Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 9, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE 8—NATJGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, NOV. !», J!M9 ?0lfliib«d Every Evening ~(£xoept Sunday) by FHB NAUGATUCK MEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. TtiepUone* 1228 and SS29 AH Department* »m iiccond claa» matter at the port office In Naugatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance t Month ...$1.80 1 Tear 118.60 Memoer: American Newspaper Pub. A>B*H N. 'B. Dally Newspaper Put. AM'D Conn. Newapaper Publisher* Aro'n WEDNESDAY, NOV. 9, 1949 Foley Favored The Board of Education has served notice that action will be taken tomorrow to fill the post of principal of the Kaugatuck High School. Second in importance in the Naugatuck school system only to the superintendent, the High School principalship Is an office requiring more than the highest standards of ability and achievement in the related modern education fields. The High School principal today in Naugatuck must at once be educator, administrator, counsellor and instructor— all in the one office. Indeed, Naugatuck has been fortunate these past several years in the identities and abilities of those able and conscientious men who have been principals — and acting principal. In all the years of its outpourings of talent and learning, Naugatuck High School has never before boasted a principal as beloved among students and faculty as the man now charged with the responsibilities of that office. A member of the faculty from 1932, he came back to the school of his secondary education with a truly remarkable record of accomplishment, both in scholastic and athletic attainments. A brilliant student and superb athlete, he was, at Catholic University the pride of professor and coach. These same characteristics, topped off with a flair for dry humor, a gracious manner and a quiet, firm demeanor, in school and out, have endeared him to students and teachers alike. And without relaxation of the scholastic requirements. As acting principal of Naugatuck High School since 1947, he has proved, eminently, that he has the qualifications necessary to the fulfillment of the office. The Board of Education here has an opportunity to gain a new era of prestige and public confidence. The appointment of Raymond Kirwln Foley as principal of Naugatuck High School would have the wholehearted approval of all acquainted with his qualifications and interested in the capable administration of NHS. The appointment of Mr. Foley to the position he has occupied in acting capacity, and with distinction, would be one action of the Board of Education that •would occasion favorable reaction on B. unanimous scale. Super-Snyder Watertury's able and popular Mayor Raymond E. Snyder has been returned to office by the most overwhelming plurality ever accorded a Waterbury candidate, Republican or Democrat. The magnitude of the Republican victory proved surprising even to^ the most hopeful GOP prognosticator, and pleasantly so. The opposite, of course, was true in the case of the Democrats who helped defeat themselves and added to the margin of Republican victory by engaging in a pre- election primary fight that had no precedent for lingering bitterness. But the 18,544 plurality with which Waterbury has honored Mayor Snyder and his ticket is a personal tribute to a Republican executive who has outshone each of his associates and all of his opponents in the Waterbury political arena. He bids fair to take on larger area in the immediate future if his political ambitions are thus inclined. The Waterbury election scene bears striking resemblance to'the recent Naugatuck picture. Aided by Democrat and Republican alike, Mayor Raymond E. Snyder seems to be doing in Waterbury what Warden Harry L. Carter has dona in Naugatuck—but on a larger scale. Quest For Taxes When it comes to taxes the American people may as well abandon hope they are to be lowered, or that certain levies may be avoided. It has been the practice of some cigarette smokers residing in states that had a sales tax on cigarettes to buy from mail order houses in other states and avoid that much of the tax. This was in exercise of their rights as free Americans. According to a recent survey, the neat sum of $20,000,000 was kept from the politicians in that manner. But, unless the Supreme Court thwarts the politicians, this right of Americans to buy where they please is to be no more. Congress passed a law and —President T r u man - signed it, which forces concerns selling cigarettes in interstate commerce to furnish tax commissars of each state where they have customers with a complete list of those receiving such goods during the previous month. The purpose, of course, is to fofrce payment of the tax. The new law will afreet 38 states. Ten states have *io state taxes on cigarettes. State taxes on cigarettes a recent innovation and which are in addition to the huge federal tax of nine cents a pack, range from one cent a package to as high as eight cents. Pennsylvania with a four-sent tax imposed by the present governor, collected more than $78,000,000 last year and frequently posts gestapo agents at state borders to search automobiles entering the state for possible contraband smokes. Alexander the Great sighed for more worlds -to conquer. Politicians will seek more taxes to levy as long as a taxpayer retains a dollar. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Patsy Labriola was elected president of the Christofore Columbo Society at the 49th annual meeting. The Naugatuck High school Jayvee team defeated Seymour. 6-0, for its first win of the season. Al Crossxvait scored the only Naugatuck touchdown. 20 Years Ago Clifford Warner was named as a representative to the general conference board of the Southern New England Telephone Co. Mrs. Chester Rudolph and family, of Maple avenue, Beacon Falls, were visiUng in Yonkers, N. Y. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. When an engagement has been announced, shouldn't the bride- elect's family call at once upon the family of the man? A. No; it is the duty of the man's family to make the first call, and as soon as possible. Q, When asked to be a godparent to a child, is it necessary to give a gift on the day of the christening? A. Yes. The New England Antiques association is being very generous with tickets to the Boston Antiques Exposition to be held in Mechanics Building, Boston. Mass., from Nov. 14 through Nov. 19... we've another ticket for two on our desk and anyone desiring same may call for it... George O'Neill will be headed for the event. We're quite shocked to learn that not only does the vicinity of Lewis and Ollvo streets havo a group of vandals, but also thu Swede Hill area has an active gang of young boys, who apparently delight In causing residents anxiety, and even to the point of flashing weapons... wonder why these kids don't grow up. "Spec" Shea is personally supervising the work on his new Johnson street home,.. But he's in doubt it will be completed by Nov. 19, the day he takes his one and only sweetheart, Gen Martino, as his bride...Dan Sweeney, who sang Irish and Italian songs so sweetly at "Spec's" testimonial dinner, promises to sing "Genevieve, Sweet Genevleve" with the Yankee quartet next summer in Yankee Stadium... Town Clerk Ray St. John and Francis Kellcy, mayor of Maple street, are currently in Noo IlampHhlre, uhuntlii' the deer... *»oorR« I'almer, Jr., first borough man to join the Railway Mail Service, was a local visitor recently, . .He now makes his home on Long Inland... Borough Court Clerk George Fellows was up to his ears in work the other morning writing out records of parking tag violations and fines... the current meter drive has nearly flooded headquarters with dollar bills, although police have been able to taper off on writing tags lately because of public cooperation in placing pennies in the meters. Another fellow by the name of Fellows, Charlie, that is, was equally as busy the other day painting the new firehouse doors. .. .green paint was used, matching other trim on the building. ...workers are still working in front of the bulldinpr, cutting away curbing of the apron, which is to he moved back a few feet to widen the entrance. Happy birthday next Monday to John Schmuck of North Church street... Mr. and Mrs. John Wrinn of Ward street entertained their son, Johnny, and a classmate from Brown university last weekend... they all attended the Yale- Brown football game. Members of Girl Scout troop, No. 34, attended the Yale-Brown football game last Saturday at the Yale Bowl.. .drivers of cars transporting the youngsters were Mrs. Wesley Coo, Carl Elmer Anderson, Harold Free and Joseph Marnon. Q. When leaving the dinner table to dance, what should one do with one's napkin? A. Place the napkin unfolded beside the plate. Look And Learn 1. How do stalactites, and stalagmites differ? 2. What country's name means "equator"? 3. Approximately how many pounds does the standard bale of hay weigh? 4. What precious stone ranks next to the diamond in hardness? 5. What suits of regular playing cards have the Jacks in profile? Answers 1. Stalactites hang from the roofs of caves, while stalagmites project from the floors of caves. 2. Equador, South America. 3. Ninety pounds. 4. The sapphire. 5. Spades and hearts. John McGeevcr, Jr., and Joe Natowich of the Beacon Falls Legion Post dropped in to give us a briefing on their plans for Beacon Falls housing... the Legion there has done considerable probing and has hopes of,., making housing in the community a reality. Mr .and Mrs. William Pfolffor have returned to their home, 35 School street, after spending the past five weeks in the vicinity of Detroit, Mich., Cleveland, Ohio and other cities thereabouts... Mr. P. was on business for the Scratton Lace Co., of New York. A meeting of the Philharmonics of Naugatuck has been definitely scheduled for Nov. 18 in the News office... there's much business to be acted upon and all members of the music group, as well as all other interested persons, who arc potential members, should be present promptly at 7:30 o'clock. Tony Monsantc, town hail janitor, is seen popping outdoors on Church street every once in a while, to seo If Old Glory still waves at the town hall building. ...the flying of the nag has become somewhat of a problem for Tony Warden Harry Carter, also a hit skeptical after the trying experiences with the flag pole, takes a peek occasionally from his office window. Today is the day Naugatuck High school students have been waiting for—with mixed emotions. ... Report cards for the first term, covering the months of September and October, were issued today... The honor list will be released next Tuesday or Wednesday. .. All of the borough's 2,800- plUs school children, from both public and parochial schools, will have a day off Friday, Armistice Day. Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lawton, of Lewis street, who will observe their fifth wedding anniversary Friday.. .They have two children, Tommy, age four, and Billy, age three. ..Mrs. Lawton is the former Ethel Simmons. Our best wishes to Johnny Brady of Walnut street, who celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday... he's a member of Naugatuck High school's football squad, captain of this year's high school swimming team and vice-president of the senior class. WALTER WINCHELL In New York THE BROADWAY EXPRESS | Celebs About Tkown: Thle Ike Eisenhowers window-shopping near 59th and 5th unrecognized ...Ex-President H. Hoover strol- ing along Lexington near 57th ditto. ..Novelist Fannie Hurst tak- ng her daily 6 ayem walk through the park...Henry Kaiser, the caristocrat, hipping into a keb built by his Willow Run firm... Gene Fowler, the best-seller man, in the Stork complaining aibout hia age (60)...Tony Martin, who will get $45,000 for his three weeks at the Roxy, starting Friday... Mary MeCarty and Eduardo Albert ringt-iidyng- with the "Miss Liberty" troupe to welcome colleague Johnny Thompson, doubling at the Penthouse Club. . .Marlone Dietrich baiby-sit'ting with her grandchild in Central Park.. .Sir Cedric Hardwloke delighting the China Dolls (at the spot of the came name) with his patty-caking . .Cary Grant hopping out of his limousine near 59th to see what was jamming traffic—and making it jammier. ed'—craved one thing more than Duropean acclaim...A front table n Lindy's. New* Yorkers Whose Name* Are Familiar: Arthur Brisbane, the mortician, at 248 W. 132nd...John Steinbeck of 70 Clark street, 3rooklyn.. .John Gunther, the awyer, of 175 Ninth Ave... Market Mitchell of 533 W. 112th... William Tell (he handles the Sivoli Theater) at 1620 B'way... Alexander Hamilton, the insurance man, at 75 Maiden Lane, and Tommy Dorsey, the plumber,.of 201 E. 66th. Sounds In 1 the Night: At Helen Dunn's 56-Room: "Here shp comes —the Bellevue of the Ball!"...At Iceland: "Nice-President Barkley sure picked a St. Lulu"...In Freeman Chum's: "How about calling lim America's Vecphoart?".. .At the Mermaid Room: "In Russia they don't find you guilty, just dead"...At Leon and Eddie's: "A man can do many things with 50 million dollars. One of them is— make a fool of himself." Tho Connecticut Society of X-ray technicians will moot tomorrow night at 8 o'clock at the Hartford hospital... J'uul McGrath of General Electric and Dr. Elwood Godfrey will be guest speakers. ARIZONA MANUFACTURING Less than 10 per cent of the population of Arizona was engaged in manufacturing in 1948. .PIIILirriNK SUGAR CANE Approximately 6 per cent of the cultivated urea in the .Philippines is planted in sugar cane. ' HUNTING SEASON Sallies In Our Alley: Cyril Smith got a laugh at the Night Cap with the one about The Looker who told a psychiatrist that her husband was driving her mad with his insane jealousy. "He keeps accusing me of going out with other fellers!" she yipped... "Bring your husband here," he told her. "I'll cure him: of that'... "That's great, iDoc," she replied. 'IMaybe then he'll stop bothering 1 all my boy friends"... Mrs. "Gen'l" Vaughan says the only thing her husband ever painted before was the kitchen. . .Yen, and the only thing he ever drew before was criticism. Bigtown Sideshow: A movie reviewer got a call recently from MGM, asking him not to review a certain film..."A stinker, eh?" asked the newspaperman... "Yes," was the candid reply. . ."Okay, we won't waste any ink on it," said the critic...At the opening matinee the critic got another call from the same lp. a..."Our manager says a girl named Sue Andso is in the theater to cover that stinker you promised not to review". .. ."She's not on our paper," was the reply. "She's on the News. Why don't you phone her yourself and call her off?"..."I will try," sighed the voice...,But she had left and they couldn't contact her.. .Next day the review came out... She loved « ana gave it 3 stars! Memos of a Mldntghiter: The title song from the new hit show, "Lost in the Stars," is the nearest thing to a prayer ever set to music as a popular tune. Broadway- ites flrst heard it about two years ago when F. Sinatra rendered it at the Waldorf. . .Dinah has just recorded John Lange's latest. He auth'd "'Mule Train." The newy Is christened: "The One I Want Won't Have Me". .. There's a musical show going the rounds of producers' offices called: "Poca- hontos Goes to ;Cjondon." The famed Redskin in an affair with the Bard of Avon.. .Many disc jox were suddenly jobless around the nation. Three in Boston, two in Chicago, three in L .A., and others .,. Flipcrackers are saying the Best Game of the Season woud be Notre Dame vs. Notre Dame's 2nd Team. .. .Stripteuse Lois De Fee, who is supporting five waifs, says her latest furs came from a preacher. Manhattan Murals: The hand- kisslngs and "Oui-oul-injr" at the Winter Garden stage door after the French Ballet troupers come out...The gent in hia 60s, who strolls around Washington Square Park with a big roll of absorbenl cotton, dropping wads of it here and there. Say» it's for the birds to use for nests in this weather. .. The New Yorkish touch in Greenwich Village where Jimmy Kelly's stay-up-late place is right nexi door to an undertaker.. .Sign in a delicatessen: "Try. Our New- Sandwich Creation: 'South Pastrami'!". . .The waiter in Reuben's who has $30,000 invested in Wai St. The Late Watch: Judge Medina, reports UP, revealed that he heard the voice of America. "At the end of the Communist trial he received 50,000 telegraims and letters." Including the ones that came for him via this desk?...Our favorite in Al Moore's 1950 Esquire Calendar is the one for April. . .They say Capitol's recording- of "Mule Train" by Ernie is out-selling all others in So. Calif. ...The house dix at the Park- Sheraton now wear tux after sundown. Sech airz!...The Times radio lists 'get so teddibly formal. List Edgar Bergen as "The Charles McCarthy Show." Hmf, we peasants always call him Charlie... Faye Emerson can't decide whether to let It rest as a legal separation or go to Ruino. TEAPOT DOME FIGURE PAYS FINE ATER PAYING FINES totaling $20,000, imposed for failure to pay taxes on a million dollars 25 years ago, Henry Blackmer, 80 (right), shakes hands with Walter Bowman, U. S. District Court clerk in Denver. Blackmer, a financier, fled to Europe more than two decades ago to escape questioning in thp famous Teaoot Domp oil scandal. (International Soundnhcto) Princess Grows Up Household Scrapbook Dried Fruits When dried fruits a re. to be chopped in the food grinder, run cold water over them and they will not stick together. Dried fruits can be cooked and kept on hand for a week or more. Brighter Rugs Rugs and t-.arpets maybe brightened by wiping with a cloth or chamois wrung out of lukewarm water to which has been added a little borax and a few drops of vinegar. Marmelade Cool the marmalade before it is poured into the jars. This makes the pieces of fruit remain evenly distributed through the syrup, instead of rising to the top of the mixture. Realty Transactions The following papers have been filed in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John: Quit Claim Ingeborg W. Olson to Paul W. Olson, property on Beacon Valley road. Mortgage Deeds Francis J. Schildgen to Naugatuck Building and Loan association, property on East Waterbury road. Daniel and Elsie Vera to Naugatuck Building and Loan association, property on South Main street. Mortgage Releases Naugatuck Building and Loan association to Catherine Nardillo. Naugatuck Building and Loan association to Daniel and Elsie Vera. Joseph Pichulo to Daniel and Elsie Vera. COMMERCIAL Mid DOMESTIC BEFBIGEBATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls TeL 7«9C Emergency Cnll 6557 PRINCESS Margarets, oldest daughter of Princess Sibylla and the late Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, is pictured in Stockholm on her 15th birthday. Teen-agers will take comfort in the fact that the Princess had to attend school classes jn her birthday. (International) Alienation Suit Reported Settled Bridgeport, Nov. 8—(UP)—Settlement of a $150,000 alicnations-of- affections suit was announced today as the case was about to go on trial in Superior court. The amount of the settlement was not disclosed. The suit had been brought by Randolph H. Lee of Brooklyn, N. Y., against Russell T. Bailey of Grtcn- wich. Lee married his wife, Doro thy, in 1926. LEWIS CARROLL The 1)etl«r OB tkc Sqtar* CENTER SQUARE — COB.SEB PBOSPKCT * CNIOS STREETS Bards? Tile Board Cbrnm* Trl» Door Frames Window 8*«h * Frame* Paint! Floor Budtr* tor Ke* TELEPHONE M8* Headquarters for E-Z UNDERWEAR for Children and OTIS UNDERWEAR for Men | Briefs — Mid-ties — Boxers ; ! Light and Winter Weights EMRRUSKI .7I.FANCR - TAHXO NORTH MAIN ST. TEL S807 Open Fri. Till 9 NEW ENGLAND S URGES' PETROLEUM STORAGE TERM.SAL If It's Anything for Yuur flour Call ARKA Y FLOOR COVEKINGS SO Diamond St. Tel. 69IS Geo. Wigglesworth & Son, Inc. I'LUMBING, HEATING imd AJB CONDITIONING MAPLE STttEET £4 Hour Oil Burner Service TEL. C263 BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil per gallon K. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. t - Phono 6-3541 -cW t, BUCKLEY /., BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUU COSTS Broadway T|cker-Tape: The Broadway showmen and City Hall have rigged up a plan to eliminate ticket-scalping (on the hits), and Dennis James adds: "All they gotta do now is sell the idea to the people who want tickets at any price"...The B. Bradleys of Valley Stream have their 3rd boy. Mom was Pam Clifford of the long-stemmed beauties. . .The Eisenhower-for-President in '52 campaign has already started down in Wall St. They intend to do it Dwlght this time. ..Leo Lindy isn't interested in selling his framed restaurant unless you pay $2,000,000-^.half million in cash. Curtain' Calls: "The Facts qf Love" a.t the Embassy. The reviewers for Mirror, Times and Trib hugged it ...Ruth Mason's songs at The Savannah.., Alan. Dale's platter of "There's No Tomorrow" ...Columbia's "All the King's Men", flicker Novelette: Heartbreaks and Bad- breaks forced him to return to Holland after every Broadway door was slammed in his face. He couldn't even let an Echo...As he stopped out of the plane he was greeted like a Returning Hero... By a great crowd 1 , who remembered his underground broadcasts during the war when he cheered on his countrymen through the dark and dreary Hitler occupation, . .His first concert there \sras a sellout and in the past year he aimassed a fortune with his sad songs all over the Continent... The other day his wife returned to B'way with the fabulous news of hai success...He " waisi following her shortly.. .teo'IFuld, she report-I Woterbunj'sU DependaUe I • Stora 11 11 NOW IN PROGRESS! OUTSTANDING VALUES IN EVERY DEPARTMENT SHOP HERE FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT NEW LOW PRICES!

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