The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 15, 1904 · 47
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 47

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 15, 1904
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os ' Ctngelcs ' Sutioag CLimcs. V SUNDAY. MAY 15. 100 L 1 Liners. ; TOR SALE MlieelUnfOiii. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, ltf-TON YACHT fine condition; would txctwrnga , for ood FOR SALE INCUBATOR. CHICKEN'S FOR mi; Address SUS SCHIKFFLI.N ST. Phons Ham 6407 Sunset. Black 61. 1 XR 6ALE-THE BEST FIRST-CLASS AL-fsirs, bay, HO. at ranch; S delivered. Ad- dress A- BLT. Burba nk. Cal. J.J FOR 8ALK M COLONIES OFFTNS ITA lan ' bees. In Lansstroth hives, tor sals vary encap. zi w. AVE, 87. iuK BA UJi' Ui MaJbLVNU ANU TWO marble top counters, at a bargain. Aaareai V. box 3. TIME9 OFFICE. ' ' FOR BALE OR TRADE 1 STAR HAT pre s, for hogs or cattle or barter nay. GEO, B. KELLAM, Downey, CsL U FOR SALE-CHEAP; A GOOD SEWING machine with all attachment compute at Wll SAX JULIAN ST.. eUy. IT FOR SALS OR EXCHANGE, BOSTON Bull terrier, 1' year old, male; what bava youyneaBPRiKO at. n 1AR 8ALB-NBW ll MANDOLIN; WILL ell cheap for each;' 14 free lesson go with t. m E. SEVENTH BT. ' 1 . FOR SALE FINE -NEW CAMP WAGON, price reasonable. PARROTT CARRIAGE MFG. CO., lvth ana Main. U FOR SALE FIND NEW UPRIGHT PIANO, very cheap; ewner going East. Address R, ba 40, TIMES OFFICE. 15 FOR SALE OR RENT; TWO W-TON NOR-ton ball-bearing Jacks. Other (ilea In stock. 40 B. SECOND ST. - 15 FOR SALE-W TONS OF COARSE HEAVf grain, barley nay. $8 per ton. L. WIL-HELM, Inglewood. Cal. 16 FOR SALE VERY .NICE UPRIGHT Piano, cheap; leaving city. Call at room 21, FOR 8ALEHW.50 BUYS FINE 2-HOLB OAS plate, ..wortn $3. PIERCE FURNITURE CO., M6 N. .Spring St. 15 FOR SALE AUCTION SALE. 137 S. LOS Angeles, household furniture, buggies and harness, Monday K. F0R"s"ALE-16 ACRES IN ALFALFA AT . Moneta, with plenty of water, I'M an acre. MW S. HOPE ST. FOR1 SALE FEATHER BEDS; 2 FINE Eastern feathers. 20 lbs. each. Call Monday. 1271 W. 41OT T. 15 FOR SALE OR RENT; A FINE PIANO; used less than six months. W,. J. CASTAN- JEN41t S, Hillt. IS FR 8 ALB OA K - BEDROOM SET, THRJCB pieces, also woven-wire springs. Apply 2323 WALL, Monday. l FOR SALE SECOND-HAND -HOLE COOK i stove with water front, rood baker: 15. Call JKXi E.29TH ST. - ' 15 TOR SAL K43R A PH IC CAMERA. 4x5. J3v: R T i . irtll ivillll All 1 II CTt BP.IGHTMAN. 15 FOR SALK-GOOD WICKER FOLDING GO-, cart, cheap, comer Santa Monica and WIS- CONSIN STS. ' ' -: 15 FOR SALE CHEAP, A SET OF PAPER hanger's tools; everything complete. 524 E. FOURTH ST. 15 FOR SALE A GOOD TEXT, ON A FRAME, and floor. Call tomorrow and Monday, 1114 E. MTH ST. 15 FOR SALE-CIIEAP, CASH OR IXSTALL-ments; piano, In good condition.- 548 S. BROADWAJfL 16 FOR" SALE MEN'S SOLES, SEWED. 76c"; ladles" 0c.. FACTORY SHOE STORE, 608 . 8.' Broadway, ' 21 1 FOT?1iXl1mJEW NATIONAL CASH REa" lster. A bargain. WATSON. 322 Trust BMg. Phone 2790. 1 FOR SALE A' LARGE SHINGLE ROOF IN good condition. Aipply at 424 S. LOS ANGELES ST. - M' f&C BUYS WILLOW OLOiTHES BASKET worth 1. PIERCE FURNITURE! CO., 205 N. Spring Bt.', i ' , 15 FOR SALE ONB WHOLE" AND 3 HALF tickets to Cincinnati, via New Orleans. 1327 S. OLIVE. -; . -iim 15 FOR PALE CHEAP; SMALL POOLROOM, good tables. -Address It, , box 94, TIMES OFFICE. 15 For salk bukixkss buggy good for grocer or butcher, very cheap; owner going S.W. ' ... . . .,. 16... FOR SALE $100 CREDIT ON NEW PIANO for 25. Address - 2134 RESERVOIR ST., ' city. t 16 For sale sio. soda ' fountain ' for 1300: also one small one. , 653 CENTRAL AVE FOR SALE CERTIFICATE OF $160 ON ANY nisno Fisher Music Co., 150. 1208 ,E. ,22 D ST. -' ' ' , ; 15 FOR , SAIjB-TWO BRUSSELS CARJ'frrS, 15., Call at .cottage in tear. . .732,8. HILL For sale V2xs camera at a bar- galn. Address 8, box 12, TIMES OFFICE.- t I . : . FOR SALE-FINB VIOLIN, CHEAP, IfVa"-ken at once, Call at 18M S. GRAND AVE. ' 15 . FOR SALE WINDMILU 12 FEET IN DIA-meter, in good" order. ,13. 1000 E, 36TH ST. , 16 FOR SALE - I-ADY'S BLACK RIDING habit. Address V, box 52, TIMES OFFICE. IB FOR SALE FJRKrPROOF SAFE; WILL buy, evil or exchange. 400 E. BECONDST.-l FOR8ALE LUMBER OR A 4-ROOM house for $100. 444 N. HEAUDRY AVE. 16 FOR SALE $460 NEW PIANO FOR $400, Armstrong make. Inquire 20E. 25TH. Is FOR SALE "MACHINIST'S TOOLsTTnD chest,verycheap.J200 SJTIOUEHOAIS POR "SALE GIRL'S BL'iT, SUITABLE FOR FOR SALE CHEAP, WINDMILL AND y tank, good a new. 1018 W. BSTH BT. 18 FOR SALE SET OF BLACKSMITH TOOLS. Address 54 B, UNION ST., Pasadena. 16 FOR SALE TENT, 8x10, FLOOR AND screen door. 534 CENTRAL AVE. 15 FOR SALE WOOD AND COAL STOVE, almost new. $16. 1542 W. 23RD gT; 16 FOR SALE LOS ANGELES 40O-EGG 1N-eubator.- 10. 400 S. AVENUE 38. 16 FOR SALE NEW HARTFORD . SINGLE tube auto tire, size 36x3; cheap. 15 FOR 8ALE-$133; ESTEY UPRIGHT PIANO; a , bargain. j222 W. FIFTH.. 18 . FOR SALE SECOND-HAND SAFE AND hay scale. 212 N. MAIN. ' A ' . fOH BALE BARGAIN IN A SODA WATER fountain. 428 N. MAP?. " - FOR PAl,E-OASOLINE RANGE. COST $I0i sell for 88. 14.14 W. 30TH. t lj VOll SALE-NEW GAS RANGE. INQUIRE 1021 BELLEVUE AVE. 16 FOR SALE-FIRE-PROOF SAFE. ANDERSON, 215 N. Main. FOR SALH-MUXIOAN SADDLES, CHEAP. W, K. 23D ST. ' . - FOR BALE MEXICAN SADDLES CHEAP. 46 E. 23RD BT. J FOR SALE NEW JEWEL GAS STOVE. 746 MAPLE AVE. ' - M OR SALE Far-ltar. POR SALE . ,. :. 4 Ar you Interested In . , . FURNITURE BARGAINS? "If so, It will pay you to read this ad. carefully, and call on u at 858 9. Broadway, ; A brass-trlntmed Iron bed, complete, with cable springs and ootton-top mattress, all .-' brand new,, for $7.85.' ' A solid oak dresser for $6.75. ' Ad oak finish dresser for $5.40.. A new bednxnm rocker for $1.23. , A l-burner gas plate for 11.60. Heavy china matting' for. yar, 10a. . 1 ; ; Larse size bowl . and pitchers for 75c. ! : Large slue china slop jars for 75c A SxlJ rug for $3.(0. A solid oak bedroom stilt for $12.50. ' A solid oak sideboard for $0, , A small kitchen tabla for baa. Don't fail to see . us before y4u buy At '.' m B. BROADWAY. Home 'Phone 4545. Sunset West 1SS8. 18 FOR SALE A CLIENT HAS INfTPUCTF.D us to sell at onoe, nl a giat eacrinee. the furniture of an 1-rnem house; ever'thlng brand new; leam gtios with the ifurnlture; former nelre t:,r, if ItnM h fnn,tnv wit) take 8276. Apply , JONES & RYDER LAND CO., 15 ' . 218 W. Third at (ground Floor.) FOR elALE ONE OK THE JSWELLKST furnished 6-room flats In the city; this fur- i nltura Is as good at new and the best that money could buy; this flat Is furnished complete and la bright, airy and new; rent , reaaonable; purchaser of furniture tan eon tluue to rant and if you are looking for a bargain at a great 'sacrifice, call after Bun- day. 1104 MAPIJfl AVJ3. 1 : FOR SAIK Kl'RNfTVRR AND GOOD will 'M-mnm arunont hoime; new furnl-tune. . new hnnwt 8 mlmtteif walk fraia Third and Pprlng; fins location; Iuok lease; rent renmnable; 83000 take h! bnrjenlii. fhne Hotn U and talk wlfh M. S. Mc-KKfcVEIt, with Irfonard MerrHl. 417 Dour laa Bldg. . Mfltntx-r L. A. Really ' Board. v 5 FOR BALE II ANDftOiTELT DECC.RATKO cotnhiTtatlon Haviiand onlna set. 110 plccss, perci, ornamental muntrt ofwk, new clnw wrinffr, hatidsnma walnut d'ntng set of 8 fher-tifi spring chairs, and rrved ir.4 -; j. n. m w ?;, L'r,r.n a ' S. Cttil cveJiir.f I J, , . , . ii R SALE FOR SALE THE NEW FURNITURE OF A 24-room bouse: the house is new aa! up to date and close In; or will exchange tor lot .and soot cash. I will sell at -a bargain for caob, and meaa business; I must sell before the first of June.. Address R, box TLMK3 . OFFICE. . . FOR SALBrBBDROOM BETt. 1 IRON bed. ! springs, I mattresses, I coal rsnge, . water connection. 1 1-burner gas stave,, i oil stove, 1 cook table, I lare wpi rag. '.2x14 leei. i step (adder; all for ootng away: must sell by Monday noon. 1221 E. ItTH. U S"ORr SALE FURNITURE. "OAS RANGES, rugs. Iron beds, springs, matlreases. dressers, . commodes, chiffonier; folding beds, dining tables; chairs, rockers, couches, center tables, cheap. 653 S. OLIVE. Call after Sunday. - . - ' . u FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE NEW FURNI- , lure, 820O0; new, clean home for rcpt; 8 bedrooms. Hard man piano; 5 If you want something good, . choice - neighborhood. M'CREADY. 234 Bryson Blk. 18 H SALE - FURNITURE OF 8-ROOM nat, complete for housekeeping; 4 rooms rented all the time; Instantaneous heater, electricity, gas, 'phone, good lease., ?( SAN PEDRO. " . 1$ FOR SALE ONB IRON BLUB ENAMEL-d bed, one wire and cotton raatireta, on fine chiffonier with mirror, one small pin ureau, almost nww, all for $18 cash. 1720 W.. -34TH ST. .. - FOR SALS FURNITURE FOR IMMED?-:, ate sale of parlor. art of bedroom and din-, ing roum; weathered oak; best quality; 1 " -month! us; a2w kttchea utensils. PHONE BLACK QuM. . : ''.;,vf 15 ".. FOR SALE CHEAP; ELEGANT, SOlY5 sblack walnut bedroom set, no sickness, good las new; cost $250; also pier mirror, both best French plate glass. 'PHONS EAST FOR SALE FURNITURE FOR SALE: COT-tage for rent; contents of J-room modern house for sals; party going East; please apply 613 LANKEKSHIM, Third an J Spring sta. . --. - !'' 15 FOR ALK-$46 85 BUYS FINEST BTEEL tange in the city, 8-hole high running cot- ' et, guaranteed 8 years, worth $60, P1BRCB FURNITURE CO., 806 N, Spring St. 18 FOR SALE - CHEAP; BEAUTIFUL NEW hand-made mission library . table, worth 630; Monday - $22.60. A. HElNEMAN, cabinetmaker. MS Santee st. -"Phone 6524. 16 FOR' SAIJI HANDSOME OAK FOLDING bed with large oval mirror, suitable for dressmaker; cwt $S5; almost new; will sell '. for $36. Call 127 W. SECOND. 16. . FOR SALE FINE NEW FURNITURE OF 8-room house, complete; all clean and good; house to rent If desired. 2117 OAK BT, Horns 'Phone 7818, 15 FOR SALE NEW OAK ROLL TOP DESK and chair, up to date in every respect. Call Monday and Tuesday. 123 ti. Broadway. F. A. HELTON. FOR BALE-FURNITURE. NEARLY NEW, of 4-roora double cottage, cottage for rent; i modern; sunny ' and desirable. . 1443 SAN PEDRO. 16 FOR SALE FURNITURE, TABLES, CHAIH.1 iron beds and bedding, carpets, curtains, numerous other articles; will sell cheap. 333 8. HILL. . 16 FOR S A LB $9. 75 BUYS FINE 4-HOLE COOK. . stove, all blocked and set up In your House, worth $15.' PIERCE LUMBER OO., 206 N. Spring et. 15 FOR' salh" FURNITUREb-ROOM "flat part or whole, for sale, or rent, near in; ! gO'Td order.- Address R, . box . 85, TIMES OFFICE. 15 FOR SALE FURNITURE OF A J-ROOM cottage; also some laying hens; party buying can rent cottage tor $10. 718 SAN julian, ,-..,.; , 15 for sale-new," mollern fcrniture of 5-room tioune, as a whole or separata. Please call between 10 and 3. 1333 S. HILL BT. it FOR SALE BARGAIN: NEW FURNITURE In a 3 -room modern flat: ready for house-kceplng. Call after 3 p.m.. 831 W. 11TH ST. FOR SALE FURNITURE OF 4 ROOMS; all new, rooms to rent, will sell cheap; gilng East. Rent $14. At 219 N. OI4VJC ST. 15 FOR BALE 821.U BUYS FINE VEIsVET rug, 9x12, worth $27.60,. at big" N. Sprlng-st. . furniture store. 205 N.SPR1NGST.L 16 FOR" SALE GET ONE OF'OUR GABOLINB' stoves for $3.60, worth $4.50. PIERCB FURNITURE CO.', 205 N. Hpring st. 15 FOR SALE FURNITURE OF 6-ROOM FLAT on Hill st.; great bargain. ' Inquire 1142 8. ' FLOWER. 'Phone 6942. 18 FOR SALE FINE MODERN FURNITURE-. of 7-rooin flat, a bargain. Call mornings, ; 810 S. GRAND AVE. 15 FOR BALE-$2.95 BUYS A; GOOD IRON bed, worth $3.60. PIERCB LUMBER CO., 805N. Spring st. - 1 15 Son sXle furnitur"S15f 7-room flat : at n 'great sacrifice. .'Phone Red 3546. 740 W. -l-VKXTH. 15 Vnt HALK NBW FURNITURE OF A 8-room Hat: no rdaaonaMo offer refused, 833 S. FIGUEROA. - 15 FOR SALE FURNITURE OF SIX-ROOM flat; flat for rent. 814 S. FIGUEROA. Home Phone 2787. 16 FOR SALE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. w Call today or Sunday, 420 E. VERNON AVE. 15 FOR SALE-NEW FURNITURE FOR SALE , or exchange, for a bicycle. 825 CROCKER ST. 16 FOR BALE-FURNITURE OF BEAUTIFUL lower flat of 5 rooms. Apply at 418 S.- HILLi FOR SALE SOME FINE FURNITURE A ND aflattopcicsk. GODDARD,485Mt 8. Bdway. Foil" Palf. selling' out furniturhT gas ranges, carpets, cheap. 6R8 H. OLIVE. FOR SALE FURNITURE OF FLAT. AL. most new, a bargain 420 W. NINTH. 18 FOR SALE Ft'RNITURE OF 5-ROOM FLAT cheap rent. B31 W. EIGHTH BT. 18 FOR SALE - FURNITURE AND HOUSE-hold a-onds. 22B W. NINTH ST. 16 and: Economy of .Space --, : S ABE !' Subjects of most VITAL IMPORTANCE to L A ND LORDS THE - James W. C Patented Fixtures Furnish a way to Profitable Bents and Economy of Space GREATEST ADVANCE IN MODERN BUILDING IP YOU ARE PLANNING TO BUILD, INVESTIGATE The C. James Patented Fixtures On ' Exhibition at Office 'of Marshall & Stearns 231 LAUGHLIN Catalogub on BUILDING Request .HD GRAMAI SCHOOL Of SHORTHAND, ' V3 CftD Aft,. UI CM, , ' LACKEY, ttOOO AND tiOLLMANN. THE BROWNSBERGER ou .653 West Seventh Straet. f Bookkeeping. Shorthand, Typewriting, Telegraphy. Machines free lo home of pnpll. B,tli men and women teachers. . JB. Brownsberger, Principal, . : , .... ., The Los Angeles Business College 212 West Third SH. ' Trcb All Commercial In-struotors of Ions' and uremsful experience rMfclal sttcatlon riven to PITMAN, Graham, Grvca; Pernln Shorthand. n or write. THE BROWNSSERGER ShmJol - BD3 Went Sevepth St. . , Bookkeepirnf, fhorthand. Typewriting?. Its, chiue free In hnms of punIL Fseulty Innreswd hv thrto new eriieTefflrfi teacher (one ldy cud two uiea.) k. iitownxbrT(sr, rrtBclpa, Profitable Rents 1 84 Down 4 per Montli No Mcmi 1 Taxes II lot -; lfmSK -mm J4 DOWN U A MONTH , No Interest, - No Tares. THREE ! Spending $250,000 per ' The Huntington Syndicate, is Transforming the Suburbs &f Los Angeles by Building Electric ; " Railroads in All Directions --- Visit Long Beach, Pasadena, Monrovia," San Gabriel, and witness the monuments of enterprise be;n built by the Hunting- , 'ton Syndicate for the welfare and development of the Paradise of America Los Angeles! View the Great Depot Building which the Huntington Syndicate is erecting at the corner of Sixth and Main Streets (the largest building west of Chicago), and you will agree with us that the Huntington Syndicate is working for the welfare of the whole community and is entitled to success and the hearty co-operation of every public spirited citizen. Only $90 per Lot $4 Down and $4 a Month We are selling qnarter-acre Pasadena Villa Tract lots for $4 down and per month until paid for; no interest, no taxes. Our lots are unquestionably a pood investment. 4 We are now selling at $90, but the price will soon be raised to $150. ,The new Pasadena Short Line, the Monrovia and Alhambra electric railways now running from our tract to the business center of Los Angeles in only fifteen minutes. Such rapid transit is bound to make our quarter-acre villa lots soon sell for over $300. Two more electric lines will soon run through the tract We guarantee 25 per cent increase.For $4? down and $4 a month until paid for we will sella regular Pasadena Villa Tract Lot, full sizev50xl50 feet, facinsr on 80 foot avenue, subject to the following guarantee from us: If at the expiration of one yeir from purchase this $90 lot is not worth $112.50 or 25 per cent increase based on the price at which our corps of salesmen will then be selling similar lots, we will refund all the money paid us with 6 per cent intsrest additional. If the purchaser should die at any time before payments have been completed we will give to his heirs a deed of the lot without further cost. If he should lose employment or be sick, he will not forfeit the land, AMONG OUrt PURCHASERS. ARE THE FOLLOWING LEADING CITIZENS: n. E. Hunting-ton, vice-president of th Southern PacifloR. R Co.; L. T. Garnsey, president of the Los Angeles and Redondo Ry. Co.; W. H. Carlson, ex-U. S. Special Commissioner of Railroads of Cuba; Balrd Bros., wholesale commission merchants; J. G. Estudillo, ex-State Treasurer of California; F. IL Dixon, ex-State Harbor Commissioner; Dr. Willam Dodge, Dr. J. E. Cowles and others. , . .. SEND. FOR FURTHER ILLUSTRATED PROSPECTUS, MAP, ETC., MAILED FREE.' " Carlson Investment Co. l24L093;NSrsa0aY ESTABLISHED 1875, Call or write for terms, 7 Daumeisfep - Msrlborougii ircparstory Mchool 6a9 West AilaoiK Street Posrding-SDd Day School for flrls under four-fien year old. Pleasant boue. Lsrite play-grouiwls. PeronU year begins October 8, tK4. , MISS IDA & LINDLEY, Principal. Summer Also special Mail CourM. Kirst tessna pampbv let fre. Write today. . WOODBtTHY tOL-LEOR. WX1 SoathHUlSt. hammer School ljng Beach. Bookkeeping. Shorthand. iGtmt sad Pitman systems), Typewriting. Inmsi)hlp, Arittimetic, Com-HK-rrtal Law, Orsramsr, Letter WriUnpr. etc rVhool In session throuehout the year. Beifia-tr-r now. droulstrs. Long Bcah Businssa Cal lets, lions Beach. Cel. Dobinson School of Expression and Dramatic) Art. Clasaes now form in ar in new buiidic, , 1044 SoutU Hope. Would You Like to Get on the Uff Inside? Am I I !rSft!r I .1 1" I f5TABLI5HED 1875 r -r ELECTRIC CAR LINES NOW RUNNING Monday Cash Bargains ! Fischer Upright in good repair - $165.00 Mathushek Upright, nice mahogany $190.00 Schubert Upright, nearly new - -'$210.00 ,. ,,, , , i . , , ,, , , , , ,. t Huntington Upright, a fine oak $215.00 Square Pianos from $50. bo to $100.00. Organs from $10.00 to $50.00. , , Biggest and Best Stock of New Pianos in the City. " . t Full exchange privileges. ' '. 'V.,"' . - ' '. , ' ' ''" ' ' ' , A. M. SALYER, President o C. A. SALYER, Secy. F. H. SALYER, Treas. PERSONAL. Gratia Oollor of Hrooklyn, N. Y., is staying at the Westminster...' R.'S. St'hrU'lter, , wife anj child of Davenport, Iowa, are also at the Anye lUB. ' Mrs. Lee Harrison and Merrill Harrl-on of Chicago are irueata at the Westminster. Epea Randolph arrived in the city from Tucson. Arts., yesterday , and la registered at the Angelua. Mrs. C. E. Keller and Mr. and Mra. 3. B. Alesatider vlll leave tonight for a trip to Dalian, Tex.; rU. Louis and other eaaiern cUIps. Joseph liurkhard, the Herman capitalist and real estate operator, aceom panl ty his wife and daug-htef, left yesterday for an , extended . European trip. He will visit the exporttton at fct. Lut on their way over, lie ex; acts to ba absent nearly, a ' ;- - t . ":':; " ' ' 1 THROUGH THE PASADENA VILLA INCORPORATED 1902. Call or write for prices SQUARE DEALING, MARRIAGE LICENSES. Pablo Rulss, aged 23, a native of Call fornla, and Kefugla f'ano, aged 22, a native of California; both residents of Los Angeles. William M. Phelps, aged 3u, a native bf Kentucky, and Millie M. Jonex, aged IS, a native of North Carolina; both residents of L'ovlna. " Joseph S, Brownell, aged 66, a native of Pennsylvania, and Mary M. Conden, aged 20, a native of England, both residents of Los Angeles. -;: .: Samuel H. Minor, aged S3, a Dative of 'irgiht and Katherlne M, Vatson, aged 19, a native of South Carolina; both residents of Los Angeles.,, Charles Van Valkenburg, aged 31, a native of Illinois, and Lulu B. Mooser, tiged 1!, a natlva of California; both resident of Lns Angeles. ' W1U lam V. Evans, agd 39, a native f New york, and 10 Orral EarrMey, hNCORPORATfiJ 10O2 Daurneisfep . $4 DOWN U A MONTH No Interest, , NoTaws. ' TRACT. 1 Ground Floor Chamber of Commerce Building;. aged 20, a native- of Iowa; both residents of Los Angeles. Charles F. Stevens, aged 32, a native of Minnesota, and Lizzie Potthoff, aged 22, a native of Colorado; both residents of Los Angeles. , - , David C. McCoy, aged 25, a native of California, and a resident of Fullerton, and Mrs. Minnie 11. Haywood, aged 27, a native of Texas, and resident of Los Angeles. Eddie P. Hall, aged 23, a native of Texas, and resident of Monrovia, and Pearlla E. Baldwin, aged 20, a native of Indiana, and resident of Arcadia. Percy E. Qlfford, aged 36, a native of Massachusetts, and Elsie C. Koch, aged 28, a native of Oer..taiy; both residents of Los Angeles. James Ocksreider, aged 26, a native of Pennsylvania, and Edna Creelman, aged 26, a native of California; both residents of Los Angeles. Vancouver's Prize Fish 8tory, , , On Sunday laat, while two fishermen of the steamer Kingfisher were Quietly riding the waters in Hecate Strait In their dory, an enormous humpback whale sllenitly rose to the surface, shouldered the dory to one side, half-nlled lt with water and badly frightened its occupants. Luckily the big fish seemed quite as surprised and scared as the fishermen, for it lost lie time in reaching for the depths. The fishermen,- Chishotm and Burns, were very, much startled, when Oielr dory started skyward. Before they had time to recover from their surprise the boat slid away from the whale, and took so much water over the gunwale thait the men were kept busy with the bailer. ... Other fishermen, who were not far away when the whale rose, saw Its enormous mouth well filled with herring, which It had evidently been chasing when It rose to the surface. : Onde, out of the , water the whale closed Its large scoop mouth with a chug. The fishermen aver that there were herring sticking out around the edges in such numbers that from a distance it appeared that the whale had utarted to grow whiskers of a size proportioned to Its bulky raame. Vancouver .Daily Province. ' Dumont's Daring Feat. ' In the World's Work the following thrilling experience in one -of his airships is related by Satitos-Dumont; Once when I was flying over Paris a rope running from the long frame of the "engine-room." suspended, got caught in the pulley, fortunately in the long frame, not in the "engine room." I walked along the frame, which is about three inches wide, sideways, leaned down and fixed the pully, and got back to my seat in four or five minutes. How high was 1 them? Oh, about a thousand feet, but I held on to ; the braces. If anything happens to my engine, I am a ballonlst, and, therefore, in a similar predtetment to a sea captaJn whose ship hs lost its propellers or broken Hm engines. Ho must : hoist the sails or be beaten at the mercy of the elmernts. - The valves at the end of the baloon regulates she efto'tt of the tmperature upon the gas. If I have difficulty In rising quickly, I throw over ballast or let out water from the "engine room." The Pope and Hi Sisters. ' The Papacy , loves precedents, atid Plux X has been much gratified by a statement put Into his hand, by one of his librarians that Pope Bixtus V, of old times, had a sister who, very finely dressed, was brought to her brother by the cardinals. Thereupon the Pontiff affected not to know 'her. fche was therefore hurried out' of his presence. "The cardfoals,? says the record, "led hep out of the palace and hail her dressed in her usual clothes thns of a wtasherwoman.' Then she returned, and the Pope "advanced froni his throj,' embraced her and called her his dear sister."? Plus X has now a quotation ready for those who criticise the present drees of hla sisters.- ; New York aijarali . . . , ( Month TO KIDNAP HIS BRIDE 'Smoky" Fullington Hushes Qo .Fernando Hotel, Hoped to Bear Her Off iit Fast A utomohile. Design Frustrated by . Watchful Papa. the "Smoky" Fullington,. the young-fireman whose seventeen-year-old bride was torn from his arms last Wednesday by an Irate father, last night took wild ride to Fernando in a White automobile and attempted to steal his Marf back again. Learning that his letterg to her have all been opened by other of the family, being refused communication with his wife over the telaphone and knowing that &he is guarded like a rock breaker on the chain gang, he could stand the strain of separation no -longer. .... He climbed into the automobile with love and determination in his heart, told, the driver, to pull the throtye wide, and tew to hla heart's desire. But he found the castle of Hope Hotel, where his lit- ; tie bfide waits on table and washes dishea, so well guarded by constables and big brothers, with the husky father general over ail, that he was unable ts , even see the girl of his choice and came away empty-handed, vowing vengeance on his unreasonable father-in-law., When papers were served on -"Smoky' yesterday mornlnng ordering him to appear in court and show cause " why his marriage with Miss Mary Paine should not. be annulled it did not frighten him a bit. "I will show them, why," he said,' as he grabbed his hat and ran for the next uptown car. He engaged the services of Attorney Earl Rogers and will fight the case to the end, backed by A. J. Ashen of this city and by his father In San Francisco., When he learned from his attorney that -. Mary was his legal wife until the court hus decreed otherwise, he said that he would go and get her that very night, : Finding a friend, the automobile was engaged, plans were laid and the start was made at 6 o'clock. Just as dusk was shrouding the little town of fine ' street, board walks and low buildinsrs. the big machine whizzed around the curve and came to a stop in front of the empty dining-room of the Hope Hotel. The street was deserted and only a few lights glimmered here and there from the half-closed stores. Within the sweet voice of a girl could-be heard singing. ' According to plans the friend got out, ? entered the Jlnlng-ronm and ordered ngiu supper, i ne music PLupima ana it was Mary who brought him the glass of water and a napkin. As the white cloth was placed Jn front of him s little note was slipped into her plump little hand and, "From Smoky,'? was mut- . tered in a hushed whisper. The . girl started and the color rushed to her cheeks as she turned and left the room with the note crumpled in her hand. Soon she returned and her face was , 'white and her underlip trembled as ' she, whispered: "See the men outside! The place is closely watched, and whenever a rig stops at this door those men gather around and wait until it goes away." "Mary! The eggs are ready; does the ; gentleman want tea or coffee. Come, s hurry and don't stand there talking!" Smoky's friend got up and went out-i side to see if his machine was all right. lie- found a half dozen or more men leaning against the house peering at the panting devil as if it were a thing . of life about to spring. '"Smoky is waiting for you outside. Jump into the machine and all Fernando can't catch us' was delivered in a monologue as the friend salted the eggs with one hand and hastily stirred the steaming coffee with the other. "I love Smoky," ever so softly, "and I want to go, but they won't let mei They would stop me before I got in. Tell Smoky to be patient and it will be all right." "But the machine is there, all ready to fly. You don't need a hat. This ; table is within a yard of the door and the car is only five feet outside," the . friend said as he reached for his hat and threw a 25-cent piece on the table, Mary opened the door and looked out. Her face was white and she was breath ing very fast. i "Mary! Go up stairs!" came the harsh voice of her father from the kitchen j door. A shudder ran through her body and she slowly turned and did as she was bid. The big six-footer strode forward with a gleam in his eye. : "uooa eveningi Are you me man xne Times told about this morning?" asked ? money and handed It to Mr. Pain; - "Well, I guess I am, and there won't be no more trouble three days from ; now," he said, taking the money. ."If anybody's looking for trouble out here I guess they will And It," and he opened the door for the customer. ' poor Smoky! He Is wolderlng what was meant by that "three days." 1 "I guesB they are going to send her . wis " he muttered, and then he adder! In a firmer tone; "But we shall see!" THE FIGHTING RACE SEEMS MISS- - , ING.' I've been readln' the papers ., And wat'chln.' the capers Of' Russian and Jap on the land ana the sea. And it's got me to guessin , Why some names is rnlRsin' That should be consplckyus where flghtln's so free. Shurel Where are the Relllys, , The Caseys and Kileys, . And all of the tribes of the Macs and the O's? There was never real fightin,' -Or wrongs to be rightln' But some o thlm byes 'd be strlkin their blows. Now the longer I ponder The struggle out yondor Where the Jap and the Russian are tilrttn' wld Fame, The more I'm deoldin' The Irishman's hidin' Brhlnd the quare front of a hayth-enlsh name. If ye read of "Patrlskl" Or "Mlchelkomlskl" Ye'tl know they're not Russian at all, If ye're wise, An the Jan's "Tomchara" And "Teddlmagara" Are Simply g'oa connaus-ni '': ikXhA Irs j-4 1 - 01 1 1 ft ' Philadelphia Catholic Standard an! 'limes. .- -.. . t t.,.. tmihf Als-ernnn l!l t s. famous' poet some day," paid c:itri.n. "You don't want a famous poet," (in-awered her fathrr, wti(e nam? h J.'. fr vmi miiBt have literature. t' t"1' of the poets that write aji-r: !: !, and s:t money for It." !"'-'''' Stat. '

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