Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1896
Page 6
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A 19th CENTURY A Newspaper Man Relates a Mar- vellous Story. in Interesting Chapter in His Own Life-Some, We Hope, May Profit by Reading Same. Fromth* Ilerald, Columbia, Ttnn. M»ury County ia one of the richest and iVggest and best counties in Tennessee. It •*ou]d be an eyaggeration to say that any an» man knew every other man in this axurty,_but it may safely be said thatfe\v,if *ny, CBTI como nearer to it than Mr. Joe M. Toster, whose home is at Carter's Creek, and •who is now connected with the Herald. In the interest ol" tho Herald ho has visited learly every home iu tlio county. Upon "itfate" occasions—that is. the Herald's a.n- snal pic-uic Teuniini he is the "Muster of •Ceremonies." There nre few men belter few better liked, none more trusted, externally, but all to no effect, until, about April 1st. 1803, a cousin, Mr, A. N, Aiken, of Columbia (who is now clerk and Master and -what he says the Herald, uucoudiiioiiaUy «mi nnequivocnlly, will vouch for. To see him now in perfect health and mergy, one would not think tlmt two nncl .«• half years ngo ho was a bed-ridden invalid, a physical wreck, whose family ybysician, loved ones at home mid friends all thought WHS soon to be culled hence. But such' ia Ilia cnse, and not only he but his Jamily and a hundred friends will testify to it. It was a peculiar alllietion he had, and his OTrc was marvellous, his recovery a nine teenth .Century miracle. And that others aa*T enjoy the blessings of the wonderful medicine which beyond the peradventuro 01 a.doubl—under God's blessing—saving his 3ift, Mr. Foster—not desiring publicity bul Tritn the hope of doing good—has con- wnted to tell of his sickness and his cure. It was in the fall of .1892 lie was taken ill. He wai» farmer then, and had spent the day exposed to the weather and working' in the Held, and for five hours was in the mud, in a stooping position. In a few days thereafter l'e> had a peculiar feeling in his feet and lands; they became numb and felt 03 if asleep. But, perhaps, it would be better to let Mr. Totter tell his own experience, and this is •»Jiat he says: '••Following the numbness of my feet and ia'ndsVthat numbness spread until my whole !>oU;<. -.Mas paralyzed. I hud a dreadful con- »trieiii>tti around my body, and as I grew worse this extended up, cutting off ray breathing; it finally got within a few inches •f my throat and it was with difficulty that 1 breathed at all. At irregular intervals I Had lightning pain* throughout my entire Abd$r and limos, and for at least five months, liwarperfectly helpless, and a man servant was kept: in my room day and night to turn me in bed and wait upon me. u lnthe earlier part of my illness my feet Helt a» if I wa.i walking bare-footed on a stifl •aural. Soon I could not walk at all in the dart,, and could not even stand alone with my eyes shut. I rapidly grew worse, and seen my limbs refused to carry me. Finally ;0 Host my sense ot feeling or touch, and maid not tell when my feet were against 4ach other, but felt all the while as if they •»«re being pulled apart. "In the beginning I had called in my Umily physician, a very successful practitioner. He put me on a treatment, with in- irinictions to keep very quiet. But I contiu- ncd to grow worse, and in about six weekn he of the Chaucery Court of this county), commended Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Pule People. "I bogiin using them as per directions fbt loconiotor atuxia, and in about one week some of my friends thought I. was better; but it was two -weeks before the improvement vn.i plain to all and sawsfuctory to myself. Then, however, I knm> the pills were doing their grant! and glorious work, and I kept taking them uutil I could hobble about on crutches. *'Il. was suggested to me then that nature would do tho rest, and I left oft' the pills,. In about ten days I saw thnt I WHS going down bill again; I promptly renewed the pills, mid (wain I began to improve. A second time^ I tried to leiivc the battle to a good constitution, but found it still too weal; so I commenced 'on the pills ngoia and ki-pt taking them until I was we!!. "1 was in lay fifty-first year when I was taken sick. It is now about two ycurs since discarded stick'and crutch and found my legs strong enough to curry me. I am enjoying splendid health, weigh more and look better than lor years, and attribute my health and my recovery and life to the mattie of Pink Pills for Pole People,' under the blessing of God. "J have recommended these pills to a number of people, and many I know have been cured by them. I wish in my heart that every person on earth who is suffering as I was could get them and would try them. ," To those who know me, I hope it is not necessary for me to add that I make this statement of my own free will, without money and without price. But if there are any who are inclined to doubt, I will refer them to Dr. J. H. Hill, J. M. Hunter, E. D. Lockridge, Joe Terwcll, Anderson Nichols, S. B. and G. W. Nichols, all of Carter's Creek, Maury County, Tenn., or If they will call upon me I wiU give them the names of a hundred witnesses of as good men and women as the sun ever shone upon. "Hoping some.poor, sufferer may..reod and believe ana be raised from a bed of pain, I &m Very respectfully, JOB M.FOSTER,.. "" s Care of the Herald, Columbia, Tennessee." Dr. Williams'Pink Pills for Pale; People are prepared by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., of Sclienuctady, N. Y., a firm 'whose ability -and reliability are unquestioned. Pink "Pills are not looked upon as a patent '.. but as a prescription, having been used us such for years in general practice, and their successful results in curing various itfllic- •ions made it imperative that they be prepared in quantities to meet the demand of the public, and place them in reach of all. They aro an unfailing specific for such, diseases as loco- motor utaxin, partial paralysis, St. ,'Vitus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, .rheumatism, nervous headache, tbe after effects of la grippe. SILVEE THE ISSUE. Democratic Platform 'Declares for Free, Independent Coinage. Bond' Issues' 'Denounced—Tariff and Taxation Planks—Minority Prepares a Report. Chicago, July 8.—The subcommittee on resolutions wore slow Jn assembling- Wednesday mornlnp, and It was nlno o'clock before they got together. Jn tho meantime tho minority of the subcommittee had prepared tholr views tor submission to tholr colleagues, and the majority made some revision of the draft prepared Tuesday night, and shortly., after nine o'clock the members oC the,subcommittee retired to an adjoining room for further conference. When they had vacated the room the members of the full committee, who were present, having nothing else to do.'gavo an audience to the representative of the Women's Suffrage association, who pleaded for an expression in the platform favorable to their cause. At 11 o'clock the subcommittee rpportei! the platform to tho full committee, and States and. a crime, against free Institutions, and wo especially object to government by Injunction as a now and hlKhiy dangerous form of oppression by which federal judges, In contempt of the laws of the states and rlsrhts of citizens, become nt once legislators, judges and executioners; and we approve the hill'passed at the last snsalon of the United States senate and row pending In the house relative to con- tempts in federal courts and providing for trials by Jury in certain cases of contempt Pacific Funding UI1L "No discrimination should be Indulged In by the Kovernmcnt'of tho United State* In Caver of Its debtors, We approve of the refusal of the Fifty-third congress to pass the Pacific railroad funding bill; denounce the e/Iort of the present republican congress to enact a similar measure. Peimlonii. . HOOSIEK HAPPENINGS. , •*ld me, candidly and honestly, that he had done his best, th»t he had also advised with aome of Columbia's leading physicians, giv- :Zn£ them my symptoms, but that he could Jo »thlng for me und it was useless for him to tiy any further. He and the.' 'physicians with whom he advinecl pronounced My.'_dis- 1UC lo«omotor ataxia, ana incurable! H 3e told my friends they could try any- dtthg they wished, and then I began trying everything that wu suggested. I tried dit- ferent kinds of electricity—belt puds, shock- fejmachint'.H »nd electropoise, with number- Jm kinds of medicines, uoth internalbr and , , palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, and the tired feeling resulting from nervous prostration, all diseasesrcsultingiVom vitiated.humors in the blood such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc. They are. also a specific for troubles peculiar to females, such as suppressions, irregularities, and all forms of weakness. They build up tho blood, and restore the glow of health to pale and sallow cheeks. In men they effect a radical cure in. 'all cases arising from.mental worry, over-j work, or excesses of whatever nature. - ' Fink Pills are sold in boxes (never in loose form by the dozen or hundred, and the public are cautioned against numerous imitations • sold in this shape) at 50 cents a box or eix boxes for $2.50, and may be had of all drug. trists, or direct by mail from Dr, William*' Medidue Company. lEXATOR B. R. TILL^IAN, OF SOUTH ' • CATlOLINA. '' he rending of the. financial plank and that elntinp to bond insues received decided pprpval. Tho platform as presented was ,n follows: Tliu n»tform. "Wo, the democrats of the United Statei, In national uonvnntlon assembled, do reaffirm. our allegiance to those great essential principles of Justice , 'and. liberty . upon which our .Institutions are founded 'and which the democratic party has advocated from Jcn't-'i'Hon's time to our own — freedom of speech, freedom of the press. freedom ot conscience, the preservation of personal rights, the equality of all citizens before the law, and the faithful ob- ucrvunce of constitutional limitations. Flun'uclul Think. "Rt'COpnlzlnK that the money question 13 paramount to all others at this time, we iTivlic. utteiiUon to tlie tu.ct that the federal constitution names silver and gold together as the money metals, of the United StuiL-.i, and that", tho first coinage law passi'd l>y congress under the constitution mauu the silver dollar the unit of. value an'J admitted sold to free coinage at the ratio mousurud by the silver dollar unit. "Vi e declare that the act of 1S73 demonetizing sliver without tin; knowledge or appruvu.1 of the American people 1ms resulted In the appreciation of *old and a corresponding fall. In the prices of corrv modltles produced by the people; a heavy Inci-oast In. the burden of taxation and of all debts, public and private; the enrichment of the money lending class at homo and abroad; ' prostration of Industry and Impoverishment of the people. "Wu are unalterably opposed, to the sln- glo gold standard, which hus locked fast the prosperity ot an Industrial people, in rd times. '<" If you aro able to pay *IOO for a bicycle, why be contont with any out a STANDARD OF THE WORLD. Nineteen years cf reputation for building the best bicycle, backed *" **" -'•'•• -t oua ljty assured by out scientific methods, the certainty o should mean much to an-/- feuyer of a'bicycle Columbia quality—one Columbia price— There is but one •TO ALL ALIKE. Baratiftu Art Catalogue of Columbia and Hartford Bicycles is free If you call upon any Columbia Agent; by moll from U3 lor two 3-ctnt stamps. POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. 9rsnch lion* and Agencies in almott every city and town. If Colombia* are not • properly ropreiented In your vicinity, let 113 know. . flJfCOLff •^•W^ nu0r««K IN THE WOFRL.DI the paralysis of har . "Gold monometallism Is a British policy, and Its adoption has brought other nations Into financial servitude to London. It la not only un-Am'crlcan, but anti-American, and It can be fastened on the. United States only by the stifling of that Indomitable spirit and love of liberty which proclaimed our political Independence in 1776 and won It In the war of the revolution. "•We demand the. free and unlimited coinage of both gold and silver at the present legal ratio of sixteen to one without waiting lortheald or consent of any other nation. We demand that the standard silver dpllar 'shall be a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all debts, public and private, and we favor such legislation as will prevent the demonetization of any kind of legal tender money by private contract. "We are opposed to tht policy and practice of surrendering to the holders of the obligations of .the United .States the option reserved by law to the government. of redeeming such obligations. In either silver coin or. gold coin. ••,-, -> . ,..'• . • . ' ' Bond*'. ..... "We are opposed to the Issuing of Interest-bearing bonds of the United States In time of peace, and condemn the trafficking with banking syndicates, which, In exchange for bonds and at an enormous profit to themselves, supply the federal treasury with gold 'to maintain the policy of gold- monometallism. , •' "Congress alone has the power to coin and Issue money, and President Jackson declared that this power could not' be delegated to corporations or Individuals. We therefore demand that the power to Issue notes to circulate money be taken from the national banks, and that all paper money shall be Issued directly by the trcas- .ury department. Tariff and Taxation. "We hold that tariff duties .should be- levlcd for purposes of revenue, and that taxation should be limited by the needs of the government honcsfly and economically administered. We denounce as disturbing to business tho republican threat to ••restore' tho McKlnley law, 'which has been twice condemned by the' people 'In national elections/and which, enacted under the false plea of protection to home Industry, proved a" prolific breeder of trusts and monopolies, enriched the few at the expense of the many,, 'restricted trade and deprived the producers of the great American staples , of .access to their natural markets. Until the money question Is settled we are opposed, to anyagl- tatloji for ; further, changes In bur tarlrt laws, except such an are necessary, to make the deficit In revenue caused -by -the "adverse decision of the supreme court on tho Income tax. There would be no deficit In the revenue hut for the annulment by the supreme court of a law passed by a democratic congress In strict pursuance of the uniform decisions of that court for nearly 100 years, that court having sus- •talnaa constitutional objections to its enactment, which has been overruled by the- ablest Judges who had ever 'Sat' on that uench. We declare that It Is the duty of congress to use all the constitutional power which remains after that deqlsloh, or which may come from its reversal by the court as It may hereafter be constituted, so that the burdens of taxation may be equally and Impartially laid, to. the end that wealth may bear Its proportion of the expenses of the government. "We hold that the most efficient way of protecting .American 'labor Is. to prevent "Recognizing the Just claims of deserving union soldiers, we heartily Indorse the rule of Commissioner Murphy that no names shall be arbitrarily dropped from the pension roll, and the fact of enlistment and service should b« deemed conclusive evidence against disease and disability before enlistment. Sympathy tor Cuba. "We extend our sympathy to tho people of Cuba In their heroic struggle for liberty and independence. Civil Srrvlcc. "We aro opposed to life tenure In the public service. We favor appointments based upon merits, fixed terms of ofllce, and such 1 an administration of the civil service laws as will afford equal opportunities to all citizens of ascertained fitness. Against Third Term. "We declare It to be the unwritten law of this republic, established by custom and usage ot 100 years and sanctioned by the examples of the greatest and wisest of those who founded and have maintained our government, that no man should be eligible lor a third term of the presidential office. "Confiding In the justice of our cause and the necensity of Its success at the polls we submit the foregoing declaration of principle and purposM to tho considerate Judgment of the American people. We Invite the support &C all citizens who approve them and who desire to have them miiflft effective through legislation for the relief of the people and the restoration of the country s prosperity." Mr. Jllller, of Oregon, moved the adoption of the report of the sub-committee. This motion, however, was not pressed, a suggestion that the document be read by liaragraphs for discussion and amendment being agreed, to. Amendment Co Financial Plank. An amendment to the majority report of the committee on resolutions submitted by W, P. St. John, of New York, and offered by Mr. Thurman, of Ohio, .authorizing the Issue of coin certificates, was adopted in the following form: "And as a safeguard against money stringency the secretary of the treasury i'hall be empowered to issue such coin ccrtlflcatns additionally against deposit? of Interest-bearing bonds of the united States, the Interest accruing on tho bonds to Inure to the United States pending th« exchange for the coin certificates, which coin certificates when returned shall be canceled; provided, that such additional Issues ot coin certificates shall not reduco thft percentage of coin and bullion reserved for. coin certificates and sliver certificates below GO per cent, of the aggregate sum of coin certificates and silver certlflcates\ outstanding. The now outstanding sliver certificates, gold certificates and treasury notes of ISM to be retired as they como Intc the treasury." Amendment to Tariff Plunk. The tariff section was amended by making It read that such duties should be mad* to bear equally throughout the country' and not discriminate as to classes or sections. Several propositions to Insert statements •that the supreme court of the United States In Its income tax decision sustained constitutional objections which had been overridden by previous decisions for ;i hundred years, were voted down without discussion. For the declaration of the subcommittee In favor of the admission of New Mexico and Arizona was substituted a more formal one offered by the member from New Mexico, who Included tho District of Columbia as one of the corporation* that should be mode a state and. Included further a demand for local appointees to official position. This was agreed, to—18 to 16 over the objection of the member from South Carolina, who wanted the subcommittee's work to go through without amendment. .. A resolution demanding the admission of a delegate from Alaska Into congresn was agreed to—17 to H. The Cuban plank was mado- the subject of several motions for .amendment, BortiiKi to Indorae Cleveland. Senator. Hill, after the adoption of the motion to report the platform, moved tc add a paragraph commending the Intelligence, Integrity and faithfulness of the administration of President Cleveland, but half a 'dozen members moved to lay It on the table, and It was so ordered—29 to 17. So the platform carries no reference to the national administration. The platform was adopted by a vote ol 33 to 15. The proposition to declare In favor o) the restoration .of differential tonnage dues In favor of American vessels was submitted to the committee and lost. minority Heporti Prepared. Senator Hill, at this point, stated that he was ready to submit the views of the minority If the committee desired to hear them. Ho stated that he had no desire to put them before the committee merely for the purpose of having them read, but to Jtfews by Telegraph, from Various Towns in Indiana, A Merchant In Danger. Valparaiso, Ind., July S.—John B. Perrine, a prominent business men, has received notice that he will be killed. Saturday nig:ht, whils closing 1 his store, he started to investigate a noise in tho rear of the place and sin unknown as- gniliint shot him in the nrm and escaped. Tuesday he received this letter: John .Perrlno:—I am still, here and 1 will endeavor to do better tho next time than 1 dlfl Saturday night. I -do not want your property, but I am going to get you and am going to get you properly. Yours, / LIGHT PANTS. . Perrine is unable to account for the strange occurrence nnd he did not know (.hat he had an enemy. The officials are investigating the case. • Tho Indiana's Silver Service. New York, July 8.—The silver scrvic* to be presented by the citizens of Indiana to the battleship "Indiana" has been completed. There-are about -10 pieces in the set, and its cost is more than $8,000. There are about 2QQ pounds of solid silver in it. Many of the larger pieces are lined wir.h g-old. The most beautiful piece in the service is a missive flower dish intended to be a center piece. At one end is a large medallion containing' the seal of state of Indiana, while at the other end is a similar medallion bearing in bold relief u fac simile of the soldiers' and sailors' monument in Indianapolis. FREE Jn^xchange for coupons with PICTURES ~^EE for coupons with c Pouch Chewing and Smoking" Thjonhr NICOTINE NEUTRALIZED TOBACCO. 9 Handsome Water Color Tic-iimHM. Land- a ^ ecapeand Marine, »lz« )«x28. lisobjecta. w • Fine P«itel Fac-iimilei, Landscape and • £ Fijturcn, size J0x24 Inches, li subjects. A A Beautiful Venttian Sc«ne>, Work* of Art. Z w size 20x30 Incbra, 4 nubjcct*. » • Magnincent Watte Color Gravurti, after fa- • 0 mous arUnti, size SZrSS inches, 4 subjects. a • S^^liM/IL?^r^ N * N rtSL THEA |«!' E ' • 9 6«n offered, Kzcept Through Dealfn, atvtrf ft • liiyhprites, Theyare writable decorationt for ~ • any homeland tab t. apprecialedmuitbenen. 9 Coupon* explain, how to lecure tbe Above* One Coupon in each 6 cent (2 mnct) Paatauje. Taa Coupont in each 10 cent (4 outut) ftwfcwe. Mall Pouoh Tobioco It told br til dtilirt. Packages (nou on «Ue) containing no coupon* with explanation how to act them. Miilotfon I The Blooh Bros. Tobioco Co.. Whteling, W. Vi. No Coupons exchanged fitter July 1,1807 Heavily Fined. Indianapolis, Ind., July 3.—For several years the Mercantile Telegraph company has operated a- poolroom in this city in defiance of the authorities, notwithstanding-several efforts at prosecution. The room received and registered bets oil horse races and ball games, and. the state claimed that it was backed by the gaming interests and that the Western Union received an annual rental for the wires. A jury found Samuel L. Douglass, the manager, guilty under the law and he was fined $400 and costs. Get* Fifteen Years. Grown Point, Ind.,.7uly 8.—Emmanuel Morris, the colored jockey who was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing Sherman Judge at Koby last February, hnd a.new trial, pleaded guilty of manslaughter, and his sentence .was rn- duced to 15 years. He received his nc-\v trial on misconduct of the jury. After the balloting at thcfirst trial the bailiff, found "Hang the black brute" on one of the ballots. This saves Morris from going up for life. Will sno the Warden. Orleans, Tnd., July $.— The.jury in tin McCoy-Brown murder case, after being but 48 hours, returned a verdict of justifiable homicide. McCoy, with his lawyer, left for Jeffersonville to bring suit against Warden Hert, of the southern prison, for forcing McCoy to, don' the stripes and do manual labor while confined there for safe keeping during the excitement occasioned by the murder. Ride. * Uonttte Century. Terre Haute, Ind., July 8.—The first double century bicycle.ride ever made by an amateur in.Indiana was ma'de by' Julius Friedburg 1 , of this city. ' He started on. the first century at five a. m. and finished at two p.'m.; The country .roads were very muddy. The second century was made on the paved streets of the city .between four p. m. and ten p. m. Itiuet • ChaUencv. Elwood, Ind., July 8.—Peter Peter- gon, the famous Swede pugilist, who ii here, has issued a sweeping challenge to any 145 to 348-pound man in the country to meet him in a finish fight fora purse of $100 a side, fight to occur before any athletic club in the country. He wants to arrange a match at once if possible. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN ' . ' FIRST CLASS STYLE rhe Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. aver the Sunset Route—New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. Tbe superior accommodations given the jreat number of patrons of the above >r*In during the past tourist season, warrants tuo announcement of plans !»r nest season of finer service with equipment superior to anything yet mown In transcontinental traffic. . Look for earl7 re-lnaugiiratloir of •SUNSET LIMITED" this,fall. For Home Seekers. . The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset Route" In'connection with the-"Queen tad Crescent Route" are running the inly line of through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for LOB Angeles and ten Francisco. These excursions are specially con- lucted, and the object Is to enable- tbow who do not care to buy the first-class round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy i comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change of cars atlhe f«ry low second-class rate. For further Information, address W.' a. OONNOK, Commercial Agt 8. P. •o., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMYEE, G. W. ;Agt. S. P. •«., Chicago, ill. S. P. MORSE, G: P. & T. Agt 8. P. «o.. New Orleans, La, ; . * . C'J-'K^ 1 ^' i <••:• ^^^.-j'^fi^.ii-..^ ,''"t#'2 t ". ! ?< •**** "•''• - 1 - keeping th« Syrtttm in a Hoalthy Condition. CURES H«*cUfll»% (•WHC8 Constipation. Act* on tho Liver and Kidneys, Purffl«« tt« Ofo«4l, Dispel* Colds and Fevers, Beautlfle* the Complexion antf'to necslnir and Ftufr«ahin(r to the Taste- . SOLO *r ALL onuooiar*. *f\ nlcel; it)u»trated elfhrr-pafa I*lnco4« Starr Book ri+*m to ernr* porcluuac «4 • j»l»liir« of Uacola Tea. Trial :i!c. A*k T*u drwrai**. «r L»OMJt Tm_i C*. ten 'War**, Ik* For Bale by B. P. KBBSUNO. the Importation of forelcn pauper labor to . compete with it in tho home market, and that the value of tho home market to our American farmers and artisans is greatly roiluoed by a vicious monetary ' system wlilch Oeprossea the prices of their products bolow tho cost of production and' thus dnprivea them of the means of siUtsf y- inc their needs. • • . Kflpnbllean Conirremee, "We denounce the profligate waste of tho money wrung from the people by oppressive taxation and tho lavish appropriations of recant republican congresses, which have kept taxes high while, the labor thai pays them.lfl unemployed and the products of thu people's toil are depressed In price till they nojongor repay the cost of production..Wd rtamand a return to that simplicity and oconomy which best befits a democratic government and a reduction In the number of useless officers, the salarieo of which drain tho substance of the people. 1 '•.. Feaer»i Interference, ; "We denounce, the arbitrary Interference by. federal authorities In local affairs as a' violation of the constitution of the United . QOV. RUSSELL RELATES, refute tho charge that ho had concealed them. The minority expected to submit their views for the consideration of the convention In any event. A desultory but somewhat exciting discussion followed, a willingness being expressed on the part of tho majority to hear tho minority view*, If Senator Hill desired to present them. He, however, decided that It was not desirable, involving aa.lt would some additional time and a double statement of them to tho committee and to tho convention. The reading of the platform was then resumed. I'lfttform Beailr for Convention. At two o'clock the committee'directed the chairman to report the platform to the convention. The vote was given viva voce, No division was demanded, but Chairman Jones had to put the Question twlco before the majority responded In sufficient volume to settle the matter. ' • '* , HAS PAXTISON WITHDRAWN? Rumored Tint Bin liHine Will Not Bo I'rcnentert to Convention. ' Chicago, July 8.—There Is an apparently: well-defined rumor about the convention hixll that the Pennsylvania delegation will not name . Patthon.' for president. Several of the delegates admitted that the proposition to withdraw Mr. Fattlson has been considered.; Delegate Beck, who was to place Mr. Pat- 'tison. In • nomination," when Informed of tbe. rumor, could not deny It, saylnc: "It U> a matter I cannot discus*." , Three Good Race*. . Elkhart, .Ind., July 6.—Nearly 3,000 people witnessed the opening races at Barney's Driving park. The 2:08 pace, purse $.1.000, Cadge, /Jrst, three straight heats; time, 2:12y 2 . i:40 trotting, purse $1,000, Nordica,first; time,2:25. Three- year-old pace, purse ?500, Midi, first; time, 2:14%. . , Will Not Fuse. Indianapolis, Ind., July 8.—The Indiana populists are : arrangin<» for their state convention, which will meet the Jatter part of this month, and the leaders declare they will not affiliate with the democrats, no matter what platform they make, or whom they nominate. Farm Realdonco Burned. Warsaw, Ind., July 8.—The farm residence, of J. C. Min turn, southeast, of this city, was consumed by flre.' The loss. is. about $3,000. There is S750 insurance in .the JEtna. It is thought that tramps started the flre for spite. A Fantor Reilgnt. Ligouier, Ind., July 8.—Rev. E. A; Cole, pastor of the First Christian church in Angola and one of the best- known Christian ministers in the state, hns resigned the pastorate, to take effect September!. ^ Honoi Cremated. Valparaiso, Ind., July S.—The barus. of Herbert Fish, near this city, were destroyed by fire, including seven blooded horses. Loss, .$5;000; insured for one- third in Ohio Farmer*' War on Drnif Store*. .. Portland, Ind., July 8.—Saloonkeepers here have resolved to wage war on the drug stores which minister to the "occasion ill., thirst." . ; • JTe»i;Ij"Torn to Piece*. ^. 'Shelbyville,. Indi, July 8.—The seven^•ear-old son : of'John Schofner was attached by'a vicious sow and almost torn to pieces. , Decline to Soil. Warsaw, Ind., July 8.—Formers in this neighborhood, decline to sell-their .Hits nt .ten "cents-. Wheat brings only 40. cents.: •-..••,-.. 'fr £•«::<;.• ONE-HALF SIZE Of BOX POZZOiNI'S ] COMPLEXION POWDER! f hu been tbe standard for forty yemn r and I , 1» mote-^orulor to-Uar than evorbtton, POZZOM'8 J In lie idtil complexion powder—beintlfyl, reft-calilng, cleanly. beaJUitulaoa.bumloM. 7 I A d«uc*t», Invisible protection to tho face. , Wlih every box o tPOZZON rs • ntiiff I nlfieent .SeovllPii GOLD FCTF^ i BOX )« given frc« of charge. 'AT DRUGGISTS AXD FANCY STORES.' Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully entoyall Of JtsdelUbtJ ' If you take one of tho UKE MICHIGAN AKD LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S LEG ANT STEAMSHIPS. Sailing* between Chicago and Atecklnn'c Island four time* every week. TIio now steel siflamshlp "Mtnltoa" is a '<xMnK palace. Travels 'twlxt Chicago, Imrlcvoli. Hirbor Spring*, Petotkty, : .'lultinuc Island, etc. Wrlte : for our readable". reading matter, free, or ask your nearest apontr • Address Joa. Borolzhelm. G. P. A'. LAKE mCH. AM) K.AKJB SLPEKIOU TRANS. CO. Ruth and N. Water SI, Chlcao», A GOOD INVESTMENT. "" FIPE-LiyE CEETIFICATES. Issued in denomination* or< •' 950.. $100., $250., «oOO., 91,000. ThelntorcstJs guaranteed foro years. >• They net the porchaf pr spcrct. per annum. The Interest is from earnings. "•'' The coupons are payable leml-annnally. They are similai to Collateral Trust Bond*. The principal i* rapidly enhancing in .value. . They aro a *afe invculmeot. . •• Vorparticular*address: • . -..•'•• ONBORKE PIPE-USE SYSTEM, Manhattan Building, Chicago, niB. : Josiai Bacon, conductor on . & B; R. R.., aaya "Brazilian Balm cured me of inveterate catarrh which I had for 86 years.'" Brazilian Balm kill* the 1 catarrh microbe, making •, nuilcal cor*.

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