The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 14, 1907 · 83
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 83

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 14, 1907
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dsr.ttttgelcs Simban CtfliC?avl i JC- " . 1 " - '' " 1 " ' i st in 11 - "' -..... in "MM ii i ,, - , , mn...- rami n i-- i i n n i Armstrongs The Boa Marche has bought the stock of John N. Armstrong of 396 E. Street, San Bernardino, at about half its actual value. Larger interests demanding bis attention is the reason Mr. Armstrong decided to close out his extensive business, which he established two years ago. The stock consists of mil-linery, fancy goods and women's furnishings. - Stock PENED but four weeks aco. The Bon Marche has I already put on sale four special stocks (one stock a Vy I week), a record breaker in Los Angeles dry goods retailing. But The Bon Marche has big things ahead." The absorbing of these stocks is but an incident in the wide scope of this 'store's activity. As an evi dence that The Boh Marche is in the line of progress we quote , from an article in the Real Estate Section of last Sunday's Times: ' "During the past week a- fifteen-year lai wm md of the ground floor and basement of the Trustee Company's new building at 424-26-28 South Broadway to the Le Saga Proa.' Co. 'The Bon Marche.' The Trustee Building, which Joins The Bon Marche on the north, will give this store a total frontage of 120 feet on Broadway. , It la expected that the two floors of the new building will be ready for occupancy by Sept. 1st." The Bon Marche is a dominant influence in the retailing district. Its expansion to an institution of great magnitude, is assured.' This stock amounted to something over $7000. The Bon Marche made an offer of approximately half the intrinsic value of the merchandise, which offer was accepted. The goods are now in our possessionand tomorrow we begin a sale that for extraordinary value-giving, will outdistance anything ever held before on the Pacific coast. It's the bargain opportunity of a lifetime. We cant begin to enumerate all the splendid offerings just come inland see for yourself ; that's all we ask. ... Greatest Millinery Snap of the Season All of Armstrong's Fine Dress and Pattern Hats in This Safe One of the most important features of Armstrong's stock , was his fine millinery. The assortment includes all of this season's latest ant! smartest models, as well as many advance orders which came to us direct from the makers. This handsome showing includes some 400 hats which we have divided into two lots as follows: F. 0. Ktba of 457 So. Broadway sold us his entire stock of boys' icd children's clothing it 60c on the dollar. His reason for selling was because he seeded the room this department occupied to properly care for his growing business id men's clothing. This sale offers aa unusual opportunity lor the economical buying of Juvenile clothing. 1 The Kahn Stoel Armstrong's $5.00 to $10.00 Trimmed Hats at $3.65 This lot includes many dressy models as well as tailored styles; In fact, everything that Is new, dainty and becoming. You'll And the popular leghorn and Milan shapes in this assortment. Armstrong's $5 and $10 hats, choice' $3.65;' " ' - ' Armstrong's $12.50 to $17.50 Trimmed Hats at . $6.85 In this showing you will And many handsome dress and pattern hats, including some Imported models. You'll find many of the popular favorites, such as Mushroom, Santa Dumont, etc. Armstrong's $12.60 and $17.50 hats to go at $6.85. $1.00 Leghorn Flats 25c These pretty leghorn flats that Armstrong sold regularly at $1 arid they are well worth it tomorrow, only 25c. Ostrich Plumes 75c Just 10 dozen short black ostrich plumes. Armstrong's price $1.50 and $3.00. Our price, each 75c. - ' . 75c Wings for 35c Assorted colors. Armstrong's regular 75c ones. We price tomorrow as a special leader, choice 35c. ROSES fruits, sprays; also holly berries . and grapes. Armstrong's prices 76e.-to $1.00. Our . : 1Zr 1VV, price, per bunch .. . .... FLOWERS 7tfoL0t flowers, worth from now 60c to $1.25. Arm-, finer $1 to $2.50, Fifty Dozen Flower Wreaths ifr Armstrongs Prices 25c to $1.00 llV Armstrong bought 60 dozen of these wreaths to sell at from 25c to $1. Lot includes forget-me-nots, morning glories, violets and marguerites. A snap at 10c. FANCY WINGS rr the finer grades as follows: Armstrong's price l, our price BOei Armstrong's price 91.23, our price 63ei Armstrong's price $2.00, our price $1.00; Armstrong's price 2.50, our price (1.25. All Braids and Millinery Findings Half Price Knee length skirts and Corset covers; some hemstitched, others trimmed with lace. Arm- 5C Our price.......,..;............... Armstrong's Undermuslins Armstrong carried a strictly first-class stock of muslin underwear. All crisp, fresh, new goods. We mention but a few, to give you an idea of the exceptional values offered. . .: nB A WPP Q Women's plain hemstitched muslin drawers. UItCI0 Armstrong's price 35c. 1 C Our price IOW GOWNS strong's price 98c finVVMS of flne' muslin- daintily trimmed with lace and UU tliO embroidery; also drawers of excellent grade muslin and cambric, lace and embroidery trimmed: muslin skirts with deep flounces, lace and embroidery trimmed. . Armstrong's prices ,ranged from -$1.50 to $2.25. Some of the biggest Qfl. bargains ever offered. Tomorrow, choice 'Ov Armstrong's Finer Undermuslins Will be" Included in this sale. Gowns, skirts, drawers and corset covers that Armstrong sold at prices ranging from $2.50 to $7. HO, our prices from $1.25 to $3.75. , HOSIERY SNAPS Armstrong's ptock of hosiery for women and children will be divided Into five Iota as follows: AR.MSTUOXti'S irc grades, 3 for...; 23c AHMSTnOXG'S 16 S-3c grades ............ .10e ARMSTRONG'S 200 grade ....13e AHMSTIIOXG'S ,2r.c grades Iftc ARMSTROXU'S 33c graJeS ..:.. ' ....25c $2.75 Eight-Button" Kid Gloves 7 c Special : : P1IU One of-the greatest values In this sale. . Fine grade kid, good line of colors. One lot of genuine glace kid, 8-button mos-quetaire gloves Armstrong's price $2.75 our price $1.75. RIBBONS YOU NEED SATIX TAFFETA Plain and fancies; 2 and S inches wide. Armstrong's 10c to 2"C values. Our j a pilte I UC Women's Vests Two lots. Tlw.e are swigs and Richelieu ribbed, with lace yoke. Armstrong's price f A SOc. Our price .. SILK MESSALIXE ribbons. 5 and .6 Inches wide; also wide taiTctas. Armstrong's 40c and 50c values. Our JZr price Lawn Kimonos One lot of short kimonos of fancy lawn, trimmed with bands of solid colors. "IZf 65c values, our price.,..""' Armstrong's Fine Waists Armstrong was noted in San Bernardino for his splendid stock of fine shirt waists. lie carried nothing but the latest and best of styles. Here's your opportunity. Note these values: 75c White Lawn Waists 39c Tomorrow we are going to offer cool, pretty white lawn waists trimmed with lace and embroidery tucked collars and cuffs, and tucked back and front. Armstrong's price 75c. Our price 39c. $1.00 White Waists 63c ' Made of excellent grade material; trimmed with lace and insertion. Armstrong's price $1. Choice 63c. $2.00 Stylish Waists 98c In this assortment you will find sheer white lawn waists trimmed with lace and embroidery; also with tucks; some in tailored effects, others lingerie styles ; long or short sleeves. Also black mercerized sateen waists, colored mohair waists, pin dotted sateen waists, Roosevelt outing waists and Scotch plaid waists. Every one a bargain. Other Bargains - All of Armstrong's finer white lawn waists go at similar reductions. All sizes all the latest styles. Armstrong's $2.50 to $6.50 Waists to Go at s. $1.50. $2.00. $2.95 and $3.75 Two Silk Waist Specials ONE STTLE made of whita Japanese silk, with short sleeves and trimmed with lace; feather stitched Insertion forms yoke and front collars and cuffs trimmed to J 2Q match. Armstrong's price $2.25. Our price...... l07 ANOTHER STYLE mad of finer material and trimmed with Val. lace, embroidery and medallions. Also soma pleated tailored effects. Armstrong's prices $2.50 tf CO to 92.95. . Our price 1.07 ; Hapdsome Lace Waists $5.00 All of Armstrong's beautiful ecru and whlta lace waists, as well as a big line of taffeta and plain tailored effects some imported models. Black, street and evening shades. Armstrong's prices $7. SO to $12.50. Our price $5.00. You've heard the phrase "Kahn's Korrect Klothes" you know that these familiar words stand for excellence in all lines of clothing for men and boys. But the man who coined the phrase, F. G. Kahn, of 457 South Broadway, found that his men's department needed the room which the juvenile stocks took up, so he decided to sell his entire stock of boys' suits ari furnishings. The Bon Marche made an offer of 60 cents on the dollarthe offer was accepted. i t So now "Kahn's Korrect Klothet" for boys are found only at The Bon Marche, where they are on sa'le at 60 cents on the dollar. Nothing like this has ever been done in juvenile clothing selling. Every mother with an eye to economy should attend this sale. The values offered are without precedent. Come in and pick up the bargains from Kahn's stock tomorrow morning. Take elevator to the third floor. A Rousing Offering in " Mother's Friend" Boys' Waists, Shirts and Blouses At a Full Fourth Below Kahn's Regular Prices Every mother will appreciate what this offer means. Let us make It clew what a fine special It Is: "Mothers' Friend" watsta at lesa than regular prices a chance which seldom cornea to you. These waists, shirts and blouses coma In white and colors negligee and laundered. In the lot are many of fancy madras. We now have on hand a full and complete stock, but there's no telling when the lines will be all broken up. Buy "Mothers' Friend" boy' waists, shirts and blouses tomorrow at the following prices: 65 Buys Two Pairs of V Boys' Pants Kahn's Regular 50c a Pair Here's an exceptional bargain two pairs of Kahn's 50c pants for 65c ; worsteds, fancy cheviots and corduroys in the lot. They are positively Kahn's 50c values. Saturday we sold large quantities of these goods, but as 4th line is a big one, quite a number of pairs remain on our shelves about enough to tide us over Monday. s Kahn's 50c Qualities, 3Qc The Bon Marche price. ...... Kahn's 75c Qualities, ZZr The Bon Marche price UwV Boys' Rompers In our purchase of the Kahn stock were just a few boys' rompers, made of good material built to eland lots of rough wear. Kahn's s price was 60c; our (T price Is WW Boys' Pants Kahn's Entire Stock at 60c on the Dollar Kahn bought his merchandise direct from the manufacturers. His experience as a merchant precluded every possibility that In his stocks would be found poor goods. We bought Kahn's stock of boys' pants at 60c on the dollar, t There are pants for boys from 3 to 18 years old. Straight and Knickerbocker styles. Every wanted ma-lerlafc modeled right and made right. Kahn's $1 Pants Of worsted, fancy cheviots and corduroy; made to stand up under heavy (Zr wear. Our price............ Vv Kahn's Fine Boys' Pants His $1.75 and $2.00 values: fancies, solid colors and navy blue serges. The Bon Marche CI price Is I.uO Kahn's $1.25 and $1.50 Pants Cheviots, worsteds and serges. Ex-cellent qualities: stylishly cut. They go In this sale at, 00-a pair 70C Kahn's $1.00 Qualities, 71r The Bon Marche price Kahn's $1.25 Qualities, QCr The Bon Marche price , Dressy 2-Piece Suits Kthn's $10 tad AC $12.50 Values $0.70 These suits from the Kahn r.toclt are tailored on men's models fur boys from 7 to 1 years of ?. The materials are excellent-mixtures and fancy worsted effects. We know these suits to be excellent values at Kahn's regular prices $10.00 and $12.80. but at the price we are letting them go, they are unusual snaps. Buy these suits morrow and Tues day at .... t. $8.95 KAHN'S REEFERS AND OVERCOATS . Pick Up $6 to $9 Coats at from $3.95 to $7.50. All Sixes In This Sale Kahn made a specialty of boys' reefers and overcoats. He carried a line of these goods which was in every way excellent. Included In this lot are coats for children from 3 to 10 years old the reefers are suitable for girls as well as boys. They come in plain serges, worsteds, new fancy mixtures and club checks. Dressy models, every one of them. Note the reductions from Kahn's prices: Kahn's $6 Reefers and Overcoats, C3 OS our price . Kahn's $7 Reefers and Overcoats, 7C our price v" Kahn's $8 Reefers and Overcoats, $C CC our price .' 4OeW Kahn's $9 Reefers and Overcoats, Cfi 7C our price! U.IO Kahn's $10 Reefers and Overcoats, $7 CQ our price Buy Them Now.for Summer Wear BOYS' WASH SUITS Iy In a supply of boys' wash suits for summer wear at the beach nothing like them. They are cool, easily laundered and In this sale Inexpensive. Plain and fancy materials cotton chambrays, madras, duck. Oalatea and English sateenssailor and Russian blouse effeots. Kahn's $1 and $1.25 Wtsh Suits7er The Bon Marche price Iwv Kahn's $1.50 and $2 Wash SuitsQQr The Bon Marche price yOv Kahn's $2.50 and $3 Wash Suits The Bon Marche price..,. $1.95 Kahn's $4.00 Wash, Suits C The Bon Marche price 9UQ) Boys Stockings 2000 Pairs from Kahn's Stock at 60c on the Dollar $4 doten pairs of heavy ribbed stockings. Kahn's rrlce ISc. Sale price, three pairs for 25c. Kahn's So Mocking at lie. Kahn's $0o stockings at Soc. Kahn's J 5c and 40c stockings at 25c. Kahn's SOo stockings at 860. Boys' White Duck Pants Not many of these boys' white duck pants left so be on hand early tomorrow morning If you want them. Kaha's SSe Duck Pants for 15c. Kiki'i 60a Dck Pasta tot &3c. Kaha's T5e Dock Pants for 43c, S!r KAHN'S SUITS For Boys of All Ages. Sailor, Russian Blouse and Boys 2-Plece Suits at 60c on the Dotar Quality is essential in boys' clothing. To buy cheap, shoddy goods is rank folly. Here's a chance to buy suits of high quality at the prices usually paid for unreliable kinds. We recommend every mother to purchase from this line. Sailor, Russian blouse and boys' two-piece suits; plain and fancy serges, fancy cassimeres and worsteds. Strictly up-to-date styles, including Duster Brown and Buddy Tucker models. Kahn's $3. $3.50 and $4 Suits I Kahn's $4.S0, $5 and $6 Suits Strictly up-to-date The C? 35 I quality, well tailored. i C Bon Marche sale price '' The Bon Marche Sale price v1w In the abovelnes we have straight and Knickerbocker pants. Sites for boys from S to It years. Hand-Tailored Suits For Manly Boys A strong offering of boys' hand-tailored suits; made like men's clothes. Hand tailored, with real haircloth fronts.' These suits are popular with mothers desiring quality at a low price. Kahn's $6.50 to $7.50 hand tailored suits The Bon Marche Pi OS price vi"u Kahn's $8 and $10 hand tailored suits! Bon Marche ffC 75 price e7U.IU A Domestic Special Tomorrow Tard wide. Fruit ef the Loom and Lonsdale Bleached Muslin at 10c a yard. Bought before the recent advance In manufactured cottons. ARMSTRONG'S $20.0j0 FINE SUITS AT $10.00 Not many In this lot, so be prompt. Women's stylish suits, made of excellent grade mohair and Panama, in black. i;laln colors and shadow checks. Eton and pony Jacket styles; skirts puatd and braid trimmed. Every suit a remarkable value. Tomorrow, choice $10. $8.75 Covert Coats for $5.00 Iia.le vt Ainerlcati Mills cjvm; strap atid butfon - .trimmed; tailored.-, collar;', escrlleat material. $1.25 Reno Corsets for 85c A particularly strong offering. Just an Illustration of the values. Let us sell you a cor- set tomorrow. 19c Specials on Boys' Caps, Shirts and Waists LE 5AQE BROS.COMPANYUnc 430-4?2-434 BROADWAY-LOS ANGELES Included in Kahn's stock are three thousand boys' and children's caps in just the Styles the younesters want. Cassi meres, velvets some with visors. : Kahn's positive 25c to 50c values. The Eon Marche price is 19c We back up our 19c cap special by offering a hundred dozen boys' percale shirts and waists all sizes; good patterns : washable -ft g colors. Buy them tomor- O" fow at 1W

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