The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 24, 1930 · 29
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 29

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1930
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1 W- r t FRIDAY MORNING. tatcr0 amusements (Entertainments I OPEN 1. .TON 1 fJii Ifl (L Jf IN M-GM'S , STAGE Saaarlatlve Bue Dslightl T RUBE ill WOLF a neaea at ana's WAV BACK WHEN 0 A " PECIAL MADEMOISELLE M V 8TSRI08A RavMll Put , . Pi-stunt and Future FREE T Ladle et. ONLY) 1 ft O, VW'j? Speaking Screen I 'Find' ... In the Season Fastest . . , Funniest Cinema Tonio for Jaded E n t e r t i i nment Appetitei A New . . A Greater ROBERT e?4" , LOVE IN THE ROUGH DOROTHY JORDAN Kenny Rubin J. C. Nugent A Fresh . . t Lively . . . Full of Fun and Romance Comedy . . . Charles F. Riesner directed for M.-G.-M.! TOMORROW NITE Another Fait . Movlni . . Frliky Bundodg. er's FraHt . . Fint , . Still th Best ! Jk 0 f I . . I For HP 3p lit IHF SI . fl ' T I' w.. the till of Vour Life . . , Thli t'proarloue . . . Sidesplitting . , . Screen lloosecow ot Howl- u 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 is I.taylni , . Lravlnr Soon! JOHN FORD'S , i Y ... iV 1 with SPENCER TIUCY CLAIRE LUCE WARREN HYMEK JOAN LAWKS WM. COLLIER. Sr. Morictone 0 Contlnaoui 11-11! A PoDular Prleei! Mlrkey Mouie Cartoon TOM TERMS' tATFST VAGABOND SKRIF.S' VOTE HO onU PAYLSGZ1T SAVING ! I. rnrmm II, , I 111 J, J I ll If l" , I .J ' in. I L a'W'H U-J ' """ Stage Junta Cruit's Smashlnf . , Drama-Hit: I A Faacam bum mwm ,Bi ij a M B M E 0 L I N K I D 0 I II 0 T t SU Sat. -Mat. 0 I y I , LOLA LANE BIG BOY WILLIAMS . WHEELER. OAKM AN From the Brliaco State Sensation! A Fattened A Mini "IUa" with U. S. I N D I AN RFKFRVA. TION BAND And Gar stout P a II Ugt B II tia A 1 kit Klotooa , . Komantlc tpic of Dayi of Suanlnh Sonal Itirhard Arlcn Cieorfe O'Brien ANTA m TRAIL'l Show at 7 9 P.M. For Rcnomd SeaU CR. SIW. Moved Here Frnrnllf 'I 111 I J H FYl H I J i.nw'. ft I tTi V WILL ROGERS m ttSOTHlS IS LONDON" I NORMA HEARER "Lt III Oil" Marl DrwiUf R 0 N A L D 0 0 L M A N "R A 1 tl " lllltal 4 Hardy Comady FIL M AltTE f i',f fvX fiji VINI 5THHT T"'-l hMAI'TIV III Oam am I win S I F FORD P I NCHOT'S Thrilling Trip "SOUTH SEAS' J 0 E C 0 0 K I "Rill r I Shin Louli FaMnda IWI1AX E r t t Labi tteh'i "MONTE C A JML 0'' F Mavla. t a Ntwi Metropolitan Productions. Ltd. William leBaron. Manatlnj Director announces the first of a season of original plays WOMEN WHO TAKE" by JANE MURFIN with (RENE RICH OLIUE TELL MORGAN WALLACE starting MONDAY. OCT03ER 27th MASON THEATRE Phone TUeker 7373 tor Reservatlont Seats SOe to S3.S0 Rtenlnt Performance at 8:30 Wednetdar Mat.. SOe to 11.50 Saturday Mat., Site to I MM) 5th Big Week 3 WIKKS IN ADVANCE I 1 (, -J . t'.lfl Hi.... -ifnt),,, I HO vm " GAYEST. GASPING, GALA COMFDT OF THE YEAR MAI" 111 FiDAY "Mlllionalrei with a chorm tlrl ramp'.ex" aiarrma jijmi T. JHt KRAT with Esther Muir and Mta Caraller OCTOBER 24, 1930.-.PART II. 9 hrspers tReprlntFd from Thursdar'i late edition) BY MURIEL BABCOCK THERE'S a possibility that Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the eminent English actress who is to enlighten Hollywood Friday afternoon on "Beautiful Speech and the Art of Acting," may follow this feat by doing a play at the Vine-street Theater. Most, of Hollywood knows Mrs. Campbell as that English la.dy who epea;ca her mind and who, with her remarkable flow of wit, has been giving the old "regulars" among the wisecrackers a run for their money; Some of those who know the theater are also cognizant of the fact that she Is regarded as an authority on manners and style of acting in an era of the drama which Is just closing. She would probably give a most interesting performance, one well worth seeing. Several plays of Shaw's, one or two of Pinero's, and Ibsen's "Ghosts" are under consideration for a vehicle. "Lost Sheep" Considered ,As a mater of fact, the Vine-street managers can't quite make up their minds about their next attraction. , They're think ing auoui Mrs. Campbell. Also they are con- $ templating "Lost Sheep," that risque piece of foolery which Jk tumbled Into 1 New York la f May and tar-? tied even the s most seasoned ; of critics and J, theater - goers. H Arthur Grevllle Collins wants to do this. From what I have 1 i 1 inyii tHMeV'' ool-UNS $ i i MACDONAlf heard, it Is about a couple of minister's daughters who take up their residence, unwittingly, In a house of unsavory reputation. There are also, under consideration, for immediate booking, "A Cup of Sugar," with Dorothy Mac-kaye, now at the Figueroa Playhouse after a trip to San Francisco, and "Green Bottle," new play written by John T. Murray. . MacDonald Opotion Canceled Broadway is about to fall heir to quite a bit of talent which has been hanging up Its hat In Holly wood. Yesterday . I heard that Jeanette Mac-Donald was considering a return to the New York stage in e new operetta which would provide her a star role In keeping with th which hai been . flashing from the screen in such films as "Monte Carlo" and "Love Parade," Paramount, to which she has been under contract, admitted yesterday that It had failed to renew her option. Of course, there is a chance she may stay here and work for some other film company. Hammerstein Back to Stage Arthur Hammerstein. who last April announced he would abandon stage production for the talking motion picture, has reconsidered his decision and yesterday announced that he would in the future devote all of his time to theatricals. He said that "the public lack of interest in musical films" has been responsible for his change of plans and that his contract with United Artists has been canceled. His next stage production, which is expected to reopen his theater, dark since the sudden failure of "Luana" in mid-December, will be a musical comedy called "Ballyhoo," and starring W. C. Fields. Two Others Depart Hollywood Erno Rapee, who, if seems, came to Hollywood Just a few months ago t make a half-million dollars directing all music for Warner's, boards a train today for New York, He is going back to Roxy's to conduct and also to do national broadcasting. Oscar Straus, Viennese composer, leaves here the middle of November for Vienna where his new operetta, "The Farmer General" will be launched. Beautiful Girls Needed More of Eddie Cantor's forthcoming show is that! it won't have any choruses but it will have a lot of beautiful girls as background. Mr. Cantor believes that pulchritude on the stage provides fitting frame for comedy, be It of revue or plain farce variety. So far no one has broken down and confessed the name of this Cantor show. I'd like to know. Mason Opening Sold Out A young gentleman who brings me dispatches from the R.-K.-O. studio on the progress of events theatrical at the Mason Theater reported gleefully yesterday the open ing performance of "Women Who Take" was completely sold out. Money orders and checks for tickets are even now being returned. The premiere occurs Monday evening. Beverly Hills Efforts The Beverly Hills Community Players will get their fall season well under way with three performances of "interference" next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Arthur Kachel has directed Irene Hunt Weyman, Bernard Borge, Ray Noll, Joan Black-more, James Woolwine, Jr.; Theresa Arensma, Norman Pabst, Jr., and others. The show will be staged In the theater's new home, the top floor of the California Bank Building. Dl'RYEA SIGNED An Important addition to the cast of "Tol'able David," which will be revived by Columbia, was. made yesterday with the signing of George Duryea. The actor, who Is best remembered for his portrayal In "The Godless Girl," will play, the brother role. This was the part originally played by Warner Richmond. Gifted sictress Graces Stage "At 4 " "' ' ' i' . ' .-;: ' . ' ... ' :' . .. aajjJM!PJ,.f "' r : I i X Asham to Again Sing Lead Role "New Moon" - u ... Irene Rich Who enjoys wide popularity for her film characterization will portray the v leading part in. Jane Murfin's drama, "Women Who Take," starting Monday night at the Mason Theater, SPECIAL PREVIEW. LISTED Of the numberless thousands of those who ' have dialed In each night on Amos n Andy, the first to see the radio Idols on the screen will be those In the audience at the midnight matinee preview tonight of "Check and Double Check" at the Orpheum Theater. By virtue of the special permission authorizing the preview showing, the Orpheum is scoring over 250 other theaters throughout? the country, which simultaneously will present the official premiere of the picture tomorrow morning. Due to the interest shown here in the film debut of the radio stars, the Orpheum has made arrangements to run the maximum number of showings during the first three days. The doors will open tomorrow, Sunday and Monday at 8 a.m., and there will be extra midnight performances on these days. "Check and Double Check" Is said to bring to the silver sheet the rich humor and compellnig pathos responsible for the success of Freman F. Gosden and Charles J. Correll In their radio characterizations. The story of the radio production has woven in its background a romance featuring Charles Morton and Sue Carol. Mel Brown directed. ( Big Trail" to Be Produced in Five Languages The romance, thrills and adventure depicted in Raoul Walsh's "The Big Trail," current Fox Grandeur production at Grauman's Chinese Theater, will be carried to the far corners of the earth in at least five languages, it Is announced at the Fox studios. Assignment of directors has been made and the filming of the epic will begin shortly in French, Ger man, Spanish and Italian. Translation of Hal G. Evarts's story Is underway. A company of ,20,000 worked six months to complete "The Big Trail," and, while it is set against a background of one of the most thrilling periods in American history, the romantic appeal is strong, due to the dominant love theme, as enacted by John Wayne and Marguerite Churchill. Seymour Felix's opulent musical extravaganza which precedes "The Big Trail" features fifty studio dancers in rhythm routine. Roscoe Taylor- and Franklyn Record, soloists, and an augmented orchestra ot concert musicians are among the added attractions Adventure Film Starts Run at Filmarte Today Scenes of men harpooning giant porpoises from the bowhead of a schooner are among the many views contained In "South Seas," the camera and microphone account of the cruise of Mr. and Mrs. Glfford Plnchot and their youna son, Glffy, into the islands of tha Pacific. "South Seas." starts tonight at the Filmarte Theater for a week's showing. Plnchot, ex-Governor of Pennsylvania, had planned tills cruise for forty years, but admitted that when he finally set forth In his own three-masted schooner he found more glamour, more unusual experiences on the trip than he had imagined possible. There are also views of large sea-bats, of a school of thirty-four man-eating sharks; of giant Galapagos tortoise, the rarest of the turtle family; of strange birds and trees and plants, of coral gardens photographed on the bottom of the ocean and scenes showing pearl divers at work above and below the water. "Green Bottle" Announced for Vine-Street One week from tomorrow night "My Girl Friday"' will close at the Vine Street Theater, and on Sun day evening will be followed by a mystery play, "The Green Bottle," written by John T. Murray, comedian of the current offering. So far no cast has been announced for "The Green Bottle," but It Is hinted that two of the stars of the Dresent attraction. John T Mmr and Nita Cavalier, are slated for the production. In the current farce John T. Mur-rav Is conslderpft humorous na th playboy from Buffalo, and Charles uioiyn as me oacicer or me snow elicits several laughs. Nita Cavalier, Esther Muir and Frances Mor-rls enact the chorus girls. ADDED SCENES PLANNED Norman Kerrv will make some ad ditional scenes In "Ex-Flame" the first Of thi wepk. accord Ins- to nffl- cials for Liberty Productions with "Estrellados" to Be Screened at California Buster Keaton, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer comedian, will make his debut as a Spanish-speaking funster at the International California Theater tonight, where the premiere showing of M.-G.-M."s Spanish comedy, "Estrellados," will be given. In this film Keaton is aided by a cast of Spanish-speaking players, headed by Raquel Torres, Don Alvarado and Maria Calvo. Tonight's premiere promises to be a brilliant affair, attended by many prominent Spanish-speaking players of the local colony, as well as leaders of the social and business world. Several special attractions will be offered. Including the appearance on the staa:e of Nellie Fernandez, Maria Calvo, Manuel Lopez, Luis Llaneza, Gulseppe Micell and Cantu's Orchestra. "Squealer" at Majestic Today "The Squealer," a drama of New York underworld activities, opens today at the Majestic Theater. This picture, which co-stars Jack Holt and Dorothy Revier is said to present a new aspect of metropolitan night life. One of the most amuying scenes in "The Squealer" shows Davey Lee, the popular screen youngster, compelling a group of gangsters to play "Indian" with him. A comedy, starring Slim Summervllle Is also on the new program, in At the BUtmore Theater Monday night Perry Askam will start, in where he 'left off at the Majestic last April In Lillian Albertson's stage production of the Sigmund Romberg operetta, "The New Moon." The present engagement Is of necessity limited to two weeks, as the singing star is booked to open ,a brief road tour In Portland November. 10, after which he is to be sent to London to appear in a new operetta, Myrah Hubert is' the new prima donna, playing . opposite Askam. Signalizing the success of "The New Moon" is the widespread popularity of "Lover, Come Back to Me" and "Stout-hearted Men," the two outstanding songs of the score. A chorus of about 100 voices supports the principals In these numbers. Marian Marsh Scores Hit in Belasco Play One of the younger members of the "Young Sinners" cast, now at the Belasco Theater, who has scored a distinct hit, Is Marian Marsh, who plays the leading feminine role. Miss Marsh is 17 years of age, slender and blond. Before she stepped on the stage for the first performance of "Young Sinners," she had never acted behind the footlights, although she had played several minor roles In motion pictures. She was selected by Edgar Mac-Gregor, the director,' as the Ideal girl to portray the somewhat sensational scenes In the comedy without creating offense. Downtown to Screen Billie Dove Vehicle Adapted to the screen from the magazine serial by Frederick Haz-litt Brennan, "One Night At Susie's," starring Billie Dove, starts at Warner Brothers' Downtown Theater today. An unusual plot, in .which Miss Dove is forced to shoot an objectionable suitor rather than subject to his unwelcome attentions, forms the basis of the story. Heading the supporting cast "is Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. John Fran cis Dillon directed. CAWTHORN IN FILM Joseph Cawthorn will probably appear In another picture before he is seen on the stage, although plans for the comedian by Radio Pictures include his return to the footlights. Cawthorn was last co-starred on Broadway In "Sunny" with Marilyn Miller and was signea oy cauie while he was enjoying a holiday with Mrs. Cawthorn in Europe. ACTRESS WOULD DIRECT Chatterton. starring In Paramount's production "The Right to Love, pians 10 cnange ner pits-ent place in front of the camera to t.h directorial chair at some fu ture date. At the age of 20 Miss Chatterton dtrectea ner own stage plays for Henry Miller. BODIL ROSING SIGNED Bodil Rosing has been signed for hp? Kpnonrl successive nicture at Fox Studio. She will portray the featured role of the cook In "The Spy," starring Edmund Lowe. Miss Rosing recently completed a part in "Stolen munaer " ior rox. MEETING SCHEDULED Albert B. Ruddock, newly appointed chairman of the advisory board of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, has called a meeting of his committee for Monday at the California Club. LANG TO START Walter Lang, busily reading stories, plans to start direction of a picture for James cruze m aDout two weeks. . Dcatct0 amusements entertainments; U"'"r'rU1 1 ,!.' i ... Msa no, Romantic . , Adventnroua . . . Undaunted Youth of A m e r I o a ' a Yeaterday , . Vt hoie Gltrloui Eilolta ... Conaueata . , . Hare Been Manlfleantly Enihrtned ... In Thli Supreme Eple of Eolea . . . The Moat Tranaeendentlr tibllmi 8 p e a a I n r Bcretn Atbltf at f All Time! Raoul Walsh's mm uvi Cart of ZCyOOO beaded b JOHN WAYNf MARGUERITE CHURCHILL EL BRENDEL iuuy maohau mow rowa Davis aoiw FOX MOVIETONE PRODUCTION , rb.dMkiya. GRANDEUR NOW WITH GORGEOUS STAGE REVUE A Dazzling . . . Glittering EnaembU of Rare Chirm . , . Color , . . Spectacle 50 BeBUtiet 50 "MAYFAIR SENSATION" (Stared br Seymour Fells) Em.yplijJlui awwauamuj.iaioW Feat Sale CUd. 518 Owl Drar. IHh I,'"Vif Broadway ... AH Other Reeornlied Af'neles! Ii Jil WO Matinee State 4)e r m - . '":t .' I act tikicc -r-ri AXI krt b iivia.k Bw&sr-w (A LADY SURRENDERS) ( A l.MVtKSAl, J'llllHE Willi I CONRAD NAGEL'GENEVIEVE TOBIN ROSE HOBART BASIL RATH BONE 'yiDPJITE PREVIEW n..;. ' AMOS-m-ANDYmCHECK AND DOUBLE OIECK" U at rrniiiTr img scats on sale now Cri B dth lUfil B L P.M. REGULAR. PRICES WJrft -i !L K ef TOMORROW 8 A.M. THEY FLASH INTO VIVID UFE ACROSS THE SCREEN IN TUPIO riDCT TALKING PICTURE iV-1 '"Jl'ZglX w ai ni B. S E s . km law--am 9k i aaoam K l A Thrilling, Throbbing yd World-beloved Adventures sfZ0" V V Humorous Drama of their JV- JIB rf' SUE CAROL-IRENE (UCH-RALFHAROIDE r ' CHAS.M0RT0N - ELLINGTONS BAND iAf Brown Production RKO Radio Picture HEAR SPECIAL BROADCAST TONIGHT AT 7:30 AirtP 'k ' ak nv rK o.s.r do rr,u o.ka f iui-w CTATinm i"cri i... rrtiiDTFCV PPPCnnFNTfn I r i I ' 1 1 i . ii - v , . fc- w , ' ' " . ' 111 irii i'-T "ti'-i llfll- HI.IMTM I. M" I y 'EjP 30c to 1 P. M. V " I lJsj TWINS IN BODY . . Vy'l STRANGERS IN SOUL bert lytell I Playing a remarkable dual I characterization In II VBROTHERSV'I with Dorothy Sebastian If .J B RKO VAUDEVILL Direct from Palace. N. T. COUNT BERNI VICI and his 14 Srmphonle Glrla TED LESLIE CARLETONa-BALLEW Lauehlna Thra Mfe DEZSO RETTER The Man Who Wrestlee with Himself Vote NO on No. 7 Day II jM Se.lef ill I II BROADWAY AT 9th TRinirV?238 DOORS OftM 10 A.M. "There wasn't a dry eye in the house ...and the house was packed" Samutl GoldVyn and Flortnz ZiegftlJ pretunt EDDIE CANTOR in I B THIRD WHOOPING, HILARIOUS WEEK ' j'lS'gg'aH'i'WM 3$ until I u mmwrvmm s Jgsi 6th AND HIILSTS VA-I04I Ij O- MARRIAGE VOWS ? ? ? ? IN OXE MAD MOMENT OF LOVE, SHE SHATTERED THEM. DISCRETION SHE FLUNG TO THE WINDS NOTHING REMAINED BUT , SI tE trL N H PARAMOUNT DRAMATIC SMASH WITH ancy Carroll Fredric March TMI INCOMAAIH RUBINOFF DUlCTINiJ MR A. MOUNT! RAN ORCHItTBA ON TMI (TABS ''HIGHSPEED" l aAariHSTOM nivue AY iOLdta (VOTE NO ON NO. 7 DAYLIGHT SAVING) ON CALF Zri'0"00 OurY v - - aw.. 'Il ft tfftaV1tftli "Till iniIN aVVJ fcTtraVUfcle aTfi t ft fVa1 a - i, w .1 M QLUY WC'OO Vine Street Nsai ' Nallyweed Blvd. GRANITE 1131 n rPAnnnn nm aiiiviwi a. - tCOTUTAflXINGTON MATS w was $at 255Cr75' EVERY EVE 5015 IW l 5th BIG HOWLING WEEK t.ij MATS SwWU ZS0TWBW9ylria'.paaatwomaa I A Howl of Joy BELASCO WE 33 Mate, Wed.. Sat. Comedy of Youthful Indiscretions "Young Sinners" LIMITED ENGAGEMENT i serlea ct pictures.

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