Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 7, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1949
Page 7
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For Sale Uouaea tor feale MILI.VI1.1.K SKt'TlOX—3-r..,,m bun- Kaiow, water. Hcfiru: |. K l,t.s and ti-1"- phone. <;araKC. 1% a <:rc- rj( la/iil. KAST W AT Kit Hf I! V ltd ,\ i,_ -.,•„„.„ h.iafi-. KiiraKu ami burn. :; acrus ul lane!, JHuxjy. U,,l!i have immediate vJO--Ui>a.-jc>. I'XTSY l.AIIUIDLA Real Kvlate AKent Phone NauK. 34',s or Wtby. 5-2210 41 it's Anything for TOOT Ftoot CWI ARRAY FLOOR COVERINGS *0 Diamond St. TeL For Sala Houses For S HOl.'M-;— liuatly ti. .'1'iuoil tu nf.ii S. liuu ".d. and Clark Hill lid.. Huihai.v ' HKUK'S A SMALL-Cuie brand new on..' Immly house. Kivo mums. Ivi-jo briciit kitchfcn. swoll Hvin K rin.m. very modern batlirniiMi and den on lirri't llixir. ('wo nmail l.iMlT-ooiirrf iipstai v -.-i Mm: lli-ldHtoiic cellar. Autumallu oli lurnari: linn nut-\vau-r iii.-;u,-j- Al.,.. vi-K-table cellar. On aiinroxiniat.'iy acre ol land with one car Kara"." Price SS300.00. Location on tlio Cheshire- Road. r. 0730 Wtuy l-'OIt s.u,i-:_i '[amily r, room hou:;e -situated on Union Cily Road. Oil burner furnace, insulated. Lot !»Oxi.Ul 1 Ko " 1 K »«"••'• XKW MOIIEHX-r.-room home, 4 ron t ,,.s and bath on floor, oil lical, urlccd reasonably. 1IEACOX FALLS-N'ew. modern. 4- room and tile liath on first ih>or and two unfinished on 2nd lloor Garafse » nd c,/,'H hon! ' )arlr<l '"'• J">.000. Call A. SHt-PLKY. 2433 or ;"144. Root and Boyd, Inc. Realtors Inaurance 174 Grand St Phone 4-3161 Wtby. llu.v or .Sell a lluhincsh J08KPII IIALPEI1IX, Bro';i.r InMirance, Lot*, Real Hntato fO B. Mate St. Tel. 4-M!I3 Wtbj. F. Jl. BRAZICK1 74 PROSPECT WT. 3 PHONK $486 r or Sale llouues lur Sale List Your l j ropurty lor Quluk Bale The A. U. Martino Co. ,„. , Roal Hstnte And Auiaruiiiala ^0< HI. Main St. J'horiu a-32tJI> Wtby, INSUI-tAN'JK 203 Church SL A. NOKWAHM," , Phone 4784 N-u,. l r,, K , A5 r, n ' Y ~ (i r " r ™« o lei. 5031 JOHN JI|<:A1,V, US Chur-ih Ul, l''Oli SALK —10 uttrcw, hay land, brook, large barn, .fo.OOO. MADORNO REALTY Ox ' ford Tel. 2691, Seymour 4R " Yii0 y- 1 ' > » MEAL ESTATE 48 Spnae St. TCI. S . a8g , Waterbury, Conn. Wanted to Buy .O 2 ramny boune, r> or" rooms on each door preferred I hav. flsllns mstumur waiting lor such r HENRY M. MURPHY .. Reid Estate and Apiiralsafs Telephone 3-4032 Waterbury For Rent Land lor Sale sm.i,, i SipriiiB bl. liensonable. Phone 6J-'.;i after •! p. in. or on Hut. "I, A''" 1 "'' 1 * "' " w ' ;irm I'inrl.«M('.M( SfADOf'iiVO KBALTT Oltl " ri1 - Tel. Seymour 2 .JIM M , / J 3 'K-*»»«rii bulldlnt; lots o? Now Haven ltd.- Reasonable eit> water. Phono Harry Huhmltz, 4C85 after « p. m. 7n Wsntod To Rent WAJfTKD—r. unfurnished ro,,mn. :i auults. Good toiuiiitN. I'hniw :i. r i71). . --or .4 room unfurnfMiC ••! apartment. BuslmiH.s couple No children. Write Box "W". care' ol News, 71) For Rent Stores For lient t'OU UKNT — Olllccs lor professional man In Naub'atuuk. Tel. 3-U865, Wtby. 8 Koomn to Bent KOIl HUNT— |;,„„„ i,,,. » i,,,,,],|,.. wlln twin IM-JK. Hsu "I kitchen il dvHir.}'!. Cull al S7 Su. Main St. alter 3 n. in. J'OK HIv.VT—2 unfurnished rooniH ne.'U' runlcr. MI-H. l.'rank tja.nAnKC.lo. )!tl 8oiil.ll Mil ill Bt. KOK HH.NT — FurnlMhcil room. Cim- tn-illy lucutod. 1'hi/iio 0805. 348 High St. KOfl 11KXT—3 room furnished apartment. ;"> minuter Imni bus line. In- cludoK ulcctrli' runiso am] refrigerator \Vrltu Box "13" caro ol News. Ha Apartments For Rent (•'OR HUNT—.'i nnfurnlshi'il rooms, ul m,nliTp. linpriwinuntH, h.w. lloorn, v ,ll blli-iHT. <>fltrfi)ly loralrvl. M<, childru:: Reply P.ox "A", caro »I Nevva. Announcements lib Business Opportunities IITJXGRYI TimtsTYi Stop At Tlio HTJIA1T8VILLK SPA Nnw Jlnri'n Itoad rh.ini 48(14 Fitzpatrick-Komano — Public Accountants — Phone NaUK. 2805-K007 RUUY-S BRIDAL SHOP 851 No. Mnin St. TeJ. 3-1S34 Wlhy Gowns— brides, bridesmaids, (lower glr'li Ci. 10. ItnfrlK'irntorH. WushcrH, Rnngur Wilier Ilmitoi'M, tjlo. WALTER'S UKVT'.SfiKTlA.TIQN Beacon Palls Phono 7430 Naiiii lib BuHlnem Opportunities VKTJOAJf. WIFK ATU> OM: eilll.ll »<.,-,peralo)y In need of 4-fl room ivnt. I'hone 3025. iniKHHHAKtfitl nitil AlHirntlium, iloni ransoiuihln. Phono 5S41. Mrit. LoulM, McGuIre, 47 Blngh/im Bt. \VAI/rEI\ OICOSKI Elnclrfral Contractor ImluHtrlnl — Commercial — Domestl. Beacon Fulls i'hnno 4606, Nam- VlHlt Our Soda Fountain Of' 0 " 7 a ' m - to " P. m- Except Sundav ANDY'S CAMPUS - Church 8tro«'i Announcements BmlneM AnhouncemenU SOTICK—Dick Hisioa Garucc (L.V meny of \2!>\i West Main St.. Wator- hury, now at I3K Rubber Ave. Nairn" • Hick. I'hono fJaun. 3713. Automotive Autos For Sate A FINK SELECTION JIurc'M your Dualur . . . , NOW PICK YOUH CAK 1010 Willys Station WaKon 6 cyl..llS.lo ni-JT OodBe Sedan 1347 Nash Sedan 1U4U OldMroobllfe Sedan 1942 ChryBler Sedan t 850 I :i41 Oldsmoblle SeBan ...» 07J I03S Chevrolet Sedan $ J?5 I i)37 Ford Suhurhan $ 7r, 1U37 Chevrolet Hedan $ TtO IH37 <; rn ham Sadun .{ •»<> liiaii J'lymouth Sedan ..-,•. i r,r> 1!»34 Ford Cunvortlblo t »') 1!)33 Chevrolet Sedan » KG T-R-U-C-K-S !)4« DudKe Pickuo 1!MS Willys Vanette I'Jti Chevrolet .Panel ....; * 2iS 11140 White Panel ; * 1 25 10SS Chevrolet Panel. J 17r. 1938 International Panel J 175 1IH7 Willys Pickup ... i '..,.» Jr, JMO Mrxlel A Pord Plokui) (Like New) .$ i^n BEA BKK MOTOR RALES Momlicr ol tJscH Car DnalerM AHHO. Ui78 -ThomaHton Avo., Wtby T«l. B-OliiO IKIfl I'ONTIAC— 4-door afirtnn. GUM! running condition and neat Appearance. Call NnuKatuck. .B09G.-; FOR HALE—1947 Forrtln good condition. J(outer 1800. Phono , 2095 anytime. KOH HAIiK— 1D4X condition, call 3SC3., A-l KOR SALE—1947 Dodge sedan. Kxco!- !ont. condltliin. 3'honc f»072. Nn«K. POIl—1II87 -Pord'>< dr. 8«<lnn, ^fust «ull! t Ooud motor. Only. HM, Can bo Meen at EHHO Gua Station, North Main St. Aak for Bay Cixron'n ear. , , Ito 0? WT'DE HAHD$! BOTH DESE TWO ,4gE FRIEKIDS OF NOURS, AIR. S/VHTT&! DEY MEV BEEN SPYING vou! I NEVER EITHER OF THEM BEFORE! WHAT'? ALL THE ABOUT? WE/«E(ZELV CAUGHT A FISH WITH A TAS OM IT5 TAIL - VJE CA^IE TO COLLECT THE FWE-DOLLAR REWARP! SECRETLV OBSERV1N& ESS-MSAO AMD Mr5 5TRAKI3E VISITOR, ' FROSTV LOSE5 RXDT1U6AHD CAUSrtT OLP JA&PER* VJH-WHERE'5 THE TAG* IWTOTrlE WATER.. HEY. flLFft FftU : ft!2 R6OUT WAGONS' ONE OF THE fUFfl FALFfl FRftT6RNITy BOVS WRITES THflT THE CAMPUS CUTIES WOULDN'T GIVE HIM THE TIME OF DAY UNTIL HE STARTED W€PiRING A PATCHWORK TIE, MR.TVLER HOVOS HE OOIN' NOW. Rosy JrVWS? /"I'LL'fAtCE~f HAT FE<?EBA1. W SHOOT BACK, MEN; i V! STAND YOUR GROUND: TELL YOU. NOW FOC? A QUICK / HEY, CONHJSON... PANIC'. GETAWAY, PANCHOi f ON 1 . LET'S JESDE13S/T)-IINK3S AOC FOB ME, MOM ? Foe ME ?• IT'S r-BOM SIX." HE MVPKTTUCB (M THE'PEttF6Cr DATE'CONTESr AT MIUrAW SCHOOL * - AMD WE THINKS ~ I'LL SUCE WOUUED UO BETWEEN! BILL AMD MS.' THERE'LL SS LOTS HEX SfcAWbMA ! «SUESS ^ WWAT ... MUGGS AMD I EACH HAt> AM EXAM /CT SCHOOL .AMD I BEAT MUGGS I (SOT A BETTER THAW ..YEAH'. HE'S OLDER AMD IM A HlGHE(? <3RADE...>1MD MUCCtS OWLY GOT THIRTV....BUT I GbT THIRTY-FIVE!! I STILL XID BETTER! .... ISN'T THAT SWELL? ONLY CUE WAV TO IF SUDDENLY THE CAR MECHAN GOES IMTO GEAR AKD TUMBLED '(OUT- = I'M INSIDE THE MOUNTAIN.'.. BLAST F2OrA THE»£YE KIEARLV COOKED [{XPERT—Carburetor and konurator service. Check now lor winter. A & B AUTO SERVICE 514 Bank St. Tol. 6-1822 Wtby Winlor Accessories BALDWIN HT. OULV STATION Jon. Clrlollo, Prop. Tel. 8-994S Wtby or 40156 Naug. KOIl SALE—19S4 DodKO, Kpod running condition, good tlruft and body $85. Call 6360. 1940 JfOUD—Convertible.- R&H. »pot- llBht. Completely overhauled. Kx- coi>tl<inttlly clean. JUOO. Naue. 687:1 "JVAFCU" BKTTKIl 1JHKD CARd THB JfAUOATUCK TPEZ, CO. MS* HOTCHKISS DODGE ST. GARAGE Job Rated Truckn Phone 5727 FOB BALK—1941 Cadillac Hydroma tic Bodnn. Excellent condition throunh out. A real buy. Completely rebuilt. Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard Sales & Service "A 'Saf« Place to Buy" 182 Watertown Ave. , Dial 4-6108 MBMBBn OF S'AMA Hubbell'n b«rvlc* SUtlon 19E Rubber Ave. Phone 494 — Washing—Pollshlwt—Waling •— VTTJDKBAKKB TRUCKS available All Models and Sizes BHICK8OH MOTOI18 • 29 Rubber Ave. . Ptione 18S — StudebaKer Car* A Truck* — SEA DEE MOTOR 8ALE8 1*78 Thomnxtun AT«.. Wnturirlll* Tel. S-OHt-UBEB C.VBfi * TBUOK Cars Bought and Sold 8KIPPY MAORI! MOTOB HAL1E8 tS« WATKRTOWN AVK. Tel. Wtby. 4-8»»l or Watrrtown Trailers »KK MOVF.HN TUAILEB COAC1 HOMES—Complete with bath rooms showerH. tuba. Famous .Liberty Trail er Coaches now available on B year r.% Unant-e plan, other well known makes like Vagabond, Trotwood American. National and Pralrl Hchoonor on reasonable terms. Opei n. m. to 9 p. m. dnily, Ryder Trailer Co., P.>Ht Road, Millord. Conn. (1 mile oiiHt ol Millord Center) Millord 2-2930 Auto Bear. Wheel Altunmnnt Axel and Frame Service —Woldlnst Axel Patntlnc — Collision Repairs ERNIE'S AUTO BODY WORKS 1 2R Watertown Avo. Phono 3-6241 Wtby We carry a tan line ol Hartlord. Eilfir. Autollte * Armatrong Batteries. JOE'S TIRE SHOP 241 No. Main Rt Tel 8-2414 Wtby. Large Selection ol Now «nd O«ed Auto Parts, alrfb New and'Uncd Tiros KTnryliody> Tued Cars and Partd 63D No. Riverside St. Tdl. 6-0492 Open Sunday Mornings f()H NEW—Used ft recapped tires; al»o odd and hard-to-Ket slaes—vlull OABE'f" 1JNITEH TYR1? 8'AT,B«, your U. 8. Royal Tiro distributor. U. S. Rubber Co. employes discount certlllcntfis !or tires, honored here. .TeHerson St.. Wtby. T>hohn S-1141. Complete l.lnt. Ol Seat Govern Joe's Service Station 178 Bridge 8t. Phone 4870 Contractors Contracting BTJILDER-Carpuulor. No ' lob ">o large or small. Reaaonab'o ritna. Robert Prock, Pearl Road. TeL TJS1. M. V. SCHIAROLI — Building Contractor — Phone SIM? Building TToed • Brick, Sand, Concrete Sand. Loam Phona R64S dr S354 Mariano Sonil * Siene The Wtby. Ready-Mixed Concrete Co. 94 Benedict St, . . Tet S-4183 Wfbv BEDlCRBTtf fa, mreiiirth " ? Beauty Tnicklne—Mover* WEEKLY TBIP8 lo N»/w Tork. New .Tnroev and Now tincland. T W. Roblllarg Van Lines. Wtby. 3-3SS3. Palntlnf MARIANO BROS. Painting, Faperh&nglnu — B»erlor & Interior. Full Tnsunnoa Coverage. Telephone jr>«l BEST IWTESTMEITT IB to paint >-our property. Call 4071 lor free estimates. W. F, Cota, Merchandise TUKKKVS FOR SALE - Andr.a's Farm.,Huntcr'« Hill. wauKaluck. (joii.i. Phone Naun. 2348. l|l<» HJIII'JMKST -UTJHT AimiVKJ-1 CllICKICNS. BHOILIOUS. KOOST- KUW, TUKKHYS. OAPON8 & KAtl- iJJTB-WHIUS TIU3V LA8T-3GC C cr ft .L rictl , y ,, ', reslv CBKH 45c t>or do/, At the HlRhwixy Drive- In Chicken Market, on The Waterl)ury-Nau K at.KU J' 1 »Wwn,v ; uwimslto lnterHOcll»n r,l }'Mtn MIMHTfil. . Nimfeatuck 4 {72. d. Who aale or retail. All sizes. Mrs. H buiiildsen, Watorbury Rd Naa- Katunk. Tel. NauB. :36(12. POULTRY MARKET h killcd or troz ' in it i, .-ree Delivery. 76, School St. Tel. 2591-6437 Feed ft Tuel »VOOtt - Wall Masoned hard wood stove or IlreWe Inngths WM " Great Oak Farm Phone 6049 87a Ofrtcc tt Other Equipment 28 Houhohold Article* P i°vV S l^ E - Ho tpolnt~electric stove" vr I - NBX. (Street, KOIt SALE—Gray combination oil and e ?»°hi r 'T e }" *Z°? ooncntlon. Kite enviable & 4 chairs, also. Phonn l ''' ) ",, S ALH —Rolriijerator. 33 Hundley St. Phono 2020. RAYMONI) J. HUOHBIS Painting — Paperhanginit 15 South view fit Phone 2D01 IXTEHIOB PAINTING ~~ AND PAPEBHASGINO Phone Joseph San Angelo — TJT9 CRILLK ' .,., : -. ., R>>rular Dally Dinner SOc np GATEKINO FOB, WEDD1NQO UIOWSBS, STAG PABTIB8, Et« Banquet Boom, CockteU Loong« Pull Liquor IJeenae !• OH HALh—amnll electric heater A \ burner Kloronco Oil Stove, oven at- taohed. Call 3801. nM ,-re n <-«thor. This Is „ floor Kamplo val- !•? *! * 1411 ' to clone out at 179 K;, Wtb" ANNJ3X ' JM Meadow St.; Clothing: FOK SALK— Ladles' raincoat iinV " 1100B - -' 20 Wanted To Buy BABGAINS-Uaed Electric Ranges tlo 119 aTd up °' U8 ° U WaBh "" t Mttch ' ne8 ' Watts Electric BtralU Turnpike Tol. 3-4570 Wtby. 30 Miscellaneous 4 "£ sl ' E K1>«KAPHIC-Flnsh and svn chrontzed shutter. 4.r, coated lena ' lB;ata< Salor r>x7 «n'ari«ei- !28n Artlcli;* For Sale KOH SALE—Combination nas & o-| stove. Good condition. Phone 3391 U8ED HKVEBIDOE COOLKB — 02 caap counter typo dry cooler. To be sold below cost, complete with unit, fico nrlce I32r, &r &K ° '' 5t Sacrl ~ WALTER'S Main Bt., ncacon Fall«. Tel. 7-180 50" Upholstery ami Drapery Fabric ReBUlar $4,9S and up. Special II 98 P«r yard. Final sale, as Is. L. & C. FABRIC CENTKU 48 Grand St. OOP. Hadley'K C11EA8K UKHISTIJiO-aabardines »t «n?clal prices. Call Mrs. Ruth Pliskln, FALL FUB8 - Full atock. Little THB JI.AHSKSS snop JO St. TH. 4-7»88 Wthy. Qnallly Leather. OIOTCH— I>rc»». ]>r)Tln K THE TOY IIOTTSE Selection Now At Its Best -r., W>KB To Sn °P Early Pleasant Ave. Tel. .1073 $43!1 t43~9$43!) $433 ROOM ANNIVERSARY OUTFIT nnslNtlnp ol the following: Comolete Modern Bedroom Suite Complete Modern Livinu Room Suite Comnlot* Modern Dinette Sot and A BRAND NT5W COMBINATION OIL « GAS UANOE Our free tflft to you "Emorsnn" or "Philco" radio You save almost $200 Toke IS lonu months to nay A— L— B— B— R— T'-S 2fi6-74 Po. Main St.. Walarbury Phono 4-3144 (or appointment to sco this (urnfturc SECURITY Dow • .votir Insurance give «de- qtiate prot«rtlon today?' IK> VOU HAVE Wf .' .-, • !•&»+•• MfAIJOATUCJK INC. Building; coat* are Rtendlly PHONii 2Q8O-: \V. EATON, M^r. NAUOATT.TCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, NOV. 7. I94»-PAGE T Merchandise iOa Article* Prr Sato POA 8ALK— 9x12 i«lt base rugs a. NAUQATUCK KU«NITUJ!E CO. . 25 So. Main St. Phono 2711 THACY STAINLESS STE1SL SINK: Double Bowl, «« Incli, Below Cost , TOWER APPLIANCE iS<i JJo. Mail) St, Pbono 4-12U4 Wtby. snOCI,l)En I>AIM*—Embroidery, trlm- mln«». Button*. Largest in state. Reliable Factory, 37 Scovlll St. Wtby. ELECTHIC Vacuum Cleaner lor $09.95. RICCAKDO FURNITURE CO. 467 W. Main St. Tel. 4-6292 Wtby. Miscellaneous FOK SALE — Ladles white figure skates, size 8, like new. Federal 2 1-4x3 1 -.4 photo cnlurrer, perlect condition. Call 074J. SWEET orriKK— Made fresh daily iron) Hound apples at Schlldten'a Cider Mill, New Haven Road. Musical MECCA MUSIC SCHOOL Buckingham BMit. Phono r,-2245 Wtby. InBtrumentH PurnUhed lOd Good Things To Eat ROMA PASTRY 801 NOHTH MAI^^ ST. Finest Italian-American and French Pastry In all New England. Also Spu- monl, Qelatl and Ic cream. Everything made on premises. Special tt- i.ontlon itlven to wedding Parties, o'H lirlceii arc the lowest, but our merchandise definitely the best. Wo deliver and ahlp anywhere in the U. S. Tel. Waterbury 6-2117. M'FLKH—tl bushel A UP. Mac's, Cortland«, IMlclouH, 11 other varieties. Alito apple older, 75c a gal. W. V. Sllln. Benson Kd., Mlddebury. Tel. 4-S280, Wtby. FBOZEN CniiTKBN—Roasters Droll- ei'8, Fryers. Delivered Naugatuck * vtcln. from farm. Call Woodburv 178-2, Education Instructloiu INS1HUCTION. MALB _ L*,,.,, AUTO-BODY-FBNOEB. Bin pay .%" ixirtunlties. Course Includes wcldlnit. iHiintlnK, metal work. Spare tlm». FHEB laotH. Auto-Crallw Training. "F". earo ol News. LEABM TO imiVK—Cnll Centra. Dual Auto Driving School. 4J» Went Main St. Tol. 4-6262. Watcrbur». Business Service Buslneaa R«nder«d n«« ODOM 0| and repaired i.| Phone 6-OZ67. Wtbr. HOLLAND FtrrttfACE CO ... _ „ Hot Air Furnace.. 746 E. Main St. Tel^-ipoa Wlby. OKDKHS TAKKS lor S1I D Cover. Drapery,. Spreads. Material ..SnpJJi shown. Tfi. K, f lf» Mondlr*, 4«B4 Hunter'* Conblnathw Storm Wta«owa InsiUitloB, BO.UM. LOP PH£XLEB CO. 01^ llnrnrrn Clcanvd >ad Harry Churchill, ts 'l-Po,.. f ""£"itl RAY MELBOURNE J? y and Autollte ServlcT" t3R . B * Mer >' * Electric Co. 136 Rubber Ave. Pho ne 371» GUABAKTEJjn mkchinei, vacuums. U»«4 KALAMAZOO „„ _ , Sale* and Service 22 Savings St. Tel. 4-SGSS Wtby ci H to Do "Avr naow ci - < n 1 c °- Phon* ,-«7l« Mlf ., „ *. M. TIKFT CO. S7 Cliurnh St. Cleaned. InmailKl — Drain r»Ham« HCOTT RA9iTATioiir P «EB^'/C» CA Jff. E7J>8 CUSTOJi TAtLOk Tallor-M»«e Pkirti - |7.»5 ... _ vrV^'o cll! » nln c Service _1«7 8. Main 8L Phin* «011 J. AM. ELECTRICAL WOBKR t? rt Hou "« Wlrln» and R«p»lr H B«rnum Court. Phones !t»4.(Sl| I>'STJU!CTrOfT. WOMEN — Sncclulkzov an Dental AB«lBt«jit. Learn to asriist' iliiiitlni.H In In laboratory. X-ray. oH)c« BlK demand. Rood pay. No nursim* ex- porlence needed. Prepare at home, spare time; pluw Khort practical course. Includes Glamour and Per- wonalllv Development. Inlormatl-m VRI3I5. Writ's: Wayne School. Inc., Box T. care of News ; 30 Cleaning t, Dyeing Animals DORS, Cote * HlUilSTEllKD—Pekinese puppies, ir.o each. Call NAUR. 4490. SS» Hattrem«« ABjr food old HATTUES8 remade Ulan Innernprlng cqaal (o HEW In I Superior Mattr»«», Mattresees Remade 1 Day Set vice—Work Cuaranteed Stanley'* Maureen Service Phone <-»Z79 Waterburr an<s Cov«r* KIEVMAN CLEANERS 7S Church St. ph on . 2 «tl RETPHOLHTKniXO, 8LIPC.->TK». IKO. NEW CIIBTOM MAPI! 1,1 TIM* BOOM FDniTITUBF. CAHPKTlV«fc CBITTEB IW. ««»• WT«T. 4.MM I have 2 attractively furnished rooms to rent. Vou may Mso u»e my kltchon. Ideal for couple. No objection to children. Thou* 6SSS 87 Business Services Renflered OIL BUBXKB AND KLBCTRICAL WORKED. DURETTK. TEL. 4357 HAVE—Your lur coats made & repaired by Waterbury's expert furrlnrs. Wn call for & deliver. Tall 7545. NauR. ' N»w A Reconditioned Motor* FORD A SIEBCUBY | Budce* Plan I The NAUQATUCK rUEL 00 jrORD DEALER B U T K U 8 \tlantic Service Station Fern and Cheetnnt 8t». NOW OPEN! ! Atlantic Top Grade OU S0o-S5c 5AKTOS GENERAL RZPAIK8 rudlntors, Bstterle* HHChlnm, Baby Bicycles, 8old*rin|t LAWN MOWKR8 450 Rubber Ave. Phone 8S7T The Want-Ad columns of this newspaper carry definite, specific messages t.o the reader. They are ALL news, and therefore arc the most carefully read part of the paper. Every day they bear new messages of every conceivable sort to thousands of readers of every type and cliss. It is this daily chanplnff, in these columns of public wants and needs that creates trctnencous reader interest in the other fellow's problem and so through the reader, brines results to the advertiser. Use the CLASSIFIED COLUMNS to: —recover lost articles —nell or buy an automobile —tell of Im.slncHH or professional services you offer —secure the right kind of help —get a job or a better one —soil merchandise, poultry or live stock —roVit. your rooms or find one —sell your or Imy one —make any kind of exchange THE COST IS SMALL, THE SERVICE SATISFACTORY, THE RESULTS PP.OFITABLE The Market Place for Naugatuck, Beacon FalU and Union City is thv CLASSIFIED SECTION of the NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS 3 LINES FOR 3 DAYS IS ONLY 81c Qeo, Wigglesworth & Son, Inc. PLUMBING, HEATING and AIB CONDITIONING MAPUS ST«EKT tt Hour Oil Burner TEL; tSXSt -i COMBINATION ALUMIN Vta STORM wtNnows * i>oons» HEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO Z82 Danlt St. Woterhury Phone 4-021» ».C,A. — Admiral Television /. fw and Service AN'S Electrical Contractor* Since mis 90 CEDAR ST. TEL. PAINT SALE ONE COAT PLAT QIL SEMI-GLOSS OIL PAINT OLOSS WHITE OIL PAINT QUICK (DRYING ENAMEL White A Colors PAINT $295 „., $295 M -Gal. UNION PLATE GLASS CO. 40 Scovill St, Waterbury

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