Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1960 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1960
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT TRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY; OCTOBER is, i9«o. linseed Of I Is a Versatile IV orkhorse Around the House One way to spot a real, pro among'handymen is to'notice how many uses he finds for linseedV oiL_ _ * Linseed oil 1 is .available .in both raw.and,.-bojled'< form..-Raw linseed oil can. take, up to. tour days to dry after applying it. The boiled 'product dries quickly, is often- used in with .turpen- j tine or",other Ithinners. • Check First' • Before using either, form for thinning/;paint check -the 'manufacturer's-/ instructions. , Linseed oil is-often-used to turn ordinary house, paint into"a primer coat. You' can also use raw linseed oil to' rejuvenate old putty that's* become too'hard to .work with: Add the oil -and work, it into.the putty until it's pliable. Use; boiled linseed oil for all the other jobs metntioned here. • •New Brushes Before dipping a new brush in-paint,- soak • the bristles' in linseed oil for 24: hours. You'll find the -brush more pliable, easier .to -use. Linseed oil is one" of the oldest and best. wood' preservatives. Brush :the oil oh • unpainted 'fence, •pickets, and posts every .year.' Wipe it on garden tool handles to keep them from drying- out. JJever, paint a • ladder since vou'll never" "be able to ''tell Linseed .Oil Candidates NEW/' OUTDOOR BRUSHES * FURNITURE ' NAILS AND SCREWS WIRE flow Jo Cover l/p An Unsightly Wall (AP Ncwsfeatures) _ J" Is there a woman who hasn't grown so tired of an area of her home that she, is fidgety, it-the sight of the spot? Such'is the plight of one reader who writes: , "I frankly don't know what to Ho, We'have a lovely home 1 , but j.there is one eyesore that spoils I he entire hnuse/ for me. The area is a wall three feet wide by id" Feet hi»h. just outsidp Hhe bathroom. It and the small ceil- m-r (3 ft, x s' ft.) in this little section are cracked. The nainted waflnaper has peeled and having been painted a horrid 'purple shade, you can imagine--it is nretty ugly. The ce'ling ( cracK H large aTid the ceiling hangs down. ' • ' "It-.seems.-ridiculous -to. call a nlaslerpr and^a wallpaperer to do what, defects '" are developing underneath. Use 'linseed. Furniture Mix two parts of linseed oil to''one part of turpentine and you, have an excellent preservative and polish. Apply .to outdoor furniture and rub in until dry. Use the -oil-turpentine mixture dows to help them withstand the ! ' his J° b - •" but m >' husband-has wcnthcr. ' P°stDoned it so many times J. Dipping nails and screws in linseed oil will keep them from rusting, make them easier to use. Use linseed ^oil in place of wax on, drawers to, keep them from sticking. • • • ( Q—Can aluminum be soldered? I , . 1 was told it cannot be. ' ana nas ' can't bear it. The entire job should take only a few hours, unless I cannot comprehend the damage. The wall is at the side of the chimney, _ so gets warm when we use the fireplace. My right' over your painted window i A—There is a comparatively sills to preserve them. Apply ,it j new product in the market that to screen doors, screens and win-1 will usually do,, the. job. Claims Chores Are Good for Husband (AP Newsfeatures) ,If you want to keep your husband healthy, keep him busy arouncT the house. It's a good argument for getting household chores done, and you can back it up with medical statistics, if he insists. You cannot suggest too many jobs at one time. One chore is Saturday par. If you suggest one, you can pr&bably get it done without too much - mental anguish. Too many jobs on the agenda 1 could make him brood until he is exhausted, thinking .about it. Small jobs, like window pane repair, wall or ceiling repairs are- made .easier for the man il you'll purchase the materials and tools for the chore. The changing of a washer is a small job when he doesn't, have to worry about going to the hardware store for it. Ditto the broken -windowpane, if you'lLget the glass from the glazier, and put the putty and jutty knife in his hand. A good weekend project is a laundry storage -wall: The washing machine area can be closed off from the rest'of-the kitchen by a room divider or set up in a 'hall area that: has : enough, light It can be built of-hardwood, ply- around the house, but. I, cannot understand his present attitude toward this problem." . This job" could be bigger than wood or tongue and groove lum-| ;t !oo k s to you-and perhaps your Now in New Location CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME.and-INDUSTRY Now located:— 5 miles west of Logansport on State Road 24, at site of old Greenville Gravel Pit. - Phone 3267-. WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING! ' ber-in a .few hours., time-with a few tools, Open shelves can be put above the washing machine on which to stuck the folded laundry, so that it can be, transferred all ,at once to the ironing, area. After side enclosures are built-of the desired' wood, -louv'red; or other doors may be installed. .Most husband has not decided fully what material to use. If he hasn't Two Methods Of Air .Conditioning In Use There's .no, need or excuse, to "suffer" through the~*summer;, no'wadays; modern air conditioning, can .be as near a reality for' you and yours iis^a trip to your -air' conditioning'dealer, .or contractor; as easily financed as any other home improvements' ^ the~fart"thaTmore old~£e7- or appliances you buy.' sons own houses than €Ver before Therei are two general types of, in the hjstory of the country ; Nor On The House BY ANDY LANG-; (AP-Newsfeatures)' x THE NATION'S SENIOR.' citizens are giving the home 1 1 building industry a slight'headache, builders aren't air conditioning available: the central, system and room air con- ,ditioners. The room' units, 'placed in several parts of the.house,' are- being used increasingly for whole- house cooling. The central kind, of course, requires ducts. If ductwork already exists for, your heating-system, it's easy to add on a -cooling unit or put in a new system that both heats and cools. Or ductwork .can be installed in many houses., Your airrconditioning contractor, can tell if this is practical for your house, • ' i . One central air conditioning! system cools and heats by gas. Here a small gas flame boils a simple salt solution that is 1 circulated to other parts of the system. Cnol comfort for the whole house also can be achieved with individual .room 'air .conditioners —placed in several parts of the house. Your dealeV will survey _your house for the correct placement of units of proper capacity. Separate units—which 'eliminate need for ductwork—can be installed quickly, and additional units added as your budget may allow: Check to" ;make. sure the about,;the span-ot-lifej statistics that make it evident this market will be increasing in- the years ahead! . , . .'What is causing some concern is the.difference of opinion among housing-authorities, as well as the oldsters themselves, on what constitutes ideal living conditions for ipdividuals and couples in retirement. For instance, there are many communities built almost entirely around the concept that elderly persons require living ac- icommodations designed especially made up his mind about it, he j ca bi ne ts are all-steel for long, might resent your nagging him {trouble-free life. :-.J about it.-Why not ask-him'if he isj . One, advantage of room air in areas designed,-solely to-make planning to do something, in the 'conditioners is that- members of livin geasier foremen and women carried out both in the' character .of. the homes and in the facilities for recreation and entertainment. These "so-called, retirment co'm- munities generally have been suc- 'cessful. But of. late there'has.be'en a noticeable tendency on the part of many senior citizens to steer clear of housing , developments which which-seeni to cater to their specific wants. This is partly borne out by i recent survey undertaken by a Florida organization called the Baysh'ore .'Gardens .Council.on.Hetirement.The Council, in questioning 500. retired families, found'Hhat most'of them | were very ;much against living inescent light, switches and other features generally considered essential in housing for the'elderly. ,You will-note that we said the survey "partly" bore out this seeming 1 change in thinking. That's because the same survey also disclosed' that retirement, persons have definite ideas on housing suitable for.them. They consider it important, for. instance, that they live in single level homes to avoid climbing stairs. hTey want homes with two or three bedrooms, to accomodate visiting children and grandchildren. They need, lots' of closet and storage space to take care of the many and varied items they have collected through the years. And they believe churches, shopping' •facilities, and the 'like should be reasonably close at hand. On the matter of gardens; nearly all said they liked them and i wanted them, but felt they should be small enough to make caring for them a pleasure and not a chore. Seniors Of 1945, MeetAfRo. Cenier ROYAL CENTER - Graduates of the 1945 class of the local high school held its first reunion | at Kea park with 25 • members and guests present. Mr. and Mrs. WillianrGoodrich i and • Charles -Goodrich and children spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Miller at South Bend. Mrs. Mayme Coldrnan and Mrs. Grace Taylor were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Tousley and family at Culver. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Caldwell of Finley Park, 111. spent a day with Mr. and Mrs.. Fred; Swishcr. Mrs.-Dorothy,Bonewili, Mrs. Golda Gundrum,; Mrs.' Jennie Simpson and Mrs. Mayme" Coleman attended the WSWS fair institute, at. Athens Wednesday. Half of all U.S.; hospital beds are occupied by mental patients. PHILANTHROPIST DEES ' MARTINSVTLLE, Ind. (AP) - Walter'A. Kennedy, 80, a.philan- thropist and founder of the Farmers 'and Backers • Life Insurance Co. of Wichita, Kan., died in his home here Friday. He had been ill 'three weeks. near'future. If he is not going to make the effort, how about doing a..! temporary- patch-up" that will at least make the area .present- lumber yards have directions, for! able,''-if. not'"perfect,: in your own small enclosures. ^Amateur handyman should keep in mind that the doors will .have to; swing open, that shelves should be deep enough for, tall bottles, and>that the lady, .of.the,house will need to reach, the water faucets. If shelves are divided they win prove even more'useful*to the home launderer." List" all the small projects that could make your life; at-home happier, then pass- them out to hubbie one by one. Other;small projects for weekend; handymen include these: Shelves in-halt closets for hats, galoshes (outdoor shoes). Painting and- wall papering. (Give him a wall at. a time, . Cleaning off the-v-sceenei-.-in porch, garage, cellar and , attic. Tile around the bath tub. Washing windows;; .-.„-- : ," Toy box' for the children. A new -latch for the. swinging gate. , • . , You may think.'of any number of projects to keep that man busy, and interested,: but the important point is to avoid overwhelming him with them.. Beautifully Modern Gracious services that reflect our years of experience r Services for all denominations A fine funeral service need not be expensive. •AMBULANCE SERVICE Fisher Funeral Home JOHNW Funeral .FISHER 303 W. Market Director. Phone. 3608 Ihe/fainily in different rooms .can adjust "degrees 'of 'coolness to suit their,whims and preferences. This easy adjustability can-be , cco- over 63 years of age. They were especially against grab-bars, lum- tumed completely, off when • a nomical as'well; a unit may be I room is not'in use. eyes? . • . • • • • . .If you show that you. are.serious ••about-doing the job yourself; you may: intrigue jour ..husband into action..Take your choice .of these techniques: >' , 1. Coyer the entire area with felt in .a. 1 color that will blend, in | 'with surrounding; areas; If . you can't'get it 'to .adhere .to 'the wall • and ceiling,- tack it, covering, the -tacks with braid just as you would on nipholstery. Ci 2. .Put' up board of hole's (which can -be • cut at the lumber yard to fit). Paint,it the color you'like. Insert '-plant brackets into the -holes at various spots, and use colo'rful plants':such as African violets or geraniums,.ii'f-there is enough^ .light, Philodendren- or -variegated• ivy, are' other 'suggestions- in the event weaker plants "can't survived in the location. 3. -Rip' off the wallpaper.,' Cover it~with vinyl or.any. other- fabric by tacking. 1 Run' cord'in a contrasting color from ceiling to Door •molding. You may g«t other ideas from ;this suggestion, depending on the decor in your home. The ceiling to- floor..j3ands. could be of' any fabric', that - strikes your fancy. A sophisticated effect can' be achieved with 'old. cotton spools; if one could locate enough of them to make a spool arrangement by stringing therrwon wire or another taut substance 4. If you are a handy woman,' you'might be amazed what you can do patching plaster, made relatively easy with one of 'the prepared plaster mixes. ATOMS MEETING •VIENNA, Austria (AP)—Scien- ! tists from -22 Western and Communist nations meet Oct. 24 for a "hot atoms effects" symposium in | Prague, Czechoslovakia. SPf CM1 for /fosp//0l/fy Days 5Uth Anniversary Special : 1 GOES ON TOUR NEW DELHI, India (AP)-Indira Gandhi, recently widowed daughter of India's Prime Minister Nehru, leaves late this month on a 2jKlay tour of Mexico, the United' States and Pans. PLAN MEMORIAL < / BERLIN (APJ — Communist East Germany plans to erect a memorial next spring on the site of. the infamous Nazi concentration camp at Sachsenhausen, north of Berlin. on /crntoul ' ' f Samsonite Folding Furniture 5 Piece Set - ' ;•" ••'• ; ';-.'. Monarch Tube Steal FoWIng Table and 4 Matching Chain regularly priced 1 at MO.7K . now,- for & limited time only Sturdy Samsonile construction.,.JIBemMi iuilt so there's no wobble. Easy to set-up and .take dpwiu.Wear-rcsisuint vinyl table top and chair seats wipe clean with a damp cloth. Smo-o-olhly finished legs prevent hose-from snagging: tod tunning.' Choice of * new decorator'colon. ORDER YOUR SET TODAY.-• ORDER SEVERAL SEE THE HUNDREDS OFBEAUTIFUL GIFTS ARRIVING IN OUR STORE DAILY FOR CHRISTMAS Timberlake's Gift Shop LAY, AWAY NOW iFOR CHRISTMAS Here's the way to barbecue par- fectly .-, right in your kitchin ... on your own gas range. It's completely automatic .,. the spit rotates at just the right, speed browningthemeatevenly. You've, never tasted such wonderful barbecued ham, chicken or ribi! STEEL a WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST WITH • Electric and Acetylene Welding • Special Steel Built Tanks • Galvanized Roofing • Sheet Metal Work • Corrugated Culvert Pipe • Beams-Channels-Angles • Fabricated Steel-Structural Steel • Bars-Sheets-Plates FARMERS: Bring your plow point*, or corn planter runners in for repairs. ' • .' • ; VV '> If if i made of st««l we can furnish it for you; LOGANSPORT METAL CULVERT COMPANY '22t_''Hanna St. , , " j ', Dial 5157 We Join With All Logansport In Extending An Invitation To Everyone To Visit Our City During Hospitality Days Easy-to-Use SACO SHEEN Rubberized WALL PAINT For your spring "fresh- up"—choose Saco Sheen. Its beauty Is unsurpassed —its loag wearing quality iinequaled. Can be easily applied with brush or, roller. GALLON .... LOGANSPORT PAINT & WALLPAPER CO. 322 E. Broadway Phone MILLWORK If We Con Make it for you! '• ! If it's made of wood our experiencea 1 craftsmen ..-can make it for you, to your specifications from quality sea- •soned lumber. ,Now Is the' time toiselect. Your Storm •• • Windows and Doors from our. •Complete. "Stock. ' Trellis Cornice ' Modern built ins cabinets ' Custom • Windows. CALL 3141 For Free Estimate FARM BUREAU CO-OP 108 East Ottawa Street

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