Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 10, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NACGATUCK NEWS (CONN.) THURSDAY, NOV. 10, 1949 Children Require Love Of Parents, Hop Brook PTA Told Dr. Katheripe Hawley. psychiatrist of the Child Guidance Clinic, "VVaterbury. told members of the Hop Brook School Parent-Teacher Association of the need for love and affection from both parents needed by children to be happy and lead normal lives. Her talk was based on the emo-. tional needs of children and during a question and answer periol, iJr. Hawley related several exivn- ple cases handled by the vVate- bury clinic. She stressed tha! the clinic is available to Naugatuck residents, as well as those of Waterbury, Mrs. Mortimore Quirke. third grade teacher, recited several iiumerous poems. During the bas- iress session it was decided to take part with other local PTA groups Jn observing Founders' Day in February. plans were made for the Dec. 13 meeting, at which time grades five through eight will present a Christmas program. Members of Ihe PTA will assist teachers id class Christmas parties next month. A clothing exchange will be held in January. Members of the committee are Mrs. Ralph Raschc, Mrs. Robert Lehman. Miss .Agnes Jackson and Mrs. Thomas Flvmi. The group also discussed sponsoring Troop 26, Girl Scouts, with Mrs. Joseph Zak and Mrs. Anthony Swiderski named to the Iroop committee. Plans were completed for the public card party to be held for the benefit of the audio-visual program Tuesday e.vening at 8 o'clock in Ihe school. Prizes will be awarded and there will bo a cake sale. Those planning to attend are asked to call Mrs. Harry McGinnis. Mrs. Donald Kirhy or the school office. After the meeting, a social with refreshments was held, with second grade mothers as hos! esses. Assisting were Mrs. Lehman, Mvi. Leroy Fuller and Mrs. George Kahn. MORE BRITISH COAL London — British coal production in 1948 totaled 208 million tons, 11 million tons more than 1047 production, but still below the prewar level. The Boom that can become^ Boomerang! Unless we're alert, the boom in babies that we're all so glad about will come back to hit us where it really hurts —the babies themselves, when they become school age. Classrooms that ure now filled to the hilt can't «Kpand much further, Teachers can't handle much more than they're doing. Supplies and textbooks can't be stretched. And this situation is bound to become worse, unless we get together and solve it now. For information on how citizens ii> many communities are forming or joining committees ta work in behalf of better schools, write to: National Citizens Commission for the Public Schools, 2 West 45th Street, New York 19, N. Y. this advertisement it iponiored ia the public interest by ISStSSSiSS NAUGATUCK NEWS Firemen's Ball Planning Committee News i.'hoto Members of the committee maUliiK plans for the annual ball of the Naiiffatuek Hose, Hook nnd '.adder Co. uri- shown above. They lire, front row, left, Ui rl Kiit. .NOIUHIII.J, NAUGJ5S, GARRETT JOYCE FORKMAN HKRBKItT COOKCHOFT, KAYMOND HKKGAN, ami KVKKKTT DONOVAN. In i.hi> crttnmi row, left In right, :iro, THOMAS I,AWLOI(, UOHKHT COOK, lUMKllT LAWLOIt and CLAKKNCK FIU1IN. Tickets for the ball, lo bo held ThiiiiUHglvliiR Evu In O.ltl Fellows Hull, an; now :ivullulili>. Members of the committee absent for (In- photo ;in: Job i Jnyci-, VVillium Sullivan, Max Ij.'onhardl :iml Fran- rls MIIcNlcl. Pay Boost, Pension Program Asked For AH State Employes Hartford, Nov. IO--<UP)~The :<pcci!il session of the legislate; is asked to grant a $240 a year ;}ay increase to all state employe;*, A bill to IhiH effect has boon :n- Irnduced by tho AFI, Council 16 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Kirt- ployes. The bill also nsk.H that the stnto cat'ry Ihe full cost of ii.s retirement program under which workers now o.ont.ribute four per cent, of their salaries. About 10,000 r-:ta,te employes would benefit if the bill were approved. Th.e Connecticut Slate Employes Association has not asked for. a pay raise as yet. It Maid yesterday that it would not do so, unlcd-w I he .special .session of the legislature took up other matters besides education aid. Full Course CHICKEN LOBSTER DINNER $1-55 Grapefruit Juice Soup Potato Vegetable Coffee Cake Lobsters — Steaks — Chops ANNENBERG'S RESTAURANT PARK PLACE — NAUGATUCK GOP State School Construction Aid Bill Nearly Ready Hartford, Nov. 10 UIP) —The )rio,puMiean hill on state 'w-hotA con.stt notion aid is getting Us llnal drat'ling. It will go into I ho hoppers t>f the special legislative session tills afternoon. It is reported that it. will call for creation of a bi-purtisan legislative commission - three from the Senate and throe from the HOUKC. This commission would receive all applications for state aid, study the actual financial needs of the applicant, and also the tax and assessment setup. Whereas towns and cities may now borrow up to live per cent of their grand list for schools and another five per cent for -othtir Ip'urposes, the GOP bill would increase the school borrowing to 10 per cent. Included in the Republican bill is a very similar to the one in the Democratic administration bill. It calls for an equalization of assessment levels in all municipalities. The Republican Bill gives no maximum amount lo br> .',-p<;nt by the state. But it in understood to bo two-million dollars at the most —fln.'tiiccd from current revenue. The administration bill calls for a 25-million dollar bond issue. t". S. CONSr.MKS AVAXKS Jersey City- The U. S. uses about 80 per cent of the world's production of 35 million pounds of vegetable waxes. ' (OPEN THURS. & FRI. 8 A. M. TO 9 P. M SAT TO 6 P Ml PATSY'S Inc. Nationally Advertised Quality Meats 1589 SOUTH MAIN STREET, WATERBURY FROM WESEKN BRANDED STEER BEEF STEAKS Short Sirloin Ib LEAN HAMBURG SMALL LEAN SHOULDERS ib 27 SMALL BABY RIB ENDS PORK LOINS ib 33* DOMESTIC SWISS CHEESE ,b MILK FED SNOW WHITE LEGS of VEAL H. 23 BAUY SHOULDEB VEAL CHOPS ib 23 FOB STUFFING VEAL BREAST H. 1C CREAMERY BUTTER ib THE BEST IN FRYING — CAl'ONS — BOASTING CHICK IONS ALWAYS ON HANI! Granted Permission To Build Gasoline Station In Middlebury Tho NauKatuek Fuel Co. was granted permission by the Middlebury XioniiiK Board of Appeals for I.he construction of a ^an Htation, which has already been built, at a heated, two-hour session last nitfht. Opponents of the permit argue that tho station IH a menace to l.ho safety of residents of tho section and that It has caused property values in the neighborhood to drop. The controversy haw raged for the past year. A few months apo Atty. Stephen Elliott brought unit In the Watcrbury Court of Common Pleas to get an injunction to stop construction of the station. The suit •was turned down and Judge Phil>p J. Sullivan urged the principals in the case to effect ;i settlement through the Middlebury Zoning Board of Appeals. A permit, for the station has boon issued by .the Board in 1945 'vhcn the property was owned by 'ate A. J. Ferrante. The board '.r.'insferred the permit to the Fuel Co. Nov. 22, 19-18, without holding •L hearing. William Ferguson, chairman of i.ho board, permitted lengthy testimony and cross examination of witnesses at the hearing. Atty. W. W. Gager, of Waterbury, counsel for the Fuel Co., opened the hearing with a statement in which he said the company had spent $25,000 to build the station under the impros- •sion that it had a legal permit to do so. Mrs. William S. Smith opposed the permit. She was' allowed to show pictures of trafic conditions near the station. Walter I. Anglo, former Middicbury selectman, reminded the board thnt it, had an important responsibility in considering the safety of the people •Ind the real estate values of homes near the gas station. Builders Hear Plan For Home-Ownership Housing Program Hartford, Nov. 10—(UP)—The fltnt(! f i< Home Ownership Housing Program has been explained ill detail to Connecticut builders. At a meeting in Ho.rtford, Housing Authority Administrator Bernard E. IJoshbough told the builders Unit if they are umibk' lo HCl'l a completed house under the pro- Ki'.'im, the state would purchase the dwelling'. For a fee of $150 :p'er house—he explained—the state would enter Into a.n agreement with builders to insure a market. The state would buy each cornplelcd house— he said — for 90 per cent of ,the F IT-A appraisal or $9,OOO—which- ever is less. Ix>shbouj?h al'so Raid 'thai the Housing Authority would measure and describe the market Cor builders, make constrfuction loans and waive requirements of local zoning and building codes where neces- .-sary. TKNNKSSKK PR15STDKNTS Nn.shvDIo — Tliroo presidents nf tho U. S. have come from Tenncs- n'ee; Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk and Andrew Johnson. OIL OUTPUT RECORD World production of oil now has surpassed nine million barrels daily. STEEL WORKERS About 650,000 people nation's steel mills. work in the Bank Statement Charter No. 3020, Reserve District No. 1. Report of condition of the Naugatuck National Bank of Naugatuck. in the Stale of Connecticut, at the close of but:in?»:i on November 1. 30-!.'». Published in response to call made by comptroller of the under Section 5211, U. S. Revised Statutes. ASSETS currency, 5.!J27.430.3» 1.003.483.71 261,113.'H Cash, balances wit!) other banks, fririurlinc reserve balance. and cash items in process of collection J 2.301 71707 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed Obligations of States and political Hiibdivixiun.s Other bondu, notes, and debenture* Corporate stocks (including $18,000.00 stock of Federal Reserve Bank i 1S.OOO.OO Loans and discounts (including $90.37 overdraft.';) 2«92O45'-> Bank premises owned $1H,3C-I.?,!), furniture and- fixture-! •W.2.M.10 13000K1.", Other assets 3.6C0.65 Total Assets LIABILITIES of Inr.iVidunlK. partnership?, and 11.798.009.80 orpora- Loshbough asked offer sound advice home buyers and. construction. the builders to to pJ'OMpectivo avoid shoddy It's Brand New In Naugatuck!!! J&J Telephone Answering Service Now avniliiblo 1o business- jiicii, pi'ojVs.sion<'i) IIKJII anil iiidivitliiiils in Niiuyatuch iiml' lic'iiuon Falls. An idea) Kprvico at, low cost l.o protect the interest.* of persons who must be available 'luring normal business hours or wlio serve the public on a 24-hour basis. Mrs. Jane Clark 4 Oak Street Telephone 5593 or 5073 for full details of business hours or 24- hour telephone answering service for those without rtn office staff or who are absent from (heir business places at periods (luring the day. Demand deposits lions Time deposit!! of individuals, partnerships, nnd corporations Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) ' Deposits of Slates and political subdivisions Deposits of bunks . . ., Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, ctc.i Total Depoultfi SJO&8J ofil 10 Other liabllil les Total Liabililles 709.942.43 024 ,3Wi "9 2-JG,C78.«J7 211.7S6.hS GO.KG8.O7 Capital Stock: Common stock, Surplus Undivided profits . Reserves CAPITAL ACCOUNTS total par $300,000.00 Total Capital Account! 1 Total Liabilities and Capital Accounts MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes (a) Loans as shown above are after deduction of reserves of • (b) Securities as shown above are after deduction of re nerves of 11,041,MM. 17 -t 300.000.00 300,000.00 hi. 140.03 75,(XK).OO 75G.140.63 11,798.069.8'J $ 1.300.568.1-1 900.00 State of Connecticut, County of New Haven, SB: I, Sherman R. Buell, cashier of the above-r.amed bank do (solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowlrdee and belief. • " B (SEAL) SHERMAN R. BUELL, Cashier Sworn to and subscribed before rne Ihis 9th day of November, 1919. ARTHUR C. PEARSON, Notary Public. Correct—Attest: JOHN H. SCHMUCK WM. M. CHITTENDEN WILLIAM G. BOIES Director.!. Seek Location For Steel Mill Norwich, Nov. 10 — (UP)—Two Connecticut lcfjl.sljit.ors itj,'rcfi that thi' rimnral Aocmhly will ;lo all In UK ixnvi'i- -to miHurc the location nf .'i MtccI mill -in thf! filnlr. Jf H]>i>cl,'U legislation IH needed lmmi!(li!it<-ly, Krpiilillcun Keproncri- l.itivc Jarncs O. ilammonds of Wa- torford and Democratic Senator Nicholas Spell man of Norwich said tho Hpcciul so.Hsion' now meeting would take tho necessary steps. Both riKTced thut the matter could also he luknn up as un emergency mejiHure nt. another special aession. Polish-American Club Wakes Plans For New Year's Eve T-'hms are hning made for tro nnnual New Year's Eve party of the Polish-American Club, to be held this yum- in the now club homo on Bridge street. II is ox- jic'r.'tcrl (.lint'about -100 porsona will attend I he. affair. Members of the commltleR are Michael KulinoHkl, John Zbilcow- sld, Jr., Michael Aloxinski, William Jnskiowlcz, Stanley Smolconuki, Edmund Fur.s. Marly IJnskcy iincl John /blkoWHkl. Further arrange- MH;ntH art; to bo announced late**. Connecticut Behind The Times-Martin Hartford, Nov. 10--(UP)—Connecticut, isn't keeping up with the times. That's the way Democratic Tle.presonliilive I.j u k e Martin of Thomaston feels about the purchase of clocks from an out-of-stnte firm for UHO in several Connecticut school bulldincs now xm<ler construction. Martin, whoKe home town produces wa.ll clocks, believes no money should be spent by Connecticut for out-of-Ktate products when, such products are available within the state. He has introduced a bill in the special Hension of the legislature to promote tho purchase by the state of Connecticut-made supplies and equipment. RAltlHT nr/lTUIUCS KABLY Tin: rabbit matures nt six motvths and frequently boiir» a« many as four litters a year. HQWLAND-HUGHES "Watarbury's Friendly Department Store" STORE OPEN TONIGHT 'TILL 8:45 SALE! P'" ow Back Fan Back OCCASIONAL CHAIRS USE THEM IN PAIRS! BUY THEM IN PAIRS ] (1 nll si/,<! oiic.iisionii.1 chairs, offtinx'l al, M brciilli-laking low . .Sturdy frames uoiiNtnictcr.! o(' dritul linnlwoodi with [ill joints lint Khicd ii.ii(l ilnvvTliid, coil sl.ccl npririgs in cushions ,1'or bouncy comfort and .spring base. 'Beautifully upholstered in color-. I'ul, long wearing tapesl.rieci with itmle,hiiit>; I'riiiKO Iriin. A fine Nflee.l.ion of patterns on grounds of (.Jreon, Grey IIIK! Cliart.reiise. PAIR $29.95 each if purchased singly Comparative value $44.98 each FUUN1TUKE . . . FOURTH FLOOR

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