Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1960 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1960
Page 13
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, I960. THE PHAHOS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGBT THlKTJbEW State Condi dates M^Pl READ AND EDITOR'S NOTE: As a service to voters for^the'-Noverobcr 8 General Election, the'following information was compiled' by the Lea-ue of Women Voters of Indiana. Each camlidate»o'f the two major.partics'for state office was asked to, complete a question-- naire, wi'th a word limit set on the answer to each question. Where the answers - were within the word limit, the- candidates jreplies are printed verbatim. Where answers exceeded the word limit, they were, in •accordance l witlfprcvious.agreement,,-edited. Every effort has-been .made to preserve, -the essential content of the. candidates' Tcplies. -• " GOVERNOR "„ yWf.fciMivn, f better Cation programs, 4-year term. Can not,serve,more care o£ in( jj| ent z ^ an( j a ctiv- T.IYI i -tiawc in anv R VPflr TWnOd. ... . .•.• - 1-!n 3 _T.:l:i:-- .—,__ , _ than 4 years ,in any 8 year_period Must be at least 30 'vears_ of age and both a""citizen of the U.S. and a resident of the State for 5 years preceding election. Salary $15,000 per year plus residence, and S12.000 for maintenance of house-; hold. Chief executive and-administrator of the state ; The following questions Were asked candidates [or Governor: .1. Please list- the training and experience you have which qualifies you to serve as Governor of Indiana. .(40 words) 2. Please list, as you see them, the most important problems of Indiana government facing the next administration-(25 words) 3. What solutions do you propose to the above, important problems? (150 words) ities to utilize skills and abilities of senior-'citizens who can and want-to make a significant contribution to their own communities and a fuller ..life for themselves, and other specific service and problem areas. (2) Recruiting and appointing qualified personnel to key policy and administrative .offices and up-grading qualifications for state employment. Employment to be on basis of, ability to do job. (3) Estab- ',MATTHEW E. WELSH. Vincennes. "Attorney and State Senator- 1. Educated Indiana University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago-Law School. State Representative 1941, 1943. Member State Budget Committee 1943. U.S. District Attorney 195052. State Senator 1955, 1957, 1959. Minority Leader 1957, 1959. Attorney t businessman .active' in civic affairs: -;. ' . . 2. Restoring, honesty, integrity, efficiensy to Indiana government.' Constructive steps to meet changing needs of 1 our people, relying to extent possible on local and several individual'initiative. 3. Solutions • fall, into children, mental.health, 'tax re- lishing, a rigid moral code so thai government -service- in Indiana again becomes an honored profession and. attracts. our -.fines! citizens. State^.government musl cease to be a refuge for political hacks of either .party. W Restoring faith of Hoosiers in.their government 'by making it responsive -to 'the will of. the people. REPUBLICAN mers and" small business men. (2) Increase the state's •'contribution to local ^education., (3) Place greater, emphasis Vn-'highway construction in metropolitan areas and continue improvements, in all other, areas. (4)' Start ''Construction of an intermediate ".penal institution to permit separation of juvenile 1 offenders'' from hardened criminals. (5) Expand the states, industrial program and add to| this a program 'for promotion of ss-Kotse tourist trade. Automation and for- f 08 :^*, nneratM eign invasion of American markets increases need for new-in- dustries/uid jobs. (6) Amend the State Constitution "to provide fdr 4s-Girl's.juun« decennial ^apportionment accord CROSSWORD PUZZLE ' ACROSS L ^' l-GtoeIt' : .lott6r. 4-yeweat' .5-Strofcs IZrHurry , 13-Chang« " .14-A stat« (atbr;) 15-StllI , • 16-BlBhop'« • • headdress 17-Soak ."•/. l8-Befor« 20-Turn-inBld* out :2-At this place 24-Peer Gynt'» mother- 25-MIUtary assistant 28-Shallow vessel 29-Strike 30-Cut into small pieces 'Si-Transactions 33-Sudde'n .Jrlsht 34-Measurlng device r. '6-Bear witness 7-Wait.on • ' ' s-Woody plant • 1 9-Sbarlng with others 10-Beverage ll-Mttl{« Jac«. , ID-Note of scale 21-Preclpltatlon, 22-Horsfl"'power 1 (abbr.) 23-Mollifled ti-Three-toed sloths - 28-Lead into » snare 27-Mali'» . " • nlclcnamti. 29-Pronoun. 30-Man's nickname 32-Perloa,ot fasdnB 33-Church' bench 34-A state ' (abbr.) aaaas BQDS SBBS sm R0a EJQD OI3OOB SOB (3SQ3 SHOO 35.-Deduco 37-POBt8crIpt (abbr.) 39-SerI 40-Rlver In -Italy. f pronourt • «-Flbck 44-ContaIner 46-Ma.n'i namt •47-B.tverln "Wales 49-Owlng ' •SO-Exiat,'. fcolloq.) B5-3plrited horse ' 5G-Born DOWN • 1-LIft with, lever 2-Petltlon 3-Conceriilnjr two or mor» nations 4-Crippled I amo 38 55* Distr. by United ing to'the "Federal" plan where 53-Poasess!v the House of Representatives will be on a population basis and that Senate by geographical area. (7) Expansion of facilities and personnel for the treatment and training of the mentally retarded. ' LIEUL-GOVERNOR 4-year term. Same requirements as Governor. Salary ?11,500 plus $1,800 per year as President ing, efficient o r g a nization and of Senate, and when Assembly streamlined courses • of study, is in session receives ?5 per day make proper._educational, oppor- as ^President of .'Senate.-By : 'sta- (unities available, tute;;: is- Commissioner of ; Agri- 3.1 The farmer now bears -unfair culture." : - v ' ; . '• •'•'' share of property tax^Ioad. We The following questions' were must equalize responsibility for asked candidates for Lieutenant- 1 • • • •• ' * "--* Governor: : ' 1: Please list the training, and experience you' have which qualifies you to serve,"as Lieutenant- Governor of Lidiana. (40 words) 2. Please list, as you; see them, ihe most important problems of Indiana government facing the • • . iiiiutiiia. - £<j»^»»inn.»in »«*.»"^ -•• CRAWFORD F. PARKER, Moore-] nex t administration. (25 /words) land, Lieutenant-Governor of In-j 3. What solutions do you pro- diana r ' pose to .the above important prob- 1. Eight years in county govern- lems?. (150 words) ment, two terms Secretary of State, one term as Lt.-Governor,: service as presiding -' officer of .Senate and as .-.Commissioner of. Agriculture and Commissioner of Commerce and Public 'Relations have provided me with well-rounded background ih government. 2.-Tax reform, school financing, highway construction, penal reform of juvenile offenders, industrial and tourist'promotion, r<v apportionment, and treatment of 'the mentally retarded. .3. (1) Abolition of the tax on categories. XI) Provide'executive household goods and moderniza leadership" to initiate solutions to tion.of the. property tax structure problems of highway construction, to. relieve the unfair burden this i tract new industrial jobs to M- (uvenile deh'nquency, retarded tax places on home-owners,-far-1 ana. .Through economical fmanc- DEMOCRATIC EARL M. UTTERBACH, Kokomo, teacher and State Senator 1. B.S. and M.S. -degrees; • 6 years each in. Indiana House 'of Representatives and Indiana. Senate;, active' in educational and farm organizations, and Christian Church,, Eagles, -Masonic Lodge and Scottish Rite; has be'en.com- munity leader; has taught. History and Government for 29 years; has lived on .farm all his life. •' 2. Aid Hoosier farmers and at- HOSPITALITY DAYS SPECIAL " M ^ h— ^ - - *< ' FLOOR SAMHES - OODS emd INOS - DISCONTINUEMODQS...W*'ra d*Mio|.'im-«l oiit,» YOU CLEAN UP! HURRi GET THE PICK OF THIS LIMITED SELECTION, NONE SOLD TO DEALERS! IS 41-Addltlonal. 43-ToirId 44-StoraRO box 22 23 29 32 52 20 30 Feiturt Syndlotd Inc. SO payment of prgperty taxes so that all segments of community pay their fair share of essential costs of government. Urban residents must'be aided" in understanding that their :;economic, welfare is tied closely to that of the state's fanners. And for once, -our farmers need, someone on top echelon of state government'.to.-speak for them in', state and national affairs. We must enter nation-wide competition for new industry and gain for Indiana the job opportunities- Hoosier 'workers 'mil st have. Eqaully important, and' a sadly: neglected area, the state must work to keep industrial con- cerns'we now. have. We must stop 'steady decline in industrial jobs in Indiana that has occurred since, 1953. '' '.- :'. • I propose enabling' legislation that will provide answers;:'and help solve •problems'in the field of industry, agriculture, labor and the professions. Natural Rivals Clash In AH By THE ASSOCIATED PKESS Two games Involving natural rivals — Dallas vs. Houston and New York vs. Buffalo — are ex- pe'cted Sunday to bolster the steady rise.in attendance for the new American Football League. The AFL announced Saturday that the 18 games b£ the new-circuit had drawn; 357,535 fans—an average of 19,863 a game — and popularity; was increasing - every week 1 . ,' • , " "' Houston, leader of ihe Eastern Division with a 3-1 record, is host at Jeppesen Stadium to the Dallas 'Texans.^who-are 2-3. , The War Memorial Stadium.- at Buffalo islthe scene of ihe game between, the • New Yorjc Titans (3-2) and ihe Buffalo Bills- (1-3). . The "other "two games Sunday are Western affairs. Boston- (2 ; 2) journeys west'to meet Oakland (2-3) in a-game to, be played at San Francisco and .Los Angeles (2-3) plays Denver.(3-1) at Denver. Denver'is seeking-to defend its No. 1 position in the Western Division race. While the Texans are. away in the AFL7. their National .League rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, are at home agains-'t the Cleveland Browns. ifies you to serve as Superintendent of Public .Instruction. (40 words) 2. How would you use the office of Superintendent of Public In struction to improve the educa tional program, of the State of In diana? (150 words) ^ .. WILSON, Jeffer- REPUBLICANS RICHARD 6. RISTINE, Crawfordsville, Attorney and State Sentor 1 ' •'•-"' .:.-'•'•;;' 1. Graduate Wabash, Columbia Law School; administrative functions Army Air Force; decade in -State Senate; 4 years; .State Budget :C6mmittee; .Ch.airman Senate Finance.Committee; Mpm- ber State: Tax Study Commission; county seat,-lawyer's experience svith 'farm problems, business,: industrial and -civic organizations.. 2. .Improving -public education. Reducing property .tax'.Inequities. Increasing job .opportunities iwith new. and expanding industries. Coordinated planning for future..,: 1 ", 3. Simplify school distri-ct're- organization from local level upward with procedural safeguards dearer, better publicized. State universities, . teachers' colleges, must improve their already excellent utilization of staffs and facilities for expanding enrollments. Increase' pre-college counseling. Purdue's agricultural res earch and counseling must become even better known and utilized. , E 1'i m i n ale,.' constitutionally, household goods from property taxes. Strengthen -valuation, assessment, collection procedures, producing more .taxes, fewer inequities. Establish within State | Board of Accounts tax auditing function assuring such improved procedure state-wide. Provide more state funds, coordination with clinical, counseling service in mental health, retarded children's fields. Complete construction of planned state facilities for mentally, retarded. Preserve favorable industrial climate with new job opportunities for growing population, by enacting no new taxes or restrictive, regulatory laws discouraging economic expansion. Utilize Lieutenant-Governor's office as clearing house to exchange ideas, private and public, for orderly overall future planning of Indiana's social and economic growth. sonville 1. A.B., -Hanover;, M.A'., Indiana State Teachers College. 40 years experience—teacher,- j> r i n, cipal, county superintendent, university instructor, 'state superintendent, S und ay School' superintendent. President; Clark Council Religious Education. Legion Commander. President, Indiana State Teachers Association. Member, Indiana High School. Athletic Association Council. 2. (1) Work for larger administrative unit of local schools, in order-to have all high schools.,of adequate enrollment. (2).Improve Teacher, Training Curriculum — more emphasis on General Education,, more, hours on subject matter in which teacher. wUl be licensed: .-{';. v •:• ':••••- ••'-'. ,•3. Cooperate "with legislative groups to secure adequate funds for gifted and average students in Mathematics, S c i e nee, Language, and -all- other subjects needed, for balanced program. 5. Encourage' Special Education program to help handicapped children. „:•/'-.".'. •". 6. Secure .'legislation'to modernize ^Indiana-;State: Department of Public,Instruction.-along lines of adequate .finance and improved services. :, 7. More stress -on: Government ing and guidance program in each high school. REPUBLICAN PHILIP H. WILLKIE, Rushville 1. AB Princeton University;' AM Harvard University (History), LLB Columbia University, 1949-54 —Education Coifamittee, 3 terms. U.S. Board 'of.Foreign '(Fulbright) Scholarships by appointment of President Eisenhower, 1953-58. National ; Chairman, 'of' Council for Advancement of Small Colleges,; 1959. . :, 2.. If elected I would use the office to improve education in the state of Indiana by the following: 1. To teach all children how to read by." the phonetic method, write and speak good grammatical English, and speaLand under- r : .-- = stand a grades. - .. ^j.ui<:. auwo .u.^^—.v^.."..-.. enceJvruse, S3, iort crancn.-.oiea and: Citizenship for greater appre- Thursday night when-a car struck ciation of American''way of 'Ufe the rear'of a wagon he was pulUng by our youth. •:"".-,.• ' :• hohinrt hie'farm tracfor on Ind. - . . language in the . _ 2. To give all high school students mentally capable . of solid academic curriculum of mathematics, science, history, foreign language, and English. 3. To .establish more meaningful, tougher, work-learn vocation~al programs for those students not capable of high school academic work. 4: To spend public money appropriated for education on teachers' salaries and books, rather than on, building bonded palaces with frills and gimmicks that are unrelated to fundamental educa- on. . ; 5. To 'provide a federal and state gross income tax exemption to parents for college -tuition and necessary expenses of college students. '-- KILLED IN MISHAP PRINCETON, Ind. (AP)-Clarence Jvruse, 53, Fort Branch.'-.died jy- uui,juuui. - ... ,-,,_.. , : behind his farm tractor on ina. ;-8. Cooperation with, all groups 1 168 east of Fort Branch. The wag- and'organizations ableyand \villing ; m flipped, on top- of the tractor, to improve -public schools. ' . . 9. Improve library service. _ . , ... . . . 10. Strive for adequate counsel- 1 Kfidd the Want AflSI' WELCOME BUNKER HILL PERSONAL! 315 East Broadway Phone 3832 PUBLIC INSTRUCTION 2-year term jwith no restnction on successive terms. Salary JlI.liOO per year. Responsible with the Board of Education (which is ap- p'o'mted by the governor 'for 4 years),' for administration of slate's part m maintenance .and operation of the public school system This includes establishing standards for training teachers, prescribing courses of. study, and distributing state funds for local school supprot., • The following questions * were asked candidates for, Superintendent of Public Instruction: 1.. Please .list the, .training, and experience 'you have which qual- '08 I MARKETS- WELCOMES Air Base Personnel and Families for 'Operation Hospitality' YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT CLINTON'S - MAKE THIS YOUR HEADQUARTERS SPECIAL PURCHASE FIRST QUALITY 'WINTERETTE 1 FLANNEL YD. Beautiful Printed Patterns Dots •Stripes •.Figures ' • Chucks •.Florals / • Juvenile JUST ARRIVED! '' BEAUTIFUL NEW J-rCURTAIN MATERIAL ?39cyd.to79cyd. 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