The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 2, 1922 · 32
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 32

Los Angeles, California
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Monday, October 2, 1922
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Xos angel c; OCTOBER 2, 1922. PART HLJ ii MONDAY MORNING. 'i V PATRIOTIC EDUCATION IS SOUGHT "Liberty Belt Says Many Americans Are Ignorant of fictional Anthem Yesterday afternoon a man with a banjo and a woman with a violin stood on Main street playing snatches of old-time aongs for tha pleasure of passers-by. An elderly woman stopped, dropped a nickel in the collection cup and asked: "Can you play the national anthem?" The musicians Immediately ftruck up 'Dixie" and the woman, together with other auditors, applauded. In the October number of the Liberty Bell, oSlcial organ of the Society, Sons of the Revolution, State of California. Alan P. GU-mour has an article on "Our National Anthem," in which he shows that the air to "God Save the King" is mistaken by many persons for the national anthem. The author pleads for the inauguration of a campaign to educate tho public to tho fact that Americans are not expected to stand during the rendition of any patriotic eong except "The Star Spangled Banner." The last Liberty Bell is one of the moat complete numbers of that periodical ever issued by the California Sons of the Revolution, being filled with many excellent features, including the first complete history concerning the patriotic eo-' cieties commemmoratlng the Revolutionary War. The publication of this history answers for tha first time many questions that people have asked as to the differences in the societies, and which are the oldest organizations. Among other features of the October Liberty Bell Is an article by Miss Susan C. Ott, head of the reference department of the Los Angeles public library, showing that the library of the California Sons of the Revolution is one of the best libraries of its kind la America, C TANT PEAN DEAL OP "OLIVER AivttAXGED OS ri-.;. WOULD-WIDE SCALE With the closing of a world-wide distribution arrangement between Eol Lesser and Associated First National Pictures, Inc., for Jackie Coorfan's latest super-production "Oliver Twist," and with the sail-Europe this week of Bruce 4v .. .nager of the foreign for f irst .National, a ight light has been he Paciiio Coaat pro- ft i ti'j i ; : ' ly. ;j -' r.t to Johnson, Assocl-j . i . Jational will establish m .-i. of exchanges through- cut every country of Europe. Bigger and better American-made First National attractions will here-After Invade Europe and all negatives mado for American products will be duplicated for those on foreign shores. This means that only the highest class negatives will be considered for the foreign trade, On each and every production made In Hollywood and Los Angeles, two cameras must grind one for the American print, the, other for the European prints, which means that practically the same negative will be made for America and Europe. In being one of the biggest American -distribution deals for Jackie Coogan's "Oliver Twist," lesser has also closed arrangements for what !a considered the biggest foreign deal ever entered Into by First National for a single production. MOLINIST IS HIT OF CONCERT j is tne collection or antiques, es-- Specially brasses, and the other Is Vjlx Epstein, a 10-year-old Rus-jthe making of al her own hats. - boy. nearly stopped the Grau-I "Yes. Vm a ma(1 hatter," she x-u.,n concert yesterday morning. . a and his heart must have thrilled afford all the hats I wanted. 1 with the sound of the prolonged learned how to make them myself. ., ause. His first number, "Zig-(How? Simply by tearing a hat erwe:sen, by Sarasate, wae:t0 plecea and putting it together .owed by Yankee Doodle," va-lasaln M nearly aa possible the way r itlons, ana as still another encore 1 1,.. jnn, hRfnre " fas demanded, he played "Perpe- " WM aon0 tuum Mohil." a mjurniflr'enr to.H for any violinist. So great was the'AP Houdlni welcome accorded him that he wit he featured on 4he daily program curing the entire week. Swiss yodlers Fritz Zimmer- mann, tenor, and Mme. Marcelle Grandville, soprano presenting aongs and yodels were also enthu- slaRticalry received. An ensemble number," with Hn-ry Murtagh at the piano, Rene Jlemery and M. Amsterdam, violins; Victor Young, viola; M. G. Eisoff, 'celo, and A. Lurala, bass, was given with finish and feel'ng iuema rrentn Barr proved her felf worthy of her applaue by hct tnur s- Pictures Corporation, rendition of the Hallatella from ' which backs the Charles Kay or-"Pagliacci," Her encore was Cad- ganization among others, is a man's lovely song, "The Heart of visitor. He is making his head-Her. Myrtle Huber, another ' quurters at the Charles Ray Pro-soprano pk-asnd with "For All , ductlons, Inc. Eternity," by Maseheron, andi When You and I Were Young. Maggie." Richard Calies delighted by WendeL "HUMAN IIEAKTS" IS AGAIN SHOWING "Human Hearts," opened Its return engagement at the Superba Theater yesterday to large audiences. The story concerns a son who narrid against his father's wlfhes, snd who goes to prison to shield his wife from a murder charge. How the wrong is righted through bis years of i.jffering, forms a theme of human appeal and genuine dramatic moment. House Teters gives a convincing portrayal of Tom Loean, the eon, while others In the cast who contribute to the success of the story are: Russell Simpson. George Hackathorne, Marv Philhin. Gertrude Claire and Edith Hallor. SHEKIiOCK WILL SHOW Sherlock Holmes, the famous rnaracter of Conan Doyle, comes to the California screen In a new Goldwyn production as soon as the completed version of the feature leaves the cutting room. One of America's finest character actors, Mr. John Uarrymore, plays thu lead In the great detective story, and is said to give to the screen ' a new angle on this famous stage success. ANEW COMEDIAN Staa Iurd Makes Travesty for Metro A new comedian star, Btan Laurel, has been added to the Metro force. He haa already completed four pictures for Amal gamated productions, which will be released by Metro, and la now working on his fifth which is titled Mud and Eand." This new oomedy Is a travesty on "Blood and Eand." Gil Pratt la directing. Mr. Laurel's first oomedy "The Egg" Is now ready for release and will be followed by "The Week-End Party," "The Pest" and "The Dumbbell." all of which have been completed. The new Metro star la an Englishman. He made his debut In the United States aa a leading member of the cast for "A Night in a London Musio Hall," which also featured Charlie Chaplin. He has been In pictures for several years, having appeared with Larry Semon and other comedy atari,. In "Mud and Sand," Mr. Laurel plays the role of Rhubarb Vaae-Uno. Other members of the cast include Julia Leonard as Carmel. Mae Laurel as La Paloma, Leona Anderson aa Filet of Sole, Sam Kaufman as Humidor and Wheeler Dryden aa Cuspidor. UNLAWFUL MEETING Warn pas "Riot" will bo Latigh on Editors Dramatic editors will be laughed at by experts at the Wampaa Riot, to be held at Universal City Wednesday night. The Warn pas Riot has been so designated by Arch Reeve, president, because It will be an unlawful assemblage; the penalty for laughing at dramatic editors being unusually severe on press agents. As director-general of special events for the Wampas, Malcolm Stuart Boylan haa signed up a flock of talent to speed up the show.' Neely Edwards and Bert Roach, featured comedians, will stage their celebrated tramp act; Hyman Binsky, the diminutive Jewish merry-maker will appear In a surprise act and Lew Sargent, the laugh-gathering messenger boy of Universal comedies will be the wing-footed courier of the evening. A half dozen novelty features will be "sprung" on the guests. The Invitation committee has sent out formal Invitations to newspaper and magazine friends of the Wampas and a press gang will be sent out on the night of the' riot to shanghai any of the fraternity in whose knees weakness has set in. The A.M.P.A., the New Tork parent organization of the W.M. P.A. la sending its newly elected president, John C. Flinn. to attend the affair. IT ALSO MOVES Looking away for the moment from the spectacular features of the newest De Mllle achievement "Manslaughter," at Grauman's Rlalto, its reproduction of decadent Rome under the Caesars, Its lavishness displayed In the the cabaret scenes, and the opulence suggestive of the manner in which the Idle rich live looking away from all these typically De Mllle effects, there is still as direct action aa has graced the screen In many a day. The picture moves, and by moving holds the attention through a chain of events, dramatic, perhaps impossible, but which points a moral notwithstanding. The cast Includes Thomas Melghan, Leatrice Joy, Lois Wilson, John Miltern, George Fawcett, Julia B'aye, Jack Moker. Saason Ferguson and numerous others. She's Mad Hatter Louise Fazenda, who is playing opposite Harry Myers aa comedy heavy in "The Beautiful and Damned," under production at the Warner Brothers Studios, has two hnhhlpn thnr nha riArlaraH nrA nn different as day Is from night. One Word comes from Paris that a man named Marshall was arrested there, receiving a six months Imprisonment and t. five-year exile sentence on a charge or special i vagabondage." This man fraudu- lently represented himself to be Houdlnl and is causing the original Houdl'ni, now In America, no little annoyance and embarrassment. o Film Official Horo. Arthur 8. Kane, president of As sociated Exhibitors and of the Ar- ! NEW PLANT READY i rLA1U TO UTILIZE GAS B a "TUnes" Staff CorresDondent LONG BEACH. Oct. 1-JThe California Gasoline ComDany's new gasoline absorption slant now under construction a Anderson street and Dawson avenue, will be completed and ready for operation about the fifteenth lnst. it has been announced here by R. E. Bering, president of the concern. The plant, with a dally capacity of 9.000.000 cubic feet of gas, was designed by IL E. Colvin, former cliirsf engineer for the Petroleum Midway Company and now engineering head of the new concern. The gas product of a large number of wells In the Signal Hill field will be absorbed and turned Into gasoline by the new Company. Those connected with the venture are R. E. Bering.' R. E. Colvin, E. (. Starr of Long Bach; M. C. Gillette of Safety razor fame and A. L Gude, Los Angeles business man. 1"OOTB A Mi FIOrRISIIES r.aTLr-SIVlS MV4YOH.1 NEW IOKK, Oct. 1. The Association Football Players' Union of Great Britain is in a flourishing financial condition, It haa a" balance of 115,000 and $12,509 invested In English corporation stocks, BUSH LEAGUE BALLSCORES (Continued from First Page) Pawlaa. P. Bnaelie. Wl IoeM. P-tTwl tumble piar O. BraWI. to Ir-hrC Tttf aa-lh. m. Vmiiimtnloa aud Martto. CAL-PA-COS COP The Cal-Pa-Co Paints resumed their winning habit at Pomona yesterday by trouncing tha Pomona Elks, 7 to 8, In what turned out to be a slugging affair. The Cal-Pa-Cos elammed out a total of nineteen hits and everything that came up to the plate looked good to them. Ray Bates, former Coast Leaguer, made his initial appearance of the season for the winners at third bave and slammed out a brace of hits. Elmer Hansen twirled good ball for the Cal-Pa-Cos. Score: CiWA-TO PAtNTS I POMONA ELKS abrhoaI ab b h o a Wrtm,2b 0 2 8 0 ! Pit, 4 0 0 S 0 flTigan.ea 4 0 0 0 3i01iir.ird.aa 4 0 110 Rata.8b 4 1 2 0 0,M'Kn.lb4 0 1 B 0 IVmaa.rf Bill Oi 'tmn.2b 4 3 S 8 1 H.Ika.lh B 0 4 7 0l1inn.ef 4 0 14 0 Jarli.on If 2 0 0 2 0'W'man.e 4 13 9 0 3 0 10 0 n.iniap.Bb 4 0 111 Stru,rf 4 0 0 1 0 L'igcm,p 4 0 0 0 0 B 1 8 4 1 ALmk.o 5 0 2 9 0 Haaaon.p 4 2 8 4 0 Totala 43 T19 2T ft Totals 88 8 2T 3 SCOIUS BY INNINGS 128486780 CaW Pmlnta 2 100020207 Baaa hta 2 8 1 1 1 5 2 2 210 Pomona Elka 0 1 020000 0 8 Dim tit 0ZUZ1UU3 t 7 SUMMARY Errora Batm. ST. Iake. Aiiuatrum, 2. Strut ont Bv Itinera, 0; by Unwii, . Him on balls Off Iajnagrm, 2. Hit hj!B!t--ed ball H-son. Sto'm haa-a BroudT. Tn- baaa hit Patna, H&nyn S. LcaJm, Broudy. ffTtrma, Armatronf. IKmHle play WintAton to Har-Uran tn B nme of gam la. 43m. L'mpira Pep Pavidaon. SOAP MAKERS TRIUMPH A six-run rally In. the fifth Inning won for the White King Soap Company ball squad over the Ren-shaw, Jones and Sutton nine, 0 to 7, In the two squad's game at the White Sox Park yesterday. The game was slow and not many thrilling plays were Included In It-Campbell, the White Kings' third baseman slammed out a ,home run that added some pep to the proceedings. Score: WHITB BTIN08 KENSHAW. 'ONES 4 19 I II O Al SUTTON 1 1 V AB R R O A C'bdlSb 6 rnr,if i 1 in Irrd.2b B rn-M.V 5 TT'hlla.rf O FWij.Jb 8 a Hal.o 8 Fiahar.p 3 Johnaan,rf 4 0 18 1 110 0 0 0 18 0 "rr-e.o.l B 1 1 i 1 8 ripce,cf 4 1 ope,3r 8 2 Peno.c.ab 4 0 Baard.rf 4 3 MT'lok.o 1 0 n' 4 0 Mack.Sfj 3 0 0 8 0 10 0 I 8 2 0 10 O R 1 2 0 2 12 0 1 0 0 Totals 8610 8 27 0 Total! 87 T score by rwTvns 1284B6780 It, J. 0 0 0 8 8 0 1 0 07 Base hit 0 0 1 8 3 0 1 1 00 Whito Kings 03016000 x 10 baas mia o 1 H J 1 o I- 8 BVMMAB.Y Error John arm, Felix, H. dialer, 3; C. Bdra, Snala, Lotwa, 8: Paw. Innino Dltrhod E Rsfrwi, 6: by Pilo. & Charw defeat to Rt. Stnick wit By Flabn", 8: br Rmthi, 4; br Price. 2. Baaoa on ba'l Off PLiber. 8: " bo-tit, i. .t ny rnicnw bau Tnihlla, PHx Hall. Hom run Owrobell. Threrwa tm Flsner. Dtubl play Iiponard to PelH. Time of gama-ih. umpire Mccormick Da K1RBY GOES GOOD "Speed" Kirby. Cimarron twirl-er, had everything on the ball yes terday and shut out the Fraternal uroinernooa nine, 11 to 0, in a seven-inning game played on the Slauson Playgrounds. Kirby allowed but four hits and fanned eleven men in the seven frames. Every player on the Cimarron squad got at least one safe hit Zulch, Cimarron flrst sacker, gar nered four safeties out of four times up. Barrows, second base man of the winners, poled out homer. Score: CIM.ARRO.NS I IB B H 0 ii Ymrtg.M 4 13 2 2 Zulch lb 4 2 4 B 0 B'rw!i,2b 4 110 2 O Kirby.lf 4 2 8 0 0 FBAT. BROTfratHOOD Afl B H O A IT-ay lb 8 0 15 0 irr,u 8 v n u v I Onmar.Sb 8 0 B i 2 Awinia.SU 4 2 2 1 2 0 nbeck.o 2 0 18 0 iiwuimw.m V U 1 W i?r.r-. 1 J I 2 2 0 0 0 0 Rmith.rf 4 1 8 0 0 N'ihenJb 2 0 13 8 Mhonny.o 4 1 111 SlK'akem.rf 2 0 0 2 0 BfurOiji 4 0 10 2 Gbanai.p 2 0 18 1 "Totito 86IIIS2T11I Totala H"5ilii - 8C(mE 81 INNINGS 12 a 4 B 7 C!marTOT 4 0 0 2 8 2 011 Hum bita . 1 1 8 4 8 Or-lS rra-nal Brotherhood 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Baae uta o 1 u 1 1 0 1 4 SUMMARY Krmra Eenakern. Xliotnaa. !iana. itrnok out By B. K rby, 11; by HuabarKla. 8. Baaa 00 ba;i- c Kirby. 1 ; off Husbanda, 2. Hit by pitched ball Smiih. Stolen baaa Young, Smith, Mahont, Andrua. Home run Barrow. Two-ha hita o. Kirby. ftilch. Cronbwk. Smltb. Rarrffloo hita Thcana. Youn. Smith, Maboney, Barrows. I ouba play Andrua to Young, lima at f ama lh. HTXES DEFEATED Hayden twirled the Belleflower Social Club to a 4-to-J win over tne Hynes squad yesterday In a good game played on the Hynes diamond. Hayden allowed but five hits. Verne Blenklron played left field for the losers and got three hits out of five times up. Beck was the heavy-hitter for the winning squad. Belleflower won out by scoring its four runs in the seventh and eighth Innings. Score: IIYVES BALI, rt,rB BELLFLOWT.B 8. CITB ABBHOA, ABBHOA OsVna.rf 2 0 0 0 Brhafer.2b 4 0 0 8 Bnrtrt.or 0 1 a 1 0 Beck.aa 5 0 8 1 1 Pender.Ib 40 1 2 2 Bndine.Sb 5 12 8 2 Haydan.p B 1 2 2 1 Van'er.lf O 1 0 0 Jnnw.c A 0 2 10 0 PhilHpe.rf 8 0 10 0 8 117 1 YVhltluc.x 0 0 0 0 0 D.Ru' 4 0 Olt Oi Blrak n.lf 4 18 10 Ilo'anl.aa 4 0 0 1 4 Btrtner,3b 8 0 0 0 3 8 0 0 2 0 Zambanl.e 8 118 8 Ncralin.D 8 0 11 0 UHu'r.rf 0 0 0 0 ToUrla 81 2 8 27 14' TaUli 80 4 15 27 7 SCORE BY rwIVfiS 1284BS789 Hynna Ban Chib 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 Ba. hita ,.0 1 0 0 0 O 1 2 1 8 Belllloww S. Club 0 0000023 6 4 Baaa hita 1 1 0 3 8 0 4 2 215 SUM-MARY Errors Bodlne 12.) Cans. Innlngi pitched By Hayden. V: by SotIIo, 8: by Stalner. 1. lYfiit ytetory to Hayden. Charge daleat to Nowlir Strui-k fiut By Haydau, 9; br Nuwlm, H by SUiner. 1. Baaea on hejle Off Hayden, I: off Niwtin. 1. Hit by piMwd bull Hy N'owliu, 1. Stolen baant Blenktnn, Howard, B-k. IVroltr, Bodine, Junn 12.) Hayden, Twrbaae ht liajden, Zamlnni, Buan, Hock Bodlna. Racrtfioe hita Venditor, Jonaa, Pender. lraibla plave 8tiuer to Huather; B(xk to Pander. Time of jama 2b. 4is. luLrgevtfiArauD ana nuaa. DYE WORKS ON TOP "Candy" Jones, who hurled for the Los Angeles Dye ,Works yesterday, pulled a comeback and dished out a 7 to 4 win for his club over the New Method Sew ing Machine Company nine at Koss-Snyder Field, number one. Jones allowed but eight hits and had the opposition blanked for the first six innings. Alnsmith, the shortstop for the winners, hnd a nice day at the bat and drove out three safe swats tn five attempts. Score: x. a. vm wouku t new uncTHon AB B U O Al AH R H O A Rich-O.rf It 1 1 1 fMtl. lb ft 0 110 0 4 a 1 la o H 0 0 0 18 pat'on.2b 6 0 1 8 2; Wid'ar.rf 41120 1 8 J Wid lin.'lba B 1 3 2 2 (Pki 1.3b 8 112 1 )mmt.P 4 O 0 O 0 R.S'dlll.o I'dlll.o 4 0 1 A I H b'ert Rb B 1 1 O 8 llo'ard.lf 8 10 8 2 K-l iw.lf 8 112 O'US-ll.p-aa 4 0 110 MiHaiU It';d,rf VMl'ma.rf uy.D-ae 4 12 0 8 0 0 0 0 110 0 Ardue.rf 4 0 12 0 Totala 8 7 9 27 ' Totala A3 8 2710 SX-01LG BY T.VNIN09 13843S7K9 U A. trra Worfca. I 4 0 0 0 1 1 0 07 Baae bita 2 4 0 0 0 2 0 1 09 New Method 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 O 4 Baaa bita 0 1 1 10 2 2 1 08 fUKMaaY tmkm jatcLaa By Oqr. 8j hr . w1U1. fflS NICE CITY, a aV a SHE SAYS BUT La Kalle-Areune Woman la Letter to Council ' Has Somo Hard Knocks Frances t WlUard of 2823 La Balls avenue, In a letter addressed to the City Council, declared that Los Angeles Is a fins city, that Southern California Is the wonder spot of tha world, but i And then she said some mighty tart things about tight wads who, she said, burn rubbish In their yards and even tn the streets on Sunday mornings, and also added a few sharp comments on children who run noisy roller coasters and"! who skate up and down the sidewalks. The writer declared these practices to be a curse. The letter will be read to the City Council this morning. 8. Cradit rkrtnry to-taaea, Charaa dateat to Orrr. strack ont By Jonea. 7 1 by Stocv dlU. B. Bm on ball Of? Jmea, 4; oil Stocadill, 8: oft Ony. Z Bit by tobed ball Ayen. Time oi lima-a. on. OIL El IS ON RAMPAGE The West Coast Oil Company ball club Bluggers went on a ram page and laced out sixteen hits. which accounted for twelve runs and a 12 to 8 victory over tha V. M. Ira Furniture Company ball tossers In a gante played at OUnda yesterday. , Duarte, Oilers' pitcher, had an of the Furniture lads baffled by his slants except Worth, Ira left fielder, who slammed out four hits out of five times up. -The West Coast Oil Company nine made all of its runs In the first five Innings. Score: nu irwrrrrrffl m AB B a O A W. BOAST ItTL CO ill B O i ub n n v iff h 5 0 3 0 0 vrorth.U 0 Bh..2b 6 8 aker,8b 4 E'lman.aa 8 frtomlb.p 4 B'ayinf.rf 2 8 CTark.p 0 Carriers 4 Iyer, lb 1 1 Iia.rt 4 1 2 B'nar.Sb.p Flulda.a 0 4 8 0 6 2 nrrk.aa 6 D'rte.D 6 lit ! I s 0 I 0 0 1 1 0 Wllarojf i Hratt.SB 8' IS W.Cn,rf.e 8 116 w.trn,n. D.0lan,d 8 0 4 0 if 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 85 6 7 2413 Totals 431318 27 S COM BY INVTNG8 13 8 4 5 8789 luin Ira Prrm'tura 0O.......0 1 0 Baaa Mta .... 1 i Wart Csut OU 2 8421000 "eat Covt 012 Baae bita .1 1 9 1 11 1 U IS aTMUABY Branar, Cronin. Inrdra ritEhad Cy Clark, 2: by taneton. n; by wuane, it m Branar, a. Cradit Ttrtory to rmarta. Charse dafeat to dark. Ptmr out By Clark. 8: by Tarlatan, fi: by Pnarte, 12: 'by Branar, L Baaea on bail Ofl1 Hark, 1 1 off Carletrm, 1 , off Dnarte, 1 : off Branar, 2. Hit by pitchKl baJ Wlark by Dfartm. rln Daae wrriiy, K, Rurta, jonea, Bratt, W. Cullen. Thie-baia bit Branar, Two. baaa hlr.n Wnrtb. 2: rarriiw. Rnmr nnrkn. Tlratt Doable p'ay Diiarle to Biirke to Bbroyar. Tima of fame -h. Umplraa Bomar and Cullen. EAGLE ROCK PREVAILS Eagle Rock won Its flrst Greater Southern California Baseball Association game on It's own field yesterday by trouncing the Latin Cubs, 6 to t. The hitting in the game was conspicuous by Its lack of it. There were only six safeties all told. Eagle Rock swatters had only two hits but made them count for six runs while the Cubs, annexed four hits. Both sides fielded loosely. Score: LATIN CTB8 BAOXB BtVTt H Doll aa ? 0 3 M.Dnll.Sb 4 0 0 1 4 0 0 8 S'aaer,2b 4 112 Tnklaa.4 2 0 0 1 Whtcht.o 4 10 0 Mutt,rf 2OO6 riahnrif 8 0 0 8 AB R H n A rTatad.u 4 0 0 0 2 Zlrm.rf 4 110 0 G'nade.flb 8 12 8 1 i 2b 4 O i afflS? t 0 0 8 IS 1 B-own.lf 4 10 10 A.Anai.p 4 0 0 0 1 Wllhlte.rf 4 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 4 1 rry I.ct Oae.rt.p . M'leUjf inn 11000 5 "i "a 27"e Totala 88 8 4 24 6 Totala 32 6 2 27 6 8C0IUB BY XKX1X08 1284BA78A Cnba .... 0 0 J 0 0 1 0 08 hlU ,...1 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0-4 tattn Baae Eaale Book ..1 00 0 1 0 8 1 I A Baaa bita ..1 0000001 8UMMABY Tnnlnfa o'tehafl By Berry. 6j by Om, 8. Credit npvry jo u. etrtica oiHr bt Arlaa. IB: by oerrr, o; m ore. n. aia on oai'- Off Arlaa. 2. Stolen baw Hm. Tmvnaae hita Oranada. z: oee. gaennce hita Oranada. a Arlaa. Double playa KoWad to Oranada t J. Arlaa: Straaaer to H. rWi to Oonnr-tt Ttme of gama u. wui. uuniuu iiccmoK ana ecoxa. PALO MAR WINS OT7T Heavy-hitting by the Palomar batters won for that squad over the Herman Sheet Metal Works in a good game nlayed at the Rait Lake Playgrounds yesterday. The score was 8 to 6. Sweet, who pitched for Palomar, allowed but six hita and fanned fourteen men, Welser, of the losers, and Butch of the winners, supplied the heavy stlckwork. Welser got a homer, a double and a single, while Butch arove out three blngles. Score: PALOMfH AS R H 0 A Herman (mmrr mtl. . AB R H O A A1ex.8T 6 12 8 0 6 2 8 2 'MdkUa.rf B 0 0 0 rni(ran.2b 8 0 12 Plro.p B 0 0 4 Brorjtor.e 4 0 0 2 Ur-oa,lf 4 0 0 4 RM1 anna wran.aa 0 118 2 niw.e B 8 2 0 0 8 0 2 7 0 Airrad.a B 0 1 0 0 kirureef' B 0 1 0 0 Colan,2b B O 0 0 1 Buvn.rr 8watt,p B 2 8 0 (Vw.dLrm. 1000 4 1 1 14 4 10 8 Totala 40 8 18 27 8 Totala 40 S 6 27 SCORE BY IVNIVOS I2S4BS7SB Palomar 2 0 0 0 1 0 01 Baae hita ...1 0 2 02 2 0 5 113 Bmnao wnaex sifral..l 1 w o O O O 0 s Baae bite 3 1 0000002 BlfMAHY gtnir-k ont By (brett, 14; by Mao. 1. Baaea on belli Off Swett, 4 Hit by pitched bail Plro. Stolen baaea A tai. Wiaor. Horoa ran weiaaer. i-a-o-oaae mta Welaaer, Alei, Clina. COWAN'S SWAT WINS A home run In the tenth Inning by Cowan, Cleary Athletlo Club left fielder, ended a pitching duel between Vrsalovlch and Mooney at San Bernardino yesterday. The Santa Fe Athletic Club was on the short end of the S to 2 score Smith, the Santa Fe A. C. third sacker, got a homer and a double, His circuit swat came In the first Inning. Cowan slammed out two singles besides his home run. Ben der, Ames and Cowan pulled off tne fielding features. rsalovlch pitched wonderful ball and allowed only one hit after the fourth Inning. Score: a n deary A. a 8 8 0 oenta r A. C 5 8 Battartae Vraalorich and Datum 141: Mooney and Urimea. GREAT SPOUTING CENTER lEITU-'SIVB D1KPATOH.) NEW YORK. Oct. 1. It will Interest American sportsmen to learn that Glasgow is a great sporting center of Scotland. Ibrow Park will hold 80,000 spectators. Park Head, the home of the Celtic association football team, holds 80,000 and Hampden Park will hold 128,000 to 10.000, IT Five Speed 10TATI WILL BE SCENE OF RACE All-Star Quintet" Competes October 29 Event id be Over Hundred- Mile Course Beverly Turkey Day Race is Next Classic fZXCTXSTVBi tffSPATCS. FRESNO, Oct 1. The Cotatl Speedway Is to hold a five-cornered match race on October 29, according to a statement given out at noon today by J. Francis O'Con nor, president of the Northern California Speedway, after a conference with drivers and race track offloials. The five speedway stars whose names were attached to the match race agreement were all winners of one or more races this year, and their names as given to the press are as follows: Bennett Hill, who drove his Miller motor car Into flrst place In the 150-mile race here yesterday; Jimmy Murphy, who won the Indianapolis clatslo this year, as well as events at Ta-coma, Untontown, Los Angeles and Fresno; Tommy Milton, 1921 speed way champion, second place win ner here yesterday and first place man at the Kansas City meet last month; Harry Harta, third place man In yesterday's race "and winner of the, San Carlos ' race last spring, and Frank Elliott, who by his sensational driving took flrst honors, at the last Cotatl race. In connection with this match race, which will be for the 100- mile distance, O Connor expects to hold a stock car race. Speedway officials and racing drivers are to day enthusiastic over the outlook for the racing game In California. They point out that the race here of yesterday was the best attended of any automobile event ever held In this territory and use that aa the basis for their argument that Interest In the sport Is growing with the public The race Itself also was Tory satisfactory, It being generally agreed that It was one of the most Interesting ever held on a Califor nia speedway. The speed of Bennett Hill's Miller car and the clever driving of Tommy Milton to a sensational finish, only a scant few yards behind the winner for sec ond place, was easily the feature of the day. Harry Hartz came through in good style also and Is coming to increasing favor with the fans. The next national championship vent Is the Turkey Day race at Los Angeles, and Manager A. M. Young of the southern speedway reports that the entry list this year will be the fastest and best ever signed up for a Beverly event. PORTLANDERS GRAB SERIES FROM OAKS BT A. P. NIGHT WIRJS.1 OAKLAND. Oct. 1. Portland and Oakland divided a double- header here today. The Beavers took the morning game, 9 to 4, Portland copped the series, winning four out of seven games. ina score: Mornmt gunei PORTLAND AB R R O A OAJTLAND AB B H 0 A R-oWB,lf 4 1 0 2 O "bakr.8b4 1118 Wi ie rf 8 0 110 'ather.Zb B 0 8 8 2 5 1 1 10 2 8 0 0 1 0 Wolfercf 4 8 0 0 0 pat(m.aa 4 0 14 Brazil. 2b 4 0 2 1 Hla.8b 4 0 0 0 5 1 1 11 HtKh.rf 4 2 2 2 OreaaettJf 4 2 12 M deraa,aa 110 8 1 Head.e 4 0 112 nrenton.p 2 0 1 2 0 Kley.o 1 0 0 0 n I Mitai.o 1 9 J S C'plorj) . o A A a Wella.p 1 0 0 0 0 Totala 83"4l27 10 Totala 80 V2711 BCOEE BT INNINGS J28488T8 . OaVb .... ... ... .? 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0-4 B hits -2 00080021-3 BUMMABT Rrrora-HIfb, Oreeaett. Bmbalw. XOtttat, . , ... Knna mDonaiola fur crum- aer, 8 4. Baa 7: nff 1 bwton. 6. 8U1K mt BT Crunrpler. 1 belle Off B ronton. 0: fi: off CrumDier, Her. 1: off Wella. I. Wild 01 ten crum- pler. gtoien baaea Cooper, Kaaeraa. noma run HoreeaeM. Twaae hit Oather Sacpjca btta WUia. Mitae. Buna batted In Catber. 2; Braidl. eaaett. 8: KeaA CJiifht atlln Paton, Maderaa, Oreaaett. Double jplara lafar- ette to Maaeras w anniMm. uj aiated. T me of game 2k, 6m. L'miArea Car-roll and Toman. Afternoon gama: POBTI.ANP AB B H O Al Wolfercf 2 0 0 1 0 Paton.aa 4 0 0 1 1 Bra1I.2b 3 118 0 Hale io 4 0 0 0 8 4 0 2 0 2 Hlgh.rf 4 0 0 8 1 OreaaetUf 8 0 0 8 0 Miun.e 8 0 0 8 0 Walbers.p 8 0 0 1 4 McCacn.I 1O1O0 OAKLAND AB B Brown.lf 4 0 irtiaker.3b 8 1 n 2 B Wilivrf 110 2 0 Crtber.2b 8 0 2 1 8 I;ette,lD Z V U 10 O 8 0 110 M dtnua till' Bead.c (N50 bjauae.p 9 0 0 0 8 Totala 81 1 4 24 11 Totala 2S 8 8 27 12 a Batted (or Wolfar In ninth. SCORE BT INNINGS Portland ... Baae M!c Oakland. Baaa bit OOOOOO6I- 0 0 0 0 0 6 6 11 nonflOOlO 8 4 Oil 1000 8 0,1 102001 X 0 8ITMMABT Bona reaprmitble for WaJberf, 8: Kranae, 2. (rnir ont By Waibar. 2: by Kranae, t Baaea oa halln Off Kraune, 2: off Wnltrf, K Stolen ae Brubaker, 2; rather, 2; Oiioper, Wilia. Two-baae alt Poole. Sa,-nflca hita B.a. Krauae, Ijfavette. Cooper. Buia batted In Coover, rather, Paolo. Draible piar Hiab to Poole. Iieft on baaea Portland. 8: Oakland, a Time at (ama lb. 80ai. Umrtrea Toman and Carroll. SEALS SPLIT HOLIDAY BILL WITH SENATORS bt a. p. nioht wnaai SACRAMENTO, Oct. 1. Sacra-merto closed the local season here today with a divided double bill, the Solons taking the morning encounter at Stockton, 8 to 2; the afternoon conflict resolved Into a slaughter by the Eeals, who, taking advantage of costly boots, staged by Col. Pick's hired help, put five runs across off Kunr In the second, winning by a final score of 7 to 0. with but two earned runs in the figures.' The score: . Moraine fame: BAN rBANCISCO .11 H H (1 SACRAMENTO All B H O A M'teonl.aa 4 0 O 2 8 Kooo.lf 4 2 1 B 6 M' 4 118 0 Kvan.rf 4 0 8 8 0 Ktinm, m,I J i i V rrlb5H! ",,aa 4 0 1 J 8j KUlaon, Bee." 8 0 0 2 0 Manner, fh 1 0 rth'han.2b 8 0 Kllduffjb 2 0 8 O is t.lla 8 Rchan(,a 8 0 18 0 8 0 0 O1 M U'an.Sb 0 0 0 0 0 n ft 0 Cuunibap 6 6 a'nkle.u 10 0 0 Totala 81 4 26121 Totala SO 8 T 27 10 Two ant wben olnnlnc ran erored. Xs Sal tad fur afanir In amentb. SCOBX BT INNINQa tan Pranniaoe 0 1 0 t 0 t 0 J 03 Saeranianta 0 0 0 1 0 6 1 0 j 8 Baaa hita 0 0 1 3 0 0 3 1 17 KTMMART m Tutliew. Srjharut. Rhea. Innia pra-bed Bodca nlua Clama lataM W tiausUia. Demons to MOTORCYCLE Erwin G. "Cannonball" Better Again Puts a Crimp in Trying Transcontinental Trip Once again the transcontinental motorcycle record has beni broken. And once again the record must be chalked np to the credit of Erwln O. (Cannonball) Baker, recordbreaker extraordinary. Leaving Los Angeles at 1 1 p-m. September SO, Baker, with bis Ace motorcycle, arrived In New Tork City at 12:52 am. September 28, setting; a mark of six days, twenty-two hours and to-Broadway dash. The best previous mark stood at seven days, six teen boors and sixteen minutes. On his Jaunt eastward Baker reached Ludlow. CaL, at 6:10 am., September 21; Flagstaff, Aria, at 8:40 n.m. the same day; Albu querque at t a.m on September 23; Dodge City, Kan., on eepiemoer 24 at 10:10 am.; Terre Haute, Ind., at 11:30 p.m., September 26. and New Tork City at 12:62 a-m, September 23. BREAKS TRIP Baker broke his trip with only two or three stops for sleep, generally for short periods of time. Between Needles, CaL, and Williams, Aria, the doughty motorcyclist encountered some bad going on account of mud, and near Philadelphia he was obliged virtually to crawl for hours, owing to heavy MISSISSIPPI The engineer's whale boat crew of the dreadnaught 'Mississippi plied up 26 points toward the ship's retention of the ahtletle excellence trophy yesterday when they nosed out the entry of the U.S.S. Arizona tn the second round of the fleet's fall racing schedule at Los Angeles Harbor. The Texas' "black gang" finished third, the three leading boats being less than a boat's length apart as they crossed the line. The race was full of thrills and surprises throughout the entire two miles of the course. Coxswain "Kiklsha" Fletcher's Judgement In holding the Mississippi twelve to a steady thirty-two stroke won the Sit bat-Off Hodtje. 21. Hita batted Off Hode, i. ,B'iTe ecored Off Hod a, 2. Buna rrj3(b!a or Ho?(e. 2; Sliea, 1 Struck wit By dulie, 1 : by Coumba, 8: br ghee, 2. Beam on bai'a Off Hodie, 1: off Shea, 1 WOd P'.trh H-Ofrn. Pto'en baaee Pcianr, Kildiiff, Ramm. See Thr-e-baae bita Rran 2. Tw-baae bit Mr.viT. Sarr!! hita Hliaon. MeSaaly 'fly.) Rnna battel Id Sea. 1; Bran, 2 CamrM talirg Manir. Mattel. riMe jaay Manger to Bhaehan to Mnrphj Tlma of yuiia lb. 29m. tmptree Unnej and Eaaoo. Afternoon (ama' bah niAicrsco i sacbamunto u n n n al ah k i ft a FellT.if B VaJla.rf 8 Kamm,3b 4 4 Bm rf 8 Khme.aa 8 KUdufr.2b 4 Af'tew.o 8 Gmtj.V 4 o a trrrt,n a w 1 a w S 4 0 vc Vlj ef 4 0 1 1 i 0 li 'phy.ln 4 1 7 0. Van.rf 8 0 0 8 I 'rur.Sb 40 1 8n'hao.2b 4 O V 8 1 8 0 0 5 0 '!ana(a, 4 0 1 0 2:Kiinf.r 8 0 0 7 0 0 0 2 4 2 I 8 T! 6 0 o 1 0 0 0 1 nanaj t Pau4T.p 0 Totala 84 Totala 87 T 10 27 7 0 6 27 10 x Batted tor Kunx in eighth. SCOIU5 BT INNINGS 1284B8T8S San Pram-leoo 0 500020007 Baae hita 1 3 0 0 1 2 1 1 110 Barramento ft 0000000 0 0 Baae hita 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 2 18 BTMMABT Error Manner, Pnarce, 2 Inntnga jjttrhed Pt Kuna. . C'hame defuat to Hunt At bat-Off Knot. 82 liita hatfal riff Knna, . Runa aoo-ed0(f Kuna. 7. Runa pwiontible (or Kura, 2. Struck owt Bj Orry, 4; bf buiej. Harv riftae fly Agam. Baaea 00 balls Off Oearr, 2; off Knni, 1; off rnnar, 1. Wild p-.tch Ktma. ae--Km. k,v twa-r, y... Mid'Mte Wednesday &enin Two 8 o'clock JepictinJX the numov chA I the old 7) V South y Hold Match in Bowl MARK BROKEN fifty - two minutes for his Broadway fog. Baker suffered no mechanical difficulties of any nature his only grief In this respect being a lone puncture at Sellgman, Aria. The record-breaking Journey threatened to become a transcontinental race shortly after Baker left Los Angeles, when Wells Bennett, riding a Henderson, set out after the Ace pilot. Bennett left Los Angeles secretly twenty-eight hours after Baker and without the tatter's knowledge. At various points along the ocean-to-ocean path Benr nett was ahead of Baker's mark In elapsed time, but when he reached Philadelphia and encountered the same fog conditions as did his predecessor, he discovered that the best possible time would not destroy Baker's mark. He therefore abandoned his run at this point. GOBS WIN event for the borne ship,' but the boat's performance was no less splendid than that of the Texas. The Lone Star crew crossed the one-mile mark In fifth place, evidently far out of the money. On the last half of the course, however, they made the surprising jump from a thlrty-to-lhe-minute stroke to a thirty-six, finishing abeam of the Arizona Next Saturday every ship In the fleet will enter boats ln the selected crew whale boat race over a two-mile course Inside the breakwater. Several new records are expected to be hung up In the event, the crews of the dread - naughts Texas, California and Mississippi being doped to finish in the order named. Valla. rUdrrff. BanrlVa MV-Kamm. Swwa batted In Afnew, Rrfir Valla. SJduC Drmbie Cia Manarr to tiheehan to MirThj. left on aiea tkn PVanrtaro. 6: eacramenlo, 8. Tim of game lh aim fmrirea fkerin and Unixa', MUCII CONCRETE FOR PEN1VS NEW STADIUM DCCLrKIVT! DISPATCH. 1 PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 1. In re constructing Pennsylvania's new ptadlum at Philadelphia so that it will accommodate 56,000 spectators for football, a total or 10,000 cubic vnrrl of ennfrpta arna liHerl. al4n 600 tons of steel and 1,750,000 bricks for facing and trimming Approximately 750,000 feet of lumber were used In preparing the forms for the concrete and other construction, DR. WKIDER VICTOR BT A P. NIGHT WTBE.J DHL MONTE, Oct 1. Dr. J. E. Welder defeated Dr. J. F. Morrison in the Olympic Golf Club tournament here today, 4 and 3. Welder had defeated Oeorge IL Mullen, 8 and 2, and Morrison defeated J. T. L. ritzpatrlck, I up, In the semi-finals. presents "Echoes of Dixie -a Joyful Jubilee of Darktown Diversions -the kind of Revue that is taking New York & Chicago by storm! , opening on October Fourth performances Z f Staged toT yourN pleasure &entertairmientj 0:anchon&Marco; AREMITCHELL ATWEXES TITLir i t t rr a p Ninrrr wixa 1 BELLE MEADE COUNTRY CLUB (Nana villa Tenn.) Oct lAbs Mitchell of England won the open championship of the Southern Golf Association here today in a play-off with Leo Die gel of New Orleans, with whom he was tied yesterday after seventy-two boles of play. Today's straggle went thirty -cine holes when Dls gel again tied the score on the home green with a birdie four to MltchalTe par five, and It was decided to play three more holes la an effort to decide the contest The final score stood: Mitchell, 70-76-11 -1ST. Edeget 74-72-14180. , X . T M a a Bear Cublets Meet Teachers Next Saturday Harry Trotter and Jimmy Cllna, tutors extraordinary to the Bear Cnblets of B.n.TJ.C, eat In the bleachers while1 the San Diego Teachers College behemoths were Rtmggllng with the Occidental Tigers last Saturday and paid close attention to the baby elephants from San Diego In particular. S.B.U.C. is scheduled to travel to San Diego to meet the Pedagogues this coming Saturday, and Trotter had no more idea of the size and power of the southern eleven than Occidental did. So when the biggest team in Southern California, not barring U.S.C.. rambled out on the tanbark. Trotter and Cline did some heavy think lng. The Ban Diego aggregation of embryo knuckle-rappers averages 185 pounds and knows considerable football and omy an exhibition of superlative speed by the Tigers In the final quarter gave them any margin. The San Dlegans. It Is understood.' are trying to get Into the Southern California Conference and from their initial appearance It would seem that they are plenty good enough. NIMK0DS' DRIVE ON DUCKS SUCCESSFUL BT A. P. MIGHT WTJOS.1 SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 1. . Thousands of unwary ducks fell Into decoy trapi In California today. The first day of the season witnessed hundreds of sportsmen gathered along the .marshes, the shore linen and scores of resorts. In Northern California reports Indicate the opening was one of the best in years. Teal and Eprtg were plentiful. Sulsun, Williams, Live Oak, Orldley, Colusa, Maxwell, Woodland and Vacaviile were all Meccaa for huntera. The only . place admittedly bad was around j the bay region., where beet result , are obtained later In the airn. nirij) Si o'clock Reviviras ( the joy of I the old "yj V South

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