The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 29, 1915 · 22
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 22

Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, June 29, 1915
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2 , TUESDAY MORNING. JUNE 29, ms.-jVAivr HL1 unesTy iDOSTon prayes iwice:yonquereq py lYicuraw s JwOwiypuT rignnnguang National league. GIANTS BEAT BRAVES TWICE. Eleven-inning Game is Won by Mathcxvson. H-HM I 1M' I 1 1 t t lH 1 111 V I $ TRACK CHAMPS ENTER TRYOUTS. Champs Toss Second Affair Away by Errors. Timely Hitting of McGraw's Men Helps Cause. TBT A. P. NIGHT W7RE.T NEW YORK, June 28. New Tork won two 4 games from the world's champion Bostons here today by 3 to 2 and 5 to 3. The first game was an eleven-inn Ingr pitchers' battle with Mathewson having the better of Ra-gan. The second contest was decided in favor of the home team through errors by Boston and New York's timely hitting. Score: .First game: ROSTOV. IBI A. P. NIGHT W1MM CHICAGO, June 28. National champions will compete next Saturday at Stagg Field., University of Chicago, in the annual track meet of the Central A. A. IT. Joe Loomls, winner of the American title at Baltimore last summer in the 100-yard dash, running high jump and low hurdles, and Harry Goelltz, high hurdles champion, were among the entries today. The meet will serve as a preliminary evpnt to the tryouts of the central division for the national events, which will be ' held at San Francisco. The try-outs will also be held at Stagg Field July 17, H-4 H-4-H--H- Gce! American League- JOHNSON BACK IN OLD FORM. Pitches Shutout Ball in Jlis Last Three Games. Pltepttrick, ii inert, if rnnnotfy. if Kmith, 3b . ft-hmkit, lb Malice, rf . . Maranrilla, a t,oW(l,v, c . . Racui. p . 2b Totals , .., Ont out itheo winning run Kond. NEW YORK. i.B. H. B.H. P.O. A. E. .401310 . 6 0 O S 0 0 .30 1 2 10 .412030 . 4 O 0 11 0 1 .811001 .401 400 .4 0 0 8 8 0 .4 0 0 0 1 0 .it "2 "i il Is "2 RinrfBraM. cf Hiiroa, If .... Jiovle. 2b .... lit toller, m .. JW'ertaon, rf , R. B.H. P.O. A. E. OOIOO 0 1 0 0 0 1 2 18 0 2 2 8 fi 1 0 12 0 0 0 2 1!) O 0 0 3 0 6 0 0 17 10 0 0 0 4 0 "i 12 33 19 "l Mn-kle. lb 4 (ii'ADt, 3b 5 Jli?cn, o 8 Uatliewaon, p 2 TUI 39 , SCORE BY INNINGS. rtoatnn 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 02 Naw York 0 002000000 13 eniMABY. Twvbaae lilts Doyle, Rraith, Connolly. Hooia nin Maft-e. lis tin on balls Off MaUHtisnn, 8: off Rapin, 2. Strmk out B.v Matliewann. 6; by Huron, b. Passed ball Meyers, I'lnyircs Higler and Jiart, Second game: BOSTON. A.B. R. B.H. P.O. A. K F1tzratrir?r, Gilbert, rf i nnnolly. If Cmitti. 3b . H-hniKit. lb Mairee. i-f . . , Alararmtle a wiuliiur. e Tl IfT, ji . 2b fcgau, XX 1 Total 34 2 . 1 1 1 10 1 r, 3 o o o JIMMY ARCHER , MAY BE GIANT. AT ANY RATE, 1TE IS MARKET. OX THE dthletics Never Get Near the Home Plate. . Hurler Crowell is Simply Out of Luck. FANS GET IN FREE TO GAME. TBT.A. F, DAY WIBJ5.1 NEW YORK, June 28. For T the first time In many years ad mission to a big league game here was free today, when the Brooklyn club of the Federal League gave a fan's day. President Robert B. Ward engaged a band f cr the game with the Chicago club this afternoon. J i The purpose of the novelty was to add to the popularity of the Brooklyn club. .H,.llH..t....M.t.H"t"l"H-H"l"M"l"l"i Record. BY A. P. NIGHT WIRE.! WASHINGTON, June 28. 'Washington defeated Philadelphia today, 2 to 0. Jt was a pitchers' battle between Johnson and Crowell. Johnson has not allowed x run in the last 28 innings he has pitched. PHILADELPHIA. Is Offered to the Phillies for Killefer, but the Trade Is not Pulled Off Cub Manager Denies All Rumors of Deal, but Catcher Is on Market. The rumor in New York that Jimmy Archer is soon to become a member of the Giants brought forth a strong denial from Manager Bresna-han of the Cubs, but the fact remains that Archer Is on the market. The Chicago officials, no doubt, want to keep the matter a secret until a deal can be arranged, as It would not improve Archer's work any to know that the club was trying to get rid of him. While the Cubs were in this city on their first trip, Bresnahan offered Archer to the Phillies for Killefer, and Bresnahan was dumfounded when Pat Moran told him that he would not trade Killefer for two Archers. , Small. S 9 24 14 8 x Catted for Wlwlinir in ninth. xi Baiu.'d for T.vler in ninth. NEW YOItK. A.B. R. B.H. P.O. Knnrlfrran, cf 4 O 0 1 ( Kunia, If 4 0 1 O ! Doylp. 2b 4 O O 2 JVtnh.r. as 8 1 1 2 , Rolx-noMi. rf 8 2 2 1 ' VerMe. lb 8 1 1 0 , UninanJ. 8b 3 1 2 2 , Mevom. o 4 O 2 10 Tcm-cuu, i 8 0 1 0 THIRTEEN MEN ON BIG CLUB, CLTJB OWNERS BELIEVE THAT THIRTEEN IS ENOUGH. Murphy, rf, Slnmk. rf. . Walsh. If. . ft-haM, 3b. U.ioie, 2b. alrlnnis, lb. lrT, c. . . Ktipf, us. Ciwell, p. A.B. R. B.H. T.O. A. JS. Totals 8! 0 WASHINGTON. O 8 4 8 o 12 o y O o o o 1 8 1 1 7 1 14 Connolly, if. Koster, 8b. ., Shanks, if, . Milan, cf. ., Garxlit, lb. , NrtT. 2b. Ainamith, e. MrHririe, M. Johnaou, p. , A.B. . 4 . 4 . 3 . 4 . 3 . 4 1 8 B.H. P.O. A. JS. 0 0 ToUla .................30 2 7 27 10 0 BCORB BY 1NNING8 123456789 Philadelphia O00O0O0O O 0 Washington 0 2000000 x 2 SUMMARY. Two-haafl hit Ncff, Ainsniitfi. Bav m balb Off (Ymell, 2. Hit bv pitcjiw By Croirell, Shanloi: by Jclinson, ICopt. Struck out By Crowfll, 1; by Johnson, 7. Passed tails Amamith, 2; Lapp, Via-pire 0 -UilgliIin ami Hildebrand. TIGERS WALLOP INDIANS, 6 TO 3. 1BT A. P. NIGHT WIRB.l DETROIT, Mich. June 28. Two passes, two errors and four singles In the third inning gave Detroit six runs and a six to three victory over Cleveland today. Detroit errors helped the Indians' to two of their scores, the other resulting from Chapman's triple and an out. CLEVELAND. B'll . . . New y.irk Totala 81 8 10 27 14 31 6CORH BY INNINGS. 123 4K7Rft . .,.,....,.0 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 04 0 0 0 2 0 8 0 0 x5 Sl-JIMARr. Twohaaa filf Whaling. Thrw-baao hit Ormnolly, W"lrn haw Afrrfc'. Kmith. Double nlaya Tr-rpaii f Mrrkle ti Ateer; Imrle to Mrrkle. BiM on hulia Off Tefneaa. 2: off Tyler, rt. wni;k out Kv Ttoreau. 6; by Tk-r, 2. Lmpirea RikIix ami Hart, DODGER HURLER BLANKS QUAKERS. (BY A. P. NIGHT WIRE.1 PHILADELPHIA, June 28. Sher-rod Smith twirled in splendid form and was given excellent support today and Brooklyn defeated Philadelphia, 4 to 0. Only one home player reached second base and none got any further. Score: BROOKLYN. Contend that Four Pitchers are Sufficient and that They Should Work Oftener Isbell's Club Sets Pace for the Iieague Fourteenth Man Out of Commission. Ml cf. ... Hammond, 2b. . Chapman, a. ... Jnrkn, lb. .... Grarvy, 1f. ftmlhwnnJi. rf. WamtwffaDsa, 3b K':an, e. , Hawm, p. ... Uarstad, p. . . . . , Totals A.B. . 4 . 4 . 4 . 4 . 4 . 3 . 4 . 4 . 1 . 3 B, B.H. P.O. A. E. 3 0 o lit 4 O 2 0 1 Merer, cf .. ft Mara, aa Dauliort. lb Vlieat. If .. 4'HtX, 2t Hlr .'f I . It A.B. R. B.H. P.O. A. T. Miar1y, 0 bmitu, p .. 1 1 0 1 1 1 II s T.tal 84 4 PHILADELPHIA. A.B. Pmp. tb 3 Hanrivft. as Kiork. Ni.h"ff. b f mi.tli, rf P-ker, If Uilttr4, rf I.trflePiA, lb ., t'linia. e R.ler. p Ii.iimcaitner, p MIT. X 1'aaacrt, XX Tali 1 . 8 . 4 . 4 . 3 . 4 . 3 . a . 2 . 0 . 1 . 1 .31 9 27 14 1 B.H. P.O. A. JC. 2 0 1 0 0 2 1 2 1 4 H 0 8 1 0 2 0 2 10 10 0 n 4 o O 1 2 0 0 0 o o o 0 0 0 "i 27 li x-HaMH f'T Biier In alrth. XX tutuJ for Ikvrer In ninth. BIT) RE lit INNLVCiN. 12S45HT89 rimnalrn 0 1 1 II 5 O 0 ( O- Pbiladrlpb:, 0 0000000 00 WilMARY. D'ille play--Ntelirtt to I.Mdeiii.. haani on bale ir mi. mi, a: liiarr. a Hit off Hlim, h In I iiiiit'ura; cJT tiauntinir'n.T, 1 tn 1 Htnirk nut jit eoutli, 4. I Kiifi, 3. J-amd ball Unnia. I uiLirr(r-ttra ati'l in'n. CIXCY WINS FROM CUBS OX ERRORS. IBT A. P. NIGUT WIRlil CINCINNATI (O.) June 28. With the BfwlKtance of five errors, gener-runly donated hy the leaders, Cincinnati won from Chicago today, 3 to 2. Zriet I'Hched good ball, but hla support wan poor. Score: r if Vi.iier, a ..... hliMlle. If .... .'ii,nmian, 2b M liry. Jh ... ri". lb ...... Hi i me, of ... , l- el.n. Bb .... tirraiiaitali, t a-.ia?l, V .... CBICAOO. a r. a s.n. p.o. f U II 4 0 0 0 0 o T'.ta! tia ut t,m lnnir ma waa arorul. CINCINNATI A B. R. H.R. P.O. A m I, lb I o I, 4 I" " . o a ft o .'.i i ! Vi ..-,-t, a o rf S J -mi Pi ., 'i 0 ' j. if a ii f 'alu " 6 21 ) 8 fiRl! r f l.Mflpa 1114 4 4 ...... o li 0 I 0 li 0 tf I J u T 1 1 A i. ft e ....... u imi 1 .11001 OOu! viMr r Ua Mia.Hu'ia, M a,r Wa 1 ' I ir.i !.. tkm iwaH i ! . !' I. V. i, 1 ' .... I ..' (1 I 1 ..r. 4 t,m . t.- . ai-4 I'M. a, l.l I i. l Frank Isbell's Des Moines club contains only thirteen players, yet it Is setting the pace in the pennant race. Catcher Graham, the fourteenth man, broke a finger In Denver a few days ago and was sent home to undergo repairs. He may be put of commls. sion three or four weeks. It la the belief of the Des Moines club owner that each team in this league could go along nicely with only thirteen players, whereas the custcm in the O'Neill loop until this season w-as to carry sixteen to eighteen men. He contends that a pitching staff of four is ample and that the hurl-ers would he better off and more effective if they were to work every third or fourth day. . BEARDSLEY MAKES ITS LOXGEST TRIP. R1VFHSIDK RUX OF F.LFXTRIC IICNDUF.n AM) FOt'RTEEX MILES; XO CHAIMaE. Mrs. Volney Bardsley drove on the eventh day of the ten consecutive days' tour and reeled off the remarkable mileage of 114 miles yesterday. The daily mileage to date Is as follows: ' June 23. 101.6; June 23, 105.1; June 24, 102.4; June 25, 108.1; June 26. 101.2; June 27. 101.8; June 28, 114. This makes a total of 733.8 mllos for the first seven days, which figures an average of 104.8 miles per day. This also gives a leeway of 33.8 miles In case the car should fall below 100 miles on any of the last three diiys. Kvery day Mrs. nrardsley Is experiencing more dlfllculty on the road In mooting friends or enthU8lants who have been reading of the wonderful performance and desire to top to get a luto report and congratulate the driver. However, In order to obtain this WRn mileage It is neecstary to keep the car goln and avoid as many stope as poslble. Another feature of this performance to data Is the fact that the batteries have never been completely exhausted, and the car every night has run Into the garage on its own power. iMnt night Mrs. Deerdsley snd hor obnerver remained In Riverside at the Mixtion Tnn and the car was charged at the Olc-nwood carnga. Mrs. llfardoley hn planned todny to drive to Newport Ueach through Santa Ana, which is mother route that ehows she is not trying to avoid the hills. FEDS LOSE MONEY ON MINOR LEAGUE. VI tr. 8b Kannash, 2b. 4 4 8 4 3 8 (V.W.. rf. Crawforrl, rf. Veach, If. ... nitrna, lb. ., Htiah, as, ... rttanage, o. , Paua, p. . , . CuveleHKtift, p. 85 3 0 24 10 2 DETROIT. A.B. R. B.H. T.O. A. E. 1 0 6 27 10 Totals 2!l SCORE Bit LVNINOS. 123456780 . Cleteland 2 I O 0 0 n 0 It 03 Detroit 0 0000000 X U SUMMARY. Tlirbe hit Chapman. Stolen rawe Wamba-Itanss, Cobb, Crawtorrl, lnuh. Double playn Jack-aon, imasai.tffl: Kavanacli to Iliima. Be on halla Off Datum, 1 : . (f Haa'Tinan, 4. Hits 01 Daum.. 0 In 7 fnnlns: off C"ajekie, none In 2; off Hacorman. 6 in 8; off Harata-I, none In fi. Stnirlt out By Danw. 8; I.y Cotalmkie. 2: by Hasrerman, 1 ; by Uanrbwl, 1. Licpirt ftinncily ami Wallace. YANKS SPLIT UP WITH RED SOX. fBT A. P. NIliHT WIRB.1 BOSTON, June 28. New York and Poston divided today's doubleheader, the visitors winning 3 to 2 and the Red Sox 6 to 8. Cree'a double and three singles In the second inning of the first game accounted for all of New York's tallies In that contest In the second game the Red Sox got away to a five run start as a result of Mcl tale's pitching. First game: OT TORK. SUMMARY.. Twobae hlta Lewis, Tbnmaa, Hartwdl, Maya. Stolen baso Wagner. Double play JariTrin to Wagner t Hoblitzol. Basea on balla Off Mirllale. 2: (iregg, 8; off Pieh, li nff Mays, 2. Hit Off MrHale. 2 in 1-3 inninir: off Cottrell. 1 In .2 2-8; off Pieh, 4 in S; off Grrg 4 in 8 2-3: off Maya. 8 In 61-8. Hit by pitrher Ry (Iresm. Nuna-maier; by May. Oroe. Stmck out By (togg, 3l by Maya, 2. Umrilre Nallln and Diueen. FELSCII'S TRIPLE BEATS BROWNS, 4-2. tT A. P. NIGUT WIRB.1 CHICAGO, June 28. Felseh's triple with the bases filled, gave Chicago a lead which St Louis could not overtake and the locals won, 4 to 2. Sehalk opened tl,e third with a triple and Blackburne and Scott walked, filling the basea Felsch then delivered hia blow and scored himself on NVeaver'a single. Hla. rf. f'vinpMirh, aa, 4 van, u. Pico. Vt. ., t'o-e, rf, Harwell. If. A.B. R. B R. P.O. A. K. lt"one. 2H. Ntmaniaker, Piaber, p. , Totala .., IT 'vnier, rf. Waimer, 2b. RU.Tra, 'Jb. fltirakrf, rf l'Hia, If. ......... HihlifaMl, lb. Janrrm, m. Iiaoltior, 3b. Catly, c. Pliore, p. li'llma, x. fay.f p, Hiii'iliult. x ...... liuil'T, Tntala 8 3 3 4 4 4 3 82 BO&TO.V. A.B. . 4 2 1 , 4 4 4 8 4 4 1 O 0 0 1 I It o 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 13 3 o 2 8 2 8 9 27 14 B.H. P.O. 1 B A. T. o n .82 2 27 14 I Batten! for aa,oee In fifth, li llilli'l for loiilna In eitlith, BCORB BT INNING. COliOMAIi LKAfJIU IM)I',S tAxm vi:hv i.cmhi atpiui:xt, NOT Tlie rrdrsla) my they expnrt lo oer money on thflr minor lengue, (be Ciilmtlal league, Whether they ex. (met to er not, it s a Hf but inev win. 'leiirnaj have Iwen filmed In lirorla. ton, Man ; Taunton, Ua ; Ni ku,j. find, Miifce.; lull lilver, M.; 'i'l"t. It, I t rifflnfrleld, Ma : Marl New Tork Boatua ... 1234Sfl7M ..0 8 0 O II O 0 II h 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 02 STMMART. TwoHaae Mta Ve. Janyrin. PecMnnantf!. Tti mae lot lfo(ier, Imnhlr pla lkinnauaU , te Bfiona u Pie. Paaee on balla off eriore, lj' off Col Una, I. lllta off khore, In 1 Imiltur.; off Clllt.a, 1 In 8; iff Vay none In 1, lilt by ii!"her, Waimer Mnirk out hy fhnrr, ; hy Colllna, 2: by Mt, l; by Hah, 8, Cminma Dinncen ami Nail in. Second game: KKW I0BK. . a.b. k. r.n. P.O. a. TT'CTl, ef, 4 IV'ainnaiufh. fa. 8 Maiarl, 8 Mullen. Ill, I n-e rf. ' . ,. HartrHI, If 3 nnniif, , ,4 Vioiimaaer, a), t Mi Hale, , , 0 1 "iirmi, p, ...... F'viman, x .............. 0 0 0 n " :::::::::::::::: I I ? Daley, ni I 0 I 0 TotaJi ST "i ? 24 Ti) "I 4 O 0 11 8 I.M!M t' rrftreH In f airlh. ti naiieil fr liHuman In fourth. Hi I1.H..1 tr l'ii4i In nli.ih, nono,i. n m, rr 4 Wni, '.. ., a a... J Ual. tf 4 H .im'mI It S JiM.nn, aa , , ,1 i..m., at). ,,, ,,.,8 T' maa, . 4 '', P- ( Ma. rN I ft. P 0. II il O 4 lo IVal km e mu ft I'iums i NEWARK FEDERALS RELEASE PLAYERS. BIG SILKE PP" OX ACCOUNT OF POOR SHOWING IiATEIiY. Tho Newark Federal League club has announced the release of four players George Mullin and Charlie Whitehouse, pitchers, and Hugh Warren and Charlie Roberts, catchers. Mullin may Join the Brookfeds, with whom he is dickering, while the other three will very likely go 'to the Colonial League, the Federal farm. The releases foreshadowed a big shake-up of the Newark club, as Harry Sinclair, principal owner. Is very much dissatisfied with the showing: of the club. OCTOGEXARIAXS FROLIC. Ninety-second Birthday of Member of Patriarchs' Club Celebrated. Many Old Boys There. With the assistance of fellow-members of the Octogenarian Club, Stur-gis Selleck of No. 1345 Toberman street celebrated his nlnuty-second birthday anniversary last Friday evening. In entertaining their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Selleck had the help of their daugnters, nephews and nieces and Mrs. Frank Stoddavd. The table was beautifully decorated and the cake adorned with ninety-two candles. Following are the names of those present and their ages: John M. Peebles, 94; A. Y. Whitune, 82; Dr. A. M. Sherman, 89: Kev. H. L. Canfleld, 86; Daniel Hawks, 85; Thomas H. Loyhed, 84; Dr. L. Wr Peck, 84; Gen. John S. Wilcox, 83; George W. Boman, 82; J. E. Carter, 80. and Capt. L. A. Ross. f, a iic iiit-muersnip or me ciud is united to twelve men who nr nver tin years of age. Mr. Loyhed. who is Mrs. Stoddard', father, suffered a stroke of paralysis several months ago and had missed several meetings of the club. The next meetlrf will be July 14 at the home of Mr. Hawks, No. 1305 Winfleld street on the occasion of his eighty-Blxth birthday anniversary. Frank L. Kramer, Walter Hardgett, manager of the Chicago cycle track, and Nat Butler of the Revere Beach track at Boston have been named a special committee to act with a member of the Cycle Racing Association to draft a et of rules governing motor-paced events. A rule was also adopted whereby hereafter It will be Im possible to reinstate a professional rider into the amateur division. COBB THERE AT BASE STEALING. Milan's Record Doomed Unless Ty Stops. Thirty-nine Steals in Fifty-four Games. Looks Like a Hundred Thefts in a Year. Clyde Milan of Washington holds the modern base-stealing , record, with eighty-eight thefta acquired back in 1912. But this record Is almost sure to fade out unless Ty Cobb drops a leg somewhere or time between now and October. Cobb to date has collected thirty-nine steals in fifty-four games. At this same Impetus he will lay In a supply of pilfered bases well over one hundred, which, if completed, will stand as a target for our fleet young .men to shoot at for a number of spicy campaigns on beyond. To appreciate Cobb's superhuman base running, one has only to use these succulent statistics for a foundation of comparative dope, viz.: The two fastest people in the Amer ican League are Bert Shotten and Fritx Maisel. Both are batting only a shade under .300, which shows how often they are getting on. Yet Cobb has stolen exactly as many bases as Shot- ton and Maisel togpther thirty-nine and Shotten and Maisel are ranked among the base running stars of the commonwealth. Among others endowed with speed and the batting eye, Cobb has stolen more baaes than Collins, Speaker, Jackson, Milan and Strunk all put to-gether and only one less than the combined steals' of the three leading base runners In the National League. Which is fair evidence as to why Tyros the Terror is ranked aa a pretty fair cluster of baseball flesh, take him at the average stuff. 'ococococoocxxxxxocococrr) 8 FEDERAL LEAGUE 8 SLOUFEDS BEAT TERRAPINS, 7-6. by a. p. Niiarr wtrb.i BALTIMORE (Md.) June 28. St Louis took today's game from Baltimore, 7 to 8. Homers by Tobtn of St. Louis and Walsh of Baltimore were features. Score: St. Louis, 7; hits, 11; errors, 2. Baltimore, 6; hits, 8; errors,' 4. Batteries1 Davenport. Groom and Hartley; Suggs, Bailey and Jacklitsch. REBELS PICK ON BUFFEDS, 8 TO 5. BT A. P. NIliHT WIRB.1 BUFFALO (N. Y.) June 28. Pittsburgh took the closing game of the series today from Buffalo, 8 to 5. Buffalo's errors were costly. Score: Pittsburgh, 8; hits, 13; errors, 2. Buffalo, 5; hits, 9; errors, 3. Batteries Berger. Rogge and O'Connor; Shulz, Benedict, Marshall, Krapp and Allen. Watson. GAS HEARING SET. In Judge Ttlppet'a court yesterday the date for the hearing of the order to show cause In the action brought by the Los Angeles Ga and Electric Company and the Southern Gas Com pany against the city of Los Angeles to restrain the enforcement of an ordinance fixing the rate for mixed gas for one year from July 1, 1915, at 6414 cents per 1000 feet was of ficially set for July 8, before Judge Van Fleet of San Francisco. It Is possible the date will be shifted to July 9 to accommodate the visiting Jurist. Attorneys for the gas com panles and City Attorney Stephens agreed to the date. Cards Furnish Thrill. (Continued from First Page.) "Dcn't wait for Columbia: look out for Cornell." . No one who saw the race will deny that the work of the western crew was the sensation of the day. It Is surprising what a great number of people really .wanted to see the visitors win. , Like mushrooms, Stanford enthusiasts sprang up after It was all oyer. Pennant hucksters brought forth their Cardinal banners, unsold before the regatta. But this morning and yesterday, and every other day. the powerful California crew was looked upon as good company for the launches that followed the tall end shell. . Now the question la asked: Will they come, next year? At Stanford quarters It was stated that In the event of a Stanford victory on the Coast and If sufficient funds are available a 1818 visit ia very, probable. WORM TURNS. The worm has turned. The East has forgotten the past failures of Pacific Coast oarsmen. The surprise, amazement and consternation of the regatta have blended Into wonderment. wonderment at the race of the men who broke training five days in a Pullman car. rowed a week under strange conditions, and then made) everybody sit up and take painful notice. - And there Is wonderment at the confidence that had been placed in the opinion of many eastern rowing critics, some of whom bora titles M noble as "foremost carsman in Amear-Ica." These men labeled the Callfnit nla boys as the darkest of horses1 wh couldn't possibly win, but It waa Jim Rice, the Columbia coach, who said: "The Stanford crew rows well and will bear watching." NEW MANAGER FOR THE RED SOX TEAM LAXXIN WILL SFXL OWNERSHIP if ma can get ins PRICE. There are rumors that 1916 will sea a new manager of tha Red Box. They are strong rumors,' too. Likewise it Is more than likely that Lan- nln will sell his ownership If ha can get his price. He Is about as disgusted as he can be by the Ingratitude of high-salaried members of his team. If George Stalllngs had the Red Sox he would have copped tha bunting and be on the Journey to ring in twice. While the Red Sox are not being paid the press agent salaries that are being noised about they are getting skyscraper bundles compared to what the Braves are collecting with the exception of John Jay Even. Portland (Or.) Municipal Civil Serrx Ice Board will Invite women swimmers to compete In long-distance events, endurance, ability to teach swimming and rescue drowning persons. From tha lint ttinsia airnrtnir ! highest number of points will be selected Instructors for women at tha public parks pools during the summer. of -TlliUil n n Cadillac and Paige Agency Twelfth and Main Streets. Main STfft M ires and AccessorSei Mati touring model $668 fully equipped F.O.B. Lot Angeles, Now on exhibition. Standard equipment throughout METZ COMPANY Main 944 118 West Pico Home 23482 $685 HERB Moon and Lexington Lynn C Buxton. Pico at Olive. Main 577 F6851. Simplex Exclusive High Grade Automobiles A454T. 10R7 South Ollre Street. Miiln 7MS. Mercer Rrloreland DISTILLATE MOTOR TRUCKSx Manufactured in Los Angeles By x Moreland Motor Truck Co., North Main and Wlllard V C Here's a nrwr voice for the thirsty rooter here's refreshment for the excited fan here's delicious new tor all Coca -Cola, tlie beverage that UJetes an-dom that via business men enjoy that everyone velcomei for lta simple, pure wholes omeneta. (t Carbonated in bottle at stands and In frand stands and at aoda fountains everywhere. vv Vkaajw foil a Arrow, ifctfth 4 C.a-Cl, C Demand ilia tmulna by full eawa rlikaiam nauunma auUtituuan. The Coca-Cola Company ATLANTA, CA, .: ',... ir Awarded Medal of Honor at raJuvma-rartOe EipoalUon Jjr Al que, plies, esta subliine facultad de gusto?" "Wily then tils glorious sense of tsstel My sense of taste I am not ashamed of. Nor do I try to force it into some path afar from its natural inclination. For dinner I.haye ever preferred tha tender flesh of a young broiler to tho knife-defying meat of a dead fighting cock. I have, in smoking, ever preferred the aromatic leaf of Havana to the leaf from any other land or district ' t I am good to my tasteand I some times think that in return it is mora than good to me. Nowhere in life have I ever found so much enjoyment for so little money as in a Van Dyck Ggar. I say to myself, "Why then this glorious sense of taste?" and there between my " teeth hold the answer! Havana all Havana Spanish made Two for a quarter and up Wfjjj AL, A. Uunrt A Co, Inc., Diatrmutnri 1m fi ii i u ii a a I I fuitf ft, and Naj Haven, i"t ! t r 3 tl t I l II I a

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