The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 3, 1923 · 11
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 11

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1923
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FEBRUARY 3, 1923.-PART I Ih SATURDAY MORNING. C&catew, amusements, entertainments FLASHES Coming Events Cast Bright Gleams MUSICAL Cbeatcrs, amusements, (Entertainments flRAUMAN'S SUNDAY CONCERTS , Broadway at 7th J.OEWS STATE "DESTINY" GOOD RACnMANINOFF fl-, .1.111 in TOMORROW t U:30 a.m., Jnd Dlaoorary Concart. HMin ! tha WnrMli. n-nliia dliMMrlM aa aalflfeMa. 'J Hi JiM Will H 1 Gittun' Sfra?hrmjr Urrhastra, Kl&fHana. Conductor. f& SI'VIAI. rEATI RKH: Cltronx Oilturtl. hum ; Oparatta a Trio, a Oabfal. riollii, f. Xioar, plana, and M. O. Elfnfr, 'tails : i m 4 A. Vtai. Cruuirat aoio; iava Llkln. Ilmilu lawi anion uraoaa ton H. Salrtti. vtuUii dual. "Thai, fla and aaa "Til Snt JUana." awl Man Uiatuaau lauulM, bum aaata, He VOTKD CXWITOSEB EXTHRAliIJ AUDIENCE AT TIU-VITY Br Edwin Schallct Art and the personality In art a gaumed a new significance with the first piano concert of Sergei Rachmaninoff In thla city. He played laat night at Trinity Auditorium, and before a throng ihat had apparently long anticipated hi tllAPLIN GRINS, SAYS WISHES LIE WERE IN IT! By Graoo Klngsley It would appear that Charlie Chaplin Is not going to allow romance, even romance with so marveloualy fascinating a young lady as Pola Negri, to Interfere with his picture work. At any rate, the world's most famous screen comedian announced yesterday In course of 'a chat, that as WHERB AM. rRAUMAN'S THEATERS This is 'ths Last . Day o? Oar ' Greatest all jazz program VIOLA DANA 'J 'A" ' WITH I ' i l ' IN 6i JUNE MADNESS" soon as he has finished directing "Publlo Opinion," formerly named "Destiny," in which Edna Purvl-ance Is starred, he will atart work on his own new picture. "We hear ynu are fairly out-Grlffithlng Griffith in this feature." I told the comedian. "I believe we have a very good picture." Charlie admitted with his usual blush of modesty in talking about his own work. Then hie enthusiasm plus his sense of humor overcame his timidity. "To tell you the truth." he AND THE SENSATIONAL NOVELTY lidnSte atfflontmarte'Cafe FEATURING master 3f director has appearanoa proved hlmaelf a Klant of the keyboard. Ills recital will be remembered many a day i as one of the great events of the . regent musical season, and perhaps, planlstically speaking, of many seasons. . Already famed as a composer in the circle of musical devotees, and popular to the point of distraction through his C sharp minor prelude, which every schoolgirl at some time essayed, he thrilled and enthralled his audience, not with him Interpretation of the ultra, and the new, but with the familiar and the classics. To each separate number that he played, however, he gave an Inflection which was - distln-gul hlngly individual, and which marked him aa an antagonist of the routine and conventional In music. Rising above everything was the grandeur and brilliance of his sweeping virility. Oh these Russians, and their art! How vi-tally, how seriously they take their music and their painting and their acting! What a massacre they make of the Innocents and the sen-timent&lltts! Aa might be expected with the composer who la also an ardent exponent of the piano, the main features of Rachmaninoff's program were his Chopin numbers. He' selected that emotionally ever difficult B-flat minor Sonata, of Chopin aa his leading offering, and he brought before hi hearers al Its rhythmical bigness, and Its somber tonal Are. His rendition MAX FISHER AND HIS BAND OF SYNCOPATERS Rose Perfect Sonia 30 Others Produced by Jack Laushlln. grinned ingeniously, "I think It's such a good picture that I wish now that I were in it myself. We can't see a good picture, you now, without wishing we were in it!" j tliarlie Murray Slgna Charlie Murray, former Sennett comedian, has Just signed a long-erm contract to produce comedies .or C. C. Burr, a New York pro-Jucer, according to wire received last night from the East. k A aW of the Scherzo was memorable, and he gave an accent and meaning even to the worn measures of the Marche Funebre. I feel that in the Rachmaninoff rendition there Is always a. background larger than the scheme of notes. Sometimes the Importance of the mere notes vanishes utterly, and the man gives you something that Is above or beyond the composition. His playing is dynamic and restless, shaded in the mor abrupt and startling ways at times but ever and always Individua His playing of the Rondo b Weuer was brilliant to the very ultimate. In fact, it approached the dazzling. His own prelude in C sharp minor, much abused, became again under his Angers a living thing of crashing chords, and madly racing notes. There were riotous , momenta in "The Beautiful Blue Danube" waltz transcriptions and the Second Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt I STARTING TOM if'-- M ' T if 9 8 rSUa ! TIT) TO) tmwm 1 Y Mm r - ft,', A I (A Faromoufit Picture) WDeMiIfe's LATSST PRODUCTION Gbeaters, amusements, entertainments l4FROM FIG LEAVES . TO FRENCH FROCKS" Broadway at Cth g Y MP HO. NY mm i wm kA u vJk m R 1 k m i ''"vvAv with tt'o Dexlar Anna Q. Nihson Theodore Koslofl Pauline Caron At ne as tfavrt 4i tfawii' a DeMiUe. Sensational Caveman and Woman Scenes wmmM 43Mr !fc , On New Play Program Virginia Fox (above, left.) leading woman with Buster Keaton In "The Blacksmith," to show next week at the Symphony; LI la Lee (above, right,) In "Back Home and Broke," Grauman's Metropolitan, and Virginia Bronson, principal in Shakespearean company, headed by Fritz Lelber, Mason. 1 r frtJ ENTIRE ALL-STAR CAST WTLL BD PRESENT AT THEATER SUNDAY EVENING BEBE DANIELS-LEWIS STONE: mSTQMOfADANCEX WHO THOUGHT mMI-lBM IcD TQFAMC Arclialnbaud With G arson Harry Garson has engaged George Archalnbaud to direct Clara Kimball Young In her newest production for Metro, "Cordelia, the Magnificent," a screen, version of Leroy Scott's popular novel. Lloyd Whltlock has the leading male role, and others in the all-star cast are Helen Jerome Eddy, Elinor Hancock, Jaques Gadeaden, Carol Holloway, Mary Jane Irving, Lewis Dayton, Huntley Gordon and Katharine Murphy, Our Mary's Husband Soon Robert Edeson, stage and film star and husband of Mary New-comb, Majestic leading woman, is to arrive In town next week after fulfilling a season in New York In the only human role played in the entymologlcal drama known as "The World We Live In." Later on Edeson will appear in a feature for Metro, ' but in the meantime, he and Miss Newcomb will spend as much time together as Miss Newcomb's rather heavy stage work will permit. If Miss Newcomb can find time in the next three months, she is going to retire to a local hospital and part with her appendix. Mrs., Cu&hlng Hero , , Charlotte Chlsholm Cushing. author of a dozen Broadway successes, Is among us. She Is lending her aid to the staging of her newest play, "Nancy Stair," which will go on at the Majestlo tomorrow. Mrs. Cushing Is a petite blond, pink cheeked as a flapper, and full of pep. She has a mind like a flash of lightning, and he says that she is never tired. "It makes me tired to rest," she laughed yesterday between puffs on a clgaret and advising with Thomas Wilkes and James Neill on the rehearsal of her play. "I work continuously for hours together on a play. When I get tired, I do something else ride horseback, play tennis, go for a walk. The longest time I have ever spent on a play was three rr-t! 0 Last Timet Today "TO HAVE AND TO HOLD" with BETTY COMPSON. BERT LYTELL and THEODORE KOSLOFF ERNEST BELCHERS FAMOUS DANCERS A r- tl A W ummmM THE DREAM BIRDS .jaaa4sti L . 1 ttOMtouSBAiuTwmspfaMSfrnmmntTimes "La Jongleuse" by Moskowskl was a test for the fingers, but you were conscious only of Its high tension light and shade. For contrast, there were the Chopin Nocturne In F Eharp, the Etude in D flat by Liszt, wherein beauty rose exquisitely to the surface, lightly ruffled by the player's ever-present and restless energy. Rachmaninoff Is as you might expect from viewing his photographs, a tall man of somewhat heavy build. When he plays the piano be has to stoop over it, and you feel that the keys of the Instrument are at his mercy. But, from these keys he conjures music that is more than music; la, indeed, artistic Inspiration In lta full Imaginative flight. ANOTHER PREMIERE fl LAST DAY! at 3 A whirlwind of thrills and uproarious laughter in rapid- fire succession 1 , i MAX FISHER WTNNlSCMCtltSTaAQWSOtOISTS T923 THE ' MARY GARDEN : or THE COAST" GRAUMAN'S HQLLYVflOD EGYPTIAN THEATRE . HOLLYWOOD BLVD. & MCADDN PLACE ComSmig Soeday! BUSTER KEATON IN DoMlHe "World Applause" Gets First Showing at Loew's 16 solid weeks of unparalleled popularity 66 The Blacksmith" IW 14 , 4 . an W 1 I, .Ik.'.'i-.l . M, ' "i ft. ' - v - , . 1 1 -., .'If . - (TV, William De Mille's production, "The World's Applause," will have its world premiere at Loew's State Aftf.'4A iSL M&$ JH Heading a rwo-hcur show of solid enjoyment! weeks." Following "Nancy Stair," anoth er play of Mrs. Cushlngs, "The Poppy Kiss," will go into rehear CALIFORNIA AND MILLER'S THEATRES sal. Still another play, "Peter and Mas2S!pe-?a SBBtlay Hlgbt Last Jtme V- mm Pan," will be produced by Mr. Preceded by Famous Nottingham Castle Pageant, the Hollywood Egyptian Orchestra led by Jaa Sofer. and Frederick Burr Scholl at the Organ. - For reservations phone Hollywotf 2131-2132-2133 Wilkes either here or In San Fran NIOHTS ANZ MAT. TODAT, iOo TO ta.04. W i . I II a ll'J. It.H KOLB DILL L. A. Examiner aays: "Ona of the (reatost dramaa of tba year by ail Keana It." If AARON HOFFMAN'S i(f The World's Most O W A THE 1 1 NEW COMEP" Passionate Love Drama mSsTal na' 'jalii? 'Mr lawaTiIywIrt Jill L)mAvZtmt cisco. Alleen Ray Signs Aileen Ray, the little blonde girl who recently won a beauty contest conducted by one of the fan magazines, has been signed on a three-year contract by Bert Lubin. Miss Ray played a part in the Sawyer-Lubln production, "Your Friend and Mine," which has Just been completed. Nigel Barrio to Egypt 1 Theater tomorrow. In It are featured Bebe Daniels and Lewis Stone, supported by Kathlyn Williams and Adolph Menjou. It is the story of an actress who could not distinguish the difference between notoriety and fame, Tha same program will serve to Introduce Belcher's new ballet; "The Dream Birds," a fantasy In metallnes. Viola Dana In "June Madness" and "Midnite at the Monmartre Cafe," will close tonight. ANOTHER KIDDIE HIT IN CHAPLIN FILM mCLCBTTB DISPATCH.! NEW YORK, Feb. 1. Of course everyone knows that Charlie Chaplin "made" Jackie Coogan what he Is today. And now that the little side-kick of "The Kid" has grown from years to 8 and Is beginning to do "parts" proportionately aged there baa been much speculation as to who would be the next child to fall Into the maglo association of the great screen comic. Many have winked at each other and eald: "Ah, Chaplln'U never I Brough Grauman's Million Dollar Theatre t To Vivid Life IN r - -'o. : a c all hSiePlMS OF SHAKES PEAR MATf . WED. & SAT. SEATS NOW .mui Mu.,iuy Owed they pkmgs4 IIMICETOURNEUR'S mammoth production of- -w Thundu "JiUlaa Caar" . . .riilaj "JKarchant of Tantca" .... Saturday ilatlut TuaaBi" Katunlu taau' TjaaUaj Bobm ani 7'illat" Wadnaeifcr MiUaaa 'TtatLx at Ui BhnW.. WRlnaaday yr Nigel name and his wife have 4 SirHa4LL CAINE'S $f Jmiuxil novel and pity MAJESTIC Last 2 Time3 Today THEATER "CLIMBING" START INQ TOMORROW MATINEE THOMAS WILKES Presents I XT I a" " M . -A 8 YbnH get alumper crop of thiOU-a ptiUatiiiS-' tomrnt of laufhs. Youll tkenutchr (iUk cU tannlae wot w act Una mi sua kmc cailhquike of chuckJca and thnis. Li Uii MARY NEWCOMB in 9 66 hava a kid actor with him again. He's afraid of them. They take CM fiRiibh Lewis NANCY STAIR' away his thunder. Jackie Coogan SiiCmam pmrtt v M did, and Chaplin has been sorry mm An Emory Johnaon Production he ever brought him out" The un :Ifou8C BY CATHERINE CHISHOLM CTJSHINO soundness of these rumors Is now w h It: j a. Sypphony established. The World learns With 20 Musical Firemen !un,anaWtig GOLDWTM 1S spend a two months' vacation. Jane Atherton to, Resume Jane Atherton, grand-daughter of Gertrude Atherton, well-known writer and wife of Philip Hearn. screen writer, is to return to her picture work next month. Miss Atherton made her debut in one of her grandmother's screen stories produced with Goldwyn. Formerly she was a dancer with Isadore Duncan. She left the screen when she ra married, and she has a baby daughter six months old. Dick Morgan a Dad Speaking of bablea, Dick Morgan Is a proud dad. Wiihelmina Wilkes, who in private life la Mrs. Plchard Morvn, wife of tha art director of tie Majestic Theater, last week in San Francisco, gave birth to a daughter. Miss Wllkea was formerly stage director at the Majestic. She expects to return to her duties within a few weeks. In the meantime James Nell is gaining fame for himself by the manner in which he Is putting on new plays. MOROSCO ivilTHfiATER MATINEE TODAY OLTVEIJ MOROSCO CO. fMoroaao Baldlos Co lac) Praaenta PICTURE INTERPRETED BI that Jackie's successor not only has been chosen but plays an important part in Chaplin's forthcoming picture, "The Pilgrims." The child la Dinky Dean, fc brown-eyed, chubby faced, bright FIFTH MERRY WEEK OF RICHARD DIX MAE BUSCH GARETH HUGHES. PHTT.M3 HAVER, MAHLON HAMILTON. SHOWS 11:08, H:S. 1:40. t:0. 7:08 AND.:00 P.M. - little shaver, 4 years old, who is 3 LI VE GHOST: A T OLD SAN GABRIEL Jclia Steven HcGroarty (Authcn t COVOEnTS DAILY EUNOR'S SUPERB ORCHESTRA Or V"STrMAvai. ' exactly the age of Jackie Coogan when he began working in "The Kid." Dinky Dean, whose real name is Dean Franklin Reisner, la "BIGGEST LAUGH SUCCESS IN YEARS PRESENTS FOR TEE TWELFTH YEAR the son of Chuck Iielaner, film vllllan, who appeared aa such In Mats. 10o to S0 TIGER ROSB7 8 so a. Nishta. ISO to L ID) he lis: Today and 11 All R Tnnieht -wa.. WITH PHILHARMONIC AUDITORIUM oTtx? Sunday Afternoon at 3 o'clock. Feb. 4 Popular Concert FIRST OF FOUR SPECIAL PROGRAMS PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA WALTER HENRT ROTHWELU Conductor Only. . Wlnfldd Sherhan In Trisco MONROE SALISBURY a. f ' "The Foef Horsemei!" Aa Fry Janlpmo Serra ALL FRENCH PROGRAM "The Kid.' In four years Jackie Coogan has risen from a salary of $75 a week to more than a half million dollars a year. The question now before the film fans la whether given the same big opportunity. Dinky Dean will duplicate the trick. Charlie Chaplin sends word that Dinky Is the mastar of them fcll. BUSTER SAYS HE OVERHEARD THIS Buster Keaton, frozen-faced screen comedian, tella a story he says he heard at his studio during the filming; of his latest comedy upheaval. "Tha BlacKaralth." which by RODOLPH VALENTLNO J ant Mathta with JOSEF SWICKARD IN PERSON TONIGHT; Soloist AKHE ALTHAN . PIANIST piieea tie 10 $1.04. No Tax. Beaaoa ruti, 4 Concertl, 1923 SEASON OPENS SATURDAY " FEBRUARY 3rd at 2:15 P. M. 1 Performance arary aftarnoon capt Monday ) Wedneaday and Saturday vaninira. only, at ! Bcrltos ria'nl-Baana , Lukaa Maaaenet ... Godard . . . . . Chabrler ... ..Rakocxy March ..Piano C'oncerlo No. 4 ..."L'Anprenit fiorolar ...'IJnder tha Undeiia" ."Seranads a Mabel" . ...Rhapeody "Eapaoa" Wlnfleld Eheehan, head of the Fox organlaztlon, who is on his way out to Inspect the activities of the Fox studio, is in San Francisco, where he has been detained by Illness. He will arrive here next Sunday. It is expected that a number of new star and directors will' be signed when he arrives. GIVE FORTY-SECOND OF CONCERT SERIES The forty-second of Grauman's TTCRET OFFICES: SAN CUBRiEL THEATER BOX OFFICE- I nvn BEACH. PACIFIC FXECTMC STATION; tX8 ANGELES, PACIFIC FIJ?-TIC atAIN STREET STATION; PASADEtfA. JAItVia PRXNZ- KOlf. Y LQS A N HELES M USEUM TH FREE' S B URBAN K ""'f? QORE ii -EXPOSITION PARK HT AND UMVBRSITt CARS. h r.J "Vayelir-s Exhibition of TVaatern HI JINKS MUSICAL COMEDY COMPANY OF 8 n the Merry play Blr'K BANCS' with LKE BCD HARRISON. GEOR5E Ci-ARK. OTHBTtS; AND FAMOC3 BKAUTT CHOKLS OF 30 fmler ?. , SPECIAL and PEBMAXEXT I i. vp to and Including; Feb. tlth. riia v om Colored Ktchinra and Block opens at the Symphony Sunday. Broadway at 9th la M.SS:ON- UJSAjtoti-J EXHIBITS insTonr, sciExcs and ART. D Ir.ft May and Franc II. 0arban o aad inoladlnf Fab. lith. 1 OPEN DAII.T 10-4 :X--S: T -FED. P.M. AND SUN DAT A.M. WIOfT TO PAT MARSHALL NElLA!r9 "The Stransen' Banquet" coming sund r Wallace Red b "30 DayV E LUXE THEATER Alvarado St, Opposite Westlake ParL a r rj MACK SENNETT "HOTTENTOT HANDICAP." -Tuesday Ni?Kt Daring Steep!?-ehaso Riders in Porsoa! D ALTON'S BrooLhart The Greatest. THFATFR n', CB" A:! A- H m Two "extras" wore discussing me subject of death. "Why, do you know." said one, "I had a cousin who had a premonition he would die In threo davg. And he only mitred it by one day." "You don't know anything," the other replied. "1 had an uncle who knew tlio exact day and hour he was to die. And his demise came just aa he expected." Don't t"U me that! How could he know It?" s "Easy enough the Judge told him," was the laconic rapljr. T.!8 1' t: - ' "Discovery" concerts will be gtveu tomorrow morning at the Third-street house. Among the features of the program will be Clemenc Gifford, mezso-eoprano; a trio, H. Seidel, violin, J. Bloor, piano, M. O. Ei!rff: A. Yen 5a, trumpet som John Vtkln, tenor, and violin duet by Anton Bradao and II. Siedel. Henry Murtagh. the Symphony orchestra, and discovery artists will complete the program. EDWT. THKAIKB MU " J' - ' . .. and Srara 0n In Siaiara." Prvapnts MABEL NORMAND in her laleat and blffoat feaiura prodectton "SUZANNA" Bat, It and tb T'dsWes'J ohil:-? U'aarf t&u tak Si. JTJQAN THEATER-KSPe II "". a tr i . A KahrhinaT COQli . . .-a a 1 .K.n- 7TH a-rt.i)t aaf UsarrlaVj U fat ir ILaW v re NIC AUDITORIUM . Vr't Wm- MorTl Pragma - 15 1 SIR HARRY LAUDER , " " X" i-'R SfPREMB. Dlreetad by F. Richard Jor.ea GLORIOUS A i n a Ur maa w -' "THE FIRST 50 Y EARS TONIGHT I SOLD OUT ; WEES m aa i i, i. inl

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