The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 3, 1903 · 11
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 11

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, June 3, 1903
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WEDNESDAY. JUNE 3 lfl(fl. ' STRIKE GANG DISPERSED. Outbreak Ends in Arrest Leader of iffians. of iFutile Attack cn Workers Home Telephone Company. of Police Determined to Tut a Stop to tip Agitators Lawless Weeds. Rendered reckless by the failure of me strike of the linemen a failure 'hleh Is manifest to everybody, even to themselves and desiring to make one more effort to seemingly iBtrenpthen their cause by Inducing Jsstlsfled men to Join the ranks of the malcontents, a gang of unionist agitators endeavored yesterday to Interfere with the construction crew of the Home Telephone Compa ly. This time they used no violence other than Jeers fand threats, threw no stones and assaulted no worklngmen with clubs. (They had not reached that stage in their argument, and before they could reach It the strong arm of the law was thrown around the workers whom they Here trying to Intimidate, and their effort failed. As a result, one of the Unionists was placed under arrest. . The trouble occurred on Wesley avenue, near Thirty-ninth street, and created considerable excitement in that neighborhood. , About 3 o'c'ock yesterday afternoon a. telephone message was received at police headquarters saying that the unionists haJ attacked the workmen engaged In stretching the lines of the Home Telephone Company near the intersection of Figueroa and Jefferson . streets. Dropping ) all other duties, Capt. Auble started for-the scene of the reported trouble. Reaching Jef- icrson anu e igueroa streets, he was told that the crowd had gone down Wesley avenue, and he hurried to that thoroughfare. ' Neai the crossing of imny-ninin street ne round a crowd congregated. Many of them were simply spectators, but there were a number of union agitators who were doing all that ffTey could do to Induce a small party M workmen to leave their work and Join the ranks of the .strikers. It was patent to Auble and to others that the agitators were there for no lawful purpose, but the difficulty which confronted the officer was that the agitators had committed no of. fense against the law serious enough to Justify his arresting all of them. Thj employes of the telephone company appeared to be paying no attention to the unionists except to now i and then warn one or more of them ;to keep out of their way and not try ; to interfere with the work. The gang of unionists appeared to be concen-' tratlng their arguments upon two men who were working at the base of a pole, and while thus engaged they were obstructing the sidewalk. This :gave Auble. his chance, and he. Immediately ordered the crowd to disperse. :Tbey did not obey his order promptly, : and although there were nearly a core of them, Capt. Auble- rushed Into the center of the crowd and began shoving them out of the way. .He played no favoritea, and if a man did : rot move when he was ordered to do so, he was moved, and in a manner not so gentle as many of them would nave liked. W. C, Ross appeared to be the leader of the lawbreakers, and it .is said he kept urging the other members of his gang to move slowly If at all. As for himself, he walked up and down' the sidewalk as slowly as possible, seem ingly trying to provoke a breach of the peace. II he thought this would help him, he did not know the man with whom he was dealing. Auble told him i repeatedly to move on, and - brushed against him several times. preventing his continuing his effort to induce the satisfied worklngmen to quit their Jobs. Finally, seeing that Ross would not listen to reason, Auble placed him under arrest and started with ltim to the police station.,. Several of the members of Ross" gang accompanied them on a car, and when they reached the City Jail Rosa was released on 120 bail. He was warned not to return to Wesley avenue and renew his offense, and was told that If he did so he would again be arrested. He did not go back. Deprived of the presence of their leader, the other members of the gang soon left the place, and the telephone company's employes continued their work. Not a man Joined the strikers. FRACTURED HIS ANKLE. . While a car on the Los Angeles Traction line was nearing University station yesterday afternoon, the trolley wire suddenly broke directly in front of the car and fell in such position that had the motorman remained at his post he would have been struck. To 'save himself he Jumped, and the wire struck the hood and front end of the car. Instantly there was a tremendous flash, and wherever the loose wire struck the car it caused a blaae. The breaking of the wire shut off the current, and the car stopped. The roof of the car was Ignited by contact with the live wire, but the Are was extinguished before any serious damage had been done. The motorman was severe. . ly bruised when he Jumped from the car. but Vas able to remain on duty the rest of the day. MOTORMAN'S NARROW ESCAPE. E. C. Humphries of San Diego was severely Injured at Fourth and Main streets yesterday afternoon. He slipped nn m Innaft Iv-in rrl .) Ati t . - . ' " lc" "ucn a i manner that his left leg waa fractured lAVi fc cThe fractur re. I ducd by Police Surgeon Smith. HUNTINGTON FURNISH CONSTERNATION ran riot yesterday In the office of the chief clerk to the general manager of the Pa-' ciflc Electric Railway Company, In headquarters at Sixth and Main streets, when the mall disgorged a letter from ML Lowe, containing a certain startling requisition for supplies to be used In Alpine Tavern. , The management at the tavern had taken pains to mark the matter .Important" and underscore it. If they had 'asked for a false set o' twth or a falsetto voice for thoughtless sheets, no greatar amesement would bsve been occasioned. . The requisition read as follows: "We . hrebv Wcommend the purchase of four ladies' night-gowns, for the use STOLE ALL THE TIME. Man Who Robbed Preachers' . Residences Identified as a Professional .Burglar and an Ex-convict. The capture by Detective Jones sev erai days ago of Ernest Bowcn, alias Mason, alias George Lewis Clark, has Deen round to be a much more lmpor xant arrest than the officers at first supposed. The crime for which be was taken was the burglary of the resi oence or Rev. E. T. Healy, pastor of ine university m.e. Church, last weanesaay night,: Soon after his arrest he" confessed his guilt, and when ni room was searched It was dlscov erea mat he had been doing a wholesale business. Confronted with thjs eviuence, ne admitted that he had robbed a dozen or more fiouses in this city. He said he could not remember how many burglaries be had committed but his plan was to steal enough to live on, and when his money was spent to steal some more. Capt. Martin, chief of detectives of the San Francisco -police department, was In the City several davs a en on his 'acation, and when told of the arrest expressed a desire to see the prisoner. At BiKht of him h rpfnarnlzeri him as George Mason, a professional thief who has been arrested in many cities. He served five years in San Quentln for burglary, and has been confined In other penitentiaries. If he Is convicted on all the charges against him here, he may be sentenced for life. LOCAL SPORTING RECORD. TWO MOSE TOURNEYS FOR' BLUE-ROCK' MEN. SANTA MONICA CYCLE RACE IS A POSSIBILITY. New Golf Tourney Begins Next Week. Lcoloos Will Return Home on Monday. What Holly Wanted from Pete Loh-man Simpson Won at Bowling. Xocal gun men are now turning their attention to the blue-rock shoot of the Los Angeles Gun Club that will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 13-14, on the club grounds west of this city on the Sixteenth-street electric line. While it may not have as large a number of marksmen as the recent tournament at Ocean Park, it will undoubtedly draw all the good and bad ones from this end of the State, and it will be sufficiently interesting to hold them. The programme has not been issued as yet, but it will provide the usual, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five sweepstake events, and in addition there will doubtless be some doubles by way of novelty. The Tufts-Lyon medal, the E. C. Cup and other trophies will be shot for and In all probability a trophy for a two-man team shoot Celebration Shoot. W W. Shemwell Is making arrangements to have a blue-rock shoot at the Ocean Park Country. Club grounds'on July 4. It Is expected to have addd money to the amount of 1100 as an extra Inducement to the trap shooters, and there will be merchandise prizes in - Turners Practice. fru- rr.. ' ... . ... iurneri wui nave tueir regu-r monthlT medal nhoot nort Siin,u la J the Sharpshooters' range on Boyle Heights. It Is not expecetd that they "ii. ufjui worn on ineir new range in iaao.. Aiigeies ior iwo weeKS, BICYCLING. ROAD RACE PROBABLE. The Los Angeles Cycle i Board of irade is to have a regular meeting exi iuesaay, out if arrangements can be made, it will be held the latter part of this week. At that meeting it will be definitely decided whether or not mere will be a road race to Santa Monica on July 4. The board had about given It up, but so many wheelman have requested that th race be run, that the board will In all probability -vtuc w luv general uemsna. i Oppose a Change. Petitions are in circulation and are being generally signed by the sportsmen, requesting the Supervisors not to change the existing game laws. As they are at present, they seem to meet wnn iavor witn sportsmen, and conse. quenny notning could be made by BiuriiuuiK int-iii. vvnenever tne majority of the true sportsmen are satisfied with the laws. It is well enough that they W SCI. O-IUIIC. GOLF. PLAY NEXT WEEK. ine members of the Los Angeles Country Club are now getting down to practice for the contests for the presidents' cups that will begin on Saturday of next week and continue for two week. These cups are of. rerea by the president of the Land Association and the president of the Country Club. The contest will be at handicap match play without a qua! ifying round, and the handicap strokes win oe given at certain holes. All of the entrants must have played at least two matcnes by the night . of Sunday. June' 14. Looloos Coming Home. Manager Morlev'a Tvirilnna nf ty Coast League will be home next Monday, after an absence of rive weeks, and barring an accidental defeat by Oakland this week, they will return with a fine record of vintnrtca. rw nt about twenty-eight games played up to yesterday, they have wor nineteen. They got one the best of San Francisco In two weeks' play; beat Sacramento four of six. and did about as well with Seattle and Taeoma. This is remark- wub ana xacoma. This Is remark, able for a team away from Us own ground, and if the Loioo, can do as well above, they should dobett" r here WON'T "NIGHTIES." of such guests of the hotel (Alpine Tavern) as may have come to Mt Lowe unprepared to stay over night, having had other plans and then changed their minds. Four gents' night-gowns for the same purpose." "Well," ejaculated Chief Clerk McMillan, "rouldn't that get you? We will be asked next to furnish thoughtless guests with umbrellas and shoes, or maybe hairpins and handkerchiefs. In any event this Important' matter shall have the personal attention of General Manager Randolph." It In not thought, however, that the general manager win approve the requisition, inasmurh as he is personally well aware that It is not Impossible or Injurious, when emereenry demands, a.-1 '? ""'p nlht er two In oay garments. os ?? 'Jfc:.J,'n uuaniiui. uio iun ccrituniy nas '' a swell chance to win the pennant, for it is 100 points ahead of Sacramento and more than that number ahead of tsan Tancisco. ir me present team bucks xogemer ana piays Dali like it is doing now, there will be little to ine race except JjOS Angeies. .,, BOWLING. GOOD SCORES MADE. bam uysinger and Fred SlmpS0n bowled the second of their 30-game match at the Monarch alleys last! nignt, and Simpson won by a small margin, beating Dysinger in each of me nve games Except the second Both bad eleven splits, and Dysinger made a difficult 6-7 split Slmrmnn did equally well, getting the 4-6 split with a small ball, bv a. kirv.hi. mi , r . " iiio ecurea xoiiow: 1 ' Z 3 4 S Av Dysinger.... 155 201 163 170 is? 1711-K Simpson .... 158 179 177 178 192 176 4-B What Holly Wanted. Peter Lehman's team un in nation Is still losing games with great rezu- larltv an4 Dot 1 . g7t good plaVVri .in 7" the gold" brlcks. Last Saturday he wired here to Hollinfi-sworth. whn la T)oii.. i.A.i..n t : . , - iuj Shortstop, to send h i nwsar Holly promptly Wired back 14000 flni that the amount must baidennai Ya T ouiiie local Dana, unat Waa enough to . , . ., ar ar ate hold Pete down for a. timp u - needless to say that he did not answer " j a . uus message. Lovelace Won Evervthin Guv Tvtvslno , . that mram .i 7 IT t'tijuiiuj shoot held last Saturday. He was set Dack at 18 yards, but used a big load, .t uiu vuiy well.. Ocean Park Shoot Sunday. Will Wright Is working on another iMiuui to oe neia at the Ocean Park country uiub ail day Sunday. It -is expected a larger attendance will take part tnan was present last Sunday, wnen me earner was very unfavorable. Crowd Parted Reverently. Jim Corbett Is trylnsr to cut. the rata established by Shylock for a pound of nesn. snyiocK gave 3000 ducats; Cor bett made an offer yesterday of $100 a pounu nis own nesh, too. A knot of people . were standing around the scales in a Spring-street arug store yesterday when a giant In patent-leather shoes pushed his way mrougn sna stepped on the scales. 'Gosh, but you're a whale," said a Dysianaer canaimy. A sporty youth nudged the speaker In the ribs, and said in a voice thick with awe, "Taat's Corbett," ' James made the scales go to 195 pounas. . t " He stepped down again looking glum, and said in a voice of gloom to the crowd, "I will give $500 to any one of you fellows who can tell me any way I can get nve pounds mora weight." No one had an anti-slim remedy at hand, and the 'offer found no takers. The crowd only parted reverently and let mm pass., MEDICOS MEET. Doctors Have Banquet, Speak About Electricity and Show up Their Theories by Various Machines. Electro-therapeutics, X-rays and high-frequency currents were handled without Insulation yesterday in the Hollenbeck Hotel, the occasion being the semi-annual literary and practical session of the Southern 'California Electro-Medical Society. About sixty members and spectators were present and the sessions were interesting as showing the value of tlie different forms of electrical . energy In medical science. Dr. O. Shepard Barnum of this city presided as president of the society and the nrst session was held at 4 o'clock In the afternoon, two bureaus or de partments being gono through with. The first was Galvinism and Faradism and consisted of papers as follows: "Eth ical Status of Electro-Therapeutics," by Dr. Barnum; "Electrolysis of the Jbar and Eye," by Dr. F. B. Kellogg vi juos Angeies; "uenerai Keview," by Dr. W. P. Polhemus of San Diego. 'ine other department was "Statio Therapy" and the papers were as follows: "Value of Static Currents in nervous Artections," by Dr. A. O. Conrad of Los Angeles, and "Use and Aouse oi tne static Spark," by Df. T. C. Low. At 7 o'clock in the evening covers were iaia ror a Danquet tor sixty In the hotel cafe and aside from the feast mere was a nno address by B. R, Baumgardt on "Among the World's Pdbtlcal Thinkers." There were no toasts. - . At the evening session there were na. pers on "Radio-Phobia and Radio-Ma-nia." by Dr. Albert Soilnnd of t -angeies, ana "Treatment of Malignant R. Toland of Pomona, rnffethl hJt . . , . , i or appliances, there were essays by I rr I 'nn rn t AlKa. stnlun4 i-n t I A. Fenves and P. H. M Phi U Zl tin i Z, .. " "! tio machines, induction colls, high-fre- juciivj tuiraua, tuoes ana radiography and these were followed by Dractical liemnnitRillnn. i .Vr.i J. 7 S 1 aemonetrations of static currents for Various diseases; high-frequency CUr rents for skin diseases and X-rays with tubes of various aenetratlv. .ii. tbA nan- j , r I nu uct'p worn. ur. lanl Showed some fine radioETanha llln. XrtanySonaPr1oU.ranTvr, l 0,6 A-ray on Various Object, this bing clans present. President Barnum announced the Closing Of the rhnrtor liar a.i.h - of thirty-eight charter members and it wu aeciaea to incorporate the so. ciety, as. it is the only one west of the Mississippi River.. - . 0 Chairmen of the rii fT avian (V V. for the ensuing term were chosen fnllnn.. C.1....I. 1 " "crcu CL I M. H. Chamberla'of Therapy. Dr. L. A. Perce of I Bench; X-Ray Therapy. Dr Alter? Solland of Los Angeles; ApDltanc and Demonstrations, Dr. M. R. Toland FEDERATED STATE SOCIETIES. The recently-formed rririin State societies of Southern California met at the Chamber of Commerce yes eraay aiternoon. . Robert Vrmm, Michigan Society, was elected r,r.i. dent; Graham Smith, Colorado, first vice-president: Dr. Jarkann xii.... second vice-president; Willis M. Dixon! Aoner La. koss, Ohio, treasurer. The following . members of the Kriarntiv. r.,i. I from the different State societies renre. .. inwinej: J. W. TlfcbittS, 2-...Gourr;vora: The secretary was lntmirr4 . a telegram to tha iZ . eratlnn of Stnt. nr, r'...., . " of New York City, announcing the in? auguratlon of the union of local aocie-tlea. Plans are being made for a mammoth picnic of the federated societies "v 1 me w aLnnouocea DT the secretary. - PINE CLIFFS ASSOCIATIO.f. The handsome r.ew clubhouse of the Pine Clifte Association-' la n.,t- vv..iK.cLivu, aim mr rnemners of the are prppanng ror tbeir sum mer sojonrn la their new knm. Tk. aiwunua, nujii rancn, were once .fa- ttngclcs Daily 51w camping ground,, but the guar tllan will rigidly exclude all except as soclation members from this time forth. Trespassers trill be arrested and severely dealt witn. ine club has placed a dputy sheriff on the ground, ana has been compelled to make sev eral evictions and arrests. It proposes to cooperate with the government authorities in the work . of forest end game preservation, and will make some experiments during tne summer. ON THE WATER FRONT. POST SAW PEDRO, LOS ANGELES, IREPORTED DAILY FOR THE TIMES.l ARRIVED TUESDAY. JUNE I... Steamer Phehalle. Cent Tomeon. g days from 'rays Harbor, via ian Frajiclson and Rant. uKbara isteamr VwIim (rant ... -. from San Francisco and way porta. ' Bcbooner V inflow, Capt. Blrkholm, days from 'facom. ' hooner William H. Smith. Capt Ranien. 10 dava from Abenleen. ti. - -w... , utxJfm I rum Sohooni-r Maria K. Smith. Caot A. O. Smith. U daya from 3rayi Harbor. ". SAILED-TUE8DAT. JUNE I. r. . .. . ' .i'.i.. iii oia fcr-fc" Fr" , . DUB AT THIS PORT. , . .ift.iEt.-u, via wax poria. iini'Miuf kw uiympia, via Ban Fran- Cisco, a nmer Santa Barbara, lnu i F?nl.s,n franclsco and way porta! Ittimn "ES. MS "ISEJ" ' I w-.., v usuiun, i:ivuiici ETdlVIU. rom Pur Ludlow, schooner K. W. Bartlett. From Fairhavan. achoonar VrA J From Eureka, echooner Bertla Minor. TO LEAVB-WEDNESDAT. JUNE I. For San Fnnetaeo, ataamrr Santa Monica. For Eureka, etaamer Faaadena. For Ban Francisco, ataamer Slrnal. r or Ban Frandaco. atoamar Whitest whltesboro. i i rBiaoo, iarnr - June J-For San Frnnclco, via way ' -"""" pant ,jru -o The iteamem Hermoaa and Warrior ml. rerular dally triDa to Santa fntnllm laiand anu raiura. alt Kilt; SIT OP "MOSQUITO" FLEET. . ARRIVED TTJE3DAT. JUNE S. Launch Puritan, from Lona Raarh. with n. tengwa, and returned, i'ower-bonu Columbus and Boraich, from riua latauna laianq. witn nan for local wnoiesaicrs. i-amwna uiana. . BAILEB. PoWer-Schooncr Rftnta Ytuui. tnr stint. f.fa- unn laiuna, on trial inn. Slxtwn sailboats, for Santa Catallna Island. PoitUKuesa Wend and lu-don.lo. and returned jm nsn tor local wnoiensuera. .. L1SI' OF VtiSSKI.H IV TOUT. TL'EoDAY. JUNE f.' Kama and Destination Location. Str. Paeadenji. Eureka.... K.-Cunner wharf eir. numa muiiiu Dan r ran. .can fedro wharf p. iniiicBouiu, can riaii,,,B, r, wnart Str. SlKnal. Kan fcYanclaco. Rannln. Str. Robert JJollar, San Fran. .8. W. wharf Bir. Falcon ..Bannlni wharf Tua; Sea .Witch......... Wood wharf UK. liuai wave San Pedro whar Hch. Klnc Cvrua tin .-m k... Ich. Bangor, Port Blaine So. Cat. wharf ch. A. F. Coata wwi .h..i Bcli. Oliver J. Olsen, Port , Madl?on Banninr wharf fich. Ethel Zana. Evaratt. Banning wharf Bch. Nokomla sn. r oi fcch. J. M. Coleman So. Call whurf Ben. enaiienrer sn pin, 01.M. K-b'i'iiia v.MriBtenaon, aJi?!."..!!-g?" Pf,ro "h"f L . 1,1 pii repairs HNi. Partlft, t'mpaua Hiver K.-fumpr wharf ""bor E. wharf SAILIXa FOR BAN PEDRO, . . Number Mine ana from dava out Str. 1.3 kmc Eureka . . i Str. Santa Barbara. Olvmnla. via ?,m Bkt. N"orth'ert. Kvsrett . "., Soli. F. S. Redfleld. Port Blaine Sch. R. W. Kartlett. Port Ludlow.... 8ch. Raleni. Port tmlinw riannwo Sch, Fred J. Wood. Fall-haven Hch. Bertie Minor. Eureka Sen. Ar-ftuj. A-torla , Huh. Joneiih Rues. Marshfleld.... ', foh. Padln, Omnqua Rlvor ...... Bch. Maliel Gray, KureVa Sch. Meteor. Port Blakeley ,. Sch.' Alice MuOonald, Oray'i i Haib'iir!."! TIOK TAUI.K roil SAY fISDItO. Ch. Ixiw Wedneeday. June S., ., :02a.m. 8:55 a.m. 4:19 p.m. U;ij p.m. 6:2ia.m. ll:0i a.m. i.M p.m. : a.m. 12:13 a.m. :81p.m. 11:33 a.,n. 7:ii6a.m. 1:05 a.m. 7.U2p.m. U:37p.m. :la.m. l:4Sp.m, 7:!p.m. 1:19 p. m! J:Ma.m. 3:29 a.m. , :ljp.B, 1:17 p.m. :Ma.m. S:C7a.m. Thuriday, - " t., rrlday, ' ', 5.. Saturday, ' ., Sunday,- ( " 7,. Monday, " I.. Tueaday. " I.. . t:8 p.m. 8:J2p.m. TORT ITEMS. ALOXQ THE WATER FRONT. WEATHER: Clear at s m . . j west, velocity 14 miles. ' The report of lh inrai ... .. t,hlg cl,y na northern ports, over the. EVnMvT-1" n,!,lh 1(101 In U there were $!!tinln' vf8l o enter port, which wre r atified n followa: Seventy-two " teanwrV! Th!L'n'.' 3 ?ntlna. 1 bark and I t"?! FollOWlna were their ri. mv irai ., ." : Slvi ,L,nbJr- 15;5-"l) hnsl. ifl.n" lath, loo.-(K ahakes. 21.100 railroad tie. im po;t, 163 piles and 1 epar. Merchandise broueht Into Ban Pedro amounted to 4471 tone, while that taken away waa 11 tons. The n,,mh r n arrlvInK bera waa 18ii7; the depar- Hltchlnaa AV Jove, ne th. trnnni.n. janla near Taeoma, have laid the kael f,r the larrest ol-burnina; ateamer on the ra.'lno Coast, which la to be built for the K. K. Wood Lumber Company of this city and San Fran-clsoo. She is a slater shin of the nr , ly!.p,' "J"1 wl" b etll"i Shasta. The keel L '!. J it.t h.? ... rn"m,'. accuniinouaiinne. ana will about tU5.j. it is expwted that she win be romDlcted t,v the midrll. nr L - Th? !?',?wln .oarsoea have arrived and are wins: uistnarrea over tne ban Psdro docks for distributtoo throuahout the ruthwt: suSmeJ -"" m. ieei or lumiier mr tne union ?.". f th"Cai if omja cotnnaniea: schooner 'h'law. 710,000 feet of lumber for the U W. HUnn Com.tny: schooner William H. Brnllh '50 tt of lumber for the San Pedro Cnm- !'any: 'h"'r Padie. m.w) feet or lumber t?I KM;? lhoP." (""uiu, ivci ok luaioer I or tne u- B"nn comoany. -Th ateamer Newsboy arrived from Sun P""' '51 After dischantin, h took on wturn ciiriro ot fr-litht and passengers, and sailed tonight i or san r mncifco. via way ports. SKULL BROKEN BY CAE. Ross H. Mellinger Probably 'Fatally Injured on Pasadena Avenue Last Might by Missing Bis Hold. . Rna. TT UalltHvAi. - .1 a i . . . wwuuisei, Ad, Ul SI to board a south-bound Paaa- '"V at 11 o'ciocK last nlgbt 1 Pena avenue near Avenoe 67, mlMed hls ho,d' wa 8truck tn car. alld reclved injuries which may result ih ins ueam. xi b is now at ine iacinc Hnanltot r.hir. ,xlr, tk. ...i . this morning an operation- waa per- formed by the Police Surgeon and other P"8'0'8"" to remove a portion of his fractured skull from pressing upon the brain. The result of the ODeration hna not been determined, as the patient at 4 o'clock was still under the influence of an anesthetic. J His chances of recovery are considered slight. ltie injured man was taken to First and Spring streets on the car which Biruca mm, ana irom mere was re. moved to the Receivlna Hosnitai . tt w accompanied by a Miss Stewart. who, until she learned that his injuries are very serious, refused- to giv her name or bis name or to tell anything uout ine Occident. Young Mellinaer had accomnanlixt Miss Stewart to her home at Avenue 7 and Pasadena avenue. He had bid her good-by Just aa the car approached, and had run for It, the sccident oc curring before her eyes. he went to nis assistance, and accompanied hrm to the Receiving Hospital, and while there aent for Dr. Williams to attend film. According to the city directory her name is Jessie Stewart, dauahter of Robert, Stewart, who is In the grocery business in Highland Park. Young Mellinger is a son of Mrs. Eva C. Mellinger, who Is postmistress at Penrose, a small town nine mties from Fillmore, Ventura county. The police telerrphd his mother this rnorntnr. requesting her to come to Los Angeles (Etmes PIANO Bu fthe World Best for the World's Most Critical For Homes of Culture For Artists . For Musicians The artistic i beauty and refined appearance of the 1303 models sustain our reputation for leadership la ornate esse work, while the choice veneers of our present stock stand unexcelled and augment our reputation as connoisseurs of rare wooda, The peculiarly rloh slnfffn quality of tone of 'CROWN" pianos please all and will elicit your unbounded praise. Cltarly a piano of distinct nrtlstlo merit Cash or easy terms of payment and old Instruments taken as part pay when desired. I Catalogues, booklets and other printed matter giving full Infor- tuumvu mi won jvu uutimu may pay you well. GEO. P. BENT, Manufacturtr. CHICAOO. LOS ANGELES REPRESENTATIVES Pacific Music Co. ; 437-4 J9 South Broadway at once. Why there should have been any effort to conceal the facts of the accident is surprising to the nolice. who were at a loss to understand the actions of the young woman. SANTA BARBARA COUNTY. PRETTY MILITARY WEDDING. ISPECUt, CORRESPOXDENCH OP THE TIMES.l SANTA BARBARA, June 2. In the superbly-decorated private parlors of the Potter Hotel at high noon today occurred the marriage of Miss Marguerite Walters Burruss, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Burruss of Norfolk, Va., and Lieut. John H. Reed, Jr., of the Fourteenth United States Cavalry, stationed at Fort Wingate, N. M. ' Rev. Alfred H. Brown, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, performed the ceremony, and the bride was given away by her father. Miss. Adelita, C Burruss, sister of the bride, was maid of honor, and her brother, Nathaniel C. Burruss, groomsman. The bride was robed in white silk. trimmed with old lace, and as ornaments she wore her mother's wedding pearls. (Her elegant bridal costume was completed with a white veil that is an old and precious heirloom in her family. The groom was dressed in the regulation uniform of his station in the army. . After the ceremony a wedding lunch eon was served in a private dining, room, attended by the relatives of the contractinx parties, and the few friends wno naa come to witness the ceremony. Arter a Drier sea bo n of felicitous congratulation, the newlv-marrled rniinle imi on) tne axternoon 'train for Los Angeles, whence they will proceed to the liast. to spend the honeymoon at tne old Homes of the bride and groom, xsorroiK ana Newport News. July 1 Lieut, and Mrs. Reed will tak temporary quarters at Fort Wiiftate, and about a month later they will sail for the Philippines, the lieutenant hav. been asigned to service there as uartermaster on Mai. Francis Hardie a start. . The bride Is a member of the Hoi. land Dames and the Huguenot Society of New York and of the Colonial Dames, Daughters of the Revolution and Daughters of the Confederacy of Norfolk, she being the youngest mem-ber of the first-named organisation. Only a few months ago she rraduated at one oi tne best flnlHlilng- schools of the East and accompanied her parents to the Pacific Coast on a tour of recre ation and pleasure. It waa while she nd her family were the guests of one of the officers at Fort Wlneate that she first met her husband-to-be. It was plain case of "love at first slant." and when she left the fort for Santa Barbara,' shortly afterward, she wore the lieutenant s engagement ring. The groom is a youna? man. He was born and raised In Virginia, his par ents having resided for a number of years at their present home at Newport News. The original Intention was to have this wedding celebrated at Norfolk, but tne condition or the health of the DeWITT'S WITCH HAZEL THE ORIGINAL. 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FREE BOOK-If o caa 1 tacKieai i 1 and I will mail, sealed nd frea. aiy becatlfully niosiratad -Io Ws, wkiek tails all tkat men r wcir.en alK-aH kaow about themse!ea. Adraaa aAiaEur' lt a Spring iw, LoaUBgolea MI 1 i I bride's father being such that it was deemed imprudent for him to leave the California climate at the present for the hot temperature of Virginia, the plans had to be overthrown, and instead of a very large and elaborate wedding that had been contemplated at first, the pretty but quiet affair at the Potter was adopted as the better alternative. WRECK AFTERMATH. , Only a few of those Injured In the Southern Pacific wreck at Punta Qorda Saturday night remain In the city. Many of those who sustained the most severe injuries have been removed to hospitals in Lo Angeles and San Francisco, where they will be treated by specialists. The few who are still at local hospitals and hotels probably will be able to leave by the end of the week. Frank A. 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Mrs. BrawattMrnr will track Ssorthand at hht ?chtol .. . ak- t r- ! - l- m i: aj ril k.- rn t- r: a iBlt MlBBer, TO Vf C3I OCVEil IU DIKCCIa ilJW. TdWSt. TeL Black Z631. St ad far Catalans. YALE SCHOOL tOO N. Union Ave. T. O. Adams, A, B. (YaleV Boarding and day school for youne men and boya. Samaerseisiea. Ilia. Cataldfae. Td. Joaa 721 Hiss French's Classical School For Oirls; primary. Intermediate and collage preparatory. al SOUTH auvakauu mi. SELECT PRIVATE SCHOOL Conducted by MlssDurnertn; English, branches, French. Latin: Individual wor: highest rarsrancea. Address ttl & GKAND AVai Tel. Hops 7871. fIAA1.1ITIDVBBSIlUSS . t..,M.TiL conn ia4awwaJa.Ja. ,iuvl0m SKUM ASvtarAMS aTatoa. ran J REAL ESTATE. Choice Lots, !r1::: pairs cam pie tt la 80 dava; milas from centra of Los Anlet. BsaatU ful sietlon, OLhNDALE REALTY CO. Id U FUt AY M. HARRIS PreVs. 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