Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 26, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1895
Page 2
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iv. .Facts For Onr Readers Follow Nature and Keep Well, a Good JKulc. The Question Is Important, are You Prepared tor Spring? If Sot, Here Is Some Very Necessary Information 1'or You. Nature will eoon heffia her annual •truffgle for freedom from winter's loy imprisonment. Already beneath the frozen surface, giant forces are moving In tbdt direction. Purification ll going on. It U the eame with tbe hum»n system. The lengthening days are ap preaching when the blood seeks to recover from its sluggish Inactivity, and it bears In Its course germs of health Or disease, as it baa stored up the one or the other. It requires therefore to be enriched with vitalizing and health giving qualities to give tone, vigor and health to the system. For this needed and beneficial service iiotblog In so powerfol as Dr. Greenc'a Nervura blood aod nerve remedy. Lite Nature's own wondrous remedies In tho physical world, wbich purify tho mountains and streams as they leap from their confines to Oil the valleys with now life, and cover orchard and Geld with flower and fruit, It brlngt) now forco and health to wasted tissues and enfeebled nerves. Now U the time when your nature calls for help. Don't mistake; no Other remedy equals Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nervo remedy aa a • spring medicine. No other remedy will to quickly and certainly strengthen your nerves, Invigorate your blood, and correct tho action of all your organs. It will make you well and strong as It has done thous- ' Sods of persons; as U did Mrs. W. A. Cutler of ;>9 Orchard atroot, Worcester, Mass. ••A year ago," sho says, "I fell ill with nervous prostration and neuralgia, which affected ny whole system. My digestion was also very poor. Alter oatlng I would be taken with a smo-.harlng sensation, while the, palpitation of tho heart was terrible. ! "Severe nervous headaches made my life miserable In connection with those other troubles. I was In a fearful condition, and become greatly discouraged. 3 consulted physicians and treated with them, but with no benefit. Nothing I took did mo any good. • Finally. M a last resource, I commenced to use Dr. Greene's Netvura blood and nervo remedy, which had baen wonderfully praisod to mo. With the first bottlo I noticed an improvement, and persoverlrg in its use I continued to steadily gain in evory ro- Bpect. "My nervousness was soon cured. Tho neuralgia, headaches, palpitation ol tho heart, indigestion and all my complaints entirely loft me, All this was accompli;hod by Dr. Greene's Nervura blood aud nerve remedy. "This wonderful remedy did for me what all the doctors and their medicines could not do. I wish to urgoall sufferers to fy it." No power of words can describe the wonderful good which this remedy la dolog among the sick and suffering Those whotakoit are cured. Thousands of people, at the advent of •prlog, while cot exactly sick, are yet out of order or ailing in some way. They do not feel just right, are not well and strong, and cannot eat or sleep well, are nervous, and have no strength or ambition for work or pleasure. Their etomach, bowels, liver or kid. neys are inactive" and torpid. Such people need this best of all spring medicines, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, to restore the natural notion of ihese organs, give strength acd vigoi to the nerves, and new 11 to «nd vitality to the blood, Why lu.-o time in trying: uncertain and untried remedies, when hero Is a physician's prescription, a discovery made by ibe greatest living- specialist In curing oervous and chronic diseases, Dr. Greene, of 85 West Uih St., New York City. If you take this modiciue, you can consider yourself under Dr. Greene's direct professional care, and you can consult him or write to him ».bout your case, freely and without charge. In la is a guarantee that this medicine will cure, possessed by no other met Icine in tho world. OIU-Tltue Wmtbor TTOphot. What is supposed to be the oldest European book on meteorology, Keyman's "Weather Booklet" (Wetter- tucchlem). published at Augsburg in 1505, has recently been reprinted, and it shows that in this science, as in nearly all others, the beginnings oi our knowledge came from the cast. Rcyman's rules for foretelling the weather 'are highly commended _ for their good sense. They were derived from the Arabs, who taught us chemistry, astronomy, mathematics and many other things, for which we have ceased to be a-rateful to them. _• ^ A CLUB FOR JILTED MEN. Member* Pledeed to \V»ge » tOTelen •\V»r on the F»lr Bex. I accepted an invitation the other day to dine with a friend at a club that he assured me was -unlike, iu some respects, any other club in the world, says a New York correspondent of the Cincinnati Enquirer. We went to Twenty-ninth street and entered a building- that was not materially different in appearance from a thousand other houses in town that arc used as residences by the well to do. The menu cards and the servants' buttons were marked by a neat monogram of the letters "J. C." My companion settled himself in an easy chair, and proceeded to explain. "This club,"lie said, "owes existence to tbe whim of a very rich man who has hardly turned thirty years. Uo was engaged. The lady was wealthy, well connected and moved in the same social circles that he did. Ho was rich enough to satisfy any reasonable woman. Moreover, his character was beyond reproach. "Purhaps lio was a little cold in his wooing. I don't know. Ho did not know what defeat- meant. Perhaps he unconsciously took it for grunted that any woman must find him all sufficient, and that it would be unnecessary, even unbecoming, to ply the ordinary lover's arts that are generally believed to be so fetching with the fair sex. At nil events, tin; young lady one day gave him to plainly understaml that he wouldn't do. She. returned his presents—1 don't suppose he had ever writ- ton bet-a love letter, so s>lio couldn't return any burning literature—and told him to apply olsi-wlic-ru for a \vifi-.. Considerably stunned, lie- could only exclaim: "'.I'llU-d! jilted!" lie bought this house at first simply with Uie idea o! living in it, but one day lie chanced across a frit-nil who h:n.l had a similar experience with the fair si-x, ;ind, after comparing notes, they decided to live together to pursue the same line ol campaign in society; that is, to make themselves as ink-resting as possible to women, but never on any provocation to marry. "Ueforo long they heard of another 'acquaintance whoso engagement, hail been broken by the lady, and they took him in. So, little by little, the nfTuir has grown to its present proportions, a small, but se- luet and contented club." "And the initials .1, C. mean, the—" "J iltecl eiub, exactly. Every member must have been' jilted, and every member is supposed to enter society freely and play for hearts—to .take them, but never to surrender his own. In the event of his {felling- entangled and entering upon u new engagement his membership lapses at onee." BURGLAR IN A BOX. A New Thin? 1" lIouscilirniilcliiB anil One Tlmt Itoqulron Nerve. There is an amusing- story told about a biirg-lar iu a box. According to a presumably veracious narrator in tho London Telegraph, two detectives who were on duty one evening in the Rue Saint-Martin heard a man address a largo box which ho was wheeling before him on n curt" us ifit were a human being-. Tho detectives may, or may not, have thought of the story of tho wooden horse, but, at all events, they listened attentively, and distinctly heard the words: "Don't stir, old man! ( I'll take you round by the shortest j cut." The porter was followed at once ' by the plain-clothes men. The cart containing tho box was wheeled into large business premises in the Rue do, Body and delivered over to a clerk, tho porter observing- that he, would call for , it in the morning and take it away to i another destination. | The clerk objected to receiving the j article, ns he had no notiec of its com- , ing, but he was prevailed upon to let it. remain in the place. The detectives . entered soon after, and, having- men- I tioncd their suspicions to the clerk, it was arranged that they should hide on the premises and await events. On the stroke of midnight the lid of the box was observed rising gently, and out came a man, who walked towards a money safe, opened it with the aid of tools which he had in his possession and, after having annexed a supply of gold and bank-notes, returned to'his original hiding place. Tho detectives waited until the morning, which brought the porter, who was arrested, and the box with the safebreaker in it was conveyed to tho office of tho ' Surete. There the thief, overcome with surprise, was despoiled of his booty, amounting-to about eighty pounds, and was quickly dispatched to the depot. WHY THE TRAMP WEPT. HAS HER CHOICE. LUiuokalani's Trial Ended and Sentence Fixed, May Go Into Exile or Suffer Five Years' Imprisonment—No Executions Yet. But th« I-ai'.y Who IJroppoil tlie Botttfl Said »Tor » Word. A large crowd of spectators, the majority of whom were women, were standing in front of a show window on Broadway one day, says a jS'ew York exchange, watching tnc movements oi a muscular young man, who was busily engaged in* demonstrating- the useful qualitiesof a new exercising apparatus. '\Yhilo the eyes of the crowd were fixed on the "graceful bondings anc, twistings of the exhibitor, there was a sharp report, ns though something fragile hail fallen upon the sidewalk. The woman from whose band the package had fallen, and who was a picture of respectability, stooped and picked up the paper, which was dripping wet, and. casting one despairing glance at it, dropped it quietly in the gutter and hastened up Broadway, as though she had an important engagement which demanded her immediate attention. In the mean Lime the contents of tho package bad been spreading over the sidewalk, and as the odor of good old rye insinuated itself into the nostrUs oi the crowd a broad grin spread over the faces of everyone except an old tramp, who sat down on the edge of tbe gutter i and wept bitterly at tho sad sight ol such a waste of good material. HONOLULU, Feb. 11, pur steamer.Gae- lic, via San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 25.— The g-overnment has caused the arrest of 381 persons since January 0, of whom ninety-four have been tried before the military court. Sentences in but twenty-four cases have been made public, twenty-three natives charijuil with treason and V. V. Ashford, charg-ed with misprision of treason. Fifty-five, men have been released by the authorities; tho military court acquitted two. Three men, Cranston, Johnson and Mueller, were deported. Aahfnrd's Seutencn. V. V. Ashford, charg-ed with mis- prison of treason, was found guilty and sentenced to one year in jail and fined SI,000. Ashford lias practiced law M Honolulu since about 1SS4. He was banished several years affo for conspiracy ag-uhist tho monarchy. Twenty - three natives, convicted of treason, have received • sentences van-in;,' from live to ten years. In "one Case a fine of 50,000 was remitted by President Dole. Prince David has been found guilty. His sea- I.euce has not been mad.- public. _ Thirteen persons are at liberty with the mulersLaudin;,* that they leave the country within a reasonable time and not return without .permission from the {lovemmcnt. British Commissioner Hayes gave the mun to -understand he u-uuld not interfere in. _their behalf, as they admitted their guilt. yu i May Lciivo lluwuil. It is nudcrstood that the queen's-sentence will be five years for the part she lias taken in the trouble. Probably she will be'allowed to leave the country without serving the scute ace if site so desires. Twenty-four natives have been sentenced to prison for terms rang-ing from seven to eight years. The" sentences found instant favor nroony the people generally, though some thought liipiUunc at least should have been summarily dealt with. >'o Kxreutions Yet. In regard to the dispatch sent by Secretary Cresham to Minister'Willis about demanding a delay of execution, Attorney General Smith stated that the government had no intention of executing the condemned ir.cn until the "military court concluded its labors and" every fact bearing on the case was brought out. Mr. Smith intimated nothing would bo done until the United States government is in possession of the facts in each case. According-to the attorney general the queen will not be sent out of the country. Instructions to "Willie. V/ASJiiXGTOX, Feb. 2f..— Jlinister Willis has been instructed to insist on postponement of the execution of American citizens in Hawaii until the charges and evidence ca.ii be looked into. In Sev.':ir(J's ]!i-liall'. Ni-:\v Yor.K, Feb. id.—A Sun special from Pittsburgh, Pa., says: llaj. Willis T. Seward, who is under sentence oE death in llonolulu'for conspiracy to overthrow the republic, has a lai-'i-o number of friends iti Pennsyl- vania who arc making an effort to have the death sentence commuted. Sunday Common Pleas Judge- Jacob !•'. Slagle forwarded to President Dole :t petition for delay in. the execution until he can lay before the Hawaiian government evidence that will show thai Seward was an intense supporter of the republican form of government and was not identified with any movement to aid restoration of the monarchy. THREATENS BOARD OF TRADE. Mr. Kent, of Cook, Introduce* nu Inter- t-Htlne U" 1 llt SprlncUolcJ. Sr-RiXGriKUj, J1L, Feb. 25.-Thirteen republicans unil one I'.ornoei-at were present at the session of tbe house Monday morning. Mr. Kent, of Cools, Introduced u bill W the provisions o! which nil ttonrds o, truJe arc 'placed on a footing wltn bucket shops. H i« the Intention of tills net to prevent, punish »ad prohibit In this scute all sauiblhis transactions in cram, bee., nork lui'd or other provisions, no mutter where ooudueteil. The bill mis referred to the committee on corjioraiio-js. Tho house iu.ljourned to 10 o'clock Tucs.d-.iy. i;ov. .Morion lOntefs a Wcnlul. \ii-.-vNV.N.y.. Keb. i>-..—Gov. Morton says there is no foundation for the report'that he either asked for or suggested any appointments or made any demands "whatever on Mayor Strong during his recent visit to Is'ow York or at any ether time._ Guiiity~of Five Murders. HALSEY, Ky., Feb. 25.—Frank Wood (colored) confessed just before his death here to the murder of five men, and said that in one case an innocent man was hanged for the crime, Voti>» » War Credit. TOKIO Feb. 25.—The diet has voted the extra war credit of 5100,000,000 asked for by the government. It has also given its approval to a Corean 'loan of $3,000,000. Dartmouth Professors Called It Incurable. "I had a painful ulcer on my ankle, which physicians called m old man 'a sore, duetothcpoor state of my blood. Tho gore spread to tho «ize of • saucer, and I had to give up usinesa. The I) a r t ro o u t h College -would . not perform an ope ration, , , _ , . ,'claiming; that my advanced age, 78 years, in itself was • barrier, and that only temporary relief could be given. I was pining over my misfortune when a friencfurged molto try Hood's Sarsaparilla. I had taken but part ol a bottle when the eruption looked more healthy and after taking 6 bottles tho sore Hood's *$> Cures completely healed, leaving only a scar. Hood's Saraaparillii also helped my whole system as I have not felt so well for years. JOEQJ S. CURRIER, Went Lebanon,_N._H._ easy to buv. e;isy to take, e.-isv In eifoct. i5c. SHORT SPECIALS. Gov. Sheakie, of Alaska, says Alaska seals are nearly exterminated. Bx-Sliorifl' Van Ai-sdale has been acquitted of the murder of Dr. Harrod at Harrodsbnrg, Ky. Samuel Dana Korton. the distinguished writer on liiumcial topics, died in a hospital at Washington. Mrs. Harry SeoU, of Eureka, TIL, souHit out her husband, who had deserted her, and kilK-il herself in his presence. Three Italians who are believed to be the western agents o£ the Adams counterfeit.";;,' gang were arrested m St. Louis. Congressman. Springer will not be appointed to the new circuit jmlgeship. Ilelv.isnot pi-noticed law for uoarly twenty years. Edward Jennings, aged 2:t, died at his home in Union Center, 111., Saturday, from the effects of the kick of a horse received last Monday. David Fraxer and wife were held up on a lonely road near Clinton, la., by two highwaymen. The robbers secured 5110 and a gold watch aud chain. John D. Henderson, one ot the curliest settlers in Will county, 111., and who had been prominent in politics, died at Wilmington, aged SO years. Wade Hampton pleaded guilty at Cairo, 111., to the murder of Charles Booth, both colored, and wasscntenced j to forty years' imprisonment at Chester. The murder resulted from a quar- >rel over five cents. Iu Milwaukee Richard Mansfield, tho actor, received S:3,fiOO from the Cliicago, Milwaukee & St. I'aul railroad as a settlement for the injuries received in the union depot Monday when a switch engine crashed into his private car. At Birmingham, Ala., after three weeks' trial, B. M. Ilucy and his three sons, Edwin. Eugene and B. M. Jr., were acquitted of killing BeuyonCooko j at Marion, Ala., two years ago. The two men fought a street duel, their sons goin£ to their aid. TO SUCCEED DOLPH. Ccorffo IV. McBrldc Elected Sensitor fr SAI.EM, Ore., Feb. 20.—George W. Mc• Bride, ex-secretary oi state, waselccted Saturday on the thirtieth ballot as United States senator to succeed Dolph. It was a narrow escape from a deadlock, for had the election been delayed fifteen minutes longer the time for the adjournment sine die of the legislature would have arrived. [George W. McBrlde, senator-elect., Is -11 years ot age, a native t-on or Orcfjon and a lawyer by profession. He hns serve 1 In the stata legislature and Held tbe office of secretary o! state for eight years, going out or ofJco last January. Mr. McBrlde lias never been Identified with the silver or anil-sllvor element, nor has he ever been in a position where he was obliged to make a record on tho question. Inasmuch as lie was elected by Dolph's supporters, however, it is reasonable to suppose that he will not ally himself with the ftee- colnaso pep'.cO Victory fur Kiiu' 1 *'" 1 '" G"'ne^. LOXDO.V, Feb. 25.—The report of the fighting between the British naval forces and the natives at Brass, Guinea, on the 'west coast of Africa, just received by the admiralty, says: After three days' fighting tbe engagement ended in the capture of the native town by assault. Lieut. Taylor and two seamen were killed and several others were wounded. Many of the war canoes of the natives were sunk- Captain »«"* Crew Siifc. Loroox, Feb. 25.—The steamer Iran (British), Cant. Bennings, from Kew Orleans February i for Bremen, arrived at Portland Monday, where she landed Capt, f ickels and six of the crew of the British bris Prussia, from Gibara January 23 for Philadelphia. The Prussia was abandoned .TOO miles from Delaware breakwater, having lost her rudder and become dismantled. ChlOCHI ---. LONDON,-Feb. 25.—A Central Jsews fiispatch from Tokio under date of February 22 says that on February 21 the Chinese made another attack upon Hai-Cheng from Tong-Wstshan with, four guns, from Lao-Yang with six jr«ns and from Natsun with ten guns. The attack was not successful, the Chinese being repulsed and forced to retreat. The Japanese lost six killed. The Chinese loss is uncertain, but that attacking force from Tong'-Washan alone left 100 dead bchincUhom. Aged Couple Bnrned to D«»th. DAYTON, 0.. Feb. 25.—At 4 o'clock Monday morning George \Yenver and his wife, an old .infirm couple, living alone on a farm 7 miles west of here, near Trotwood, were burned to death in their dwelling. Neighbors hastened to the spot, but the flames were so fierce as to prevent all hope of rescue. The fire was still burning at a laie hour Monday morning aud so hot that no search of the ruins could be made. ^ Scclcj-'" Crime Killed Hliu. NEW YOKK. Feb. 25.—George L. Pease, vice president of the Shoe & Leather national bunk up to a few days ago, died at his home in Brooklyn Monday. He was stricken with apoplexy Sunday. \Vorryover the SSM.ooti defalcation of Samuel C. Seeloy anil Frederick Baker had much to do with his illness,"timl it is believed hastened his end. \V.ssiii.\GT'-).v. Feb. 23.--The Congressional Temrteraiiee society lu-ld its sixty-first annual meeting luld eleeU-d Nelson DiugU-y, .lr..u£ Maine, as president. Firi; I.o>sos in i* Wcfl;. Cme.ViO. IVix -'.-,.—Fires throughout the country daring lust week caused a total loss of $2.(i-'2,JJU. THE MAKlvKTS. Grain, I'rovl.slons, Ktc. CniCAr.o. Feb. -'i Fr-OL-ii — 0«let and steady. Quotable: Vfln- ter - Patents, Si50&2 C5; siritl|;ht.<, fci»'3 »-iO- clL-irs S:.15ji2.30: seconds, j 1.00®:! 00: low'eriidcs. Sl.OOitl.Si>. Spring -I'ntcnts, «.uO Q.3 50- straljjlits, $i lOaiTft; balers', il.&>jjrl~>: low grades, Sl.7bS5l.SO: tte'l Dog, 8J.Mfcl.7->; Rye, &!.302£.50. , , \VHE4T— Moder.-ita trading anil unsettled. No.iC cash. BO«351Hc; l-'cbniary. SOMfeSlo; May. 31'; ..KiMc. OOKN— Moilonuoly active .i:ii3 l!rm. No. 5 aiulNo. -J Yellow, -i:!c; Xo. 3. .lOi-iiii-Hc; No. a Yellow, •!!&•" 14c; May. -w W«i.-!ai: : July. -"KM ••H'ic: September. W,<it4-i?ie. OATS— l-'!ilr trudinx sinJ firmer. Cash No. u 28>iii-'S-Jio; ^ Ill i'- -JO'-f'iic: Suiuples llrmerj supply moderate; deui.-ind Kood. No. 3. u'Sji 31!ic;"Xo. 3 Wnlto. SniWllKc: No. 2. iSJi'S'.S «c ; No. 2 While, SIKQM*. KVB— Was slow; ciisli demand less than It was and speculation neglected. No. 2 In store, 53o. May delivery about :>3c ami sample lots o../, BAIILEY— \Yus easy at reduced prices oi lust week No, -1, Doasic. No. 3,5ljj.Wc for common to choice: ri2^@53e. No. -', 53&5-IC: occasional extra fancy cars u shailo above. JfESS POUK — Tradlnc was comparatively I'Rht Prices lower. Quotations ransud M $10.0u,Ti:0.l5 Tor cash rcitr.lM-; S9.MiMO.00 for February, and $]0.1-J«G.lO.-'Ofoi- Jfay. LAIIU— Fairly active and stcudy. -Quotations rniiKCd at 4fi.S7i4iafl.-IO for cash; Sfl.35a0.3?H for February, and J0.-l7'/5a«.. l i0 for May. LIVE POUI^THV— Per pound: Turkeys, -tssc; us, 7Wffl8c; Uucks, SI-SSplOi;; Oeese, per om 1.3^; dairy. Packing- Stock, 7®.0c. Oii-s— UeailliKht. 173 test. Oljc; Gasoline. M- deu's. I0',;c; 7-1 dc;;'s, S/ s c; Naphtha, 03 ilcg's, '""LIQUOHS— Whisky quoted steady at 51.22 per Ballon rorhiBhwiucs. _ NEW YOKK, Feb. 2. r i j.- iconic— State and western, quiutand steady. WH'KAT— No. ~ rod. declined U : a-;'»c on easier cables, weal; west, forulsn xcllins and local re iliKlns; ailvanucil M'iJJcomlocrcascd stocks and visible; steady, iiulet. May. 5TKS»>S!»c; July, 5S 5-iii&5s>iK: August, 5S 7-l«iiM>;ic; Sciitcniuor, OS I3-li>t*SO!»c. cons-No. 2 dull, wasier. May, W/i&rto; July. -IS'ifii-lO.'ic: Xo. 2. -l!)2;5)3£c. OATS-NO. 2 ouicc, easier. May, MMttS^c; Slate, 33i-ll'/ic: Western. 34«Qi-)l!4o. BKKL-— Quiet. Kxtra mess, i7.50SS.2j; family, $8.75(5112.00. — Quiet and steady. Mess. $ll.i>®l-.w. — Quiot, nominal — Quiet: fancy, steady. Western dairy. BjilSlSc: ElRins, 23q; Pennsylvania trean-erv'ncw-, OSc: western do.. 15Jf.-':ic: do. Jichl. JSai'.'c: do. factory, Sit-N'/tc: Imltutlon creamery, 10ffll7c. CIIKESE — Moderate demand: fancy firm. State large. l>ffl"'4c; <io. fancy lar^e. HkCS UWc: do. wnlto, :0?iSllc: do. small. !</ a 'iil2c; part sldius, 3<j.BW. full skims. Ifii'Kc. Ecus-Easier, quiet. State and Pennsylvania, SO/j^Ic: limed 22'2,'J-I:: western, 30c; southern. 29 .2 To T for the _ *-lue M»U«. M All MA YOUIHO We Offer You « Remedy Which Insures Safety to LiJe of Mother and Child. nilOTWPR'^ Robs Confinement SniUIn" of its Pain, Horrorf FRIEND and Risk. bottle of -JloTHlBS' ucb Baiter Sprints, Kant <*n* tor J!aII or EiproM. on rteeipt of price, t W iwrbo" 1 ?- Book to Mothers nwfltd BEGC1ATOB CO.. BU, C«-. O y Feb. 25.—The North German^Lloyd Steamship company has engaged three German, three English and tbree French divers to attempt to recover the mails from tbe foundered steamer Elbe. The vessel lies in water deep and t*-o or three mail KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and «uds to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who liv« better than others and enjoy life uioro, with '.ess expenditure, l>7 more promptly idsptiug the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embiaced in til* *emedv, Syrup ot Figs. • Its excellence is due to its presenting ••a the forrc most acceptable- and picas- uit to the taste, the rcfreshingand truly •wneficial pvnpertic* of n perfect lax- uive; clTcctuallv cleansing the system, liusr ci.Uls, heatlachos and fevers V.v. Liver a;:.: r.uv,-(..-l.-» wi.Mioiit -ninc: them ;:;ui it i* perfectly free from ".•orv objocti.ir.iibli- subsfcince. Svrup of Fi--'!> is for s-iU> by all i^rag- -^•riiii 50ca:.-.!"Sl bottles. 1n:t Hi- mtui- ',i':i..-t.urtfd by UK; Oaiil'ornin Fig Syrup •',1 o'nlv xvht'so uaiiH' is printed on every .:,cl::ii;e, II'IK- tlu- ua'.iK-, >y- "I 1 <''„*' 'S^--.,,ii iwiii-r well informed, yon w;ll n"* ><.,:.'-pt auy substitute \i offer-* 1 value of the mailsw SOO.OOO. Fifteen IluDdred Men Idle. HOMESTEAD, Pa., Feb. 25.—About 1 500 employes of the Carnegie steel tvorks were thrown out of employment Monday by the closing down of a number of departments in the plant. Ine converting mill, the 10-inch 23-inch 33-inch, 36-ineh and 40-inch mills are all idle on account of scarcity of orders. Work will resume as soon as orders are received- •*•••- Live Stock. CHJCAGO. Feb. 25. HOGS—Quality rather poor. MarJtet. lairiy active. Best gracles ruled Uno and other lots weak with prices without material change. Sales ranced at $^.30-43.85 for Pi!?s; S3.70a-).0i Jor li«bt: 53.8023.95 for rough packins; $3.803 4.15 for mixed, and 54.00i4.30 lor heavy pack- lag and shipping lots. CATTLE—Market rather active and the teal- ing Tatter stronger. Prices well maintained on all qualities. Quotations ranged at$5.]5^S.G5{or choice to extra shipping Su-ers; J-l.3535.Oo for -KOOd to choice do.; S-U03-1 70 for ralr to uood; $3.50^4.15 for common to medium do.: $3.:;03> a80 for Butchers' Steers: S2.-J033.30 for Stockers- »3 30ft-i W for Feeders: £l.-tOifiS.35 for Cows; iaOOi-1.25 Wr Heifers: SiOO?i4.^5 for Bulls; K.OOH4.50 for Texas Steers, auO SJ.SSWS SO for Veal Calves. Small IJecKn ll>C« lIake(,TeatenainES. Aliments that we are apt to consider trivia! often-(jrow, tbroufih neglect, Into atrocious maladies, dargerousin ilipmsplvfts and prodnrtlm of others. It Is the disregard of the wiriler indications ol ill health which leads to the esiaWlshjmeniot all sorts ot maladies on a chronic bisl.«. Mor -over, there are certain disorders in< Meal to th* season, such as malaria and r-eumstlsm. against which it Is alwijrs desirable to fortify the system attar raposere to the eondltlons'whlch prodoce them. Cold, damp andmlKsra are surely counteracwd by Hoswt- tn't Stomach Bit>ra. A'wr yoJ have Incurred rbik from thoe Influences, a wlnwilassfal or two ot Hostetwsr's St-ma h Bitters directly afterward should DC swallowed. >'or m'laria, dyspetsla. liver complaint, kidney and bladder tronble, ner- v lusness and debility It Is the most dfservedlj popular of remedies and -preventives. A wlne- glasslnl before mea;s promotes aptjeUte. Children Cry fot Pitcher's For that tired feelinfir with head ache, take a few doses of BInehart's Pilla. Sold by B. F. Keealiog and Keystone drug store. PAP CALEHPAR For * * # 1895 A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of slorchousc for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of nil—full of dainty silhouettes anil pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of tho sup"rb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFG. CO., Motion ihli paper. Hartford, Conn, For Onr Kilty Yearn Mrs. WinelowV Sooihiu), Syrup bas neon used for over fltty j cars by millions of mothers for their children while tectoinff, with perfect success. . [t soothes the child, eoftens the gums, Allays all pain, cures wild colic, and ts the beat remedy for diarrhoea. It sill relieve tbe poor llule sufferer immediately. Sold by druggist..* la every yartof the world. Tweniy-fivo cente i. bottle. Be sure and ask for • Mrs. Wlnslow's SooihiDR Syrup," and take no other bind. ) ——»—— -^.rf*^ •When B»bT w« rfc Wben ttu> via a Child, she cried for CastorU. •When «ne Became 5Hs«. ste clung to CttStofH* Wlian me D»a. Children, me g»reUieni Cmrtortfc. C*UKC or Tout Tired F*clln|r. The warm summer days develop the latent germa of disease, caused by torpid and inactive liver—siclcnees sooner or later will follow, unless the liver is rendered active, and tbe best remedy koown to produce activity of this organ is Rinebart's Liver Pills. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cattoria. •Why ChlW«» I'rtt, The cause of lieiiu nees in children is largely owing to ;he existence of stomach worms These peats of chili- hood inflame tbe lining of tbe stomach, which 18 followed by feveri, fiusbed cheeks and irritable, nervous condition, which sometimes ends In spasms. The tafebt, gurestjiod best remedy to remove the"worms le Eine- hart i r"WoTnr'Lo2an'eeg. Sold by BF. KeesliDg and Keystone drug store. Children Cry fo/ Pitcher's Castoria. If your child is fretful, give hart's Worm Lozenges. A doie or two will remove the cause, which is owing to worms. Sold by B. F. Kee§and Keystone drug »u>r<-. «»';

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