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CUPID FIGURES AS THE GOD IN THE CAR. BOTH BRIDE AND GROOM WERE WEDDED BEFORE. vr rem "lit a ness, a director of the Standard Oil Company, has spent a largo sum Improving the property. Mr. Hall, treasurer of the imam R.

Steals Company, through which the sale was made, buys as an investment, and paid $43,000. SUIT OVER BUNGALOWS. Hotel Maryland may two of its finest bungalows on Norm Euclid avenue, if tha FranK Hogan Company, which buiit them, wins the suit It has started. The construction company alleges that the lease on the has expired, hut that the hotel company refuses to surreder them. It aski the court to give it possession.

CHAPIN Kt'NKKAL TODAY. Private funeral services will be held at Mountain View Cemetery this afternoon for Mrs. Louisa Chapin, widow of Lvman It. Chapin, who illed yesterday morning, after fourteen years residence here. Mrs 'hapin.

formerly a resident or Cnlcago. and for many years a resident of Altadena, was SI! years old. She was the, mother of Mrs. Carrie L. Wedding of Rich Covin Youth of Twenty-one Yoare to Attractive Business Woman of Riverside Follows Moonlight Proposal on Moun tain Top.

Marriage in the Est of Rich Couple Who Little Over Year Ago Were Freed from Matrimonial Chain Interests Crown City Society Universalis Convention. 1'-- rrrxpyWlY A remarkable experience la connection with the Cooper remedies, which have become almost a household word in Lou Angeles since tbelr introduction hero a short tlmo since by T. Cooper, la that of Nfrs. Goodwin, formerly of OoldflelJ. now residing in this city, In Roland Flats, 143 S.

Bunker Hill. Mrs. Goodwin's story Is best told by herself. She says: "For. ten years or I suffered from stomach trouble, but during the past two or three years It became terrible.

I declined in weight until I was merely shadow of my former self, being reduced from 150 pounds down to eighty pounds. I can scarcely describe the torture I had to endure. My Btomach rebelled against solid food. Every meal was followed by such Intense pain that I had to resort to liquid diet almost exclusively. "I seemed to get little or no nourishment from my food, and became gneatly weakened In fact, I had no III .3 Two months ago I decided to give up the doctors and try the Cooper medicine, about which I had been raiding and hearing a great deal.

I procured a treatment of Cooper's New Discovery at the Owl Drug Store and make no exaggeration when I say It afforded almost Immediate relief. In a short time I could eat food which I would not have dared to touch without feeling any discomfort afterward. I began to gam strength rapidly, and was soon sleeping soundly at night. In two months' time I was practically well, having recovered twenty pounds In weight In that time. "I am indeed thankful that Mr.

Cooper came to Los Angeles, for his medicine has proven a GodBend to me." Many statements of a similar nature to the above have been made for publication by responsible residents of this community, telling of the splendid results the writers have derived from the use of the Cooper remedies. ReportB from the Owl Drug Stores are to the effect that the demand for the Cooper preparations, and especially the stomach remedy, is very heavy, having Increased largely since Mr. Cooper's departure from the city. Office of Tbt Time. Xo.

V. S. Hi.ymona Av PASADENA. June marriage of much interest here was celebrated at Laporte. yesterday, when William A.

Howe, who was divorce a year ago from the daughter of Kdward H. Jack, COVINA, June 3. A meeting in a store at Riverside, followed by an automobile ride to the top of Mt. Rubi-doux on a moonlight night, and a midnight proposal, resulted in the marriage today of Frank M. Chapman, eldest son of the late Col.

F. M. Chapman, and Miss Bertha M. Norton. The groom is 21 years old; the bride, 23 years.

The wedding was solemnized at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Thomas R. Jurney, No. 2121 Michigan avenue, Los Angeles, at 3 o'clock p.m. Rev.

Mr. Conley, pastor of the Christian Church here, officiated. On account of the recent death of a millionaire reona ian, Duarte's New Grammar School. Haudsome "modified mission" building occupied for the first time day before yesterday; cost $16,000. for me fla-urert in a sensational fight Harris and Dr.

A. U. Chapin oi t-jsa- Jack estate, wedded Mrs. Ada Hill. dena" Kll jj.

chapin of Ontario, AMMONIA GIVES JAO. Sufferincr from chronic ulcoholia. a SNUFFED OUT. strength at all to speak of, and bo-came exhausted with the least exertion. My nervous system was shat CHECK KITER'S FALL SUDDEN.

tered. I could not sleep well, and was nothing more or less than a physical wreck. "The best doctors obtainable treated my case, but were unable to help me. man was brought to the Police Station yesterday, who had become drunk on aromatic spirits of ammonia. The police sav that at other times, when I the craving overtook him.

ho drank wood alcohol and even gasoline. I He Is now almost, a physical wreck, and will be kept in the City Jail for a few days under care of the police stir- geon. (nal LONG 19 SUSPECT CONFESSES TO BEACH OFFICERS. RLAME IS NUT PLACED. COMMODIOUS QUARTERS.

Splendid Building Erected at Duarte to Take Place of School Burned a Year Ago. DUARTE, June 3. The new grammar school, to replace the one burned last June, was occupied yesterday. It is one of the fines-t of its class in Southern California. The architecture is of "modified mission." The structure Is practically fireproof, being built of reinforced concrete with metal tile roof.

Its dimensions are 90x128 feet. Five class rooms feet, an auditorium 46x50 feet, library, directors' room and principal's office are provided. By means of sliding doors twenty-eight feet wide the auditorium and a 30x30 feet class loo-m can be united when occasion demands. The interior is of sand-finished arden with' tinted walls and ceilings. The floors are of beechwood.

The building cost $18,000. The R. Da visson Company, a local concern, did the work at a minimum margin of profit. No one is blamed lor me ueiun oi Policeman Jack Slade, according to the verdict of a Jury impaneled by Coroner Well-Dressed, Middle-Aged Man Admits Having Left Trail of Bad Paper Behind Him on His Way South from Oregon Police Chief Accuses Captain. Hartwell yesterday.

Slade was run over by a Santa Fe train at Madison avenue Tuesday night. The Los Angeles Sunbav who has been divorced a little mo.e than a year. Mr- and Mrs. Howe left last night for Pasadena to visit the bride's father, William C. Goodno.

Howe's former wife and her two daughters are now traveling in Europe. The fight over the estate in which he and his former wife were Interested began Jn January. 1P0T, when a petition was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook county. Illinois, to restrain the disposition of the estate. It was alleged that one of the sons of the millionaire, William S.

Jack, had taken the father to California and was hiding him as part of a plot to get possession of the estate, which Included a ranch in It was alleged that the father, Kdward H. Jack, who was then s4 rears of age. was of unsound mind. A restraining order kept the estate intact. Soon after this litigation Howe was divorced from his wealthy wife.

UNIVERSALIST CONVENTION. Three leading pastors. Rev. Malcolm James McLeod. Rev.

Matt S. Hughes and Rev. S. G. Dunham, of the Pasadena Presbyterian, First Methodist" ajid First Universalis churches, respectively, met on the platform last night before the Univcrsallst corivention and discussed the question.

"The Message of Christian to This Age." They agreed that was the love of man for man and the love of man for God. During th afternoon the Woman Missionary Association of the lmver-Ealist churrlies of the State elected officers thus: Mrs. Jenny B. Conger Los Angeles, president; Mrs. Sarah Strtckler.

Los Angeles, vice-president; Mrs. Sophie M. Hodges, Pasadena, secretary'" Mrs- M. A. Snyder.

Pasadena, treasurer, and Mmes. Ellen M. I'tley. Los Angeles, and Frances Saunders Pasadena, two-year-term members of the directorate. At the early session at the rirst church.

Rev. S. G. Dunham, pastor, presided and named as Commutes on Nominations. E.


LONG BEACH, June 3. The cometlike head of a long trail of bad checks suffered sudden eclipse here today, when Chief of Police Williams and Detective Phillipe arrested Charles Weim-hurst. After being sweated, the man, who is apparently about 42 years old, and well dressed, broke down and that he is a "professional k'ter of checks," and that he has worked every town of any size on the Coast, from Oregon south. The attention of the police was directed to the man by some of the local merchants, who had become suspicious. He is reported to have visited every bank In toun during the last few days, and waen i-rrested a bundle of blank checks from neatly every institution was founl in his pockets.

His funeral will tie neiu at o'clock this afternoon from the chapel of Ives, Warren and Salisbury. Rev. J. Burdette and Rev. M.

M. Kil-patrick in charge. The police fowe w4il attend in a body. The Odd fellows' will have charge at Mountain View Cemetery. CITIZENS MUST WAIT.

Because his associate, William F. Herrin, Is away for the summer. Henry E. Huntington told a committee from the Lincoln Avenue Improvement Association yesterday that he could give no answer to their petition for a street railway line until September. Mr.

Huntington gave the delegation encouragement, but said he could not undertake any step of that kind in the absence of his lieutenant. SAYS ACT IS EVIL. Declaring that the Shaw act, for forming storm water assessment districts, is pernicious and dangerous, Attorney H. A. Barclay of Los Angeles, In a speech at Altadena Wednesday night, persuaded nearly the whole of Altadena to withdraw from the stonri water district, which the residents of upper Lincoln avenue are trying to form.

HERMIT WIPES OUT THREE AND ONE-HALF DECADES. Some of the Contents of the Issue of Newspaper and Magazine in Eight Parts Britisher Who Hated Women and Lived Alone at Artesia Suddenly Gets Homesick, Sells Ranch, and Departs for London Without Saying Farewell to Any One. 3unc 6, 1909 It wa until he was confronted with information which the police managed to gather from letters also found in his possession, that he confessed. His true name, he says Is Weimliurst, but he has lately been o- ir yfJr I AS 'CV If Zfl ARTESIA. June 3 John Severs, the inri under many aliases.

Under the name of Charles Havington, last April, he confesses to having passed two checks, of $40 and $20, respectively, hermit, lias eone back to England to spend the last days of his life amid the scenes of his boyhood. Thirty-five supposed to Imve been issued by the Vreainer Hardware Company on a years ago Severs, then a young man nie Conger, Mr. Ruggles ana n. Benton; Committee on Resolutions. H.

L. Canfield. Mr. Tuttle and S. I.

GIbbs; Committee on Elections. Mrs. Carnahan. Mr. Alden and Mrs.

Jackson. Dean A. H. Chamberlain of Throop Institute will act as Auditing Committee. s-aloon-keeper at Grant's Pass.

Or. He into the Artesia country walked down also admits having victimized Frank from Los Angeles, having just arrived The Altadenans feel that they no not want to pay for the protection of Lincoln avenue and the city of Pasadena. A petition was signed, and a committee appointed to circulate it widely, asking the Supervisors to make the storm district very small. PUP SUIT DISMISSED. Mrs.

Fannie Brown of North Lincoln avenue missed her ear yesterday, and In her absence. Justice Klamroth dismissed her famous case against Mrs. Sadie Bergman of Los Angeles, alleging petty larceny of a pup. joims-on hi in Minion nuiei on inree frniT1 ZMnnii. He had a little checks of $14.

$20 and $25. money tied up in a handkerchiel, which he carried over his shoulder at the end of a stick. He bought a twen ty-acre place just south of here and built a little shack. In that one room, eight bv fourteen feet, he lived until IN THE NEWSPAPER SECTION PART I. General News Sheet; The Freshest News of the World by Wire; Record of Births, Marriages, Deaths and Divorces; Weather Conditions; News of Southern Counties.

PART II. Editorial Section; Editorials and Pen Points; The Lancer; Local Official Doings; Mercantile Advertising. PART III. The Cream Section; News of Society; The Drama; Music and Musicians, Art and Artists, Review of Fresh Literature; Each and All Society; Girls' and Boys Page; Dry Goods and Other Advertising. PART IV.

First "Liner" Section; The Times' Clearinghouse; General Classified Advertisements. PART V. Second "Liner" Section; Real Estate; The Times' Weekly Review; Daily Market Reports; Shipping; Real Estate Record; The Workers; Mines and Mining; Classified Real Estate and Miscellaneous Advertising. PART VI. The Pink Section; General and Local Sporting News; Automobile and Sporting Goods Advertisements.

PART VII. The Tri-Color Section; Inimitable Buster Brown and Other Comic Illustrated Pages; Fluffy Ruffles; Fashions in Colors: Mrs. Harland's School for Housewives; General Good Reading for Old and Young. now. He had but one mania, the ha tred of women.

To them he seldom Artists" materials at Wadsworth's. Phelps for wall paper and paints. Hotel Vista del Arroyo, New Annex. Bungalows. Unexceptionable environment.

Pasadena. spoke, and as far as known a female PROMOTE HOME TRADE. The quarterly meeting of the Merchants' Association was held in Mac-cabee Auditorium last night, and given over to a discuspion of home trading. Many women as well as men were "esent. e'dent George J.

Premier extended cordial thanks to the women for the support they had given home trade in the past, and expressed the belief that both sides had everything to gain bv a continuation of the policy. Miss "Lauretta Rarnaby. president of the Shakespeare Cluh. read a paper on the advantages of home trading. Rev.

Leslie E. Learned, pastor of Ail Saints Episcopal Church, delivered a wtttv and telline address in favor of never crossed the doorsill of the place The home was a crude affair. A bunk was built on one side of the room, and armful of hay answered the purpose of a mattress. The stove owed its HtiDDort to two bricks. An Then he came down the Coast, he says, shoving bad checks, and came to grief at Yreka, where he was caught, but escape on a technicality.

He worked Sun Francisco and Oakland, and then came south to Los Angeles, out did nothing there. He went to Sat Diecro, passed one small check, and came to Long Beach. He fays he made two attempts yesterday, but the merchants were suspicious, and l.e had made up his mind to go to Lcs Angeles when he was picked l.p. Weimhurst's method to make the if insurance agents, a business with which he is acquainted, ana, giving prominent men in the Insurance world as references, strikes up an acquaintance and invites the locel men out to dine. Having paid the bill, lie asks the proprietor to cash a check.

Being in ci mpany with mer locally well known, the trick succeeds in nine out of ten cases. Weimliurst will he held until officers in Oregon aie heard from. Mr. and Mrs. F.

M. Chapman Eldest son of late Col. Chapman of Co-vina and pretty young business old chair completed the furnishings BOARD NAMES TEACHERS. But Few Changes in -Santa Monica List Big Run of Pompano at Long Wharf. SANTA MONICA, June 3.

The woman, who were Spider webs hang in dusty festoons frinn the rafters, and the floor has not felt the swish of a broom for years. Neatness was not one of the hermit's strong points. After holding aloof from the world hninp trade, but declared emphatically has elected teach- Col. Chapman the wedding was a quiet that the merchants must do their part )or (hp noja voar as fo). by providing what the lP wanted.

ipa ls one, onlv immediate memoers oi mt; ior ininy-nve years, a cnaii8e two families, and friends who furnished over the old man a few days ago. A d(1, musil, bpin preSent. The onsrmg to revisit the scenes of his i 'nt "7. nt. childhood in Kngland suddenly pos- ome fs Jur as a ,1,,,.

ho traetivelv decorated white carna- a Sot kept in stock "Make the Los School; Miss Elizabeth Hamlin, Wash-) Angeles stores merely your annexes i ington: Miss Nettie Rice. i.articM; and he urged. Miss Mary Whelan. Miss Kath-! Miss Marthinc nietriehson and W. Mo Kin ley: Miss Bertha I O.

Taylor sang, accompanied by Miss nunt Jefferson; Miss Josephine Ina and Miss Gladys laylor, kSi Twenty-first street. Forty- ACCUSES CAPTAIN. At an adjourned meeting of the Po- lice Commission last night. Chief il-Mbms submitted written charges respective.y. nn-vn five other teachers were engaged.

NEGOTIATIONS OPENED. Tnerc wt.n. hut few changes. Misses wanted to sell his ranch. He made the price so low that the first person he offered it to took, it.

Then Severs vent to town and returned with a bundle. Into the old shack he went, and without (losing the door dropped his old garments off and donned new ones. Putting his wallet into his pocket lie walked out of the door and out of his old life. Without a backward May McLaughlin. Berniee Steffen, Llsie A copy will Hol Zoo Mei'lure.

Bessie McBride jlp furnished the captain, who proposes and Bessif Wine bein the only ones t(1 fisnt the suspension. COMMITTEEMEN DECLINE. Messrs. P. K.

Hatch. Charles r. 1 look or saving farewell to any one, he Wallace, three 1 hoardej a car at the station here and Greene and W. tions and ferns. ne nriue, wno was unattended, was gowned In white silk trimmed with veil la -e, and carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley.

She is a clever young business woman. She started her career in a store in Pasadena owned by Joseph Israel and later went to Riverside to manage a branch there. In that city she met Mr. Chapman a year ago. For the last three months she has lived in Los Angeles, making her home with Mr.

and Mrs. Jurney. The groom is one of the best-known young men here. His father was a wealthy orange-grove owner, was a colonel on Gov. Gillett's staff and took a prominent part in politics, both in this State and in Chicago, where he was the head of a big business.

Assisting at the marriage were Mrs. McLaren of Riverside and R. Evans, who sang, and Miss Nora Matthews, who played the wedding march. OCEAN PARK. hankers appointed by the Council as ieu ior f.nginnu.

When the Frampton brothers, who committee, to investigate and report bought his farm, went to take pos City-Atty. A ood yesterday receieu from the Pacific Telephone Telegraph Company a proposition in regard to a settlement in cash for the use of the city streets from the time the company's fianchise expired over two years ago" to date. The city officials will not divulge the contents of the document, but admit that the sum offered will probably be considered inadequate and the proposition rejected. Wo.ul states that all the negotiations during the armistice of twenty days will be in writing so that if the ease should later come to a show down before the people he will have some campaign literature to sustain any stand he recommends the city to take. SOCIALISTS MEET.

upon tne nusiness or tne two gas com-i th th A the now teacning wno were noi jumr tor positions during the next year. Mr. and Mrs. John T. daffey of San Pedro have come to this city to remain during the summer season.

Mrs. K. Lawe has gone to Los Angeles for a brief visit, after which she will return home to Kngland. Mrs. Marv Abbot', who was a resident of Santa Monica more than twentv vears ago.

is here from Marl-copa. the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. Phelps. POMPANO L1VF.LY.

The liveliest run of pompano known panics, have declined to serve plead- cabn foor In the center of the mg press of other business, and a new fi00). wer the olJ rty clotnes Just committee will be appointed. The aR tne nPrmil nad them off. In Council has pending a dollar gas or- th(, were his knife and chew dinance. which the companies are lng tobacco.

Under the bed was a fighting on the ground that their busi- ti box containing his naturalization is running at a loss. papers and other official documents. DISMISSES CHARGE. In the box behind the rickety stove W. J.

Hancock, charged with deadly re supplies enough to have lasted Port Los Angeles pier became since the 111111 a nioniii. out. oiuikij iui i.u But The Socialists held a assault on A. C. F.

Hutchinson, was ill. ci oia. i.t 1 1 ranc'idute I 11 popular pleasure night in interest of their land, he put the thirty-five years of life in Artesia as completely behind him as though they had never been. for the Board of Kducation, to be bal tlceu DV Uie IIMinilirn ..11,, unate enough lo cast their lines there .1 ivini threw in a. loted upon today.

All the opposing tn- dependent candidates, except Or. W. A. llej nSh out about I released todpy by Justice Bray ton on advice of the District Attorney, who dlsmissei the case for lack of evidence. Hancock was accused of shooting at Hutchinson, whose dog had bitten Hancock's brother, and a man named Dud-lev.

Hancock killed the dog. Miss Ella A. Crane. 5S years of age. died this morning at her home on West Cundy have withdrawn in favor of the citizens" ticket selected at the meeting IN THE ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE THE NEW MINES OF KOREA They May Rival in Product Those of the Rockies.

By Frank G. Carpenter. AFLOAT IN HUNGARY An Account of a Rainy Trip Down the Danube. By Felix J. Koch.

THE HOTEL CLERK He Says They're Uplifting Art at Pittsburgh. By Irvin 8. Cobb. MILITARY SIGNALING Methods in Which Information Is Transmitted. By E.

C. Crossman. THE PUEBO OF ISLET A Life in a Progressive and Modern Indian Village. By John L. Cowan.

MILLIONAIRE'S MARATHON It Revives the Glories of Old Coaching Days. By John S. Steele. THE TENDERFOOT'S BEAR Kerry Tells a Story to the Loungers at Ballard's. By Maurice Anderton.

CAPTURING WILD HORSES Hundreds of Them at Large in California. By Arthur L. Dahl. AT THE BOARDING-HOUSE Being a Frank Statement of One Guest's Limitations. By Francla Sullivan.

IN TROPIC SEAS A Former Naval Officer's Visit to Santo Domingo. By S. D. A TERRIFYING REFLECTION The Strange Midnight Adventure of Uldrika HIbbard. By Louiee Hardenberjjh Adams.

GOLDEN GATE PARK Most Beautiful Artificial Landscape In Our Country. By Ernest Braunton. THE WIDOW WEISS Jimmie Maneuvers and Johnson Proposes. By R. C.

Pitier. FEATHERY APHORISMS Some Good Words in Regard to Care of Chickens. By Henry W. Kruckeberg. A GLIMPSE OF GREATNESS Madam Fenton Sends an Invitation to the General.

By Margaret Brown. HOUSES IN HONOLULU Varied Styles of Architecture In Pacific Island City. By C. H. E.

NEW THINGS AND OLD Ellen II. Wanders Through the Shop of an Antiquarian. By Neeta Marquis. LAUSANNE Quaint. Picturesque and Interesting City on Lake Geneva.


BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS. ALL FOR FIVE CENTS OCEAN PARK, June 3. Mr. and Mrs. George Weston of San Francisco are here for a few days.

They made the trip by automobile, being en route to F.nsenada. Mex. Vr. and Mrs. William Fitchett will leave tomorrow for San Francisco.

From that city they are to set sail in few days for Japan and China and a tour of the world. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bell have gone to Seattle to live. A few days ago they were the victims of a mysterious rob HIS JUDICIAL JOKE.

Azusa Justice of Peace Steals March on Friends and Returns With Bride from Vacation. as rapidlv as the process could be ac-j compiished. There was no choice as to bait. The toothsome beauties bit at anything. I.

1 IwOll- 1 Wednesday evening. This leaves Messrs. Chamberlain. Knight and Mac-nherson unoprnised save by the Social tine lUC.y nneiouio 11 hA ML. ist trio anu vr.

tunay. me people are 1 IMllliflf 111) Wnell lllirO Slim. i WK. luiung up hi. Hill Miss nf a S.1..H1.

1 Piltl'l UlllCU HI' AZUSA. June 3. Justice of the Peace Glover has stolen a march on turn swauoweui' ii v-, I 01' i ish and hook were in Itv the ae i rano resiueo eignieeii i in uiut ISl VlCXOrj' Hir.JUK" "1'OOIJ a. llie poos liv a v. Reach.

his friends here, ana is tnumpnanuy today and a campaign committee con- iiet the halibut was landed. nip nistine of Ieo G. MacLaughlin, Wal- of harrv as a consequence. About five I C. Austin.

IVarman. J. W. rhirU KMwin I'. Hahn and Walter 1 SOU I PASADENA.

Fire house bery, being held up in their own home In the middle of the night and despoiled of their jewels, after having been bound and gagged with pillow cases that had been fashioned Into ropes. Th robbers were not arrested and the loot was not recovered. Richardson has lnen actively at work SOUTH PASADENA. June mtw slneA nnnotntmpnt epttir.i rentlv the small Caltforn.a for the election. Thre will be but one colling place, and that is at the Wil- At a meeting of the merchants and; weeks ago be lert nere.

supposedly ior professional men of city last night his vacation and returned recently it was decided to have a big Fourth of ith a brand new bride. She was for-July celebration, with a parade and merly Mrs. Gibauer of Glendora. The sports in the afternoon, and fireworks ceremony was performed May 1. at and a balloon ascension at night.

Riverside, by Superior Judge Dins- The trustees of the Central Metho- jir. and Mrs. Glover spent their dist Church have purchased the build-1 honeymoon in the northern part of ing at present used by the Firs: xhc State. Church congregation, and will move it I At the regular of the Wom-to Tenth and California streets, as an club held this week Mrs. Dr.

S. soon as the new First church is com-1 a paper on "The Con at No. Magnolia street, occupied by o. N. Mor.ey and family last night.

The flames were caused by the explosion of lamp- The chemical engine in saving the adjoining property. The loss was about $00. A Wheat, assistant county supei Bon school at the corner of Marengo avenue and Walnut street. The poll will be opei from o'clock a.m. unttl 7 o'clock p.m.

KEEP LOOKING YOUNG. Do not allow your gray kalrs to make von old looking. Gray haired CAMPAIGN OF PUBLICITY. t.resenttd their diplomas to people are back numbers. Do victed, tribution of illlam Dean Howeus to literature.

i nese omoer? Tne oi me i)oru rauc th nv.on,, graduates of the grammar yesterday decided to extend both finan- j.cno,",i this" afternoon. A short and moral aid to the Elks in their jrj. ttn'j musical programme was given, efforts to assist In entertaining visit-1 The High School will not dose until ina" members of the order during the the 24th inst. American not De one. Tne use When tne stomach fails to perform were elected for the ensuing year: its functions, the bowels In-come de- President.

Mrs. J. H. Anderson: vice-ranged, the liver and kidneys congest- present Mrs H. Bowers: recorded causing numerous diseases.

The Ing Mrs. Wlhcor-ctomach and liver must be restored to responding secre ar Mrs Dr. M. comlnr rrand lodge session and reunion At a meeting of a large delegation Hav'st In Los Angeles. The directors of properlv owners, the Garfield avenue grade' difficulty was settled.

It wa decided that a proper grade was took a strong stand in favor of publicity for Pasadena in out-of-town ouuer: iiTiisunri. i cmim. a healthv condition, nnd Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets can be de cities. It is probable that there will the first consideration, and if tnis coum be a concerted campaign to boost Pasa-jnot be obtained without saenncing ir.e trees, the trees would have to go. dena In the eastern press InjemBitM will permanently restore the yoatbJnl color to oray or faded hair, no matter bow old yon are.

It was decided that hereafter one meeting of the month shall be devoted to a literary programme and one to business and social affairs. Miss Frances M. Canavan an1 George Ellington were married at the residence of John Acres, an uncle of the groom, yesterday. The ceremony wrs performed hy Rev. Mr.

Nerson. pastor of the Faptist Church. VENICE. YF.NICK. June 3.

The next few veeks will be busy ones on Midway Plalsanc. Workmen will remodel the entire place to accommodate the menagerie, paraphernalia, equipment and attraction of Chute park. The plan i to have the place ready for formal opening- by July i. Will keep you looking young, leellng yoang. Will give yoa pended npon to do it.

Lasy to take and most effective. Adv. Try Murine Eya Remedy For Rd. Wrak. Wary.

Witery Maria Doesn't Smrt South I'sia. If You Want to Go East HaydocV. Ant lllipolo Onirml Wt sixth. Ws Maka Real Estate Loans. Hay Mardwlck.

loom 734. UrJii OR VT Hair to it ntum! mlnr hv Aifrrtum Ecvrtian Henna. hrmi ur. All drunt. THK MILLIONAIRE" ARAT'inx" tho tt! an lnteenr article; hK-h will atpoar In tho Times Maaxin tha eormnf ttunlar.

The award of the Judges at the recent oratorical cor test held in the Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles has been contested by South Pasadeau High in behalf of its representative, Victor Collins, who won second prise. There were three judges, and the total number of points a dotted showed John Wilson of San Fernando to be in the lead. Two gave Victor Collins a lead of five points each, while the third scored Wilson eleven points ahead of him. It is here the ground for contest exists. Under the rules of the association, when the scoring of one judge overbalanced the ether two, the award is aet aside.

FRIEND3 PICK PASTOR. Tha First Friends Church has sent a call to Dr. Sylvanus Newlin of Nobles-vllla, to become pastor here, be-rause cf the departure of Rev. Charles T. "Weiirel.

who will leave to take up evangelical work. Dr. Newlin ts a brother of President Thomas Newlin of Wbittler College. BUT8 RANCH. Marcus X.

Hall Is the purchaser of Lv V. Ilarknets ranch on East Cole4o street, near Hill avenue, srhleh emn prises twenty acres, and Is fotvita jtom redxa. Mr. Hark- a bcautllBl neaa oi hair that everyone will admire. Start using It NOW and BE YOUNG.

IS NOT A DYE. ft aaa" ae. Dottle, art refaa Saed Jr. lor It. bm.

"1 be mt Hatr." rtilla) C- f-wwrK. N. J. At Owl Drug Co." Stores SANBORN, VAIL CO. Artists' supplies.

Picture Frames 735 South Broadway.

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