The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 1949 BT,YTHEVTLL« <ARK.) COUHTT5R FACE ELEVEN )UT OUR WAY By J. R. WiUioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople FRFX^KLES A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL088ER Hilda Cracks Up co -TUM . 8URKiT-OOt Voo'o SETTER G&T A 3O3~ If- VOL> A\OP£ AROOKlD HERE, X'LL _ ._ .., . POT A HOU& IM YOUR HEAD fa I 3OST_ AMD X DOi^'T WA^T Ti4e SX'-l -3OOGMAU I-OK S^VIDOST SPlLUrtG OOT OKI i X \ SEsiTEEL HOvVPP. OO KMOW, BUT HE'S DIGG1N' FOR IT-t STOP HIM.' PULL. HIM OUT- OOHH— OW- STARTED THAT-1 SAW "JOU PUT HIS BALL UNDER NCXJR SHIRT AMD WIGGLE IT.' MOW DON'T EXPECT ME TO BE TOPPIMG WORK EVERT- %TO8 f YOU IT f HOvJ ODO A "THIS MOOR! AND WEWEB. BOO6€.' oejtcr: Ib U>OK so L GIVE UP.' 1 CAMT RESIST AMY LONGER / '1 JUST GOTTA IAU6H. Af*JMM. you WHAN .' YOU IOOK LIK5 A BABV HAWK H1WG- _ LESSCHIUXSM.' 1 WAITING FOR SUPPER / AN ED THKT ROOKiD BV THE GOMS WHY MOTHERS GET tne wheel was in full spin. Men ;uui women of all HRCS bordered Ihe board. The card tables gripped another quota of gnmblerR. amateur and professional. John Henry looked wryly down at Faye. "What's the big idea dragging me out here?" he asked. ' ' Wha t you n eed is a d r i nk ," By Bob Wade .nd Bill Milter "I'm going to let it ring a few time»! Does h« think perched her* waiting for him to call?" I'm Miss Jordan, Sidney. this Ls Mr. Conover." Faye answered confidently. Sidney bowed again and waved The Feminine Viewpoint PKISCILLA'S I'Ol Balloon spiders have been found high as two miles above the larth's surface. I Noah Webster was 18 years in J'ritins his "American Dictionary of Ine English Language." Political Announcement's Subject to Municipal Election April 5. 1949 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNIN3S BAILEY LOUIS O. NASH Fourth n'ard (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE .<IOORE At DREIFUS her "Mr». Jon | them farther inlo Itie dimness. lie walked silently behind Iheml Idown the long hall. It got darker] and darker. r PHE bar was quasi-separated from Ihe square gambling room by an archway which cut off some of Ihe juke-box loudness. Us only Itnerrrre, * .he nn.I J nllh. John il.nn.v j nf, IVho XVI VAYE stepped blithely and John Henry followed. He AT the end of the lenfilhy cor- lights were the pink neon facings ridor, there was nothing but on the big mirror. A solitary man heavy drape. Conover slopped hunched on one of Ihe leathcr- shorl an<i the butler stepped ahead 1 lopped bar stools. The mess- of him. "If you please," said Sid- jacketed bartender was polishing ncy. glasses and softly whistling the lie pulled the material aside ann opening sixains of the Orpheus in beneath it was a large curved Hades Overture, doorway. John Henry rubbed his Faye bansed a small fisl on Hie forward [ ear. The music had sneaked up bar. The whistling choked off and on him. Beyond the door that Ihe bartender blinked. "Yes, mnd- tin vrllh • Sidnev was opening, a band was I ame? squinted in We reception nan, n,s i pl;lv j ng (uri^iy, b, assily. . Tm buying What'll you have, eyes accustoming themselves to the n< , bullcr brushed by him aga in pardner?" murkiness. The man who had I an[ i j onn Henry had the impres- ..] don't know. You order." said opened the door teetered on sion that quick hands bad patted | Jonn leather shoes, He | over his coat. Faye squealed. The slark fluorescent lighl that poured down from the ceiling of the room beyond blinded him at 1 flushe( j (a( . es O f (h c milling gam- There was a lot o< him. f , rs( . Faye's impetus sent him | blcrs in tne mnin room -wiiat : Are we lale?" Faye asked. through the doorway The man bowed his square head I Henry blinked around. squeaky patent was dressed in a black double-1 breasted suit with a black bow tie. Henry, avoidinfi the bar| lender's accusing glance. "Two rye. Straight," said Faye. Conover looked among tho WE'LL TAKE WHAT SHE SONf THAT'S ONE TIME WEN FOLKS OOt-l'T HW/r. S IS IT TRUE. THAT MR5. WHALEH IS GOING TO HAVE MEW «X BABY? OTHERWISE, WHO WOULD HAVE BOYS THAT'S RISHT CARLYLE.' VIC FLINT Another Method? By- MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE sent him I and John and said, "Never." John Henry realized h« was either butler, bouncer or guard. Possibly three. "Your card, madame?" 11 biers in the main room. Is me," he mused, "is how they do all this. It's against the law, After the lonely gloomy entry I you know." the place was a shock. It was a I "D u t it's thrilling!" Faye chor- big square room, low-ceilinged I tied and snuggled up close, shiver- nnd almost completely functional, ing. ,, .. , . ,. , „ . ,v,-|The complete absence of windows John Henry erlged away. "I'm Faye flipped her hngers and the | made the waMs sfiem blind and su ,. |)riscd ,,, e noH ce haven't faceless. 1 cracked down. Don'l tell me they "Uh-hiili " grunled John Honrv don't know this place exists." He rir7n'oVh7s'^rnIch''l' e t'nim'know|ashebegan lo catch on. Near the grunted exaggeratedly and spun hL self 'ppZted tnvcsCoUon door through which they had en- around to the drinks on the bar. harl h!ln ba^d on nretty fltmsy tered stcod a bank of slot ma- "Just what I've thought since last CTOur^? cines-slubby iron pillars from ni B ht-they're a bunch of crooked For tlie card bore no queen sym- whose heads dials of lithographed cops." . fiuil pictures peered. Opposile He looked in tbe bar mirror at them were a series of chuck-a- the eyes of Lieutenant Lay. luck lables with hour-glass cages "Morning, Mr. Conover." said of dice. Packed close down the the lanky police officer sardon- husky man caught the card deftly. John Henry had his chance to see it—and he was disappointed. The bol. Whorls and lines of patterned engraving followed the edge like those on a bond or a bank note. In the center was simply a straight black line followed by a large C. "Certainly," the butler said rus- tily. "You will forgive these precautions — " his pin-point eyes cased the pair " — but they have been found to be necessary. My name is Sidney, madame." center of the casino were (aro and ically. "1 didn't expect to s«e you poker tables and at the far end again so soon." was the long green board and dark He sat beside John Henry, one disk ol the roulette wheel. I stool removed. Close enough, Con"Isn't this fun?" Faye bubbled ° vcr realized sickeningly, to hav« at his side. licard fve 'y «•»<">!<=. ThouKh it was barely 11 o'clock. 1 (To Be Continued) f.d. Tax Intl. pen An Account IDREIFIIS \\KRI Oreifiis... Weai•PiamonJs m \\i',i' \i\iv; SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Hotter Service SOS North Franklin Phone 3203 Crappie or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo Slate Line Hiiimals do not drink Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - - And Remember Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 The sweet pea is a native of the island of Sicily. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE •NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 THE GRAMS COMPANY I\EALTOr\S Real Estate - Morlaaqe loan*.- InMirdnrf ncfE/MA. BmHFMLL FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY . EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. , • Vkonz 3646 an<t2525 TUDEBAKER. Cars & Trucks For Your Selection H IfH7 Ford Super DeLuxe, perfect in every way . . . f. radio, healer, new set of low pressure lives. 1939 Chevrolet 2-door, radio iind heater. 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CAO WeOTE THfVT ME-UH- CAN'T TAKE CARE O' VOU VET ? as STILL IRVING TO BRE&K THE BAD NEWS TO CATHY GfMHY. By FRED BARMAN BUGS BUNN\ PUT A. MUFFLER ON SOUP SLUPPIN'... OR IT'S SONNK COST DOUGH.' By V. T. HAML1N VEZZIK. PINNY. '. YOU AN' ME-- SVE'fcTE AN UNBEATA.BL.E, COMB/NATION.' By EDGAR MARTIN Gnine to Pieces BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Phone 3075

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