The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 20, 1906 · 1
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 1

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1906
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In two Parts, Complete E8 taps Part I General Kes GL.: 10 la ; C' rto '"ID-, 'A .' I1 w W1 if IP .1 pr? rr? q-; " V" Hi-' Cwentj-rtrtb Bear. i - - A PER ANNUM, $9.00 Z;?riZY&Z FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 20, 190G. Aa 411 Hew. Stand.. I K PPYTiJ Train, aad atra.ta. I i . If : .' .... i - :i ... .i . V 11 m i A 4 ft t f 4 f; ft M f Refugees from Fire-Swept San Francisco Pitching; Camp in Golden Gate Park City of Tents Growing Up. THE WFATHER. BRIEF REPORT. FORECAST For Los Angeles snd vicinity: Fair and warm; northeast, :hanging to fresh westerly winds. YESTERDAY Maximum temperature, 88 deg.; minimum, 56 deg. Wind 5 a. m., northeast; velocity, 6 miles; 5 p. m west; velocity, 10 miles. At midnight the temperature was 65 deg.; sleaT. TODAY At a a. m. the temperature was 63 deg.; clear. A more complete weather report will be found on page 10, part II. POINTS OF THE NEWS IN TODAY'S 1SSCB OF Part I. INDEX. 1. Appalling Horror Grows. 2. Flee From Burning IT'. mace. 3. Thousands Fleeing. 5. Landmarks Wiped Out. 6. Map of Stricken City. 7. Xteports More Reassuring. . t'Uh of Weat-ern News. It). "Liners:" Classified Advertising. 16. City In Brief: Vital Record. Part II. I. Aid on Wings of Wind, i Keilef for Stricken Cities. Si Horse Show Prize Contributed. 4. Editorial Page: : Pen Points, a. 'Twas Great Convention. 7. Will Box for Relief Fund. 8. " Pal6 Lips Tell of Horror. 10. Weather;1 Finance and Commerce. 11. Married Man's Mock Marriage. SYNOPSIS. THE CITY. Tralnload and shipload of food and othtr supplies speed North to relief of needy .... Local fund for San Francisco relief reaches pearly $150,000 at end of second day; many plans made for swelling amount.. ..Pale IIds of refugees tell of frightful perils amid quake and fire In ruined metropolis. Best talent to act and sing for noble cause!... City' slightly shaken yesterday, no harm done... .Local business view of San Francisco situation not pessimistic. ...Horse show prizes handel back to swell earthquake relief fund with other proceeds.... Record-breaking Sunday-school convention elects prominent men officers.... Paralysis on local theaters, no grand opera In sight. J. F. Hughes elected grand high priest of R. A. M. .... Re ward offered for stolen Baby "Toto"....Autolst Burt runs Into officer, will explain to court.... Looloos, S; Seattle, 2.. ..Italians asked to aid murdered man's family. ...F. P. Perkins dies from stabbing.... New political club In Ninth Ward. ' SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. See page 1, part I. CALIFORNIA'S CALAMITY. At midnight, conflagration In San Francisco, the city desolate, wag unchecked and gigantic column of smoke hung over ruins.... Acme of misery reached at dusk, when beautiful Hotel Fairmont was attacked by the flames. Three flres raged . night, the most dangerous being In the "Western Addition," where wedge-shapea flame pushed forward, against which dynamite was used, for back-firing but with not much -success.. ..Substantial relief Is offered on all hands, the cities and towns on the Coast Joining In an effort to alleviate the suffering of the victims The Immense sum of J2.525.000 so far has been reported as contributed. ...Reports from San 3os6 are more reassuring, the death list not being as large as at first reported. Refugee graphically describes the fea-iu,'vo cf ui0 utakdci' ccu by Liiti. Thousands passed the nightunder the trees in Golden Gate Park in scant attire. ...The government has raised Its appropriation and the President signed the bill yesterday laying $1,000,-000 at the command of the sufferers. Chicago gives $1,000,000, sending $100,-000 of the amount yesterday.. ..Members of Metropolitan Grand Opera , Company missing; may have perished In flames. ...Mayor Schmitz authorizes troops to kill all looters on sight. Doomed city surrounded by thousands of Federal troops, who permit only egress Oakland houses and feeds 60.0OO refugees.. ..Five hundred dead In ruins of beautiful Santa Rosa List of victims Incomplete and many persons are being burred alive. ...Mission fan Juan, famous Franciscan landmark, rear Salinas, ruined. ...Over futir million dollars go up in F;noke w hen f. Francis Hot! Is dertrcved. People sta-ving to death In fire-int Hire-eta; provisions must be sttn Uirunsh immediately M ILLIONAIRE HOMES BOMBARDED. Solid Shot and Dynamite Used in Futile Efforts to Check Flames By Destroying Buildings Portions of San Francisco Hitherto Not Touched Now Burning Thousands Starving. . " By the Associated Press. P.M.- SAN FRANCISCO, ;April 20. -At 11:30 o'clock last night, the flames were slowly but steadily moving on to the sections of the city still untouched. The sky in all directions presented a lurid picture. The strongest fire tonight seemed to be in the western end of the city, while the volume of flame in the Mission district would indicate that the conflagration was less severe than during the day. . DYNAMITING OF NO AVAIL. SAN FRANCISCO, April 19 All efforts to check the spread of the flames at Van Ness avenue oy blowing up a mile of buildings on the east side of iVan Ness avenue have proved fruitless. The fire has: spread across the broad thoroughfare, and from present indications the entire western addition, which contains the homes of San Francisco's millionaires and people of the wealthier class, is now doomed. The destruction of the western addition of the city practically completes the work of the ravaging flames and marks the devastation of the entire city. 1 IN NEED OF FOOD. , OAKLAND, April 19. (Exclusive Dispatch.) There is great need of food in both Oakland and Alameda. Every bit of bread was consumed last night, and restaurants in both cities closed their doors before breakfast time. ; . Such bread as can be had in San Francisco commands $1 a loaf. Intense suffering from lack of drinking water prevails. Refugees from San Francisco continued to pour into Oakland until a late hour last night. THE NATION'S SYMPATHY. The immense sum of $2,525,000 has so far been reported as subscribed from all quarters of the United States to the sufferers' fund. A Washington special to The Times says that, taking time by the forelock, disdaining to wait until; the Senate should meet at noon, six or eight of the wealthiest members of the United , States Senate" today pledged to Secretary Taft their private fortunes to defray any expense of the work of relief, which, through any slip, might not be covered by an appropriation by Congress. , The names of all the Senators who sprang to the front in this patriotic move to speed the work bf relief are not disclosed by Senator Perkins, but include his colleague, Senator Flint of California, Senators Aldrich, Hale, Allison, Piatt, Newlands and other leading members of the Finance and Appropriations Committees: LOS qcc on LIFE AND PROPERTY. Chief of Police Uinan thinks the loss of life will not exceed 250, but no adjurate estimate is obtain-able. Names of less than one hutidred dead are known. The property loss is reckoned at double former figures. r V THE CITY DESOLATE. SAN FRANCISCO, April 19. San Francisco tonight i3 the City Desolate. . It seemed that the acme of its misery was reached at dusk, when flames burst from all sides of -the beautiful Hotel Fairmont, the palace that, abovs every structure, tvns apparently most strongly entrenched against the attack' of all-consuming lire. And surrounding the lofty pinnacle of flame, ai far as the eyes could see to the souih, to tiic east, and far out to the west, lay in cruel fantastic heaps, charred and smoking, all that remains of a prosperous city. The metropolis of the Western Slope was in ashes, DAY OF UNEVEN STRUGGLES. This has been another day of an uneven struggle, of man against unconquerable elements of nature. Acre after acre has been ..ground into dust and ashes, despite the heroic perseverance of the firemen to limit ihe j conflagration. Tonight there is hope that the worst has been nearly reached, and that when tomorrow dawns, the end will ha e come, but the hope is faint, indeed. If the flames can be barred in their devastation of the western addition, then "Finis" will le written to the great disaster. STILL NOT DISCOURAGED. But Francisco is not discouraged. Its best and 1,:.:V JfUEO On THIRD

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