The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 24, 1908 · 5
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 5

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1908
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' LIFE'S SEAMY SIDE. STOCK BROKER ! - DISAPPEARS. IT. IT. Hopkins of Chicago 1 Leaves Many Debts. Business Methods Said to Hape Been "Raw" Clients Will Ask for Embezzlement indictment. . BT DIRECT -WIRE TO THE TIMES, CHICAGO. Aflrll 23. Exclusive Dis patch.J Wallace H.' Hopkins, president of the Wallace H. Hopxins company, mining stock brokers, No. 181 La Salle street, has disappeared, leaving, it Is alleged,, an afterfnath of nearly $200,-000 In unsatUfled claims preferred by hit clients, some of whom today took steps to secure an indictment against the broker, charging embezzlement. Stories of extravagance, in which figure tales of money spent lavishly on women, of reckless expenditure in an unsuccessful effort to float the stock of a merger of sine mines and of trips to New York, when the bill of expense averaged $1000 ta. week, were " told today by acquaintances of the former broker. The creditors Hopkins left behind were apparently resigned today to the expectation of collecting little or nothing on their claims. Attorney Tatge, who kept track of Hopkins's movement before the latter' disappearance, said he had In formation that the broker left Chicago on a Michigan Central train for Canada, z Methods declared in La Salle street to have been the "rawest" of their kind constitute the burden of the charges against the broker by his former clients. The records of the Clerk of the Circuit Court show that Wallace H. Hod- klns and his wife began actions for legal separation some months aero. The suits are still pending. Hopkins asks for a decree of divorce on grounds of desertion, wnue nis wire, asked for w pa rate maintenance on grounds of desertion. POPULAR VERDICT. SKIDOO BAD MAN LYNCHED. JOE SIMPSON, WHO MURDERED JAMES ARNOLD, STRUNG UP. Armed Citizens Take Prisoner from Deputy Sheriff and Hang Him to Telephone Pole on Eve of Preliminary Hearing for Cold-blooded Murder. BY DIRECT WIRE TO THE TIiIES-1 RHYOLITE (Nev.) April 23. Exclusive Dispatch. Joe Simpson, who murdered James Arnold, a leading cit izen of Skidoof in 'cold blood; last Sun dny, was lynched last night by a body of citizens. . He was guarded in a store building by , Deputy Sheriff Sellers, there being ho jaH at Skidoo. When the armed men appeared and demand cd the prisoner, the deputy turned him over to the lynching party, who took him to a telephone polo and hanged him. Simpson was asked If he had any statement to make, but was too frightened to reply. Gordon McBaln. who interfered with the arrest of Simpson by shielding him, was locked up in a poolroom. Last night, while lie was lying half-asleep, he was aroused by a voice, crying: "McBain, run like hell: they've got Simpson." McBaln rushed from the building, and is supposed to be running yet. . Simpson was a saloon-keeper and had valuable mining interests around Skidoo, but was generally considered a bad man. He killed Arnold while on a spree which had lasted three days. Appearing at Arnold's store last Sunday, without warning he announced to Arnold that his time had come and shot him through the heart. Arnold lived only a few hours. Simpson was captured at once and placed under guard. , There was strong talk of lynching at the time, but this feeling died away and it was thought that nothing would come of It. The hearing of Simpson was set for today and, as the time Approached, in view of the fact that the killing was regarded generally as cold-blooded murder, the people of the mining camp again became wrought up and decided to take the law into their own hands. . Arnold located the tbwnsite of Skidoo and 'was heavily interested in mining. He was formerly Justice of the peaee there and had been instrumental in prosecuting Simpson on previous occasions. His death wag the first to occur in Skidoo. ' TO CALL" ALIENISTS. CURTIX CLAIMS INSANITT. BT THE ASSOCIATED PRES8 A.M.J OAKLAND, April 23. With the exception of the testimony of Dr. O. D. Hamlin, the prosecution In the trial of Robert E. Curtin. charged with murdering John A. Titus, has been com-Dieted. , The defense intends to call several alienists to the stand In the attempt to prove that Curtin- was suffering from dementla Americana" at the time he killed Titus, having been told by his wife that she had had illicit re-latlons .with-THus.' . t . - WILKINS FOUND GUlfcTYY JURY REACHES QUICK VERDICT. BT THE ASSOCIATED PRESS-P.M.J OAK3AND, Aptpl 23. Mark A. Wll- kins, on trial on the charge of murdering' Vernie Carmln of Springfield, Mo his putative wife.; at Elmhurst last October,: was found guilty of murder In the first degree without recom mendation, on Wednesday. after the jury bad been out thirty minute, wtl-ktns was unaffected by the verdict, . WIRE-TAPPERS CAUGHT, t Thro Men, Arrests at Valla Jo After All Connections Were Made, . i Admit Operations. IBT THE ASSOCIATED. PRBS9-A.ll .J 1 YALLEJO, April 23. D. M. Moore, C T. Adams -and W. 8. Martin, thought to be .the wire-tappers who have been operating along the Coast all winter, were arrested her late hut night by Plnkerton Detective T. 8. Marvin of San Francisco and Deputy Sheriff IX J. Koran. - y ; f ? , v ; , . The men bad made all connections to tap the special poolroom wires four miles beyond this city, the plan being to h" eonfadVratea here bet on Jon Sbot horses JTte message annotmcHig ta f.p.ttr of iu race wsa to te in Sale.500 Dozen : Handkerchiefs . . 2c For Friday only, women's hemstitched handkerchief s--SOO dozen of them to go at 2c je&ch. It's a remarkably low priced They'll fairly fly out In fact, tliey shouldn't last throughout the day Alal .!:; . . .'-c r -. ..;,.'.,:;: MS gjcth phones raroXdlWay. Cor 4Wfc.' AntfVlto. "' Arthur Iptom" Safe Dress Nets 50c to 75c Values . .v Fine dress sets,' filet and point de sprit, white cream, and ecru nets; most popular dress fabric of th season. VThey are. big values at 50c and 75c. Friday; Aisle 1, 25c. - MffcFMDM: NUMBER A Day of Supreme Values Big Friday Special $1.00 Curtains 50c Pair ' Net curtains for small nungalow or, casement windows. These are trimmed with Battenberg edges, all. ready for hanging: white or Arabian;"" bona fide 11.00 values. Friday, pair 60c. $2 Net Curtain Cf XQ White, Arabian"' Another Friday bargaindainty curtains for bedroom or dining-room; $2.00 ones now; Friday, $1.39. $1.25 Notlnoham jcr Lace Curtains.... White Lace fO-Door Panels..... They're worth 50c in the ordinary way; mo-t i f centers, large enough tor most any door 10o each. . $1.00 Muslin Curtains ... .69c Los Angeles' Greatest Sale lr H C M.:. For Men and &aiuyilC 111dfCf y Women ...... My, what a crowd, and yet-it's not to be wondered at when you think of the beautiful stockings that are selling at 25c. Why, the embroidery and clockings on some of them are worth more than that Think of the great quantity to begin with actually 13,520 pairs. Of course, they couldn't begin to all go In one day. Silk lisles, black aifil white and colors, in lace boot patterns, allover lace and lisle stockings, plain black, and white, and all the favored shades. It's almost Impossible to give details of how good these stockings are. You must sec them to appreciate tho Talue Importance. "You don't mean to say those beautiful embroidered lace stockings in the window are selling at 25c?" said one woman. It's a fact We claim that it's the greatest hosiery sale Los Angeles has ever known. The merchandise backs up our statements. . The Window Comes Out Friday.' I This is a sale for men as well as women, and the values, are fully as important Choosing will bo brisk Friday. i SALE OF MUSIC Popular vocal mad taittromental nabmtre at marked saving Friday. Third floor. VOCAL "Mv Yankee Sailor Ben" t "My Dear Old Uome In Tenncawe" Somewhere" "My Chertncee" "Somebody's Waiting For Tou'. "Dreaming" .......... "It Might Have Been" "Beautiful filar or Heaven" "Jack Tars March Song" .. "Our Dear Old Flag" "Hall to th Fleet" While the Fleet Ooea falling By", -waning Arouna tne worn - "Marlutch Down at Coney Ul" "I'm Afraid to Coma Horns la the! Dark" "When Tou Know You're Nat For gotten" .. INSTRUMENTAL "Cruleer March" "From the Atlantic to the Faciflc" 17c That After Easter Clearance Of Women's Tailored Suits at $10, $15 and $20 , Continues Friday With New Vigor A bold bona fide price reduction on numerous lines of women's fine suits, making way for big shipments ot summer weight garments now arriving. A profit-sharing time an opportunity for women to save baif, and In some cases more than lialf, on the best kind of suits. $17.50 to $20 CI ft 1 22.50 to $30 s Cf C I to t50 Suits For Women ....... JtlU 8uits For Women JflJ (Novelty Suits Choosing Friday will be fully as important as on the opening day. $20 10,000 Embroidery Remnants Ml Lenghts 3-4 to i Yard, Worth 25c, 35c, 50c Each ' v V Think of it! 10,000 pieces of embroidery, each and every one of them measuring J4 and 1 yard. They were too short for any use to the mill, so we practically got them for nothing. They are all", wide widths? corset covers, flouncings and Wide edges on swiss, cambric and nainsook. ' Every' style and every description. Some of them arc slightly damaged, but the most of them are perfect. It's the loom ends, accumulated for months. Embroideries that you would pay 25c, 35c and 50c for; 10,000 pieces Friday at 2c each. Aisle 2. Manufacturer's Sample Rugs M of a 9x12 Brussels x Complete Rug Worth $30,00 BRA8S BEDS VALUES TO $40 SALE BRASS AND IRON BEDS ....... $32.95 and full sise brass beds; very latest designs; either saUn or highly burnished hand finish. Bargain Friday's price only $32.95. Third floor. $3.25 $3.98 MATTRESS REVERSIBLE .. $2 $w $6.50 IRON BEDS FULL OR ?4 SIZE A wonderfully low prijfor a splendid bed; l4-inch posts, with-brass top rods. These are in white and cream; J5.50 row. Bargain Friday, third floor, 4.4S. $6.50 8TEEL SPRINGS FULL 23 COILS .$5M White Canvas Oxfords Odds and Ends Cl $1.50 Values . . JVC It's a typical bargain Friday price for women's white canvas oxfords; some of them are slightly soiled. It's the accumulation from several sales. They won't last long at this price. No phone or mail orders, and none delivered and no exchanges. They are up-to-date styles, as is 50c pair. Women's $1.25 OC- I Men's $3.50 Shoes Strao SHooer . . OJL r ri - - and Oxfords $2.39 Remnants Table, Damask and Crash Bargain Friday day of remnants you can revel in them in the linen section. 2'2 YARDS CREAM if 4 0? TABLE DAMASK Jl,j This is worth $1.50 In the regular way. . 22 YARDS MERCERIZED f 4 Oft DAMASK 4)17 This is worth $1.63 yard. 3 YARDS WHITE CITABLE DAMASK ...DIC Cotton, of course; but It's worth 87c. Remnanfs Wash Goods HALF-PRICE 10c LAWNS 5c 12"ie LAWNS 15c LAWNS 25c LAWNS 25c WASH GOODS . 35c WASH GOODS And so on through the entire list. ...6'4e ...7'2e ..12!2c 1Z'C 17', ic 3rd floor. Sale of Neckwear 25c New Styles for Women Values Up to 50c. . . A 100 dozen new neckwear, consisting of Jabots, Gibson, Ascot, Merry Widow and Baby Irish stocks; every style and color. Values range up to 35c and 50c. Friday's price, Aisle 2, 25c each. Women's Taffeta Fabtic Gloves at . . 25c A limited quautity only of women's fabric gloves; all colors; some blacks; all sizes. Bargain Friday's special, pair, Aisle 2, 25c. Ribbon Remnants 10c Values to 25c Each .... Ribbons of every description taffetas, satins, mes-saline and fancies; widths up to No. 80; to 2-yard lengths; worth up to 25c each. Friday, 10c tercepted by the men at the wire? and a false message, declaring the horse on' which the bet was made the winner,- substituted., v fl-'" The detectives.- who' had been following them ior several days, arrested them after all the connections had been made. Two confederates in this city succeeded in making their escape. The men arrester! admit expecting to clear up $4000 here. - They say they made -$15,000 while operating around Portland. W. I. Wilson, head of the Pinkerton bureau at fian Francisco, is here today for consultation with Dist.-Atty. Rains. The arrested men carry several suit cases filled with the best kind of electrical apparatus. One is an old experienced t-l-'graph operator. COOL ATTEMPT TOMURDER. Jap Rests Gun on Arm, Aims at Bar-. tendtr and Pulls Trigger. Locked up. Charged with having deliberately pointed a revolver at James Curran, a bartender in the California saloon, and with having snapped the hammer on a cartridge, Kay Imal was arrested yesterday. Curran, it is said, had refused to serve the Japanese with whisky. Imal was arraigned before Justice Chambers, and his bail fixed at $1000. In default of this sum. he was locked up in the City Jail; F. C. Piers of No. 1037 West Eight eenth street, who witnessed the al- eged attempt to murder, testified that v saw the defendant seat himself. at ono of the tables in the saloon, draw a small revolver from his hip pocket, load it, rest it on his arm. take aim at the bartender and pull the trigger. The witness said he leaped upon the man and overpowered him. The angry customers wanted to treat the Jap roughly. CAR BARNS STONED. Pennsylvania Street Railway Strikers Ignore Federal Court Injunction. IBT THE -ASSOCIATED PRESS A.M.J PENSACOLA (Fla.) April 23.-Not-withstanding the Injunction issued by the Federal Court to prevent lawlessness In the strike of street railway employes, the barns of the Pensacola Electric .Company, where over 100 strike-breakers . v are housed, were stoned early today.' ' No one was Injured. Several . ar rests were made. AN ARKANSAS HOLD-UP. CLUB INMATES LINED UP. - BT THIS ASSOCIATED A.M.I HOT SPRINGS (Ark.) April 23. Four masked men with leveled revolvers entered the club-house of the Indiana Club on .Central avenue early today, forced the occupants to line up alongside the wall and looted the place ot tlarge amount of money. The occupants were then locked In a room and the robbers escaped. - - No definite statement concerning the amount ot money taken can be secured but it is estimated ejr between $5000 and $10,000. - -- ' - v : BURGLARS USE NITRO. - Safe In Lumber Company's OfRea in V -. Hellywood Is Blown Open. - V. iJ. h.U H tMunder.VA t-l'V:. SPECIAL COKRSSFOKDBNd OT THE TIKES. BOLLTWOOD, April 21 Burglars blew the safe of the Nofiiger Lumber Company on rrospect avenue about 1 o'clock ' last eight- la an attempt ' at robbery. There were two explosions of nitroglycerine, about a baif hour apart The first warned the family of Jacob Jepson. on the opposite aide of the street and when the second becurred aa alarm" was turned into Night Watch-Evan Eckfnberg. Ec'senberg responded la a Quarter ef an hour, tut csuld Ex. 315-PHONES-Ex. 315 235 WEST THIRD STREET not locate the source of the explosion which had been heard and later went his way. However the excitement of those whose slumber had been dis turned caused the would-be burglars to steal away without securing the coveted plunder. This morning the wrecked safe was discovered by the manager, J. M. Young, on his arrival at the office. By Its side were a sledge hammer and a jlmraie. The side door naa neen pried open. Marshall .tango has no ciew as to who tne visitors were. CRIME BRIEFS. Ross Is Found Guilty. SALEM (Or.) April 23.-J. Thorburg Ross, president of the Title and Guar antee Trust Company, on trial for embezslement was found guilty today. To Take Orchard's Deposition. GUNNISON (Colo.) April 23.-D1S-trict Judge Shackelford today granted authority to O. N. Hilton, attorney for Steve Adams, to take a deposition from Harry Orchard to be presented when Adams is placed on trial for the killing of Arthur Collins at. Teilurlde. PREFER FREEDOM. Mussulman Equal Rights Crusaders ' Send Lobbyist to Duma to Work With Christian Lawmakers. IBT DIRECT WIRE TO THE TIMES.l ST. PETERSBURG, April 23. Exclusive Dispatch. Because they think the Mahommedan members of the Douma prefer bondage to freedom for their wives and daughters, Musselman equal rights crusaders of . Orenburg have sent a lobbyist a man to labor with the Christian lawmakers in their behalf. . ' CZAR ORDERS BIG WARSHIPS. ' LONDON, April 23. The Russian government, according to a trade Journal, has ordered five wars h Ids, each one to be larger than the Dreadnaught, from a firm of Clyde ship builders. V FINE FOR COMPLEXION -A sallow skin and dull' eyes are the direct result of faulty digestion. A prominent physician says, that by a simple course of treatment this most undesirable condition can be cored. Relieve the stomach of Its garden by using a digestive that will give rest ami restore Its Titallty. For this the following prescription will be found to work wonders; - - Two ounces essence-of pepsin; one ounce . catandlr compound; " three ounces syrup of ginger. These to be mixed and shaken well In a six-ounce bottle and used in doses of from one to two teaepoonfula after each meal and at bedtime. ; . . The catandlr compound: is a product of -the Globe Pharmaceatlcal Co. ot Chicago, and It as well as the oth er Ingredients can be obtained from any well . stocked drug ; store. By following up this treatment the rose ef health will goon, take the place cf pallid jcomplezloo and the whole fjstera feel IrnrroT!" fnnnp LUulilk P Jan Maine, April 19th to 25th Missouri and Minnesota Ohio, Flagship, "Maine." The Minnesota is sister ship to the Connecticut. Open to visitors 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. il VERY DAY. ILLUMINATION AND SEARCHLIGHT PLAY 8 to 9 p.m. EVERY NIGHT You will always be sorry if you miss this most wonderful and beautiful sight. ONLY 14 MILES. 30 MINUTES' RIDE FROM LOS ANGELES. Santa Monica Bay Day, Friday, April 24th GRAND CELEBRATION and ENTERTAINMENT ALL DAY and EVENING. GORGEOUS ILLUMINATION OF SHIPS AND SHORE. MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY OF, FIREWORKS. Plenty big commodious launches. Boat fare 25c. Grand Finale Grandest Sight of All! Formation Entire Fleet xin Santa Monica Bay Saturday Morning, for Maneuver Parting Saute of Suns Car service will commence PROMPTLY at 3 a. m. from both stations, Fourth Street and Hill Street, prepared to handle quickly and comfortably any sized crowd a continuous train. ----- - "- . Los Angeles Pacific R. R. .' Uordlinger ' Jewslws. " jX nU9 EsUbl.ih le . ww y 323 South Spring. Street Lbmita K rr4en pot b?tfl4 tb Tort of Bun C. HOLLI NO WORTH CO, Ln4 O Mrtmnt, U Wt S!ta Strtst. A Ifred Benjamla & Cos CCRRCOT OLOTMEt FOR MCN OLD BY JAUES SMITH AI9 CCPAMY 137130 SOUTH SPRINQ ST. ;.FBEE niRKITURE m A nw meva and a mighty Import rrt en to furnitur buytra. " ' Coma til and aa how w tfo It. . H. ARNOLD FURNiTUKS CO, - 143 tCUTH MAIN tTRS7; m THE NEW FASHION 8HOP Far Woman. the Knickerbocker M9 So- troarfway. Otil F-aiCt PROMPT DELIVERY SuntilUrc- (Jet 140-e-s SOUTH KILL ST. GAS EN E Saves Cfothes Saves Labor Saves "Mon'" ft? v

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