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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 1

The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 1

Los Angeles, California
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part I gdcat.i ph Sbect-i r. Tin Cwo patta Complete 28 I fig' TFSr MAXIMUM TEMPERATURES: LOS ANOIUI WMfl. a ,1 iV' boj omihi, 56! Cincinnati, Mi Chlcc. 60! Kansas City, 78; St. Paul, JaekeonvlH, 1 ((5 IJXPII II II I All New.


Government Engages Mutinous Officers at Salamis in Short Battle. A fair Indecisive With Little Damage; Rebels Retire Toward Crete. Official Statement Declares Arsenal Retaken; Fleet May Surrender. ASSOCIATED PRESS NIGHT REPORT.J ATHENS. Oct 29.

After almost 2000 years when Themlstocles gained a memorable over the Persians Salamis again today was the scene of a naval battle. The fight lasted twenty minutes and was between field batteries and hig warships on one side and mutinous bands of naval officers, which quitted the capital Wednesday, with torpedo boats, on the other. A sharp exchange of shells followed the first shots. Some projectiles struck the arsenal, but only one shell hit a torpedo boat the. Sphendona, which Immediately, was enveloped in a cloud of smoke." The torpedo boats gradually retired to shelter off the headlands, where the rebellious force answered the fire of the warships and land batteries, but apparently little damage was -done on their side.

The rebels were led by Lieut Tibaldos and are reported to have numbered 200 men. Athens remained quiet -tonight but much suppressed excitement prevails. An official statement was issued statins that the arsenal, which was In the hands of the rebels, had been re captured, and that the mutinous tor pedo boats were expected to surrender. ACTUATED BY RECSt'T, EVENTS, Lleet. Tibaldos appeared to have been actuated by his disapproval of the tactics of the Military League and the junior naval officers In consenting to negotiate a compromise of the ultimatum recently issued by the Military League for an ordinance suspending all promotions 'for five years and abolishing the posts of rear-admiral, vice-admirals and fifteen places of lesser rank.

Tibaldos took a prominent part in the military movement last August He was the first officer to go to the camp-at Goudi, outside the city, after the Premier's refusal to receive a deputation of officers and he subsequently was appointed commander of the rebel camp. At a meeting of the Military League yesterday Tibaldos said: "I led the last revolt and without me it would have failed. Now you abandon me, I ut I will carry out a second revolt single-handed." The Military League's proclamation disowning Tibaldos, who was in command of a flotilla of torpedo boats and submarines and demanded the portfolio of Minister of Marine, ascribes his pretensions to madness and the influence of outsiders, and threatens to have' him court-martialed for treason. The league met late tonight to dis- (Continued on Thirteenth Page.) BEAUTIFUL, BUT of the on or jrj I 1 I I WOMAN'S PARTY and in the State is the Inalienable right of every normal adult, and the refusal of this right to women bas; resulted in social, legal and economic injustice to them, and has also intensified the economic disturbances throughout the world." Then came the resolutions providing for appeal to the national and State legislatures; "who "have been so In-different to the demands of women for equal political amend their constitutions. REMARKABLE AUDIENCE.

The audience was the most remarkable that has gathered since the woman's fight began. One thousand delegates duty elected from assembly district conventions, filled the orchestra chairs. Tho chairman and vice chairmen were: Mrs. Clarence Mackay. Mrs.

Edgerton Wlnthrop, Mrs! Philip Ly-dig, Mrs. 'Henry Miller, Mrs. Forbes Morgan, Miss Clara Stance, Miss Elizabeth. ISuchenal, Mrs. John W.

Brannan, Mrs. William Scaieffelln, Mrs. Joseph S. Stevens. Mrs.

Pearce Bailey, Mrs. Everett Colby. Oliver II, P. Belmont William M. Ivins, Mrs.

William M. Ivins, Henry M. Leipsiger. Mrs. Clarence Knoblauch.

Gen. J. S. Clarkson, Mrs. Florence Kelly, Mrs.

William Story, Earnesto Fabbrl, Charlotte Gllman, Mrs. Charlotte Wilbour, Mrs. William T. Helmuth. Mrs.

Anna C. Field. Mrs. Mary N. Worthington.

Miss EiUabeth Stover, Mrs. Robert In-gersoil, Mrs. Plnckney Farrell, Mrs. V. E.

Chubb, Dr. Rosali S. Horton. Baroness De Baius, Mrs. Ernest Thompson Seton, Mrs.

Stephen Wye, Mrs. Charles Kerley. Mrs. Henry VII- lard, Mrs. Robert Abbe, Mrs.

C. Gris-wold Bourne, Mrs. Edward Vook, Oswald Vlliard. Mm Margaret Kavcnhili, Mrs. Alice E.

Harcourt. Mrs. E. o'Dwyer. Mrs.

Julian CoSlo, Prof. John Dewey, Charlts IL Rw-d, Mrs. Charles M. Kc'Hl, Mrs. John 11.

Judge. Hunt-r, Mr. and Mm. r.ulrt Siy and Kdw-drd h. WRIGHT PUPIL FLIES.

fOTHTAM. li. rrH pu oi tn vule Wright. mit a til t'wiay Uatm mtnulen, i) 1 sm-ntid. 'i tit4 li 1 tor jrf: fliSl't, IM.ift )1 Ml tl'-l b4 U.

"PERSONAL DEPRAVITY." UD IS 1)1 FLYING. Finish to Figfy Is. Nearing. Bannard 'Alone Is Making a Campaign Along Cut Lines. Judge Gaynor in Fair Way to Talk His Candidacy to Death.

Only Sivift Approach of End Will Save Tammany's Nominee BY SUMNER. BT DIRECT WIRE TO THE TIMES.J EW YORK. Oct. 29. Exclusive-Dispatch.

What Bourke Cock-ran aptly has termed a r-ampaign of "personal depravity" promises to maintain its striking characteristic to the finish, four days distant If tb-9 supply of mud holds out That Gaynor, the Tammany candidate for. Mayor, would hang himself if he had rope enough meaning thereby that he would talk himself to defeat were the campaign to last a few weeks Instead of a few days longer Is the opinion In circles where opinion Is entitled to most weight. But because the people have not been aroused to what Is regarded as the Tammany-smashing pitch oecause the time remaining Is too short to expect tt- reaction which is essential to overthrow the natural majority commanded by the local Democratic organizationthe preponderance of belief Is, as it has been from the first, that will succeed McClellan as Mayor of the metropolis. Undoubtedly, there bas been a change in the situation during the last two or three days, but it is doubtful, en if the tendency of its direction keeps up, that it will ove.eome Tammany's iglnal lead. It ir down to the stage where (h ntlnj Interest commands more audition than previously, Still the odds remain about 2 to 1 on Gaynor; but theje this significant feature of the betiinsf situation today: Bannard money is going begging, even at tho prevailing' odds.

The only way account for this is general apathy in the usual bet ting circles. i In Wall street today a commissioner appeared with $20,000 to lay on Bannard at tha prevailing odds, but even In $100 lots, few takers were found. Another noted betting commissioner, who usually handles an aggregate ot $350,000 for election gamblers, announced today that this year his funds totaled less than $40,000. BANNARD'S GOOD FIGHT. Few, If any, will deny that Bannard, the only candidate for Mayor who has made a high-toned canvass, has gained constantly since the campaign opened, and that his gains have been greater as the contest nears Its close.

At ono stage, there was a tendency to regard Bannard's candidacy, as a joke. Nobody sees it In that light now. If he could muster to his support, in addition to the normal Republican and conservative Independent vote, the rest of the Tammany opposition, he probably would win arid if it was believed he could do that, the betting odds right now would not be what they are. They would be reversed, or, at least, it w6uld be even money. In the three-cornered contest, however, the unprejudiced observers see 50,000 or 60.000 plurality for Gaynor, and if this Judgment four days befor the election, be correct, it will be seen that Bannard has a great obstacle ta overcome to land him In the City HalL Bannard and Hearst together, however diametrically opposed in their method--tbe one avoiding personalities nd putting the issue on high business principles; the other vituperative venomous may pull through the fusion county and city tickets.

Mary with the gift of penetration into tha souls of political leaders believe Boss Murphy has given up the fht for District Attorney and Sheriff and for the city candidates below the of Mayor. But Murphy naturally proclaims success all along the line. Should it be a close election, either as to Mayor or the balance of the ticket, recoursa to those methods by which Tammany bas snatched victory from defeat In many a similar contest 9 expected. In fact reports were circulated today the effect that evidence has been discovered of an alliance between Philadelphia Renubllcan bosses and Tammany bosses In New Yorh, whereby fraudulent vjtcrs are to be marshaled In both cities next Tuer y. It Is declared that the early morning work Is to be done In P-' adelphla and the men then hurried over to New York for service here.

There is more than one bit of evidence that Tammany is worried despite the surface indications prevailing in favor of the election of Gaynor. It should be understood that Tammany will profit little frtm Gaynor' election, and the defeat of the ret of its ticket. Tammany will have a hard row t.i hoe for one thing without a friendly District Attornry. Tammany, astua frmn the Diet net Attorney, nutt control tho t-ourd of estlmato a'xi rnr-tiuiiment in ortler to let contracts. ATTORNEY-GENERAL ATTACKS GAYNCC (KSOCATt-D rfiFf MGHT prfvUT 1 NriW YORK, t.

Hlatri nf( tjt i ii 'A i. i .1 tt -rlv In 1 i 't I r., Thi THE WEATHER. BRIEF REPORT. FORECAST-v-For Loa Angeles and vicinity: unsettled; probably showers; liQht south wind.

For San Francisco and vicinity: Occasional light south wind, changing to west Sunrise, sunset, moon rises, 6:36 p.m. YESTERDAY Maximum temperature, 69 54 deg. Wind 5 a.m., northeast; velocity, 10 rrilesj 5 p.m., southwest; velocity, 11 miles. At midnight the temperature was 51 clear. TODAY At 2 a.m.

the temperature was 49 clear. The complete weather report. Including comparative temperatures, -v ill be found on page 13, part II. Total Reading Matter Today. Total Advertising- 86 Cola.

.110 Cola. 1KDEX TO PARTS A.ND PAGJS3. Part'l. 1. Mutinous Greek Navy in Fight President on Mississippi Kiver.

Society Women for Kqual Rights. 2. More Affidavits in Polar War. 3. 4.

6. 6. 13. 14. News of the Pacific Slope.

Pith of Middle Western News. Life's Seamy Side Exposed. All the latest Sporting News. Shipping News: Port San Pedro. City in Brief.

Vital Record. Part II. 1. Banks in Fight Over Title. Fighting for Control of Teomen.

Suffragists Bait Candidate Mushet .2. 2. 4. e. 6.

7. Public Service: Official Doings. News of the Oil Industry. The Editorial Page: Pen Points. Music and Dramatic Column.

Broker Brown Spreads New Net' Woman Sees Husband's Suicide. Bible Lessons: Christian Endeavor. San Pedro Terminal Bate Case. News sof Los Angeles County. "South of the Tehachepl." Market Reports: Financial.

News of the Local Churches. 8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 14. POINTS OF THE NEWfi IN THIS 18SUE. The City. San Francisco bank attacks the right of a new local Institution to use the word "Hibernian" in its title.

Women suffragists have fun with Candidate Mushet, who Is not yet ready to uecmre ma Biunu on wuuictu BuiLru-gK. Meeting is called by the Merchants' and Manufacturers' Association to adopt some plan for the identification of strangers offering checks at stores. Members of the Brotherhood of American Yeomen in ftgut tor control of local organization; cnarges against Secretary baton dismissed. Bishop Seaddlng of Oregon makes his first visit to Southern California and aecturea In the pro-cathedral, Motorcycle rider running seventy miles an hour is thrown from machine and by large piece of wood, but is expected to recover, German, discouraged because he does rot quickly secure employment, shoots himself in the head in presence of his young wife. Uncle Aleck waits till last minute to file message vetoing Hewitt public utilities ordinance.

Harry D. Brown, broker, again arrested and held under $5000 bail on a charge of passing a fictitious check. Little schoolboy is kidnaped by two women. 6outhern California. Pasadena society matrons and maids attend brilliant charity card party; officials will go over proposed aqueduct route to connect with Owens River line.

President of San Diego County Federation of Women's Clubs says there should be "no child without a home and no home without a child; two girls, each under 8 years, steal Jewelry from residence. As result of notoriety which has to Santa Monica woman who was summoned to serve on Jury three men offer to marry her and suffragettes bombard her with mall. Following dissension at Montebello, Webb again rules that reading of Bible In public schools is prohibited by Constitution and laws of State, Pacific Slope. First long-distance motor-boat races feature of the "Rush of '49" fair at Stockton. Uncla blames his eleven-year-old nephew 'with spooks' visit to Portland home impee nies maps tor brancn lines, botn of wnich will pierce Modoc national forest reserve.

Fruit growers of Paradise district near Chico, form union to concentrate packing and shipping interests. General Eastern. Suffragists of Illinois a trifle shy of English "suffragettes," won't ask Mrs. Pankhurst to Windy City. Fact that Mrs.

Astor has named torse co-respondents in suit for divorce leaks out; all well known on Broadway. Diva says husband left her when her money was gone, wants her Officer of Juvenile Protective Association finds immorality in present styles of woman's dress, and demands fashion's reform. Fruit grower and neighbor of Barrill. In affidavit raps guide's story on oath. After thorough test Paul Railroad finds all-steel cars practicable for general passenger service.

Tammany frightened by Bannard's clean fight; Gaynor in fair way to talk own candidacy to death. inscoverer of the hook worm declares Rockefellers fund will save South millions annually. Washington. i department Inclined to believe that Kstra.ia mar form new republic In Sam Compare and his pals wilt appeal their case, to Supreme Court If necessary, end II turned down there, "to tha Foreign. Count Zeppelin retting read for his proposed airship trip to North Pole.

Shells fly as mutinous Greek naval of. fleers and government troops fight sea battle at Salamis. Financial. money results In revival of tbe speculative interests In Wall street. Kepon pi decreasing shipments of nuBxuia iit-i Km to strengthen Chi cago prices.

PRISON FOR IMPORTER, New York Merchant Who Admitted Conspiracy to Defraud Uncle Sam Get, Heavy Ssntsnea. ASSOCIATED FRES3 NIGHT REPORT YORK, Oct Ti. Music, embT cf the cheese toportirg firm OC A. aV Son, who pleaded fuiltf to drfrauJed the gov- rrnmefct ty cnnrivlnr at a for un ci ty Attains we'enf. en, todsy I Fcd-ra licit to one year's Imnnwiif I At la I.

rnoimtjry tt ir ri a t-s of Party" launched yesterday In New York, when Buffragtsts formed non-militant organ-' lzatioa to obtain ballot for women. STEAMER MAY BE WRECKED. Lif Belts of German, Liner Are Tound After Storm, la Report. WIRE TO THR TIMES ARIS, Oct. 29.

Exclusive dispatch. An unconflrmablo report from Cherbourg aya that life belts from the North irth on- 2 German Lloyd steamer Kron prlnzessin Cetllie, which st from Bremen October 26, and Cherbourg and Southampton October 27, have been found on the coast of Normandy. There has been a very severe storm on the "northern seaboard of France, and much damage has been done. little port of Grand Camp has suffered severely and twenty-five fishing vessels belonging to the port have been lost. The sea swept ever part of the town, destroy In s- a number tf houses, drowning cattle and sweeping away other property.

Damage has also been done at St. Malo, Granville and Cherbourg. FICKLE FORTUNE. LUCK TURNS AS HOPE FLEES. AGED WIDOW WINS PRIZE IN LAND LOTTERY.

WeepjuiWfien She Finds She Had Eserf Dozing When Her Name Was yftead Out and That Quarter-Section She Fancied Lost Is Really Hers, ASSOCIATED PRESS NIGHT REPORT.J ABERDEEN (S. Oct. 29. Turning away tearfully from the final day the drawing of names of winners in Cheyenne River and Standing Rock reservations, Mrs. Sylvia R.

Gillard of Sandusky, a widow, 60 years of age, today glanced idly at the printed list of winners upon the wall. Hope she faced the biiterest disappointment of her life, but decided on ono more look In the vain hopo that she woull see" her name. Slowly turning the pages she was thr'lled to find herself Sot down a winner of the 433Sth claim. "Thank GodJ" she said. "My prayer has been With tears streaming down her face, she rushed back to the platform to know if it were really true.

Shaking hands with Judge Witten and all hU deputies, she sang in joy. She had worked in ahotel to pay her way to Aberdeen. When her name was called she was dozing. The drawing of the 20,000 names ended today. The task of tabulating the names will continue for a month.

Judge Witten, in charge of the drawing, speaking today of the attack made the method of the openings by Louis W. Hill, president of the Great Northern Railroad, at the Dry Farming Congress, said Mr, Hill was misquoted or Mr. Hill la reported as having called the recent Flathead, Coeur d'Alene and Spokane registration a "swindle," and said: "It is estimated 300,000 people went out there. We received our portion ut the money, but we do not want that kind of money." "These figures are grossly mislead, ing," said Judge Witten. "The combined registration for all three was but 286,848, and one-third of that number, 95,616, represents the number of applicants if each had registered three times." DANGEROUS.

hours behind time. Eight of the other vessels of the waterways fleet were tn sight when the Oleander pointed her nose into the bank, because the Oleander, after distancing the other boats yesterday, got into difficulties last night She was blocked in the Vieks-burg harbor canal by boats arriving later, and it took an hour and a half of river profanity and considerable tact to get her clear. Once out of VIcksburg harbor, another Incident occurred, which is likely to cause trouble to some of the river men. The Erastus Wells won second place In the line yesterday in the free-for-all run from to Vicksburg. EXCITING RIVER SCENE.

The steamer Alton, declared to be rarter than the Wells, tried to push into second place as the Oleander was leaving last night and for a minute or more there was an exciting and scene suggestive of the old days on the Mississippi. Great clouds of smoke poured from the tall stacks of the two boats, and occasional flashes of flam beichetf from the black ilouds. The masters were trying to push one another out line as they rushed along. The struggle continued until the two racers were almost at the stern wheel of the Oleander. As they came within hailing distance.

Commander Tiiiman, adtnirai of the fleet call some orders through a megaphone whkh wt things Urateht He dire-ted the Alton to drop au-rn of the Welis, anj tie race was ovt-r. Krn-tary Nag, I tn lK-nrtinpfit cf CoriunrK ait'l Labor, ur.u-T 'i-m the t'e-iroSost re.vj.-e wj on the I jp de. of the tre iu-e. Tfv i a of Maa.i'ig tn fifth P4l ALL TO THEMSELVES. WOMEN FORM A PARTY OF THEIR VERY OWN.

1 v. Bom at First Convention of Disfranchised Feminine Citizens of New York, With Mrs. Carrie as Petticoat "Boss." BY DIRECT WIRE. TO THE TIMES. i PRESIDENT LIKENS RIVER TO WOMAN.

(ASSOCIATED PRESI NIGHT REPORT-S ti LICENSE. CARICATURIST GOES TO JAIL. FOUND GUILTY OF MALICIOUS LIBEL OF EDITOR. Alleged Offense Contained in Book Entitled "Diai, Czar of Mexico." New York Judge Severely Censures Man Who Is Said to Have Misustd Freedom of the Press. ASSOCIATED PRESS NIGHT REPORT.) NEW YORK.

Oct 29. Caplo ill caricaturist and journalist, was found guilty of malicious libel by a Jury before Judge Ma lone tn tbe Court of General cessions late today, and was remanded to tne Tombs fo" Sentence on Mnday. He was charged with having 'ted Rafael Reyes rditor cf El rarcial cf the City of Mexico. Tha supposed libel as conta'ned In a bo Wax. the Car of Mexico." published In this country.

In barging th Jury, Judge stiid that a write- as a right com-nn'nt action of public but such c.i ti.rnt Riuit fair a 1 t. "The ft jnr. ha iifd. 'ii i-st n-it be i-iirr rf(n1 afford a vttu. 1 lor th a r-riiu tta Ifiowju Kt 14 jw- i.J Lfi.

I '1 i it tf I II J'-' (Wt NEW YORK. Oct, 29. Exclusive 1 Dispatch. Th woman's party Is no longer a theory but a reality, and Mrs. Carrie Chapman-Catt is Us Chairman, the petticoat "Boss." II was born at the first political convention of rtlsfranchised women tonight Jn Caregle Hall with all the prestige that could be Imparted oy the brains, wealth and beauty of the movement to obtain the ballot for women.

The whole tone of the rally, under the auspices of the Intsrurban Suffrage Council was kept within conservative limits as a tacit protest against the Pankhurst meeting, and the militant methods Involved. It Is understood that so fixed was the determination of Clarence Mackay, chairwoman of the Platform Committee, to keep the demands reasonable and dignified, that she refused to permit the insertion of two planks which verged on sensationalism or suggested, partisanship. It was on this score that the "white slave" question was untouched, and that the platform, which Mrs. Mackay read, asked such action as concerns woman's position as a civic and national factor. The platform had been drawn up by Kate II.

Ciaghom and Helen IL Greeley, a lawyer. PARTY TLATFORM. The platform repd in part: "We, the delegates representing the Senatorial and the Assembly district of the city of New York. In convention' assembled, hereby affirm our faith In the formal declaration of principles adopted by the International Woman Suffrage Alliance as the basis of the world's work for the enfranchisement of, "That men and won en are born equally free and members of the human rno. equally endowed with InUlltgent and ability, and equally entitled to the free exercise of indivi'tual rikhti and liutty.

"That the t.aturai of the sfi-m that lrttr-in0epcndn i u2 lt Sinn of the rifhta and IiIkti of one tf inrvfahly work Injury ihc ami M' to te hli ti. NATCHEZ (Miss.) Oct 29. Like a woman Is the Mississippi River, according to President Taft, in an address at Natche today. The President aaid: The Mississippi River, In its power, in Us willingness to make eddies and trouble, in its beauty, for It has great beauty, as we saw when we came down, reminds one, I dare say, of a beautiful and powerful woman. "Properly directed (only by suggestion.) she is the greatest aid to progress and happiness that we have In life.

But treated without discretion, she loses the opportunity for usefulness and sometimes wrecks everything she strikes. "And that is the kind of a creature that the Waterways Association invites the Speaker of the House and his associates, a cuorum. I may say, of the Committee of the WhoIeNif the States of the Union, to study with a view to controlling so that we may make the most of her. And we are going to do it Just how, neither the Speaker nor I am inclined to confide In you at present" Mr. Taft said he would discuss the subject In more detail at the New Orleans Waterways Convention.

Speaker Cannon and Secretary Dickinson followed with a few remarks. OFF FOR NEW ORLUANS. The President's party then res-j ted the river voyage. New Orleans likely win r.e reachsd In schedule time tomorrow momirg. Not sinca th dsr the battleship Mississippi visited Xatrtu and won the river sr4 record from this city to New Orleans has there U-rn ntet a crei en tha fctuff as sre.U deiit Ttft ea his arrival hr tdy on fcobrd th Lfttfcoua tnlr Oieaa- rretUet sr ttar! tin "JUl in ii tu.

Ly a Gtiu.t.a.

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