The Argus from Fremont, California on June 6, 1976 · Page 16
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The Argus from Fremont, California · Page 16

Fremont, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 16
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THE ARGUS Page 16 Fremont - Newark, Calif. Sunday. June 6.1976 Teen death row suspect backed PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Several hundred supporters of Gary Tyler, a 17-year-old black Louisiana youth convicted of a racial slaying, gathered in small groups around the country yesterday to support his bid for a new trial. ' Tyler, one of the youngest persons on Death Row in the United States, is in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. About 100 persons took part in an orderly demonstration in Tyler's support in Albee Square in Brooklyn, N.Y., and another 70 marched around Winchester Square in Springfield Mass., some carrying placards saying "Free Gary Tyler." "Cops and klan go hand-inhand, Gary must go free," chanted a group of about 20 protestors gathered on the steps of a church at Freedom's Corners in a predominantly black neighborhood of Pittsburgh. A fund-raising car wash was held at six locations in New Orleans. Another demonstration is scheduled Sunday in Cincinatti, Ohio. Two of the state's key witnesses have recanted their testimony since the trial, but the judge has refused to grant a new trial. Tyler and his family insist he was framed by sheriff's deputies and a prosecution team eager to find a scapegoat for the murder. The victim, Timothy Wener. 13. was shot in October, 1974 from a school bus filled with black students being taken home from racially tense Destrehan High School. Tyler was convicted by an all-white jury. "What we hope will come out of this is a local committee drawn from the black community to see that the struggle to free Gary Tyler continues," said Michael Egan of Springfield, an organizer there. "We're also Irving to raise money for his defense." The rallies were held in mostly black neighborhoods, but supporters said they also want the white community to become aware of Tyler's plight. 'Accidents' test nuclear storage ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (UPI) -- Scientists and engineers at Sandia Laboratories plan to drive a tractor-trailer rig headon into a concrete wall, smash a locomotive into another truck and ram a boxcar into a concrete wall and bum it. The purpose of the planned accidents is to test containers used to transport radioactive materials. "These tests are s i m u l a t i o n s of e x t r a - s e v e r e accidents...(and are) designed to develop stresses in hazardous cargo packaging that are far greater than those expected in actual service." said Richard Yoshimura, project engineer for part of the tests. Yoshimura said obsolete or military surplus vehicles will be used in the tests to save money. The estimated ?1 million program is being funded by the Energy Research and Development Administration. Scale-model tests have been underway since last year, with full-scale tests scheduled to start this fall. In the first test, a semitrailer truck containing an empty shipping cask will be crashed into a concrete target at about 60 miles per hour. A cask will be placed in a truck stopped at railroad crossing in the second test, and a locomotive will smash into the truck at about 70 miles per hour. 4 children, adult peris] in fire PHILADELPHIA (UPI) Four young children and an adult were killed yesterday in a fire at a three-story west Philadelphia rowhouse. Two other children were hurt critically. Killed were Howard Black. 7. his brothers, Robert. 8. and Albert, 10; Howard Lewis. 30. and his niece, Darnetta. 4. Two of Lewis' nephews Harold. 5, and Leroy. 1, were in critical condition suffering from bums and smoke inhalation. Four policemen who tried to fight their way through the Maze to rescue the children also suffered bums and smoke inhalation and were admitted to Philadelphia General Hospital in good condition. John Lewis and his wife. Pearl, grandparents of the Lewis children, said they were awakened in their second-floor rear bedroom about 1:45 a.m. by the screams of their son. Howard, who was in the second-floor front bedroom where the fire started. The elder Lewises yelled to the children on the third floor, imploring them to "come down, come down from there." Firemen arrived at the scene within a few minutes but heavy smoke hampered the rescue effort. The four patrolmen tried repeatedly to fight their way to the third floor but they were driven back. Firemen managed to confine the blaze to the second and third floors of the building and had it under control in 30 minutes. Police said the parents had left their children in the care o f L e w i s a n d t h e i r grandparents while they went out. The g r a n d p a r e n t s managed to escape the flames. Haircut aids charity fund FREMONT - "Shear Magic," the hair-cutting parlor at 37311 Fremont Blvd., will donate all its profits tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday to the f i g h t against muscular dystrophy in a fund-raising "cut-a- thon." Haircut appointments for those days can be made by calling 7924705. I by JIMCORBETT H o n g K o n g / I n - ctonesiii nir/se;i cruise adventure: The exciting Orient captured for you in a jewel-like harbour sell i n g . A British Crown Colony, b r i l l i a n t Hong Kong is d o m i n a t e d by Victoria Harbour and lies between the island and the Peninsula of K o w l o o n . Here East a n d West b l e n d t h e f i n e s t o f e l e g a n t British tradition w i t h the endless fascination of I he Orient. Old tern pies, sampans, ladder streets, as well as age old I r a d i t i o n and crafts are found w i t h i n the panorama of Victoria Harbour. 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FREMONT WORLD TRAVEl 39070 FREMONT BLVD. 797*7911 "We're raising several important issues on appeal and we hope the (Louisiana) Supreme Court will rule favorably on at least one of them and grant us a new trial." said Tyler's attorney, Jack Peebles. "We'd sure like to have another chance at it." Walter Collins of the Gary Tyler Defense Committee, who says "I've never seen a more blatant attempt to frame someone,".said Tyler is in good spirits and his family is determined to obtain a new trial. At a hearing in April, Tyler spoke briefly to gathered crowds of supporters at the St. Charles Parish (County) Courthouse. It "makes me feel good that people care." the stocky youth said. "I've said that I should not be in here. Since people see this, they're pitching in and showing signs of help...It's · beautiful." 5 GAL. PLANTS TEXAS PRIVET i PODOCARPUS BOTTIEBRUSH . JAPANESE BOXWOOD BLACK PINES GREEN THUYA MONTEREY PINES Very nice 5 gal. Pines FORBES DWARF! CYPRESS CITRUS ** Beauties Bushy 5 gal. Lemons 6$ Oranges ,,_ MUGHO d 761 PINE r BUSHY ft REDWOODSC76 Coast Redwood 5 gal BIG TREE Sierra Redwood 5gal 5GAL ^rfc i£; 6 TASIWISTERIA · W U " Purple TREES PISTACHIO BUCKEYE UQUIDAMBAR EVERGREEN ELM BOTTIEBRUSH BRAZILIAN PEPPER BLIREIANA PLUM RUBYLACE LOCUST SPECIMEN 7GAI SPECIMEN 1 £76 ! ; 5 GAL TREES . Sycamore ?.; Hawthorn 2 Hol/vQ, ulberr DWARF APPLES APRICOTS PEARS Extra Large DWARF PEACHES PLUMS Finest Trees · GOLD PFITZER Bushy, full 5 gal. HOLLYWOOR; , full DWARF CHERRIES Big Select Trees GOLD LOCUST Beautiful 3039 GROVE WAY CASTROVAllEY OPEN 5 DAYS: Cr.«Wa,i Center SI., 8:30-5:30, SUM. 9-5 ' «iM..,iH«,.swiorr.,.,, BANKAMERICARD · MASTER CHARGE* CLOSED THURS WE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR JOHN MURPHY The following voters support Supervisor John Murphy and endorse him for re-election to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, District I RE-ELECT JOHN MURPHY JUNE 8th Jacqueline C. Rowe Judith Abroharmon Lucille Johnson Mune! Reed J P Habild Philip E. Siepett Shelly Bennel Shelley G. Anderson Jesse L. Sprayberry, Jr. Or a Mae Bo I let la Kathleen A. Par ions .'ore £. Symes Phyllis Barbosa Gilbert Barrera Jim Henderson Cardicc Simpson Marie Medeiras Mildred J. Williams Rosemary Arce Harriet J. Harms Delores E. Gome/ tauiv R. Jaersan Dorothy Callihan Marcia Ann Ciappom Dolores C. Lindsay Waller G. Lindsay James F. Cook Loudell Caisin Connie A. bandoval Margaret 1 O'Sullivon Sandra J. Bierman Vicki E. McDonald Maude Glen Marcello Serhal Roe Carlisle Junir Smith Either Burtch Charlie Burtch Pmllis M. P'ke Christians Jackson Denise W. Turner Karen Boird Mollie E. Nicklasion Daniel Rase Ann Dougherty B. Olson Mniine Weissenbachei Doris Johnson David E. Stage Rosemary Stage Daniel E. Stage Robert F. Brown Paula C. Silva Jane Vancas Theodore E. Block Ernest Bata Anne lakis Linda Bega Brn Worcester R. F. Dill Onila Dill Belty Sartori Under K. Seal Debra J. Jarzynko Vance. J. 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De'opez torna C. West Pat Pasinr Clorie Tel'es Carl F. Zwiisicj Arnold L. Twist Donald Correa Jesse O. Morgan Jerold D. Tippetts Gene Mello Ella G. Jalliff; Edward E. Fnos Peraley G. Enos Henry N. Enos Gertrude D. tnos Edward L. Rose Anne C. Rose Manuel H. Silva George Burr Leon A. Solon Mary L. Solan Cyrus A. Solon Lean Solon Peler J. Fracolli Lawrence F. Matinelli 1. W. Cu'ldeiru Theodore G, Econome Sylvia Rebeflo Jerenima Rebella Leslie Jack O'Keefe Carmen 5. Holden Donald I. Hegen Paul J. Siroguso Barbara J. Mendaes Mary Ann E. Dunncgan Anthony Fields Mary B. Fields Rose A. Vieuz A. E. Alameda James Carl Newman Adolph DeVries lona L. DeVries Gene W. Glngras Fwell B. Davis Herman A. Perei Orbon E. Wilds Katherine CaMuway Raymond W. Fosrey lysle Babbitt Fred Sakuda H. W. Hose Valentino Henry Servanle Charles Turnipseed Steve H. Sovich George Cline Richard A. Pedro Henry, O. Chandler Stenell B. Burraugh WrINom Silvernail Daniel Deter B. L. Wooren Steve J. Comini Pat Camini Pedro M. 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Slayton M. R. Wakefield Mary Ellen Wakelield Rosalie A. Corrick David E. Heine Harry Heidebretht leo P. Dempsey Irene F. Cogaiela lorry F. Oienne Ronald J. Motto Lawrence 6. Garcia . Rodollo A Venegas Lynn H. Winslow Roiiald L. Roach Carol M. Roach Jimmy J. Colfey Joseph N. Karratli Roiolre C. Karratli May Ann Marciel Gar/ Marciel Jomes R. Baxter Rieardo G. Octovio Violela N. Otlavio PolficiO S. Mtflino Wilbur C. Him Zona langhorne Ralph Langhorne Daniel V. Clapp James A. Gintpr Robert H. Kilhcart John L. Stevenson Sandra Kosberg Joe E Aller Kawrebc* Doyle Mollie Howard William J. Dobbin L. A. Boege Dale S. Ball Manuel Caiaballo Robert M. Ron net t harriel Washburn Loretta A. Hendnck Maybelle Bray James Brov Nancy J. Silva Harry A. Carlson Clara Dettenrieder Edward R. Campbell Ine/ B. kass Marjorie Rhodes George W. Btown Arlene F. McGuire Charles F. McGwire Wonda Hoyles Bonnie B. lee t. Tighe i Anne DuVoll Paul S. Woeford Viggo C. Sorensen W. McGlrnlay Ralph R. Rovito Dan Jackson Pomelo A. Lloyd Eva I. Gosling John R. Taylor Mory J. Huggcrd Terry Tov/nsend Joseph W. Thomas Vicki I. Wendell R.V. lynam Alberta M. Mayer Sterling Nicolgysen Alice C. Cline Sherrell Cline Susan D. Bellinger Dorothy Marlin Debra Rick* Arlene B. Johnion Hairy R. Sheppard Jim OlIO Joseph R. Faria, Jr. Rev. John Baker Roger Dieti Allyn W. Johnson Rulh E. Pool Melon* C. Hopton Ihamas W. Hopsan Jock K. Pool Myrtle Pralt Nancy Arlceni Merrily* J. Warden E. F. Coila Johm P Kennedy Edna L. Kennedy Raberrta S. Patillo James P. Nolan Martin K. Bean Martha Martinez Curl Cloy J. C. Chokshi Mark Talkington Gordon L. Zanle Arthur D. Elam K. Carmelitn Slaughler Dennis Siegman Linda Anderson Ben Venlretca Laura J. Repose Vernon K. Rrpoie Mabel H. Cranmer Vera A. Stanlon Allen R. Johnson Kenneth Hanavan Rosemary M. Larson Russell Holmes Normo Holmes Pat Welles Rollin P. Cunningham Richard R. Brunelli Arthur H. Hukhinion Williom B Odom Patsy A. Vance A. F. Anderion Allan E. Wallon Eloine Cunningham lester D. Cornell W,l|iom McCurmick Edgar D. Evoni, Jr. lovelle t. Haas Norman A. Azevedo Jamss L. Rceder John J. Conner Jamos C. Reeder, Jr. Ardeth J. Kennedy Robert D. Dowen L. A. Slevc-ns Bill Porler Kenneth D. Crowe Charles C. Stafford Roberi Montanelli Dennii King Fernando Espinolo Gene E. Anderson George E. Coldwell Don Ami Steve Bernard Ed Carter J. R. d'An.'onio Joan Fogli Bernard M. King R. B. Marlin Mike Mehan Mildred H. Redeker Nancy Smith Gcri Weaver Helen Steffan Lola Taylor Barbate Comilock Phillip L. Scoti Jim Wheeler Charlie fiussa}! All/n W. Johnion Kolhleen G. Klapperich Maurica Marks PAIP FOR IY COMMITTIE TO KI-ILICT JOHN MURPHY SUPERVISOR

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