The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 2, 1906 · 19
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 19

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1906
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Cos Cutgcles Daily Cimcs. n FRIDAY, KOVEMBEK 2, 19CG. USIC AND 1 - 'A THE STAGE, g Pretty Louise Hill has carved ft quaint llttlo niche of her own In the local tnutileul structure a small Indie which will not be dlaimted daresay-by any of her compatriots. When Miss Hill gives a concert alio .-.W.. ..t. t.llf uuvbii i iny Uiuil vuito aiuui;, uuv brings also to grace her friendly triumphs a nli'f taste In dressing and the varied clittiuia of personality us well. So last night's audience at Gamut Auditox-lum saw first a demure Eng lish maiden of a century ago, then a Wintering Irish lass In Erin's green, hud finally a veritable heather-breath In kilts and Highland burr. Miss Hill's songs. In divisions of old iSngiish, Irish ballads and songs of Scotland, were In the main favorites of their class, though two or three novelties were included. Under the first heading were "To Carry the Milking .. Pall," "The Lass With the Delicate .Air," "Cherry KIpe" and "Come Lassies and Laddies." , The Irish list be-iran with "Warln o' the Green,' followed by "Kathleen Mavourneen," "Kitty Tyrell," "The Kerry Dance" ) and "Tlpperary." The Scotch ballads were equally appropriate. Including "Within a Mile o' Edinboro Town" and "We'd Better Bldo Awee." In voice, Miss Hill has Improved greatly since her last concert. She has tanrifaA Viai tAfiAfl rlAdfAd hai Anuria elation, Increased that suggestion known as "quality," and has also gained which Is of equal importance In knowledge of her own vocal compass. Only In a few places did she exceed It last, night, and the result was a uniformly delightful performance. She was assisted by Otle Chew, the tiny, roguish-faced English girl with a huge violin tone that fairly startles In its. suggestion of masculine power. Miss Chew's artistry has been more firmly established with each of her few local appearances. It is good news that she will give a concert of her own early In December, after the close of the grand-opera season. No local accompanist has lent her- player's mood than Mrs. Blanche Williams Robinson, who delightfully sustained the harmony for both Miss Hill and Miss Chew last evening. An unusually large and fashionable concert audience was In attendance. Chevalier Fulgenclo Guerriere and Bignorlna Adelina Tromlcn are scheduled to arrive In Los Angeles today-providing their trains from New York to the Coast have made well-regulated connections. Chev. Guerriere, who Is principal director of our arrand opera, Is Just returning from a brief vacation at his own home in Milan, Italy. He will bring several Instrumentalists with h!m. Adelina Tromben who Joined him In Paris, Is a 'brilliant young Italian coloratura soprano, who during the past year has been making a continental reputation, and who Is regarded 'in her own country as an equal artist with the famous Luisa Tet-razzlnt. Tromben has never been In America before, and will' make her debut a week from tonight as Lucia. Chev. Guerriere Is a director v of great Importance, but has never before conducted m this country. , "Arizona," standard play of frontier life, opened a three-day season at the Mason Operahouse last night. The drama Is rather old for the syndicate to send over Its first-class route Inasmuch as it played at the Grand here last year at half the price but its subject matter is substantial and of strong, swift action, while Us characters are virile Western types. The company will be considered In tomorrow's Times. The members of the' Gamut Club will attend a special service, to be held for them at Christ Church Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Special music will be given by the choir of the church and the Gamut chorus. Rev, Baker P. Lee will give an address. "In the Bishop's Carriage," dramatized from Miriam Mlchaelson's novel," will be the next attraction at the Mason Operahouse, opening up Monday jdght, for the week. A good cast is promised. I WOMEN'S CLUBS. TimatoTime Club. The Tlme-to-Time Club enjoyed its fall meeting and trl-yearly banquet at Hotel Ingraham, with Mrs., Gertrude Parsons for the president and leader of the affair. Twenty-five of the members, all of whom are teachers prominent in school aff airs in Southern California, gathered about the festal board and had an enjoyable Informal time discussing legislation bearing" upon school matters and educational subjects, local and general. This bright body of brainy women meets only three times a year, electing a president each time, and having both social and improving times. Hundred Year Club. A tramping tour to Mt. Wilson will be a part of next month's programme for the Hundred Tear Club. Thursdays are the days set apart by the club for these popular excursions Into the open. Tuesdays are the regular days of meeting for physical work, the first Tuesday of each month being the open day for guests and Interested ..visitors. Ruskin Art. Next week the entire morning at the Ruskin Art Club will be given to a talk on art In general by Miss Alice Mitten. Yesterday J. F. Kanst appeared before the club and told the members of an opportunity to select for their- forthcoming art loan exhibit some of the masterpieces soon to be brought here by Burnsteln, who had charge of selecting the pictures for the Portland Fair. Mr. Burnstein has twenty-five of these treasures In the East, and they will doubtless be a rare addition to the exhibit if the women secure them. The lesson yesterday was led by Mrs. F. H. Snowden. the topic being the parks and theaters of Paris. The open-air life of which the Parisian Is so fond was pictured by Mrs. A. J. Crook-ehank. Mrs. J. F. Kanst poke of the trees of Paris, of which 84,936 line the boulevards and streets alone. Mrs. Morris Albee dwelt upon the operas of Paris, finding the musical appreciation not so decided as the art sense and the art atmosphere. Mrs. W. M. Dixon called attention to the government support of the theAters, which ere not left thero entirely to private enterprise. Mrs. H. G. Brainard closod the lesson with an account of the public parks. SEEKS REINSTATEMENT. Deposed Mexican Consul Endeavors to Have OrcUr of Dismissal rescinded. ft tht: associated rR&j-A a) T,ZXCO CITY. Nov. t. Ftifin r-!-i--,--o, :' ' r M-"-,:!.'n 0- - i. s:. T s . i st tv, r-----r?r .- - t rf THE MARK OP OOOf CLOTH ES j know u PQ" efst vtues ou Can't Miss It ' That full page H. F. Bulletin in today's Times, oaee 8 cart II. is too important to miss: some risht sood information in it to every man or young man or boy in need of a new suit or overcoat. mUJUlULKCJJUJJ IKS '((No) LRADINO CLOTHIERS 33ki41 outH Snriiut Street 235-2 57-239 SOUTH BROADWAY. "v. Why It's Different Read the Staub "Reason Why" ad-Page 3, Part II, today's Times. Read what makes the Staub Shoe Store "So Different" so successful. You'll be interested. CM. Staub Shoe Co. Broadway, Corner Third The skin troubles of Summer prickly heat, rash, chafing and kindred imitations are immediately relieved by the free use of Rlcksecker'a Soap, and permanently avoided by using it habitually. Ricksecker's Soap Forth Skin and Complexion is a sktn balm and hygienic cleansing aent superior to all others. Professional men who- are in position to know Physicians, Chemists, Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical manufacturers use It In their own families. Price 25c per cake; 65c per box. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. & P. Bothwell, Pres. H. M. l.Tlon. Secy. Foreign Affairs today in an. endeavor to have rescinded the order which caused his summary dismissal from office. Minister Mariscal denied his petition. ' , Mr. Zeriano was dismissed from office for his alleged relations with the revolutionary Junta, which for some time had its headquarters in St Louis. In commenting on the case, Mariscal stated that the Mexican government would use every endeavor to run to earth all of the members of the junta which caused so much trouble to this government during the early part of September. Ten of the leaders are already in prison, and secret service officials are already In the track of others. According to Mr. Mariscal it will not be necessary to try them on the -charge of treason, as most of them are fugitives from justlee and will be tried on criminal charges. WIFE ELOPES TO ENGLAND. Prominent Society Woman Leaves Husband for a Wealthy Londoner. Spouse Follows Hr. IBT DIRECT WIRE TO THE TIMES.l NEW YORK, Nov. 1. Exclusive Dispatch. Mrs. Hawley Thrall Webster, a prominent Brooklyn society woman, has eloped with Symonds Walker, a wealthy Englishman, and they are now living in London. , Mr. Webster followed the couple abroad and there was a violent quarrel when the husband and Walker met in a London hotel. At that time Mrs. Webster emphatically declined to return to her home. Although they eloped more than ft month ago, the family succeeded in keeping rt from the public until today bv saying that Mrs. Webster had gone to a private sanatorium for her health. The programme of the disturbers of industrial peace who have captured San Francisco is this: To make Bell, nominee of the Union Labor party, Governor of the State, and to elect Stanley Wilson. Union Labor candidate, Mayor of IiOs Angeles. How do the business men, property owners, large and small, and independent work-inr-nu-n rdlh this pro The tree Embroidery Lessons Will be Discontinued Until After the Holidays. Girls' $7.50 to $20 Jackets ON SALE SATURDAY, NOT TODAY, AT Here's a seasonable offering, surely ---chilly weather just beginning and girls Winter Jackets at reductions ayeraging much more than half. Bonafide reductions, too not make-believe mark-downs from fixed-for-the-occasion prices. Twenty or more Jackets of fine serges, cheviots, broadcloths, coverts and Venetians, many of them lined throughout with Skinner satin and beautifully trimmed. 8 to 1 6-year sizes. Blues, greys, tans, reds, pearl, browns. Choice of the lot tomorrow at-. $5 ; , were $7.50 to. $20. And $5 to $8.50 Jackets at Close to forty garments in this lot navy blue serges and cheviots, tan coverts, gray coatings, red Venetians. Some unlined, some lined with satin. Some quite plain, some very prettily trimmed. Two-fifty is a ; shamefully low price for such garments. st If you've got a 6 to 1 4-year-old girl who needs a school coat, bring her here at 8:30 tomorrow morning. $250 (Rear of Annex) $3.50 Underwear $2.50 a garment for mens superfine silk-and-wool shirts and drawers that we have never before sold for less than $3.50 a piece. Practically all sizes for first comers. Mens Eiderdown blanket bath robes, cut unusually large, rare values at five dollars. Mens Domet flannel night shirts specially priced at forty-five cents. T4W (Right of Main Entrance) Jo. Broadway Ct 2Z4--6-8 Jo. jlill Ida Sell jllkgrcilo's famous Chocolates hZ pounds 40 cents. Jaffota Ribbons 25c a tfard Worth 35c J'sldom you're offered ribbons so staple as these, at enn a little less than usual prices. for girdles, belts, hat trimmings and other purposes which demand a taffeta ribbon of good body, uet soft and lustrous, these are splendid, full five inches in all shades, and only ZSc a yard, usually 35c. 35c to 75c UcUinq ZSc a yard hat without a nil Is the exception I nowadays. Our regular friday end j Saturday veiling sale gives you choks j from all the styles that sell cn ether J days from 25c to 75c a yard, for ZZc. j Black, white, brown, gray and c' I shades, broken meshes. Juxedos. phlnl and fancy designs of nearly all sorts. fancy gaskets Sf you need decorative baskets for Christmas uses, we strongly ad' vise you fa get them as soon as possible. whiU our assortments show all kinds to select from. Jhe makers never wove prettier or more attractive designs than those we are daily receiving. Splendid jQandlt'fs Modestly Priced for 50c we have an especially good assortment of handkerchiefs with hand-embroidered corners of violets, forget-me-nots, rose leaves, etc., $2.75 for six. More elaborate designs at 75c, butterflies, roses and others. Combs and grusw Considerably Jeduc toothbrushes. 19c, splendid value at 12c and 20c. Back combs. 50c, plain shell and azber, usually 75c and U Pressing combs. ZSc, regularly CZc. f air brushes. 35c , regularly 50c and 75s. I NEW -LINE -OF I POST CARD j ALBUMS i We have Just received a large I importation of fine Postal Card Albums. These are of extra quality and hold from 100 to 800 cards each. Prices range from $1 to $4. Mall Orders Filled MERRICK pfl REYNOLDS W. 222 South Broadway I. KODAKS Photo Supplies Artist' Materials Picture Framing Developing, Printing and Enlarging HOWL AND & CO. PHONES M. 211 Home 6011 810 South Broadway Rich Bohemian Gilt Cut Glass For a few days only we offer these beautiful Bohemian and Venetian novelties at " the following tempting prices. Very rich, handsome cut glass pieces, that, will add beauty to any table. Choose from $1.50 Handled CI AA Bon Bona, each...j) l.VU $1.50 Handled CI AA Olive Nappies, ea. plUU $2.50 Dessert P f PA Bowls, each $3.50 Footed CO OR Bon Bons, cuch... Sugar and Creams, $4.50 pr. Cream Pitchers, $1.50 each Bon Bon Baskets $2.00 each Cologne Bottles, $1.50 each FIRST FLOOR -'513313 5. Broadway H fit Jiwi: mi L 1 ' I T T T- Ji. ni joviie & raiuuus rruu yjuiics Here's where every palate will find something to exult over. Every- fft A body, old and young, likes the old-fashioned fruit cake the kind KM ji; Jevne makes. They are baked in our own ovens and baked with I'M greater care than any housewife could possibly give them. Of a de- W licious, rich, mellow, spicy flavor dainty and tempting. Wfi tfjk They come in all sizes from one pound up to meet the requiie- wft V ments of every occasion. Rely on Jevne's fruit cakes to make the M greatest success of your autumn functions. W 'ft 208-210 S. SPRING ST-WILCOX BUILDING .""si-- 9 'A. featherweight Trunks BtronfMt liHit trunk Birt &Tceice baefaeecB'n r-1-'- t t -1 3 wnltney-nnrrougna -Jl: J Tru.kCo. 0 t0 $3" 4U South Spring Str frmmmmMwism n SUGAR This is the staple of our business, and while we can't make much money on it, we keep it and sell it. To sell it we put a price on it, by the loo pound sack: Cane Sugar $5.15 Beet Sugar $4.95 If you pay the cash for it we allow you 23c discount on these prices. This is in accord with the refinery regulations. We have plenty of sugar, and no re stnctions as to the quantity you can buy. 1 1 emmrn New Fall Shoe For Men Price $4.00 Good style and good service in this handsome shoe. Made of Gun Metal Calf, with short forepart, welt extension sole and semi-military heel A substantial n 4 shoe for business wear. ;. ymrmm nil 1 Wetherby-Kctyser Shoe Company J , 215.217 South Broadway n 1 . V I r The Perfect Underwear "Merode" 1 tp 1 : it twits. -M , 1,1. - 7.4?' m w " "Merode ". (Hand FinUhtA) UNDERWEAR Hand f inished) For Ladies, Misses and Children Union Suits, Vests, Pants, Tights, Corset Covers Particular people are invited to call and inspect this meritorious make of Underwear. Full assortments are here in AII-Wool, Part-Wool, Silk and Wool Silk and Cotton and All Cottoa The famous "Merode" Underwear is hand-finished, every detail of manufacture being thoroughly attended to. The Prices Are So Moderate. Vesta and meruue Pants, fine Maco and Sea Island cotton, In medium ,fV V w Merode" ea Island cotton, In m and heavy weights, each 7if- J Ladies' Vesta and itierOae pat In whit, and jrray, full weight and a big value, each t "Hf17a" Ladlea' Fine Bilk and itierOae Cotton Mixed Veata and Fants, a splendid CI (r value, each 4W "71 r-Jt" Ladlea Choice All-iUerOue wool Vests and Panta. In white and natural gray, very no ft and warm, t each pi.J "T nmnJa" Children's Vests and iUeruae ranW, fine Maco cot ton, with soft, warm finish "ft- v inside, all sizes, each ' T pr-rJ o" ladies X'nfon Suits In iUtrUUC fine ribbed cotton, per fect fitting and finely made and finished, euit "lit trrAp" Ladies Vnion Suits In iUtUUC flne Merino, a mixture or wool ai'l cotton. In both white and gray, suit ., .50c ilts In txture .$150 .$2.00 T imAb" Ladlea' Union Silts, MCrUUC best grades of Maco yarn, come In either medium or heavy weight, a- i all aises, ault ,...1I.J "Merode" JS gray, nicely finished and in a "Ifwn tie" Ladlea' Vnion Suits of Mtruuc Biin and cotton mix ture, a very great value for the season, suit ...... Union Suits. fleece lined, in natural all aiaes, suit FOR SALE BV 50c N. B. BLACKSTONE CO., ?SSd Men's Clothing Fall and Winter Now on Sale at DESMOND'S CORNER THIRD AND SPRING STRIET3 SOME NICE T4 UTS....- O fn a ! ' - f .- t. New crop Pecans. Pine Nuts, and Brazils. Sweet Eastern will Chestnuts, large California Chestnuts, etc. Shells are fiilctl v the fullest with gound, solid kernels, Ludwig d Matthews Co. Phone 550. 133-35 South Main St. A

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