The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 2, 1920 · 3
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 3

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1920
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Games. THURSDAY-MORNING; DECEMBER 2, 1920. PART I. 3 Eos Sngcleir After Shopping : Ladies, you will - enjoy the incomparable lunch. Thirty specially prepared hot and cold dishes served in family, style. Meet your friends in the beautiful , Reception Room of the MARCHETTI ROMA CAFE 616S.H31SL Triepfaen 1J roadway M iG.O.P. TO HOLD PURSE STRINGS. House Leaders Prepare to Complete Reorganization. To Have Thirty-five Members on Appropriations Body. la fall A Mflttylno walght raduellM mWi Mia, plaajjt. brugt UMditHa, battar 1 itb ud Upaincaa, Cat a i.ll box o Ksrnln (pronounced at tha driifcrurfs. I oflow directions. You ara aliowni to oat r wta, etci Bo tararioo or atren ooaa nirsl Ynur if tMcomca worth Ut:b, with 'aa.-r mind. Improved Draro, beeyant rton; r .wHuloma. Look and fl yotmor. A ft r-.rtoyourIU. AiklorKOREINTABULCS. Gal thin and slay as. Broeimra bm4 Iraa.: Ktnta C. StaUaa X, flaw Verts Previous Resolution Increased - 5sc o Committee. v " ' . 1 ' tsr . p. kicht wuus.i WASHINGTON". pec 1. Repub-ilran leaders in the House are preparing; to complete reorganization of the Committee on Appropriations in conformity with the resolution adopted last -session, increasing tin mem- Sure' Relief IfiDlGlSVOM. v. vomS 6 Bell-ans Hot water Sure Relief ,E LL-AE3S FOR INDIGESTION bers to thirty-five, and placing; ail i appropriation measures In Its hands. The fuurteen additional members will be selected by the committee on committees, Friday. Representative Mondell. Wyoming, majority floor leader; Representative Mann, Illinois, chairman of the committee on- committees; Representative Madden, Illinois, a member of the Republican ateering committee, and Representative Butler, Pennsylvania, chairman of tha Naval Affairs Committee, conferred today In connection with the rnatler. Later. Mr. Mondell Mid that in his opinion, the House probably would not have consolidated all appropriations under one committee, hart it known that President Wilson was going to veto the executive budget measure, to which this step was supplemental. Without the budget, he oh Id. he believed it would take longer to act on the appropriation measures through one committee than if the old system was still In vogue. Mr. Mondell added, however, that he favored carrying out the Intent of the House resolution. The Republican Poor leader thought very little could be done at this, short sesplon outside of passing the" appropriation measures, although he added that no one could say at this time what the lesiala-tive program would be. The Republican caucus rule, leaders aaid, prevented membership on more than one of the primary committees. Tn making up the additional membership for the Appropriation Committee, It was added, they would also have to decide the relative rank of. the members. The seven committees which formerly made up ' appropriations are alt primary committees gnd If any of their members are given, places on the Appropriations Committee they will have to resign from member ship on the other committees. Representative Foroney, Mleht gan, chairman of the House W and Means Committee, la . expects! Saturday when decision will be reached whether to hold hearfnaa this winter on revenue legislation to ba taken up by the new Congress. Representative Mondell though this would be done. WOMAN ADMITS HAMON MURDER (Continued from First Page.) like olden bandits in a dingy warrens of a Mexican town. It tells of confession without remorse and without regret save that she did not kill her victim quicker and more painfully. And it tells of the rrlme In a calm voice, of swift changes of purpose and destination, of fear of the law's, pursuit and many other things. FINDS CHAUFFEUR. Sallls was found by The Times correspondent after Clara Smith Hamon had been trailed from Ardmore, where the crime was committed, November 21, to Durant, Okla, The first flight was by automobile. From Durant, another machine, driven by George Miller, a Durant liveryman, took her to Denl-son, Tex. From there, E. C. Daniels, an Independent taxi man took her to Dallas. According to Daniels's story, he left the woman at the entrance of the Union Depot. She went inside, purchased a ticket for San Antonio, and started for the second floor en-trace of the train shed. Barring her path, she saw a sergeant of police. She turned and fled outside. Sallls. a driver for the Dallas Transfer Company, was standing by his machine. She walked up to him. The rest is Sallls"s story: "It was the morning of November 2S. between 7 and 8 o'clock. The woman Jumped Inside" my cab and beckoned to me. "Is there an aviation field anywhere around? she esked. fche spoke in a sort of excited whif per. She was very nervoua and jumpy, and' kept looking around over her shoulder. She pulled down a heavy black veil ahe wore until I couldn't even aee her face." ASKS FOR AVIATION FIELD. . Ha says Mrs. Hamon inquired If there was an aviation field In town. Ho took her out to the end of Gas-ton avenue. The, woman tried to engage an airplane to take her to San Antonio, but there was no aviator available. Thn ahe arranged to ba driven In Pallia's taxi to Kan Antonio. "There was not much talking done between Dallas and Waxahachic." continued .Sal I if, "but I noticed she was awfully nervous. She kept looking at the black patent leather aquare suit case In the back of the car. She was sitting beside me. And disguised say, I don't think; that I would recognize the woman without her disguise. " "When we pulled up at Wsxaha-ehie shs told me to stop at a restaurant: that she had been traveling night and day and wanted a cup of coffee. ' "She asked me in. too. When we went inside she took off her fur coat and lifted up her veil. She ordered a bowl of soup. "Just then the Sheriff or a policeman or a marshal of some kind with a big shiny star came in and sat down right back of us. He kept watching the woman. She noticed it and drank the soup hurriedly. Then she said to me: 'I'm going out in the car. Tou pay the check and I'll settle, with you later.' She went out. I finished my meal and went out. When I climbed in the car she had two automatic pistols in her lap. Her fingers were on the triggers. " 'Get out of hers and get out quick,' she hissed at ime. "I speeded up, I only had a pen- , tJ JJtytf . Lvci L II II I If l M""- f 1 Mi f I 1 1 BlADVVAY 'NEAR NINTH GRAND OPENING TODAY - ' ' ' ; . .. ", , "' , , r . :; - f jy h " " ' r i 3--"- iii f Vorld's Finest Appointed Theater jl The Playhouse of Distinction jl ; 4 , ' X i OFFERING the ultimate in ( PICTURES IN AN ATMOSPHERE 1 , OF EXQUISITE ART s Inaugural Attraction - II -J f INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE OF , ' r r-."' i ffc-SA ,jzr ffp 1 ! jfeak ' I t I r:iV."4ta-fe--;v . (r s' ' ' lyf A Word About the MISSION (The Playhouse of Distinction) THE ' Mission Theater "was t designed and constructed under an inspiration to give Los . Angeles the last . word in motion-picture playhouses. Utterly unique in design, structure, furnUhings, hangings, lighting effects, mechanical equipment and appointments; this creation is a setting of exquisite loveliness for'; the gems of Cinema Art. which will be flashed in this Theater "in" premiere presentations a ' frame it is of elegance and luxurious re - finement wherein to hang the loftiest conceptions of the masters of the world's newest art, the Motion Picture. (A PROGRAMME " Orchestra Concert . Mission Sympnonlats . II ( International News Weekly Ths Wo -H In Review III.. Jesse Crawford At the Wonder Organ IV Mission Bathing Biutiet A Novel and Att-attive Presentation Scenic Bia itlful . Selected for Mission VI Or. Carlos D Mandll Violin Virtuoso VII "A Bit ot OH Spain" Atmsspnerli; Sp.niisn Number VIII DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS in ' Tha Mark of Zorro" j i ,.J I -j ; Dr. Carlos De Mandil One of the world's most famous conduc-. v tors and virtuosL This extraordinary engagement of an . artist of Dr. De Mandil' s fame is in line with the Mission policy to secure for its patrons , the supremest artists and pictures regardless of expense. Dr. De Mandil, a first-prize, gold-medal bearing musician of the Paris Conservatoire, has been acclaimed in Eur-. ope's capitals to be the peer of any of the .world's greatest living artists; America indorsed thist verdict, following De Mandil's triumphant appearance as soloist at the Bilt-more. New York. These judgments stamp him as a towering genius in the ' realm of music. 4 JESSE CRAWFORD Itthe WONDER ORGAN knife on ma and I didn't want any bullets. We went f;ist as far as Htllsboro. All tha time she had the two pistols in her lap. One was a Colt .32, the other a Colt .3. " 'Listen, you, she said. once. Mf anything runs up behind us you kick that car; and you better kick it fast. I'm not going to get arrested.' And when she looked down at those gats I knew she meant it. " STRUGGLE UP CLOSE. "On a lonesome ghostly stretch of road she ahuggled close to me. We were the only persona apparently in that part of the territory and it was getting late a', night. I asked why she was so uneasy. " Tell me something," she asked. 'What's the best kind of a gun to shoot a man with, an old gun or a new one?' ' " 'Why. an old gun,' I said. 'Wish I'd known that,' ahe said, kind of musing. 'My gun was a new one.' ' 'Why?' I asked. " '1 11 tell you,' ahe said. 'I shot a man In Ardmore, but 1 used a new gun." " 'Who was he 7 " 'I won't tell you. If you read the newspapers you will know in twenty-four hours ..anyhow. . ' " 'Why did you shoot him?' TELLS OF QUARREL., "'He lied to me. We quarreled during the afternoon and he lied to me. Then he came in drunk and tried to make me do things a brute or worse lower down than a brute wouldn't do. Vou see, I've been with him ever since I was 7. He's married but he and his wife were separated. They just got recon conciled.' and she intimated that this man had promised to get a di vorce and marry her. " 'How many times did you shoot him? I asked. " 'Just once. I aimed at his mid die.' "-'Do you think he will die? " 'I most certainly do. J hope so. anyway.' " 'Does anyone else know this ' 'No. There isn't but us two that know it And no one else will ever know it. If he lives he'll never tell it and If ho dies he'll never tell It. I know I won't tell it cither. " 'Well, cheer up," I said, 'maybe It Is not as bad as you think.' . FRIENDS HELPED HER. " 'tea. but it Is,' she said, and the tears rolled down her cheeks. 'He's worth lots of money. And some of the men who he thought were his friends helped me get away. I left my jewels there and my diamonds. They were worth several thousand. I gave them to a friend in Ardmore to keep for me. " 'Three of ths men packed my trunks and shipped them -to Kansas City on a ticket. I didn't even see It done. And all my nice fur coats were there. Yet that s the way I outwitted them and got away. I know an aviator down at San Antonio. He used to be In the Army. He's a "great friend of my brother's. If I' could get to him I'd be safe. You know, my brother Is driving my car down this way and I'm going to meet him. When I get that car I can go anywhere. '"Where's the place for me to go where they can't bring m back?' " Well,. I said, 'they would get you in Canada. I guess Mexico is the only place.' TO CROSS BORDER. " 'Well, I am going' to cross ths border. When I get there I'm eafa. I know all the big gamblers there. And I've lots of friends In Torreon, Chihuahua, C'aliente, Nogalas, Tla juana ana Juarez. Besides my motn- er lives In El Paso. I know a place about fifty miles from El Paso whore I could go and they would never find me. "Finally ws drove Into Cisco. I went right up to the station. Just as we came in she asked me If I'd buy a railroad ticket for her aa she was afraid. She gave me a $50 bill. I went In and got a ticket to El Paso on the train that left about 3:60 a.m. "Then she paid me 950 more for the trip and gave me a $100 tip. She wrote down my name on a slip ot paper, and I think she registerrd under that name at the hotel in Cisco. The last I saw of her was through the hotel window. She had a pencil and was writing In tha register. "I drove away and came back home. Then I read of the Hamon case and I knew right away who she was." Sallls will be one of the principal State's witnesses in lhaaw4nt of the girl's capture. Ho has told his story under seal of confidence to Prosecutor Russell Brown at Ardmore. "Music is tlie Spirit of Chrislmat" ' J ! , ft" v 4 - i r it"T'-7-. mr ' - 'MaleTlXia Aasical Cfcris.n'dJ - -hi I). yictrola X?tf fj MoJclXVI- AY $275 yJ ft ? i 1 The I Victor Records for December Are Here! f f m The December list contains many beautiful classical, popular and dance record that would make most appropriate gifts to anyone owning a Victrola. We suggest that you drop in at your convenience and let us play some of these new records for you. The Victrola Model XI at $150 is one of the most popular models made by the Victor Company. It is now obtainable in all the wanted woods and finishes. A small deposit will hold your selection for Christmas delivery, the balance payable on liberal terms. Geo. J. Birkel Co. ... .. "The Sle'mDa) House" '446-448 South Broadway I't.. (.l ' cu . -,,,, , 4 m it fi ARDMORE (Okla.) Dec. 1. Slt-Isfied that he has convincing proof that Jake L. Hamon, wealthy oil operator and former Republic an national committeeman from Oklahoma, who died here on last Friday morning from a gunshot wound Inflicted at a hotel in Ardmore, nn November 21, was shot by his former stenographer and intimate companion, Mrs. Clara Smith Hamon. who is the wife of one of Hamon'a nenhpws. end convinced that the woman herself confessed "her guilt to the chauffeur who drove her from Dallas. Tex., to Cisco, Tex.. Inst Tuesday nnd Wednesday, Russell H. Brown, County Attorney of Caller county, who has conducted the Investigation practically unaided by local authorities and opposed by certain powerful influences in county. State nnd nation, was redoubling his efforts tonight to apprehend the fugitive "woman In the case." either In the United States or Mexico, rind carefully weighing evidence he lias regarding the advice, aid and cooperation given her by influential persons close to Hamon socially hnd linancally so as to determine whether ,or not warrants should bo Issued for their arrest on the charge of being accessories after the faii. Rrown learned today that a tfle-eram was sent from Ardmore today to Fort Worth, Tex., the content of which .might indicate that Clara Smith Hamon has not yet left the vicinity of Cisco, Tex., a town in In or near Coleman, Tex., a ti,wn in the mldwestern section of the State. This telegram is as" follows: "WillfHt Sidmoie. Will Call. Fort Worth. Tex. Answer Immediately if in Fort Worth, wired money to (Tnleman. fS'aned 1 ' -W.' 11. WALLING." . Mrs. Clara Smith Hnmon hns a sister named "V. D. Walling" whose name was registered at the Atwond Hotel, Durant. on the night of No vember iS. It Is surmised that the "Wllletf Skldmore" In the telesram mav 1i the brother of Mrs. Clara Smith Hamon, whose car was lntpr-oeptt'd, but not arrested near Fort Worth early lust wei-k, a car that the woman whs anxiously on the looknilt for In the drive from Dallns to Cisco. Th County Attorney is giving tho tip prompt attention. EH i mli III TK.V 1IFUS" INIOX KIMiWDS Iliy A. P. HY will:. ('OI.l'Ml'.lA (Mo.) 1H'. I. Tha University of MIkhoiiiI tPHCheia' union, whMi was ainiiuleil with tli American l" -derallon fif l.l'iir, h. dtsbandeil. It whs niiimuurfd j r-t r-dnv, Tills floiluM was ii'tn)itid In tmrt, it hh a)il, by the f I rf tli il he aooiie of tha irulr.a'lnn wan not .(iDI. )t'lt hror-d. Tha iirnnlrt. ' li'iirt.lnu aUoul a )tar ago. FUTURE PRICES NOW WE are asking LESS for good suits and ' overcoats, because of changed market conditions. Our 20 reduction represents these reasonable prices. $32 $36 $40 $44 $48 $p $56 $60 $64 $68. Our personal guarantee accompanies every purchase. 437-413-SfksKorth of T! OUTFITT-R3 OF DEPENDABILITY MILK AND CREAB SATISFACTION GUARANTEED , ...-, .11 ...II..... ..I tha .Hv aii.l H..ilioa. h attr swa t at llnhart Klatlna. tnui iiiil'in"" will at-w . ae as tf tt.ut. Burr Creamery Corp., 70S Town Avenue Free Music Roll Library for All Our Phycr Pipo B iyert DARTLUIT MUSW COMPANY. 410 Wert Sc. ;U

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