The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 9, 1911 · 12
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 12

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1911
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ft 1, 11 . SUNT) AY MORNING JULY 0, ion. PART I. THE CITY AND ENVIRONS. TODAY AND TONIGHT. , CHURCH EEP.YTCES. .See Page 13, Part I. of Saturday's Times, ukI fags , Fart IV, of today Times.) . THISATERS. neisro"Kead'y Moiwy" .... .5:16 and 8 15 p.m. Huroank "The Thiol" . .1:15 and :15 p.m. Coili-ge Vaudeville Conttnaou L!:-.-prc33 Vaurt--vi!!e !:15. T:4S. 00 P n- Grind "The Show fiirt" 2:15 and J 15 p.m. liyi.uin sucVvtiie Continuous) Lyceum Vaudeville ......2:15, 7:4a nd 9.00 p.m. l'ii)t.niim audtville ......... ,i:U and 8:15 1 ru. Pantries Vaudeville ' t:30. 7:10. : p.m. Hvsa Vaudeville 12:20. 2.3), :30. l:S0 p.m. SPORTS. Baacriall Oakland vs. Los Ansel rs, - at ernon ...10:39a.m. R. Inlt i&klanrt v. Los Angeles, at Washington Park ... S:30p.m. PARKS..' Central Park-Fifth and H1U. , E3 st lake Park East Angeles. Krho I'ark Reached by Edendale cars. Elyslan Psrk Reached by yellow Ganranxa or Eagle Rock Valley cars. Griffith Park In hills to northwest. , 'Tbei-k Park Boyle Heights. - " . r i 1-Reached by San Pedro-street cars. . iruve Reached by South Pasadena - r. - . v-West Sixth and Benton boulevard. . - irk Seventh and Alvarado, t V THE C-BKAT SHORE." ure may bo reached within a day, , i by electric or steam cars, or by . .i .ma, Monica, Ocean Park, Venice, : , ey, Redndo Beach, CliBton-by-the- i . . . fdro (the port and sailing point for ; :i j t Una Island. Long Beach, Naples, i. t i fiv.. Bay "ity. Huntington Beach, N'etvuortT Balboa, Laguna Beach. Oid San Juan Jfc'arh and Dana's vo. Ventura and Santa Barbara nn the north and San Diego on tte south, with way points, may be reached within hv hours. MOUNTAINS AND CANTONS. Reached by steam or electric cars, by auto or crriaire. o- horseback or by burro, vis.j Old fiunta Monica Canyon. Laurel Canyon, Mt. Lowu, Wilson's Camp. Arrowhead, Nordhoft, Sanu Anita Canyon, Old Ealdy, Bear Valley and Strawberry Valley tldyllwild) In ths Sao jacinto range, r BREVITIES. The following corpa of buyers for tho "Villa de Paris." 317 to 325 S. Broadway, have recently left for New York City, to select the latest novelties in their respective linea for the fall season: Miss G." Allen, buyer of lingerie, corsets, waists and children's wear; Mrs. K. Cox, buyer of ladles' ready-to-wear apparel, and Mrs. W. Rexcr, designer of "Ville" headwear. Mrs. G. A. Richards leaves on Tuesday- fer New York City, where she will assist Mr. M. A. Milbach, buyer of laces, dress trimmings, embroideries, leathergoods and jewelry, on his return from a business trip to Europe. We are showing a very fine assortment of Arizona rubies, tourmalines, abalone pearls and kunzites. These native gems, at once beautiful and Inexpensive, are exceedingly appropriate as mementoes of Los ' Angeles for friends in the East. We have these stones in an exhaustive variety of sizes and shapes, both mounted and unmounted. In rings, brooches, belt pins, fobs and scarf pins. Our Mail Order Department, supervised with especial care, is at your disposal. A. E. Morro, Fourth and Broadway. Kryptok' Invisible Bifocals, two pairs of glasses in one solid lens; the grandest that science can make; no suggestion of old age. I make them In toric and flat. I make Kryptok as low as SS, examination included. I cure cross eyes, astigmatism and headaches. If you want careful testing, good work, all guaranteed, see Dr. A. M. Garfield, suite 417 Grant Bldg., 355 South Broadway, corner Fourth. . Patronize Bolter's Tamale Shop, 310 West Ninth, for the most luscious tamales made, also our chicken, soup, chicken livers, ' chicken fat.: etc. Our Tamale Room at Ocean Park is also a pleasant place to visit for a tamale luncheon with tea or coffee, located at 2813 Ocean Front, almost opposite the new Dragon Gorge. Give us a call. rine nair uuous. maujuunaiu . The original college. Halrdressing, manicuring, .facial and scalp treatment. Expert hair dyeing, superfluous hair removed. College and graduate departments. Exclusively for ladies. Summer rates for students. .204 Mercantile place, corner Spring.; Ladles, have your coats and skirts altered. Guaranteed work. Wiman, ladles 'tailor, 244 South Broadway. Now Is tri t tmo for doreens. sleen- ing porches, carpenter jobbing and remodeling, glazing, cement and plaster patching. W. R. Phelps, 635 W. Pico, corner Figueroa. F1855. Pee our French plumes and willows before purchasing elsewhere, j Your old feathers wlllowed, cleaned. I curled and dyed to sample. Braiding! and embroidery, all materials, accordion pleating, buttons made. The Watson Company, 247 So. Broadway, over Unique. . ; We renovate your carpets, rugs, mattresses - and pillows. We have latest improved machinery and do first-class work only. Ring- us up for pfti mates. - City Steam Carpet Cleaning Wnrkn. Jnhn Rlnospr. Tffia-Jfl Main 27s .,. ... .... , . ... .... . Paden's Shoeitorlum for exclusive shoe repairing. Separate waiting apartment for ladies. Half soles sewed wnne you wait, IS cents. US south Broadway, between First and Second. Booklets end information relative to hotel, cottage and tent house accommodations at beach and mountain resorts can be had for the asking at the Times Free Information Bureau. Mr. N. Krystal, president of the Kryst&l Company, ladles' tailoring establishment, left July 6 for New York and other eastern points, combining business with pleasure. v. Sponging dress goods and wash materials a specialty. Accordion and the knife plaiting. Sunburst skirts. 54in-namon's Button Factory. 254 S. Bdwv. Furs have them remodeled while we are not busy and save one-third. No charges for storage. Alaska Fur Co.. 224 Mercantile Place. W. T. Woods will form a class for beprlimers In dancing Monday evening, July 10. 748 S. Fleueroa street." etel Rosslyn and Natick House, rrtcellent meals, 25 cents. . Delightful dinners. Sunday eve, 33 cents. Model-fitting patterns cut to meas-lire, p.osenbleet. Ladles' Tailor, 1031 WeHt -Seventh street. Tne Branch Office, No Ui South Broadway, advertisements and 0h-crlptlon taken . .. . ' " Mrs. Masson, noted London' palmist. 313 S, Spring (over Owl Drug Store.) . . . Hotel H oi-sl vn and Natick. Best .eent meals Sunday ve.. SS cents Delany for correctly fitted glasses. Also artificial eyes at. 309 S. Spring. SAX PIEfiAV cillL'S I.l'CK. BOSTON. July S.f Exclusive Dispatch. The will of the lute Godfivv Mnrcte, widely known lawyer end philanthropist, arrived In Boston snd was filed for probate today, rev.-allng mty public benefactions. Amonti the private herjuoots Is S1000 to Lottie Morwe of Sun Diego, a niece. Mr' Mors died In Europe last month r::!-"TON7':"r "J WrrH II. Bu.tum. . yesterday m. a wk nMiv-iit In H e ln' of ,-.,, Th, y l '. , ..,.. f " iiHtms mo tun of .r. D II H uvm. i... (,,,,. awiy avmnnrtjiti. Muvkivi p,h,r. . Hi,. ,,!.(! l,. ir t,it ,iu. f ' I i li.f i;.jf,,i,. tVjJ.rr.a Romantic CUPID'S SECRET WILL SOT KEEP. Musical Prodigy is Married to Her Manager. Remark Lets Friend Know What 's Happened. News of June Wedding in I East Big Surprise. A chance remark dropped yesterday let friends of Olga Steeb, wonder musician, and Charles IL'Keefer, her manager, know that the two were se cretly marled in Omaha on June 16, after making a trip acrosstthe Atlantic and half way across the American continent that their marriage might be solemnized with the least possible notoriety. On June 1 they set sail from Ant werp on the Manitou, accompanied by Miss Steeb's mother, made' an unevent ful trip to Boston, and then took train 9l Mrs. Charles II. Keefeiv formerly Miss Olga Steeb, wonderful Los Angeles pianist, who traveled from Berlin to Omaha to wed with least possibla ostentation the man or tier choice. without delay to Omaha. Arriving In the Nebraska city, Keefer immediately told his father, who lives in Omaha, that he was about to, marry the sweet est and best little girl in the whole world, and the elder Keefer, greatly pleased, conducted his son, his future daughter-in-law and Mrs. Steeb to a ; little German Methodist , Church, where the marriage was performed, a license having hastily been secured. About ten days ago Mr. and Mrs. Keefer, accompanied by the bride's mother, came to Los .ngeles and have been staying at the Steeb home, No. 2645 Garnet street. Nothing was said of the marriage to friends. TIRED OF SPOT LIGHT. "We had had so much publicity for the past two years," Keefer explained last night, "thaT we were tired of being In the spot light. We knew that mention of our marriage would only mean a lot more of the thing we had left Berlin to WBVtlpB, Bl tV3 Salt! iiolllillg fclmut it. If we had been married In Berlin it would have been impossible to keep it secret, as public notices are posted for six weeks and there is all manner of red tape and official investigations." But the secret was too good to keep. Keefer forgot himself yesterday, and the friends of the couple were treated to a big surprise. Congratulations were showered upon them. In November, 1909, Miss Steeb, a pupil of Philo Becker of this city, went to Berlin with her mother. At that time the girl was unknown to any one in Europe. Keefer was a musical critic and instructor, and Miss Steeb happened into his office. He heard her play, pronounced it marvelous, wrote a big story about the little American protliry. and within ten days his "find" was the talk of musical Europe. In Berlin on December 10, 1909, in the Bluthnier Saal, Miss Steeb gave her first European concert. Her fame was assured from that premier performance. She became known as a planiste who who followed the method of no master, yet had one all her own that was a combination of the best of all the masters. ! Miss Steeb has a repertoire of 1100 compositions, all of which she plays from memory. She plays more compositions than any other three of the world's greatest pianists. i In March of this year in Berlin Miss Steeb gave a series of nine or-chestra concertos in thirteen days, a feat never before attempted. Xavlcr Scharwenka, one of the greatest composers of the day, declared that Olga Steeb would have been a wonder on the piano if she never had had a . lesson. This admission from the great Pole came after Miss Steeb had memorized in eight hours Schar-wenka's concerto in F minor. It had taken the composer three months to memorize this work, which is fifty minutes tn the playing. Keet'er's claims to fame will not be based solely on the fact that he is the husband and manager of a musical prodigy. About two years ago he dls-uuvefrd a .system of . harmonising old church modes, an srt that had been lost for 200 years. This achievement brought him into repute In Europe, and he was at once taken into the Stern conservatory In Berlin, whore he was a teacher of composition until he left there to come to America with. Miss Steeb. As a mark of recognition, a French musical society Is planning to bestow a sold medal upon Keefer. This summer Miss Steeb will tour the Coast In concert, snd In March of next year will return to Europe. The Reefers expect to make their home In Berlin. ' 1 , Fi'NiatAL MitKcfoiis. Orr & llomlie Co., Burressors tn Orr Edwards Company, Kuneral Directors snd Pmbalmers, ' Now In our new Omiwl. l.'ir, and H..i.e sir!. "ter'l-s , rW'., IT- John O. Pari "si, Trek Clie l'.. I iiilcrtn Vein, j ... . . .i ? .r-(t. J.-i assist- . nt. N.ilir.nul taH Co. cuskets. Tels iu'j, c; I'ii ln Svw orlcsn. sol I. C. H '-ci, rui. Ui West Bixtu. J 5 s - ft J Jfr to : , " V VITAL RECORD. MAIUUAGE LICENSES. Tru following marrlac licenses wars) Issued yesterday. Nam and ase given. ARXEFUCK-BOLEVICH. Tony Arnertch. Zii ixmiina Bwlevich. J5. BILHTTI A.NDERSON. Cfcarfejr BllUttl. K. Chrletirva E. Anderson, 22. HATCH Mi-OEE. Fred Hatch. M; Emily McGee. . ' HI ATT HAT. CI srerics R. Hlatt, 8; Lottie S. Hay. If. . .. RTPELL N VSTROM. James A. RydelL JT; Olga V. Nystrom, 25. STONej ENGLiSii. Sabora Stems, K; Ma English. ). WARMAN SLATER. Nathan W. 'Warman, B; Maud Slater. 27. BIKTUS. Names, ser. place and dat of birth. ANDERSON. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Baucb- ter. I7il Trinity street. June S3. ARNDT. Mr. and Mrs. Caroline.. Daughter. Beventy-uith and Manchester. July s. BATBO.V. Mr. and Mrs. Layton O. Daughter. S315 Kuli'hur street. June 27. COX. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Boy. 156 East Eighteenth street. June 12. " DOWNHOUR.- Mr. and Mrs. John. Boy. 703 East Sixth streete. June 23. EASTERLY. Mr. and Mrs. Hugn D. Daughter. LO East Fiftietb street. July 1. FRIEDRICKS. Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Boy. ' J23 East Fifty-second street. Jun 24. HAKDW1CK. Mr. and Mrs. Bam W. Daughter. 1117 WesrVirst street. June S. LAL'UHLIN. Mr. and Mrs. William O. Boy. 504 East Sixtieth street. June 11. McMAN.NANY. Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Daughter. ". 12U West Purty-flrst street. June 27. . , .' ' ' : HERTE8. Mr. and Mrs. William.1 Daughter. 27S East Forty-second street. June JL MILLER. Mr. and Mrs. Max. Boy. 13 Rose street. July 4. TOKO. Mr. and Mrs. John. . Boy. County Hospital. July G. WHITTLE. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Boy. t3G gante street. June 13. .... OFFICIAL DEATH LIST. Narr.e and place of death . Asa. Data. BARTLETT, Adolph. Los Angeles.. 83 BOWE.V, Emmett. Los Angeles...... VI - 6 BVRAM, Grace E. Los Angeles.,,.. 38 7 DIXOX, Reglna. Los Angeles........ 80 - 7 FRITZ, Michael. Iais Angeles., M i GLIEBE, Sister Mary J. Los An Seles 32 7 HORTO.V. Hampton. Los Angelea... S3 JOHNSON, Anna B. Los Angeles.., 6 ROONEY, Cecelia. Los Angeles 1 ' WRIGHT, Larkin, Jr. Los Angeles.. U - ( , DEATHS. With Funeral Announcements. BALLOU. At his ranch near Holtvllle. Cal., July , 191 L Stephen Davis Ballou, aged 68 years and a months, leaving a widow and r daughter. ;.- - . .... - Remains at parlors of Booth A Boylson Company. Cremation and services at Rose-dale Crematory, under auspices of Masonic order, Monday, July 10, 11)11, at 8:30 p.m. Members of Masonic fraternity and B. P. O. Elks are respectfully Invited to attend. (San Luis Obispo and San Francisco papers please copy.) CEAVER. July , William J. Beaver. Funeral arrangements will appear In papers Monday morning. BELLEW. At No. 141 West Fifteenth street, . July (, .1911; Jacob Beliew, aged 67 years. Funeral at the chapel of Bresee Brothers, 855 South Figueroa, Monday at, 10 o'clock. All members of O.A.R. invited. Interment, Inglewood Park Cemetery. j BICKNELL. At 10:50 p.m., July T, 1911, John D. Bidknell, a native of Vermont, aged 73 years. Funeral services at family residence, 2 p.m., Monday, July 10, mil. Friends are? invited. . Interment, Inglewood Park Cemetery. BTRAM. At No. 1508 Temple street, July 7, Grace Evelyn, beloved wife of George L. Byram, aged 39 years. ; - Funeral from her late residence, Monday, July lo, at 10 o'clock. Friends invited. CORTELYOU. Entered Into rest at her residence, No. 6944 Hayes avenue, Lcs Angeles, Cal., July 7, 1911, Mary Van Zandt Cor-telyou, widow of John Gardner Cortelyou, and beloved mother of James O., John V., Louis V., Spencer V., Herman P. and 1 Cathryn Cortelyou. Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p.m. in Highland Park M. E. Church, corner Avenue 53 and Ash street. Friends invited. Interment private, at Hollywood Cemetery. FRANKLIN.1- At Savannah, John Franklin, aged 68 years, beloved husband of Julia and father of Rose Stuart, Annie Carson, Nancy Lante. Lillian Bruclc. Kate. Irene. Ella Flemming and Jessie Franklin. ' Funeral Monday, July 10, at 2 p.m., from . late residence. Savannah. MACJUIRE. At Brooklyn, N. Y July 8, 191L Elizabeth Leypold Magulre, mother of Leo J. Magulre, aged 86 years. - Interment, Baltimore, Md. MANLET. In this city, Phoebe, beloved wife of George Man ley. aged 63 years. Remains at the parlors of Cunningham & O'Connor, No. 10.11 South Grand avenue. Funeral services at Hollywood chapel, Tuesday, July 11, at 3 p.m. Interment, Holly - ouu Lemeiery. McCOULLIC. At her residence. No. 4744 Hunt-, Ington Drive, Elsie McCoullie, beloved wife of Albert McCoullie and sister of Belle and Byron McDonald of San Francisco. Interment will take place In Ban Francisco. She was a member of Mission Chapter, Order 'Eastern Star. Remains can be seen at chapel of Overholtser & Sons Company until Monday noon, July, 10. (San Franclsoo papers please copy.) MOORE. At the California Hospital, July 8 v. '"Thus S. Mwre. ad rears, husband of Mrs. Ada Moore and father of Mildred, .Florence, Jerald and Mere); leaves also a mother, Mrs. Lavlna J. Moore, and five brothers, G. W., A., J., J. Li D W. M. and B. F. Moore, also two sisters, Mrs Armlnla Keller and Mrs. Alice CrutchnelcL Funeral services Monday, 10 a.m.. Con. nell's parlors,. No. 1051 South Grand avenue, Rev. Kniirhten omalating. Interment Rosedale Cemetery. . , . ' SCHWARZ. At Napa City, suddenly, July 6 beloved wife of Max Schwars. daughter of O. Mendelsohn and the late Flora Mendel-sohn, sister of Myer, Ed, Manny, Sam and Dave Mendelsohn. Funeral at Los Angeles' residence. No 417 North Hill street, Monday, July 10, at t P.m. SIBLKY. At his residence In Walgrove. Frl-djy, July 7, George Whitney Sibley, native , of Vermont and resident of Los Angeles for many years, aged 6S years. Funeral from his late home, Monday, July 10, at 2 p.m. SPEED. At No. 12S8 Wesllake avenue, July 7, . WH. Holland Hector Speed, aged 59 years. Ho Is survived by his widow. Luella Mav Speed, snd his son, William Patillo Speed. services will be held at the chapel of Biesce Brothers. 855 Figueroa. Monday, July 10. at 3 o'clock. Interment, Rosedale Cemetery. Friends Invited. rUXKKAL NOTICE. Members of Los Angeles Commandery, No 9 Knights Templar, are instructed to meet 'at the anvlum it I -art nVl.u.1., . July 10, to attend the funeral services of our uovc..., ;, wumraanaer John D. w. H. BOOTH, Commander. I OBITUAUY. V j Andrew Dnmm mtli,. r : A many, and a resident of this city for tha psst twenty years, died at his late home, No. ml Wct Second street. Saturday morning, July L 1!11. He was born August 10. 1S43, and came to Fan Francisco in 1S61, where he resided several years and then went to Santa Barbara. From thence he went to Arlsona, the first time in 1876, and was employed In av.vermnent work In 1S,8 he went to Nevada, returning to Ari- ... .... Bucceraruity in pros- pectins and mining, and during that time built the Mammoth stamp mill. About twenty "I"" h0 camB to U" Ansoles. and has made his home here ever sine. He became . Odd Fellow in 1S75. being ahart"? SSKi of Channel City Lodge, No. 232, I.O.O.F.. of Santa Barbara, and held his membership In Mason. He was a man of strict Integrity and t CAUD OF THANKS. Us wl.h to thank our kind friends and n.t.h bors for the ,ncer. Kindness u7li.' t MR. AND MRS. J. J. SCHLIESMAN. Ccmctertc3. Inglewood ctcr. Two n..,s outside of ih. cu, lum. a-m xiiseiM ana nsaondo Railway, JOS aeVil f partial land, with, Improvement ouicUsT lu anv cemstery on the Coast. , 307 South Broadaay. Koaoa 11 Phones FJitiJ; Mala 4ti Buiwrlntsodent's phon. Iui4) Hollywood Cemetery Loratmi. Ids modsis .,,a uracil.. Utah, .tilling isii. uesutltdi lanes, ,r. nd shrtiltu.rv Ail I, us vner ptrimtu. tuitier pboaes, svimj. liollynwvsl iU. 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Sness acuvitiea of tha city, the schoo! naturally yartake. of Lo, AngeleS ,pi f prol and enterprise. r Our cioe proximity to all prominent Office Buildings. Federal Biilldlnra Banks. Railroads, Express Companies, Wholesale Houses. i.,.,. various Mercantile Firms, brings us In lie Firms, brings us In ployers of help. This affords us opportunities for placing our graduates in tha best available positions, and at'the same time enables us to keep our courses of stud, and work of our school abreast of the modern business world. ' Prospective students should appreciate our central location as it is an advasirava to them, Here the business is done. Here you should secure your business education Here you get in touch with the commercial spirit, and become acquainted with tha methods and customs of the business world. - ... A BCSIVESS SCHOOL SHOULD BE LOCATED IX THE IlrJAET OF KraiVESS . ACTIV1TIKS. 1 MS Our Special months coursa for 55.00 not only saves yo'u 'moner and time, but offers advantages that can not be had In any ,other school. Send for cataloaue. . - - Marlborough School for Girls 4 65 WEST 23RD STKF.ET i i2nd Vear Opens heptembe 86th. A pleasant refined home for thirty girls. General, special and college preparatory courses. Certificate admits to California and Stanford Universities and to Vagsar, Smith, Mt. Holyoke and Wellesley Colleges. Special advantages In art, history, etc. Outdoor study; well equipped gymnasium; riding; tennis, etc No girls admitted under fourteen years Old. .' , Miss Wiltshire will be at the school from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. throughout July and after September 15th. MRS. GEORGE A. CASWELt..' ."Prlnnlnat. Miss GRACE WILTSHIRE. B. -S.. Associate rrmcipau - Marlborough Preparatory School 636 West Adams St Between Chester Place and - Figueroa St. Residence ' and day school; careful home training; constant advancement irrespective of grade limit. Physical development a specialty. Grounds adapted to outdoor life. , Summer school. English branches. French, German, Spanish, music, : sewing. Miss Ida B. Llndley, Principal. Hollywood School FOR GIRLS. SUNSET BOULEVARD AND HAT ATE. ; Out-of-Door gchooL Home and day school for girls. College preparatory and general courses. Grammar and Primary departments, Music, Art, Domestic science and physical training. . The unique feature of the school is the recognition of sound physical health as the essential foundation of all education. To attain that end the school was founded as an out-of-door Institution and ha secured telling results. The school seeks to help each individual to the highest possible attainment In health, efficiency and character. Commodious buildings, extensive campus, play grounds and tennis courts. Send for catalogue and special information. Home Phona 67504. Address until Aug. 1st, 2X1 W. Hollywood Blvd. Barr-Kent Stenographic School 307-329 Merchants' Trust Bldg. . Offers exceptional opportunity . during summer. Send for particulars. Phones: A3121 ; Bdwy. 696. Harvard School-Military Western Ave. Boarding and Day Pupils. Ten-acre athletic field. Manual training shops. Detailed U. S. Army officer. Men teachers. Summer session began June 26. Write for illustrated catalogue. Tel. 72147. Grenville C. Emery, Lltt. D., Head Master; Egan Dramatic School The reason the Egan pramatlc School is the greatest dramatic school in the West Is because every feature is an attest. Students may enter at any time. Top Floor Majestic Theater Building. . F26(t5. THE GAMBLE SCHOOL SANTA BARBARA. Home and DaT Seh! foe drl All de. partments. College preparation. Hqme life. Music. Art. Languages. Physical Training. Dancing. For circular, address MISS MART E GAMBLE. Santa Anita Camp for Girls ' SIERRA MADRB Out-door life among the pines under chap-eronage of experienced teachers. TutorinK if desired. MISS Lu L. COOPER, Telephone 73427. . ..... .'. ' , ' Typewriter Bargains Every machine in our stock reduced 25 per cent, to DO per cent. Tou will save money in buying a machine NOW. Look at these bargains: No. 6 Remington .$17.50 No. 2 omilli Pieiultii' 13.08 No. 5 Oliver late style . 42.50 No. 3 L. C. Smith, visible 45.00 Royal visible 43.50 100 other bargains In stock. ' AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE CO. 116 South Spring Street. A3913. - " Main S0B9. Hi LYONS Exclusive Ladles' Tailor. SUITS FROM $35 UP. FIFTH FLOOR. 444 S. 3R0ADWAY The Leather Store Formerly at ?1S S. Broadway. Is now located xrlth Frederickson Hair Company 743 S. BROADWAY Palomares & Ross - Investments, ' Real Estate and Street Bonds. 410 Trust and Saviiigs Bldg., -6th and Spring Sts. Telephones Bdway. 1762, A2768. CALL FOR BIDS FOR MUSIC AT THE STATE FAIR, SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA. Bili r asked for a band consisting of pii-ces, 30 placet ami i) pieces, to piny at the California Stute Fair. Sacramento. ChI lor six days, commencing Monday, Auciist 2,Sth, to and includin Satin liny, Hep tern ber 2nd, 1911. The hum! to play from l:3i F.M, tn T.M.. and from ;tiO t. 10:00 P.M.. ex-centirg Htutmluy evening, the? cliBlii Jay, when the bni, wl'.l la exppi'tod to play until )i o't loi k. In nililitlmi. the hurid will n exiif tM to piny two mom-Iiiijs during live stork piiradoa. It will be tindfTslnfid that a dlvlxlnr ut the band may be Hindu so as to pluy In two ill'" feietit pIhi'ps nt th nm tlin. IfUla r in I ! Illml i'ii or 1-cf.iie K ilnr. d.iv. .Itilv l.Mli. 11-11. T?i U.inrtl of t -I'lw toi' l.x-nes tin? lihl li t'ln t iitiy anl all I l.l,', V'.,--i ' A r.'.l -"M T'',KIlt. Miff SX'.'i , 1 C 'f I" li .1", I. I 1 1 'i.-l.l , 4.ll, warn?) V ' I direct communication i,h t...7 - " direct communication with th nrZ5 TZ , t. ; jj. i.. jiui.t.MA.N, Pres. Cumnock Academy Boarding and Day School for Girls. , ' College preparatory and general courses. Music, Art, Physical Training. Refining influences. Individual attention. JUNIOR SCHOOL First Elqht grades. Outdoor study, recreation and soorts. Thorough work. Catalogues on request. SIMMER TIIOB1NU tn High School and grade studies. , . , t , School of Expression x , Elchteenth Year..." . An advanced course for cultural or pro fesslonal training. Interpretation, English, Dramatics, Voice and Physical Training. Graduates in demand as teachers and readers. Send for catalogue. 1500 SO. FIGUEROA STREET . Oat-oI-DooT Life at Angeles Vista School (Miss Wing's School for Girls.) 1814 St. Andrews Place Prepares for all' colleges and universities. Newly equipped throughout. Offers mora advantages than any other girls' school in the West. Out-of-door clasa rooms, Bleeping porches and roof garaen. Send for Illustrated catalog. ETHELWYN WING, M. A., Principal. ' Home 73544. Aim High high above the av erage school. PHYSICALLY 5th none Hamburger Bids:. 10 lee- aiwve lew-dona distracting street-noise and diut. Leader since 1881. All summer begin now. Good positions. : F1850. Main iSQa. - , ' x-oremosc uiness louega. - Girls' Collegiate School 1 UPPER SCHOOL tCASA DEI ROSAS) Adams and Hoover Streets. Miss Farsaa and SJlss LHsaaeo. 1'rtsclpahv LOWER fiCHOOL (OPPOSITB CASA tS - .. ROSAS) 14s W..ADAM3 8T. , Rammer school for day and boarding pupils. Miss Thomas and Miss Mossrove, Principals. Success Shorthand Institute 327-337 II. W. HELLMAN BLDQ. , , PIIONEa 109S1 ilAIN 3276. ' The ideal Shorthand School for high school and college students. World's record system. " Individual instruction. , DAY AND EVENING SESSIONS. " Special speed dictation classes. " ' - Send lor Booklet So. 2. . Logan's Academy of Fine Arts . (Inoorporatiicl) -AH branches of Music, Palnt-, ini? and oUier arts taubt by renowned artists. .Terms on application. 2206 S. Figueroa St. i . Phones West 3527; Home zm. M. i-A. g0(j Avara(j0$t. Summer Session. Thorough School. Delightful Home. Home 52647 Wi are offering for the summer a special 1 months' course for I5S. Investigate. 100 Coulter Bldir.. i!3 R Brosdway. CALIFOKN1A 8CHOOL. FOB BOYS. HOARDING AND DAY. SUMMKB SESSION. Opens June 19th, 1948 Lovelace Ave, N. WILLIAM BRICK. U. A.. Prin. - Home .23673. Los Angeles ANY TIMI Business College! N K Coonfr r.UiANi hiij Mm mm v The Orton School College preparatory and finishing school tor girls 1(4 8. Euclid Ave.. Pasadena. The Brownsberger Commercial Collega a '. 95S-S-7 'West Ssventh Street. Iay aod erenlns classes. Mala illl. Komi 81401, " : Free catalog. . KENNARD'S POLYTECHNIC w . BUSINESS COLLKOB. ' l ' 1 19?9 8. Grand Are. f 10.00 a month. Positions for Oraduatea. . WKKK'a TRIAL KBKK. FULL COURSE IN MUSIC Inillvidunl Instmctlon on piano, voice and Violin. (1.00 Per Month and Up. Send tor FKKE iSooaieC Von Stein Academy of Music 038 BO. HIIX T. , Thonest A3780i or Bdwy. 8IW3. - Page Military Academy ids oig sironsj nauiii lur jvuujt dojts. summer rates 126 per month. 1J7 West Adama Phones: 11203: South iT4. - The New Standard Encyclopedia Is gusranteed te be new and complete. A University Society Consultation aod Mem-bershlp Certincata, ntltlln the holder to many benefits and prlvllegss and good tot three years, goes with sacli ssc This cr-tldcats keeps the Kncyclopedla up-to-data, Bead costal to Times fcUicyslopsol Club, Wcstlake. School for' Girls Reslrlenca and dsy school. Accredlte.l to Berkeley, Stanford, and Ksstern Colleges. Outdtwr suninter klndersarfesu Catalogue upon request. 618 SO. ALVAHAI.XJ. vaip cntirm r . 10 N. VNION AVE.. I.OS ANOELEft A hoarding and dsy school for you&g men and boya fits fur any ci'llrse. i-ius gym-inslum. Spsvial atlilctlo Instructor. Sum-mi it imp. Send lor lllustratvd catalogue. Main 633. r Art & Design SI jtli Alvara ftth year KuIIti lo Wi ii.., itai-na, m m'im; t t. iv.i.s. I. 0. iivul, lur. is iful. it t'l,.,,.-!

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