The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1931
Page 6
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SIX KWS Card well Seniors (iivc Annual Phi 1 .'! al Dill',- tli<>;Ure! CAJ-DWEI.f,. MH. — T!v> i.cnlor] Kennett and Scnath Are ^.u.-: in* ].:ay -yoii'it 55? .sun.rj-; n D 1 r wr I"' l ' ( '•''••' ni '" r '' "'Shi ut ti.c Mary Llass D, and L. Winners; \ix\e :i>e;::t.: \ Hovnersville Ranks High! yc J.J" hv.y r" : f!ic 1 ^ to' 0 ''i,-.',j ',! j nil-lit tn a roll. 1 ! 1 (oastrr v;Hij ~'J CAPE GIHAnnEAU, April 27—:ac'.r'-ss 1 ;.;•:.• lie cxiilan-c I tii'n"s I • The 'Southeast Missouri Track and I [ 0 !::•; v.-Ifc- ;•-,«! ••Jnu Hi'vin °'l : Field Meet held at Houck Field l w hcn :i mUibJi• lailv tarrou-d' lrn> ' here Saturday resolved llsclt into! for a Inulxujd. i a Dunklln County contest with! ^.p ,. ,. I Kennel, Horncrsvllle r.nd S'nathj vm .' v .','. ","'!, ">.>,'!'™' "I emerfilnj winner over the remain- f;|. •,',!)„.. ','., ' i.,'.". " ,','V. '*.',', ' ,' r ' : '. i In" 15 counties represented. : ' S I,,,.'"jini.',', w'..VJ, "'•''•'' »•'•''<• | Kennett won Class D tournament: j.^,[,. i\;'i ( i.., {';.,.? ',',', ,''.'! as Lloyd and Tnylw crashed over;',''..",. • "''' ,,' , '. iii:nl:t':.. the pole vault and h! 3 h Jump rods ! ' r " ;1 ^ : ' T ' Mnrk ' *''"<«: I'-'H"-'! for new records in soii:iic.i« Mis-.'J. ,,{,'.'.: .,'.'. 1;"'^' ler ' I;i ''' i;i!l ''! courl. Ths former set a new rcc-; i.!'..„'„,..!' ,_':.._."' l .'i!' ''. : ! :-'-°"";| ord o( II feet and 1-2 Inch In th2 : rviwiis pole vault, a record heretofore not reached in southeast Missoi: school athletics. kfnhctt made a tclal of a'), points In ttie Class B contesls to'ncinre Wi'l.lnji win the dls'rict honors with Farm- ' ,j n - nu'.licrtcrii Inglon runnlner second with 13. °\", ,!:".' IVin P:IRI !'.,;« fc . an ailrr':..'ni:-i " '•'••" ITrnni!-.; Mikr- Mr.l'-r.o, ['liinl-ff 1 '; "iauff.Tr. W.'illr-l: Hrnnnum; cjrr 1 !:'. nnililblilnn r.ft|r-r, o.:,lp Ntirlli: i!0. v T)AY, JOIil ,,„,„„, ! T- o." llirrc? ?r ;V" ' L ' nolnts. res'icctivolv. A total cf JO hlph srhno's competed In this clnjs j ^'., and establislird a lotal of 0 n:\vi..' records for the meet. j ! Tin'iV^' (l , sMvi'r" bv' t Sonr.lli cap'.;;r;-l tl-e Class O-MmrtHh. a' rciulhi-. honors nfter a closely co'itcsfd: Vnnrhn. and a win linvs 'and I'r.c 1 A • ci.-nrvi r [•" . - n a -• series of events tlmt pave Mie vlo- j Pii-'m; Arrnmd Your Yin~fr " liiil!" tors a mcr,-in of one ond o!io-liiir]Pa!torsoii and Uiliv Cmriin'imin '* • points over Hornrrsville. sccrnrt . _ '_ ___ ' ' I •j.lace • winners and Missoi.rl st«.le c.'OOIiI.\' ( ; MllSK chaniMtcns of Clnss c of list '-ear. PANICS (nrn ,, mad, a total of 30 «-l: ,,«T " il ,' »m" « polnls whlls the. Hornersvllle bo-s . c.llerl I "c '^ •<-" were. R ntl.<--ln. 25 for a dose run- , r ra ,,cX)r., ,t d""h ner-'.ip. Maiden, nnolhcr Dm-klln ; b , „,, co.mtv to,-,,. w « Ihlrd with 20 S-S show po!n s. Nn other southeast Ml- siurl rl'«ool rrrrrd close to the r nn w i« n U win en-, •••'- n three pace setters from Dunklhi r; .il scotion?, on.- t'n rc'r^-'iit 1 1- county ' !lO''l'"H l:ib::' fmnifurc another to Hubbnrd. Senntli high scliool ath-l UH'.s!r;r.i> t!in pieaiu:-,.s. of tin' in- Icte. was high point man with a | tl-.\ ancient and inodei-n ' ivhllf total of in 1-1 of his (cam's 30 1-2- ir.eniw and similar .souvenirs will points. The Pcnnth star set the' comprls- a thlsd p ;lr [. pace In Ih" 1"0 ynnl hl^h hurdles. , '-1,,^ I "' h C, H m- ,-" I t !,„„„,(,„.„,,,.•,„ " \ ' r,.; of , .;,.. t0 .' ' rnnions cl,,.[s win ,-!ve ti'rl- in" ' ath relay fourth. t=am which MM. Pierre Vrusr c:ul de ,..,. , whose operctla "Sans T:imboiir nl Kennett will represent sniillienst' Tromiselt-.-." new L,.'im jilaycd in Missouri in the slafe meet al Co- • Pf-s. Is. lip nllrvi's. a piuuy of hh ' .lumbla n-:(t week while Homers- : "cvel "l/in-riuii:^.-'" ! ville nnd Senath will represent] -— . —. . . '. ! Class C in the same meet. Horn- \ ersvllle won the stal~ rl'aiiinjonshin ^* !ast year In Clns<-; c when they de- [ fealed north Missouri schools for' first place in the nnnunl stats i meet. and way to End Headaches come to the ranch of F. J. Keller, southeast, nf here. The rancher built n nest on the barn for the wild fowl. Eaeh spring the wild • duck ictiirns for the season, halch- es a brood of ducklings, and flics away to the south in the fall. ChildrenCdds Ch°d-.ed without "dosing." R«b on Icij mciticinc sooihes the nerves ami cuds suffering from lieadachcs, peri. odic and ncuraljji.i pains. IfcinB liquid, Capmlinc acts iinmeJi- acely, often in <>ne-tliin| die t ime required by other forms. Comiirunjr. no narcotics, it docs not disturb ibu digestion an J is approved hy doctors and druggists. Sold at drug stores lOc, 30c, anrt 60c bottles ami by doic it soda fountain*, Sunday and Monday RITZ THEATER Sunday end Monday hoopee in a big way? , ir^v..-, r'yvy Which do S^4->4* y* 1 " Prefei ! V \Vf^W outlaws or — "*a__**._ ijvl.-nvs ? You'll find the laugh answers in , the last comedy of hard babies end hardware in imali town' girls flirting' with life and! temptation in Chicago!. John V/ftfN* pin 11"' 6 J , ;x L*N;IU° DQBSAY . \lKJfetmn <>/ Qmnfr The picture that pokes inn, in?5>.'° 3 ^ °^ 3 gun, into your ribs.— Now Hunning in SI. I.ouis. Our Also Comedy and News. Adm.—Matinee and Night— ' 10 and 2ac. {- Coming—"EAST JA'NNE""." Gang Comctly is"e\vs. Adm.—Matinee—10-25 —|flc Night—15 and <!0c. a-i- iinuiiio In marl'.ime annals w'.icn Ih? rinrilsh tramp ship Anvt vioisc, her decks pikd"h:el l'.ii:b-i:n :,-i;:!)'.r. ;.tramerl Into I'rcvidenco, R. I. For Ddeatcd "Bi? B'M" :i Polls-Didn't Know h KAHSAS C1TV. Mo, IUP> — Mayor Bryce D. Smith of Kansas Cltv, not Anton J. Cermck. was C!IC:CM mayor of Chicago In the ri"ti!t r-lpcllon. defralhig Wlll'am H. "JKy 13111" Thomp-In. And Mnv- or Smith has photographic evi- li-ri'.co to prove it. M-syor Smith, In New York en business, was snr|i:i$::l In find his ,j Marrijige By ilic Cook Divorce "What about divorce?" the Pharisees. "Might as •Ife if cue is lired < across th?lr tiivesliold. 'Vfc-'ie niavrhd HOT. And nothinv \vl!l ever LP Ih? same asaln. "That's what innrrla^c 1=; f=r.'••—f ri ever, was the name Cc-rmak. IT,- 1 photORraiihs, swilrhctl anil db::rlbuted by a large picture <"'-1 siiliifd"^' 1 a: out th? E?.\l- were |Jii:itcd throneh- ! And the love s for his own bccly, re- l;ut thes: are individual ca?e:. and nui£t be d-clticd separately." No peat law of poverty. chastity and obetlisnce. Children of |vl1 '' '" °' ° U "'' SP ' 5 ' 000 C *'' JO - l!lp " flil —Norma Shearer in "STRANGKKS MAY KISS", and "TRAOKU liOKN". if it Is proird that convict labor hatl :my lay have to turn r.ruund a:i:l [n back without ...•u v,.is s nt to (Ills country bv the Hnvlct Hovcrnnunl as a Usl of a recent United J-ir-p ajatns! tifC'lucts of forced.labor, fus't Is Capiain Aino Stenrocs of the Ans have snbmlUcU cvid.'.nci! thai. t::c lumber-did not C.-.HIC frasu any ut the four rc- i'lul areas in Nc:,h:in ftiii-.i-i included in the TriMsuiy's ban. cd isi Eph. 5-28- Men can't I Ut-t away from this truth, nor do I'm-nr.-!" ^j, ss s^ulrd t:uy Z ' er ' 1!j ' want tc ' PARIS, irjpi—L'nd,>r a ne'.v sys- '" At - tlle l "Wrl door Tommy l?m-for carryiniT pnc-mnalie mcs-! 1 *' un .' s , h '° cl slowlv sbout nnrt sap,rr, bv tube in Pjriv tbe "petits i sloo<11 '"^H'E down at her'car- Lines" will increri" their fi'.-ccl of ' "'. = v ln - n m oin;nt before he 2.CC3 test a minute to 3HM. Also a, V fcd ,! lcr - J'" arms went up - n a O n e i. c . s . new s-'stcm of control will be' » bo « h's neck and jmtltd !,: ( adopted. Hilhert:> tin cylinder. lllCC do " n ia llcrs - j been stopped st r-ich inter- t " 'Oh, Tommy—Tommy —' she medlat.e post olllce until the dcs- ' al( l' '\Vc'vc never teen so hii;)- tination has been reached. By an '• &• Yesterday we were Ecrappinsr. poverty often are the very happi- CM. Tiv divir.e ins'JtutlDn of marriage still holds and cannot be al-ro^ntort or anm:!led by Mussolini, Kussla, or even Arkansas or Nevada. •Dr. Magnus Hiischfield says thai "beneath the duality of sex I'.ior.' 1 Murriaee by the Cock is the recognition of that electrical system the cylinder will pass r.oii-tlop to t\v off ire for I $1,640,000 will be needed lo carry [out the work. I.ORIF.N'T. n-ance, iUl') — The I wished vou wr.ukl go aiav'niiti : ^"''^ °'^ ,° f M * !" rl ]m " "overcome back V&'b evo'y- fflhml-^^S™?!," 10 ™ "-Belovod! 1 • said Tommy, softly. , j;ch forwarded lo a fish and picked her up and carried her mo:i»er in [he (own of St. Etiennc. It is th c mark o} a considerate hostess, by menus of the Humidor Pack, to "Scrre a froth ci'gn. relic." Buy Camels by the carton — this cigarette itill remain fresh in your home and office. Package Tiny Switch over for just one day tlien quit Camels, if you can All regular Camel smokers Lave noticed a significant change in the Camel package. Now their favorite cigarettes come air-sealed in moisture-proof Cellophane. An improvement in appearance, true, hut the reason for tins change that cost §2,000,000 was not mere looks. It was done to protect the fine mild quality of Camels until they reach the smoker. The best tohacco loses much of its rich flavor and aroma when its natural moisture content is lost through scorching or evaporation. That's why we have made every Camel package a tiny humidor—so that you may always be sure of getting Camels in frcsb. mild condition. Camels are wrapped only in moiitjisrc-jprvof Cellophane trilh an air-scul. Try a package today aud revel hi the luxury of a really fresfi cigarette. Factory-fresh Camels are air-scaled in the, nc\v Sanitary Package which keeps the dust aud germs oul and keeps the flavor in. It is peppery dust and harsh dry tohacco ihal are unkind to a smoker's throat. We vacuum-clean away the dust and keep the natural moisture in hy the exclusive Humidor Pack. Make the switch to Camels for jnst one day, then leave them — if you can.

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