Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 9, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE 2—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, NOV. 0, 104!) DREW PEARSON ON he WASHINGTON T MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Harry Truman And Harold Ickes Agree On Indians; Armless Veteran Brings Admirals And Generals Together; Navy's Pitfalls Pointed Out By Pro-Navy Civilian Washington—Harry Truman and Harold Ickes, both -men of positive opinions and quick tempers, had a long and friendly talk the other day. There was a time when the two almost spit in each other's face over I ho question of making oilman Ed Pauley undersecretary of the Navy, but the other day all past, unpleasantness evaporated as the two discussed New York politics and Indian affairs. It was because of Ickes' interest in Indians that he was first made secretary of the interior 17 years ago. He had been recommended merely as commissioner of Indian affairs, but at the last minute FDR. made him secretary of the interior instead. One of the things Ickes talked to Truman about was the plight of the N'avajos and the veto of a bill just passed by Congress putting- the N'avajos under the state laws of Arizona and New Mexico. The Catholic church has been v.orried ever the divorce and remarriage systems of the Navajos by which they merely appear before their own tribal authorities if they wish to divorce. However, both Ickes and Truman felt that the Indians wore entitled to their ancient tribal customs. Furthermore. Ickes wa£ suspicious that the move to put the N'avajos under state laws, while sincere on the part of the church, •was a blind on the part of the pol- itirians to take over their water lights. He suspected the big New Mexican cattlemen and ranchers—most of them Republicans, but some of them contributing nonetheless to Democratic Senator Clinton Anderson—of engineering this part of the bill .through Congress. Anderson, incidentally, had telephoned Secretary of the Interior Julius Krug during the Senate debate urging Krug to accept the amendment putting the Indians (and their water rights) under state laws. Krug agreed and the amendment stayed in. However. President Truman took the unusual step of slapping down his secretary of the interior and vetoing the Navajo bill. Admirals And Generals Shake It took armless Harold Russell, head of the Amvets, to get top- isr.king brass of the armed services together recenty. The incident occurred at American university's rally to raise 3250.000 for its war memorial athletic center, at which time young Grandfather of '49 President Paul Douglass had the courage to invite Maj. Gen. Edward S. Bres of the Army; Admiral Glen Davis; Maj. Gen. Edwin Lyon of the Air Force; Brig. Gen. E. A. Pollock of the Marines; and Admiral Merlin O'Neil of the Coast Guard. As this array of officers arrived, there was an awkward pause! Swiftly Russell, who once starred in "The Best Tears of Our Lives" stepped into the breach. Extending the two hooks where his hands had been, he said: "Gentlemen. let's all shake." Which they did to the applause of the other guests. Note —Maybe President Paul Douglass of American University should start a public relations course for the armed services What's Wrong With Navy No battleship admiral is more * ~~*~ •*" - & *£ FOLLOWING his arrival in Chicago to address a meeting of the American Petroleum Institute, Vice President Alben W. Barkley was given the title of "Grandfather of the Year" by the city's Grandmothers' Club. The "Veep" is shown looking over the model of an oil pumping system.(International Soundnhota) pro-Navy than Ferdinand Eberstadt, close friend of Secretary Forrestal and long a power in the civilian circles behind the Navy. 5fet in 1945, Eberstadt wrote a realistic report that gives some idea what Secretary of' Navy Matthews and Chief of Naval Operations Sherman are now up against in, trying to. keep the admirals in line, j No -one can accuse Eberstadt of : being prejudiced against the Navy. Yet here is what he reported to Play makers Plan . Ticket Sale For Heaven Can Wafc A general salei of tickets for The Playmakers first production of the 1EH9-50 season, "Heaven Can Wait", will be held tomorrow, Friday and Monday afternoons from 1 to 5 o'clock in the Naugratuck Hardware store on Church street. Mrs. George Williams, ticket chairman, will be in charge of the sale, and also requests subscription holders to pick up tickets during the specified times. The show will be presented Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Nov. 15 and 16 in St. Michael's parish house, at 8:30 o'clock, under the direction of Jack Conway. Principal roles in the play will be taken by Charles Ludolph and Thomas Pace. Advisors To Study Polio Aid Funds Plans to avert potential disaster caused by this year's unprecedented polio epidemics which depleted epidemic aid funds of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis will be discussed by State Advisors on Women's Activities at their fifth annual conference. Nov. 7 through It;, at the Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, D. C., it was announced today. Continued medical care for at least 17,000 of the 40,000 children and adults stricken this year, as well as continued assistance for thousands of victims from, previous epidemics, is jeopardized by the present shortage, of funds, according to Miss Elaine Whitelaw, National Director of Women's Activities. Costs of providing hospitalization, medical treatment and professional personnel for affected areas in all parts of the country rose to a steady $100,000 per day by September, she said. "Stop-gap aid, provided through an emergency drive, assures care of patients only until the end of this year," declared Miss Whitelaw. "Their recovery, and the future of research as well, depend largely upon success of the 1950 March of Dimes, January 16-31." Effective means to assure increased participation of -women throughout the nation during the IN RED PARLEY BEFORE PARIS HOP SOVIET AMBASSADOR TO the U. S. Alexander S. Panyushkin (left) and boviut i'orcign Minister Andrei Vishinsky are shown leaving the State Department in Washington. The two men met with Secretary of State Dean Acheson shortly before the latter left for a Paris meeting with the British Hnrl French Foreign Ministers. * 'International SoundvhotO) irence. SCULLY, Florist Flowers for Every Occasion 488 BALDWIN ST. Waterbary 1^:0 T. SCCIXY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 5-7280 FLOWERS for All Occasion* FLO WEBS TELEGRAPHED EVERYWHEBE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP U9 BtTBBER AVENTJB TtL BSU BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Mezzio's Offers:— CoBplete Brake 8*rrle«, Wheel AHn- meat and Wheel Balaielig, Front E«4 B«uiria«, Kadfctor B«rer«e Flaihlng, Cad* B«f*«/%r», jLr»»troBf Tlr«%. MEZZIcf S t»8 BITE RSI DE PBITB. TBt. 43?i then Secretary of the Navy Forrestal in 1945: "There is, always has been, ^..^ always will be as long as the prin-J ciple of individual responsibility and exclusive authority is continued, a centrifugal force in the Department of the Navy that the ttsual secretary, possessed of fragmentary knowledge, cannot withstand. What all this means superficially is that the Navy Department is a defective administrative mechanism—it provides no adequate device by which subordinate agencies may be made immediately responsive to the will of a central intelligence. ... "Under such conditions," continued Eberstadt, "it is inevitable that the administration of the Navy has been entrusted primarily to the individual bureaus. The supreme civil authority in ordinary times is, in practice, isolated from the real activity of the organization over which he presides. . . At the best, as,, one secretary pointed out he has acted ordinarily as an umpire between the bureau chiefs when they disagree; but it should be added, he has perforce to act as an umpire with no very certain grasp of the rules of the game." Polio Victim Goes To School By Phone (By United Press) A 17-year-old Milford girl c-ip- pled by polio has gone to school without even stepping into the classroom. Ann Louise Altermatt demonstrated going to school by telephone at the annual convention of the- National Society for Crippled Children and Adults in New York. Ann sat in a wheelchair in her hotel while the class met a half mile away. With a speaker-microphone at her side. Ann could hear the teacher and by flicking a switch, she could answer questions which were heard by the teacher in the classroom. Kowalski Given [Hiroshima Post 57 YEARS OF SEEVICE The U. S. weather bureau is 57 years old this year. C.H.Tomlinson Nearjr Building Nauparnck, Conn. Reconditioned Motor* FOBD & MEBCUBT Budget Plan Available The NAUGATITCK FUEL CO DEALEB New Britain, Nov. 9_(UP)—A New Britain Army officer has been made civil affairs officer of the atom-bombed city of Hiroshima in Japan. Colonel Frank Kowalski was apointed to the high- post by General Douglas MacArthur. _ Colonel Kowalski is a West p'oint graduate and served as military at- tache at the United States embassy in Moscow. PICTURED AT THE National Airport in Washington, President Truman shakes hands with Secretary of State Dean Acheson shortly before the latter boarded a plane for Paris where he will hold conferences with tha British and French Foreign Ministers. (International Soundphoto) Tenor Daniel Sweeney In Waterbury Concert Nov. 27 Deniel Sweeney, local tenor iiolo- ist, will appear -n a joint concert with Miss Gertrude Ulenskas, lyric eoprano of Waterbury, Sunday eve- Boy Critically Injured By Auto New Haven, Nov. 9—(UP)^An eight-year-old boy is in critical condition as a result of an automobile accident. Police said Joseph Mattel was struck by a car while on his way home from school. He is on the danger list at New Haven hospital. The driver of the car which struck the boy was 41-year-old Samuel Cutler. He is not being held. DEEPEST LAKE Crater lake in Oregon is the deepest lake in the U. S., some 2,000 feet deep. DANIEL SWEENEY ning, Nov. 27 at 8:30 o'clock in the Waterbury Women's club. Both are voice students of Madame Henrietta Wukufleld. It will be thu third concert given in the club by Mr. Sweeney, who also sings regularly at functions In the borough. The program will include three duets by Mr. Swr.eney and Miss Ulenskas, and a group of German songs by Strauss, Schubert and Schumann by Mr. Sweeney. Accompanist will be Dr. Max Gushing of Columbia university. Tickets may be obtained at the Music Shop on Church street. Directors Of Little League To Set Up Tables For Banquet Directors of the Peter J. Foley Little League have been asked to report at the Naugntuck YMCA. Saturday afternoon to help with arrangements for the first annila players' banquet, slated for Sat urd.'iy evening at 6:30 o'clock. League Secretary Albert Benz also reported today that ap roximately 75 tickets for the ban quet aro still available. They may he obtained fi'om Russell Weavinj at the Naugatuck Sport and Auto Supply Co., on Winslow Court. Fast Service Frequent Service Through Service IN THE iliCATUCK VALLEY STOKM WINDOWS A DOORS NEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO *W Bank St., Waterbury Phone 4-9219 SECURITY Does your Insurance plve adequate protection today? DO YOU HAVE IT? See NAUGATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Building costs are steadily Increasing PHONE 2080 F. W. EATON, Mgr. On The Air today 5 :3 0—WATR—NAUGATUCK NEW8 5 :30—WTIC—Jiurt Pluln Bill WWCO—Tom Mix 5:45—WBRY—Curt Mansey Time WTIC—Front Pane Farrell WATR—Afternoon Capers 0:00—WBHY—E. Christy Brk All Stations—News li:15—WBRY—Stay Tuned For WTIC—Strictly Sports WWCO—S periscope WATR—Sports G :SO—WBRY—Speakln* ol Sports WTIC—WriKhtville Folk WATR—Von Tobel—Music WWCO—Who H Talking 6:45—WBRY-Lowell Thomas WTIC—3 Star xtra WATR—Sammy Kaye Showroom 7 :0fl—WBRY—It 8 The Tops WTte~Llicht up Time WATR—Headline Edition WWCO—Fulton LewlH 7 :15-WBRY-To The County . Farme r WTIC—NewB WATH—Phone Your Answer WWCO—Sunshine Special 7:30—WBRY—Club 15 WTIC—Paul Weeton Conducts WWCO—Gabriel Heatter WATR—Community Quiz 7:45—WBKY—Edward. R. SKjrrow WTie—Here a to Veterans WWCO—I Love a Mystery 8:00—BHT—Mr. Chameleon' WTIC—Thi» Is Your Llle WA'TH-Dr. I.. Q. WWC— *>*. Klldare 8:30-WBRY-Dr. Christian WTIC—Great QlldorHleevo WATR-Sherllck Holmes WWCO—On the Oreen 8: W—WWCO—SootllRht 9 :00—WBWV—Grouctio Marx WTIC—Break: the Bank WATR—Borls^ Karl oil WWCO—S<T«ttor<rod Balnea 9:30-WBRY—B.ln* Croaby WTTf!-DI Strict Attorney WATR—The- Croupier wwCf>—family Theater WATH—Shore nn'a Slnfltra show ,- ,. wwrn—News Commentator i«:l r.—wwfo—Newsrooi 10:30-WRRY-^Tfim O'Brien's ™---«-—• Band pi™ Time Trial . „ . ,__• -.- cen Miller ™ ^-Wen-Music You Want 11 Today nrch. :r " mce Mother Happy Son Not Elected Mayor Hartford, Nov. 9— (UP)— The mother of Hartford's number two councilman ik glad her son didn't' get the highest number of votes and automatically become mayor. Mrs. Thomas J. Kerrigan said she wanted her son Tom to do well but prayed, he wouldn't come in first. She believes he is still a little young to be mayor. Councilman Kerrigan is 28-years-old. Harold Sator Plans Career In Law Harold Sutor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sutor of Beebe strteet, has received his diploma from the American Extension School of Law, with high honors, 'having finished bis three year course in two and one half years. He expects to go to a college in the south for ftis bar examinations. COMPENSATION George Bailey, Jr., Union City, will recBive paymants of $28.40 Weekly beginning Oct. 5 for a back strain sustained in the employ of tthe Peter Paul Inc., according to an agreement approved yesterday by Workman's Compensation Commissioner Harry Krasow Central Ave. PTA Lists Entertainment " A large attendance is expect* at the father and son meeting' c. the Central Avenue' School Parenb Teacher Association tomorrow nighl at 8 o'clock in the school. | Mrs. E. F. Easterbrooks, dent, announces that the Salenj Village QuarUt of the Naugatucii. Barbershop Singers, will be heard The quartet consists of John Rlc ardl, John Curtln. Thomas Chi« well and Henry M. Bagley. Motion pictures will be ahowi by Robert Shepherd and refresh ments will be served. Mr». Eutcr brooks announces tn»t mothers of schqol children are welcome to attend. NOT oner tomes BurtoostSsuF (CAOTtt *V Ml** •"•'"TT'IT hlitlHatl I i 11:15—T 11:30-' 12:00—All _,, WWPO— T, A. M. WWHT.f V CbMICl •' :00— Tefl Steele :30— Telctunes' :00— Western Film : 30— Film Shorts :fln— Kukla. Fran and Ollle :3fl— Showroom :4!> — Vincent I.onez :00 — Arthur Godfrey, :00 — Dynninppr Show :30— Tnslde USA :0fl— BoxuiR :f>0— Late News M. WCns Chaniel t :00 — Ted Steele Show : an— The Chuck Wagon :Sn— T,iickv Pun : 4 5— Bob Howard Show : nn— Klrhy Stone Quintet : lR_Pnirt Arnold Show : 30— CBS TV Now* : 4 K — At Hom^ Show :00— Ar'tinr Godfrey and His Friends :0fl— nunninger Show :?« — Boxine Bouts :nn— Teiefindn 0 [ -49 :3ft— Newsreel M. WKTBT Channel 4 : i s— .T.-rtv Sn'nter* : 30 — Howdy Doody :Ofl^nhlldri>Ti s Theater :Sft— Wasv Does It iKK—Wpnther :«n_ KnkTa. F-nn & Olllo :3fl — ^ort.on Downey ;4ii— Mnw-j Caravan :00 — r-riel" a difference it* loom- tion makeiilgCry malting ngular depotfts at our bank. Wju'll find your decimal point moving in direction, lik* this: $io)o -Start now. Have cash in th« k»y»fc «oan. * «n — Television Thonter on— Break, thp Bank TsToid — Ton Views In Snorts ANNUAL FALL CLEARANCE DRESSES The same wonderful savings that have made our Annual Fall Dress Clearance famous for over half a century. . . Hundreds of grand dresses for immediate wear. . . One and two-piece styles in the season's favorite collors and fabrics. . . Choice of crepes, satins, wool or gabardines. JUNIORS... MISSES ... WOMEN Did you know that the Naugatuck Valley gets through service on three round trips daily to and from New York? And there are other smooth-starting, easy-riding Diesel trains, too. In fact, there are seven trains to New York on every week-day—with six coming up the Valley. And there are four trains each way on Sundays—all these trains now running on faster schedules than ever before. It's real convenience for shoppers and business men. But the big talk of the Valley is "The Naugatuck/' This beautiful streamliner is a true "queen of the rails"—at your service seven days a week. So remember: you have no traffic or parking problems when you take the train. You avoid driving fatigue and relax as you travel. For further details call your local ticket agent today. At your service DRESSES DRESSES DRESSES DRESSES NO RETURNS formerly to 14.95 formerly to 19.95 formerly to 25.00 formerly to 29.95 '9. si 2, *16. NO EXCHANGES PHONE 4419]

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