The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 22, 1906 · 9
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 9

Los Angeles, California
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Sunday, July 22, 1906
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clm 5Liuioaij:.;ijLtinc3. i " Soutii oi fe Teliacliepi " NcigUboring Counties NEV'J REPORTS FROM CORRESPONDENTS 08 THE TIMES. XL TO STREAMS. UNY FISHES DISTRIBUTED TO, MOUNTAINS. Mur tlttl Qn Art Received from Eiaeen Katchtry and Hur-: rldly-Conv:wd to Mountain Wa i ter In Vpj Part of San Br nardlno Coiiity. BAN BKrNARDINO, July 21, Over 180,000 lltVo trout were received '. by Fish ComcjlBBlonor Boyd thJa morning irom w eisson hatcheries. Within half an fcour after -arrival, they were on their; way to the rariou, mountain stream in thin county in car of men Warned by the Fish Commission. r In the,, placing of the trout In their new homes. Vhe Flan. Commissioner met the rin at Pomona. Several cana were MH off at Ontario for Cucamona-a. ni1 an Antonio creeks, and at Colton evecal other cana wera aent on by train to Crafton, there to be hurried by team to Mill Creek and the upper on 1 1 la Ana. r .. , T'.ie remainder of the consignment wai handled from here. MILLER, WILL CONTEST. ine Miner will contest consumed the Entire day In Department Two of the Superior Court, Judge Bledsoe agree-jng to accept a stipulation between the attorneya for the principals that lall the ' proceedings of this afternoon would te recorded as though - taking piace Monaary morning. In this way all danger of running afoul of the Saturday half-holiday law was prevented. TRACTION COMPANY PLANS. The San Bernardino Valley Trac- Hon Company Is seriously considering lmHdlng a track north on B street from Third to Base Line, there to form a loop with the line running north on D street This plain Is regarded aa better than double-tracking D street. General Manager Smith, in a discussion of Traction plans, stated further that the company has bought several lots ft Hlghgrove In order, to complete the right of way for the pro posed Riverside system connecting Kiverame with san Bernardino. He .: said that the Southern Pacific had taken up the matter of a right of way Tor the Traction Una across the rall-jroad reservation at Colton, which is now the only obstacle in the way of the Immediate commencement of work on the proposed Riverside extension. Speaking of the extension to Arrowhead Hot Springs, north of town,' the general manager stated that the lacf; of ties is all that Is holding up op rations, and that tlea have been ' promised for October 1. . JUDGE IS MERCIFUL. John Elchorn, charged with breaking Into a saloon, Sunday, .to secure whisky, pleaded guilty before Judge Bledsoe this morning, and so thoroughly Impressed the court that he was telling the truth In reciting the history of his past, that Judge Bledsoe did the unusual thing of withholding Judgment and turning the prisoner loose , on probation. Sheriff Ralphs was appointed probation officer for the term of one year.. v DIVORCE CALENDAR FULL. Judge Oster is to have another full divorce calendar Monday morning. The divorce cases which will come up on default are those of Carrie Miller against Clarence T. Miller; Mary E. Dorman against Charles Dorman; A. W. Hatch against Effle Hatch; Al-sia Floyd against J. C Floyd, and Hattle Wilkinson against Henry Wilkinson. In the Miller case the wife charges conviction of a felony. The couple resided at Upland and both became Involved with neighbora. Miller went to prison for criminal assault upon the neighbor's daughter. SAN BERNARDINO JOTS. Samuel Mott "and Edward Mowery of Los Angeles are In town, seeking a bonus of $1000 to pull off an automobile and balloon race,, similar ' to one given at Los Angeles recently. Local business interests are considering the proposition, but state that the bonus must be cut In two. Because he Is charged with cutting trees at Christmas time, over six months ago, Joseph Dempsey, a well-known rancher of Hesperla, Is Involved In trouble with the United States government. The trees were furnished to the people of Los Angeles for festival occasions. Capt. S. W. McNab haa received a communication from the Adjutant-General's office, which permits him to negotiate a loan from the local banks for the State, with which to pay off the members of Company , K. N.G.C., for their work In OaJcland and. ' San Francisco following the nre. LONG BARROW TRIP. , Man and Cam Bird Arrly at Celten, After Their Jourtieyjfrom ' Denver. COLTON, July Jl. "From Denver to California or Bust'' tbd was the expressed sentiment of a queer Htti procession which passed through Colton yesterday, and attracted some attention. The placard with the foregoing motto, fluttered on either aide of a fighting cock which was perched on a wheelbarrow, and pushing the wheelbarrow, walked an oddly garbed Individual. The man gave his name aa George L. Custer. He claims to have walked the entire distance from Denver in three months, and says he will be rolling his barrow down Spring street, Los Angeles, on Monday afternoon. : ' He says this Is not a wager proposition, but that he la out merely for his health and the health of his bird, and also to write a booH of the country through which he has passed. Custer earns his way by exhibiting his fighting cock Which, he haa trained to put up a fight with an Imaginary antagonist The bird's antics have kept its owner's pockets welt supplied with coin. Custer aays that the most prosperous exhibitions were made among the mining camps of this country and Colorado, the miners .raining coins into his wheelbarrow as long as there waa any hope of continuing the bird's clever performance. This strange traveler intends to settle irt Los Angeles and enjoy the wealth and fame which , he Imagines his strange journey and.! book will bring him. COLTON CULLINGS. The damage suit of Mrs. France Wood against the temperance advertising committee of the April ar.i-paljrn, for the loss of a horee, hM ben postponed, upon the request o Unn Brown, attorney for the plalntffC. It wa settled in court today that the case would not come up until August or r'crt ember. The attorney for the plaintiff asked for more time to pro-cur-" r necessary witnesses. lira. T. 1. Dole and children ot Chi cago, are g uesta of Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Sampson, at the Baptist parsonage. They expect to spend several weeks In Cglton and Riverside.' - Mrs. E. T. McNeil la visiting rela-tlves In Asusa. H. Albee expects to visit In Santa Ana next week. S. Fox, It E. Fouch, Jesse Touch, A. Leedom, F. 8. Marsh and Max Zem-pleburg are members of a party who have planned to take the excursion to Tia Juana to witness the bull fight, Sunday. TrUIiDEPv, OR lY! HEART STOP? ONTARIO RANCHER DEAD, AND . FOUL PLAY SUSPECTED. Position pf Body Suggests PossU bility of Crime Having- Been Com mitted No Wounds or Indications , of Poisoning, However Waa Mar-"ried, but Wife Is Out of the City. IBT DIRECT W1RB TO THE TIMKS.l ONTARIO. July . Exclusive Dlf-patch. W. D. Swarthwood (of Ontario waa discovered about 6: SO o'clock this afternoon, lying dead on the floor of his ranch-house, at the corner of San Antone and D streets, in the suburbs of this city. v The position of the body, and the circumstance under which It was found, leads to the . supposition that foul play may have been committed, although examinations so far have failed to show any wounds, or Indications of poisoning. Swarthwood was about 40 years old, and leaves a widow, but no children. Hia wife is out of the city, and no one seems to know at present where she It Friends of t'ie family are endeavoring to locate her, but at midnight tonlglk nothing had been heard from her. The Coroner at San Bernardino has been notified, and will arrive here early In the morning, at which time an Inquest will be held to ascertain tne cause of death. When discovered. It Is believed that Bwartnwooa naa been dead for several hours. TROLLEY TRAFFIC TIED UP. Santa Ana and Long Beaoh Cars Do layod by Coaoh Being Derailed. SANTA ANA, July 21. The derailment of a Slauaon-aVenue car at Long Beach avenue and East Twenty- seventh street, tied up all traffic on the east track lor a time this afternoon. The accident occurred opposite Mc-Can'a machine shop, about 4 o'clock. North bound Slauson-avenue car Jumped the raila In passing the switch. The rear trucks became Jammed so badly the .. use of Jackscrewa was necessary to get them back on the rails. All the cars arriving were aent back to Slauson Junction where they were switched to the west track. No one waa hurt in theeaccldent. The regular train schedule of " the beach and Santa Ana lines was abandoned for more than an hour. NEWSPAPERS IN CONTEST. A contest la being waged between the local newspapers, regarding the awarding of the public printing contract. The City Trustees have been Involved to the extent that each member Is having work In explaining hia attitude to nis constituents. The Blade haa been securing the public printing at 70 cents per sauare for the first insertion. The Register nas lately taken up the fight for a reduction In thla piece. In Its editorial columns the Register offers to do the work for one-half the price now paid to the Blade. WILL NOT EXHIBIT. In anticipation of a request from the Board of Governora of the Bute fair at Sacramento, for an exhibit from thla county, the Chamber of Commerce Is prepared to reject the expected proposal. Secretary Willson went to Los Angeles yesterday and conferred with Secretary Getrl. Wiltson aaya that the Los Angeles association is not In favor of sending an exhibit to the State fair this year. Secretary Willson desires to receive donations of fruit and vegetables for exhibition by the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce. VENTURA GROWERS PROSPER. , Dried Apricots Are in Demand at Prieea Double Those of a 'Year Ago. " VENTURA, July M. The apricot season has practically drawn to a close throughout this county and the growers are awaiting the buyers, with the prospect of obtaining high prices. Offers of 13 ft cents a pound have already been made.. A year ago only 8 cents a pound waa obtained for dried apricots. When It is understood that apricots are profitable at aa . low a figure as t cents a. pound. It will be realised why the apricot men are proaperlng this year. Tho output this year in most cases waa not more than a half or two-thirds that of last, but with tho superior sited fruit and the greater price, the growers will be considerably better off. Though the prices offered now are high, many growers expect to get IS cents a pound and some will hold off for II cents a pound. The crop Is short all over the State, and the product of last year, which was largely stored in Ban Francisco warehouse, was destroyed by the fire. The new crop will enter a clean field 'and without any competition in the way of hold-over fruit. VENTURA NEWS ITEMS, y . F. D, Seward, aged ti, a pioneer resident of the . county, suffered a stroke of paralysis Thursday night and is In a serious condition. He and hi wife reside on Oak street. Up to Thursday, Mr, Seward had enjoyed good health. Several months ago the couple celebrated the sixty-fifth an niversary of their wedding day. Clover Leaf Lodge, Daughters of Rebekah, Installed the following offi cers, Thursday evening: Mrs. Mabel Stewart, r.o.:.Mrs. Minerva Elliott N.Q.; Miss Minnie Jones, secretary; Mrs. Mattle Brakey, warden; Mrs. Leona Lincoln, chaplain; Miss Kate Weaver, R.8.N.O.; Miss Edna Miller, R.A.S.; Miss Ethel Miller, L.A.S. A banquet waa enjoyed after the cere monies. . HONOR GIVEN TO MISS FREMONT. DAUGHTER OF PATHFINDER TO ' UNVEIL MONUMENT. 1 . Raising of the American Flag by General at San Diego, Old Town, Sixty Years Ago to Be Comment- , orated by Granite Boulder Weigh v Ing Five Tons. .. Back East Excursions.' Th Santa Ft will mafca t follnwtfif rhatp icurrtoa rates to eaaiern citlaa oa Auaiut f. rhtc and feaek fi M ft. lxiuu nd tfk ; se lnvr nd back .....Site Kan.. City and bak too Hi, Paul and bJ-k .$T oe Vinntxl!. and tack iro.oe Omaha and bark Nir York and batk ,.t.i0 pr,B!on and buck ,,....: ,...$i"9.W M'mphfa and bark..,, ., as!. 50 Thi ncarfy.) tick! ara frd oa tha California Lii"llt and a atop can ba mada t lit tha Oram4 Canyoa n rithr ba t'.lnf or rtturn trlw. "pay ara limited to October 11 for the ra'wrn trip. Auk Mr. MeOa at Xe. S. Bprtn at.. If you .Wire mor SuMl, tii Riit, jronir t.ttp-lif-cir t tee .a ;. earls', . , ',. IBT DIBECT WIRE TO THE TIMES ! ; SAN DIEOO, July 51. Exclusive Dispatch. Miss Fremont, daughter of Gen. Fremont, who raised the American flag at Old Town on July 29, 1848, has been selected to unveil the monument which Is to mark the spot. The exercises wlU be held on Sunday, July 29, commemorative of the sixtieth anniversary. " . ' Miss Fremont will be assisted in the ceremony by Henry Timken, a local millionaire, who was on Gen. Fremont's staff. The monument will be a plain granite houlder, weighing five tons, bearing a coppe.r plate 'Suitably Inscribed. Elaborate arrangements are being made for the celebration. LARGE ASSESSMENT GAINS. - Figures complied by Assessor Jorres and his deputies show the valuation of the property in San Diego county to be $24,721,994, which Is a gain of $750,000 over last year. Assessor Jorres estimates that the personal property valuation It $225,000 less than It would have been but for the new law exempting personal property to the value of $100. His summary follows: Real estate, country, $4,937,31; Improvements, $1,037,110; real estate, cities, $9,134,594; Improvements. $4,226,202; personal property, $1,926,S1; money, $125,319. Total, $21,388,857. . , - The State assessment on raflroHds In this county la estimated at $2,000,000. OCEANSIDE PARAGRAPHS. OCEANSIDE, July 21.-The Seaside Literary Circle met last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jolly. It waa decided to postpone further meetings until October, at which time new officers will be elected. The Ladies' cricket Club played the first of their annual matches against the gentlemen on a recent afternoon. The guests enjoyed luncheon under the frees. Mrs. B. I. Amlck has as her guests this week her son, B. Amick, and family of Pasadena. Mrs. William Pickle Is entertaining Mins Blanche Zall and Miss Nettle Sledge of Los Angeles and Mrs. B. C. Pendleton of Bakersfield. Prof. G. Patton of Claremont schools is here with his family for the season. Miss Dora Holnday of Des Moines Is the guest of Miss Louise Morris. Mrs. J. H. Roe of Riverside has arrived here for an outing of several weeka. G. B. Oliver and his wife and daughter. Miss Louise Oliver of Rial to, will aoon occupy their new tent-house here. E. McCullouah and his wife and daughter of Hemet are passing the summer at this beach. READY FOR TRIAL TRIPS. Cruiser Milwaukee Soon to Test Her 8peed in Santa Barbara Channel. Other Vessels Coming. SANTA BARBARA. July 21,Prepa-ratlons are now complete for the trial trips of the protected cruiser Milwaukee, which will be held off thla coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 24, 21 The Santa Barbara Channel offers an excellent course for the big ships to try their speed for It affords a large and smooth strip of water, with adverse currents and tides from the deep seas cut off by the Channel Islands, and strong winds broken by the high mountains on shore. Many battle shlpa and cruisers, that have been built on the Pacific Coast in recent years, have made their trial trips In the Santa Barbara Channel, the last one being the battleship Ohio, which waa tried out here less than two years ago. The boats are run over a forty-mile course and back, leaving a buoy opposite this city and running northeastwardly up the channel to a point this aide of Point Conception, where they turn a stake-boat and start on the return trip, making eighty miles m all. ' The flagship Chicago, with Admiral Goodrich and staff aboard, and the cruiser Boston will arrive in the city on Sunday evening. Several torpedo boats and other navy shlpa are expected to arrive before the trial. A movement Is on among the dlrec- BIDS FOR CORONA SCHOOL. COROKA," July 21. The. board of school trustees met today, and opened bids for construction of the new high-school building from E. D. Hough of Los Angeles, heatilng, $2550; M. P. Thye of Los , Angeles, wiring, $1235; Cass-Smurr-Damerel Company of Los Angeles, heating, $1975; Phillips Heating and Ventilating Company of Loa Angeles, heating and ventilating $1490; Loo Kroonen of Corona, building complete, except heating, $23,598: S. L. Bloom of Corona, building complete, $31,995. The board adjourned until 7;30 o'clock Monday evening to take further action on the matter. ELSINORS PERSONAL NOTES, ELSINORE, July 2L Mrs. Bruce Manea and her sons have gone to Fay, Nev., to Join Mr. Manes, who is employed there.-- The family has lived in ElHinore for several years. Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Townes, who have spent aome months' here, have gone to Long Beach to spend the,sum. mer. ' Miss Ellis, who has been here from Whittier visiting at the home of her uncle,. Dr. T. E. Ellla, and family, returned home Thursday. Mrs. Robert Gunn, who has been visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Walton, in EUlnore, . returned home today. Mrs. S. E. McLeod has returned from a visit with her daughter In Loa Angeles. ' END OF CO. F. The Governor, In orders Issued by the Adjutant-General of the State, has directed that Co. F, Seventh Regiment, N.G.C., located In this city, be diKbanded and mustered out of the service of the Bute. The action Is upon the recommendation of Brlg.-Gen. Robert Wankowakl of the First Brigade, and la caused by a prevailing spirit of insubordination among so many of the members of the company that the only course to pursue waa to order lis discontinuance. The company will be disbanded on the list Inst. Wiiistey and Beer Habit. Nearly ev'ery day wo hear aomelhlng food about Orrlna, tha unly guaranteed cure for tba whlnkfy and beer habit. Tha other Say a lady tokl ua (bat a peraon In whom aha la greatly tmereated haa discontinued drinking tlnoe tiling Orrlna. Thla treatment do-a not detain tha user from work and la a almpla remedy. aaay to ua and ao aura to cure drunkarda and top he fearful craving for drinking, that we aell It under an abaoluta guarantee to refund the money If It doea nnt cure. Orrlna la In two forma: No. 1 to ba given aecret,, and No. 1 for thoaa who wish to ba eured. Kach form cnata II. M and both are guaranteed. We would not recommend It If we bad not acaured ujraelvee of Ita great value. Mali ordera Hlled. Tha Orrlna Co., Wuh Ington, 1. C. or tha Owl Drug Co., SID 9a. tjpring; lh and Broadway. B CRIES QUITS. SIR EDWARD CLARKE YIELDS HIS SCALP TO CHAMBERLAIN. Great Advoeate'a Resignation of, His Seat In Parliament Due to Hostility of, the Tariff Reform Leader. His Romantic Rise from a Jeweler's Assistant. (9I E1AL CORRESPONDENCE OK TITE TOfCS l LONDON. July 10. With the retirement of Sir Edward Clarke from Parliament, the House of Commons has lost one of Its most brilliant orators and debaters and Mr. Chamberlain has added another acalp to his collection of trophies from Conservative free-trade hi a (in. Only a few short months ago, when Sir Edward was returned for the city of London by an. overwhelming majority, he said: "I now enjoy the crowning honor of my life, than which I can rie.ver have anything better; and I can never desire to leave my sons a bettor or prouder memory than that their father waa trusted as the representative of the greatest constituency in the ;'-f'Wv-:?. f -1 ft i '' fee 61 IR EDWARD CLARKE. GARMENT cuttle. eainln. ate'.,' nrae- t'-sV.y ta.ieht. Fonbitft'a viig, . ir Vtt avgutin, App.f for urtltuia(, ' world." But he did not enjoy that crownh.g honor. long. Befone his election, he repeatedly proclaimed his unswerving opposition to the taxation of food in any form. He spoke as a free trader in the House. Mr. Chamberlain seemed to be reconciled to his con tumacy. But not long. The Tariff Reform League declared war upon him. It is an open secret that its attacks were directed by M Chamberlain, who hag never forgiven Sir Edward for having dared to oppose him at the opening of the South African war. That was one of the most dramatic scenes ever witnessed In the House. While the rafters of the chamber were still ringing with Mr. Chamberlain's triumphant periods and magnificent reception, Sir Edward, without any preparation and In the face of overwhelming opposition, cross-examined the Colonial Secretary In a style as deadly as he had ever displayed In the High Court of Justice. He drew him on from one damning admission to another while friends and foes looked on In breathless suspense. When the brief cross-examination was complete the great advocate uttered the words which are now historic. "This is more and more sad," he said. The words may be applied to the ringing down of the curtain on his own political career for the present at least. In explaining his reasons for yielding to the demands of the City Conservative Association that he should resign, he said: "I would have stuck to my guns If my medical advisers had not told me I was committing sui cide by doing so. , But when to the strain of ordinary political life Is added the harassing circumstances of disagreement with one's own political friends. It Is as well to relinquish a position which becomes a burden too grievous to be borne." Sir Edward Clarke has had perhaps the most romantic career of any of the great luminaries of the English bar. He started life as a jeweler's assistant In hie father'e shop in King William street, where he was employed all day cleaning the silver and looking after a customer now and again. To one of theee customers young Clarke one conflded that he hoped to be a lawyer soma day. The customer held up his hands In horror. "I have been a lawyer for twenty years," he said, "and It's a starving gane." Soon after Edward Clarke sinrtnd to practice law chance ordained that he and thia former customer lihould be on opposite Ides in an Important case, and Clarke won. After the verdict the elder man said to him: "I told you once that you would starve If you went into tne law. But I have changed my mind. Tou win mike vdur fortune." The predic tion has been amiily verified. For many years Sir Edward's income from his legal practice averaged $150,000 a year. Whll studying for the bar he made his living by acting as Parliamentary reporter for the London Standard. When he first took his seat in the press gallery, without any Influence, with only brains, energy, ambition and character as his fortune, he little anticipated that the day would come when every seat In the House would be filled to hear him speak. When he first entered the chamber as a member for Southwerk his chief delight In that moment or sensational success waa because his father, aged 80. and his sm, aged 8. both looked down upon him from the strangers gauery. Although one of the greatest of liv ing advocates, politics were Sir Edward's rhlef ambition from the first. But he haa never sacrificed his convictions to his ambition. Once before he resigned hia seat In Parliament because he did not hold the s.ime views a s the majority of Vila constituents on the Boer war. He t only 55. He may Vet triumph over those who hnasine they have put a quietus to his career In the Conservative party Pn he has triumphed ever tbe JtngMslstg. LMotiaer New Oie j "Clement Apartments" Equipped With the Mar-shall & Stearns Company's Patented Wall Beds The Patented Wall Beds and Fixtures Which Have Revolutionized Building We Illustrate this week the "Clement Apartment," which have just been completed,' and In each room of which there is a Marshall A Stearns Company's Patented Wall Bed. Dennis k Farwell were the architect. . This modern building, the entire second floor of which is arranged in well appointed room and suites, is situated upon the northeast corner of Washington and Figueroa streets, and is a striking addition to that locality. These apartments have already met with the univei sal faor of the large renting public, which has classed them srnong "the most modern," and because there is a Marshall & Stearns Company's Patented Wall Bed in each room. f''k S 'i ' ''i : ' ?('? ' ;x : "i ' i Sv '". ST. ;'.'''?.' I ; .... trr,i'w';- Clement Apartments, equipped with Marshall & Stearns Company's Patented Wall Beds. A Bed for Everyone NOTICE The Maashali.A Stearns Company's Wall Beds and other Fixture are fully covered by patent, f a Wall Bed which close Into a closet or recessWe own and control the basic patent for any kind o prepared for same. Any infringement upon these patents, either by manufacturer, purchaser or user, will be vigorously prosecuted. Marshall & Stearns Company Parmelee-Dohrmann Building, 436-44 S. Broadway 8AN FRANCISCO, SAN DIEGO AGENTS, 904 Eddy St. Marten & Kendal, San Diego, Cat. Metropolitan Annex, 11 East 24th St., New York City, N. Y. The Marshall A. Stearns Company's Patented Wall Bed is a bed for every one. No home, apartment or hotel is too large, too fine or too exclusive for its use, neither is there a home, a cottage, or a room too small or in such adverse surroundings but what a Marshall & Stearns Company's Tatented Wall Bed can be installed to very great advantage. -i They are so built in the house as to take up none of the floor space they close into the wall, out of the way, and into a perfectly ventilated closet, where the bedding hangs all day long in the pure fresh air. By this mean, each article of bedding is thoroughly aired daily, and you do not have to tear up your bed to have them so. The bedding is always in place on the bed, and the bed itself is always ready for occupancy, clean, fresh, well aired and healthful. This point of sanitation is one of the valuable features of Marshall & Stearns Company' Patented Wall Bed and is obtained only by means of windows or air vents In the closet or recess prepared for the reception of the bed; and it is upon this closet or recess as well as the bed itself that we own Patents. Reduce Housework Increase Conveniences .A Marshall A Stearns Company's Patented Wall Bed in your home means less wont for the housewife, more cheerful, convenient and larger rooms, restful nights in sanitary bedding, and on springs of special make which insure ease and comfort. . There are many other valuable features about our Patented Wall Beds and other Fixtures in connection with bvaldings of all kinds for living purposes. By their use you can reduce the cost of construction, increase the income from the building and in many other way make your property more valuable, more modern and easier to sell or rent. . Come in and let us explain to you how our Patented Fixtures will do these things. We will take pleasure in doing so. In Our Model Six-Room Cottage We have Installed all our Patented Wall Beds and Fixtures In such a manner as to enable you to sea just how they appear in any bouse. Come In and let us show you through the Cottage and explain In detail to you the workings of our Patented Wall Beds and Fixtures). , Perspectives and Floor Plans We have compiled a beautiful 9G-page Booklet, printed on high-grade book paper, with $ver, entitled "PERSPECTIVES AND FLOOR PLANS OF MODERN APARTMENT HOUSES, HOTELS, HOMSS AND COTTAGES EQUIPPED WITH MARSHALL ft STEARNS COMPANY'S PATB'NTED WALL BEDS AND FIXTURES." There are many valuable suggestion in the Perspectives shown In this Booklet, and especially in the floor plans, which are drawn In detail and afford much general Information as to arrangement of floors, rooms, etc.. In connection witii our PATENTED FIXTURES. It Is brim full of practical designs for Cottages, Homes, Apartment Houses, etc. Every Oe Bbould have one of these Booklets, which we will mall to any address upon receipt of 10c to cover cost of mailing, etc. t The House Ideal which illustrates and describes in detail our PATENTED WALL BEDS AND FIXTURES, contains mauy fs.cts and much food for thought in connection with buildings of all kinds for living purposes. Hotel owners, managers, capitalists, architects, contractors and builders, and builders of and Investors in Apartment Houses, Hotels, Homes and Cottages should send for a copy and study Its contents. It tells you how to best construct your building for your tenants as well as yours eif. It tells you how to reduce the cost of construction and how to Increase your Income from 25 to 33 1-3 per cent IT IS MAILED FREE UPON REQUEST. SEND FOR A COPY TODAY. FOR RENT A Large Second Floor Loft on Broadway Between Third and Fourth Sts, 40x150 Feet To anyone looking for or contemplating such a location, an investigation into the proposition to be made on this Loft will prove of advantage. Address W, Box 33, TIMES OFFICE. WHISTLE GIVES HIM FAME. All Washington Trying to Imitat th Trill of Congressman Fulkerson. The last hour of th first session of the Fifty-ninth Congress wa enlivened by songs and whistling, the whistling being a feature contributed by Representative F. B. Fulkerson of the Fourth Missouri District. Mr. Fulkerson, says a Washington dispatch to the Sew York Sun, whistled to the amusement of both his colleagues and the galleries. There was a peculiar trill to his warbling notes, and the acoustic properties of the hall of the House of Representative aided In impressing upon th audience the talent of the Congressional whistler and the happy selection of hi air. Even Uncle Joe Cannon wa affected by the reverberating echoes and reechoes of the Fulkerson trill. Since then everybody from the wmall boy to th lingering society beile In Washington has been after that trill, ftnd the spell has even extended to Mr, Fulker son' colleagues, tor a remaining member was caught the other day In a Washington hotel lobby practicing the Fulkerson mouth pucker. There is an interesting unpublished story of the discovery of Mr. Fulkerson' whistling talent. Last spring, not long after Senator Warner came on to Washington, It was observed by some one of the Missouri colony In Washington that there were so many new members, and Republicans at that, that there should be a special meeting of all Mlssourians at the national capital. In due time Carroll Hall was secured for th occasion, and one Saturday night all the Mlssourlans In Washington were on hand to meet one another and become better acquainted. The programme was arranged so that each one of the new Republican members from the State should be called on for an Impromptu talk. Finally it came Fulkerson's turn to do something. . So completely had the Federal pie question and the greatness of old Missouri been gone over by th previous speaker that aome one suggested that If nothing else could ba said Fulkerson should Ju3t whistle, not dreaming that the request was made of on of the most expert whistler In the country. Mr. Fulkerson compiled and entertained the Ulssourlan In fln tyle. That waa the way Fulkerson's warble was discovered, at least to Mrssourians' here. Keep your food supplies sweet and wholesome during warm weather with ICE. Family ICE REDUCED as follows: Leas than JO Ibi. .. 60 ta 150 lbs............ 160 lbs. and upward , T' 1 ' ..a.per t J UNION ICE CO. UaIa3S3':: " . Home, Et. at

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