Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1960 · Page 33
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 33

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1960
Page 33
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SUNDAV, OCTOBER 9, 1960. THE PR4HOS-TRBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA •PAGE .NINE Calking Campaign Leads f/ie Homeowner's Attack On Winter BY MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Some people calk a house orice and figure that the job will'last forever.. ' : ' ' ^ " '-•• Others calk before everyrpairit job and ignore the intervening, three or four years. Calking is a method of winterizing your home, of stopping up all the cracks and crevices through which cold air and moisture seep in. Brush Out Since old calking compound may have dried out, cracked or loosened it 'should -be checked every fall. Before, .applying new compound at these points, scrape out all of the old iarid clean the joint with a stiff brush. Calking is a puttly'-like material which remains elastic even after it is applied. This'permits'it to contract or expand without cracking. It can be painted over or left as is. - ••• , Although it can be applied with a knife like ordinary putty, it is generally put on with, a calking* gun. ' . Two Types Calking guns are of two general types. One is a complete .gun and the user fills the barrel with compound. It often has interchangeable tips. The second type uses compound in a prepackaged.cartridge. The cardtridge serves' as 'both barrel and nozzle. When 'emptied, the. entire cartridge is .thrown' away and a hew one inserted. The bulk-loading, gun,.is initially more 'expensive but' is' more' economical to use since bulk compound-is quite cheap. CALKING TARGETS Compound in cartridge form is' more expensive,but is neater, handier for small jobs. Doors, Windows Plan to calk larouhd all doors and window 'frames, all joints w,here j house meets foundation, metal or wood feame meets masonry. Pay attention to corner joints and points' at which .differ-^ ent materials come together. Use calking to ~ fill cracks in siding. Fill with compound the space'between sidewalk and door sill, at. the -back-door-.- -' : — --. Take a look at your garage walls from the inside, if you can. see 1 daylight, fill the-opening., Check' the point" at which a porch floor butts up against ihe housed wall. Here's The Answer QUESTION: We want to repaint the metal cabinets in our kitchen. What kind of paint should we use? ANSWER: Use a semi-gloss or gloss; enamel, depending on whether you like a moderately shiny-.or very shiny finish. If the old paint still has a gloss to it, it must be removed before the new paint is applied. This can be done by sanding, steel wooling or putting on a special liquid designed for that purpose. If the old paint is worn down to the metal, .it should be primed with '.. an anti- Beautiful Appliances Perform Numerous Chores Automatically The \beauty of built-in appliances-masks : the magic chores they automatically, perform. Their stright, simple lines fit-perfectly with those of cabinets^'Manufacturers have been working harder than ev.er. to build appliarrces 'in. standarrl-si^erl units which will easily c~6iribine. with standard' cabinets..; ' . ' Built-in ranges, refrigerators and freezers permit great versatility in kitchen arrangement. One oven,, can "be/raised' or lowered mechanically to suit'.the height of the user. Its. coynter- top provides extra work space./ .... Refrigerator sections .and,freezer, sections can be located in. one" spot or . separated. Units' which hang on the wall—just like cabinets—offer many unusual >£ossi- . bilities for your''kttcheh .pla"n.~.Y. Even in the laundry^.area.r aiuw matic washers" and'dryers are manufactured for built-in install*- tion. . '.-''. Electronic ovens that let you stage your own dramatic cooking performance in a matter of seconds are designed to fit in the same space as standard built- in electric ovens. Even if ".you don't Buy this exciting appliance right now, you'll have,a spot for corrosive metal primer before applying the- enamel. QUESTION: We recently bought a house with an FHA-insured mortgage, basing our purchase on the fact that an FHA appraiser found the house in good condition. Now we find termites in" the place—and the 1 exterminator says they apparently have been there for some time. Is there any action we can take against the FHA for not discoving the presence of the termites? ' ANSWER: A Federal. Circuit Court of Appeals in North Carolina recently upheld a Federal District Court decision holding'the FHA responsible'for losses incurred by home buyers relying on faulty appraisals. But I wouldn't dare comment about your specific case; only a lawyer can advise you. ' Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. However, Mr. Eang can no-; un-' dertake 1 : individual correspond dence:)- . ' •• : Library Bookmobile Schedule Announced The library bookmobile schedule 1 has been announced by : Miss Edna Hoiden.'ILwill be at Washington township Monday where diploma exercises will be at lj p.m. Tues-, day:if will be at New Waverly .school .fr'om-9:30 until,!-and in the' town''of New Waverly from 1:30- until-,2.' - - •'• . ..; -Wednesday it .will.; be at Noble township.-'for diploma exercises' at.-lp.,'a,rn.. Thursdaylit .will '.be. at Metea"sch6ol f rom9 until 2 and'in: the. town of Metea from 2:30' until 3.' Friday 'it will be-at Ndble township school from 8:30 until 3. Summer reading diplomas have been, .presetned. at . Metea; Twelve .Mile, Lucerne, 'Lake Ci- eott and Glymers ..schools. Bituminous coal jesefves of"the United -State's have been estimated If you've been using a bulk type gun -empty it before putting it away.. Coat inside surfaces arid threads with'.linsee'd-oil. . If you neglect to iclean up, next time you. use the gun j'ou'.ll find the nozzle ( 'threads caked., with dried compound. In tha,t case soak the nozzle, end of the gun in' a solution of lye and water. Once the parts have' been loosened, clean thoroughly and coat w'ith oil. ,Q—What is a simple method to patch a window screen? . A—Cut screening slightly larger than the lorn area./Tear "off three strands of wire from the patch. Insert the projecting wire "fin gers" through the old screen and crimp them' over ihe inside. Home Modernization Is Possible For Apartment Dwellers T€ o me modernization is for apartment dwellers.- .-and . house renters,' too. Naturally,. if you're iruithis category, .you'll want to confine your projects to ! improve; merits you can take with you "when you move. • ' • • Why. put 'off adding "built-in" shelves and 'ro_dm dividers? Shelves are •now.available that are "compfgt ely. .seif.-isapporttng'', (no' need to hail Into "waiis) 'arid i^Uicfc ly^go together,in whatever height or length^you wish.. They can be used'tp; section off ! a. room ,6r;as shelves against the wall f or "books arid knickknacks. Pole lamps are another way of. improving .;theJdecor and', main- tadning'iportability.. They; "keep their pj'aice," by'simply; pressing against the. .ceiling and floor. " Nowadays you-.can have, your dishwasher arirb take 'it -with you, tpo. The .new-mobile—dishwashers 'on, the market" easily attach' 'to the spiggbt. in your sink, can be rplled, to the table to collect soiled dishes. < t These portables .can be permanently installed if .you '.'.love to your- own'hdine; later pri'. .Roprq.air"conditioners that cool now, moVe later,' are especially practical for dwellers in a,temporary, home. They screen; but dust~-and dirt—bugaboos of apartments "in the city—and deaden traffic noises,'too; . There'is a wide/variety of convenience:- shelves-!, and" ; racks''^to stretch^ storage space' in closets,. bathrooms oTfyout kitchen." Most of. the wood used in the manufacture of pencils comes from southern Oregon and northern California. ' ON THE HOUSE ! BY ANDY LANG OVER THE YEARS we have written a number oif stories about various: acoustical materials and' .proper methods of installation to insure satisfactory sound absorption.. But we have .bypassed any discussio'n ; of hardboard in this Connection because its dense sur- fac;e ^hardly lends itself to the deadening of sound. Now, however, tests have shown that it is possible to take advantage of the .high ; impact resistance of hardboard and at the same time",reduce the noise in your home. This is done by the use of the perforated type of hardboard backed by sound-absorbing batts. The sound enters the perforations and is smothered by the insulation. Panels of perforated board are already popular for hanging tools, displaying kitchen utensils, supporting shelves and the like. Special metal clips are available which fit snugly into the perforations .and enables items of various sizes and.shapes to be Jiung. . Thfese panels can be purchased in the standard 4 by 8 (feet) size or smaller sheets. They also can be bought flat and smooth or flat with various grooved patterns or corrugated. For acoustical purposes, the hardboard is usually backed by a 2-inch layer of liber glass, rock wool or wood fiber insulation. It may .be put up directly over studs which are properly aligned or, jn the case of ex- isting walls, over furring strips. Similarly, it can be .applied to ceilings. ..'.•.One of the big features of hardboard is the fact that its'hard sur- face'resists dents and thus is'of special advantage in rooms where the walls might otherwise be damaged by children's toys,: furniture, etc. Its surface can be cleaned easily. In some installations, the light and dark brownish tones of hard : board are considered satisfactory and are.not painted. In kitchens or other areas .where a particular decor is important,'the hardboard is. painted. Flat: paints, semi-gloss or gloss enamels.- may be used. Rollers are generally preferable when using the -perforated "typ e of hardboard, since they have less tendency to clog the holes. Because hardboard is a product of wood chemistry, it may be worked, cut or drilled like wood. grain appearance. It does 'not -chip or splinter and arr . a "gement to permit gre has no grain to rise and mar the I e «fency and ease of upkeep, Hcme laundries .lend themselves ideally to this arrangement and when made a continuation of the cooking center, save the housewife many steps? They also enable her to supervise two or three operations at the same. time. •If you are cramped;for space, investigate' the' new . gas • auto- Insulation Offers Many Benefits Heating experts claim that if you want to cut - those heating and cooling bills—(who doesn't?) —just insulate your attic properly. You don't have to be a "pro" these days to do the insulation job yourself., Your, lumber dealer 'or other supplier can'advise >you>on. .the right type and needed, amount of insulation. - The thickness of the insulation varies according to the type, but several . manufacturers of batts and blankets' (most widely used insulating, .material), say that you can, save/.as much as 25 percent on your hekting"and cooling 'costs by "applying these types at least four inches thick." .-.-• .Other popular^, kinds of insulation are foil-type fiberglass, plank, and'ipellet-type. _ -. - j-j Batt,. 'blanket;-, and- "foil type in- sula(ib(i as.-vyell':as several kinds xtfjinsulation -plank -can be. ,-in- stalledwith .speed by using stapling-hammers; .or.gun-type staji- ling tackers.. -• v, '•-.-.. If you can .hainmer "a* nail accurately, .you-,, can; locate'staples ac'cur.ately. wi<h the, stapling hammer. -Staples with %-in. ••" legs should be used;:in,such a hammer. -A gun-type packer can also be used'much 1 more rapidly than hammer-and nails. It is excellent for reaching : . hard-to-get-at- places.- The tacker's thin hose allows the staple to, be .driven within 1/16-in. of an inside corner.. Both tools offer one-hand operation., for fsst, easy work. , Manufacturer^ .of batts and blankets recommend leaving fjve or six inches between staples. Spa~cjng~"for'~ 'foiKtype insulation yaries, from three ,to four inches for. some ~ typesMo r as much "as eight'-inches;-'for: others. Spacing is .very important! .' .' ^ " For further instructions, check your lumber dealer; also many manufacturers provide step- by-step instructions. Modern Kitchen IsHeartOfHome '.No longer the .household step child, the kitchen has -literally burst through its walls to become th'e heart of the"home.' Today, work areas " combine with living areas ... giving the homemaker .everything right at hand .to work with, and space left over 'for Jiospitality and relaxation. Now even jobs such as laundry, garbage disposal and water heating, can be brought close to cooking and dining areas without in any way spoiling the charm of the room—thanks to modern gas appliances. One of the tricks used by the experts to combine work areas with .living areas is the imaginative use of partitions. These provide a backing for equipment where wall spac^ is at a premium, yet allow for flexibility of arrangement to permit greater Decorative Picture Windows Provide Designs And Privacy The "short-waisted" window, usually built close to the ceiling (above eye level) and without sills to give .it a flat appearance- presents a real problem in giving it the proper "window dressing." An architect's answer for privacy in the home where houses are close together, ,or where bedrooms face public traffic, the homemaKer finds that short curtains or draperies are not always the smartest decorating answer to "aerial" windows. A new, shatterproof architectural glass with, stunning designs actually impregnated within a glass "sandwich," is a-brand-new solution to this decorating dilemma. , The window comes in clear .;. transparent. .. or,,. opaque form as may be desired. It permits light, operates as, .any glass opening —and in addition; provides color and design without fabric or other decoration. Exciting designs of real leaves,, ferns, imported butterflies, bamboo arid pther- inserts create a new charm from within, and offer ah unusually bright decorator note from'the outside. ; Japanese shoji patterns or a wide variety of geometries may also be "sandwiched in" permanently within two..sheets of safety glass for a wide range of decorating possibilities. This new window offers lasting beauty on a simple window-washing schedule; curtain and drape washing carr be eliminated entirely.. - - • • matic'washing - machine -.dryer combinations on the market today. These two-in-one appliances saVe space and save on installation charges as well. i Provide Modern Feeling Even the most perfect room attains a. more .gracious,' modern feeling when mirrors are added. ' ^ Outdoor areas may be. brought to both sides of a room with a mirror to reflect the beauty from out the'window. New arid very handsome are the full-length sliding .door mirrors. They are quite easy to install and come with a "finger-tip" sliding unit. Ceramic-Face Glass Blocks Useful For Home Improvement A new ceramic-face ^lass block 4 offers the homeowner a potential . for .using more color and design ef{ieiei ? and economical. With .-,: , s . . 5 .. an automatic softener installed, in his home improvement projects, the'home-owner can forget water Water Softener Adds Extra Convenience "Soft water" has come to be accepted as a necessity rather than a luxury in the modem home, since it is at once more Its weatherproof ceramic finish makes the block suitable for outdoor as well as indoor uss. Boom dividers, indoors or windbreak screens, outdoors—may be made as colorful as they are functional. softening problems, no matter how "hard" the original water supply may be in his particular area. With nation-wide water con- •sumption increasing annually, an ! automatic water softener becomes • Blue, coral, yellow and green, are the colors of the ceramic- face block. This permits a vast variety of imaginative patterns and combinations by mixing and mating with the glass block. Horizontal, vertical, checkerboard and'random patterns can be achieved easily. As the blocks are jointed by mortar, they can be used outdoors to form a ' weatherproof wall which .has an insulation value equal to that of an eight-inch masonry- wall. Architects and designers find the use of-glass block ideal for bringing more daylight into the home. Together with the new ceramic-face block they can now add the plus factor of more color and "design. ' .- ' BUILDING INCREASES , INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The F: W. l>odge marketing specialist firm reported Saturday Indiana's ?82,I95,000 in construction contracts signed in August was up 22 per cent over August of 1959. But the eight-month total of $562,-. 714,000 was still down 4'per cent from last year. more and more important. This increase in water use has come about due to the trend toward at least two bathrooms in a house, plus the many water using appliances that are now found as standard equipment. One of the latest developments in fully automatic softeners features an electric timer which automatically controls regeneration of the unit to fit individual soft water requirements, regardless of size of family' or home, and can be pre-set to regenerate the softener at any time of the day or night. The nevv" timer operates on a six-cycle and can be regulated to regenerate the softener every sixth day, daily, or more than once a day, on a predetermined schedule. A special "extra" regeneration switch -provides additional soft water in cases of unusual temporary requirements, as for guests. FIRST FLIGHT The Pacific, largest of the world's oceans, was first to be spanned by commercial aircraft. Captain Eddie Musick made the historic flight in November of 1935. NEW! CONVENIENT! one handle does the work. of < two H. R. DIETZE Plumbing & Heating 425 2nd Si. Ph. 3409. it in the kitchen when you do. -at nearly two trillion .tons, NOTICE! To whom it may concern: The following is a list of 100% Union Painting and Decorating Contractors: ' . . • ' WOLF CONSTRUCTION CO., 613West Market BARNES CONSTRUCTION CO., Barnes Office Blrfg. CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATES/INC., R. R. l,Logansport LEONARD LAPSHESKA, 51913th St HAROLD BORDERS, 826 20th St. ROBERT SHAVER, 808 W. linden Ave. DONALD McCORD, R.R.T Royal Center FRED WEIAND, 814 W. Miami Ave. PAINTER'S LOCAL 1188 logonsport, Ind. . "i Your Home Deserves The ffesff ...'prtd the best heating equipment \S Mueller Clirha- trol. When you let us~ install Mueller Climatrol automatic heating you can be sureiyou're receiving the most dependable, most satisfying, and niost fuel- thrifty heating possible* It's desigped tbV fit your budget too. You'll be amazed" how little'it costs to^ own Climatroh automatic heating. Stop in qt^our display room', to learn all ^about carefree, worryfree Mueller Climatrol automatic heating. Install Now! .Sold Thru Heating Contractors Only BAKER SPECIALTY & SUPPIY COMPANY, me. -'•-':• .DISTRIBUTORS ; THE MST JN FUR-THRIFT* COMFORT MUELLER CUMATROL '- Now in New Location CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY Now located:— 5 miles west of Logansport on ; State Road 24, at site of old Greenville Gravel Pit. Phone 3267 WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING! STEEL WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST WITH • Electric and Acetylene Welding • Special Steel Built Tanks • Galvanized Roofing • Sheet Metal Work • Corrugated Culvert Pipe • Beams-Channels-Angles • Fabricated Steel-Structural Steel • Bars-Sheets-Plates '''•. FARMERS: Bring your plow paints, or corn 'premier runners in for repairs. _ • If it's made of iteel We can furnish it for you. ! • ' ' ' LOGANSPORT METAL CULVERT COMPANY 220 Hanno St.. Dial 5157 THERE'S STILL TIME TO INSTALL A NEW GAS OR OIL HEATER Before Cold Weather Sets In LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES See fhe monoGRflm Hujh-quiet, and built for economical operation. Caat iron with ctainka* ateel insert. Save vp to 40% on fuel Costs! Enjoy Total Area Comfort — whole haute heating— with the newest gas heater. Completely automatic, available for natural, man. ufactured and LP gas. Beautiful porcelain enamel finish stays new looking for years and years. • Chtici ol lulimitit cwitrtts •, A tin fir eviry hutinf neid • Excliuivt ait i'M umhitlien dumber • Eichuiri 3-wif hoi circuit- tiw MONOGRAM GAS HEATERS Priced from 122 7 NO SMOKE • WO SOOT • NO ODOR MONOGRAM OIL HEATERS Monagrom OIL HEATERS Priced From featuring: MAGIC MIXER BURNER Actually turn* fuel oil Into gas What a wonderful difference thia revolutionary burner makes in space heating economy! And there's no more worry about smoke, soot and odor wfcen you turn your heating over to Monogram. Don't settle for lea* than the very best . . . tee our complete line of Monogram heater* before you buy! 5ID-SUE. MOADWAY PHONE 4186 DAVIDS!

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