Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 10, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1949
Page 3
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Social-Personal Fraternal How To Pla y CANASTA ——-aaH=B-^a^=—-—^ ^V^-*- «•-.*. V*,* By WILLIAM E. McKENNEY a minus value for their respective -.-..••" ~ ^— Amnr*ir>ri 'a r**n »•*! Antv.n»tt.. nU_» Meet Sunddy A meeting of the Founders' Day committee, o£ local Parent-Teacher Units, will be held Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in Tuttle House, to further plans for a borough-wide observation in February of the founding of the Parent- Teacher movement. Dr. Paul Elliott, chairman, will preside. Members of the committee include Mrs. Malcolm Wilson, Mrs. E. F. Easterbrooks, Mrs. Albert Mortensen, Mrs. Harry Streeter, Mrs. Harry Roberts, Miss Elizabeth Meegin, Miss Agnes Jackson and Mrs. Mahlon Sears. Dr. Elliott calls attention to the fact that all local PTA units are members of the National Congress ot Parents and Teachers. Fashion Show, Dessert-Bridge Tomorrow Night The annual fashSon show and dessert-bridge, sponsored by the Alembic association of the Naugatuck Chemical and Synthetic division of the U. S. Rubber Co., will be held tomorrow night at S o'clock in Odd Fellows hall. Clothes will be modeled by Wanda Rezetuek, Ruth Shipman. Shirley Waterhouse, Olga Wanciak, Jean Keliy, Betty Corelli, Helen Sousa, Sylvia Poli, Helena Daly, Wilma Ruccia. Serving on the.refreshment committee are: Ann Nastes, Helen McGabe, Jay Johnson, Marie Alexinski, Regina Zwolinsky, 'Margaret Lanteri, Florence Rek, Helena Daly. Bertha LaRose, Sophie Ma- sarko, Eleanor Broderick, Virginia Scovill, Marie Marrello. Pond Hill .Young- People Plan Dance A dance. Autumn Whirl, will. be held Saturday evening, from 8 to Several events were planned last night at a meeting of St. Mary's Altar society held in the church hall. Final a made for the uciu III LHU CnUTCn "*- i-"iiifciin. a JC tn.Ild-tlnu-.DUn IN Igtlt, arrangements were sponsored by the Central Avenue ft has public card party School Parent-Teacher Association may ednesday evening at at 8 o'clock at the school. Notices " asta - Vi,r. /iVii .I'.AV, V. ,. 11 H* J*otn»-r»eirl Hir »i n •»• ^ ••. fr o j« ^: nn J. - OELRl&S to be held Wednesday evening •^t- &j^(u »vcuiie^uciy evening at ^ u u u ^«vjt;n. CIL LUC sunooi. iNOtices ^ o'clock in the church hall. Mrs. returned by parents indicate en- Rose Flannagan is chairman of t hus iastic interesl. Fathers may R « d treys on arrangements. Members of the bring their own, or a friend's son. count as melds. comimdttee are requested to meet Mothers also will attend. 'act, if your si( comimdttee are requested to meet Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon to complete arrangements .for the party. A cake booth will be featured, and reservations may be made with the chairman. The children's Christmas party will be held Monday afternoon Dec. 19 at 3:30 o'clock, with the' committee in charge including Mr.3. William Woermer, Mrs. John Kissane, Mrs. Arthur Stauffer Mrs. Francis Shea, Mrs. Oscar Wirth, assisted by nuns of the parish. The last meeting of the currant year and annual Christmas party will be held -by the society Wednesday evening, Dec. 7. A pot-luck supper and entertainment will follow the business meeting: and gifts will be exchanged. Plans were discussed, for a formal dance to be given in conjunction with the Holy Name society for the benefit of the new convent. Committees of both groups will meet Tuesday evening in the church hall. Announcement was made that 5119 was realized as proceeds from the recently conducted rummage sale, with Mrs. Philip Connell. chairman, and $65 - from a cake sale, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Francis Moss. Polish National Auxiliary Plans Three-Day Bazaar • A three-day bazaar will be held !? mo L row ' Saturda y an <3 Sunday in uciu o<xiuruay evening, irom » to .••"">"« <uvv, oaiuraay ana Sunday in 12 o'clock in the Pond Hill Com- tnc H °'y Saviour Polish National munity club house, under the Bpon- Catholic church hall, under the sorship of the Young People's ! Auspices of the Ladies' auxiliary of terrain the f^urr*}* ' group. There -will be specialty dances and prizes will t>e awarded. Both adults and teen-agers are Invited to attend. Salem Club Bridge Tournament Scores Scores in the second round of the Wednesday evening Salem club bridge tournament played last night are as follows: North and south, Miss Mildred Carlson and Mrs. John Weder- meyer, 79; Warren Hess and Joseph Fisher, 73 1-2: Esther and Agnes Andefsdn, "6& 1-2/ 1 • East and west, ' Constance and Adelaide Clayton. 71: Mrs. Anthony Stien and Mrs. Arnold Carlson, 33 1-2; Mrs. John Carroll and Mrs. Edward Lingenheld, 58. Official standings: Miss Carlson and Mrs. Wedermeyer, 141; Mr Hess and Mr. Fisher, 136; the Misses Clayton, 126. New ft Reconditioned Motor* FORD & MERCURY Budget Plan Available The NAUGATTTCK FUEL CO DEALER Vttte 0232 STORM WINDOWS & OOOBS NEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO ttt Bank St., Waterbory Phone 4-etl* Full LJne of Fresh Every Sunrise CANDIED APPLES BRAN MTTFTtN-S ECLAIRS BIRTHDAY CAKES CITY BAKERY MAPLE ST. TEL. SBTS Open Daily «;S»A. M. to 8 P. M. Miss Foster*! Shop Attractive New BAGS for daytime and evening 17 CARROLL COURT Tel. 4291 IT'S NO SECRET! EVERYONE KNOWS WHO HAS THE BEST VARIETY OP BOXED CHRISTMAS CARDS HALLMARK — RUSTCRAFT Lower Prices Better Quality Your Tear 'Round Dealer SWEENEY'S Art and Stationery STOKE J Buy Yours Now 7re*rrfrfi*tt4rrfftr e +ftr ffffff t the church. The bazaar will open tomorrow and Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock and Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock'. The public is invited to attend the event which is in charge of the Rev. Prank P. Nicmiec and Mrs. •Helen Bobinski, auxiliary president Various booths will display handmade articies, canned goods and pastry, as well as other items All articles have been donated by .he Naugatuck Council of Churches, has been planned by Samuel i. -L-yons, a member of the council s executive committee. In addition to receiving contributions, the canvassers are pro ...~~- M^.-x.t* «.u vii^^uoa unurcn proo- .. •»»•• « ~w^.,n«.ij iems that parishioners might have ^ ss ^ oro ^y M- Broder been unable to talk over with mini aux , lhar y president; Charles Clark isters America's Card Authority AKTICLE 4 SCORE BONUSES, THEN CARD VALUES Scoring in Canasta is done In several steps. First, score all bonuses A record attendance is expected accordi ng to Table I. • i —!_....- *- .. . ~ ... . . A side cannot meld out unless Expect Record Attendance At PTA Event at tonight's Father-and-Son Night, The Salem Village Four, Barbur shop quartet, will entertain with a song program. There will be movies and refreshments. Fathers may visit the various classrooms and see something of the work being done by the children. Mr.-Mrs. Quinn Wed 52 Yeoirs Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Quinn, 275 Rubber avenue, are observing their 52nd wedding anniversary today, and will celebrate the event tonight at a family dinner. The couple was married in Naugatuck Nov. 10, 1897. They have two sons. Raymond and Ralph, and one grandson, Donald, all of Naugatuck. Personal- Marriage intentions have been filed in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. John by Shirley Mae Miller, 64 Aetna street, and James Charles Page, Granby, who plan to be married Nov. 12 in the Methodist church. The regular monthly meeting of the Ladies' Aid society of the Salem Lutheran church will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the church. Hostesses will be Miss Marie Hanson and Mrs. Albert Smith. Members are asked to bring their penny-meal banks to the meeting. The Parish Players of the Congregational church will give their idea of a radio show Friday eve- ing, Nov. 18 at 8 o'clock in the parish house. Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Elliot are co-chairmen of the program committee. Initiation of a class of candidates will be held tonight at a meeting — ..~.^ ween aunatect oy c uciu tumg/ji. at a meeting members of the auxiliary and chil- of the Nfeugatuck Assembly of aren of the catechism class RninH,v«r f~.. ri;_i,, _i r,. nr . _. , Church Council (Continued From Pnee One) Rainbow for Girls at 7:30 o'clock in the Masonic Temple, Church street. Clarice Swan, worthy adviser, will be in charge. At a meeting of the Second District American Legion auxiliary last night in New Haven, it was announced that an Armistice Day program will be heard Friday morning at 8:15 o'clock over radio """LI featuring Mrs. Mabel _, department president. _ Those attending the meeting from pared to meet parishioners on a £ Se attendin S the meeting from tne "Pcmsorship o f the Central Av- friendship basis and have "epn ^ aUg ?' uck African Legion post, !r nue Parent-Teacher Association, instructed to discuss church nrob ' 1? and its ^dies' auxiliary Mrs. Mahlon Sears is in charge of -... *i__i. __ . , , »"n-n piuu- were- A/TIRO T»^«n*i— ** ^..__* thp arranrri»T¥ipTit.«i Baby Doll and Wardrobe R2632 PATTERN No. R26S2 Youngsters love dolls they can dress and undress and this ador- ' able baby has a complete wardrobe plus a crochet sacque and bonnet. The doll measures 16 inches and is made of soft cotton, and clothes are easily made from workbasket scraps. Pattern Envelope No. R2632 contains hot iron transfer for doll and embroidery motifs, printed pattern of garment pieces,'crochet instructions, _stitch illustrations, material requirements and making and finishing directions. Just what you've been waiting for. ..the BIG new book of NEEDLEWORK NEWS! Chock-full of fascinating designs, including four gift patterns with instructions. Special features... needle "know- how" and exciting information on what's-new-to-make. Send twenty- five (25c) in coin. To obtain this pattern, send 20c in COINS, giving pattern number, your name, address and zone number to Peggy Roberts, Naugatuck Daily News, P. O. Box 100 Station G. New York 19, N. Y. (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) post commander; Mrs. Thomas' Broder, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wilcox. Mrs. Alex Zonas of Prospect street, who has been a surgical patient at St. Mary's Hospital, Wa- .terbury, jis recuperating at her home. It has at least one Canasta. This be a natural or a mixed Ca_.-- (In two-handed Canasta, two Canastas are required). Red treys on the table do not "ds. As a matter of side fails to make a legal minimum meld before the other side goes out, the red treys of your side become a minus value. When it is your turn to play, if you fail to remove a red trey from your band and place it face up on the 'table, and the other side melds out and catches you with one or more red treys, your side is subject to a penalty of 500 points for each red trey. However, if a player melds out before it has become your turn to play, then you are only subject to a 100-polnt penalty for each red trey. These points are deducted from your score. After scoring bonuses, do not mix the cards together, as these cards have additional scoring values. The next step is to add the value of each card left in the hand of the partner of the player'who went out, and for the opponents to add the value of each card left in their hands. The cards are valued according to Table II. The total points left in the hands of the partner of the player who went out and of the opponents are sides. Next, each side adds the value of all their cards that have been melded on the table. These cards are a plus value for the respective sides. Subtract the minus value from the plus value to determine the net score. Points required for game are 5000. There is no extra game bonus. For the purpose of making an initial meld, the values of. the cards are added together. A meld of three nines would be 30; two nines and a deuce would be 40; two nines and a joker would be 70. The minimum points required for the initial meld are shown in Table III. For the purpose of getting the minimum count, the meld is fulfilled by totaling the point value of all its component ca,rds. A player may make two or (more different melds in the same turn to achieve the minimum required. For example, he niay meld three 9's, which would be 30 points. Then he could meld two 8-spots and a deucet This would be 40, making a total of 70 points. A Canasta itself does not meet the minimum requirements. That is, if you were to lay down seven 5's, which count 35 points, this would not satisfy the minimum meld requirements. After a side has made its initial legal meld, either partner may add to their melds or make any other legal meld without reference to any minimum count. It is advisable to score Canasta on a small pad. By scoring the basic bonuses first, then counting the value of each player's melded cards, (minus the points left in the hands) and finally totaling the hand, there is no chance for confusing the, score or missing points. I SCORING BASIC BONUSES Melding out 100 points Melding out concealed An additional 100 points Each natural Canasta (no wild cards) 500 point3 Each mixed Canasta (1 to 3 wild cards) 300 points Each red trey 100 points 4 red treys for one partnership . 800 points II SCORING CARD VALUES i Each joker 50 points Each deuce and each ace 20 points Each king, queen, jack, ten, nine, eight 10 points Each seven, six, five, four 5 points Each black three 5 points III MINIMUM POINTS FOR FIRST MELD PREVIOUS SCORE TOWARDS GAME MINIMUM POINTS Minus 15 0 to 1495 '."_ 50 1500 to 2995 '...'.'.'...'.'.'.'.['.'.'.'.'. 90 3000 or more '....'.'. 120 Father, Son Night Of Central Ave. PTA A father-and-son night -will be held this evening at 8 o'clock in the Central Avenue school, under the sponsorship of the Central Av- the arrangements A father may bring a son, a nephew or the son of a friend to the affair, providing the youngster attends the school. Mothers are also invited to attend. Movies and other entertainment will be provided and refreshments will be served by a committee headed by Mrs. William Benson. A short business meeting will precede the SOIL WASHED AWAY Washington — U. S. scientists estimate that at least one-third of the fertile U. S. top soil has been washed away since the white men came to America. CANASTA • Playing Cards • • Score Pads • • Deluxe Kits • SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY STORK Now In Freedman's ess Children's Department Coats And Snow Suits New Shipments At Special Offerings •^. GIRLS SNOW SUITS .*F $10.98 up GIRLS COATS $14.98 up REVERSIBLES $9.98 up : BOYS SNOW SUITS ' $8.99 up BOYS COAT SETS ^ $12.98 up BOYS WARM-UP JACKETS $7.98 up BOYS ALPACA LINED JACKETS $14.98 up NAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN.). THURSDAY, NOV. 10, IBlft-PACK 3 50-Year dub Represents 1808 Years Service To Rubber Co. Members of the Fifty-Year Club of United States Rubber Company Footwear Plant were honored by the Company at their fifth annual banquet, last night at the Waterbury Club. Eleven new members were enrolled in the Club bringing the total living membership up to 35 fifty-year people, with a combined total of 1808 years of service with tne Company. The dining room and tables were attractively decorated in Thanksgiving colors. A cocktail hour immediately preceded the full course roast beef dinner. Dinner music wa s furnished by the Freddy Bre^^! 1 ' The entire group ff ^ lnging ° Id time '««>£ *nn /v, themea1 ' s °'°s were sung and the group singing was led by John Burke, Elizabeth Rooney and William Lalor-all Fifty-Year Club £,Th If"' , J ° hn Kelly and Clarence Sirrt uI S ° C ' Ub mem bers, entertained with humorous stories a f ter T ' Rex Barman, in- relations manager, opened of the evening's program with a word of welcome to the honored guests. He then introduced W. E. Bittle, factory manager, who highly praised the service record and loyalty of the fifty-year group. New members presented service awards by Mr.. Bittle were: Edward Beebe, Emily Bell, Mary E Pitzpatrick, Joseph T. Holmes, Rudolph Lenners, Fred Melbourne, Richard Robinson, William H. Robinson, Catherine Sugrue, Margaret Sugrue and Frank Dullard. The evening's program was concluded with entertainment provided by Harry Tomlin, nationally known magician. Those Attending Members of the Fifty-Year Club who attended were: Martha Andrews, Elizabeth Brodeur, John Burke, Harry L,. Carter, George Crycheau, Frederick Flynn, Leo Happy, Clarence Hubbell, William Lalor, Aurelia Lannon, William Lutz, Bessie O'Brien, John Quinn, Thomas Quinn. Emil Rohs, Victor Rohs, Elizabeth Rooney, Thomas Saunders, William H. Smith, Julia SuKrue and John Kelly. Guests included Miss Elizabeth Dullard, Barney Van Ness and Mrs. John Quinn. Members of management acting as hosts to the Fifty-Year Club were: Willard E. Bittle, Harry A. Anderson, Ralph H. Bavier, Philip G. Brown, Maxwell H. Bloom, T. Rex Behrman, Howard C. Eggly, Robert J. Ford, John F. Fitzgerald, Edward W. Fossbender, Martin J. Garrick, Edward J. Leary, Bernard F. Garrick, James F. Healey, Stanton Glover, George R. Leeper, Thomas P. Murtha, Stella M. Mc^ Cann, Edward T. McGrath, JohnE. O'Donnell, A. Stephen Sturdevant, G. Ambrose Stuart, Frank L. Smith, John J. Wrinn. Victor N. Hastings, Carl R. Toothaker, William D. Merrill. Roger G. Goodeve and Miss Elizabeth Wilson. NAMED DIRECTOR A Hartford industrialist has been named to the board of directors of the state prison in Wethersfield. Chester I. Bland will serve on the board until 1951. He succeeds Andrew Christensen of Hartford who has resigned. WOKRV AND THE HEART Worry aggravates diseased hearts, but does not weaken sound ones. 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