The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 5, 1916 · 15
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 15

Los Angeles, California
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Thursday, October 5, 1916
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So angeleIpaily 'CimeoS; OCTOBER 5, 1916. PART II. OTJItSDAY MORNING. ifThe News From South of Tehachepi's Top Pasadena. PREFERS JAIL TO HUSBAND. (I San Luis Obispo Woman As sumes Strange Attitude. irrested for Being Found in an Opium Den, Judge Gives Choice of Going i Home or to Station. i flOCAl. COBBMPONDENCR PASADENA, Oct 8. Having teen lven by Judge Robert McDonald he choice of returning home with er husband to San Luis Obispo or Irving sixty days In the County Jail, rs. Edith Potter chose the latter id Is now behind the bars in Los nsreles. In making her decision tra. Potter, who was arrested in a aid of an opium den on North lr Oaks avenue, explained that le loves ber husband, but that she vlshed to serve the sentence as a penance for her misstep. B. G. Potter, who is a business man in Ban Luis Obispo, followed his wife to Pasadena, arriving one day too late to save her from humil-itlon. He had her address here r nd went to the boarding-house. :rs. Potter had left word that she ould return late in the evening and er husband waited in vain. She ' vas caught in the raid on the Bilged opium den. Her husband saw ler next morning at the Jocal jail. Mrs. Potter, a woman of attrac-'ve appearance, was convicted of :e technical charge of vagrancy nd sentenced to serve sixty days, 'fhe testimony and Mrs. Potter's manner convinced the Judge that be was not a hardened offender. he appeal made by Mr. Potter in-. need the court to offer to parole prisoner. He placed her in the itody of her husband if she would :ee to return to her abandoned .me. 'Judge McDonald, the husband and tiurt attaches were much surprised aen Mrs. Potter without a mount's hesitation declined to aocept e offer of the court and asserted at she would go to jail. . ' "Why do you prefer imprisonment the freedom of your home?" Mrs. fitter was asked. ' "It is not that I do not appreciate home or do not love my hus- band," Mrs. Potter replied, "but I I oelleve that for my own good I , I should be imprisoned. I feel that itne pumsnmeni is coming 10 me iur my lack of Judgment . I want time to think and plan for a better fu- ture. I will go home to my husband when I have paid the penalty." Mr. Potter explained that his wife . had tired of the hum-drum of do-mestlo life In a small place and that she went to Los Angeles where she met wayward friends and finally was lure Into the ultra-Bohemian life at the headquarters of the opium smokers In Pasadena. "PENNST" IS COMINO. The officers and directors of the Tournament of. Roses Association were dellKhted to learn yesterday that the University of Pennsylvania football team will play In Pasadena next New Tear's Day. This is said to be the first time that one of the "big four" eastern university football elevens has agreed to appear on the Paclflo Coast. The eastern team will play one of the leading western football elevens, probably that of the. Washington State College, which made a good showing against the Brown University team last year. ' The question of selecting s western .team to play the eastern tars will not be decided until after the return of President D. M. Lln-nard of the association, from the East. "We regard ourselves especially fortunate in obtaining the University of Pennsylvania football team," Manager A. J. Bertonneau of the association, said yesterday. "In other years we have attempted to induce one of the four big eastern football teams to come to Pasadena, but without success. We are especially pleased. The game between the Pennsylvania team and a leading western eleven will make a most at tractive feature for the tournament of roses." ELKS LEAVE TODAT. TTAnj4d tiv Exalted Ruler M. O. Potts and the other officers of T.nAm Mn 878. about seventy-five members of the Pasadena Lodge of Elks will leave today lor tsania Barbara to attend the third annual convention nt the Elks' State Reunion Association, most of them" going by wotor car. The headquarters of the madena. contingent In Banta Bar ra will be at the Hotel Potter, isadena is offering a candidate for the office of trustee of the assocla-tion, Harry M. Ticknor. Pasadena Elks also are Interested In the ritual contest for the Benjamin cup. i Most of the sixteen drivers of J1U husflpg who were arraigned in I nonce coun jresieraity uu mo v"'s rtT ifliiinr o odhwyo nifiuuw 'es as required by city ordinance iced for jury trials. H. A. MoAf- ' ry, representing a number of the inIa.nta. declared to Police Judge icDonald that In the case of the :manda Park line where there were ' sixteen motor busses and room for , only nine, it was Impossible for the men to observe the required ached-i ' ules. ' He suggested that the entire ! avstem for issuing permits ana reg ,' ulating Jitney bus schedules should be readjusted. From the Indications i vesterdar the defendants will have a wide variety of "hard luck" stories to tell when their eases come to trial. An nnuauauy large tneaier party of SOS attended a performance of BardoD'a comedy, "Diyorcons," last evening at the Savoy Theater. The arty included the members of the tutorial, business and mechanical ( . apartments of a local newspaper their families and friends. Oil- f ore Brown, Miss Josephine Dillon V d other memDers or we eavoy s Wis Company appeared to good ad. i iintage. Brown ana miss union i tiyed the parts of the husband and f re. Tfie piay wb rxuu u numw ' d lively comedy. . Hotel Vista, del Arroyo,' Pasadena I Advertisement. 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 n i 1 m 1 1 n n ii CUTS NO FIGURE IF COX IS GONE. t Substitute for Santa Ana Justice as oevero as Absent Jurist. LOCAL COBBJSl'ONDE.NCE.) SANTA ANA, Oct. 4. Jus- t tics of the Peace J. B. Cox is nn a. two weeks' vacation. Are fifty - mile - an - hour speeders during the next two weeks immune from Jail sen- I tences? Apparently not Justice Leo Ooepper pf Newport Beach is sitting on Justice Cox's bench, and when three speeders came up today, Ooepper adopted Cox's schedule of Ones. There were no flfty-mlle-an-hour speeders before him. Miss R. Hilton of Los Angeles paid $20 for going over forty miles an hour, and Frank B. Wilcox ', '. and B. A. Brooks, whose speed was caught under forty I! miles, paid $10 each. . , "In handling the speeding question," said Ooepper, "I T believe in adopting a policy and staying with it" Illlllllllllllllllll'HIll Long Beach. WOODEN-LEGGED MAN SUICIDES. Jumps off Pier After Swallow ing Dose of Poison. ' Boat Hook Used (a Recover Body of Aged Man. Wooden Leg 5 Would Have Prevented Drowning. . sels because of the additional room made by the launching of the two L submarines. Both officials are con fident that the harbor bonds wui carry. Without harbor improvement they will be powerless to do any more shipbuilding, except of very small vessels. ALL DEPENDS ON BONDS. Harbor industries, led by the Lor- den Manufacturing Company, today served notice on Chamber of Com merce officials that they would leave Long Beach If the harbor bonds did not carry. They declared that their businesses were practically dead now because slit chokes the channels. Going to the exposition! Well, I guess! Meet me at "Hotel del Coro-nado" with all the rest -Adver tisement. Annual Convention. ELKS ASSEMBLING. Special Drill Contest for Silver Frizes and a Barbecue on ounaay are Attractions at State Convo cation of California's Purple and White. IBT A. r. NIGHT W1KE.1 SANTA BARBARA, Oct 4. The nurnla and white of Elkdom flut tered In the breeze here today from many vantage points, waving a greeting to members of Elk lodges from all parts of the State who were arriving for the annual convention of the California Elks State Reunion Association, which begins here tomorrow. Special trains from San Francisco and other cities have arrived. The convention ends Sunday night . Tomorrow will be devoted to the registration of delegates. The opening session of the convention has been set for 10 o'clock Friday morning. The real full day of the session will be Saturday. In the afternoon there is to be the contest for the drill teams on the High School and later the narade. The grand ball comes after the banquet which is expected to be ended by 9:30 o'clock. At 11 o'clock will be the presentation of the sliver cups to the winners of the drill team contest. Sunday there is to be the grand barbecue. "Hotel with a ment del Coronado" the hotel personality! Advertise EGGS PAY WELL. LOCAL COMlESPONDEMCKl ESCONDIDO, Oct. 4. An Idea of the importance of the poultry In dustry of the Escondido Valley was gained today when R. D. Whitehead of Los Angeles announced that he was paying out over $500 per day in this valley for eggs alone. The poultry industry is one of the biggest assets of the Escondido Valley and it will receive a big boost the first of next month, when two public hatcheries will be opened. A better reference? Our guests return. "Hotel , del Coronado." Advertisement. - f LOCAL CORRESPONDENCE. 1 LONG BEACH. Oct. 4. "Suicide pier" was the scene, this afternoon, of another death. Otto Granzer, of Los Angeles, aged about 80 years, swallowed poison and Jumped into the ocean. Granzer had a wooden leg. Charles Hess secured a hold on this with a boat hook, but the man died within two minutes after he was hoisted to the pier. "The reason that so many persons have taken their lives or sought death by suicide from this pier is purely psychological," said Dr. Ralph L. Taylor, health offlcer. in comment ing on the third suicide from the Campbell pier in sixty days. "Per sons contemplating suicide hear or read of others seeking oblivion from this pier. They follow in the foot steDs of the foolish ones gone be fore. They come to Long Beach and cast themselves into the sea from the same part of the pier, as near as they are able to determine." - Granzer's wooden leg would have saved him if he had not taken fatal dose of some sort of tincture which ended his life, in the opinion of Dr. Taylor. He found that the man had swallowed little water. He will sign a certificate of voluntary poisoning. Charles Hess, an employee of wave motor company on the pier. rushed to the spot where Granzer had Jumped into the ocean after drinking the contents of a vial. The wooden leg first appeared above the surface of the ocean, and Hess, with a boat hook, secured a firm hold while others brought ropes and looped them about Granzer's body, The pulmotor and other first aids were used to no effect. A bank book, showing a comfort able balance, and that he had drawn 1109 on Monday, was found wrapped in a newspaper. On the last leaf of the bank book were the words: "Notify my daughter, Mrs. H. Kelly, No. 1732 Washington avenue, New Orleans, La." This last request of Granzer was complied with by the police, and the undertaker. SUBTERRANEAN STREAM. Andrew Dugan, an employee of the Board of Education living at No. 910 Lime avenue, narrowly . escaped being buried alive shortly before noon today when the bottom of a cess pool he was digging caved into a subterranean stream, hitherto un dreamed of. Cement workers near by worked frantically with their shovels and soon had Dugan out of his plight with a few bruises. Business Agent Acres of the Board of Education states that the cesspool at the Burnett school, where the ac cldent occurred, has repeatedly caved In, and Dugan was put to work yesterday in digging it out. School of ncials suspected the presence of a stream underneath the cesspool, but their suspicions were not confirmed until Dugan sank Into it, and dirt from the sides almost covered him. SHIP CONTRACT. To land the contract for the construction of a large merchant vessel, General Manager Foley and A. L. Becker, chief engineer of the Cali fornia Shipbuilding Company, left for San Francisco last night, expecting; to return Friday. It is said that the company is now In a position to build some of the largest steel ves A Good Time. HAVE BANQUET. Thirty Newspaper Men, Guests ol Dave Coombs, are Thrilled 1y Flight of Aviator Boqucl and Refreshed by the Choicest of Viands. - LOCAL CORRESPONDENCE.! SEAL BEACH, Oct 4. Over thirty newspaper men from Los Angeles were guests of Dave Coombs of the Lodge Cafe here In honor of Joe Boquel, the daring aviator, who thrills thousands each week at Seal Beach by his daring air stunts. After much toasting and speech-making Boquel mounted his aeroplane and gave one of the most thrilling flights yet given. The scribes were treated to a sight they will 16ng remember. At the con-cluson of the flight next Sunday night Boquel leaves for the East to All his engagements there. As the guest of "Hotel del Coronado" your exposition trip la complete. Advertisement AVIATION CLASS FOR FIELD OFFICERS, m m (BT i. P. NIGHT WIRE. SAN DIEGO, Oct 4. A class in aviation for training field officers, including those with the ranks of major, lieutenant colonel and colonel, will be established at North Island shortly, according to word received here today from the War Department , It is not intended to train these officers to become active pilots, but in order to familiarize them with the character of training required and the tactical use of aeroplanes. The course will last six weeks. Capt Hollls Leroy Miller, now on duty at the presidio, will be the instruc tor. (t THE ONE BUST lil'B'V! J I i I Ju,t Riommt to look jraur but. It Ukw but fr -ill 4k hw goiB u snpir I l m I Gourauds 14 JkX, S P Jri) 1 Oriental Cream i? ' II IN J 1 pwlr-whtt. .pM.rane. .Iw.y. r(lned mi rAl H &f SJ L tau.?.7TOTiT.r,,'r: Because it's a re-. fined gasoline not a mixture. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (California) .... Los Angeles Coronado Agency- Advertisement -627 Spring at Why Suffer From Migraine or Sick Headache? Dr. J. J.Caldwell fays that this exceedingly aistreming a Heme aoei roc laoiien me but doei not appear to be curable. Buffer en from this affliction are condemned it undergo the periodical attacks every few weeks until they are forty yeara of age, after which the atteou are leie frequent, and finally disappear entirely. Palliative roeu-urea during the attack are all that It la possible to suggest, while care In tbe diet Is the best preventive measure. An attack may often be prevented by taking two antl-kaiuila tablet when the first symptoms appear, and one antl-ksmnla tablet every two hours during the attack shortens It, eases the pain and brings rest and quiet. Antl-kamnia tablets may be obtained at all druggists. Aak for A-JC Tablets. Tuey quicuy relieve ail raio. Home of Osttrmoor Mattresses Pattern . ne f.. Tbe L prMnf , If at Antomobile News The TIim to gthend and eooirllea by a ' jrr f eei'wt wrttmn, sal -jreVfWt anil fli)!a, ' , roe rni efcu"h " V ? . " ring from U te 10 PM enuienwo, no-id.Ule tot u4 bmlnae annomioianmta rela- tfl swUHItig, rT'1 Piwmiw.. .wwwnc. UleUe wt sporttne rrwiu, w-n in to deatert and mam. ati.erriy'Tyr umnm are reeniany uva vr e.iy mMinuie noCGe aad aacasory dealer la Los Angtlta. 4 4 4 4 4 4 WE ARE out for a big cam-paign on men's overcoats. We have them as low as $12.50 and up to $50. Every new idea is embraced in our large assortment of foreign and domestic fabrics. DRESS UP October 9 to Uth Remember Your Clothes Count. 437-443 5ocra5PWKa. Known for Better Values 4 4- JJ Horn of Ostermoor Mattrettes- McCall (FOUNDED In 1878) U, 8. Postofflc 8ub-8tatlon. New Models in La Grecque Corsets Have just reached us, augmenting a stock already wonderfully complete in the styles and models women like best La Grecque Corsets, like the La Grecque Muslinwear, are made to fit you comfortably, hygienically and stylishly, and their equals in beauty of ma-terials and ease of graceful lines would be difficult to find. Yet their price is extremely reasonable, depending upon materials employed from $3.50 to $10.00. k (Corsets; Second Floor) . Shoppers' and business men' special 35c and 50c luncheons served daily, 11 to 2:30, in oar W. U. Telearsph Branch. Amerlesn Express Branch. t ,1 trr r-t Uasuon mift Serge dresses will be found at And so, all that is new and becoming in Coulter's. For mention now we emphasize wool serge Women's Wool Serge Dresses The following are designed particularly to meet the requirements of women who wear larger-than-usual sizes. One style is shown in all-wool plain serge, at the surprisingly low price of $12.50. One model in navy serge and black satin, may be had for only. . . . . .$22.50 Other dresses made wholly of serge in navy, green, plum and brown., sell at $13.50, $15, $16.50 and up to $25 eack . In regular sizes, garments are designed with a coat effect or Russian blouse; others nave the straight lines becoming to certain figures; still others have touches here and there of wool embroidery or braid trimming. Serge-and-satin dresses or serge-and-taffeta, in very smart effects, may be had in navy or green and brown, at $17.50 to $27.50. , More elaborate styles in combined serge and satin, serge and Georgette, serge and novelty silks, may be had in variety at $37.50 to $52.50. (Garment Section) ill JVJ" Ji KB New Materials for Making Up Warm Negligees and Blanket Robes The majority of women are now turning their thoughts toward the pretty negligees, dressing sacques and blanket robes which make such excellent holiday gifts, or which are so desirable to have in one's own wardrobe during the cooler months. Here are the materials we have assembled for their making and we have many very dainty styles for their fashioning suggested in McCall Patterns, for which we are sole Los Angeles agents. $3.50 Bath Robe Blankets, $2.95 All Wool Challii New patterns of this light weight material which is much sought for children's wear . and house dresses. This line shows dark and light grounds, also solid colors. Prices, yard 50c, 60c, 75c. Eiderdown Cloth-r-for making bath robes and cozy negligees new and choice patterns, yard .... 35c . Viyella Flannel 31 inches wide; in 1916-17 stripes and checks, also solid colors. A firm and non-shrinking material much used for pajamas, night shirts, petticoats and children's dresses, yard ...,85c (Wash Goods and Domestics; Rear South Aisle) Good Warm Sweaters No matter whether you expect to spend but $2.95 for a sweater, or whether you desire the most costly style we carry, you will find best values at Coulter's. At $2.95 we offer a very good, all-wool sweater which is good for wearing about the ' house." " .;" At $5.00 -we show heavier weaves, close-knit, splendid values. Angora Sweaters some with striped trimmings, made with belt or sash, $7.50 to $20. Plain Knit Garments with fancy collars, cuffs and belts, $7.50 and higher. (Sweaters; Second Floor) The new fall patterns are here and you will like them floral, Indian and conventional designs. These are good quality blankets and come with cord to match $2.95 Blanket Comforts, $3.50 To meet the demand for decorative blankets for use instead of comforts we are showing some most attractive ones at this low figure. Single blankets in jacquard designs of two and three color combinations; light, warm and easily laundered. Each $3.50. Twin bed size. . . $3.00 (Bedding; Bear South Aisle) For Art Needlework Lovers Who already have in planning the gifts they intend making for the holiday season, we offer New Yarns our own brand, put up for us by the Columbia Yarn Co., and new models in jackets, etc., also the Yarn Book 1 7th Edition, which contains all sorts of interesting suggestions.. We are also showing many new designs in silverware rolls, teaspoon holders, knife, fork and tablespoon holders, with carving sets to match, all tape bound and made up, at attractive prices. Free Instruction in art needlework given daily between 10 and 12; why not join a class now? (Art Needlework; Third Floor) And Now for the Heavier Winter 'Knitwear Despite the unusual difficulty of securing deliveries, even upon orders placed months ago, we are amply ready for any demands our patrons may make upon us in the way of domestic or imported knit underwear for women and children. Such good and well-liked brands as Kayser. Swan. Merode, Globe. Richelieu, and a number of others are shown in our stocks in such complete array that choosing becomes merely a matter of selecting the weight or quality best adapted to your needs. - Whether you prefer the light weights or the heavy qualities, they are here for you. If you wear union suits, you may select them from a score of different styles; and f you have some particular requirements in the way of extra sizes, we can surely satisfy you from a stock so complete and varied will you let us try? (Knitwear South Aisle) Full Supplies Women's Outing Flannel Gowns In Southern California, where so many people sleep out of doors the year around, there is always demand for outing flannel night-wear. With cooler nights approaching that demand will become keener here are the best: Gowns of good quality outing flannel; silk feather-stitching and hand crochet finish; pink or blue stripe, at .... ..............$1.25 Of very fine outing flannel in white, with colored figures; 6ilk braid and frogs, $1.75 and $2.00 Pajamas of outing flannel, in stripes; silk frog fastening; military collar; $1.25 and $1.50. in stripe flannel with plain silk band trimming. .. .$1.75 (Muslinwear; Second Floor) 1 iKJ V Gown of Eden cloth, which is lighter than outing and warmer than muslin; f eatherstitched yoke and collar .... $1.50 Kimono style, open front, with pink and blue stripe; large, roomy sleeves; silk stitched .throughout $1.75 Porch gowns, with hood and foot pockets warm as can be for out-of-door beds, $1.25, $1.75 in white; good quality, silk braid trimmed. ...... .$1.25 Pajamas in stripes; V-neck, short kimono sleeves; slipover style. ........ .$2.00 (Muslinwear; Second Floor) Hair Switches at $4.95 Because this section is but one of many, we can sell dependable hair goods at surprisingly low prices; and these switches at $4.95 are an illustration 20 to 26 inches long, shown in practically any shade, including certain grays; their equals sell usually at $7.50 or even more; choice ...... .$4.95 (Hair Good i Third Floor) . Broadcloths for Autumn Women who use their eyes in fashion journals and in window displays need not be told of the popularity of broadcloth for autumn wearing, Here is an assortment of satin faced chiffon broadcloths which embraces black and every shade for street, as well as the delicate tones of apricot, pink, ciel and light gray-all extremely reasonably priced and, of course, of best obtainable quality. 50-inch widths . . . ,$2;00 52-inch widths, $2.50, $3 54-inch widths ....$4.00 56-inch widths $4.50 And black broadcloths at a price range between $2 and $6 yard. (Woolens; Broadway Anmx) The Man Looking for a DollarShirt To our way of thinking, is entitled to just as full value for his money as is the man who has his shirts custom made. So we set about se- urinar tkft Vipnt shirt on the - ----- market to sell at a dollar, and the choice was Wilson Brothers These shirts are accurately cut, with ample sleeve length; and neck bands that won't shrink or strejeh; they are made from snappy fast color shirtings in good, distinct, unusual patterns that follow closely after the higher-priced designs. They may be had with cuffs attached or separate, as you like, and there are any number of likable weaves and colors in all sizes, from which to choose, and every one of them just $1.00. Outing Flannel Night-wear Amoskeag flannel in light or heavy weight, pajamas or nightshirts, at prices beginning with $1.00 Derby Ribbed Underwearclosed crotch heavy derby ribbed union suits; long sleeves, ankle length; all sizes; suit $1.00 (Men's FurnUhinn; South Alale) COULTER'S 215-229 South Broadway 224-228 South Hill StreetCOULTER'S wwa'-yry3s. .J.

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