Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 9, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1949
Page 3
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Personal—So cial—Fraternal Salient Lutheran Circle Plam AimudlFalr Final arranjreinents for the annual fair to be Held Thursday, Nov. 17, under the sponsorship of the Evangellne Circle of the Salem Lutheran Church in the church hall, were discussed last night at a'meeting of the organization at the church. The fair will open at noon, and a fried chicken snpper will be served beginning at 5 o'clock. Tickets may be obtained from the ticket committee, Mrs. Willis Peterson and Mlse Delia-, Anderson, or from any circle- member. The following booth* trtjl be set upr Aprons, handkerchiefs, food, enacka, miscellaneous, jewelry, stationery, novelties and favorite recipes. Mrs. Robert Acderaon is chairmen of the kitchen committee, as- si»ted by Mrs. George Painter, Mrs. I. V, Olson, Mrs. Carl Salmonson, Mrs. Miles Berry, Mrs. Oscar Anderson and Mrs. Harry Carlson. -The dining • room committee :s headed by Mrs. Elmer Sanfor.i. chairman; assisted by Mrs. J. Louis Johnson, Mrs. Stephen Luskey, "Ellen Woodin, Mrs. Arthur Nelsoi, Esther Lundin, Mrs. Edward McGovern. Mrs. Herbert Bohlin and Mrs. Norman Sundholm. Forty-two members and two guests attended the session, during which "the following nominating committee was appointed to present a slate of officers at the next meeting, Dec. 13, Mrs. Hilding Olson. Mrs. Robert Anderson and Mrs. Adolph Nelson. It was decided -that each member will bring a Christmas gift for patients -at- ther Fairfeld Staie Hospital to the next meeting, •which will be held In the church in the form of a Christaas party with a turkey sapper served at 6:30 oclock by Mrs. Robert Andesson and members of the fourth group. Members of the circle will serve the Men's Brotherhood annual banquet Dec, 16. The kitchen committee includes Mrs. Robert-,Anderson, chairman; Mrs. Eric, "Anderson, Mrs. Miles Berry- Mrs. Harry Carlson, Mrs. George Painter. Dining room committee. i Mrs. J. Louis Johnson, Mrs. Elmer Sanford Ethel Salmonsoii;, .P^uMhe Pearson, Mrs. HaroM Peterson, Mrs. Wallace Nelson, Ellen Andersou Mrs. Henry Johnson, Mrs. Arthur Nelson, Mrs. Joel Anderson. Prograafitor the evening included a talk by the Rev. Donald L. Kent, pastor, on the subject, "Parish Evangelism." Hostesses for the evening were Mrs. '-ftrpbjen ' ftuskay and Mrs. Gustavo'-fohnson. Mark 40th Anniversary Held in Extortion NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, NOV. 3. liMI)—PACK S Catholic Women Plan Food Sa/le, Christmais Teat Arrangements for a food .'ale to , be held Nov. 18 in Brcnnan's store on Church street, and plans for c Christmas tea, which will take the place of the regular December meeting, were discussed last night at a meeting of the executive board of the Naugatuck Council of Catholic Women at the home of Mr.5. Bernard Sullivan. Mrs. Frances Cuddy, president reported on the annual meeting of the Connecticut Council 01' Catholic Women, held last Saturday in Hartford. The session opened with a Mass celebrated in St. pW'i-' Cathedral 'by the Rev. George M. Grady, chaplain ot the state council. The sermon -was delivered by the Rev. John S. Kennedy, associate editor of the Catholic Transcript. More than 400 attended the luncheon at which the .Most Rev. Henry J. O'Brien, bi;hcip of Hartford, was -mnin speaker. Mrs. Philip Mn.honey, state president, conducted the business meeting, durinff which reports were submitted by state chairmen. Workshops were held relating to Parent-Family Education, Social Action and other .subjects ot cur- nt interest. Representing the local council ere Miss Cuddy, Mis.5 Anne Lawor, Mrs. Donald Gillette, Miss Katheftnc O'Toole, Mrs. William O'Donnell, Mrs. Mary Muthieu and Irs Marshall Bontempo. How To Play CANASTA By WILLIAM 15. McKKNNEY America's Card Authority Ray .fiois i j noto Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woodfield of Webb road, Millvillc, shown cutting their 40th weddinff anniversary cake. The couple, celebrated the event last Fridav at a party at the home of their son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woodfield, Jr., Millville. Local Couple To Observe 50th Wedding Anniversary Joseph Robert Roth A WARTIME aircraft inspector, Joseph Robert Roth (above), 40, has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges of mailing a $200,000 pay-or-die extortion letter to Sherman Fairchild, New York plane builder. .Roth was also accused of threatening to kill A. J, Eckhardt bf Baldwin, N. Y.j his former superior at the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation plants. (International Soundphoto) ARTICLE 3 "FROZEN" PACK STYMIES PLAYER 'FREEZING" the 'pack is one of the handicaps in Canasta. The pack is frozen in several methods: first, when the cards are dealt, the top card of the stock pile is-' turned over to form the pack. I£ this. card*'is a red trey, deuce or a joker, it freezes the nnek ,and another card must be turned over from the stock pile. If this card also is a red trey, deuce or a. joker another card the stock pile must be turned over to cover it. This ;proccss is continued until some card other than a red trey, deuce or joker is turned up The red trey, deuce or joker is slid under the edge of the discard pile with part ot it left protruding. Thus, everybody is reminded that the pack is frozen. The pack or discard pile is frozen to you until you or your partner has made a legal mini mum mejd. The pack is. frozen if during the process of play a deuce or a joker pack had not been previously frozen) the tola.^k trey in the discard pile is disregarded, as it does not freeze the pack. •When a black trey, a deuce, or a joker is discarded, it forces the next player to draw from the stock (pile. A black trey, a deuce or a joker, even though you have AVO or more of them in your own handftcannot be taken up. When the pack is frozen, a player cannot take the pack or discard pile unless he hai? two natural cards to match the up- card. For example, if the up-card is a 9-spot, you cannot take the frozen (pack unless you have two natural 9's in your hand If the pack is not frozen, you can take the pack if you have in your hand a wild card and one natural card that matches' the up- card of the pack. But remember that unless you or your partner has made an initial meld (of the required minimum) the pack is frozen to you. • * * •WHEN the pack is not frozen, you may add' the up-card of the discard pile to one of your melds The balance of the pack is then put in your hand. When the pack is frozen, you cannot At a meeting of the Emblem club of the Naugatuck Lodqje of I£!k3 tonight nt 8 o'clock in the Elks club, plans will be discussed for the din- nci» meeting to be held Xov. 15, District Deputy Night. CANASTA • Playing Cards • • Score Pads • • Deluxe Kits • SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY STORE IRANIAN CRUDE OIL PNG Club To Hold Chinese Auction A Chinese auction will be held Friday night at a regular meeting of the Past Noble Grands club of Columbian Rcbekah lodge, No. 35, I. O. O. F., at 8 oV.lock at the home ot 1 Mrs. Jesse Barratt, 109 Johnson IK discarded. It. is suggested that take the pack by p i acinR . thc u , p _ i you place the discarded wild card I ' under the edge of the pack or tray, so that everyone can see that the pack is frozen. When one wild card is placed under the edge of tho pack, if another wild card is discarded, it should remain in the. pack. # * * WHEN a, player discards a black trey, he does not actually freeze the pack. He «imply forces the next .player to draw from the street. Members are requested' to j stock pile, as, at no time can you Iran now produces more than 500,000 barrels of crude oil daily. president. take gifts for the auction. Mrs. Joseph Barratt will be .hostess at the meeting, which will be card on one of your rnclds. When you intend to take the discard pile by matching it with cards in your hand, you " must place the two cards in your hand on the table and then take the up-card of the discard .'pile and place it with tho.?e two. After a correct meld is made by using the up-card of the pack, the balance of the pack is then placed in your hand, and you can add to other melds or make as many more melds as you desire. IT'S NO i SECRET! i EVERYONE KNOWS "WHO HAS THE BEST VARIETY OF BOXED CHRISTMAS CARDS HALLMARK — RUSTCRAFT Lower Prices (Conducted by Mrs.-Marion Jennings, take the 'top card if it is a black trey. However, as soon as thp black trey is covered with another U card other than another black trey Columbia is the world's largest or deuce or a. joker (and if the producer of emeralds. LEADS IN EMERALDS Better Quality Your Year 'Round Dealer SWEENEY'S Art and Stationery STORE Buy Yours Now Chur-cK _ Annual Fall Fair Opens Tomorrow The annual two-day fall fair of the Church Helpers of St. Michael's Episcopal church will- open tomorrow noon in the parish house. A dessert-bridge will be held at 2 o'clock with refreshments and reservations In charge oMfts.- Chester labelL Mrs. C. Art^uife Pager, is handling tables and.^rfe«s.; Those attending are request** to furnish their own playing ca»ds. '-" Various attractively decorated booths will be in charge of the following: Toys, Mrs. Norris Follett; fancywork. Mrs. t*on Smith; flowers and plants, Mrs. Hans Griesbach: aprons, Mrs. Harold Free; handkerchiefs. Miss Jane Twitchell: jams and jellies, Mrs. Arthur Lewis and Miss Alice JorTnsdn; white elephant, Mrs. John W Briggs; bakery, Mrs. Jesse Howell; candy, Mrs. Seabury Hungerford; , parcel post. Miss Annie Car ley; St. ] Michael's Guid, Mrs. Mildred Hair. ] The fair will open Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock, and that afternoon and evening from 5;30 to 7 o'clock a church supper, cafeteria style, will be served in charge of Mrs. J. C. Russell. Hadassah Chapter To Send Clothing Kits To Palestine Five clothing kits, to include •wearing apparel for men .women and children of Palestine, will be sent by the Naugatuck Chapter of Hadassah. according- to plans discussed last night at a meeting of the chapter in the Congregation Beth Israel community center on ITairview avenue. Sirs. William Rosenblatt was named chaiftnan of the clbthing drive commitiie. 'Mrs. Murray Kugell was appdlnt'eB chairman of a fund raising project in which boxes of assorted cards will be sold. - Mrs. Morris Rosenblatt, president, was in charge of the business session, during which a report was given by Mr%,JKAjgell on the Jewish National 3Tuml, which provides 'trees for Palestine. A review of the book, "Basic of Judaism." by Rabbi Milton Steinberg, was presented by Mrs. David Goldsmith. r JRef reshments were served by tke -hostesses. Mrs. Samuel Kievinari'and,'.M^s. Kugell. Mr. and Mrs. F Floyd Wooster. of Wooster street, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, Nov. 22, will be honored at a reception Sunday afternoon, Nov. 20, at the home of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd W. Wooster, Wooster street. The well-known local couple was married Nov 22, 1899, by the Rev. Mr. Eggleston. then minister of the Methodist church Miss Irene Squires was maid of honor and Charles Hou^eknecht was test man. Both will be guests at the' reception. The svedding was held at thp home o? the bride's (parents, Mr. and Mrs William Simmon? on Golden Hill street. Mr Wooster came to Naugatuck at the age of six years, and was one of the four postal carriers who began docr-to-door delivery service of mail July 2, 1900. He retired about five year,?' ago. Besides their son, Floyd, they are the parents of Alvin A. Wooster, well known in local musical circles, who is minister of :mu.s-ic at the First Presbyterian church, Binghamton, N. Y. They have five grandchildren, Gerald and Floyd Wooster, of Naugatuck and Cynthia, Mark and Johnathan Wooster of Binghamton. Dessert-Bridge Tomorrow Night A public dessert-bridge will be held tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock in the American Legion Memorial Home, 21 Cedar street, under the auspices of the Ladies' Auxiliary of Naugatuck American Legion post, No. 17. Miss Anna Nolde is chairman of the arrangements cpmmittee, and requests those attending to furnish their own cards.. A meeting- of the Second District auxiliary will be held tonight at 8 o'clock in the Home of post, No. 47, Orange street, New Haven, with Mrs. John Coughlin, president, in charge. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McDonough, 17 Cedar street, are spending a. few days at the Prince George Hotel in New York. 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