Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 8, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NAUGATPCK NEWS (COBfN.), TUESDAY, NOV. 8, 1049 Sunday) by NATJGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephone* 1218 and S2W All Department* Catered a* •econoV clam matter at the poet office In Naugatuck. Coup. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 MonUi ...tlJO 1 Tear . .rtB.80 Marnier:' American Newipapcr Pub. AM*D W. B. DaOy Newspaper Pub. AM*D Conn. Wewapaper Publlahera Aaa'p TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1949 Drain Of War For some time American industrialists have been concerned about America's high grade iron ore position. The almost inexhaustible Mesabi range of northern Minnesota has been one of the prime factors in America's industrial leadership, the ore being cheaply produced, abundant and of high quality. But the strain of the two world wars and America's Industrial expansion have reduced the reserves in this great resource to only a few years. Then the steel industry will be compelled to fall back upon lower grade iron ores,. which are abundant but costlier, or rely hazardously upon foreign supplies. This uncertain outlook, together with the question about oil supplies in the future, is disquieting in relation to America's future position as a world power able to defend itself against all enemies. Steel and oil are the sinews of a modern nation. There is some comfort in the evidence that Russia, too, is running short of high grade iron ore because of heavy drains upon the supply. The Urals, source of Russia's iron, are being depleted rapidly. Use of ore of lesser quality is causing inferior industrial output. Whether approaching scarcity if the raw materials of war will >e conducive' to peace is to be .een. It Most Not Happen Much has been heard recently ; bout the destructive powers of : tomie bombs used in warfare. '.Vould whole cities be destroyed . ad the entire population killed? How wide an area would be affected by a single explosion? How fir from the scene would a person have to be to be secure from immediate or later harm? What happened to -the Japanese cities thus attacked offers the only authentic answer to these 'peculations. And that informa- lion is not heartening. Hiroshima, prior to the bomb••-Lg, had an estimated population of 400,000, although hundreds had !:een evacuated because of war. Of that population, 85,000 survive :it the present time. Japanese officials say that 78,000 died as a result of the bombing. The city itself was practically destroyed Hiroshima is being rebuilt, with all construction of a modern type including some 2,000 housing units Present population is 260,000. Modern atomic bombs are known to be more potent and effective than those dropped on the Japanese cities. Results of an atomic war are too horrible to contemplate. It must not happen. Implementing A Dream Interplanetary night is as yet a fantastic dream, but the Aero Medical Association of New York has on its agenda studies to prepare man physically and mentally to endure such flights. So far man in his high flying has been called upon to meet nuunly the problems of oxygen in rarefied atmosphere. Now such problems as reduced gravity, ac- celeration.environmental hazards vision and collision with meteor! ites are under survey. There is no information about how the lungs and heart would act in flight be- «£^f* he stratosphere. What about the absolute cold beyond Earths atmosphere? The Navy is making a small be- gmn,ng through its centrifuge, a machine in which human fol er . S £ », fantastic s P«*d s are tested. Mechanical breathers are also being experimented with. These are special protective suits with oxygen masks. All this may come to nothing Man has the dream to fly to the Moon or to Mars, but not all his dreams are realizable. He can however, prepare fliers fw . g dazzhng speeds with which they are to-flit through this planet's finTTv, '• Wheth " °,an will find the means or the courage to break compa B y with gravity and go gadding about in unex^ Plored space only the future can Economy That Failed Some months ago. when there were indications the federal ministration might turn its tention to the matter of gov ment economy a report came uu of Washington that 200,000 civilian employes, no longer needed, would be lopped off the payroll! It was the best news weary taxpayers had heard in a long time. However, as usual nothing came ad- at- govern- i out of it, and so far as anybody knows the 200,000 are still slurping at the federal trough. But that isn't the whole story. Instead of a reduction in the number of civilian employes, many thousands have been added, and the total will soon exceed the peacetime record of 2,150,000 marked up in 1947. Those wise to the ways of modern politics had little or no faith in the promises of economy in the federal government. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but Washington is twiddling its thumb while the citizens freeze for want of coal. If that energy used by the armed services quarreling with one another were directed against an enemy, America would be safe against all comers. Do You Remember? One Year Ago The High school football team lost to a powerful Leavenworth High quintet, 12-6, at Recreation Field. Charlie Alegi scored Naugatuck's touchdown. Diane Spadola was elected president of the Senior Girl Scout Troop, No. 24. 20 Years Ago Miss Irene L. Squires, secretary of the Naugatuck Chamber of Commerce, was attending a meeting of the Connecticut Commercial Secretaries' Association in New Haven. George Cleary, former Naugatuck resident, was transferred from Hartford to the Rochester, N. Y.,office of the Aetna Life Insurance Co. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. If a guest is late for dinner and the meal has already begun, is it necessary for the men present to rise in order to greet .the latecomer? A, No. The host and hostess should rise, but it is less confusing for the other guests to remain seated. Q. If a friend of a bereaved family attends the funeral, if it necessary to wear black clothes? A. No; but one should wear subdued clothes, and avoid any gay colors. Q. Should asparagus ever be eaten with the fingers? A. Never; cut off the edible tips and use the fork to convey them to your mouth. Look And Learn 1. What is considered the most valuable substance in the world? 2. What are five U. S. state capitals whose names begin with the letter "A"? 3. How large is the human heart? 4. Which tree is emblematic of peace 5. How many parts are there in a watch? Answers Ir-Radium. 2. Augusta, Maine; Albany. N. Y.; Atlanta, Ga.; Annapolis, Md.; and Austin, Texas. 3. About the size of the fist. 4. The birch. 5. Prom 150 to 200 individual parts. , Don Granger, son of Mrs. Anno Gruii|f«r, Mlllvlllc itvoiiiu;, |iont- cards from Fort Dlx, N. J., that food there In good and basic training Isn't too tough... Don, who for a year before cnliHting In the regular Army, was a member of the National Guard, has been In the Army for about three weeks. The Charlie Kohns have taken up residence on Lewis street... Charlie Is the NEWS prcsa operator... John H. Simmons, of Lewis street, observed a birthday Sunday. . .And tomorrow is Mr«. Simmons' birthday. ..Congratulations. Three people have bumped their heads on a metal fuse box set on a pole in front of the NEWS office last week In connection with the Christmas street-lighting: arrangements ... none of tho three seen walking- into the box seemed to suffer any injury... placed a foot higher, all but a giant could pass it safely. Since police started their drive against parking on the wrong side of Oak street, drivers have been sticking to the rules.. .seldom in the past week has there been a violation on that street, although some of the other borough streets still have scrambled parking. Nice scnini; Mike Poyntcr of llitniNoa Ijiino out and around u^aln nftur a short Htuy In St. Mary's himpitul . ,h«'s a very Important part of the Naugatoneg, harlHTshop quartet. We hear enthusiastic reports of the Halloween party given by the Rev. Jerome Cooke of St. Mi-, chael's church, Beacon Falls, for tho children of the sixth, seventh and eighth Kradoa... tho young people aay it waH the nlce«t party they'd ever attended... several graduates came to help out with the games and other details. Somebody came away from "Spoc" Shea's testimonial the other nlffht without a hat, Emil Marlino tells us... Said topper may be retrieved by calling Emil at 2531, or by dropping around to 11 I'hoenix avenue... The Woodbridge Tunnel of the Wilbur Cross Parkway is apparently going to be a bottle-neck until the novelty wears off.. .Sunday traffic was so heavy that the 55 mile an hour speed limit was slowed to about 10 miles an hour. .. .the 10 to 15 minute trip from Derby to Woodbridge required about 45 to 50 minutes Sunday. Friends of Bob Stien will welcome his new address.. .Pfc. Robert Stein, 307th Div. (Jet), Turner Airfield Base, Albany, Ga. Miss Nancy Shannahan of Waterbury, who has friends and relatives in Naugatuck and is a student at St. Elizabeth's college in New Jersey, attended a tea Sunday given by the alumni of the college in New York city... she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Shannahan.. .Mrs. S. is the former Anne Scanlon. Mr, and Mrs. Bocco Contaldo of Coen street, currently visiting Italy, write friends they have visited Rome, Milan and Bolagna and are having a wonderful trip. Since the beginning of the hockey season all home games of the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs have been starting at 7:30 p. m. EST... A lot of the bookies here apparently aren't aware of the fact. They are accepting bets up to 8:30...They are being fleeced by all owners and players (In pool rooms with Western Union tickers) who are able to get a score by score report of every goal between 7:30 and 8:30 p. m. In short: Man Btles Dog and Evidently Likes It. If Naugatuck can continue its fatality free highway record for 53 more days it will have completed its second deathless year... Police Chief John J. Gormley asks residents and pedestrians to cooperate and continue to make this j one of the nation's safest communities from the standpoint of traffic accidents. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Emery have returned to their home in Saco, Me., after spending the past week in the borough.. .Visiting here Sunday from Tenafly, N. J., was Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Anderson and daughter, Andrea. With the atmosphere these past few days indicating winter is just around the corner, Street Supt. Leo Brophy says his street department crews are all set with trucks and plows...but, he adds that they and everyone else would be extremely happy if they weren't used this year.. .too'bad it's wishful thinking. Letters are being received in the borough from Mary Lou Brann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Brann of Beacon Falls... Mary Lou is majoring- In music education and piano at the University of Colorado, and says Colorado is a beautiful state and everyone is very friendly. Arriving- in the borough early Saturday evening for a visit were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Painter and sons, Richard and Paul, of Washington, D. C., who are staying with Mrs. Painter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Anderson on Pleasant avenue. A small, boys' bicycle was left near Naugatuck High school one day last week... The bicycle is being kept at the school while efforts to find tho owner are being made... The boy who lost or left It there may have it by calling at the school. Word crosses our desk concerning the Rubber avenue tycoon who pays a daily visit to a barbershop—to have his hair combed. ...One of his associates is currently planning a campaign to raise funds for the purchase of a comb, to be given to said tycoon. Celebrating her birthday last Thursday was Mrs. Barry Smith, the former Diane Parsons.. .And recently Linda Nardello, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nardello was four years old. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bona of Locust street were receiving congratulations yesterday on their 22nd wedding anniversary. AN OLDER PEOPLE I The percentage of Americans 65 years old or oldor has nearly doubled in the last 50 years. MANY-COLORED STONE Sapphires range in color from crystal-clear through yellow, green and blue to black. ANOTHER FLOP |N THE KLONDIKE WALTER WINCHELL In New York BIG TOWN NEWSREEL Helen Hayes is returning to radio and may return to the stage this season Cor Josh Logan. Hip tflng of "S. Pacific" and "Mr. Roberta" are only two of hla achievements. The latter hit will soon give its angels another $100,000. That'll be 700 Gs in dividends to date... They say Rockefeller money is back- Ing- the production of HO films .to be made in London. .. Kay Thompson waa in town to see some of the shows. Resumes at Chicago's Mayfair Room on the llth. , .Irving'Ber- lin assigned all his profits from "This Is the Army" to the Army Emergency Fund during the war. The latest check for $50,000 brlnjjH the total up to $9,505,800. He also gave all royalties on his song, "I Threw a Kiss In the Ocean," to Navy Relief.. .The "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" producer (H. Levin) prefers beautiful Bethe Douglas, a redhead... M. Berle will be Grand Marshal and lead the annual Macy Parade on Thanksgiving Day... Here's a switch: In "The Big Wheel" cute Mary Hatcher has to wear etevated shoes to be as tall as Mickey Rooney. Mildred Darling, a Ziegfeld immortal, now owns the concessions at Hogan's Irish House... Jean Ackerman, another Follies alumna, joins M. Reibeison's insurance firm this wk...Nick Roberts (of the 3 Bars) knows a Hollywoodite with a large vocabulary. Can drop over 800 names... Wanna buy binoculars cheap? There's a new 22-story building going up between the CBS edifice and the Hotel Weston, making all those radio rogues who peeked very miserable... Four studios are bidding- for Robert Sylvester's new book, "Second Oldest Profession." It's- a newspaperman thriller... Nobody we've read to date has guessed the correct title of the current "Stop the Music" tune. It is "Chief Hokum"... Treasurer's Report to the Nation: The Runyon Fund soon starts on its 4th million. The first 3 millions have already started working for You. The reason you know this Is a free election —is that there's no place to vote "Ja." .... °s n Admirer declared ody who commits SI1 j c jd c should go see a Psychiatrist?" Household Scrapbook Glove Odor Kid g-loves usually acquire an unpleasant leathery X odor ,f the hands perspire. This can be avoid- dUine Hce or talcum - Last July H. H. Leidy of the Bronx (a printer on the N. Y. Times) wbn ?38,000 in the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans Sweepstakes. Guess who missed the story completely? The Times, of course ...The 2nd edition of Simon & Schuster's "A Treasury of Great Reporting-" has already been ordered—before publication. It comes to your bcok shop on the 10th. Terrific advance excitement. Crowded with thrillers... Cong. James Murphy is back from Spain and says nobody thefted $5,000 from his pants in Madrid aa widely reported by news services. It happened to Cong. Eugene Kehoe of Brooklyn... Wanna embarrass a Red? Ask him why it is wrong for us to ask our Federal employes to swear loyalty to our system—but all right for the Czechs to ask their priests to do the same towards theirs. Hmf! The Moscow Radio flashed the Kremlin's "Literary Gazette" report: "J 1 Edgar Hoover celebrated .25 years as head of the American (Police State and a great uproar of approval was raised by that gangster of the press, Waltei Winchell". ..It added: "The U S. Secret Police (FBI) was started with the Declaration of Independence." What they should have told the Russians of course, was that such gangsters of the pen as Tom Jefferson and Pat Henry started a revolution because " Geo. 3rd of England started to act like Joe Stalin. Insiders, know. that. Madeleine Carroll isn't in/love with a nobleman. She goes to Reno to be ready for a suburbanite, whose wife won't surrender as of now.. Robert Sarnoff, (son of the RCA big- gie) hasn't felt any (pain over the .divorce. He's dating Susan Schrafft Guinie .. Don Hornsby, the mad pianist (a pet of movie stars), has an unusual problem. He's in a jam with the Musicians' Union for posing in an advertisement for a nonunion barber Quizmaster Todd Russell tossed away $50,000 worth of radio shows annually here—to move to California because medicos ordered his wife there Smart members of the Subway Set are taking their vacation in Miami Beach during- Nov.—before the Dec. rates go up. ..The only tnm# greater than the Miami Sun is the Miami Moon. Racica and model Corky T?rewnlcr are trying- to dig up $2 for a license ..NBC insidens arc excited about the buzz that Fred Allen, who was dead-.:>ol against It, Is now IntcrcHtod In a tv Rponnor . .John Payne and Gloria DcHavon lust went phffft for phffft time. Well, do not tho psychologists always (*n.y husband» and wives should :ake occasional vacations from ?ach other if they want a happy marriage?.., Coronet's startler for dieters: For an active man (among other things) the "bread and butter requirements, are six slices of bread per meal and four pats of butter (per day!" Kllnson (where .y'been?) reports that one of the 'movie firms has hit upon a scheme to double Its Income. They're going to toar down the studio and put up a parking lot. ..Joe Kamp (who was to start his Federal sentence Nov it ™ * n ° tIlQr m °t'on to delay it. The U. S. Attorney has five days to answer, the Judge Armstrong «t will be agonized to learn .Aside to the Federal Jail- -ss Alien ,va,s elected I trustee Washington w as flooded with pro'- r Admira ' Denfcld's flr- y me " now <Juip:a new grade of security above Tap Secret. It i s caUed B " rn ' vi °* " Diam °"<J til e kind nf ° ne ° f her ! ° VerS as " th * kind of man you have to marry to . Fowl Dressing- Do not pac'.. Hie fowl too tightlv with the dressing. The stuffing needs room to expand, and if it"? packed in too tightly, 'the result s a soggy, indigestible filling- Clean Leather Leather may be cleaned by rub- with one part vi Realty Transactions The following papers have been filed for record in the office of Town Clerk Raymond St. John Warranty Deed •,»,if, VinSr °" and Ida Sj ncerbox to William R., and Olive A. Jackman property on Lewis street. Mortgage Deeds James E., and Bridget T. Sweetman to Naugatuck Savings Bank property on Highland avenue. Ethel G. Bona to Naugatuck Savings Bank, property on Locu-t street. Certificate Of Descent Estate of Eugenic Montanari to James, Dante and Ferdinand Montanari, Orlanda Schlapfer and James Pistarelli, property on South Main street. Quit Claim Deed James, Dante and Ferdinand Montanari and James Pistarelli to Orlanda Schlapfer, property* on. South Main street. Mortgage Releases Naugatuck Savings Bank to James E., and Bridget T. Sweetman. Naugatuck Savings Bank to Ethel G. Bona. Bridgeport People's Savings Bank to F. Victor Garfield. 15,000 YEAR ERA Cro-Magnon is believed to have lived in the era from 25,000 to 10000 B. C. For a Worthy Cause Cedric Adams, the Minneapolis oolyumist, found out something recently that some of us knew all along- . His publisher advertises his essays in publications all over' the nation. But a recent one which joshed the New Yorker was refused by that map .The New Yorker practically invented the sort of humor which kids everybody, but can't stand being kidded. Use Bay, the Clyde. Matthews model, left for Movietown to appear in a Bob Hope film M. Downey, Joe S. Lewis, Virgil Moore and Company win 'be devastated at the news. , .Newsre*! ace Larry ATTRACTIVE Naida Thomas Is shown •t a New York gallery displaying a priceless pair of silver jugs, part of a collection of recovered Nazi loot that will go on sale to furnish funds lor the International Refugee Organization of the United Nations. The money will be used to assure a livelihood for some of Europe's displaced persona. (International) j^u^WASHINGTON MARCH OF EVENTS United States to Back Marshal Tito to Hilt World Bank Considering Large Yugoslavian Loan Special to Central Press TFTASHINGTON—The United States has determined to back Mar- W shal Tito of Yugoslavia to the hilt It is going to give all pon- alble assistance short of war to Tito's continuing flght against Russia. In fact.'if the Soviets atari guerrilla warfare through their uatel- Htes the United States is ready to lift the embargo on arms to the Balkan nation Meantime, this country is going right down the economic line with Tito and his generals—as long as they keep on battling the Kremlin brand of Communism The World Bank, whose major support cornea from the United States, is considering a 200- million-dollar loan to Yugoslavia to bolster the economic means of the struggling power Further, the United States has authorized Tito to buy a multl-milllon-dollar steel mill in thi* country Ostensibly the mill would be used to roll rails and similar industrial equipment. Once constructed, it could just aa easily be UMd to further a Tito arms building program Reason for this backing of a Red regime is simple Tito, by his refusal to obey Kremlin orders, is seriously undermining morale in the Russian satellites—and the United States wants the good work to keep going. Marshal Tito • CZECH PURGE—Next door to Yugoslavia, the fight for democracy is not going- as well. Private reports reaching Washington say the Czech Red rulers have marked for "liquidation" about 20.000 so-called "enemies of the state." These reports, compiled by Czech exile sources, say the Prague Ministry of the Interior-has a cara-index of some 60,000 names of Czechs considered to be active enemies of the regime. The Soviet satellite government's purge is reported to be so intensive that the list of "enemies" includes the names of some Communists themselves. Exile sources say that the purge already is under way and that prisons are so full the g-overnment is busy erecting concentration camps to hold its political enemies. Details of the purge are; of course, sketchy but it is said that most of the persons listed* for "liquidation" are arrested directly on orders of the NKVD. dread Russian secret police. * * * * • GOVERNMENT COSTS—The mounting cost of our government is rapidly approaching the day when it will take a bigger slice out of our pocketbook than the amount we spend for food. That's the simple explanation of government expenditures—in dollars and cents terms—recently offered by the Institute of Life Insurance. Here are the Institute's findings: For every dollar spent on food in .the United States in 1948. 98 cents was spent on government; for every dollar spent on food In 1947. 90 cents went for government expenditure*. Furthermore, the over-all cost of government in 1946 was more than three times the cost of housing, more than double household operating: expenses and twice the amount spent for clothing, acce*- sories and jewelry combined. * » • • • ATTENTION, SUSAN B. ANTHONY—The women's bureau of the Labor department reports that Greece now allows its women to vote at an earlier age and that Grace*, Syria Syria gives its 18-year-olds a chance at suffrage. ... ... A recent law enacted in Greece permits women liberalinnfj 25 years old to vote at municipal elections and to Voting low* run for office as municipal and communal advisers. After Dec. 31, 1953, the voting age will be reduced to 21 and the range of offices open to 25-year-olds and up will be broadened. In Syria, a new law provides that "duly qualified Syrian*" who became 18 years old on Jan. 1, 1948, or since, can vote. Kids Day Queen RAMOS IRON WORKS 4«.».-RC«BF.H -AVEXtJR Expert Weldlnp ot AH Ty»e«— Form* gbvet MrMI * OrnameMal Bteel Wor*. — roruble Tfeldlnc TEIEPHO2CE FUR COATS SPECIAL CLEANED & GLAZED M $5.00 Until Tues. A. M, Phone 3807 For Pick-Tip and Delivery Or Stop At EMBRUSKI NOHTH MAIN" ST. TEL 3807 Open Fri. Till 9 ALL SET to reign as queen on Na tional Kids Day, November 19, a Muscatine, Iowa, is Karen Ashooi 6, of Muscatine. She was chosen by the Kiwanis International rep resentatives as a symbol to young sters who have overcome ailment and handicaps. A recent operatic: cured the girl of a rare heart de feet. (Internafisnal Soundphoto Hawiey Hardware 102 Church Street Moore's and Devoe Paints Glidden's Spread Satin Plasti-Kote Finish Roasters Electric Appliances Hotpoint Eefrigerator and Stoves Phone 4086 VJ'e Deliver NEW ENGLAND S LARGEST PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMiNAl BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil • TtlobC per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 6-35*1 ^<x>£ fe BUCKLEY (., BETTER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSTS NX EVERY THIRD POUND OF RUBBER IN THE WORLD CONTAINS OUR CHEMICALS. Naugatuck Chemical DIVISION OF UNITED STATES RDBBEE COMPANY

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