school. One season she spent on a barnstorming tour with an "East Lynne" compaivv. That was really the beginning other professional career.


LONDON. Nov. SO. In the great war the British armies had only 4000 cases of enteric fever in over four years, despite the fact that the troops have frequently been billeted In areas Infested with the disease. This Is attributed to the efforts of the British army medical service.

Medical officers say that Illness among the British army has been reduced to a minimum. Sanitation and Inoculation have been primarily responsible for this happy state of affairs. To understand the strides that have been made it must be remembered that during the two and a half years of the South African war there were more than 60,000 cases of enteric among a force of 200,000 men, and this in a country practically immune from the disease up to the outbreak of hostilities. TTMP Mart ordered Sheriff Bill to stand about ten feet away and fire two shots through the door, lust as close to each other as possible. Of course, Seena Owen wasn't really on the other side of the door, so don't be alarmed.

Sheriff Bill fired one shot "That's good," said Director Hart, "shoot again!" Sheriff Bill raised his six-gun "IIS coincidence that Gen. Pershing re-i CORRECTED! When wielding your critical hafh mer, Upon bad fares and worse rammer" And poorly writ "subs." By pcudo-lit. dubs. Art correct when you speak of "bad grammar?" Correct use of language. Is grammar.

Whether fiowinglv spake with stammer. If that, then. Is true, I humbly ask you, Wheredya git that stuff mar?" GEORGE slightly and fired. Whereupon the celved the abovp poem -the day after the armistice was signed. Mr.

Chauvenet also wrote prayers for the aviators and crusaders of Gen. Pershing, which were translated Into French for Gen. Foch and into Italian, and wrote English words for the "Marseillaise," which he entitled "rten. Pershing Crusaders. Progress.

AND 6 ACTS Vaudeville assembled actors, cow punchers and studio people yelled in amazement. "You've missed the whole door!" they shouted to the astounded BUI, who stood gazing at one lone hole in the door. But on the other side of the door, in the wall, were two bullet holes the breadth of a hair apart. Bill had shot squarely fhrough the first bullet hole In the door, not even statistics, because of the increased A LACE 7th Between Bdwy. Hili Smashing Double Holiday Ball chipping the wood.

The slight change in the angle In which he held his six-gun produced the remarkable effect on the other side. All Week; "Well," was Bill sole comment, I couldn't do that again in a thou sand years!" SHE'S NEVER SO BUSY Fairbank AS WHEN NOT BUSY. "What do I do between pictures?" Bessie Barriscale repeated the IN 'He Comes Up Sua question of her interviewer with a sort of gasp which was more expressive of amazement than anything f'Ci '1 i she could have said. "What do I See "Dug" as the bank clerk who became "King of the Hoboes." Lots of "pep" to this one. do between pictures? Listen! I have less leisure than a tugboat and not as much privacy as a hotel register.

In short, I do between pictures the Pu IN "The Henpecked Spouse" See bim In married life mind the fcaby. Guar-teed halt hour of continuous side-splitting laughter. Christie Comedy Two's Company i "SS- things I can do any other time, and 1 do them because I have to, and not because I want to. My idea of heaven is a place where" ona takes one's time t.o make a picture and rests a year between pictures. "After I finish 'A Trick of Fate' tomorrow I want to rest a week at Del Monte or Riverside, or up In the mountains.

Then I want to play golf, ride horseback and dance for unother week. After that I want to go to New York Tor a month and buy a lot of things and see the shows and hear some good music and take a run over to Bermuda for a few days, but "Here's what I have to do: Shop, shop, shop, shop study sew road stories sew, shop, study, read stories! With sixteen pictures to make in twenty-four months, I'm the busiest woman in the world, and there is no such thing as 'between pictures' it's Just one solid picture, with time only to eat and sleep. "Before I made this last contract I used to be a house woman. I liked to put up fruit, to coolc; to; make desserts, and to practice household economics, and I'm no Joke of a cook, either, but now my life is Jiirt one scene after another, and I'm not to have a close-up of a vacation TJOUGLA9 FAIR-BANKS, ilHe Comes Up Sittliitia MATINEE TODAY MOROSCO KIR8T TIME HERB OLIVER MOROSCO PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS WEEK BROADWAY'S FUNNIEST AND BIGGEST SUCCESS tftiMi ib i ram iri ih i it A Victrola is a money-saver because it is your theater, your dance floor, your concert hall. With a Victrola in your home you can actually save more than the small monthly payments.

The Victrola is the gift that is always new is always continuing to give new pleasure. Make a small first payment tomorrow and we'll set your Victrola aside tor Christmas delivery. Every style is here because we sell Victrolas exclusively It'e a Comedy for Laughing Purpo Only Just the Sort of Play to Mak. Tour Christmas Holiday a Little Happier. NOTE Special Holiday Matinee on Wednesday Christmas Day.

For which regular night prices will be charged. Make Christmas Reservations Now. www PRICES Nlfhta, 10a to 75 Matinees. 10c to 60c. -LUNE'S AUDITORIUM FIRST CONCERT Los Angeles SympBomy Ofcfiestra Store Open Monday and Tuesday Evenings until after January.

1921: "What shall I do then? Well, if the compuny hasn't collected my million-dollar life Insurance before that date. I'm going for a year's trip around the world and you may tell this same world that not a single picture show will be included in my catalogue of sports!" OFFICER NOW, WAS ONCE CHORUS MAN. The army Is a great melting pot, says Bert Lytell, young Metro star, who has Just returned from the training camp at Waco, where he went after finishing several months' training at the officers' training camp in Hollywood. In fact, he was in uniform and learning ths ways of a lieutenant when the armistice was signed. "In camp I ran across the long arm of coincidence that the dramatists love to talk about," Lytell said when Director-General Maxwell1 Kar-ger greeted him on "his return the other day to the Metro studios.

"My top sergeant was named O'Rourke. He was as rough and ready a Regular Army man as you could find. If we had gone overseas and over the top he would have cleaned up four times his weight in Germans. "Well, it was my second meeting with O'Rourke, the hardened top sergeant. The first lime I shook Adolf Tandler, Director.

Friday Aftersoan, January 3rst. at 3: 15 o'clock MMB. LIU PET8CHNIKOFF, Violin Sololat. Seaaon Ticket, now available, 200 Blennhard Hall, 112.00, I7.6U, $5.00, (175, 12 SO. Single Seat Sale Begin.

Clune'a Box Office Dec Sith, 12.00, JleO, 1.00. 76c. Mc. NOTICE TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Owing to the closing ot eehoola, must be aecured by atudenta at Symphony Office, Blanchard Hall. 233 So.

Broadway. Special price to student, only. 11.00 for Seaeon Tickets-Tel. Main 30; 10082. Here are all the neb) models; priced as follows: Golden Oak, Style IV A J22.50 Golden Oak.

Style VI A. $32.50 Golden Oak, Style VIII A $50.00 Oak or Mahogany, Style IX A $60.00 Oak or Mahogany, Style A $90.00 Oak or Mahogany, Style XI A $115.00 Oak or Mahogany, Style XIV $175.00 Oak or "Mahogany, Style XVI $225.00 Oak or Mahogany, Style XVII $275.00 American Walnut, Style XVII $337.50 'TTH EATER DE LUXE- ALVARADO BET. TH 7TH ST8. OPPOSITE WEST LAKE PARK. DOROTHY GISH "THE HUN WITHIN" CONTINUOUS SHOW, 1:0 TO 10:80.

UINN'S RIALiO MAE MaRSI i "HMfa Fires" A New O. Henry Comedy and a News-Vles. The Big Pipe Organ. PRICES 16-20-30 Cents. 113 South Broadway Geo.

J. Birkel Co. "The Steinway House" 446-448 South Broadway OANTAQES VAUBEVILLE 5 "Shows -Sunday Continuous From 2 till 1 1 Last chance to see "LURE OF VENUS" Victor Dealers hands with him was in New York, CALIFORNIA THEATER PROGRAM A MUSICAL PHOTOPLAY SPECTACLE IN NINE UNITS ARRANGED BY W. A. BISHOP First Unit- flf Hfl 'IMF m1-1- juim yuj u.biuw n.i iff Part I Dawn.

Part II Dedication. Edgar Hansen speaks as 1 NEW THEATER J) jJj jUgl MAIN AT EIGHTH U3 Li (J ZL1 Second Unit CALIFORNIA ORCHESTRA Nicola Donatelli directing Selections from "Carmen" by Geo. Bizet. Third Unit WORLD VISIONS Scenic and educational glimpses from all parts of tha world. Fourth Unit ITALO PICCHI Basso In the famous love scene from the opera "Simon Boccanegra" by G.

Verdi, Fifth Unit CAUFORNIA ANIMATED NEWS Personally selected and arranged from tha latest news Weeklies. Sixth Unit CALIFORNIA MIXED QUARTETTE Song "California" (dedicated to the theater by Arthur Kay.) Seventh Unit ORCHESTRAL PRELUDE First Scenic Prologue, "The Desert." Second Scenic Prologue, "Tha Patio." Eighth Unit DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS in "ARIZONA" Augustus Thomas' famous stage success directed by Albert Parker. A Paramount Artcraft Special. XMAS EVE. OUG AIRBANKS PRICES: Mats.

15c, 25c; Loges 35c. Ninth Unit- IN a. -T inn i. r'sv A s7 mp fl Eves. 15c, 25c, IZONA" Comedy specially selected by tha management, featuring "SMILING BILL" PARSONS.

RAY HASTINGS AT THE ORGAN. XX 1 Ml tjP" 1 35c, Loges 50c.

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